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Hands on with Blaq version 1.3 for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 15 Jan 2014 07:07 am EST

We recently posted that the awesome BlackBerry 10 Twitter app Blaq had received a big update, bringing features such as true BlackBerry Hub integration, a lite theme and more. Now it's time for a quick hands on demo if you are still in two minds whether to purchase the app or not. 

There are a whole load of improvements over the previous release, but so you don't get too bored I've kept the video short and sweet, just covering the main features. As you will see, the biggest improvement for me is in the BlackBerry Hub. We now get notifications with the Blaq logo and tapping one in the Hub will open up the app immediately, allowing for a swift response. We all have different preferences and the new lite theme will appeal to some, although I'm favoring the black. The Active Frame has also had a makeover and in addition to you being able to view tweets you will also get different colored indicators for when you have new tweets, mentions and direct messages - a nice touch. 

If you're looking for a smooth and powerful Twitter experience on your BlackBerry look no further. Blaq is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and is priced at $2.99 - a bargain if you ask me. For a full list of what's new in Blaq 1.3 click here

More information/Download Blaq for BlackBerry 10



(˘̯˘ ) still prefer twitter for BlackBerry

From Zuri my Z10.


It's the second Twitter app I tried on my BB. Like this one more.

Posted via CB10.1 Q10


To be honest, even BB10 browser is quite useful in this case... BTW, looking forward to a day when BlackBerry starts to release BB10 browser for other systems. It is even better among mobile browsers than BBM among instant messengers. They should give it a powerful name and let others use, as a new stage of effective BB marketing...

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10:


Gotta agree. Great browser. Have had up to 28 tabs open, no issues. And the Reader mode. Love the BB10 browser.

Posted via CB10


The best Twitter app bar none. I've been using this since it was released, first on PlayBook and now on my Z10.
Dev constantly updating and very feature rich.
Well worth it IMHO

Posted via CB10


as i said again no twitter client has notifications for public tweets from the people you follow ,as iOS has. and android has
Unfotunately without this future i forget to open twitter or blaq.
i hope a company makes this future someday


Even BBOS 7 twitter app has that...


im a new bb user and i didn't know about this.
I'm very dissapointed and really can't think a reason why we can't have this future…
all platforms have it


I will admit that it was kind of annoying when my Bold 9790 wouldn't shut up because SO MANY TWEETS! Though, you can turn the notifications off.

Just want that in BB10.


exactly , if its annoying just turn of .We must have it back :)


Miss that one too from BB7.


we must start asking for this back .Dev if you are hearing bring it back please and then blaq would reach the top


I would love to get hub notification for any tweet from someone I follow. Even better would be if I could choose which ppl I follow that I want to get hub notifications for.

Posted via CB10


I like both but prefer Blaq a little more. They both have their advantage & disadvantages.


Nharzhool the one is Twitter and the other is Twitter that I have to pay for as well!

Okay, that's a nasty joke. I actually use Twitter to get updates from devs or CrackBerry...WHICH IS WHY I WANT TWEET NOTIFICATIONS!


Am I the only one that finds annoying James writing "if you ask me" in every article? :P

It's not that we're asking, you're the reviewer just tell us what's your thoughts.


Anyone noticed battery drain after updating? After I updated I lost 25% in about an hour. Z10.

Posted via CB10


Mine was fine after updating.

Go Black and Never Go Back.


I've noticed this as well but can't contribute the drain specifically to Blaq, just that it started the same time I updates. The drain was initially huge but has settled down a bit now but still significantly more that there was with the previous version. I leave Blaq running in active frame


Just downloaded another update to Blaq that includes, among other things, Battery Improvements so this must have been reported by others as well.


Not liking the light theme?

Go Black and Never Go Back.


The best Twitter app!

Posted via CB10


Twitter works just fine. I don't see the need to spend money on this.

Posted via CB10


Great app. Way better than the Twitter application. Needs work on some little things after the update, but Blaq is still awesome.


Installed yesterday and my battery died overnight when not charged. Anyone else experiencing a similar battery drain? i have set it to pull updates every 45 min, same as the previous version of Blaq.

Al Ranson

Me (z30) or the Mrs (z10) can't dm anyone since we updated.

Posted via CB10


Can't follow anyone, if I want to. Tap on Follow and nothing happens. Still like the app though!

Posted via CB10


This app appears to have bugs when using with 10.2.1. I can't view lists. I can't create lists. Sounds like some others might have similar issues. I guess the moral of the story is that 10.2.1 will not work properly with every app out there.

Posted via CB10


The hub notifications haven't seemed to be working... any ideas?

Posted via CB10


I don't see full HUB integration. Is it because i have 10.1?


I don't see it, either.


Still not getting all of the tweets that show up in the native app. Also still missing some features that I got used to using in UberSocial, namely URL shortener and Tweet Longer. And one minor niggle: the RT option page isn't colored like the rest of the app.


Still can't see who favorited or re-tweeted you. Or followed.

Posted via CB10


I use Blaq for everything except uploading photos via the share card. With Blaq it gives a system notification that the photo was uploaded, that's a little annoying to me.

Otherwise I love Blaq long time.

Posted via CB10


I love @blaq... but wish this update had added landscape support.

Posted via CB10


Could not agree more. Landscape would be great

Posted via CB10


Blaq is beautiful, more than most of twitter app wether for OS or android

BBM channel: C0040FF4D..... Proudly Z10 owner...


I love Blaq but the fact that they say it has Full Hub integration is a bit misleading because I can't Compose Tweets or DMs from the Hub like in T4BB and I hope to see integration into Contacts.

Posted via CB10 app  คภ๔гєฬ® Z10 *US*


DMs do not show for 2nd account. Accounts tend to get mixed. Still doesn't show received favorites. Still more work to be done

Posted via CB10


"Still doesn't show received favorites."

I'm fairly sure twitter only allows that feature for native twitter apps like tweetdeck.


Anyone else having problems with the "follow" option since doing the update?

Posted via CB10


I still find Twitter something teenagers and spoilt celebrities use the most. Yet the company's market cap is similar to Time Warner's...yet it's never been about tech bubbles... :)



Version 1.3.1 just dropped in BlackBerry World

Posted via CB10


I'm still on the fence about buying it.

Posted via CB10


I got it when BlackBerry had it for free as part of their fall apps promo. It's a good app though. Barely go on twitter but when I do I use it instead of the native twitter app

Posted via CB10


Now you can search tweets anymore. Only user name. Which really sucks, always found twitter useful for searching for info regarding a specific word.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


Please have the option to allow multiple accounts integrate into one where I can view all tweet feeds from all accounts logged on to. :)


Love Blaq! Definitely my goto twitter client on BB10. Love this new update

Posted via the CB10


Why is the Hub Integration not working for my Q10? Any suggestions?

Posted via CB10