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Bleacher Report Team Stream now available for BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 15 May 2013 09:34 pm EDT

If you're a hardcore sports fan and using a BlackBerry 10 device, keeping up to date with all the latest news and scores just got a lot easier. Team Stream by Bleacher Report has arrived in BlackBerry World and is ready for both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. Using the app, you can select your favorite teams / sport and set up 'streams' to pull in scores, stories, videos, and pictures from all the best sources across the web including local papers, national websites, blogs, Twitter, and of course, Bleacher Report. Best of all, it's available for free. You can grab Team Streams for the link below.

Download Team Stream for BlackBerry 10



Nice!! I really was not expecting it to be native.


I don't think it is. At least when you click to go to a Web page you don't seem to get the BlackBerry browser. This is a big deal because it would like to use Reader for those Web articles but can't.

Posted via CB10


Downloaded! Great looking app, great way to get all my info rather than go to the site.

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Posted via CB10


This will come in handy when I can't see the games. I can stay in the loop on my favorite teams

Posted via CB10


Good, hopefully they go native soon tho

Posted via CB10


It is native sorry, nice app. Now they need to advertise the bb10 app with the other operating systems

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I don't think it is, see my comment above.

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It is native it doesn't do anything an android port does it has all the native menus etc

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Sweet!! I love my sports apps!!


Bleacherrport.com is an amazing sports website. Just downloaded the application and love it already!
my Q10 is quickly replacing my playbook for my bedside news/markets/sports reading.
Funny how TH said tablets (as a stand alone) would be obsolete in 5 yeyars....

Go BB!


I see them being obsolete to the average consumer quicker than that.

We all saw the wireless gaming controller, wireless hdmi, with BT peripherals, why would I need a tablet when my 42inch TV is better?

On the road? My 4inch z10 is plenty big enough for video's and document viewing. BlackBerry Link now has remote access so I can tap into any of my computer hard drives from anywhere in the world.

I mean, seriously what will we need tablets for? Serious question, what do I need a tablet for. Let's keep in mind this argent is with BB10 still in its infancy

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Keep em coming BlackBerry! Love this app! Hell I even down loaded instagram bar today just cause I could!

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Awesome finally a good app on my SEXY z10

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This week has been epic! Keep it coming!

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Unbiased Tech

I'm super excited right now and downloading now! This is easily one of my favorite websites up there with Crackberry and YouTube

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Funny, im sitting here reading this story, with NBA gametime on on in the background, and the first thing i hear is "Grizzlies and Thunder fans get their new first from Bleacher report."

made it that much easier for me to want to DL, even though i was about to anyway, lol


Yes I literally just heard the announcers of the Thunder v. Grizzlies game announce this app on Android and I was salty! Downloading this right now!

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Never thought this was coming for BlackBerry after seeing those ads during any sports cast. So awesome.

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Morpheus v7

This looks good.. Great work....

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Great app. Love it.

Very well done port.

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Can't tell if this app is native or not but considering how well it works. Who gives a sht? It's simply awesome, try it if you haven't yet

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Thank you! I've been waiting on the arrival of this app! I read the! Bleacher Report daily. Great job Team BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10


Hell fucking yeass!
Oklahoma City thunder FTW

Posted via BlackBerry z10


Being native is always a plus. Awesome app!

CB10 on Verizon Z10


I've been wanting this ever since I came back to blackberry

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It eats battery like crazy. Ugh.

Posted via CB10 (BB Z10 : BLK)


I've been waiting for this. Ny app circle is nearly complete

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Incredible app!!

Posted via CB10


Awesome! Was getting fed up with issues with TheScore app, and the Sports Center one seems to crash on 10.1. Going to enjoy using this!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


This is a gorgeous app. A few issues with opening videos/links and using the "share" feature, but I am using a leaked OS 10.1 on my device so I'm not sure if it's from that. But this is a great app nonetheless, glad to have it on BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10 & loving it!


Nice, downloading now

Posted via CB10

R Field


CB10- BlackBerry Z10

Jay West

Thank you thank you. Just want I needed!!!!

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All we need now is the NBA Game time App how does WP have it and we don't..

From my Z10 A.K.A knight Rider.


Nice!! This is one of a few websites that tells me "download the app" which is not available for BB, now it is!!! Bleacher Report and Rotoworld are must haves for sports fans...now let's see if Rotoworld ever gets one.

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10


Yikes, just downloaded it and it is sloppy. I'm on wifi at 3 bars and it's spinning the loading wheel for no reason when accessing many features. Also when looking at a few articles and it's sloppy, I'll give it a couple days, but if it keeps up ill stick with CBS SPORTS, MLB AT BAT 2013, NHL Game center, PGA apps. Espn mobile has everything too.

Would hope for an update already!!

Posted via Naked BlackBerry Z10

jojo beaconsfield

Great comments I'll give it a shot.


Nice app, but it could still be improved a bit. I hope it gets regular updates.

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Best sports app ever! Was waiting for this! Now I can delete the Web browser short cut and get the real app!

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Hell yeah!!! One of my favorite apps! So pumped about this!

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Downloaded. Picked my favorite team, Blackhawks, and got some nice coverage. Spinning blue wheel on some pages and a message that I required flash to view video content. Apparently there are a few bugs to work out but glad to have this app on my Z. Go Blackhawks and go BlackBerry!

Demetrius Payton

Please! Very please!

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I thought I was the only one who had crash issues on the Sportscenter app.

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