Blaq for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new features

By James Richardson on 14 Jan 2014 10:07 am EST

Without doubt the most in-depth Twitter application for BlackBerry 10 - Blaq has now been updated to version 1.3 and with it brings a whole bunch of new features as well as fixes. 

As you'll see below, the extra features will make Blaq not only more user friendly, but also more customizable - in particular with the addition of the lite theme if you choose to use it. 

New in this latest version:

  • Hub Integration - Blaq now 'fully' integrates with BlackBerry Hub. Your mentions and direct messages from multiple accounts are now easier to access on BlackBerry 10. 
  • Detailed Active Frame - In addition to seeing tweets, indicators for new tweets, mentions and direct messages are displayed so you know when to take action. 
  • Lite Theme - For the first time in the history of Blaq, we've seen the light. Light theme, that is! 
  • BlackBerry ID Synchronization - For those that like to format their devices for whatever reasons, your settings and mutes are now backed up automatically! 

Notable Additions: 

  • Tweet post status with progress bar for photo uploads
  • Change your profile banner directly within the app
  • Friend picker is now available within the search
  • BBM Pins are now recognized in tweets and direct messages
  • Most requests are now compressed to save on data usage
  • The account limit has now been increased to 3. This restraint is due to a token limit imposed by Twitter on third party developers. 
  • Labels have now been added to the left toolbar. Pull the timeline to the right to see them. 
  • Plenty of bug fixes

If you're not seeing update just yet, be patient - it's coming. Blaq is priced at $2.99 and is well worth the money. If you're a 'tweeter' and haven't tried Blaq before you are missing out! 

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Blaq for BlackBerry 10 gets updated with a ton of new features


why doesn't any twitter app have notifications from people you follow ,when they just tweet something public ,like iOS has .
I just want to look public tweets from the people i follow only , without the need of opening the app every time .
The only thing that i miss from iphonesss

Yup! I always like Blaq but the dark theme just seemed too dark for me for some reason.

Posted with my BlackBerry Z10 running 10.2 via CB10

I strayed away from Blaq for a while and went back to the native twitter app but this update looks pretty sweet I'm definitely giving it a try!! Loving all the new headless apps coming out recently!!

Posted with my BlackBerry Z10 running 10.2 via CB10

Okay, help a newbie...

How do we get notifications on our device that updates for an app are available? And then how to we update it? I see nothing on my Blaq app.

You can open BB World and look under "My World" it should list the apps that have available updates. The Blaq one may not show up yet though as mine did not. If you search for Blaq under apps though the update button should be live. It was for me.

"My World"! Thank you...that's the spot I was looking for. Yes, I don't see showing up there yet, either, but I was able to update just by looking up the app.

In My World you can also select the installed apps tab which will show apps you already have. Might be a little faster to find. Don't press the open button, select to the left on the app icon and it will give you the upgrade screen.

With Hub integration now available how do I get Twitter the list of Hub applications/accounts? I am running and can't remember how you manage that. I don't want Twitter and Blaq listed in the Hub. I can not make Twitter go away under Hub Managment. Do I just delete the Twitter account from the Hub?

Feels good to be using Blaq again. No offense to Jerome, but it was missing a few things that the native Twitter app had, so I was running that one a lot more. Now he put so much into Blaq I could delete the native one and never look back. Outstanding job!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I love @Blaq. So glad JCarty keeps pushing new updates and features to it. I couldn't find a better twitter client. Seriously, if you don't have it, go and buy it now.

Got it!! Hands down the best Twitter client out there. I am keepng the dark theme as it works for me and I like it better. Looking forward to the new enhancments and improvements. Thanks for the update

I still would like Facebook and twitlonger (or whatever it's called) integration. I miss UberSocial. Their app for BBOS was perfect for me. I remember them tweeting to see who would like to see their app for BB10. I guess they didn't get enough responses. :( Anyway, if Blaq would give me Facebook and twitlonger integration, my needs would at least be satisfied. The other bells and whistles UberSocial had were just a huge plus.

