BIS Email Basics's BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series
By Bla1ze on 27 Nov 2007 02:22 pm EST

Hey class, welcome to another BlackBerry 101! This is Bla1ze from the CrackBerry Forums and filling in for Kevin this week who is busy coming to terms with the iPhone in the Smartphone Round Robin. I had so much fun with Lecture 10: Getting started with Videos on your BlackBerry that I jumped at the chance to be a professor once again.

If you have all been doing your homework, you'll remember a few weeks back we learned The Basics of Setting Up Your BlackBerry as well as BES & BIS: What's the Difference?…well today we are gonna touch a little bit more on the BIS aspect of things, this is one of the first things people run into when purchasing a BlackBerry device, and often it seems to be more difficult then it really is..this lesson was put together in hopes to clear up some of the air for people…also in this lesson we will be covering some the "problems" that may arise when setting up a BIS email account as well…for example..GMail sending sent items back to your device…with that being said, this lesson will be a lengthy, but informative one…Let's get crack'n!

The Basics

  • Find your Carrier's BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) website Select Create New Account
  • Enter in your BlackBerry's Device Pin and Device IMEI
  • Select your email address to be used with the device
  • Customize your BIS Settings (Send from Address, Keep copies of outgoing messages in Sent folder, Signature, etc.
  • Once complete, you will receive a Welcome to BlackBerry email from the Activation Server on your BlackBerry, letting you know you are good to go. You now are connected to the BIS which will enable your device to send/receive email, surf the web, use BlackBerry messenger and other applications that require data transfer.

BlackBerry How to

If you have an existing BIS account and want to put a different BlackBerry on it:

  • Login to your BIS account
  • Go to Profile
  • Select Change Handheld
  • Enter the PIN and IMEI of your New Device
  • If you receive a message saying your Device is Not Found/Does Not Exist, on your BlackBerry go to Options > Advanced Options > Host Routing Table > hit the menu key and > Register Now


BIS Sites:
Here are the URLS of the main North American BIS Sites:

Locating Your Devices PIN and IMEI: This information can be found:

  • On the outside of the box of your new BlackBerry
  • On the BlackBerry, under Options > Status
  • On your device's Help Me Screen. Hit Caps, Alt, H on QWERTY models to bring up the help screen.

Adding A GMail, Yahoo, GoDaddy, etc... Account

A few things to address in this section before we dig in deep…recently all the carriers BIS sites (see above) were all upgraded to the new service, this new service being BIS 2.4, this upgrade implemented some new security features which may affect how you go about setting up your BIS/Personal email accounts (more information here), example..if a user goes to their carriers BIS site inputs all the information as stated above you may get the error .. "The site cannot be accessed in this manner. Please use the URL or link provided to you by your service provider." this is fine, it just simply means that you will need to add the account using your device or call your carrier to create you a username and password, you will then be able to use the website using your home computer. With that cleared up, let's have a look at creating an account using your device first.

  • Scroll to and select the Personal Email Set Up icon.
  • The "Welcome to BlackBerry Internet Service E-mail" screen will display.
  • Scroll to and select the BlackBerry Setup icon.
BlackBerry 101
  • Scroll to and select Yes to indicate the "Legal Terms and Conditions" have been read and understood.
  • Scroll to and select I Agree to continue the account setup.
  • Configure an e-mail account to be used with the BlackBerry Internet Service.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
BlackBerry 101 Email How To 
  • A confirmation will appear when the account has been successfully configured . Select OK.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To

Now the set up for each email account is exactly the same with the exception of Hotmail accounts they require you to have a MSN Hotmail Plus Service account or a really old Hotmail account otherwise you will see the error "Cannot integrate the e-mail account! Please check your information and try again".

For individual account walkthrough's please visit (based on AT&T Service but overall, generic):

Now How To Do It On A PC

  • Access the BlackBerry Internet Service
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • In the "Add An Existing E-mail Account" section, click Set Up Account.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • Enter the appropriate e-mail settings and click Next.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • At this point it will process if successful it will display
BlackBerry 101 Email How To

RIM has agreements with Yahoo, GMail and Godaddy for easy integration but sometimes people don't use any of those if this is the case it MAY not set up for you, in which case farther steps are needed.

  • The following will display if the e-mail account could not be configured. Verify the "Email address" and "Password" are correct. Select "Re-enter email address and password, enter the correct information and select NEXT.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • Select "This is my personal email account" option and click Next.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • Select "I will provide the settings to add this email account" option and click Next.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To
  • Enter the following e-mail settings and click Next.
BlackBerry 101 Email How To

In case a list of incoming e-mail server addresses's are needed...once the correct information is in place you should then see the confirmation screen again.

