BlackGram finally brings the native Instagram experience to BlackBerry 10 (Updated)


By Adam Zeis on 3 Nov 2013 11:05 am EST

Well BlackBerry fans, today is the day. Well maybe not the day but it's close enough. BlackGram, the first fully-functional Instagram client for BlackBerry 10, is now available. With BlackGram you can FINALLY get a native Instagram experience on BlackBerry 10. 

** Update from Kevin: Just spoke to the developer of BlackGram. They have temporarily hidden the app within BlackBerry World, so they can scale-up their servers and fine-tune login requests. As you can imagine, BlackGram is getting a TON of demand. Keep it locked to CrackBerry and we'll let you know as soon as it's going live again. **

The app itself looks much like Instagram on other platforms but has been built from the ground up specifically for BlackBerry 10. We've been playing around with it a bit and although it does differ slightly from standard Instagram experience, it's pretty amazing.

The app itself features everything you'd expect including account creation, profile editing, full browsing, actual Instagram filters and much more. It looks like Instagram, it feels like Instagram and it's pretty damn close to Instagram.

Features include:

  • Account creation
  • Profile picture change
  • Full browsing: followers, following, liked.
  • Search users and tags
  • Like, unlike, comment, follow and unfollow
  • Select a picture from your albums or take a photo with the camera
  • Edit the image with the integrated editor and native filters
  • Original Instagram filters (server-side)

One of the small things to note is that a lot of the work of the app takes place on the server side, meaning that A) it's a paid app to cover costs and B) Your photos will take a bit to actually show on your feed since they need to be encoded on the server beforehand. This prevents Instagram from flagging the photos as coming from an unofficial app. 

That being said - Instagram is here. BlackGram is awesome. Go buy it.

More information/Download BlackGram for BlackBerry 10

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Reader comments

BlackGram finally brings the native Instagram experience to BlackBerry 10 (Updated)



Those who don't want to pay have the option of sideloading. I don't know why anyone who really wants Instagram won't sideload the app. I did to play with it and it runs perfectly as far as I could tell. On OS 10.2 of course.

I had it side loaded, but once I updated to 10.2 the sideload I had informed me my camera did not meet the requirements. Bull! Anyways, I would love to have a native app that integrates better with my phone.

Oooooo Dat Z10 seseee

Did you sideload the unlocked Android runtime first, after you updated to OS 10.2? You'll be glad you did. I don't really use IG but I tried it just for fun and it runs perfectly and can barely tell it's not native.

If I wanted to sideload everything I would've bought an android phone! It would be cheaper and easier. But I like blackberry so I will just wait for the apps to come to BlackBerry world.

Posted via CB10

I completely agree with you but isn't the option to sideload an app and the option to buy an app better than no app at all?

That took like what, 5 minutes...just see some of the later comments...hahahaha

Posted via CB10

The reviews are starting to come in, and they are not good. Best to wait and give the dev a chance to sort this out... Don't get mad and ask for money back, just Wait... I am sure they are working hard to fix this. Give them a chance. Instagram is likely thwarting attempts for unofficial apps to access the service, therefore requiring these strange work-arounds that the dev needs to use his own servers to act as a "middle man". Wait.... Try either free releases or let reviews come in.

I would suggest to devs in the future to release a free but maybe limited version first to allow time for users to verify app works in real world environment, and make sure Instagram doesn't block it. Otherwise you will have a lot of pissed off users and tarnish your reputation, even if it is not your fault. Once it seems to be working then you can add a paid version with more functionality.

By charging $2.99, this developer is clearly trying to cash in quick before:

1) Instagram starts blocking the app or...

2) The other free Instagram apps that we know are coming get released.

I have no problem with this, but it's not a price I will pay for a free service that I have perfect access to through a very easy sideload.

Posted via my Z10

Come on big spender. Pry open that wallet or better yet spare a few pennies from your change purse to support a developer. 2.99 is not going to bankruptcy anyone.

Posted via CB10

Its not about having the money or not, it's about whether I think something is priced right or not. There are other Instagram apps in development that will be released soon for free.

I also want to wait and see how Instagram handles this app as most companies don't like when someone else charges for a product that they offer for free.

I am extremely happy that there is an Instagram offering available in BlackBerry World, but that doesn't mean I have to buy it, especially when I have been using the official app free of charge for the last few months.

