BlackGram updated with loads of improvements

By Adam Zeis on 6 Nov 2013 08:06 pm EST

The Instagram client BlackGram took the BlackBerry world by storm over the weekend with mixed reviews. While some had no problem dropping $2.99 to finally have native Instagram on BlackBerry 10, others looked it over and are waiting out some other options. BlackGram had some issues at first but an update has just arrived in BlackBerry World that boasts some great improvements. 

The improvements in the update include fixes for login, updated cloud infrastructure, faster image loading and much more.

Here's what's new:

  • fix: image editor crash
  • fix: auto-renew of expired/invalid access token
  • fix: scrolling issues and image sizes on 720p devices
  • new: Overall performance boost for page scrolling and page navigations
  • new: Loading of images and feeds optimization 
  • new: Added links for '@' tags to the relative user page
  • new: Added continuous scrolling for main feed, personal feed, user posts, tag posts, etc.
  • new: Rotate images from viewer
  • new: Open videos with the native phone media player
  • new: Added new shortcut menus to the 'More'  button bar for a better usability
  • new: progress feedback of like/unlike actions
  • new: 'Go to top' button added in personal feed and comments
  • new: UI fixes/improvements

Plenty more updates are in store as well for future versions, so there is definitely more to look forward to.

More information/Download BlackGram

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Reader comments

BlackGram updated with loads of improvements


very nice, i went with iGrann. but i hate things that have "i" in front of everything so i may give black a try.

Nice...You should post a review! I am using the sideloaded IG but would be nice to know how much better and functional these 3rd party apps are! It would be funny if these devs make a better IG than IG!

I am with you on that...hehehe. I recently went to a Telco to get a charger for my Z10 and they offered a similar charger to that of iFen and I quickly said, "no thanks!" I went to the other Telco a block away and got me a black charger nothing or remotely close to white iFen chargers.

Don't bother. Waste of money. Perhaps later but don't pay to beta test, which is the stage of this app.

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When is Igrann going to show in app world? I want to give it a shot without side loading it. My computer is messed up unfortunately.

BlackBerry 10 United

WOW this update really boosted the scrolling and overall smoothness/speed, now it is faster than iGrann in my opinion !!

I'm using igrann, I might test this one though.

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Very happy with iGrann.. was just about to pay for BlackGram but those bad reviews at first kinda blow me off... and the feature you can see the pics just like on the BlackBerry Channels on Igrann is amazing! If BlackGram doesn't have that they should... pronTo!

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This is very healthy ; it just shows that Instagram should not turn back on BlackBerry users. I would like to see iGrann and Blackgram attract more users .

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One big issue was missed with the update. After commenting on a post, you click back and get sent back to the top. You then have to scroll all the way back down to the post you were viewing.

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That's my biggest gripe with the CrackBerry App! Reply to a comment and then you gotta start from the top and scroll down... why not just auto-scroll to your new comment?

Posted from my Q10!

Just downloaded. Support indie devs who fill the void!

Looking forward to watching this develop. Now that the basics are done, I wonder what they have in mind for Active Frame support heh.

I need help I signed up and it said that it went through but when I try to log in I get an error.

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Why would anyone pay for an IG client when the real thing is FREE???

I can understand donations based on the circumstances but really.. does IG know about this

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Why don't you be quiet, yes? Don't like it, take your ball and go home. Nothing will diminish the fact that BlackBerry clearly has potential and indie developers are stepping up. The more the merrier.

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Twitter is free, and people will pay for a twitter client. Most 3rd party apps add features that you can't do with the original. Ubersocial was a good example, unfortunately they don't support BB10. I'm sure Blackgram and iGrann, have some ideas to make the instagram experience better. They are working on all the bugs and basic features first. It's only a matter of time. I'm excited for both these apps and see where the devs take their app. Tired of seeing negative comments, you don't like the app? You don't like the cost of the app? Code your own app.

