BlackBerry's Painful Platform Pregnancy

My hair is gonna be LONG by the time BlackBerry 10 is released
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2012 06:31 pm EDT

I'm writing this from a hotel room (with crappy internet) in San Francisco, just minutes after the conclusion of RIM's Q1 2013 Earnings Call. We knew the numbers would be depressing, so we were braced for that. What we didn't expect to hear was that the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones is going to be delayed until the first quarter of 2013. Shoot me now. Or at least knock me out and wake me up in 7, 8, 9 months when BlackBerry 10 is here. This news sucks on so many levels, I almost don't know where to begin.

No, RIM didn't give us an exact date for the launch of BlackBerry 10, but we were expecting "later this year". And in contrast to RIM's former CEOs, we've been so impressed with Thorsten Heins since he took the reigns that we were not expecting a broken promise on this. At least I wasn't. I took later this year to mean later this year... not next year.

I was really hoping for a 10 / 10 launch. BlackBerry 10 on October 10 just had a it's meant to be ring to it. If we see BlackBerry 10 hit in January, then the perceived delay isn't *too* bad. That's just a couple of months of extra waiting beyond what we were already prepared for. But Q1 2013 can mean March 31st, 2013, which is literally 9 months away from now if RIM uses up all of the extra time they just gave themselves. That's an *eternity* in the tech world and to a site like CrackBerry.

On the Earnings Call, Heins stated his reasoning for the delays. He refuses to launch BlackBerry 10 without it being perfect, and to get a phone to market this year would mean it would be less than that. Launching with something less than perfect would be game over. He's taking the harder path to making sure BlackBerry 10 platform is done right and what gets launched is compelling. I get that. I respect that. I do think it's the right choice. But of course, like many readers here, I just wish that still meant it would launch sooner rather than later.

This isn't a Palm story just yet. The big difference is that RIM still has money in the bank. $2.2 billion right now. And they're doing everything they can to save money so they have more time to execute on the launch of BlackBerry 10. It's clear that's still their primary goal and where they believe they can build the most value for shareholders, who have obviously taken a massive hit these past 18 months.

There are really two ways to look at the situation following today's earnings report and investor call. One way, which you're going to see reported on a lot, is that RIM is dead and what we're witnessing now is the slow and drawn out death of what was once a successful company.

The other way to look at it, is as a re-birth. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, think about Dumbledore's Phoenix Fawkes, who when he gets old burns up and is born again from the ashes. Between a new CEO, restructuring, reorganizing and giving birth to a new mobile computing platform in BlackBerry 10, until the bank account runs dry (or some other business event intervenes) RIM still has the chance to be reborn a much stronger company. This is the way I'm looking at it and hoping for things to play out. A year from now I would love to look back at this blog post and say yep, RIM gave birth to a beautiful baby.

But today it became apparent though that RIM is suffering from PPP - a painful platform pregnancy. BlackBerry 10 is still going to take a while to get here, and it's a difficult pregnancy to say the least. Apple worked three years on iOS behind the scenes secretly before unveiling the iPhone. Those are good conditions. RIM is trying to give birth to BlackBerry 10 when the media, Wall Street, shareholders and even consumers are scrutizinizing every move RIM makes and the company's balance sheet and cash flow is not nearly as healthy. Those are bad conditions. It's not going to be easy for RIM.

This isn't new news though. We've known for a long time now that everything hinges on RIM getting BlackBerry 10 to market successfully. What we learned today is that it'll be a few more months delayed. RIM is going to be out of the game for Black Friday and Christmas. Another opportunity lost. They're going to have to suffer another quarter with less than stellar earnings before there's hope of seeing some new growth. But as long as they keep the revenue engine firing on at least a few cylinders and spend their savings carefully, there's still time and hope, and I'll keep the faith. Hopefully many of you out there will too - more than ever, RIM needs our support. Let's give it to them.

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BlackBerry's Painful Platform Pregnancy


Well, this is certainly bad news, however, I am going to try to hold out until BB10 officially arrives. My upgrade is up August 22nd of this year, but my Mom's upgrade, which I used to get the 9900, is not up until I think Dec 2013...sooo I can wait. I mean if BB10 TouchScreen comes out early 2013, well the Physical BB10 keyboard Device phone would be out months after that....soo I have choices. One more thing, If RIM delays all BB10 devices after this "Early 2013" prediction Year, than I will jump ship.

I really do hate to say it....................but I have seen it before as a user of Palm products. I was one of the faithful that held on for as long as possible. But there came a time when you just knew it wasn't going to make it. When that happens, people move to other platforms when promises are broken, especially those that have contracts coming up. I felt really stupid for some time after I upgraded to the 9930 thinking BB10 would make it to my hands by the end of the year. Now, that decision affords me the luxury to remain faithful until 1st Qtr 2013.

But those who didn't move to OS7 are the ones who will leave. Frankly, I don't blame them. Loyalty is built by exceeding expectations. Loyalty is built when people are proud of the choices they make. No one wants to ride the loser. Those who haven't moved to OS 7 have old Blackberries that will remind them each day of how much longer they have to wait. Most won't and its unfortunate, because in the end, they are the ones, if they could hang on, who ultimately would save RIM.

I feel that same gloom now that I did when Palm was folding. I hear Kevin's points and they are valid. Unfortunately, a good many of the faithful will be unable to trudge forward when all they look at each day are those old Blackberries, faithfully willing to carry them to 1st quarter 2013, but will not be given the chance to do so. Now, RIM's only option is to create something revolutionary for 2013. Will they do it? I wouldn't put the house on it. Can I hope? With a fairly new OS7 device, I have the luxury of saying yes. Many others don't, and that is the saddest thing of it all.

Once again, late to the party. With the release of the new iphone in Sept and all of the other phones that will be out from between then and when BB 10 is finally released, do they really think they are going to have any kind of chance? Everyone will have the phone of their choice at that point in time, and I really can't see people giving up what they already have at that point because RIM is finally going to be releasing their "Savior" I just looked at the new announced specs of the newest iphone, and as much as I hate to do it, I really don't know if I want to pass up anything else good that comes out, just to wait for RIM. Basically they are never going to catch up. Again people, I am not a hater, but this news just infuriates me beyond belief. All of these other phones are going to be out with all of these killer features, and I am willing to bet RIM still won't be on par with any of the latest offerings

Although my mobile heart lies with BB i couldnt the OneX, which is awesome, but i miss the Blackberry platform dearly. Hopefully i wont be fully sided with the Android by the time BB10 is released

I'm just speechless... throwing my hands up in the air. I was SOOOOO amped, and BOOM burst my friggin bubble... really wtf. i swear i feel like my best friend was just shot... lmao

PS. Sorry Kev, but RIM doesn't have the luxury that apple had when developing iOS. they're being looked at with a x1000000 magnifying glass, and honestly I'm growing tired of the "but Apple....." stories. STOP IT!!! Blackberry was first, they need to their ISH together and make it right, make it now, and make it good. I've NEVER seen so many "I'm switching" comments on CB EVER!!! They're losing US, their biggest fans and supporters.... You gotta admit, in that pic, even Kevin looks like hes about to throw in the towel... its a sad day for Crackberry, a very sad day.