Wheeew..Ok Almost Done

Last issue I will be addressing in this BlackBerry 101 is GMail, GMail has a tendency to send the emails that you send out…back to your device…This issue seemingly has not been addressed as of yet, even though GMail has seen many upgrades since it's implementation to BlackBerry services, Now our very own naviwilliams has covered this problem very well already in the forums, so I would like to take this time to draw attention to that post, rather then going through and just repeating stuff.

That's All Folks!

Now while it's impossible to cover all scenarios at this point, I hope this has helped out in some way, many thanks go out to the CrackBerry Team for allowing me once again to bring this information to you all…Remember folks…Keep Crack'n

Reader comments

BIS Email Basics


Bla1ze, WOW! I think any one that has any kind of issue setting up their email will have them resolved by just taking a couple of minuets and read this! Like I said you couldn't have explained it any better then this! A++++


Great Lecture but I have a question. Is their way for the BIS users have a copy of our sent emails? I know when we receive them they are still on the server but sent emails are only on the device.


In your BIS account you can set an auto BCC (blind carbon copy) to send to whatever email address you do so wish,wether it be the account you are using, or another account you define.

Great lecture. I started a thread regarding this same thing about three days ago and it was answered within 5hrs. You guys are really on top of your stuff and it is greatley appreciated. I've been reading through the lectures and had to leave a comment about this one. Thanks again.


have to tell you, I've called Verizon data tech support 4 times, each time a different answer. Last time, they got RIM on the phone, and they confirmed that using BIS with pop email, no exchange server, a copy of an email sent from the phone will also be found in my outlook sent folder (no bcc required). I don't know who to believe anymore and am just waiting for confirmation from someone who has actually done it before i go from my ppc to 8130. Any hints

Excellent lecture.. Quick question.. I integrated with my gmail account and now I'm getting every email twice.. Any ideas as to why? it's become a pain.. Thanks!

This happens very frequently with gmail becuase of the way it handles the inbox
You have to log into youe carriers BIS website
and create a rule.
Make the rule messages from []
And set it so that it DOES NOT FORWARD to device
Basically what happens is everythime you send a gmail message you get a copy in the inbox of the reply
This will block any messages sent by you from coming back to your inbox on your BB

Great article!

I want to create a separate message list for work email (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and personal email (Internet). When I set up my internet email account, it created a separate message list, which is a subset of the primary message list. The primary message list has everything. Is there a way to prevent messages from my personal account from appearing in my primary message list?

Hello, did you ever get an answer to your question??
I ask because i have the same exact question.

I want one envelope for texts and another for my 3 e-mails aol,yahoo and BB mail.

It makes no sense that everything gets sent to the first envelope!!!

"Remove personal messages from primary list?
By: riovino | Date: Fri, 01/25/2008 - 14:38

Great article!

I want to create a separate message list for work email (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and personal email (Internet). When I set up my internet email account, it created a separate message list, which is a subset of the primary message list. The primary message list has everything. Is there a way to prevent messages from my personal account from appearing in my primary message list?"

just wondering i sent a ringtone from crackberry to my email on my berry and i dont know how to save it or hear it ??????? please explain what i need to says hear is your ringtone and also says here is te url for the ring tone What do i do?? any advice will be awesome thanx.

How come Hotmail doesn't notify on my screen; i.e., you have to go into the browser, log onto, & click on Hotmail. I loaded it through, & it sent me a confirmation, to the screen. But now, I don't receive email confirmation, unless I follow the former steps. TMobile claims, Hotmail, is only free to Windows devices. What gives? CPR

I have an old hotmail account. I got the confirmation that my account has been activated but I am still not receiving emails to my blackberry curve. I tried setup through AT&T website but it said that I had to do it via my handheld. Please help!! Thanks!!

My husband and I bought our 8820's at the same time and configured our email accts the same way. However, when he gets links in his emails, he's able to click on the link and the browser will take him where he needs to go. On my email, all i see is a long string of letters and numbers, but it doesn't allow me to just click on the link. I've tried comparing his setup with mine and couldn't find any difference...Can you help?

How do I change my email notification settings? My bb pearl 8130 vibrates then chimes 3 time to alert me I have emails. Cannot figure out how to make it simply vibrate so am unable to take into meetings. can anyone help?

on my 8330, I go to PRofile (picture of megaphone), then click on advanced, then click on the highlighted area that your phone is currently set on, then you can click on each item and change the ringer.

I want to change my email address on my device but I can't seem to remember my user name on the BIS site... What should I do??

I am told B-B visits the server every fifteen minutes to check for email arrival. The user is charged for those visits under a certain plan given by service provider. Is one charged even though there is no data or email to download? Like to seek information on these polling charges.

