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Blaq for BlackBerry 10 v1.4.1 now available

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Blaq for v1.4.0.950 now available in BlackBerry World!

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Blaq v1.4 is coming soon with a ton of improvements

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Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook now available - Get your Twitter on in style

Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 31 May 2011 01:09 pm EDT

Been waiting on a Twitter client for your BlackBerry PlayBook? Well the wait is finally over. Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook is here and ready for you to get your Twitter on. This awesome app comes from Kisai Labs and is the best Twitter experience on the PlayBook by far. Blaq has a great UI, plenty of what you expect from Twitter including native or editable retweets, in-app notifications, web and image previews and best of all real-time updates. Until now there have really been no other solid Twitter apps for the PlayBook, so it is well worth the $1.99 for Blaq if you're at all a Twitter user. Check out the link below for more or head to BlackBerry App World from your PlayBook to download.

More information/download of Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook

Reader comments

Blaq for BlackBerry PlayBook now available - Get your Twitter on in style


The implication is that blaq is the first twitter client for the playbook but there has already been a twitter client for the Playbook for a while, Tweedless.

Tweedless might be OK if they made any effort at all to explain their UI, but as it is you are correct. Still doesn't change the face that blaq is not the first non-web twitter client.

Where in the article does it say "first" anything? Why is there an argument about a comment that wasn't made? There is no implication that it is the "first ever". The implication is that it is the first decent app worth using.

"Been waiting on a Twitter client for your BlackBerry PlayBook? Well the wait is finally over"

this indicates that there are no other twitter clients for playbook yet

looks nice, cant believe RIM havent made one yet!

"Until now there have really been no other solid Twitter apps for the PlayBook"

Clears up that supposed "implication". Anyone who has used those others (i.e Tweeless) have indeed still be "waiting on a Twitter client" because the others were unusable.

can't buy from appworld. keep getting error 11000 and paypal saying billing method not supported. help please.

that app crashed my browser... had to delete it or wouldn't work again even after system restore

Nice app! Wanted to post a tweet with a Playbook photo this weekend, but had to do it by sending photo to myself and using phone to post using UberSocial. Wished I had this app this weekend!

Only glitches so far: RT didn't erase from box after sending and an original tweet sort of ran into my photo so I couldn't read what I was typing. Despite these issues I really appreciate the flexibility of the app.

$1.99 is definitely more fair, and it is a fair app on the BB. Never could get it working in OS6 w/o giving it "trusted status" (a big no-no)...and stay outta my organizer! Kept hanging so deleted.

As mentioned in an earlier post, updates addressing such issues not terribly forthcoming. I did prefer it over other clients when it worked, though. Functionally was solid, though the colors sort of wear on you after a while. BB's are about functionality, so it was par for the course. If they got that down, you'll likely be happier than not.

Obviously, I do not own a PBook (yet). Former Storm I owner so waiting for PBook 2. :) I "did my part" for R&D donations.

Best of luck and please keep posting thoughts!

The way authorization works in this app is a big no-no. Anybody can build another app that would impersonate this one.
Playbook apps need server side components for authorization or keys will be stolen...