BlackBerry beef up their after sales support in the Philippines

By James Richardson on 2 Sep 2013 06:22 am EDT

When in comes to after sales care - this is something that is so important for tech companies. Just take a look at Apple and how easy it is to get a faulty product replaced/fixed. It looks like BlackBerry are taking a step in that same direction over in the Philippines as they have announced the roll out of new BlackBerry Expert Authorized Locations in the county - to provide the best after sales experience possible for BlackBerry users. 

The new BlackBerry Expert Centers are situated at the following key locations in Manila, Cebu, and Davao:

  • 2111 JAKA Center, Don Chino Roces Avenue cor. Urban Avenue Makati City, Tel:  (02) 511-1712, Monday to Friday:  9:00am to 7:00pm, Saturday:  8:00am to 12:00pm
  • 2F Robinsons Cybergate Cebu, Don Gil Garcia St. Capitol Site, Cebu CityTel:  (032) 236-3577, Monday to Sunday: 10:00am to 9:00pm
  • LA 321, 3rdlevel, NCCC Mall Mc. Arthur Hi-Way cor. Ma-a Road, Matina Davao City: Tel:  (082) 285-3688, Monday to Thursday: 10:00am to 8:00pm, Friday to Sunday: 9:00am to 9:00pm

At the BlackBerry Expert Centers, customers can experience comprehensive after-sales support, no matter from which Philippine carrier or retailer they have purchased their BlackBerry smartphones. These new BlackBerry Expert Centers aim to deliver fast service and onsite repairs whenever possible, so that customers can retain their existing BlackBerry devices. Should a higher level of repair be needed, BlackBerry will offer a loaner unit to customers - which is rather generous of them. 

Once again it's great to see this level of commitment from BlackBerry. One question - should they be offering this in other countries too? I suspect the majority of answers will be yes. Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. 

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BlackBerry beef up their after sales support in the Philippines


After sales support would be a critical part of a successful sales and marketing strategy...however, I doubt that BlackBerry is smart enough to realize this. the number one problem with BlackBerry is perception, and this is because their marketing department has failed. Good after sales service would help to retain those customers that return the device after having purchased it who could not figure out certain basic tasks.

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Can we get this in all the country's that BlackBerry phones sell?

Started from the bottom with my Z10 ...

Great, they are going Apple way with this! Please, open more such offices in Europe and US too and do it fast ;)

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Catch 22 for some countries like the US. Not enough sales to support but support is needed for sales. All the while trying to be in the black

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After sales support is a huge factor for any product. BlackBerry being in the situation their in should have at least one Expert Center in every major city around the world to retain their customers and educate them about their products when called for. These locations could also double as official BlackBerry Stores that can sell all products and accessories.

If BlackBerry wants to survive, it's time they step up their game and make themselves noticed.

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This is a NO BRAINER! Offer this same GREAT support EVERYWHERE and perhaps people would at least have a smidgen more of respect for BlackBerry!Especially if they really felt that there was support and that this company stands behind it's products. Oh yeah, NO BRAINS at the helm... smh

License BB10 for free to Sony and the problem is solved...

3Bn in cash sound nice... but for an own after sales network it's never enough... already because this money would be needed elsewhere more urgent... VERY URGENT!!!

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You know, with the make up of the new PS4 controller, I could see the BB10 OS working very fluidly with the console. Possibly BBM as a starting point.

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Does anyone else miss the scroll button? I just hate how hard it is to select things on my q10 especially if it's close to the borders

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I also have those moments. But I still wouldn't trade my Q10 for any other phone. I've had mine since US launch and every week it gets better and better. Becoming more of the complete tool that the Legacy devices had become. Cant wait for 10.2 and BlackBerry Traffic.

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i'm from indonesia, Jakarta their after sales service in here are pretty good. Blackberry expert center locating in major malls make easier for bb user to claim warranty or helping software problem

but same as other said the Blackberry perception is not as good as 1-2 years ago, and it more worse when they announced BBM going cross platform, there are many talks about people will drop their BB as soon as BBM cross platform

and local media keep hitting blackberry, they translating negative news, you usually read in western media about BB and spin it to make it look more worse.