Posted via telegraph

Because a human being put their time and effort into creating an app. It doesn't happen over night and it is hard work with little reward. Do you work for free?
And ofcourse Instagram know, just as they know about Instance on WP, which they fully support.

I side loaded igrann,but could not register, I side loaded instagram 4.2.2 and it gave me a camera compatibility error. Not sure what to do. I want to support bit $2.99 is a bit much.

Posted via CB10

I agree $2.99 is less than an espresso coffee pretty much anywhere. When I was running my Palm IIIC, I was spending $15 to get Docs To Go and quite fine with it. $2.99? Pffft! If I need it, I'll get it at that price. That being said, I'm not getting either as I'm not an Instagram fan.

Posted via CB10

I'm using 4.2.1 on with the most recent unlocked android runtime (I believe it's from but that could be off. Easy to find in the threads though). So far everything is running quite smooth. From what I've read and seen, there aren't any real noticeable changes in 4.2.2

Might be worth a shot, but I'm also giving Black and iGramm each a shot so we'll see in the ends what's really worth it.

Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!

*IGrann; I see what I did there

Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!

There's a fixed for that. Do a search and you should find it.

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By the time a Native Instagram App is released for BB10, both iGrann and BlackGram will surely make Instagram's app obsolete with BlackBerry Users. Obviously there LOSS.

Good job mam
If we have more people like him, blackberry would be no.2
Thanks for stepping up to the plate.

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Me too, I bought to support it but don't use it.. I don't understand if I have facebook why I would want instagram... All the friends are the same and you can post to both...

He sold me I'll go ahead and support not being petty 2.99 is nothing especially when I know that's all this thing is missing in my opinion.

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The thing that bothers me the most about Blackgram is that whenever I leave the feed and go back, it takes me back to the top and has to reload all the pictures. Please let me keep my position in the feed and cache the images that have already loaded once

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IGrann is still a work in progress, give it time. I see great potential in the devs

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Got it! Not bad, when you select to follow someone and they have a lock on you get an error but the request is sent and does work

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There is no way I feel comfortable paying nearly $3 for an app that was originally free. I'll either wait for iGrann to come out of Beta, or stick with the side loaded app I have.

I felt perfectly comfortable to pay 3$ to support a dev who spent his time to develop a beautiful IG client app for my Z10.
I don't think he is Instagram, he even bought a server to encode pictures, so why he has to work fro free ? Do you ?

The "free" version has to be side loaded and doesn't include all the features, iGrann requires 10.2 and is still in beta. If you're comfortable with the other options, great. I feel comfortable paying for whatever I want.

Posted from my 6230

I plan on waiting for iGrann anyways, I said that in my original comment.

You can pay for whatever you want, I'm not saying there's a problem with that. I'm just saying that for me, personally, I don't like the idea.

I don't understand why there are people who feel the need to tell me how comfortable they are with it. That's fine, I respect that, but that's no reason to keep reiterating things I know. It's very pointless, and I would like to keep my opinion without people being so negative.

If I sound rude, I apologize, but both of these comments are coming off as defensive (it is the internet, and intent is difficult to judge), and I just stated my opinion.

P.S. I hardly use instagram, so it's not even that worth it to me. The second reason I don't feel comfortable purchasing it. The first I won't even mention.

The update made it well worth the $3 I paid to download. Big improvement with the update!

Errors when logging in, Instagram flagged my account, when I finally logged in and tried to like a picture it logged me out with an error. Not it won't log back in due to the first error. Money wasted. This shouldn't even be on the app world. If were letting these apps in there and taking our money might as well just implement Google play store to our devices. Smh...

Posted via BlackBerry Q10!!

Go to, click on forgot password when you try to login and then reset your password. Happened to me too. No need to be melodramatic about it. The dev responded very quickly which made me feel real good about the $3. Would have been worth it regardless but still good to see the dev cares

Single-finger flickin' so good it make you wanna slap you mamma. Zed you very much!

