Blackphone aims to be the world's most secure phone

By Adam Zeis on 15 Jan 2014 08:58 am EST

Debuting at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Blackphone is setting out to be the world's most secure phone. The device is GSM unlocked and will run a custom version of Android called PrivatOS. Users will be able to make and receive secure phone calls, send and receive secure messages, transfer documents privately, browse though a VPN and more. No pricing or specs were reveled for the device however.

Blackphone is the world's first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else. Ahead of carriers. Ahead of advertising. Blackphone is re-shaping the landscape of personal communications.

It sounds all well and good, but what makes it better and more secure than a BlackBerry? It seems like the folks behind Blackphone have put a lot of effort into making it a totally secure and private device, but BlackBerry users have been using secure devices for years.

For more information or to contact Blackphone visit:

Do you think a dedicated "secure" phone is a good idea? Would you buy one, or will you just keep your BlackBerry? Hit up the comments and let us know!

Press Release

Washington D.C. and Madrid, 15th January 2014 Silent Circle and Geeksphone today announced a new Switzerland-based joint venture and its inaugural product, Blackphone, the world’s first smartphone placing privacy and control directly in the hands of its users.

Blackphone, powered by a security-oriented Android™ build named PrivatOS, is a carrier- and vendor-independent smartphone giving individuals and organizations the ability to make and receive secure phone calls, exchange secure texts, transfer and store files, and video chat without compromising user privacy on the device.

It is the culmination of several careers' worth of effort from leading figures in the industry, including Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP; Javier Agüera andRodrigo Silva-Ramos co-founders of Geeksphone; Jon Callas, co-founder of PGP Inc. and CTO of Silent Circle;  Geeksphone; and Mike Janke, CEO of Silent Circle and former US Navy SEAL. 

“I have spent my whole career working towards the launch of secure telephony products,” said Zimmermann. “Blackphone provides users with everything they need to ensure privacy and control of their communications, along with all the other high-end smartphone features they have come to expect.”   

Blackphone may be seen at and visitors may join a mailing list to be kept informed of updates as the launch date approaches.Blackphone will be available for pre-order beginning February 24, 2014, at Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona, Spain.

For more information or to contact Blackphone visit:

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Blackphone aims to be the world's most secure phone



Agree. They are piggyback on the word "black".

Posted via CB10 with Z30 on radio

Yes, and if it were Apple, they would be suing them!
But seeing BlackBerry go after Typo gives me hope that BB has grown a set now with Chen at the helm.

Lets put things in perspective. It has been reported (speculated, really) that Android Apps will soon be accepted into Blackberry AppWorld. Yes, this type of rumor has been reported since before BB10 came to market and, yes, we are all pretty tired of a lot of these rumors not coming to fruition. However, if finally true, this will really, really, and, finally help BB put BB10 OS on a level the playing field in the app department.

Blackphone sure looks like additional competition, but, I can't imagine QNX and BB10 OS not having a pretty significant head start on security and privacy over Andrioid OS and PrivatOS. Its not going to be easy but as long as Blackberry keeps improving its own BB10 OS, and end-to-end mobile communications solutions, this can actually be a good thing. Heck, if (this is a BIG "IF") Blackberry really pulls itself together, its can turn this to its advantage a "free advertising". Specially if, like with Knox, PrivatOS proves to be, 'not as secure as advertized'.

Well, seeing as how NSA helped develop Knox, I would bet it is pretty secure from everyone except the NSA and everybody we DON'T want spying on us. Knox is pretty useful to the NSA but not you. It probably pipes all of your data directly to their servers.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Yes it does and if it turns out to be better than BlackBerry I might consider switching if BlackBerry doesn't catch up in time. Privacy and security goes before brand loyalty.

Seriously. BlackBerry should have leapt at this opportunity to become the face of NSA-free phones. I'll get a Blackphone because it seems cool to be secure (and BlackBerry has backdoors built-in).

Care to elaborate on these back doors you claim of? NSA said they couldn't hack BB! So.....?

Posted from the Zed 10 on the cool CB10 app

@ deadcowboy Seriously, I would love to know more about these "backdoors" that BlackBerry has built-in. If you can provide that information, then I may switch to the Blackphone. ;)

Dude BlackBerry is the only mobile device without any backdoors because it can't be rooted. It's impossible to root especially with QNX as its embedded software.