I don't see their after sales support here in Manila (Philippines) too effective. When you go their Chino Roces Ave "expert center" for help, no troubleshooting or phone check up is done. They just tell you that it takes 2-3 months to get a replacement/fix your unit. That's it. I'd rather read up in Crackberry to know how to solve my Q10 dilemma.

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That's not good! Hopefully, the service centers will become more robust and provide more on site services and replacements.

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No surprise at all. They're just proxy centers designed to reduce customer anxiety by simply being the shipper to the nearest BlackBerry adept country (HK, SG, etc).

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Didn't you hear BlackBerry had to sell one of its r's to make ends meet lol

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After sale service is great here too. I got a new Z10 as a replacement for my faulty one and fast too. Great job BlackBerry!

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This is great! I live & work near the Makati service center so in case there is a problem with my Q10 I'll definitely visit them.

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I recently would have benefited from this type of service. I was away on vacation when my BlackBerry z10 simply died on me. I attended a rogers store and they had to mail it out for repairs, not give me a new one when the phone was clearly defective. They told me a refurb phone want in the mail. If I wasn't in a contracting, I was gone to apple. I was out of a phone for a week...not the best ogres thing on the world but certainly not the best customer service, especially for a company whose trying to come back. no BlackBerry stores in the country they started in!?!?!!

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The same would have happened with an iPhone...
It's only if you go to an Apple Store would you get the replacement straight away. It'd be a refurbished phone, as well. Otherwise, you mail it to Apple and wait. I've had many iPhones replaced.
Rogers gave me a loaner phone when my Z10 was sent away.

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Apple's after sales is just on different level altogether. Found a dead pixel few months after purchase? No prob, here you go, new iPhone. Another faulty unit? Have another one!

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BlackBerry should really refocus on markets where they are thriving. The Philippines is one such example.

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If BlackBerry will put more emphasis on marketing and advertising will become a major player in the mobile phone. For example, here , in Romania , the lack of advertising the BlackBerry makes people curious but abandoning BlackBerry devices purchase one , the main reason being that it is not advertised

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Same situation in my country. None-existing marketing/advertising is together with uncompetitive pricing one of the biggest BBRY global problems. But BBRY management is just executing currrent board strategy. Cut down sales and discontinue devices production.

What country, Corrado? Italy?

In any case, BlackBerry in Switzerland is nonexistent... A country with one of the highest Bank Corporations density all over the world and a banking secrecy that just screams for confidentiality and security... but even the big big (very big) banks are starting dropping BlackBerry (and that's really concerning...)

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Nope, BlackBerrari. I'm not from Italy. Proud to be EUROPEAN like you, but not planning reveal my whereabouts. I strictly keep an eye on my privacy that's why I use anonymizers on sites loaded with google tracking stuff like this.

In my country is the same situation as in Switzerland and Romania. BlackBerry has little or none representation in here. No advertising, little presence at carriers, no brand awareness. Would it be so hard to hire few skilled (sales) persons in each country to establish brand awareness, keep an eye on carriers, promote great BlackBerry products and gain the market?

Probably not. If there was SOMEONE who would want to do that. Shame on BlackBerry management. Shame on BlackBerry board.

They need resellers and authorized dealers. Just like what apple did. That's why they have stores selling accessories, products and service centers almost everywhere.

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Why you don't you make one like that in saudi Arabia, or open a blackberry store in saudi arabia because about 60-70 percent are blackberry users.

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I'm from the Philippines and bought a Z10 from an authorized reseller (FoneStyle SM North EDSA is any of you are interested). My first unit had a this blue plastic film over the camera (inside the unit, not just something I could peel off myself). I took it back the next day and they immediately replaced the unit with a new one right there at the store. I mean, that's excellent after-sales support.

I'm in Southern Ontario and need to stress that of all the tech support I've needed over the years for all kinds of issues, blackberry is the best, hands down.

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This is good news for us Filipinos, hope BlackBerry would keep it up and offer the same competent service to other countries.

When it comes to BlackBerry, there seems to be a lot of wishing and hoping on the part of us die hard supporters, but not much doing on their part. What we hope BlackBerry will do and what BlackBerry actually does are miles apart.