My contract is not up for a while as I switched to the 9900 back in Nov or so, I was really looking forward to BB10 but now that I have to wait longer....the Android phones or Windows are looking pretty damn good right now. Long time Blackberry user for many, many years, I have had Pearls, Bolds, Curves, Torch's sucks but I have lost faith.

If you want to leave, do so, nobody is stopping you.

But.. If you want to appreciate what you have and that knowing it'll last beyond 3 years, stick with it. Buying it as a status item or for one feature, isn't what you should be doing.

I doubt anyone will read this but I just need to vent a little.
I'm feeling legitimately sad and upset.
I've had incarnations of the BlackBerry since 2003 and it has since then been one of my favorite companies. The Bold 9000 I feel should be in the Hall of Fame. Currently I have a Bold 9900 and Playbook. I'm always modifying or updates the 9900 OS, tinkering with the PB, whatever I can. They are awesome products.
This recent delay however shows that RIM no longer has the resources to keep up with the faster phone/OS refresh cycle of its powerful competitors (APPL, GOOG, MSFT). To be in this business you need new phones and a new OS every year. Not to mention the third-party application support.
My next phone was going to be a BB10, as was my next tablet. Now they will be a Windows 8 phone and the Surface.
I feel like I've lost a best friend.

dido on Surface for next tablet.. debating waiting out WP8 but all this waiting is driving me nuts and an impulse purchase is the only thing that may solve my problem so I'm thinking S3... again unless I convince myself to wait out for WP8

This is really a sad situation. When and IF the BB10 comes out the Hardware will be over a year old! In the tech world that is obsolete.
I stll have my 9810 and 9900 and will continue to use them until they fall apart, but now I don't think I will upgrade to a BB10 with such old hardware on it.
Such a shame to see this company go down, as it has had the best security with their data.... Now I need a drink.

It is Friday so I will take advantage of the two for one Happy Hour. This is so sad and frustrating for BB users.

This will probably be the beginning of the end. New blood, new direction, blah, blah,blah ad nausium. How many promises can you break and still be relevant? I have an iPhone and I was seriously looking for a reason to come back. Its just not there. By the time they get it out it will already be obsolete

The Phoenix, i love it. Thats what they should name it the new Blackberry 10 aka - Blackberry Phoenix. I can see the ads now - "(slow music)Once upon a time a small company in Waterloo pioneered the smartphone we see today, at one point they were the definition of smartphones and ruled the industry. Although, things didn't stay that way, (cue violin) they crumbled and everyone thought they were dead. BUT boy what they didn't know, was that Blackberry never dies. (music starts getting faster) Now after 2 years work, the company that pioneered the smartphone is now repioneering the industry and giving the mobile market a rebirth. INTRODUCING BLACKBERRY PHOENIX... the rebirth of the mobile phone, coming to a mobile carrier near you."

Palm has tonnes of cash reserves when it went in the toilet. Exactly the same situation...lots of cash, tweaking FrankenGarnet to death, webOS too far away...

Doesn't affect me any... my Rogers upgrade comes in Feburary and that's when I was planning to get a Physical Keyboard BB10 phone, so this doesn't bother me any. I prefer that it is being delayed.

BB10 OS for PB is still slated for a year end appearance... So that will keep me happy over the holidays, oh and seeing the Leafs clobber Detroit in Ann Arbor Jan1st will also hold me over

I don't think anyone would Ever expect this statement from me, but I think everyone can agree that RIM just gave Samsung a shit load of money this year by allowing this delay.

I for one may swing onto the S3 band wagon even for this 9months or even 12 (giving myself 3 extra to observe BB10's performance)

I'll still explore the BB10 when it comes out and most likely get one but 9 months is wayyy to long to wait out a phone release with so many other hot and sexy devices out there. Justification is just out the door on this one, even for a user such as myself who heavily relies on the plusses of a Blackberry device.

If you have an OS 6 device, upgrade to an OS 7 device and also, clear out the clutter from it, keep contacts, memopad, browser bookmarks/browser options, calendar, options, icon arrangement, BBM contacts/options and theme settings. Keep Messages only if you have a carrier e-mail address and your device will perform better. Mine does, I do this every second month, as shit builds up.

I support RIM and will remain positive all the way through regardless of how tough the times will be.

I feel like I'm dealing with a close friend or a family member you love but keeps letting you down, Haha. Sure, you're at least a little disappointed with the news but you can't say you're not surprised either, right? In the end though, whats important is what Thor said, it has to be perfect. Much of these problems RIM is facing now, like migrating to a new platform amid intense public scrutiny and crumbling market share due to antiquated product offerings are the legacies and parting gifts of Lazy-Arthritis and Ballsack.

Launching in Q1 of 2013 has some good merits to it too:
- it won't have to compete with the iPhone (face it, it's hugely successful)
- hardware revisions can be made, if there is already hardware produced by Q1 2013 it will be slightly dated BUT offers itself as a possible lineup for the lower end curve range
- the hardware changes every 6months or so but software stays for a much longer time. If RIM were to be successful they need to make sure BB10 is a platform that can support the growth and development of the company and the market.

Now...i hear the stock is down quite badly after the earnings call. How about that Kickstarter initiative to take RIM private eh guys? :)

"He refuses to launch BlackBerry 10 without it being perfect" Sounds more like I hope the extra few months can push us to at least 10k apps at launch! After defending Blackberry for the past 5 years and leaving the platform for another fruit I reflected on my post Blackberry experience. If this platform is all that why do I constantly need to close apps and hold alt and type lglg for my phone to run smooth? Why do my webpages not open fast enough? Why aren't there enough quality apps? Why are so many people I know switching to other brands? You know what answer I came up with? Its poorly designed the best it has to offer is BBM, emails and security but wait they have all this on other platforms! So why was I there for so long tolerating the gruesome wait of a webpage opening or a poorly designed app? I honestly can't answer it was ignorance! A lot of that is here to Blackberries detriment! BB10 is a great idea but that should of happened instead of OS7 when sales started declining from OS6 those were the warning signs! Didnt you use the competitions product? Did you do research? Now stocks will be stuck permanently under $10 and no sign of recovering even if BB10 launches next year and that's hoping that people will actually leave Apple and Google and oh jeeze Windows Mobile 8 as well to come back or try for the first time! Take some honest advice license now BBM or the BIS/BES platform so you can generate some income cause i'm starting to believe the analysts who I always dismissed when they said 2013 will equal RIP RIM.

Wow! I fear this will mean the end of BlackBerry for the 160+ users that I support. I had convinced them to delay much needed upgrades (currently using 9780, 9700, 9300 and 8520) until this Fall so we could trial BB10 and WP8 with hopes that BB10 would knock their socks off and the decision would be a no-brainer. Been taking major heat from the iClone and DROID fans because our phones are out-dated. There's no way we can last until even January, much less March, and I cannot ask our users to spend the next two years using BB7 devices.

I guess I'll buy a 9860 for myself (been holding out and still using 9780). At least I'll get a small upgrade and still have Bridge features for my PB. I'll start carrying two phones again when my department chooses a new platform... So.... Incredibly.... Disappointed....

Well since BlackBerry 10 isn't coming for awhile, they should work on making BlackBerry 7 the BEST it can possibly be! The ship is sinking and RIM needs to do what they can untill BB10 comes to save them.. Give consumers a reason to stick with BlackBerry. Let them know that RIM will not fail them and will come through!...