Posted via CB10

I also agree that BlackBerry should have jumped at the opportunity provided by the NSA leaks. I do hope they aren't slow to react.

BBM can be an excellent platform for secure communications.

To answer the question...yes I would get a Blackfone

Posted via CB10

Speaking as if you've got a root in bb10. Come on even the so called security researchers that dedicated their time and money to rooted/hack this thing haven't bring some replicable methods to the table.
You must be so full of yourself...

Posted via CB10

Nothing but smoke and mirrors! They will have to bring it and they have to get it proven and certified. Look how much of a headache Samsung is having with their Android Knox. This ain't easy to do folks, and BlackBerry is so very fortunate to have found and integrated QNX into BB10 as QNX was also built from the ground up to be secure and bullet proof. Without QNX, BlackBerrys would have faded very fast from the marketplace, because a BlackBerry running Android wouldn't have passed any of the stringent DOD security validation tests.

+1. You can't just bring marketing shizzle and expect that to make your concept secure. If the arbiters of the security standards (ISO etc.) don't agree, no certification will be forthcoming. BlackBerry handsets have had these certifications for more than a decade. Catching up wouldn't be impossible for an upstart. But it wouldn't be quick and easy.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

I would not dismiss them so easily. Look at the individuals endorsing the product, pretty solid and with years of experience in encryption and security not to mention that I am sure they know a thing or to about certifications.

Its competition.

It should be taken seriously .

Yes Android is plagued with security issues, however Android is based on Linux. Google have tweaked to satisfy is hungry data collecting monster, but the base is solid.

Lets not forget that the guardian project develops pretty secure tools for Android.

Again I would say, I hope that BlackBerry is paying close attention so that is not left behind in a field that is so dear to BlackBerry.

Guys, there's a RED FLAG in the description, and that is that Blackphone is built on ANDROID.
It's a well-known fact that Google has built spying right into the Android OS, and I, for one, would be extremely suspicious & skeptical of ANYTHING-Android to be secure past its creators servers.

No need to prove me wrong; I'll consider that someone might have isolated the critical operating kernel-elements and discarded the Google-spyware components; I'm just putting it out there as a small reality-check.

Just my 2 cents worth from our penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

So basically they'll encounter the same issues as BlackBerry which is a product that the vast majority of consumers won't find much value in, thereby dwelling in a limited market segment?

Consumers may not, but enterprise surely would. The more secure mobile options for government and enterprise with Android/iOS/Windows Phone, the more BlackBerry suffers.

Enterprise is becoming a crowded space. BlackBerry has to adapt now to maintain their standing. They can't afford to look back and realize they should have taken new concepts seriously and responded quicker.

Hmm ... something seems fishy. Did you guys watch the video?

There is a person wearing a hoddie and the company president's name is Zimmerman. No way i'll be using that phone. :) :D

The idea of an uncertified phone that is said to have 'security', as this post and the two add on keyboard for iPhone that 'look like' BB KB's bothers me.

BB must re-start advertising showing their phone models.

I just read an article by a DJ blogger that implied BB was a dying company, and iP users should look for alternatives like the KB's to add on to their only alternative phones. Lack of advertising, and removal of the BB's from TM retail store sales, really is adding to the consumer perception of coming death. Building sales with low price phones for Indonesia is NOT the answer to build sales in markets like the US.

Forget the US consumers.

Most are just sheep, being herded along by "sales" people who are out to make a quick buck. The nature of sales in a capitalism market is a greed engine. The sellers do not care at all about quality, or what is best for you... just how best to seperate your $ from you.

Until more consumers educate themselves BEFORE making a purchase, BlackBerry should let the new CEO do what he is doing. Going after the regulated market and skipping over the sheeple is a positive move.



You are telling a truth.
Once a company builds a big bankroll they can make do extensive advertising.
Apple has made a fortune selling products they do not make: apps, music and films.
Their newest products are un-remarkable, but, consumers are lead to believe, thru ads, that they are innovative.

Mmm Secure Android?

Think I'll stick with my BlackBerry thanks all the same!

Posted via CB10

More secure than BlackBerry? Without the network? This endeavor is going to fail so fast

Posted on a Z30 to hear the pain of dropping a Z10 in the ocean.