How can we hope for after sales support when they can't even market their products to generate the sales in the first place?

Addict for 10 years, but it may be time to get off this drug.

I wanna work for BlackBerry and join their Marketing Team. I agree that Marketing is really poor in the US but not here in the Philippines.
They should ads where kids, moms, dads and college daughter use different functions of BlackBerry 10.

Kids - games
Mom - cooking app/budget app/remember/storymaker
Dad -BlackBerry Balance/Keyboard
Daughter - Time Shift/Flow/music apps

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Haha trust me, nothing is "fast" in this country. I'm an expat who was here for 4 years and now on my way back home to Canada.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they're doing this here. But to expect top notch quality service here is something only dreams are made of.

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Guess the person behind the counter has to be technically savvy too. BlackBerry is a bit intimidating for the newcomer. Though still I hate absence of the green led for signal in z10

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They need this everywhere. The carrier and sales outlets are run by kids who want iphones, androids and they don't even know what the z10 can do. BlackBerry needs it's own stores so staff can work directly with the public.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The BlackBerry service here in India is great.... My PlayBook had a fault and its battery started to discharge too quickly...
They replaced my unit in 7 questions asked! :)
In India, the service is provided by Redington, which is doing quite a good job.

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more proactive steps to be taken to shake up the ailing BB and create awareness of the brand it used to be

They need to start generating revenue before all countries can get the privilege and maybe it's more cost effective to try in other countries than in nations were resources are costlier....

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Dear James, I would like some more information.

Are those centers branded as BlackBerry ? Or is it a third party that operates for BlackBerry just like some shops in the airports in the USA?

Besides can you make a comparison with the sub-level quality of the centers in India (that are indeed clearly third parties)?

Lastly, how can a BlackBerry owner go to these places ? Do you have to buy your device three? Do you need to pay a subscription (like CarGlass that fixes car windshield)?

Don't you want a plane ticket to the Philippines just to make a review of their customer service? :-)

yeah!!!! go blackberry go! dont sell in countries that crucify your product. sell here the philippines and other countries that love you and are loyal to blackberry.i dont care about apple the epol or that cheap malware androids i love my Q10.

I love the way people suggest BB should do a ton more marketing, as well as open 1000's of retail stores and dedicated service centres around the world. No problem.

OMG, they do this NOW!? They needed this like 3 years ago! Still, better late than never. If only they do this globally...

Well, will be going to the BlackBerry Experience Center in Makati today. My Z10's display is coming loose on the bottom left section. So I will get to see how good these Experience Centers are.

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While this is a no brainer move from BB. This is not enough still. What happened to you guys in BB. you guys moved so slow that's why BB 10 is getting left behind from all other smartphones... And the BB expert centers (Philippines only)? they are the worst. I experience it first hand... my Z10 is with them for more than a month now. I've been requesting an update from the center at least 3 times a week (I mean calling them to get an update)... they just reported to me with a bunch of lousy excuses. e.g. 1) person in charge is on a leave (1 week????) - I mean what the h*** is that. I know in the PH we only have average of 12 days leave. 2) the unit info was not correctly inputted to their system. So shipment for higher repair was delayed - I don't buy this too, I just don't know what to do when they have this excuses. 3) the latest excuse.... we are in no control of the new shipment to replace my Z10 unit. They will have no further comments - So no update of progress for me?..... :|
Thanks for having this article........... hahahhahaa. :D

Okay. The BlackBerry Expert Center is not a dedicated BlackBerry facility. It is an outfit called ServCARE Solutions which does customer service for Samsung, Western Digital and BlackBerry.

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Okay. They have separate kiosk for each service. BlackBerry has more Kiosks so service is pretty fast. Looks like they have to replace my phones front assembly. No parts available right now, so they asked me to check back in three of four weeks.

The impressive part is that they can do the repair locally, so the phone will be gone just 24 hours. They can also install the MR update at the same time (which is not yet out with my carrier). All in all a pretty good experience.

What else. They can check your phones warranty status on a local database so no need to bring any documents.

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