I believe in RIM, but it's difficult when they don't stick to what they say... BB10 has to be AMAZING!!!

+ 1 million billion I bought a 9810 just cause they promised no spinning clock but guess what!! As for the apps totally worthless if you're into gaming the best and only 3D game they had was some stupid "3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurassic 2" and nothing else ridiculous!!

Im a troll? I supported the platform for 5 years and they pushed the rubbish os6 and 7 on us BB10 should of been out 2 years ago.

thats exactly what they need, a miracle, and that miracle isnt bb10 anymore

i think the only thing they can do to keep the ship afloat is to drop prices on os7 devices, get them out to as many ppl as possible, ppl buy based on price, then offer up some type of a loyalty offer to those going from os7 to bb10, they need to think outside the box and make good with what they got, rather than telling ppl to wait and wait for something that feels like may never come at this point


They need to give consumers an incentive to purchase a BB7 phone. One way of accomplishing this would be to give a corresponding credit towards a BB10 phone. For example, buy a BB9900 for $600 and get a $400 to $500 credit towards a BB10 phone. This achieves short-term sales and an incentive for BB7 users to migrate onto BB10 instead of another platform. It is do or die for RIMM right now.

this is exactly what im thinking, rather than letting this inventory sit around, make some cash on it, and that way they can drag this ish out as long as possible, 2 billion in the bank can only last so long. do a price drop on the hardware now, make up for lost/declining revenue, and when the bb10 device come out give up a discount as a loyalty discount, that way ppl that want a bb10 will buy now rather than wait, knowing they will get a discount on the new phones when they come out

option 2

keep telling ppl to waittttttttt, keep losing money for next 2-3 quarters, and then when bb10 does come out, figure out what do do with all the old bb hardware that is sitting around in warehouses

This is why I upgrade to the 9850 from my 8530. Alltel, my cell phone provider, is slow to upgrade any BB phones. I figured by the time my new 2 year contract was up, RIM would have the BB10 phones out and maybe even Alltel would have them! Perfection does not happen over night. It takes a lot of planning and testing. I think it would have been a mistake to rush a BB10 phone to market and have it not meet expectations that we want from RIM. I only hope they can hold on long enough to make us all proud!

By the time BB 10 comes out, it will be almost 2 full years of having a Blackberry Playbook that still is imperfect and did not live up to the $699 I paid for it. I had hoped that all of the edges would be smoothed out with a Playbook BB10 update that corresponded with a new BB10.

Why would anyone wait any longer for promises that keep getting broken and snipits of videos and photos of a OS that still is not complete. Many of the applications I want are not promised or are less than Android or Apple. I love MLB and the current Bold 9900 all I get is the game audio and not video and I have to pay for it......even though I paid MLB for their Premium service. Both Android and Apple give the MLB for free if you have MLB Premium Service and you get to watch the actual game. As far as MLB for the Playbook, I have had to figure out a work around to watch the games.

When you go out to eat and the wait is longer than promised, at least they offer free desert or a drink!

Why not give customers a incentive to purchase a bb now for a credit towards bb10 when it launches. At the very least this would encourage customers to stick it out. This is another issue with rim, they leave everyone hanging who have given them the benefit of the doubt. Get creative for f sakes.

I gotta say reading these posts I gotta ask are you people sane? So what if the thing is delayed from the existing user standpoint. If you really like your blackberry product like many of you seem to imply, why the heck would this few month delay cause someone as was posted above "im going to buy a samsung siii tonight." Seriously, I read this bs and think there is nothing they could do right no matter where no matter when. They release it sooner, you complain, they delay so that they could get it right, you complain. I love my blackberry 9780. Its great, does everything I need. If I switch vendors its certainly not going to be over some delay of a future device when my existing blackberry more than meets my needs.

Unfortunately, for us there is no choice because our corporate contract renewal has arrived and can only be delayed for a short while before the service provider stops offering extended warranty coverage on our current devices. Since we only upgrade phones every two years, asking 160+ users to adopt a BB7 phone for that long is infeasible when the other platforms are currently more advanced with better apps. It's not about sanity. It's about practicality.

tl;dr? My point is made in the first paragraph - the rest is justification ;)

Honestly - the biggest mistake that RIM ever made was pre-announcing new phones, OSes, and products. Lazaridis and Balsillie left Thorsten in the lurch with BB10 by first announcing 'early 2012', then moving it back through the summer...and now when it's a damned-if-they-do, damned-if-they-don't scenario.

Apple and Samsung have the advantage that they can keep their next gen devices under wraps and announce them within days of launch - up until then it's rumours and analysts clamouring over themselves trying to guess what it will be/when it will launch. The hype machine is self-perpetuating. But RIM always took the path of saying "Oh hey, get ready! This great thing is ALMOST HERE!"...and then not making deadline, or underwhelming by rushing to market. It's the Duke Nukem Forever scenario that plays out time and time again.

People are saying exactly the same thing now that they were saying yesterday - it's going to be too late to market, it won't beat the iPhone, it won't beat the Galaxy, RIM is dead, RIM is dead, why do they bother, RIM is dead.

Is 2013 ideal? Nope. Will I wait? I don't know. I grabbed a 9630 on the cheap to tide me over until BB10, so now I have to weigh whether it's enough to keep this as a stop-gap until BB10 is finally ready (and then decide whether it's worth it or jump ship to Android), or just throw in the towel early. My girlfriend's at the end of her rope with her 9000, and it's getting tough to justify buying a 9900 to buy time. We both like BlackBerry - but how long should we string out last-gen devices?

I live in Waterloo, I worked for RIM until March - I left on my own terms, because I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere up the chain to job security. I fully expect that they'll still be here, and I'll still know people employed there, but they're a victim of their own hubris. The regime change should have happened 2 years ago, BB10 should have been out last year...but hindsight is always 20/20.

I can wait for BB10. I'm disappointed of course but it doesn't change my mind. BB is still the best platform for me.

Quite frankly if RIM ever disappeared i would be hard pressed to find a phone i liked. None of the other options appeal to me in the slightest.

i have told you Kevin
plan to change your to be or
it might be worst than that ... you need to change your job out of berry life anymore :)

i have been devoted to BB for so many years, but i am going to look into other products that i might need sooner than next year. to bad,,all sad, another Northern Telecom i guess

I was blown away by the playbook.
How can a company that makes that software not be able to hit a timeline target?
This delay is just unacceptable. Fire 5000 employees? Lets hope the development team see's significant more resources in labour and tools. What sort of crack are these assholes smoking?
I'm choked. This organization is hemorrhaging customers and making it's investors angry. Well, at least this one. You know what, I think its fair to say that if they go under, it's all their fault. Fuck these lazy, uncoordinated, mismanaged, lame no good wankers.

Go rot with palm you fucking idiots! You've made your bed, and then chronically shat in it. I hope you enjoy the warmth it brings you.

Brliant comment. Made me piss my pants so fucking true. At this point I don't think they could plan them selves out of an open field.

Brokeberry :(
Really disappointed, cant see myself using any other platform. Hope they announce some incentives ASAP like tomorrow for existing customers.

Like I said before I just got my 9900. Though I'm excited to have BBX at the end of the year, financially, it will give me time to save up. Should RIM go bankrupt before releasing BBX, I will still hang on to my 9900 for as long as possible. Still intend to buy their stock though.