No kidding. Secure communications involves 3 elements, OS platform, servers and network. Anything less will fail. The Android platform can't in its present form be secured. Just ask the Germans.

Yeahhhhh I'll keep my BlackBerry. Chen will put them to shame, he's not going to just let a company come out first year and beat BlackBerry at the one thing BlackBerry is known for.

Posted via CB10

This company is trying to disprove that. BlackBerry should actually buy Blackphone. They've already done the grunt work to pave the way for BlackBerry's first Android device.

I dont know but blackberry is doing that for years why would i dare to change into somthing that has not prove themselves yet? No thanks

Secure just like Samsung Knox? Yeah right. It's Android which is an open source OS. How can it possibly be secure?

You can pry my BlackBerry from my cold, dead hands.

Open source doesn't equal insecure.
TrueCrypt is open source and I trust the security it provides. Also, being open source allows for independent review and code audits. This sort of review is impossible on a closed-source product.

Android (AOSP) is insecure for other reasons, but mostly because of the average app's desire to data mine, and those few truly malicious apps.

Posted via CB10

The problem with Open Source is that it is visible to all. It can be scanned for vulnerabilities. A whole application can actually be stolen and faked and snuck onto an Android/Linux phone. For example, something like WebKit was made Open Source by Apple. It has been forked by Blackberry and Google. They did their own browser development. The code can still be seen. It's guaranteed that NSA has scanned this stuff for vulnerability patterns and probably has a bunch of zero-day attacks for each platform in their back pocket (and this is just the browsers, think about android or linux; when apple forked BSD, they did it under license and were able to make OSX (BSD) private). The reason that Blackberry seems to be more secure is probably because they are doing more precise code reviews focused on security and being very careful with who accesses the code. The other issue is identity theft. If someone like NSA gets personal info on a programmer, they can actually fake code reviews and audits and actually stick in malicious code. (This can be done on private code as well but it is much harder if you enforce strict security standards on your employees.) I agree that there are other security issues Android and what can be put on an android phone.

WebKit came from KHTML, so it has to stay open source, as opposed to being "made" open source.

Install one of many malware infected apps from goole play, or connect to an open wifi, and see how long it remains secure.

Posted via CB10

Happy with the security of my 9900, however I think its a fantastic marketing angle (and good advert) ... perhaps an angle which Blackberry should look at?

I posted about BlackBerry using this angle right after Snowden came forward. I think they've missed the boat. did I, and many others. However, I don't think the boat has been missed. I imagine that issues of privacy and security will be brought up regularly for the foreseeable future. That is my hope at least. New layers of the problem keep surfacing to the public, like the latest news being picked up by the big media players about offline hardware insecurity due to rogue radio chips... inserted by spys or... by the manufacturer.

Posted via CB10

I don't think the boat has been missed either. Most smartphone users could care less about security at the moment but I think that will change and Blackberry need to make sure they are there at the forefront when the time comes.

Posted via CB10

Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't BlackBerry focus on the best security? First it's typo now this crap! Everyone secretly likes BlackBerry and what it offers and is trying to mimic them, #KeepMoving BlackBerry.

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Security like vpn is always 2 sided. When the blackphone user sends secure sms or mail and the reciever does not u could forget security.

Posted via CB10

Don't be so quick to dismiss.

Do you really want the same as the IPhone debacle (dismissing the advent of the touchscreen display) and getting the pricing and structure of the PlayBook badly wrong .

It is always worth looking at the competition.

Posted via CB10

I was now coming to post something similar. They dismissed the iPhone at first as well. Go BlackPhone Go. Would like to see how far this project goes.

Woww!! You never seem to understand anything.

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

It's exactly the same comment every time. I've a good mind to report him to a constable.

Posted by the inimitable Z10 handheld system

"Technology was supposed to make our lives better. Instead, we have lost our privacy."

What a fear mongering statement that is. Technology has made our lives better. And one still has their privacy if they don't download shady apps, manage their permission properly, and don't give out personal information.

If you search for medical terms, prescriptions, or illnesses using Google they'll mine the data to serve you ads for diseases and/or ailments from which you may or may not suffer. In Canada this is a violation of privacy and Google has been put on notice according to a news report today.