Posted via my Z10

Glad to see the reviews are in given that the app hasn't been released yet. Better read the article next time. You guys make me laugh.

Posted via CB10

The app is absolutely available. It was available before this article was posted. What are you talking about?

Posted via my Z10

Nice try but really one only needs to read the article to figure out what is going on.

Posted via CB10

totally, I've been looking back and forth on the app and debating if the 2$ thing is worth it vs. the free instagram... hmmmmm

Exactly, I agree with your sentiments. I'm not an Instagram user or fan, but if it makes others happy, it's a good thing, a very good thing.

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I tried out the Instagram side-load and it works on OS 10.2. Still wondering what the official news is from Instagram/Facebook as to why they can't simply adjust their code and post it for regular release? It obviously works and may only need a few minor tweaks. Same goes for Netflix. With Instagram being free, they may have an easier time than with Netflix which will demand more support if there are problems. The parent company Facebook seems to have given a green light to BlackBerry in the past... with a Facebook app on BB and Hub integration, my guess is either (a) they are waiting to put out an integrated Instagram app and not just a port (perhaps embedded into the camera share feature), or (b) they had a "falling out" with BB for the Facebook integration or over-stepping some bounds and now they are keeping a tighter reign on Instagram, or (c) there are new ad-supported features coming and they don't want to release anything until they update all the platforms on the new build, or (d) they are paid by some 3rd party to stay off BB, or (e) they are busy enough doing what they are doing that the entire BlackBerry thing is a side-show that they don't really care about.... small fish to fry compared to bigger projects they are working on. And no matter how hard we shout, it ain't going to happen. So keep on sideloading...

Yes, you are correct... The document you linked clearly states you can't use "Instagram", "IG", "Insta" or "Gram" in the app name. Therefore, the developer of iGrann is able to get away with the naming. But BlackGram cannot. Also wondering about the font style used and icons. It is all spelled out clearly in that document about the Brand and usage.

This is a dumb app. Instagram is going to get pissed off and have this app removed.

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Good if Instagram gets pissed... so they can build their own app to prevent this from happening

Posted via CB10

I think the same, you guys have obviously low standards and never tried the quality of other platforms, this app is lame as fuck plus it costs 3 fucking dollars, while most apps should cost 0.99, plus instagram is better AND free on other platforms, hell even WP8 unofficial app is x10 better than this half backed expensive shit.

What the fuck are you doing in a BlackBerry forum, then? Go enjoy your better platform, loser.

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I will gladly pay $3 for an app that has been natively built and developed for BB10. The developers making apps for BB10 need our support to continually keep on making apps.

I can't believe the people complaining about spending $3 on an app like it is going to bankrupt them. They probably spend more than that on coffee every day.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

The point is if the app sucks, why bother spending the "premium price"? And this is considering other platforms have the "real app" for free

Just like they removed all those instagram apps on windows phone store.....oh wait they didn't remove them, in fact I don't think they even care

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Speak for yourself, at least we now have the option to use a native, built for BB10 Instagram client.

On Windows 8, their Instagram client app has not yet been challenged or pulled, so I have great hope that it will be the same for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10 from my spectacular Z10

Or get a real Mobile platform where you can have all apps without having to work as an CEO to be able to pay all apps you need.

A - you don't need a job as a CEO to afford a $2.99 app. B - nobody NEEDS instagram. Anybody who goes to another platform just to get instagram doesn't deserve a BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

Haha! I love the elitist attitude of some of these posters...the irony is they're up in arms defending an also ran, market irrelevant, mobile platform

Get a job? What does having a job have to do with anything? You seem pretty ignorant and dumb to even reply with a comment like that. Maybe you should find yourself a job. I believe I just got back from a business trip that my company paid for. you should check Yo self scrub

Posted via CB10

Oh and by the way, I don't even use instagram lol lol lol. So what was that again? ....( crickets)

Posted via CB10

This! This is the single biggest thing that drives me nuts about the mobile app era.

Waaaaahhhhh - why are they not paying *ME* $5 to download this app.

Remember when apps cost $50?

