What type of case would you most like to see included with your BlackBerry 10 phone?

By Adam Zeis on 8 Jan 2013 02:18 pm EST
 BlackBerry Z10

Reading over the rules from the BlackBerry fan event contest, I noticed that the winners get a free case with their device as part of the prize. While it doesn't say just what kind of case it is, we do know that there should be quite a few available for BlackBerry 10 phones at the start including the "Flip Shell" and "Transform Shell". In years past RIM has included mostly leather holsters or pocket pouches with phones out of the box and a simple neoprene sleeve with the BlackBerry PlayBook. I'm curious to see if they will continue that tradition with BlackBerry 10 by including some sort of case with the device. It could be something simple like a shell or maybe even a flip case -- who knows. We'll have to wait a few more weeks to find out. 

What type of case would you want to see included with your BlackBerry 10 phone? Let us know in the poll above what you'd most like to see when you crack open your BlackBerry 10 box. 

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What type of case would you most like to see included with your BlackBerry 10 phone?


I really like the natural wood, made from actual wood... Its totally bio friendly ...http://evutec.com just did a like bit about the wood casing from a booth at CES.... Environmental friendly matierals are the next big challenge for technology...and wood has many protective properties..

One of the things I've always loved about my BB's is how robust they are. I've never put a shell or skin on it. I want it to look the way it was designed. I love having a holster though. BB's magnetic deal that lets you change profiles depending on if it is holstered or out free is awesome - especially when I'm travelling (silent mode in holster - ringer when out).

I have the Seidio holster for my 9810 and love it!

If by transform shell, you mean a case that's really a robot in disguise that makes cool noises when it changes, then I DEFINITELY want that case!

No case for me, I never do with my phones, but it would be quite nice to see a flip case that replaced the battery cover to minimise the size of the case.

I don't like cases on my phones, but I do like the pocket case for when I have to throw my phone into my bag.

The pocket case for my pearl was my favorite case to come with any of my phones.

I've seen others complain about that, but I've never seen it.

Doesn't happen to me using Windows XP SP3 with Firefox 17.0.1 or 18.0, nor on Windows 7 on either of those browser versions.

Pocket pouch is always my favourite. Prevents 90% of scuffs, gives me the alternate ringer profiles, and then I get to use the phone as intended without any extra bulk.

What are flip shell and transform shell? I assume a flip shell is kind of like that case Samsung uses in the ads for the GS3?

The flip is the like the one shown in the Samsung ads. The "transform shell" is a harder plastic case that snaps onto the phone's back. I have one now on my Torch 9810 I got at Worst Buy (Rocketfish branded). It doesn't have a smooth, shiny plastic finish but it has more of a thin, sort of rubbery-ish finish that gives it a better grip. It's hard to describe. For the slider Torch it has a seperate piece for the screen surround that was annoying to me so I don't use that piece (it got in the way of the base of the trackpad). The main part- the base portion- has been great. It sure takes a beating. For a phone using gesture-based phone this type of shell may work well as opposed to one with a trackpad.

Holsters have magnets and offer a great deal of flexibility in managing the phone's notification profile. Skins are my next best thing only because of the way they protect the phone, but you lose the ability to control the notification profile with a skin case.

Will the Z10 have a magnetic sensor to change profiles while holstered?

Anyway, I vote "no case". Skins and screen protectors have a way of attracting bits of dirt and lint, and other cases just add bulk and weight, and we all know that the Z10, being the behemoth that it is doesn't need any mre bulk.

I suppose at this point its to late for RIM to change whatever they have decided. I sure hope they have something traditional like the leather holster.

I'm pretty sure i'll be going commando with this one. Unless Iskin makes another great "barely there" case like the one for my 9900. @BBMarnel

I've never used a case or a skin on a phone, tablet, PC, or keyboard. Never will. Who wants to look like Bat-Nerd with a phone clipped to his belt? Not me. It's always in my pocket and always on silent buzz. I still excuse myself away from people to text or talk. Smart phones have cause people's manners to lapse.

The OEM BB holster is one of my favorite features of my 9900. Get an alert, take it out of holster and message(or alert) is displayed on the screen. Holster with options built into profiles is my favorite feature, hands down. Put it back in the holster and it goes to sleep. No issues with accidental dialing or buttons pushed. I wish this feature is present with BB10!!!