طلبات للحصول على المساعدة من أجل كل مادة من المواد هو بداية لإزعاج الناس. هناك الكثير من التطبيقات التي سوف تساعدك مع الترجمة. الترجمة ليست مثالية، ولكنه يساعد. محاولة FANCYTRAN.

Hey dude, can you send me the code of the script you are using to auto-post this with every new article?

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

This person has to honestly be banned he has posted the same comments for months now

Posted Via My AT&T BlackBerry Z10

custom version of android? I don't know.. maybe i have to go to android central to read about how it's built.. but i'd stick with my z30.. i know blackberry has been time tested..

I'm not sure if this is an idea based solely on the "Snowdon created a marketing opportunity that is too good to pass up... quick, let's get something out."

And the person-wearing-all-black on the escalator says "Now I can plan my high-school murder spree without getting caught", not "upstanding citizens who just don't like government prying".

Tacky opportunism.

I think it's a good idea what they are doing with Blackphone. I think i'll stick with my BlackBerry though. I've used BlackBerry devices for years now. I just don't trust the Blackphone as of now. With the company going with PrivacyOS(Android all the same) it raaises some security concerns.

Posted via Q10

I know right? BLACKphone? Seriously? Between Typo and now this, BlackBerry is seriously getting swagger jacked hard recently. I guess that's good though because it means we have something these other companies want. I say bring it on. Come at me bro! I'm the Juggernaut b****!

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

All this says to me is, maybe BlackBerry should push privacy and security even more than they already do?

Posted via CB10

Exactly. Now is the perfect opportunity to really capitalize on security and privacy concerns. Most people are seem to be pretty unnerved about Google buying Nest, for example, and the implications there. All the NSA revelations too.

Secure and Android = Oxymoron

Also anything that has google footprints on it means it will be targeted by the NSA and google data mining... NO THANK YOU!

You make this up? A BlackBerry on BES is very difficult for the NSA to crack, and BlackBerry uses rotating codes that are hardware dependant along with software. Hence PIN......Anyhow BlackBerry devices are still the most secure by far. The NSA was well reported by the US media as being deep into Apple, Google, MS, Yahoo, etc. They did not even mention BlackBerry. If the could have they would have because they like to slit BlackBerry's throat at every opportunity. Also BlackBerry was not on Snowden's list. So I really don't know what else to say to you.

Posted via CB10

BB was never implicated as a victim of NSA hacking. Both on BES and standard BB10 without BES. So nope, the NSA CANNOT get into your blackberry.

BlackBerry doesn't have any backdoors and the NSA sure hasn't implanted any into BlackBerry ( Plus BES10 is the most secured network which provides AES encryption which makes BlackBerry's ECC encryption twice as strong from an end-to-end standard. BB10 has been tested and is said to not provide any root access. Also the NSA has also said that ECC is the most secured encryption method to have which BlackBerry is known to use ( If anything the NSA has proven it can intercept messages and phone calls which are accessed through the carriers and has no proof of any hacking done on a BlackBerry. If anything BlackBerry has also already been awarded an certificate of security by the NSA due to the DoD awarding them. If anything Edward Snowden has already done half the marketing for BlackBerry's security and now it's time for BlackBerry to do it itself but of course they're probably won't be able to because of their usage by the government.

Posted via CB10

The NSA Has never cracked a BlackBerry, they ate almost banned in Israel, because their gov can't listen in

Posted via CB10

Or as the Starburst Marketing team would say, "It's a juicy contradiction!"

ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10! 

Black Phone ?I thought when I saw it, it was a BB product,the video turned me off after 20 seconds.BB has to promote security, as it is a hot issue now.

"BLACKphone"? Sounds like another obvious ripoff of the BlackBerry name. Time to get the BlackBerry lawyers ready again and take down another half baked company that can't make it on their own original ideas.

Yup, pick another colour (try WhitePhone, see if Apple won't sue with less provocation.) It's no coincidence that they're trying to play off BlackBerry, to piggyback on their reputation for security.

Yah.. I guess anyone can make claims out there when you don't have the phone on the marketing. Once it's on the market, it could be a very different story..

Interesting marketing ploy: Black(Berry)(i)Phone. They might as well just use the tagline: As secure as a BlackBerry, as fun as an iPhone. That concept is already here, it's called a Z30, and I'll keep mine, thank you.

You will have to take my BlackBerry out of cold dead hands.

BlackBerry or Nothing! Nothing else is to be said!!