To all the people saying that BB 7 is dead, what do you imagine all the low end Berries are going to run? RIM wouldn't abandon the low-end market that has kept it afloat, not every BB is going to be a BB 10 device!

I'm sorry. As much of a bb loyalist I am, I don't want to hear shyt else from anyone about bb and getting stuff done, bb do, or anything along those lines. No wonder I haven't seen a bb commercial in a while with these sentiments. This is not only an embarrassment for rim as a whole but also for for their supporters. Pb was released and we were asked to wait and be patient twice only to still have to wait for a third time. Changing of the guard and the same story now with bb10. As much as I want to see bb and rim succeed, I think I speak for a vast majority of current bb users when I say that we wish you luck and hope you succeed, but we'll be cheering for you from the opposite sideline. Till our paths cross again...


If the conference call wasn't bad enough it's the f***ing 9 MORE MONTHS of RIM bashing that we'll all have to watch. I hate it!!!. It's like watching someone you care about get beat up and there's nothing you can do about it.

I'm crawling under a rock. Wake me when BB10 is released.

I don't think you'll see that much bashing after all this dies down. I suspect they will fade into the background and you will only hear about them now and then when some news is reported.

To say this is disappointing is an understatement. To say, "we want it to be perfect," when we release it is a piss poor excuse. No OS is perfect. We are being fed excuses by the inability of RIM to get their sh*! in order. My fiance won't wait for BB10 since the Iphone 5 is coming out much sooner. Why should she, because she has faith it will be better? And the sad this is I have a 9930 and a Playbook (both of which I love) but I couldn't honestly tell her or anyone to get it because it doesn't match up to the alternatives. I won't make any irrational decisions on my phone because I have another year to go on my contract. I'll tell you one thing though, I'm no longer putting a blackberry ahead of the competition.

I might be slow ... but i don't think $2.2 billion in the bank for a Company of this size is even near sufficient to turn things around....

Can Rim with some help from another big company/competitor pull off another Apple ????

I was starting to develope apps for BB10....but after today's announcement i am not sure...what the resulting product will be in 9's a bit scary...I'll put a hold on my development until a positive news comes out of RIM camp...:(

I have always been a die hard BB fan, every since my 957 pager. I gotta say, this bit of news today has seriously got me thinking of switching. I despise Apple to the point of wishing ill on any of the users of their products. Looks like its either WP8 or SG3 in my future, I am dissapointed beyond words. I have always led the charge on convincing people to stick with BlackBerry or switch to it, I'm basically the crackberry kevin in my neck of the woods. But this has seriously put my confidence in RIM to turn it around in doubt. This is a very very bad day for RIM, I am so dissapointed that Thor let us down. (shaking head)........... unreal, I'm crushed...

Question: Ya think carriers will let ya go with a BB7 and get a special upgrading pricing for BB10 or should I try to buy a BB7 9900 cheap somewhere else then bring into a network?

All I can say is Google is obviously way ahead of the curve right now & is about to take over a SERIOUS chunk of the "Low End Tablet Market". I think that it's funny that the PlayBook fell into that category. The device is unbelievable and had lots of promise. However, that being said... I am pretty happy with my Android phone and will be acquiring a Google Nexus ASAP & just be content in the Android world. I still love my PlayBook & will keep rocking it until it dies... Unless anyone wants to trade it for an iPad 2 or better!?

Good luck Crackberrians...


I am a Crackberry and that is not changing anytime soon. I am going to wait for the Blackberry 10. A couple of more months is not going to bother. I am willing to believe Thor and Rim. The BB10 phones are gonna rock. I am not giving up my Bold 9930. BlackBerry Forevah.

What apps do you use a lot on the 9930? Pretty good? My last BB was a Storm 1. Before that Pearl and Curve. iPhone 4 since..

Forgive me for jumping around I just have to get some things out...

I truly am frustrated with all the Gloom and Doom surrounding RIM. I agree they are certainly in a bad way but unfortunately they are on Wall Street and if you're not making money everyone will jump ship and the Media loves a bad story and enjoys twisting the truth so the worst is yet to come in terms of Stock and Media Attention.

Something that I see EVERY SINGLE article overlook is the fact that the USA is not the only market in the world and that Smart Phones are still a growing industry worldwide. No one knows where or how the Market will go. For all we know the iPhone could be dead in less than a decade and Apple stock drops back to pre iPhone levels. Did anyone predict the adoption of the iPhone or Android Phones. Let alone the initial rise of BlackBerry?

'BlackBerry People Do'. Plain and simple. I have yet to find someone show me something useful on an iPhone, Android or Windows device that a BlackBerry can't do (Most notably Siri. OS7 has voice search and I use it everyday). My co-workers are a good balance of each device. I can honestly say that those of us with BlackBerry's use them away from our desks all the time for taking notes, pictures, e-mail and reminders. Upon return to our desks a quick sync and everything is up to date. The other devices since they are Touch-Screen only are very limited in speed and accuracy of use. They usually remain on the desks.

Final thoughts, I use a Torch 9810 on Pre-Paid with Bell, I am paying $55 a month for the same Contract plan that costs $75 a month. No contract, no fees, no hassle upgrade. Big cost up front but pays for itself! Also own a PlayBook and it has effectively replaced my Desktop PC except for Gaming.

Thanks for staying with me lol. Any thoughts are welcomed, negativity shall be laughed at.

Johnny C.

"I have yet to find someone show me something useful on an iPhone, Android or Windows device that a BlackBerry can't do"

Video conference (2 cameras). 2010 technology and now it won't be here until 2013 at the earliest.

Good point, Playbook has it and no one I know uses video chat on a mobile device for work, just play or at home but that is just my experience. We use our workstation cameras all the time though so in the future it could play a big part.


Johnny C.

Johnny C. Wrote;

..........The other devices since they are Touch-Screen only are very limited in speed and accuracy of use. They usually remain on the desks.

So I guess you don't have much faith in the BB10 device either!

"Something that I see EVERY SINGLE article overlook is the fact that the USA is not the only market in the world and that Smart Phones are still a growing industry worldwide. No one knows where or how the Market will go. For all we know the iPhone could be dead in less than a decade and Apple stock drops back to pre iPhone levels. Did anyone predict the adoption of the iPhone or Android Phones. Let alone the initial rise of BlackBerry"

Some of what you are saying is true...BB still (barely) grew in subscribers, but don't you get it, the US is the single most important client in the "war", yes BB is doing well overseas, HOWEVER they may be doing well overseas, but they are getting KILLED her in the US. I believe their subscriber base grew 1 million in the first quarter, BUT they sold 7.8 BBs, how can this be? Simple, they are selling the overwhelming majority overseas, and they bleeding out with customers here in the US and Canada. They are losing customers here as quickly as they are gaining them there, in addition regardless of how many phones they sold, they are also bleeding money. The LOST 200 million in a quarter. Revenue was WORSE. They are off 33% from LAST QUARTER think about that number for a minute. They did terrible last quarter and now it's 33% worse already. Next quarter you could see rev drop another 30% easily. They could be under 2 billion rev by mid year.

I love Blackberry but the US is going to put them out of business. Lets be honest, it is simply FOOLISH to buy a BB7 phone now. There is ZERO reason to. Either you are going to hold out for BB10 or you are going to iphone or getting a droid.