I have set up my email account from my PC to go to my BlackBerry, and I noticed that (when I emailed myself) it would take 3 to 4 minutes to arrive at my BlackBerry, when it returns almost instantly back to my PC. Is this what its supposed to do? Or should it be transferring faster to my BlackBerry than the 3 to 4 minute span?


jimzee in Colorado

How do I have my messages come across that I have sent the email from my Blackberry stating "Sent from Blackberry"?

you get what you pay for .... i can make calls all over the place with my 3 year old verizon razr, and my buddy with an iphone has to go outside to get reception


Hotmail Com-Hotmail Com

so it seems without the BIS activation from the service provider
- email is not possible with all Blackberry smartphones??
- and that GPRS, MMS, Mobile INTERNET settings is NOT possible if the provider is not capable of sending settings via OTA??
i'm from the Philippines and our network provider charges us a recurring fee of around $10/month for BIS and email. on top of that there is a 3cents per KB for data sent or received.
isn't there a 3rd party email program i can use for picking up my pop dsl provider email and my gmail (instead of going through their webmail)? that i can program to pickup my mail every hour or day? that's what i do with my ericsson and samsung fones.


when i go to email setup on my blackberry storm, i only have the option to use a work email account with BES, and no option to create a new one. If this option doens't come up, how do i set up my BIS?

I had the same problem at first, but I'm using an Unlocked BB Storm on t-mobile, but I downloaded the service books from t-mobile so now when I go to setup I get an icon that says setup internet email, so after I added one I go back to the email setup and now get the two options for setting up personal emails and work emails.

I just got the 8330, and I setup my personal email account, everytime I get an email my phone vibrates. How can I stop the alerts? Is there anyway to separate when I get an email from my incoming call messages log?

This is an amazing info, full of details.
My problem is that i can access to my blacberry account to add a new device. When I try to crate a new account with the pin or imei it said that an accoun already exist for that pin, and it should be the last owner, and he doesn't know how neither. how can restar that account?? or how to access to the wich is the usernaame or password, because i did the first time from my device and now with the new device i'm unable to access and neither from my pc.

Hi. I have Blackberry Storm that I have (had) managed to use with AT & T. I bought the phone unlocked and had to get all of the AT & T applications (with service books) working with several hours of tech support time with RIM and AT & T. Last week, a software update became available for the storm. I downloaded it and it unfortunately wiped out all of the AT & T applications (including the web browser) that I had worked so hard to get on there in the first place. At this point, AT & T tech support doesn't know how to help since they don't support the storm. Has anyone else had this problem or know how to help? Thanks in advance if you can help. Brian

Hi, i tried setting up the email through tmobile and blackberry but i keep getting error messages. when i put the pin andother information in on the blackbery site i get an error msg saying the bis is deactivated and to call verizon?? i have an unlocked sprint phone and blakcberry service throught tmobile, any ideas?!?

how come when i put my bb email address on crackberry to send me a link for a game or a theme i never get it on my phone? :(

I did all of the above steps, set up my emails, and it says "successfully configured email, an icon will be placed on your screen for access to this account." But I never get the new icons and when i try to send an email it says "no message services configured."

Hi, I have an unlocked Telus Blackberry Storm. I was wondering what I need to do in order to get my email and data working when I use a prepaid AT&T sim card. Voice and text messaging work no problem. I do have a Telus data plan, and have a Telus BIS account. Would I be able to setup an AT&T BIS account as well? Would I require AT&T service books, if so, can I have both the Telus and AT&T service books on my phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Can anyone tell me how to keep this *#@& BB Pearl Flip from putting in the first letter of my user name in caps. It doesn't matter if I backspace, delete, paste or whatever. It is still putting Gb instead of gb. It seems to be the G. Any help appreciated.

Why are they asking you if this is a business or personal email account when you set up a 3rd party email account?

Also a general comment on this very helpful 101 series, maybe I missed it but shouldn't there be a link from each topic to the previous and next so you can go through the whole series without bouncing around on the main page?

Thank you.


Does anyone know the BIS and BES as well the URL in Europe and Scandinavia?

Thanks in advance

Does anyone know how to activate the password keeper, I don,t have the old password. Is there a way to deactivate old password and add a new one?

I can't seem to set up my lycos e-mail account. Is says the username or password is incorrect. If this problem persists, contact lycos. Please Help

The one thing I find missing is how to add a email address that has already been established...
That is my problem... I have an address I set up with my previous BB and once I got my new one I changed the pin and Imei numbers to my new bb but have been unable to add my current bb email address.

Any ideas?

When I go to Configure Internet Email - I get error: The site cannot be accessed in this manner. Please use the URL or link privided to you by your service provider.

When I spoke with T-Mobile they said it was an outage, however on other BB devices I can access the page fine.

Any advise?

please I need help also getting my bis set up. each time I tried setting up the BIS account on, the message I do get is "Cannot create account: Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact Verizon Wireless" despite the fact that I have had the phone unlocked and had tmobile service books installed on the phone. I cant setup my emails, nor bbm. plz anybody with the idea of anything else to do?