No.. will stick to BlackBerry.. Q10&Z30 ordered... can't wait to have these babys... also excited about Q30 and Z50...

BlackBerry (10) IS Awesome.. and that even with a gigantic App gap!

C00121417 

Will see how turn out when "Blackphone" hit market. Baced on their name, are they try to copy Blackberry?

Posted via CB10

Interesting concept and I will definitely have a closer look at it. Another promising concept is the OnePlus One phone.

I think that any manufacturer who will offer out of the box encrypted calls, texts and mails as well as full control on which application has which rights will have a significant market share. Just to be clear: this customization must go well beyond what BlackBerryis currently offering. There is no need of marketing, NSA has done that already for them.

It is very likely I will give those two phones a try. For the time being BlackBerry is a good alternative since it is a smaller company and not based in the US.

Posted via CB10

Ex navy seal as employee... haha its basically a company run by the pentagon.. screw them!

BlackBerry for live!

C00121417 

RIM dismissed the touchscreen and the importance of media consumption apps. They've never dismissed security. Apples to oranges. Next you'll say, blackberry dismissed televisions and look what happened.

Posted via CB10

Another product trying to fill in the gaps left behind by Blackberry. This is a product Blackberry should release. Security oriented android

No such thing as total secure phone, the security services will still have access....and as another blogger put, what is the point when you don't have a secure network as proven as BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Look at the website with the logo #Blackphone. These guys will be added to the typo lawsuit list.

Posted from a Blackberry Z10 version10.2.1.176 on Verizon 4G network

A globe made of a pattern of dots.

Have you noticed the gaps in the dots (towards the center) seem to form something resembling a BB logo. Not plain visible, but I guess it works kinda subliminally.

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Do I missing something here ?
If that's running Android, at one point users will have to link their device to a Google account. Let's assume for now that the device is intrinsically secured and private, then how a device could restrict Google sniffing your web & cloud based activities ?

It is not required to have a Google account to run an Android phone, so this point does not count. It depends on how they fill the gaps with regard to apps such as Google maps. They might criple the data mining of Google related apps. At least this is what I would do.

Posted via CB10

Let this thing hit the street and hackers and see how long it can claim this self-proclaimed status.
Yet, Android and security are two words I hardly mix without a snile.

Edit :
Went to their website and the "how is it" sounds clearer :
"The tools installed on Blackphone give you everything you need to take ownership of your mobile presence and digital footprints, and ensure nobody else can watch you without your knowledge."
So, basically, you have a standard device with "tools" provided for strong encryption.
Unless there's something more accurately describing how they can protect system root, I see nothing than the old and proven hard to maintain security layers scenario. This is far from being built with security as the #1 layer, as BlackBerry does.
So, while I sniff a marketing BS, let's see how this goes and how you can really use it ("what when you call another (non blackphone) device: are you safe/encrypted ?" being the first question in my mind).

Re-edit: looking at Silent Circle web site right now :
"Send Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Texts, Phone Calls, Video Calls, and File Transfers from Your Mobile Device."
It's not secure. It's encrypted. Wake up may be tough.

Good stuff. But based on android OS? I didn't think it was possible :p Being open source and all.
But who am I, to doubt those geniuses.
For general users, I doubt we will see this on many hands, but being exclusively aim for privacy and security, I can imagine this device held by some important people.

Don't ya know!

Its a turned off android device, which closely resembles the T-Mobile Vivacity. LOL

Android with security? Sounds good for some, but the main reason I am with BlackBerry is not security, but because it's blackberry, and not android, I hate the UI of Android, it's ugly and messy, where as BlackBerry is super disciplinary and formal, just my tipe :)

Posted via CB10

I like the ideas of it. I think this is an area that BB should really focus on and market. I think BBM voice calls could be the way for secure telephony as BlackPhone is looking to do.

That's all part of their security.
Every email you send gets automatically redacted and all sensitive information is blacked out so the recipients can't leak your vital information. Pretty smart, right?

Posted via CB10

I have a tip for anyone worried about security and privacy. Stop using phones and the internetz. Also posting every detail of your life on facebook might not be helping.

If you go on the internet you are giving up a certain amount of privacy. Get informed about what you want to give up and live accordingly. The only way to be truly private and secure is to simply stop interacting with others.