I too liked the holster ... if it were not for the fact that it would occasionally pop off when exiting the car which eventually led to losing the phone all together. Truly the holster is not the image that BB wants to project is it?

I'd like a holster to be included with it at purchase but have a funny feeling that it won't. Guess I'll have to buy a new one as something tells me it won't fit into my 9700 holster :p

Every BlackBerry phone I have had (8350i, 9650, 9930) came with a holster that could be attached to my belt and that is perfect, put phone to sleep and doesn't use up battery life by just sitting around. I gotta have the holster and then will upgrade to an OtterBox Defender series which comes with a.........you guessed it..........a holster!

I don't know what I would do with out my berries!

I used to be an Otterbox fan but not anymore unfortunately. The build quality just doesn't stand up IMO. I've gone through 2 in the last year. Plus they've really done a number marking up my berry :-(

I'm now going with a $3 case bought off Ebay and a Nite Ize holster. Much better holster and big enough to fit the phone with case. Been loving it so far...!

I'd like to see a case that holds both my PB and my Z10 (replaced with X10 when it comes out)
One case for both, rather than pinching my 9900 with my PB case.

I used to think I'd always go bareback but @digitalhomeboy Tweeted about a couple of nice designs by VCOER. Do a simple Google images search using keywords: "VCOER Blackberry 10" and you will see them.

I think RIM should make a limited version for the first 100,000 BB10 sold.
they should include additional accessory's like a car and home charger, case and holster so the real BB fans can run on first day and purchase this new Superphone for all those waiting to see what will happen, will only get the device and home charger.

I've always found that the leather holster gave the BlackBerry a professional look that's unbeaten by any other phone.

Not many under age 35 want to project that image ... Not many women wear holsters. Hopefully Blackberry does the consumer research required. Now the X10 is small and perhaps more traditional and the holster night be preferred. RIM can't rely on Crackberry supporters as a true reflection of the market they are trying to tap with the Z 10.

I would like a replacement back that integrates an extended battery, case and directly powers a slide-out keyboard with an optical touch pad.

The two biggest killers of the cellular phone are shock (drops) and moisture. Give me a case that gives the finger to both and I don't care what it's made of.

Pocket pouch of course!
1. I dont need a holster cause wearing a phone on the belt/trousers is "old-man-style" and looks square...
2. I dont need a "re-designed" and very thin noble-phone to thicken it with an shell or otterbox...
3. I dont need a noble surface at my BB10 when I plan to butcher it with an phone-Trojan/Durex...
4. I always treat my BB right (like men do!)... it needs no protection (except from dust)...therefore a pocket pouch means enough for me...

I'm hoping for a "convertible case" like one for the PlayBook. The holster/pocketpouch that. Came with the 9900 or the 9810 are a good start to.

You mean the beldholster? Wow.... Talking about being invaded. The thing with the beld holster (swiffel i think) is that it always makes the screen rotate before you can pickup the phone. Thats the reason why I went back to the pouch that came with the phone.

P.s. A'm Dutch so Englisch is not my native language.... So sorry for the gramma.

I have only had a Storm and then the Torch 9850. Neither came with a case so I would be excited to get any kind right out of the box. That allows time to check out what's available and find what works best for me.

Krussel cases are quite nice... the Tumba pocket line (the one with the lanyard and tie down lock) is stylish and fits a lot of devices. Of course, there will be those that right off this particular Tumba as it's not a skin or holster. Other variants such as their sleeves unfortunately only fit competitor phone at the moment.

Has to be better than the cheap cheap case that came free with the playbook. No case is better than a cheap case.

I've had a few more drops than I care to admit, so give me a hard Otterbox type case. I also need a hard belt holster w/magnet . It would be great if the belt clip could multi-purpose as a stand. I had one on a Body Glove for my BB 8300....loved it!! I would set the phone up on my desk and I could see the display at all times.

It would also be great if the BB10 fcould be holstered rom either side. Contrary to rumors, a lot of us girls do holster our phones. I often holtser my phone to the pockets on the inside of my purse or laptop bag. Ideally, I'd just like to be able to look in my bag and see the face of my phone. Since my Otterbox wil only holster with the back of the phone facing out, I have to take the phone out of the holster to view...............How about tossing some free screen protectors

I would prefer to see a skin case modified to accompany a kickstand for watching movies, clips, etc. This would eliminate the need to have to prop the phone up on something else.