I didn't see a single person above claiming they couldn't afford the app. I even double checked for you. If you ask me spending money on something that's free everywhere else seems like stupidity

Posted via CB10

Not crazy at all, I originally side loaded Instagram and I just don't have any use for the application, but if someone does $3 is not going to break the bank, I'd pay that for a torrent app that was native that would work with the native browser. Which was not a remote! LOL

Posted via my  Z10.2.0.424

Add too: when I already have a decent sideloaded version of Instagram working perfectly fine!

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!

I still don't understand what a job has to do with this app. Donald Trump isn't even dumb enough to pay $3 for a knock off instagram. Let's be realistic fool

Posted via CB10

Dude then go ask instagram to make a native app for BlackBerry and stop being a pussy.

Posted via CB10

I see where he's coming from, Blackberry should be the one paying Instagram to make an App not the consumer of their phones paying for something that you can get on iOS and Android (and Windows Phone soon) for free. it just doesn't seem logical. and if you say "then why don't you switch to one of those platforms and stop complaining?!" well i did i went back on my old iPhone 5 and plan on using it until BB get their shit together and then ill switch back to my Z10 that's busy collecting dust.

Is it me or are too many apps for BlackBerry paid apps, this may have been mentioned before, a lot of the apps available on the other platforms are free, but are paid app on BlackBerry

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

and that's children why this platform sucks balls, half backed apps that cost 3 times normal app price, enjoy.

This platform is great and does everything I want it to do. If Instagrame themselves made a native app I doubt I would download it for free. I don't waste my time on your fan sites so stop trolling here

Posted via CB10

If apps is what makes a platform for you, then apple is for you. This platform is amazing with or without apps.

Posted via CB10

it is normal to be so, instagram provided their apps only for ios and android, some ppl worked to optimized this app for blackberry, so....

Posted via CB10

You don't need to buy the apps if you dnt wanna spend the money.. so dnt complaint

Posted from my zeta diez

Hmmmm, when you go to work, do you expect a paycheque? Or maybe you just go do it for free...

Posted via CB10

Come on people spread the word... Instagram functionality is here...
All those people who wanted Instagram... come on... buy the new BlackBerry 10 phones with awesome Keyboard and the most powerful OS ever..
Buy now to experience the best BlackBerry ever :)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Not sure I like the idea of my data, user info, etc needing to go through a 3rd party server...

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

I have a job and do quite well, thank you. I still prefer to keep a smart look at options. If I can get the milk for free, why buy a cow?

Posted via CB10

Oh you used the same comment for me as well. Maybe you should find a hobby. Forums are kinda boring after about 5 mins

Posted via CB10

Finally! Doesn't matter that it costs money, it's 3 dollars, a Starbucks coffee costs more. If we show the devs that we support these native apps by paying for them then more devs will make bb10 apps.

Posted via my awesome Zed 30

If we show devs that we are willing to over pay for a free app on other platforms, than other developers will over charge.

Posted via my Z10

I don't mind paying for native BlackBerry apps that are free on other platforms. BB10 is the best mobile OS in my opinion and I don't mind paying for the privledge of using it. Frankly, I don't fully trust apps that are free.

I sideloaded Instagram just to see what all the fuss was about. Doesn't do a thing for me. The sideloaded app ran very well, just the same.

Why do you have a BlackBerry? Get a job and get on the android bandwagon. BlackBerry not for you

Posted via CB10

2.99???? That's a crazy crazy crazy price!
0.99 and I'll buy it, otherwise I'll stick with the Android Port.

Posted via CB10

Everyone has a price, if the dev consider the 2.99 covers for the time spent developing the app and the effort, let it be and dnt complaint. Cuz I bet ya wouldn't work at McDonald for $3 an hour

Posted from my zeta diez

I think people complain that it's $2.99 because they can sideload the official app for free. But people need to understand these are private devs who are working on these apps on their own time and in this particular case, is using a server to do all the work. I'd be a bit worried that IG blocks him when they see all the traffic coming from his server.

Nah... It's probably not the 2.99 as much as that a BB app is going to cost vs. an equiv. app that is otherwise free on Android. Its been true since PB. We get it, this dev is not doing community service and recognizes the apparent demand. Keep building and let the market decide.