"The only way to be truly private and secure is to simply stop interacting with others.".... online. Online interaction via facebook and twitter and the likes is a contravention of their privacy. So I agree with you.

Strange how they willingly give up info on facebook, twitter and the likes, and then moan about privacy!

Is that not like saying, you are a vegetarian whilst eating a meal cooked in meat gravy!

Yes it's true people spew information on Facebook etc. But that doesn't mean their banking information was for should be able to get the point.

Posted via CB10

I do get the point. Though, the mear fact that your information resides on a unsecure / public location, thus makes you vulnerable / liable for compromise!

People just don't read EULAs and such. Pretty sure Facebook and Twitter EULAs mention using your info. You are putting your personal info on THEIR servers. It's like putting your name, number and address on a bulletin board in a public space and hoping no one reads it.

idk how they can make statements saying they're the first people to build a phone around security... like c'mon really? I'm sticking with BlackBerry.

If BlackBerry's "downfall" has proven anything, it seems like the mass could care less about security..

Posted via CB10

Blackberry is very secure but the stock market is not, that is where we find blackberry weakness.

Posted from my Z30.

Posted via CB10

The question was posed how is this better than BlackBerry. One word. Marketing. It looks like BlackBerry gets that now, so we shall see.

Posted via CB10

sound they have a message . I think blackberry must launch a site with the name SecurePhone Black edition and not mention the blackberry brand but just show how great the OS with clips and movies. You see a iphone but not the brand on the phone :) Show them it secure and more.

Whene I saw the name blackphone I thought it was a commercial thing from Blackberry to make people intresting to find out what is was, that why you can read my respond up here :)

Is this a joke? It has to be! I am sorry, but BlackBerry rules the roost for security for me. Not some tweeked up device running an open source software (Android).

My Q10 is extremely secure for me, and with my limited use of apps.... lets just say, my sh@t is tight.

BlackBerry for life.

At first I thought the article said "BlackBerry aims...". Sounds interesting, if done right, would be a contender. Never heard of the company though, so trust is something they have to prove/earn. BlackBerry can be trusted.

WAO it's android :) nothing secure with apps because from our company there are few fake apps that sucking the info from your phone. aaah android is good for games but secure NO

Blackberry BlackBerry BlackBerry I don't know why it can not be BlackBerry.


Well I have to admit this phone peaks my interest but I'm a loyal BlackBerry user as long as Mr. Chen drives the company to profitability and improves the overall ecosystem.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

When I first saw the title of the article I thought it read "BlackBerry"... then I thought it was a misprint... now I think they're infringing on the name.

We are the world's most secure phone, if you don't have a blackberry your information is always at risk people

Posted via CB10

So you're gonna make "The world's most secure" phone. Start with the world's least secure OS...but a version that's better, honest! Next, involve a worldwide team of people...

Let's just stop there and appreciate how stupid that sounds. Wowwwwwww...

Posted via CB10

Its just the firefox phone running over android so its not going to be secure, now if TOR decides to make a phone with there own OS maybe I would switch from BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

You can say anything! Doesn't mean that it is until it is tested and compared. Never had a problem with my Z10 and until I do I am sticking with BB.

Why do we need to have a dedicated secure phone...when BlackBerry can provide the right 'balance' between security and fun?

Posted via CB10

PrivatOS sounds like a great name for a Spy mini series on HBO !!

Just gives us a Super Spec Q30 BB10 and a secure BES 10 platform with eBBM etc....

First typo now this. Everyone seems to be trying to copy blackberry. Besides, once it's open source android it can be hacked. Wont be as secure as a blackberry.

Scanning BB10 users' private messages complete. Report on the go.

Sent from NSA surveillance.

But wait, this is what os5 did and all the haters jumped to a phone with apps and no worries about security, so if it wasn't wanted then....why now?

BlackBerry is best for security. Not even an arguement!

BlackBerry forever, haters never!

Great logo. Great marketing idea (I voiced my opinion that BlackBerry should have done this since the Snowden leak). But it seems the BlackPhone team's implementation is no ambitious enough. It certainly sounds like a bit of hot air and a secure messaging app.

Until I see more. No thanks.

Heres to them giving BlackBerry a run for their money. However I don't see them dethroning BB just yet as their OS is still fundamentally Android.

