BlackBook 3 give away - Win 1 of 50 copies, we even got a copy for Tony Parker!

BlackBook 3 give away - Win 1 of 50 copies, we even got a copy for Tony Parker!
By Bla1ze on 19 Nov 2010 04:38 pm EST

In light of recent situations with Tony Parker, MBLware, the makers of BlackBook 3 have decided we needed to have a contest to give away 50 copies of their app. For those of you out there unaware of what the BlackBook 3 does.

BlackBook 3, will keep your private information such as your contacts, calls, and messages away from prying eyes with BlackBook’s hidden contact list. Sensitive contacts and messages stay completely hidden on your phone.

Something that Tony Parker, Tiger Woods and many other celebs out there could make use of apparently. That said, if Tiger or Tony wants to hit MBLWare or us up for a free copy we'll gladly to accommodate the situation, although it seems they may have waited too long. For all you CrackBerry readers out there though, you'll need to enter the contest as per normal. Just leave a comment here, on this post and we'll pick 50 of you all to win a free copy of BlackBook 3 on the house. Just in case you can't wait, BlackBook 3 is available now for only $1.99.

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BlackBook 3 give away - Win 1 of 50 copies, we even got a copy for Tony Parker!



Consider me a give-away applicant!

Thanks for doing what you do!'s great!

PIN: 276600250

I can use this too lol. Havent won anythign in a while, maybe you guys will grace me with this for the holiday seaon

I placed BBBB on my S2, despite all the smoke and mirrors involved. It worked well. Unfortunately, Vlingo and VZN Navigator were fighting one another, unbeknown to me. I proceeded to blame BBBB since it was the last app installed.

Does anyone have BBBB and Vlingo and moderate to low battery usage ?

Possible other problem: I have WiFi enabled and active at home.

Doctor Neutron

I never win anything, so why not this time?

I told myself that I would stay far away from this app, as it helps one keeps "secrets" from their significant other. But if I can get it for free, then I can't be totally at fault. Can't pass up 'free'! Lol

Would love to win a copy to test, if it's any good I will put it forward to have it rolled out with the Blackberry fleet at work (i'm a sysadmin and manage the fleet :) )

Crackberry, I'm a loyal fan just got the BB Torch and i love it. I could use one of those free copies of BlackBook 3.0. Saves me money from having to get another phone.

wondering if something like this existed. Now i know with crackberry's app round app of the week.

Goodluck to all.

I would really love to get one of this awesome copy, this is an awesome app that you can use for too many things guys, this is not a simple app this is the best app ever in the world.
When somebody take your blackberry without your permisson or somebody stole it, you can have all your contacts in the blackbook 100% Private, you don't have to worry about if that persone start making call to people insulting them, or take that numbers and say a lot of things to make to the person have "fear" on you ( lol sorry for redactacion ) .
But the best of this app is that you can use it for work too, not just for "fun", you can make custom notifications with this, like a password or something in the notification so you know what that means, not like "I have to go to the Central Park today at 3:00 with my family" what about if somebody stole your blackberry? They are gonna know where you are going to go and maybe they damage your family! But with BlackBook you don't have to worry about anything!

But if we are talking about utilities(Well in this app ALL are utilities.. ), we have the fake caller id in that weird moments in your family, with your friends, or with anybody you have it! No more embarrassing moments in your family or friends, just make a fake caller id and thats it!

About cool:
With this app, you will never loose your contacts because you have a backup and restore app over there! WHAT A COOL! NEVER NEVER NEVER AGAIN LOST ALL YOUR CONTACTSSS!
This is so amazing.

And for last the stealth mode, what a cool, you never have to worry when you are in something important, the blackberry is not going to ring at a bad time, just enable it and that's it!

And the best best best of this app is just one thing:
Crackberry have it for all the users, you don't have to look in another weird pages, all is over here for your blackberry, never forget to visit guys!
This is one of my reasons i have in my first page :)

Awesome app, awesome page that give it, awesome staff, awesome people.

Thanks you guys,

Good luck to all,

Best Regards,

Deyrkroz - Alexis Pinzón

I'll definitely give BlackBook a run... working in security, this makes great sense since I take my BB to work.

Yikes not sure why I'm entering this contest, wait a minute yes I do.......i love free stuff! Go me!

A copy would be highly appreciated. I can't say why though. That would kinda defeat the purpose. ;-)

I could always use a little extra privacy on my BlackBerry. I don't have anything to hide, but it's always good to keep things private.

look at all these scandelous people needing to hide their secrets from people.....terrible.

still, I would love a copy.

As a employee of a company that uses blackberrys! If I was considered I may be able to use my blackberry for personal use

Why not? it would be nice to be able to keep your phone on a desk without having to set the password and even better, having it simply hidden.

pick me CB team! id love to win this just in time for the holidays, please let this be my first ever CB contest win!

This would be helpful to me because I show ppl how to use bb's and let them play with mine to see if they would like to get one themselves but I have to watch them and make sure they are not looking through my emails and such while using my bb. This would allow me to let future bb buyers to look at my phone w/o viewing my data! Thanks!

Oh man... this is what I've desperately needed for a long time. Now, there's no need to run a 2nd secret phone for those late night rendezvous! If I get chosen, I won't have to worry about the SO's prying eyes! Please choose me!!!

another good application, thanks, let's hope I'm one of the lucky ones. Seems as I aint won anythoing on here before :)

In today’s global village, social media and networking are used to further ourselves at work and play. However, keeping ideas, data, and contacts from others is also key in being successful. This App looks to have most of what is needed to keep private info private! Thanks.

PS. Does it have a call recorder? I am still looking for that app as well.

well i know what happen to tiger woods but what happen to Tony parker?? Man i hope he didn't do Eva as bad as Tiger did his wife. well hook me up with a free copy i don't want to end up like those guys :)

Had version 2 on my old Curve and really found it useful for those conversations you want kept private. Would love to have the newer version on my latest berry!

I would feel so much safer with this. Like legit, people go through my phone so much, plus I have friends who like to mess around with my phone by sending texts and stuff "as me" it's annoying, this would be great.

If you have a wife, as hot and sexy as EVA LONGORIA! Why the hell would would cheat? What does the other girl have that Eva doesn't?.. Tony Parker is a dumbass! You would think he would of learn something from Tiger.

I can't think of a Top 50 comment, BUT I WANT THIS SO FRIGGIN' BAD!

BTW Bla1ze, you forgot to mention when the contest ends. Sunday at 11:59 PM?

I love apps that have a lot to offer. Who doesn't!? Apps like these is why I love my Blackberry and motivates my hate for the icrap lol. Anywho. This app would be so convenient for me because I have a lot of nosy people checking my phone. >:/

this is a perfect app for me. it will keep the Monday through Saturday girls out my business. i rest on Sunday lol

Sign me up Bud! My BlackBerry has become a household commodity for integrating into my media setup. (i.e. the stereo aux hookup, usb expansion for storage, movies on the go, and not to mention my car's bluetooth, and everybody loves the games. Sign me up for this BlackBerry-Ninjas-Kick-@SS app. Help me get my  privacy back pweeease!!!!

for work! Hiding from my wife that I'm a male escort is extremely hard work. Anything that could help, PLEASE send my way!

not just for a spouse or something like that but the fact that clients could use your phone and not stubble upon something they shouldnt is a great concept!

I think this application would be good even if you didn't have anything to hide. Sometimes you just don't want prying eyes to see who you have been texting or talking to.