Yeah... 2.99 is albeit a high price to ask..
At least the dev must give the app initially for trial... then he can offer them to upgrade... and I do buy apps.
And people who sideload free Instagram are good too... and if you don't want to sideload, then stop nagging and buy the app. :)

Posted via the awesome keyboard on Z10STL100-1/ using CB10 App

Holy cap, $3?! No way! I can't afford that! But I bought this phone...hmm...and it cost me $200, and I'm in a contract, and I pay like $70 minimum each month for my lousy plan...I know it's a lot, but $3?! seriously, what *is* the dev thinking...

Posted via CB10

Congrats that we have instagram finally.. from a 3rd part Dev. It's not acceptable however, that an official free instagram app is not available for BlackBerry. This platform is struggling too much in the app department. Most people don't have to pay for the big name apps.

Posted via CB10

I will be waiting for iGrann, refuse to pay $3 for a money hungry developer. I would rather donate $50 to someone who puts it out there for free and that is just what I plan to do when iGrann is released.

Posted via CB10

$3 money hungey for a one time payment. You cheap skates are pathetic wow a $3 that takes a entire minute to make in a day

Lol. $3 a minute is $180 an hour. Wish I made that much! But all kidding aside, if a dev makes an app I want, it depends on if I think it's worth my money. I personally don't use Instagram, but if I did and it offered the full experience of said app AND was built for my BlackBerry 10, then yes, I'd be willing to shed some cash for it. I've paid for many apps, some pretty cool and others not so cool. If you want the app and buy a Starbucks coffee everyday, but think an app cost too much, keep walking. People get pissed off over an app but will pay $5 for a coffee everyday or sometimes 3 times a day. Just my opinion.

Posted via CB10 from my Z10

Hardly money hungry, maybe they spent a lot of time on their product and deserve a little compensation.

Posted via CB10

This is a bunch of crock. You would not donate to your dying mother, forget $50 to a developer. I love it when people like you make these grandiose statements about generosity and defend them on some baseless principle. I have an idea, why don't you donate $50 to me. I swear I won't use that $50 to buy any apps. It will make you feel better, won't it?

Posted via CB10

I paid a similar price for blaq I think.. it's worth it if the app is good! And no doubt this app will be good. I don't use instagram, but an pi**ed of that the main apps that should be official and and free are not supported o. Blackberry. Those that are, ie Facebook and Twitter, are behind in terms of functionality compared to ios and android.

Posted via CB10

Great day!!! "Finally" an Instagram client for BB10!!! I have been really agitated that Windows Phone has three really good 3rd party apps, but BB had none.This is the only reason why WP8 is outrunning BlackBerry. Now, about a decent Pandora and youTube app.... :)

I just saw that app under the Blackgram article. Gonna grab it today, too. I am getting impatient for the Z30 the more great apps come along to take advantage of that beautiful 5" screen. Come on, Verizon! Hurry up!!

Errr... 2.69 euros? Really? I know that this app has got some server-side work, but why should I pay 2.69 euros when iGrann is going to be released in days for FREE and knowing that iGrann has actually more features than this app?

Posted via my BlackBerry Q5.

I still prefer igrann over this, this one doesn't have that feeling like igrann does with BB10, that's just me tho.

Because they spent days if not months developing the app. Would you work anywhere for free?

Posted from my zeta diez

it's an illegal app using facebook/instagram's network and intellectual property. It should be free with an in-app purchase option for donating to the dev. That way the dev rightfully gets some reimbursement, but is still technically just providing the app for free (as it should be). I know a lot of people would donate in this scenario. The developer making whine is implementing this and I intend to donate. But I wouldn't pay to download whine off the bat without have the product first. in both cases they are unofficial apps that could be taken down at any moment.

A lot of people wouldn't donate because the comments here prove they are just cheap and self entitled whiners who haven't grown up yet.

And insulting people is sooooooo grown up?

People will pay for an app if there are no alternatives out there. Considering there are alternatives out there for this, most of us have no need for a paid app that gives us access to something we can get access for with a sideloaded version of a FREE APP.

Shut up you broke old man. Lmao. You make being broke so broke, you broke ass. Get a job, better still, go to the side of the street and beg for $3. So u can purchase an app.

What's wrong with you? There's absolutely no need for that negativity. Take your rediculously idiotic comments somewhere else.

Posted via CB10

(Broke Old Man) + (Broke) + (Broke Ass) - ($2.99) = Broken Heart

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

It's the market...I can't tell them what to charge and they can't make me buy it.