Thanks for the reply and the new perspective :-) I guess my addiction to the platform had me overseeing some details you pointed out. All valid.

Johnny C.

Sold the Bold and listing the playbook. I'm tired of waiting for the next best thing from RIM only to finally get it and find out it's old school because RIM couldn't get to market fast enough. It's going to take many years for RIM to get confidence back from the US market (if it happens). Until then, adios BB.

Kevin I admire your dedication. I've been loyal for a very long time, but my 9650 wasn't cutting it any more. I knew BB10 was around the corner, I was saving my upgrade for that. In the interim I decide just to try an android, keep myself entertained. It's been great but I can't see me staying with this particular phone to March. It was used and a bit outdated when I got it, but still far better app support.

So what to do? OS7, I think not. Developers were gearing up for BB10 so you will see no revolution of app support for OS7, and I sure won't be locked into it for 2 years. Many are in the same boat as me, and most will now say it's not worth the wait and just go ip5, HTC One X, SG3 or WP8. These tons of normal consumers (not us on these forums who can somehow switch phones every six months) Will be locked in for 2 years. So when or if BB10 launches, it's going to take a least an extra cycle for people to come back...IF at all. Some will fall in love with their new platforms. This really scares me for RIMs future.

To me, they don't need enough cash to make it to this march, they need enough to make it to NEXT march.

Just Al...tapping away on my PlayBook.

I know rim is NOT going to:

-be sold out
-be sold for assets
-be sold for patents
-be bought out/sold
-go out of business

RIM is going to succeed, regardless what the fucking bitch bastard trolls day or not, regardless of what the lying in your face media says.

Just be patient and wait, like I'm doing. :)


I've cool off now - it's not the end of the world.

I really actually like my 9810 and it works fine. I will wait.

RIM - I do need a new phone in the new year. Please give it to me or I will be done, so will RIM sadly.

Tell me if I am wrong, but isn't this actaully the second delay? Also, I am not a programmer, I am a user, but if we are talking February or March for a release, that is 8 or 9 months away couldnt they build an entire NEW phone in that time? Apple releases a new iPhone every 12-15 motnhs, I understand that they are already working on 5 when 3 is released, but BB10 is now 2+ years in development. To me this says they are scrapping everything AGAIN, and starting over from scratch. Last time they delayed the start for a super cool battery, but now what, because they are having to write too much code? I'm not buying these excuses. I think they are so scared right now, they have become there own worst enemy.
I own a small business with 30+ BB's, we just installed BES, and I am really beginning to wonder if this was a terrible mistake. Most of my employees hate the BB, and truthfully, I have had problem after problem with the 9650, and the 9930. Sad, sad day.

Well Kevin, I notice in the picture that you are sitting in the emergency exit seat on the bus. Are you sure it isn't time to do as it directs (push out window), and escape this bus before it goes off the cliff? I think of the time, effort, and credibility you and others have put out there, and for what? RIM doesn't deserve you. Maybe the "world tour" of other mobile systems you've been engaged in will have a benefit beyond what you anticipated - maybe based on that you can recommend a new platform to the rest of us.
As for me, I plan to hang on to my 9930 for as long as I can, because when it comes to productivity, I think it is as close to perfect a smartphone as any I'll ever own. The BB10 was not much of a temptation to me, at least until they got a keyboard for it.
As for my 64gig Playbook, I've already decided to sell it. I'll be asking $200. Any takers? Reply to me here if so. Otherwise it's going on Craigslist. Then maybe I'll give the new Google Nexus 7 a try. At least it has an ecosystem. And the company is likely to be around in 2013.

Again - it is better to under promise and over deliver. Let's hope we become pleasantly surprised near year end.

As long as RIM remains in the hardware business I can wait. There is something about these things that feels right and keeps me coming back.

I've got big shoulders and can listen to how good the other units perform - but my response remains the same. My phone can do that too!

i don't know ! 1q of 2013 is too much ! im thinking to buy the mew iphone instead of waiting for bb10 ! Im using right now ,my torch 9800, and I wanted to buy the bold 9900 but I changed my mind when I knew there's a new blackberry platform, So I said I will wait for a bb10 blackberry when I knew it's going to be available in late 2012 not the first quarter of 2013 ! That's too much ! Even it is, I guess I will wait, but I hope the bb10 will be awesome not just good !

What I have learned from all this, as I don't use a schmartphone, is that I should not have to chase technology, it's too costly. I have a basic flip phone, that's OLD, and it works. I don't need a tablet (which thinks it's a smartphone) and a smartphone.


Ask yourself, what will happen to all the loyal BB users (older devices) if RIM does make it until Q1 2013, guess if they don't assimilate...they're fucked! I doubt RIM is going to support their own fragmentation that they have created in the industry.


my First Blackberry was from Nextel, Back in 1997, since then, its what i used, more than 8 different models, my patience and loyalty have been over pass with all this BIG thing we all live in Orlando on the Blackberry JAM.
I am NOT going to spend one more second of my time with this BuLLs*
i am returning my Alpha 10 Unit to RIM with a copy of the contract of the IPHONE 4S im buying TOMORROW. we deserve respect, we all deserve a lot more than they deserve from us. its sad but its time to say ADIOS AMIGO.


all i can say is.. im gonna welcome back android into my life, with the nexus 4.1 jelly bean. or Windows 8 phone... im tired of waiting for RIM to deliver.. heck i had a galaxy s2 and only lasted 2 months... came back to bb.. (cause i really missed the keyboard and bbm) only reason. but my hopes where so high for BB10 and now this...

haha...hmmmm...I think they are going to incorporate the best of....iphone 5 + WP 8 + Android = BB10
smart move RIM!

BB10 phones were originally supposed to be released spring 2012. Then it became "later in 2012". Now it's Q1 of 2013.

I already gave RIM a break from spring 2012 to fall 2012 by giving my upgrade to my sister. I've been justifying that by saying I'll compare the new iPhones, latest Android phones(w/jellybean) and the new windows phone 8 phones to the all new BB10 phone this fall. Now when I go to do that comparison RIM will have absolutely nothing for me...

I've got a 9930, 2 Playbooks. 16 and 64gb. I just ordered a S3. Not because of this news, but because my carrier VZW forced my hand with a contract renewal by 6/28 to keep unlimited data. If I like the Sammy I'll keep it. If I like what I see in BB10 in 2013 (assuming RIM survives), I'll pay full freight for a Bold replacement by selling the S3 to finance it. Whatever happens, I'm not done with Blackberry. I'm just tired of waiting.

If you think RIM will survive this, you're crazy.

BB10 had to make a launch this year, with the new iPhone, Jelly-Bean, and WP8 Apollo coming out soon, this was RIM's chance to get new consumers and show their distinctive platform vs the competition.

Sadly, they failed yet again. By the time BB10 DOES come out ( if it comes out ) the competition's OS's will be maturing with more apps, updates, etc.

Come Sept 21 ( my renewal date ) I will go with WP8 or even a Lumia 900 which will have WP 7.8 running it.

Sorry RIM, but you cannot expect customer loyalty when you continually fail to deliver.

relax guys,
now i don't think that BB 10 devices will ever be release
looking at how things are with the company.
i think they'll go kaput in few months time
not enough time to release the BB10

even if they do release it next year, i don't think it will save their asses.

time to move on.
the question now is iOs or Android ?

Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. -Marilyn Monroe

Good luck to those who will be looking for new jobs. That news is far more distressing than a minor delay for a new handset.

I was planning on getting a BB 10 phone in the Fall, but now I may just upgrade to a Nokia Lumia or such, and wait and see where RIM is in the new year--hopefully not 6 feet under! How can they not set proper time-lines----embarrassing!

Support can be given to those who deserves it. Even I am of the same opinion till yesterday and holding my next cell phone buy only for BB10. But after yesterday's announcement that BB10 devices will be available only in Q1 of 2013, I read it as not in Q1 but any time after Q1 having regard to the history of RIM's Commitment. Do they think that we all are fools... by repeatedly announcing new deadlines for BB10, they are themselves going to dead ends. Tell me if they are really sincere for BB10, does time of five month really short to develop and /or to set right its BB10 OS. If they work really hard and sincerely day and night, they could have come out with BB10 by September. But now it seems that RIM and Yahoo both, once very great companies, are now dying at very rapid pace.

I read it as giving the company time to sell off any assets, layoff employees in an orderly fashion, and close up shop. I doubt there will ever be a BB10, though we may see some of it emerge in other phones. And most people who are not dedicated fanboys know this. Certainly the industry does.

As bulk corporate buyer of Blackberry’s this for us sounds the end bell, we have now decided that all future purchases of phones will be iphones. I think blackberry have forgotten that they live or die by the information they put out. The announcement that 10 is to be delayed came across as though 10 is just a dream that may or may not happen. If blackberry was a boat it would be half sunk with the captain clinging to the top of the mask telling everyone its rising not sinking. Sad, good product gone bad by incompetent business strategies.

You are *really* - as a bulk corporate buyer - about to sign for a first gen BB10 device (or any device/ Manufacturer) at its very first release ?
Wow, just tell me you won't exchange older devices ... or maybe you're just a tenth of users.
Can't fit w/ what I believe an corporate investment is ...

We've been pushing security, keyboards, data usage, blah blah. All great things. Time we learned the average consumer doesn't give a flying Fcuk about that. If they did, Internet Explorer wouldn't still be the most used browser after decades; Firefox would be. People want products that they can have fun with, not just work with.

Good majority of the professionalhs in my work space use Google or Droid. I see them work on important documents then take five on a really great, graphically rich hsndset for a short distraction. So much to say but still feel like I've been punched in the gut

RIM has to know how badly they've burned even their most loyal customers with this delay. They have tons of BB7 devices sitting around. Instead of a "We're Sorry, here are free apps" thing again, RIM should offer customers a chance to buy a new BB7 device for like $250 directly from them, without using their upgrade.

If my OS5 or 6 device was on its last legs and I wanted to get a new BlackBerry but was wary of using my upgrade when BB10 is essentially just around the corner, I'd be all over a $250 brand new BlackBerry.

I know OS7 devices retail for much more, but really, who is going to pay $299 or $250 for a 9900, when they could get a Samsung Galaxy S3 or something for around the same price? An offer like this would keep people in the BlackBerry fold and leave their upgrade open for BB10 next year.

Hahaha I'm laughing at the fools who are considering a Windows 8 phone. They are so ugly. Like horrendous. I'd rather have an old 9900 than a Windows phone. It looks like something a 15 yearold would have. To me its either Blackberry, Samsung or Apple. Anything else is comical.

Not necessarily -- they still have a WebOS site where seven people gather to discuss all the great apps coming out RSN.


Make that eight. I acquired a Pre 3 cheap; it is better in almost every way other than battery life than my 9810 and will tide me over till someone does a decent Android portrait slider. I just hope my PB stays reliable - cannot connect a Nexus 7 to a monitor.

I'm a new BB fan as of last year, when I got the Playbook just before 2.0 came out, which led to me recently getting the 9810. Since then I've been waiting for BB10, and have been endlessly defending RIM against all the iSheep around me. So yeah, I feel I just got backstabbed. I agree that it is a bad idea to release a product that is less than "perfect", but time is not on RIM's side. There are no apps for BB7 because the devs don't want to waste their time on a dying platform, and the consumers who have not been buying BB7 because they are holding out hope for BB10 are now just going to jump to another platform. The slow BB7 sales are not going to translate to a surge in BB10 sales. And yeah, there is something called overtime. Pay for all the overtime you need, hire all the programmers you need, do what it takes to get BB10 out by the holiday shopping season!

The only glimmer of hope for me is that my contract is up in summer 2013. Hopefully RIM is alive and mostly intact, and they release a physical keyboard BB10 device.

I will not give up on RIM.... I love my BB 9900 and my PlayBook dearly!

Maybe RIM should release the BB10 beta OS for testing on the PlayBook by end this year just to keep us all updated on what's to come in Q1 2013.

That would be a treat....

Let's see this in a different way - sometimes a new device would come out, blow peoples' mind and steal them from the currently popular (but aging) platform(s).

That's why Apple hurt RIM so much since iPhone debuted, and that's why people jump from Apple to Andriod/Galaxy very quickly.

Therefore, what is happening between now and the debute of BB10 isn't really important, people can switch bewteen BB, Apple and Galaxy whenever they want. Customers are not stupid, as they know what they see and what they like, therefore as long as BB10 can truly be wonderful, RIM can start to win customers back.

For now, I can't wait until Q1 2013 to upgrade the BBs in my company and should start implementing Galaxy 3, because peoples have been complaining about stability of their BBs (they are the people who don't care about apps, but only care about email and messaging) almost every day; plus, large screen is very beneficial for product demostrations while fast internet makes a device very useful for handing data/images between our people and the company's server.

However, like many users/compaies, we are open to switch to anything that can proof themselves very useful and stable, so nonetheless I'm looking forward to check out BB10 next year, hopefully it will be drool-inducing great.

P.S. RIM, please do NOT make a Bold-like device again, by the time it's debuted, the form factor will be so behind customer expectation. Devices with half a screen is not going to work, it makes browsing and working with application painful (I love bold and have owned 9000, 9700 and 9900 by the way). As keyboard is where people's love are and large screen is a must, RIM have to make a very advanced version of Torch with kick ass keyboard.

Hey Everyone,

This is a time when we need to just hang in there and weather the storm. Let’s support RIM as they work tirelessly to bring us BlackBerry 10. We were hoping for an October release, but it’s not happening. I am glad that it is happening later because of all the other releases this year. We all need to band together and make this happen for all of us. A friend of mine was actually one of those 7.8 million phones (she turned in her iPhone 4 for a BlackBerry because she wanted the keyboard), and has since told me she LOVES IT. BlackBerrys are for people that DO, and we all should do what we can to help RIM get to their goal. Tell your friends and families who don't have a phone or who don’t have a smartphone, to go pick up a BlackBerry! I believe the BlackBerry Community with its 78 million subscribers could help tip the scale in the positive direction. If just 10% of us could get 1 person to get a BlackBerry that would be 7.8 million BlackBerries right there. We as a community need to help the RIMPIRE Strike Back! I want my BB10, but I also want RIM to be right there with it! What will you do to help RIM?

