Blaq for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1

By Bla1ze on 24 Apr 2013 08:27 pm EDT

Although an update to Twitter for BlackBerry 10 is slowly appearing for some folks in BlackBerry World, we're more impressed with the fact there is an update to Blaq for BlackBerry 10 already available as well. The update is showing as v1.0.1 and Kisai Labs has laid out the full change log for everyone. If you've not already grabbed the update, here's what has been changed and fixed within v1.0.1:

  • Faster scrolling (I know, right?!)
  • User tweet count increased to 200 (from 20)
  • Line breaks in tweets
  • Protected account indicator
  • Verified account indicator
  • App now respects 24 hour format set in OS settings
  • After adding an account, you cannot add another unless you relaunch the app
  • Duplicate tweets in timelines
  • Crash when gesturing a tweet that was deleted
  • User search
  • Rubberbanding back to top on scroll
  • Follow button crash
  • Arabic hashtag search
  • Sharing/Copying arabic tweets
  • Retweet count
  • Friend picker doesn’t hide after tapping a friend
  • Friend picker places mentions at beginning of composed text
  • Q10 help screen fixes

Haven't tried out Blaq for BlackBerry 10 yet? Now would be a great time to give it a go. Right now, you can grab it from BlackBerry World for only $2.99 using the link below.

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Reader comments

Blaq for BlackBerry 10 updated to v1.0.1


Confirmed works with the leaked 10.1!

I LOVE these developers! Please host a beginner seminar on how to code C++ please!!

Co side ring this is the only app out of 4 updates thus far that works with this leak I'm very happy!

Posted via CB10 by my Z10

Wow. Talk about fast. I can feel that this app will get better and better. I like how fast they were with the update

Posted via CB10

I bought Neatly when it went on sale last week. Is it worth getting Blaq too, or should I wait for it to go on sale also?

Posted via Z10

Blaq has been a much better app for me. Neatly crashed and occasionally caused my Verizon Z10 to reboot. Blaq has been rock solid for me. Great twitter app, not great for BB10 just plain great!

Blaq is way better in my opinion. It's like night and day. Blaq is smooth as ice and loads really fast. Well worth a few bucks.

Posted via Zeppelin

Supposedly, the current $2.99 price is a special promotional price. I haven't heard what the regular price is supposed to be.

How anyone could have complained about having to buy this app again is beyond me! This is the epitome of a developer all in with Blackberry and deserves our support 100%

Posted via CB10

No update available for me yet....however I hope they will be able to integrate into the HUB and have push notifications soon

Posted via CB10

Bought it today on word of the update. It gave me a white screen on first launch...but rebooted and all was good. Loving it, definitely worth $3.

Is anyone going to design a Twitter client for BB10 that allows for more than 2 simultaneous logins? Blaq is the best of the bunch but not nearly enough. I was better off with my Torch.

Posted via CB10

Wouldn't 2 accounts be enough. Let's say you has one personal and 1 professional.

What are you people with 5 twitter accounts up to?

Posted via CB10 from Z10

I am disappointed by the two accounts limit as well but the pop up suggests it is temporary.

I have a personal and a professional account; but I also manage a further account for somebody.

Something that would be nice to add to Blaq would be pre scheduled tweets, ala HootSuite

Posted Using CB10 - Z10 "-2" on the Vodafone UK Network

I've also experienced the fact that it is no longer working post update, any one have any incite? Stl-003 with the. 85 update on it. It loads up and says streaming in real time, but doesn't load any tweets

Posted via CB10

Be awear that if you plan to upload photo took by Z10,please make sure the photo is took in 16:9, I have been try many time upload photo that took by 4:3, nothing happened, but with 16:9, success!BTW, it is indeed a great APP! thanks for the developer!

Posted via CB10

I have this app and I have the update. It's pretty good, very fast and sleek looking. But my biggest peeve is the fact that it doesn't show you all of the people on your following/followers list. Only the most recent additions. I tried telling them about this twice on twitter but got no reply, not sure if they saw it. Was hoping it was fixed on this update but it's no biggie. It's still an early version for bb10 I'm sure they'll address it down the line

Posted via CB10

Awesome app and I believe it will truly get better with time. Be patient the devs are listening. With that said, I downloaded the update and am rocking away. Love it!

Turtle Lee from my Z10

I really like this app. But I'm new to twitter and don't understand what those icons mean on the left and right.

via CB10 on ZED10