Posted via CB10

One issue with new version : when trying to open dm's in the hub nothing happens... screen darkens as if it's going to switch but then brightens again on the same hub screen... any others experiencing this?

Posted via CB10

Which OS level are you on? I know this was pretty common on some of the earlier 10.2.1 leaks, like and earlier.

Got the update. Nice, but when I hit a hub notification, it just goes to unread. Very occasionally, it has briefly taken me to the relevant post or DM, but then crashes straight back to the hub again.

Anyone else had this? Indeed, has anyone actually been able to access Blaq direct from the BB10 yet???

Posted via CB10

Nice lite theme but useless because the fonts are often white ;)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

The lite theme is a life saver!!

I couldn't stand the original (default) theme!!

Thank you for lightening us up!!

Try reinstalling the app if it isn't showing up for you. After doing so, you'll need to receive a mention or direct message.

Someone above said, "Best Twitter client on BB10." That's probably true, but I'm going to take it a step further and just say it as it should be said at this point: "Best Twitter client on any mobile platform."

Posted via CB10

I hope this version is easier on my battery.. it takes a pretty big toll on my Q10 and Z10, and if I'm going to be out for a while, I stick to the stock app which doesn't destroy my battery.

Posted via CB10

I had just switched from Blaq to BB Twitter because of the hub integration, I guess I switched too soon. Gonna give Blaq another try.

Via CB10 & Z10 or Q10

Glad to see the update. Before I was seeing a gap between tweets on my feed which was annoying, hopefully that was one of the bug fixes. One bug I am seeing is that I cannot follow new people. I tried searching for someone and press 'Follow' but nothing happens. Also tried following someone I found through another tweet.

Posted via CB10

The mentions are not visible in the Hub? Do I have to change some settings? Because the only setting I can see within the app are not regarding the Hub

Posted via CB10

Only new mentions show up in hub. Try reinstalling the app if hub doesn't show up after you've received a new mention.

Best twitter app for BlackBerry 10 past present possibly future. One of best overall apps on BlackBerry. Blaq gets it right listens to customers and improves the app. Developer sure is dedicated.

Sadly native twitter app is far behind. Facebook app is full of glitches. A major one is cannot Post. POST FAILED!!

Developers Do you see opportunity!!?

Many are still waiting for Blackberry 10.2 official update.

Their should be solutions. Hire or Fire.Get to root of it.update management Move people around.Only BlackBerry knows.


Lead. Do not follow

Posted via CB10

Love the new lite them, much easier on the eyes. Would love to have multiple account show up on same time line rather than have to flip between accounts.

Posted via CB10

Hey guys

Anyone having issues with private messages in the latest version of Blaq? I can't get them to load in the app or in the Hub. I'm running 10.2.1

Looks good. Can't compose from the Hub for some reason but haven’t tried rebooting yet. UI suggests I can. Live this app. Great to see the new features.

Posted via CB10

Wow, great updates indeed! Absolutely no need to log into the official Twitter app with the full Hub integration.

Posted via CB10

Wish they would add a feature to settings to keep the screen from going to sleep. Every update I look for this feature to no avail :(

Posted via CB10

Anyone else able to hit the "follow" button? Nothing happens. I want to add some new accounts.


Posted via CB10

Amazing! Love the lite theme! Really takes the twitter experience to the next level.

Best APP ever!

But I usually like dark themes but for some reason lite for blaq

Q10 ~

The running in Background and Hub Integration is cool :) the only things I'm missing now is.
Notifications for retweets and new follower in hub and the possibility to tweet from hub like the official twitter app.
Not sure it's possible with the api but then I could remove the official twitter app :)

Wenn du mir sagst, was dort draußen richtig ist, werde ich nicht mehr versuchen dich zu küssen... (Sayumi Whisp)

You can get email notifications for stuff like that. It's within the options In Twitter.

Posted via CB10