I'm of the opinion that John Chen is closely following this development along with that of Samsung Knox, he already admitted to the media that if Samsung delivers on Knox they will be a legitimate threat to BlackBerry. The arrogance, complacency and myopia of the previous leaders are the main reasons why BlackBerry is in dire straits today, John Chen would be wise to treat all claims of superior security offerings from competing brands with due respect.

that's why I go with BlackBerry initially. seems as if their trying to invade BlackBerry niche

Posted via CB10

If a company makes money selling a completely secure device, they also have the technology to break into the secure device. Which again they can sell to make more money.
Instantly making the secure device insecure...

No such thing as a 100% secure device that's made by human for commercial purposes...

I'm happy with BlackBerry so far

Posted via CB10

It runs on a "custom" version of Android? Google is in there somewhere - I'd be suspicious! If it isn't BlackBerry I don't want it.

The problem with other platforms is that they don't have their own network. That's where data interception happens no matter how secure your phone is.
BlackBerry all the way!!

Posted via CB10

I don't see it take off. BlackBerry lost ground because of extreme reliance on security/communication. This thing is for 20 ppl in the world only.

Posted via CB10

It might look good but vpn security is a 2 way street. If the person you're communicating with has and open source os then you're basically opening the barn door to your device

Posted via CB10

How can Android be secure, Android == NSA. So sticking with my beloved BlackBerry. Thank you no Blackphone for me.

Why does this article show up blacked out over the main text of this story???? CB App...........

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

I'd leave blackberry, not because of the security per say but because if the exclusive rights of phones to specific network providers leaving out majority of users to get their hands on it.

Posted via CB10

It's good that "device security" is coming to be the topic of the day! BlackBerry needs to jump on this...toting how secure BlackBerry's have been for years!

Posted via CB10

So now security is important. Although BlackBerry has been built around security since the beginning with no back doors. And it's built on Android which is nothing but back doors. Sounds like propaganda to me. I'll stick with BlackBerry thanks but no thanks android black phone.

Posted via CB10

If it is a device based security solution and it has been tested, sure. Once BlackBerry offers a reasonable cloud BES for a single device, I think I will be happy with that solution.

Android + secure...???

Before they do not explain HOW they made it "secure" I would not worry....

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When I first saw this article, I initially thought it was a story about a different BlackBerry phone. The name briefly confused me. Sounds like BlackBerry should sue them for the naming confusion.

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RE: BlackBerry Protect

This needs to be increased to Norton Mobile / Lookout level of features.


Now the race is to catch up to BlackBerry in Security Games. NSA has already promoted the use of BlackBerry devices and now another device is coincidentally using the word "Black". I already have a proven secure phone, BlackBerry Z10.

Seems pointless as the company name "blackphone" is lazy. Sounds like they were clueless as to how to market it so they used both BlackBerry + iPhone = blackphone lmao

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Apparently it has a "Face Flame Thrower" incorporated into the front of the phone. If it's not the owners face detected by the camera, say good bye to your eyebrows.

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That's the kind of advertising BlackBerry should push around the world. I think BlackBerry is not doing enough in this respect. Better sooner than later. Please use a portion of your money to do it and more people will move to BlackBerry.

I think the launch of the new update that is coming in the next weeks will be the right time to start a new worldwide campaign for BlackBerry.

Mobile market changes pretty quick so it's time to relaunch the BlackBerry brand as a completely new and secure device as most of people are not aware of it.

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I'm intrigued. I will however wait to see what exactly is offered, and what it costs. I'm os agnostic and will switch if I find something I like better.

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The only way 'blackfone' can be 'the most secure' is if they don't actually build anything, no phone at all.

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Anything American made "Google or Apple" is not secure... the US government demands access to information...BUT a company not in the US, not controlled by the US and in a way doesn't have to give 2 sh*ts what the US government demands. Now that's secure because there is no US government Involvement. The US government is by far the most advanced government in the world so why would you use their "tools" to communicate knowing there is a good chance they are using them against you. I'll pull for the underdog is this round lol

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I believe NSA builds their own custom Android smartphones to use internally as well. These guys have paid attention to not only the software but the hardware. Seems fairly legit. Still sticking with my BB.

Sounds like a "Insert Credit Card Here" plan. I can't imagine what plan pricing will cost. Too much for the average Joe I'm sure!