Blaq updated with push mentions, DMs, scheduled Tweets and more!

By Adam Zeis on 12 Sep 2013 10:38 am EDT

The best-selling and CrackBerry all-star app Blaq has been updated bringing all kinds of great new features along as well as plenty of fixes. Version 1.2 is sporting push mentions and messages, scheduled Tweets, Universal Search and much more. It's been a bit since we've seen an official update for Blaq but this one certainly does not disappoint. If you're a new or current Blaq user you'll love the new features.

What's New in v1.2

  • Push Mentions and Direct Messages - Receive notifications when you’re mentioned or receive a new direct message even if the app is closed!
  • Scheduled tweets - Send a tweet at any time, from one or multiple accounts and manage them all within the app
  • Attach location to a tweet - Let people know where you are when you tweet. This is an opt-in feature per tweet. We do not request your location unless you want to use it.
  • Tweet from multiple accounts (or even a single account without switching) - Tap the title bar when composing a new tweet to add or switch!
  • Sensitive information warning - Warns you if you’re about to post your PIN to your public timeline
  • Universal Search - Search for tweets from your home screen and open the results in Blaq


  • Stream attempts to reconnect on losing or switching connections
  • Speed improvements


  • Account switch crash
  • Minimize crash
  • Unable to post pictures
  • Updating profile fails
  • Blank text when sharing tweet (10.2)
  • When selecting a photo, character count doesn’t update
  • Direct message convo doesn’t focus on Q10/Q5
  • Follow button doesn’t reflect actual following
  • “Follow Request Sent” is now shown when requesting to follow a protected account
  • Pictures not posting via share
  • Pictures saving without file extension
  • When sharing, friend picker is blank
  • When sharing, account picker is blank
  • Edit profile errors when saving
  • Crash on switch account (10.1 MR+)
  • When scrolling to end of user or tweet lists, the last one is duplicated
  • Crash on RT of protected tweet
  • Wrong pictures showing on tweets
  • Sharing card comes up blank (10.2)
  • After adding a new account, screen goes blank.
  • Active frame sometimes doesn’t show (10.2)
  • Crash when quoting a tweet from the tweet detail screen
  • Other small bug fixes

This version is a free upgrade for existing users. New users can pick it up for the Z10, Q10 and Q5 for $2.99.

More information/Download Blaq

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Reader comments

Blaq updated with push mentions, DMs, scheduled Tweets and more!


Totally agree. I love the app, and the enhancements in the update are definitely useful, but I would like to see DM or mentions in the Hub too.

Posted via CB10

I would have to agree also. My update isn't functioning correctly but I'm also running a leaked version right now.

Posted via CB10

it doesn't show who favorites the tweets like in native app or atleast I don't think it does..annoying

Posted via CB10

I could reeaally go for some native Hub integration. All these features are dandy but not nearly as useful if it doesn't work in the Hub (and as a result don't work with other tools like Quickpost). Blaq should be a full blown replacement for the native Twitter client.

Posted via CB10

Love it, it's my favourite Twitter app on BB10. Just udated it, but can't use the universal search to look for tweets. I have also checked in the settings and cannot find Blaq in the extended search items.

I just purchased Blaq a couple of days ago and reported a bug concerning crashing when I change accounts. I got an email within an hour or so telling me a fix is on the way. Today, I read that an update is being pushed which, among other things, fixes the bug I reported. That's what I call service!!!

I just hope the crashes upon opening is fixed. It did open correctly on my first try after updating.

Love the update would love to see in a new update a new color scheme and a new UI

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Hoping that somewhere down the line Blaq is integrated with Contacts on your device. This is one of my favorite feature on the Native Twitter app.

Go into the settings (swipe down from top bezel) and scroll down until you see your account name. Tap it then turn off your notificaitons.