Uh, sorry, this isn't about cults. It's about smartphones, and Rim just announced they are no longer in the game. It's over. It's time to move on, just like the developers who will now kiss BB10 goodbye (having already done so for BB7). I understand. Cults are hard to leave. But it's for your own mental health. Just put your BB device down and walk away to the nearest Android or iPhone dealer.

I just don't understand why is RIMM / BLACKBERRY is silent to all this. I just know that its high time for RIMM / BLACKBERRY to come in front and give a clear picture of this whole bubble which is floating all over the place.

Its feel real hurt (for a Blackberry Fans) to see their brand die or lose the match again and again and again... And still inspite of all those down stream, whenever RIMM / BLACKBERRY came up with any (very very small) update we all showed super enthusiasm towards it...

Still RIMM / BLACKBERRY likes to see their fans see them die, with cold heart feeling, its like seeing your family member die slowly in pain in front of you...

Please don't do this RIMM / BLACKBERRY to your Fans, you are killing yourself as well as us.

Please come up raise your voice RIMM / BLACKBERRY... WE all are with you...


Even though frustrated with the delays, I'm going to wait for launch only for the support and love towards blackberry. I want rim to survive and be no1 again!!

Those who have used Blackberries for the things they treasure about blackberry can jump to other platforms but they will be back come March 2013.I bought an Iphone the moment i heard that BB OS7 handsets would not upgrade to (what we knew the as) BB 0S8.three months down the road,i realised however good the Iphone was,it wasnt doing well what i wanted a phone for.Bought a 9900,i dont know whether it can last me up to March next year,maybe i will pick a cheap curve or one of those old Pearls to take me thru the last months.I beleive there are many with a similar case as mine.

I love BlackBerry, but this news is getting way to difficult to digest.

To be honest, i understand that many of you guys in Canada, USA and UK can and will wayt for another 3 months, but in the "lesser" European countries like Portugal/Spain/Italy i really believe this will be "game over" for RIM. :-( and that's just way to sad.

Samsung had a tremendous huge growth here, along with the established Apple products and dozens of HTC/ZTE releasing every week, people are just forgetting BlackBerry.

If BigM has a successful Windows Phone 8 launch (as we all are expecting), then that's the final nail in the coffin.

As for enterprise market, i know of several developer houses that have already given up on developing for BlackBerry and others that were still hoping to see BB10. In my own company, due to this delay, we have closed the BlackBerry chapter. :-( next months, our BES server will be disconnected.

Sad Sad day. Hell, sad week, first we lost with Spain in the Euro Soccer 2012 and now this.

i need a break.

I find it amazing that with all the money Kevin throws away on apps, that the photo for this artivcle has him slumming on a bus and not running the roads in a nice vehicle. Wait a minute! It's because he throws so much money away on trash apps, that he can only afford to go from point A to point B with the rest of the poor people.

I'm cuirios what the 5000 employees did that RIM can afford to let go? Was the company that bloated with midde managers?

I have to wonder why they really need 6 more months of development? What are the technology hurdles. It sounds like one major problem is battery life. No surprise there. When we all have been beta testers of the OS with our Playbooks for a year now, how much more work did QNX and the apps really need. Maybe it's a testimate to how bad of a job RIM did ith the Playbook.

Sure wish I could go back in time a year and make different decisions.

Facebook should just come in and buy these mofos and use their people and get this phone out this year

you know what i'm happy. i only got my 9900 in febuary i can get a good years use out of it now and not feel cheated by blackberry :D:D thanks RIM

I love this 9930 I am typing my comment with.
I don't care about playing games or watching Netflix on a phone.
My phone is a communication device to me.
And it is quite fine at performing the functions I actually care about.
It does not bother me in the least millions of people choose to use other devices- I do what feels comfortable for me.
And to me this 9930 is extremely comfortable.
I have tried Android- I had an original Droid and a Thunderbolt- the Thunderbolt requires an additional battery to make it through a day. It weighed a lot due to this.
I gave it to my kid.
The wife has an iPhone and she is fine with that.
To each their own.
2013? Ok. No big deal. I know this 9930 will make it to then.
And I can continue to bang out emails all day on it.
I also like the customized LED colors I can assign for identification of those trying to communicate with me.
I also really enjoy the trackpad- I can pretty much use the device one handed in most instances.
Anyway, I sure hope BB stays in the game.
I read all the comments here below the article and some are people throwing in the towel and stuff, but I am not throwing in the towel.
I am fine with what I have and look forward to next year when the next generation begins.

In my opinion, the later release of BB10 platform will be the last nail into the RIMs coffin. Cant believe it, I am very disappointed.

My name is Harshvardhan Shekhawat. I'm from India. You would like to remember me as person who said this when the BB10 devices were delayed in the june:-

BlackBerry is never going down! Not now Not Ever! Even if it bankrupts itself, do you think the governments will just sit and wait while their favourite communication devices are about to be shut down. The previous co-CEO Mike LIZARD & Jim BE-SILLY turned out to be such a douchebags. First they didn't develop BB while there was still time and the second is they left the company when it was about to be burned to ashes(leaving everything up to Thorsten Heins). I think all would agree here when I say Thorsten Heins is the hero BlackBerry needed to survive. People, Listen, There is Playbook too. It's 3g or 4g or whatever version is also due to make it's marvelous entrance. If me and Thor are on the same page he wants to release the Kick-A Tablet first as to drown androids and to give people a slight preview of what BB10 with network feels like. After that being said, remember the N-series which were due in 2013 yes one with the keypad. I think the company will now Launch BOTH LONDON & NEVADA AT THE SAME TIME. Which will practically be like the touch users buy london and type users buy nevada, while the company dominates over a large amount of market share and bring back it's long lost customers due to it's variety. But for that to happen I think Thor must really be on to something. Thus the delay. I can honestly say that the people who are about to leave or have left BB in the SHARE MARKET(not consumer) are in for a big surprise.

Keep It Up Kevin!

I saw this being said on the internet somewhere by someone I don't remember but he/she said:


And I totally agree with you there buddy!

If you check most of my previous post before/after I left BB I have always said very, very late 2012 or Q1 2013. For all of you who keep saying it's just another 6,7, 9 months don't you see what they are doing. If they told you the new phone was coming out in a 1 1/2 year you would have said that's it I'm leaving. But they keep delaying by 3, 6, 9 months and before you know it it's 1 1/2 year heading to 2 years. I've said it before this phone will never come out. They give away 5000 phones to the Devs and I can tell you there will be no apps for it.
Do what Kevin is doing try other phones so when RIM goes belly up he will make the switch all you waiting folks with hope of BB10 will be left wondering what to do.
Do yourself a favor Kevin stick with android.
Got my Galaxy Nexus 6 months ago and don't even miss the BB. When you try the Nexus you realize how far behind RIM is with their phones that are way over priced.
Get out while you can and don't sign a new contract for any BB you will feel foolish in a few months.
Now looking at selling the Playbook before I can't get rid of it.
So looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich's smooth as butter. :)

Yes, it is true. All the things you said are absolutely right there's no arguing about it there. But as I said earlier it's because the two co-douches left it like that. Now Thorsten Heins is being blamed for their mis-deeds while in reality he's got only a year to make a Kick-A BB device on which company's survival depends. Do mind that not even Microsoft is in that position. They started developing in 09(i mean really developing, not buying stuff and sitting on a chair in your office dreaming in the imaginary world that BB will be OK like MIKe & JIM did after buying QNX)


Have a good time buying a good added security apps as your smartphones are impregnated by 300% per year increasing viruses and malwares.

