Blaq updated to version 1.8.4 for the BlackBerry PlayBook - A few tweaks and bug fixes

By James Richardson on 22 Aug 2012 11:37 am EDT

If you use the BlackBerry PlayBook chances are you will use Blaq as your Twitter client of choice. The app has this week received an update to 1.8.4 and although it doesn't bring us a huge amount of new features, what we do get is of course welcomed by us 'fans'.

Update includes:

  • Even smoother scrolling
  • Auto-reconnect real-time streaming on dropped connections
  • Performance and bug fixes

In addition, the developer wanted to assure people that after Twitter's recent API announcement, Blaq is not going anywhere. With Twitter now implementing certain display guidelines for third party developers, Blaq does have to make a few tweaks but that will be done in a future update so rest assured.

More information/Download Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Blaq updated to version 1.8.4 for the BlackBerry PlayBook - A few tweaks and bug fixes


I have been holding off buying a twitter client for the PB because I never thought the options were too great, and I was thinking that Twitter would make an official client for PB. I use the Android version of Twitter now. Are the PB Twitter clients worth it? Is Twitter making a client for PB?

I use the full twitter website, u can change the interface to load the full site rather than the mobile version and get all the functionality u need. I have paid for Blaq and must admit certain frustrations that meant i went back to the full site.
Playbook and Bold 9900....what a team.

I've been using blaq for quite a while. Recently the ui has become somewhat more laggy. This update did not fix the problem I experience. I have found the only fix to be waiting for around 30 seconds before I decide to scroll through tweets. Anyone else experience this?

I don't think twitter will make a client for BlackBerry10 because RIM is already building it along with a Facebook app.

Blaq is okay, but c'mon RIM, wheres Twitter for Playbook? It cant be that hard to make a bigger version of Twitter for Blackberry. Its been OVER A YEAR........why should we have to pay for a decent Twitter app!?!?

The web version sucks because you'll never know of your notifications....until your T4BB app notifies you on your phone.......

I really appreciate Blaq's efforts and its a great app, but I would LOVE a Twitter for Playbook that has a clean and bright UI like T4BB...thats free!

RIM is making a solid Twitter app for BB10, which will be pushed to the PlayBook shortly after launch. Patience will be rewarded. =)

Glad to hear it, after making Blaq use the GPU for graphics it actually seemed to be slower so this is welcomed.

I bought Blaq back in fb, and I really dont like it. I wish ubersocial would have a twitter app for the playbook

Since you already bought it back then its worth a try now to see how far it has come with the updates before passing judgement on the current build.

I love all the work that they've gone through to make Blaq an excellent twitter app for us to use. In addition, maintaining it? Seriously, $2.99 is CHEAP! I would easily have paid $4.99 for this app!

Blaq lags on my PB. I like the live feeds, but it isn't really that important to me. I have recently returned to TweetBook for PlayBook. Very smooth and clean...

I personally love this app. I have tried several twitter clients and this has always been my go to app. The UI is amazing and the dev listens to the users who provide feedback not just complaints. This app has grown a lot since it launched as well with new features and some changes due to twitters rules and api's.

For me I really enjoy the real time stream of my timeline and LED notification. This app gives me the feel of a full featured desktop client like tweetdeck and metrotwit right on my tablet. I can keep the stream going even while bridging to my Bold 9930. All of this with very little battery drain.

People want a free twitter app but you will get what you pay for. I like t4bb on my phone only for the push notification so I miss out on a lot of other great features. I don't miss out on those with Blaq on my PlayBook.

Why all the dev bashing? Like Flash0p says contact the dev with issues. I bet the ppl bashing are the same ppl that complain in reviews in App World instead of contacting the dev. Blaq is the only twitter client for BlackBerry PlayBook. I too will use it on my BB10 device. Thank you for one of the best apps for my PlayBook.

Blaq is indeed an excellent Twitter client, without doubt the best for PlayBook. Thanks to the devs for keeping it up to date, and patching the updates so often!

I love Blaq! And the dev in charge is vigilant in maintaining and updating the app, quick to address issues, and listens to feedback wholeheartedly. It's the perfect Twitter app for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It works seemless on my PlayBook and I love the personalized touch. I can't wait for Blaq for BlackBerry. I miss it. Out of all the Twitter apps I have tried on my BlackBerry PlayBook, this is the only one I have loved and kept. And Jerome is definitely a five star dev because he really is attentive to issues and strives to keep the app in top notch.

Fuck all the bitching, moaning and bashing complainers. They have nothing better to do and they best delete the app from their devices if they cannot appreciate any of the HARD WORK the developer has done to make such an excellent application. Three cheers!!