But arguing about $2.99...priceless funny.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Atleast he's NOT as rude as Ravishing Rick Rude because then he would have finished him with his patented move..."The Rude Awakening".

And that would have been BRUTAL.

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

yea i thought i read that instagram doesn't care about unofficial apps as long as they're not making money off it (igrann)

Free, as it should be? Are you insane? Why should apps be free?

The BlackBerry official apps should be free, sure. But why should third party apps be free?

Posted from 420 Paper Street

I appreciate the dev making this, but it kind of irks me that they are charging $3 for what essentially is an illegal copy of a free instagram app. Would've preferred a donation option (which I would've likely donated more then $3) but I will not pay $3 to download it because it is in infringement of Facebook's property and should not be charged. I'm sure a donation option would more than give enough back to the developer while at the same keeping this morally "within the grey zone".

I am a developer for BB10 so I know exactly how much work it requires to develop an app. Especially one as complicated as this. Having said that, this just rubs me the wrong. Instagram isn't open like some other charged apps on BB world that third party devs had made. This is blatantly stealing an idea and profiting from it. I don't like how they force you to pay for an unsupported app that can be taken down at any time. It's illegal, and makes me feel like it's just a ploy to get a bunch of people to pay money upfront without any incentive to keep maintaining it.

Most devs I know feel the same about intellectual property. Many of whom have developed some pretty popular apps for BB10. If it was an official app that is supported and will be maintained and the dev can ensure it will be maintained, sure no problem I would gladly pay $3 for it as I acknowledge that BB10 costs more to develop since there are fewer users.

Look to the dev for Whine. He's doing it the right way for his Vine client.

Well, he's right about blatantly abusing a business model, especially if the 3rd party developer is uncertain that he can make his dev account for the Instagram API alive for long. Donate option is the proper route.

Posted via CB10

I agree with Brandon look at what happen to OpenWhatsApp that developer was catered to by BB to build their alternative app for whatsApp, But as soon as WhatsApp was created for BB10 they removed it from BB world. Saying it violated WhatsApp policy or something like that, I imagine the same will be done to this App once instagram comes to BB10

Upload functionality of instagram is not a public API and using it for 3rd party apps is violating the Terms and Conditions indicated by Instagram for the devs.

Posted via CB10

Uh, the app is illegally using Facebook / instagram's network and bandwidth without permission? Facebook and Instagram pay millions each year to store all the photos and images people upload in data centers....

Posted via CB10

uh, they don't charge for the storage... why would it be free and fine to use for all users except ones that upload from a BB? if anything they should be happy to get more customers. i get that it's in their Terms but i think you just made the last part up

It's wrong because this dev is basically using instagram's entire infrastructure without having to actually pay any money to maintain it, yet they are charging for the app and making profit off another company's idea, network, infrastructure, and social network. If they weren't forcing users to pay to download a lot of these issues are much less important, since they wouldn't directly be profiting from Instagram's said infrastructure and donating to a dev is an easy way to get around the legal issue of profiting from something you didn't actually invent, you don't have rights to use, and don't have the right to make a copy for your personal gain.

So should feedly apps be banned? They "use" feedly's infrastructure for monetary gain. What about youtube apps? Pocket apps? Or any app for that matter that connects to a service9

Posted from 420 Paper Street

well considering Feedly openly provides most of the APIs I don't see any issue with them. And considering anybody with a browser can access youtube, I don't see any issue with them, since inherently any internet browsing device can access Youtube. Whereas not every internet browsing device can access Instagram, Snap Chat, Vine for posting videos, etc. This ability to access these sites wasn't simply just because the developers forgot to give access to them, they're locked down for a reason.

There's nothing illegal about it. Windows phone has 3rd party instagram apps and they are not free either so quit your moaning. Stick to side loading if you prefer it. We don't so let us be. £2??? Gosh.

Posted via CB10

Everything about it is illegal except for the UI!!!! The actual functionality that is Instagram's social network is the illegal portion of the app! geez!

Dude just because something goes against some company's terms of service doesn't make it illegal. Plus you must ACCEPT the ToS to be bound by them.

Posted via CB10

Just because you see people at a nightclub or on the street taking MDMA or smoking Weed doesn't mean it's not illegal...Same goes for bootleg music online. Just because it's on PirateBay and hasn't been taken down, yet, doesn't mean it's not wrong or illegal.