Just to clear things up, Blaq doens't have Hub Intergration yet because BlackBerry hasn't given it the API to allow the dev to install that feature. Secondly, Twitter restricts 3rd party apps from having Favourited Tweets show, so this feature isn't available to Blaq or any other app. Enjoy the update folks...the dev is the best in the business and has put some amazing new features in it :)

Definitely worth the price. I've used Blaq since it came out and it keeps getting better. I use Blaq to manage several twitter accounts and it takes my constant use of it.

Would love to see Hub integration, and ability to see follows/favorites in future update.

"Brainstorming" wouldn't it be great if the developers of Blaq and Neatly came to together and integrated their apps together and created the best Twitter app PERIOD!!! Ijs.

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

Never thought I would pay for a Twitter client, till I got my Z10...Blaq was my very 1st purchase. Love it...

Posted via CB10

The funny thing. I offered the developer some solid ideas and was hoping rob see them implemented by now. Sad that they replied that they have the ideas and are working on them. Wow to think one was a simple fix and still not implemented!

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Scratch that. After trying the check for updates option in BlackBerry World I went to the software page and found it said update available.

Posted via CB10

*** READ *** If it's crashing for you, please allow the Device Identifying Information permission until the next release.

Does anyone in Germany know why I can not download this? I have restrictions apparently. :(

I am on T-Mobile Germany, Leak

Cheers in advance for the help!

#IChooseBlackBerry10 Because of crackberry alone and the berry_leaks team!

Posted via CB10 on Ze Z10 in Ze Germany

Great update....but it has crashed a bit on my z10...maybe another minor bug update required?

Posted via CB10

Just updated and still experiencing crashes. Ex click a link in a tweet and browser opens up...close browser and go back to blaq...crash.

Posted via CB10


We have a saying in hindi, "100 sonaar ki, 1 lohaar ki".. it literally means that a jeweller takes 100 hits to mould the metal the way he wants to and a blacksmith does the same job with one hit..

And this update truly fits this..

Brilliant stuff!!

Posted via CB10

It's very important and customers or users are heard.... Blaq did it so, thank you very much!

It wasn't in my updates yet but I went direct to the app page in BB World and the Update button was available.

Is viewing a poster's photos in their profile a thing yet? Is it possible or is it only on the native twitter desktop browser?

Posted via CB10

I'd like that feature too. I just switched to Blaq from the native Twitter app and I liked being able to access those pics. Hoping for that feature in a future update.

Posted via CB10

For "A" class blackberry developer they did very poor job on Trapeez. I am surprised that this app would get "built for blackberry" designation given the fact that this app is pretty much broken. I have not seen update for months. This twitter app looks good but i will not buy it until they fix Trapeez or just refund money if they are not planning to update it.

This is without doubt the best Twitter app available. I've tried them all. Best $3 you can spend on an app.

Posted via CB10

I'm not able to see the list of my followers or the ones I'm following anymore.

Anyone else having the same issue?

Posted via CB10

Love seeing a third party app like this be so polished and do well on BB10. I'm not much of a twitterer (tweeter?) or I'd probably pick it up... but good on the developer and thanks to you for being a supporter of BB10!

Love Blaq and the new updates! The only feature I still wish it had was the ability to toggle on/off the screen to prevent it from timing out. Please add this feature and then you have a 10 in my books. Anyone else desire this feature or am I alone?

Posted via CB10

Good enhancements and fixes, but still getting "there was an error, please try again later" when trying to update profile from the app.

Posted via CB10

I'm having a strange issue where if I minimize Blaq to an Active Frame, then maximize it, it closes. No error, or anything, just 'goes away'. At first I thought it was happening after opening an external link in the browser, but now realize that it's anytime it's minimized. I'm running on STL100-4.

Same here on a Q10 running But it doesn't happen all the time, still trying to figure out the pattern (if there is any)...

Posted via CB10 on Q10

I updated as soon as it was available and whenever I try to post a pic I get this notification: There was an error posting your tweet.

ServiceErrors; status = 403; errors = 195, "Missing or invalid url parameter"

What gives?

Posted via CB10