BlackBullet - A native client for Pushbullet enters beta

By Bla1ze on 18 Aug 2014 03:44 pm EDT

Pushbullet is a pretty fantastic iOS and Android app that automatically shows you all of your phone's notifications right on your computer. However, there's no BlackBerry 10 version for people to make use of but stepping up to the plate to fill that void is BlackBerry developer QTHelex with a beta of their native BlackBullet app.

BlackBullet is a native client for - This is a service which offers nifty and handy machine to machine communication, even if the devices are not within the same network. You can sent texts from your desktop to your BlackBerry as well as a link to a website from your BlackBerry to your Firefox or Chrome browser. BlackBullet integrates itself already into the sharing framework of BlackBerry 10, so you can simply share text or links to it and push it to a different device.

But the Pushbullet service and hence our BlackBullet app has even more to offer, it integrates itself into the network of which welcomes you with "Put the internet to work for you." at their website. You can create based on stuff which happens on the internet recipes and let this service execute stuff automatically in the background. Sending out notifications to Pushbullet gets offered too, and this is where BlackBullet comes to play.

If a new article at CrackBerry gets posted it will directly be pushed to the BlackBerry Hub as well as a lot of other useful notifications. To drive this kind of geek toy into a extreme BlackBullet has already talk2watch integration which can forward any kind of Pushbullet (and IFTTT) notification directly to your Pebble Smartwatch at your wrist.

Sounds interesting, right? The app right now is understandably not fully complete. It is after all a beta release but if you're looking to test it out, you can head on into the CrackBerry Forums to learn more. The app is available in BlackBerry World so you don't need to worry about sideloading it however, if you do grab it be sure to give feedback.

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BlackBullet - A native client for Pushbullet enters beta


Agreed. This is very cool stuff. I bookmarked the app in BBW. Will be very very interested once it's out of beta.

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OK monkeys!..about the app. Lol. If I get a notification to a story on CB will it provide me a link to open the app?

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Not now, but a good Idea. So far it just provides a link to get to the website via the browser.

The CB10 app needs some kind of invocation to be able to open the correct article from within a different application.

I applied myself already several months ago to join the development team but just run into the reconstruction timeframe of the dev team. I'm currently extremely busy with the development of BlackBullet, but I will try to reapply at some point to participate at the CB10 app, too. Then this feature is the first I will get to integrate it and I will add a corresponding filter at BlackBullet. :)

Thanks again for the idea.

It would be nice if the Crackberry app did this. Just think of all the fun first comments that don't make it first. Woohoo

I want a  Z50

Can't we just put all the fisters on some non- BlackBerry platform and make them go away?

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@RP Singh...are you kidding they get more hits on first comments than second ones,haha,and you know how they have created the legend we know as Quick,whoever?lol Quick silver I think

Nah. Fisters and Firsters are always fun to have at a party.

If you want a boring get together where everyone is behaved and still doesn't get along... well... I think Quicksilver is supposed to get married at some point hehe.

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Oh effing snap!

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No, but a addition. ;-)
Because of this the Notification forwarding pushbullet offers at Android and iOS won't get integrated into BlackBullet at this point because this may BlackBerry Blend already cover. Also the feature to anser SMS at your desktop which is one of the most used features at Android won't get integrated because we get Blend.

But all other stuff offers functions which will go bejond BlackBerry Blend. Just the integration is a different type of thing and out of the scope what Blend is made for. :-)

Wow, thanks a lot Bla1ze. The public beta began just about 4 hours ago and BlackBullet made it already to a article at the front page of CrackBerry, written by Bla1ze himself.

I'm shocked, I guess I won't sleep this night! :-o

It sounds interesting...but Blend will end up being the go to software for this type of thing before long (speculation).

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Only for parts, not for everything. For the rest I'm currently developing BlackBullet, everything which BlackBerry Blend will cover for sure won't get integrated into BlackBullet, wasted time and energy. But I'm sure you won't get able to forward IFTTT notifications to your BlackBerry using BlackBerry Blend. :)

Yeah, thats always the question. In the end this must everybody decide on its own.