With this app I have absolutely no issue with the dev making he app. It's a free app anyway on the other platforms so it's not like instagram would be losing money. What is wrong is that they are using Instagram's network and services without permission AND charging users for this. This is wherein the issue lies for me personally. Like I mentioned before, if it was a free app, I swear to the lord all mighty I would be the first one to download, donate to the dev and praise it.

Actually the act of smoking weed, at least in Canada, is not illegal. Possessing more than "personal use", distributing and growing are all criminal acts. Likewise, pirated music online is a grey area that legislators have had difficulty forming law around. On the topic at hand, they're not stealing Instagram's idea, I think it's pretty clear that they call themselves an Instagram client. Furthermore if Instagram doesn't provide a means to engage in their service on BB10 it's hard to blame BlackGram for charging $3. I don't know about the Terms and Conditions because I have better stuff to do but I really don't see how BlackGram should be vilified for this, legal or illegal.

Posted via CB10

uh, I don't know what law school you studied at, but it is most definitely illegal to possess weed in Ontario. It hasn't been decriminalized.

but hey next time you're smoking weed, try doing it in front of a cop. I know I wouldn't...

And actually being a performer in Ontario I know that I must pay fees every year to avoid being fined for playing music that isn't my own. It's grey area when it's for personal use, but when you use another person's music or cpyrighted work for personal gain that is indeed against the law.

This is just as illegal as charging people to watch you sing a song that Rihanna made, without any fees or copyright arrangements made in advance of a performance. Sure, you have the talent to sing and you put in the work to practice singing the songs, but the song isn't yours..

I said it's not illegal to smoke, which is true. Read some court cases through the 2000s you will find that, even though you mock me, I am correct about possession. Anyways, I really don't care if BlackGram is "stealing" from Instagram because it doesn't concern me. I doubt Instagram would care either since they aren't developing for bb10, these users will add to their base and (I would assume) be subject to their advertisements as well. I'm not even trying to argue because I really don't know the legality of it, nor do I care. I just wanted to point out that you don't actually know everything regardless of how confidently you type it. And I don't like your self righteousness so feel it.

Posted via CB10

I actually searched Google and even posted a link to where I got my information. And I actively work in a field that deals with copyright laws so I'm telling based on anecdotal and factual sources. By no means am I acting self-righteous. Confident, yes, self-righteous no. You could've studied law in another Province, state or country that has different punishments or laws on weed, hence my remark about where you studied law.

Still maintain my point that this is illegal in it's current form of charging to download. As my original post states, allowing a donation system would shift it much closer to that grey-zone I referred to and that you even referred to with regards to music pirating.

Brandon thanks for the information.

I would hope that more of crackberry users made comments that were based on actual facts and not based on opinion.

Posted via CB10

I have sideloaded the android app and it's working very well including the video but I will buy this app just to show support

Posted via CB10

Wait, the video is working for you!? Which OS are you on and which Bar file are you using?

Posted via CB10

My question is: if for whatever reason this gets pulled from App World by Instagram request, will the dev refund any money paid for this app?

Posted via CB10

Not in this case, we will have to take the hit if the app gets pulled down

Posted on my Z10.... At your Girls House!!!

I know times are hard, but'd want a refund of $3? It's not that serious for me. I'd be alright with that loss.

Wanted to support the dev but it won't purchase. I'll be using igrann though as the dev had a thread going and had us participate.

Posted via CB10

I will, and have, gladly pay for this. Rewards should come to the first dev that is able to do this. Great work.

I am however getting an error upon logging in:

ERROR AC_FAIL: Error getting access token. Please retry later.

Anyone else?

Posted via CB10

Good work! And for those of you complaining about $3, seriously.....! If that is going to break you, than perhaps you shouldn't own a phone. People need to be rewarded for their work if you want to see more good apps. I'm sure you don't work for free. Good software used to cost hundreds of dollars.... this is peanuts.

Posted via CB10

Anyone else having trouble logging in!? "Error getting access token" is what i get eveytime i try to sign in! :(

Posted via CB10 on my  Blackberry Q10!

Too little, too late, too much $. Spend the few mins and learn to sideload the official version for free.