Thanks from the 10.2 heads up. If someone is running this on 10.1 let me know. I didn't see a link to the developer email on the details to section of the app in BBW.

Anyone know if they fixed the bug where only some of a person's pictures would load? Do all the pictures on someone's profile now work?

Posted via CB10

Liking a pic, logs you out on this release. Only bug I've found so far - overall a big update in performance. Keep'em coming!

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I bought blackgram to support the developer. No complaints other than lack of immediate instagram filters. So far very impressed with the app.

Posted via CB10

It quite shit, early days I guess. Suggest you wait a few day before getting wish i did kmft... will get better but atm it's not ready

Posted via CB10

They say pressure creates diamonds!! Our Devs indeed!

Posted via Z10 STL100-3 using CB10. Fido, Toronto.

You guys shouldn't be promoting this app by saying "go buy it". The people that come here trust you as a neutral party, and in the first write up about this app, with the exception that it's slow, no other negatives were mentioned. This app is a rush job to rake in the dough before iGrann is available, which is free. I paid the $2.99, left a review on what I found bad about it. Some of those things were corrected, but it still has a long way to go for a paid app. Tonight, it crashed and I could not get back in, and Instagram sent me a reset password email because of "suspicious" activity on my account. Something I would expect if I entered the wrong password several times, which I did not. Folks wait for iGrann, much smoother and more like BB10 with dark theme. You will thank me.

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I'm hesitant to even try this app, I will throw $3 at anything that intrigues my mind, cost is not the issue.

The issue is I've been reading that logins are failing and this app pretty much has to run thru the developers server.... so in my head I'm asking myself how secure is this app? especially since folks are saying IG is resetting people's passwords. Please chime in with your thoughts. How is the app handling login credentials? Passed straight to Instagram or thru the developers server? Are they encrypted?

Yes yes I do realize it's just pictures, and yes my profile is public in there so everyone can see my stuff, but I am the one who controls what people get to see by uploading said pics.

Posted via CB10

Oh and when do you folks think Instagram will start Killing your access thru this app? I've read that they have been doing that with 3rd party apps, or does someone else have more accurate news?

Posted via CB10

This app requires access to identifying information in order to work. Why? I say wait a bit and see what happens with this one.

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When is igrann going to appear on the app world and when is blackgram going to be free, why is it not free bcos original instagram is free

Posted via CB10

Why do people constantly complain? Why does it seem no matter what options people are given they bitch? IG isn't native to BlackBerry no secret, if it's that important to you it's okay get an iPhone or Android device they're viable options just stop bitching about what you can't get. A native IG app isn't coming any time soon, if at all. Just get a Damn device that fits your lifestyle.... No judgment, no ridicule, no criticism.

Posted from my 6230

Just got the app and cannot login what a rip off for 2.99 while my ios and Droid users laugh as they use the original app

Posted via CB10

If you do a lousy job, you won't get a paycheck. You'll be fired.

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This app is still crap? Damnit guess i'll keep waiting to buy it then. I don't understand the point of this app if we can't use the Instagram filters. I can comment/like on my browser I don't need to spend money on app to do that. I want to upload Instagram filter pics!

Posted via CB10

You can use Instagram filters, you just don't get to see what your picture looks like with those filters applied before you commit to posting it.

I'm not saying this app is good or bad, I haven't even tried it, i'm just saying you don't properly understand how it works.

Posted via CB10

I don't believe I should be having this many problems with this app. Especially after spending 2.99 on it. I have not gotten 1 response on either of the emails that I have sent to the developer. I am really starting to believe the comment that was posted on the original post, that this developer just wanted to swoop in first to gain early profits.

Ive got the latest instagram sideloaded but I downloaded blackgram to support our developers. Will be donating to igrann too.

So when is CB10 gonna get updated? 720p size and scrolling error anyone?

Posted via CB10

I've noticed that too, articles overflowing the screen to the right on my Q10. What happened? C'mon CB!

Posted from my Q10!