The pushbullet guys have already created a website especially for this: - but personally I also won't plan using this the next terror attack.

But if it is up to getting notified in the BlackBerry HUB about the newest article at CrackBerry, the latest instagram picture my girlfriend posted, a notification when the International Space Station passes overhead or the daily stock value of BlackBerry I won't be worried a single second. Maybe about the instagram picture, but thats already on the internet and it is maybe a good idea to be one of the first to know if it should get removed again as soon as possible. :-D

I'd hope that BlackBerry Blend would do something like this...

But, this is still cool. Special kudos to the developer!

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Thanks a lot. :)
BlackBerry Blend won't cover everything what BlackBullet does and the other way arround.
The focus at the development of BlackBullet is currently on stuff BlackBerry Blend won't offer like integration, pebble notifications, clipboard sharing and stuff alike. This way it is a great addition to the stuff Blend will bring us hopefully soon. :)

Haha if you're lucky, maybe BlackBerry will buy you out LOL! Call it a strategic acquisition! Cheers!

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It depens, check my other comments. I'm currently focusing with the developing on stuff Blend won't offer since it is out of the scope of BlackBerry Blend. :)

But for sure, while you're waiting for BlackBerry Blend you can use BlackBullet to write drafts of longer BBM messages and push it to the clipboard of your BlackBerry. I'm doing it since weeks and it is a lot faster. Can't wait to get Blend on my device, this will save even more time. :)

Thanks for the reply. Don't get me wrong, I'm really looking forward to this app. I really hope for you and the rest of the BlackBerry community that it will have enough benefits to stay relevant once Blend is out. The computer to phone continuity is possibly my number one biggest want out of my devices. Thanks again!

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I like, looking forward to using. Keep up the good work! I like how you are focusing your time on the things not covered by BlackBerry Blend. Smart.

Now, if people would just read a bit more before posting. I know I am asking for nirvana, but I can always ask. ;)

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I'm mainly interested in send web links from my BlackBerry browser to my pc. It would be cool if it the future we could have an option in the browser, the BlackBerry twitter and Facebook apps and igrann where if we see a link we can select "send to pc browser" or something. Just a little nice integration.

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That's already supported by BlackBullet.

Just install the app and install at example the Firefox plugin of pushbullet and login at both.
Now go at your BlackBerry to the browser and share the website to the app BlackBullet, select Firefox as a target and push it. If running your Firefox will open immediately a new browser tab. :-)

In case you would like to receive links even with closed browser just install the desktop client.

This even works at the free version without any kind of restrictions. :-)

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Oh that is so awesome!!! Are the apps I mentioned supported yet or at least in your plans?

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If you can share a text or a link from a app to a different one it is already supported. I will test later myself Facebook and Twitter, should work, about igrann I'm not sure. I don't have instagram and hence this app not installed. But you could post at the beta thread in the forum how it works and what is missing. If we need to change igrann we would need to contact this developer, but maybe it is something at my app.
Drop me in any case a message at the forum how it works for you and if you see potential for improvements. :-)

I think this will give us a leg up on those free giveaway apps if I get notified right away! Sign me up!

Maybe those other BlackBerry fan website are already pushing notifications and that's why we are missing out...

Thanks QT. Okay that sounds weird..

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Yes, this will improve your chance for sure. But since IFTTT scans RSS feeds about every 10 minutes and BlackBullet has currently in average a delay of 3 minutes when backgrounded (headless support with instant notifications is on schedule, but we're not there yet) you still need some luck since you have a timeframe with all those delays between instantly and 16 minutes which means in average you get notified 8 minutes after the article arrives at CrackBerry.
Could still be a little bit late for some offers, but thats how the game works and I'm sure we get able to minimize at some point those 8 minutes to only 5. :)

Finally! Tried getting the Apk of Pushbullet working and it wouldn't, now he comes along and does this, absolutely awesome just upgraded to premium to help him out!

Blackberry just need to find a way to make a secure desktop browser and integrate it with a link to your phone so you can view BBM and notifications. I would totally buy it!

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Something like this is in preparation, it is called BlackBerry Blend and will hopefully arrive later this year. :-)