Patiently waiting for IGRANN cause I'm not sure about this app after reading comments and reviews I'll stick with my assumption WAIT FOR IGRANN

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

I support the effort for this app, but the fact that my password was reset due to "suspicious activity" isn't really a good sign about the architecture. The smooth scrolling is a nice fix in this update though.

Posted via CB10

Apologies, had to go through the same password reset. After that...decent update.

Posted via CB10

I updated it today on my Q10 all worked fine then couple hours later it locked me out to point Instagram sent me a email say my account was compromised and had to reset my password grrrrr

Posted via CB10

Instagram has a security feature for people logging on on multiple devices, that is why people who have never used it on multiple devices get reset email emails, if a safety per-caution just like Google 2 step authentication.

And whether black gram is worth it or not, this dev spent his time and money to build an app instagram has he team to build, so he deserves to charge or receive donations. Nothing in life is free.

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I don't mind paying, even for things that are free on other platforms. I bought this app. It still needs work. I asked for a refund, but I haven't heard from the dev as yet.

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Why isn't it free - the original Instagram app is free on the android platform. Why should we pay? This is unfair.

Posted via CB10

Because the original IG is not in the BlackBerry world, so we need other alternatives. You have options, you can pay for it, you can wait for igrann, you can wait for IG forever or you can get a new phone that has IG :)

Posted via CB10

Are you actually that thick? Why do people keep asking the same dam question. How hard is to understand that this isn't made by instagram and probably took a few hundred hours to build. Go learn about opportunity cost before you complain about $3

Posted via CB10

For Blackgram Developers.

We want new features.

1: We want a option to choose visual themes (Light or Dark).

2: We also want the notifications (Pop up and Lock screen).

Please update this app again. Thanks.

Posted via CB10

It sucks...error error and error...reset my ig password like if someone is trying to do it when I sign in... 3 bucks away ;/

Does this app work on the Q10?
And if so, are you able to see each picture full size? because with the sideloaded IG there is not enough room and there is always a part of the pictures that is hiding...

The image seems like being lazy load and very slow to load compare to igrann..hmm...

Posted via CB10

Well I have 4 IG clients in my cellphone already. I'm not a geek with testing. UT here's a quick review. Hope it helps:

Instagram: I have the latest side loaded IG version on my 10.2 Z10 and I have to say it's way more smooth than the previous versions that I had. The feels are good enough and everything works like a charm. My photos also go to twitter, Facebook and foursquare. The downside are that we are not able to upload videos and the keyboard is all messed up. I side loaded Google keyboard with an Android launcher (Something Commander) and when I switch keyboards my Google keyboards closes so no cigar there.

Instago: this is a fine nice option if you are not enthusiastic of side loading non native programs. It works really well and you will be able to check, comment pics (can't upload photos nor videos), you will also be able to delete your comments (thing that you cannot do on the side loaded IG. The downside that I see is that the UI is way different compared to the real instagram and personally I'm not much excited about it. Also this is not a free app, it cost 1.99. Oh and you will not be able to see the news feed (friend request, who commented what, etc)

Blackgram: this one is very similar to IG in both aspect and functionality, i sometimes feel that I'm actually using instagram!! In here I can do everything that I do in Instago + I can upload pics. The downsides are basically 3. 1) with the update instagram notices "suspicious" activities and you have to reset your password. 2) since the Dev is running his own server things will take a while to show in your feed (Photos Uploaded, Comments, etc) so you have to be patient. 3) there are no IG filters when uploading a photo, only the blackberry filters. Remember this one is also a paid app (2.99).

IGramm: I'm not trying to hurt anyone nor to be biased with an specific program but this is a charm in the making. Even though this is still in beta it works perfectly, you can upload, log in, comment, like and all the other things I previously mentioned AND you can switch between light or dark theme (Dark FTW). Right now the only downside is the fact that you cannot actually see your profile nor everybody else's. You cannot accept friend request even though you have the news feed at your disposal but most probably that will be available when it releases officially.

So in the end this is my opinion.

* Best feel: Instago
* Instagram like UI: BlackGram.
* Best Overall Instagram app: IGram

At the end of the day if u don't mind spending money have all 3, but if u mind then side load IG and IGram.

Posted via my amazing Z10!

Wow thanks for your insight now maybe people in the comments won't be asking the same questions over and over again :)

Doubt it. Haha.

Posted via CB10

I told the developer I would give him/hee 24 hours before making comments then realized I paid $3 why wait.

Had 4 different error messages. Was actually able to log in after changing my password only to get booted off. Never saw if photo uploaded as it was taking up to 2 to 3 minutes to get through the servees/que.

Can't log in now.

Really should have an option to link contacts from say Facebook etc. rather than manually entering everyone individually... I'm new to Instagram and so far not impressed with Blackgram.

It's actually pretty good! The only thing I am having problems with is I can't see what my friends have liked. Anyway to see this??

Posted via CB10

I've been using sideloaded instagram. Works well. It is true that keyboard is messed up for comments. My work around this is type comment in notepad then copy and paste it to instagram. Works well like this

Posted via CB10

For the price guys this app ain't bad anymore the update has fixed a lot of issues. All good things take time.

Posted via CB10

I am going to wait for IGrann or just keep using my sideloaded instagram android app which works perfectly fine on my z10 stl100-3 wind canada.
It's prefect, it does lagg sometimes but that's not all the time tho.
You can upload pics, view pics and videos... and do everything an instagram app can do besides upload videos pretty much. So I would recommend using the instagram android app or go ahead and chek out IGrann on crackberry that is also good but coming soon.

Which Bar file are you using because mine can't view videos? And are you on OS 10.1 or 10.2?

Posted via CB10

Ever since the update I cant log in. I don't care about the price but I don't understand how Appworld could allow an app or Dev to charge for something that doesn't work? Don't release it until it works. Right now I feel ripped off. Again , not complaining about the price , but about buying an app that doesn't work. Being told to "wait for the next update" is garbage. Who in their right mind would knowingly buy anything that doesn't work ? They sold the app under the expectation that it works to some degree. zit doesn't for me. Allowing Devs like this to charge their customers for inferior products is a major fail IMO.

This piece of cr(app) has stopped working again. Hands down the most frustrating app I've ever purchased. Meh.

Posted via CB10

I have tried to register 3 times even two of my friends having problems signing in. This app is a scam so far, I will be reporting to Rogers

Posted via CB10

I don't see it anymore as a top grossing app and when I search for it isn't in the list of apps that show up.

Has it been removed?

Did the podcast yesterday bring attention to it and cause it to get pulled by either BlackBerry or the creator of the app?

Or is it just me and everyone else can still see it?

Posted via CB10

i can no longer see it either when i search for it …… when i go into my apps recently viewed it still shows but when i try to but it it says "app not available for download"

I cant see it either. Not even when i search for it in App world. And so far no response from the Dev regarding my refund.

I payed R24,99 for this stupid Blackgram app and I can't even log in or register. Keeps telling me network error. Waste of money.

Posted via CB10

Can't download it anymore. I'm guessing they pulled it due to having many problems with it. I'm out $3. It worked well for a lil while though after the first update.

Posted via CB10

OK, I don't even care about wasting the $3.
What I'm more pissed about is Crackberry raving and cheerleading about bootleg apps without allowing enough real-world testing.
Every time I see Crackberry endorsing an app I feel confident to buy and download it.
I now realize first hand this is not the case.

I'm also pissed at myself for deleting the official sideloaded android version. Now I can't even log in that anymore!
Thanks Crackberry!

Posted via CB10

Help! I've been using Blackgram for serveral weeks, and even a couple of times today, but as of an hour ago Instagram won't recognize my password. I tried to reset it, and it says it's sending an email to my account, but it doesn't.

I'm not sure what happened, but after numerous requests an email was finally sent to me so that I could reset my password. It's good for now!