I said the same thing when I was a big BB family and friends to switch to BB for years. When I got my Nexus my eyes opened. Just ask Crackberry Kevin about his android phone. I have never gotten a virus or malware on my phone or PC and battery life is better than the Torch 9860 I had.
These are all old fanboy talks and I use to be a big BB fanboy but take a look at RIM they are done and looking for buy out then blame the next company for dropping BB10.
I was also a big Palm fanboy before BB. :(

Windows Phone. I mean come on. Isn't x-box s***ty already that you add it on to your phone too. I'd love to go PS all the way. Also BB is going to tie your feet to a heavy rock and throw you in a well in our BIHAR next January.

I love Blackberry but you are starting to fade away. Now with the delay of BB10 It is going to be hard. Something has got to give or I may be leaving also. I have had a blackberry since they were pager size. So do not tell me I don't love bb but the writing is on the wall. You better clean the walls or I will have to go also.

Loyal BB user. Just think maybe this is all a smoke screen, wouldn't it be a suprise if RIM, suprised everyone and came out with the BB10, by end of the year as planned.

Probably just wishful thinking...I will still buy a BB10.


I just hope that Kevin may not start seeing jelly beans wherever he looks like he did with the number 10. 'cause you know..... jelly bean..... android..... 4.1 ....... etc..... etc......

FYI, I have Iphone jailbroken with all the custom tweaks. The phone JUUUUUUST right for me and I want to switch to BlackBerry because of it's one thing:- STANDING APART FROM CROWD.

I hate to say that but RIM just put another nail on their coffin.

Time for me to stop dreaming.

I really don't think we will see this phone in the Q1 of 2013, more like Q2. which will be too late.

As a BB developer, I say bye bye RIM, I'm not wasting my time learning something that will maybe never come out, neither that I will continue to work on a dying platform.

I think If BB launched their playbook 4g that'll make a whole lot of difference. I for one am going to buy it. Playbook is like the playgirl of my dreams. It has all the things a man needs in a tablet. But it being wi-fi only is like my playgirl of dreams is trapped in dungeon and I can't take it anywhere I want to.

Also Due to incorrect management in the timeline of MIKE & JIM it is Thorsten who has to lay 5000 more people off. I really feel the pain of the people who have lost their jobs.

Even for that matter no statement has been made for 4g version of playbook. I think they're keeping it under the radar. I think they want to take on the tablet market by surprise.

Nice Move Thor!

One last thing they better bring out LONDON & NEVADA together if they're delaying the launch till Q1 of 2013. Who Knows? There might not even BE a 2013. >:D

IMHO Why we need to force a pregnant mother to deliver its baby prematurely? Let the new baby enjoy its time to be conceived until it is ready to be delivered. I would not expect anyone of you to perform a C-Section on your pregnant wives just to see how the new baby would look like, would you? For the time being we need to nurture the current children that we have, we still have the OS5, OS6, OS7, playbook OS… we need to ask ourselves, have we nurtured them properly, have we corrected and improved their flaws? If you cant wait to see our new baby and you want something new then adopt one, there are lots of them with great dna's running in their veins. But can you honestly say that its YOUR OWN CHILD? I would doubt that. Just saying...

Yep, gotta move on, Sorry RIM, once you get your act together I may come back, but until then hello Galaxy III. Still love my Playbook.

Look to Galaxy Nexus will get Jelly Bean 4.1 in a few weeks. TouchWiz is horrible and God know when they will get 4.1 will RIMM start over with the software and hardware for the BB10 1st quarter 2013? Their technology that is in the BB10 now, will be outdated next year.

About "supporting" ...
Take it for whatever you want, but I believe RIM and - surprisingly - MS are the only battlements to prevent us and our kids to be sucked into APPL and GGL privacy washing machine.

What's happening now will setup - at least - the next decade. I believe if S.J was a 2012 newcomer, its advertising won't target IBM nor Microsoft, but certainly APPL and GOOGLE. I even wonder the "wake up" campaign could be his and "you're not a data" his mantra.

I'll stand old school for this cause:

You can crush us
You can bruise us
And even shoot us
But oh- the guns of [put your town here]

I will remain a faithful and loyal supporter and customer of RIM through the good times and the not so good times. :)

This comment will probably be lost in this LONG list.


RE: Microsoft Patnership - DONT DO IT.

The only thing RIM NEEDS from MS is MS OFFICE Mobile. BUT NOT "active sync exchange".

Security is RIMs market. Security means phones that are not flashy.

Plus, then there's the other stuff I've posted about it the past, but you can search that.

I'm out, happily rocking my leaked updated Scorch (ahem 9860 Torch... a.k.a. Storm 3).

I'm done. This delay is the nail in the coffin.

Selling my Torch 9800 for a Galaxy Nexus. And probably ditching my PlayBook for the Nexus 7.

I'm out.


Why not buying a Nokia E7 plus a Playbook 64GB instead. You will then have a business phone wich is reliable and stable for a small price and for playing and fun the Playbook. I have Nokia Symbian Phones, Xoom Android and Playbook and the Playbook is by far my favourite. I have Android ICS 4.04 on the Xoom now, but I still don't like it. The user interface is not "fluent" at all, but at the Playbook it is fluent and user friendly. And I like to have an OS where I get updates not only for one year but for three, four years or more. Nokia and RIM should have come together. Now MS is sucking the knowledge out of NOKIA and will transfer it in the dead body of RIM, after purchasing it for a small price. I will never use a Win-Phone.

Does anyone think that maybe BB10 will never come out? I am actually starting to think its possible.

So, it seems we entering the dark cloud now. Could be a comulonimbus one. I choose to stay till the very end with RIM. Until the very last day they shut down BIS. I'll enjoy that moment with my 9930 stay in my hand. It will not for sale. It help me performing my very good job already for last several years. Good luck RIM ,,hope you still can breakthru it

I'm a BB supporter, who recently jumped ship to an HTC EVO 4G (with no 4g coverage grrrr), and I love my current phone it's everything a BB SHOULD be. But thats not the point of my comment.

As much as I hate to think about this, I SEVERLY doubt BB10 ever sees the light of day. I don't believe RIM will be solvent enough to put out the product, and I think we will knwo this sooner than later, and right from RIMs mouth. They have a collapsing business. They cannot with 3 more quarters like this one, nevermind the fact that this is far from the worst we will see. Yes BB subscribers a measley 1 million. Yes, that sounds like a lot, but not when you consider that they probably lost millions of customers here in the US alone.

Back to BB10. I don't feel this is the last delay. They are having problems with code? That means the OS isn't even finished, nevermind troubleshooted and then fixed with bugs that undoubtably will come up, then they have to go into production, then they have to get the phones out. I seriously doubt BB10 ever happens. I look at it like this, yes they have cash, but if they get kicked around like they are for 3 more quarters they will start burning cash, just like Thorn said. I don't see how they can survive 3 more quarters and then have the money and time to put out BB10. I seriously see a doomsday scenerio where they are all set they actually have BB10 and they have ZERO ways to promote it and zero money to produce it.

My more likely scenerio is we hear within probably 2 months that RIM is either scrapping the entire thing and selling the business for patents, security, whatever, OR Microsoft comes in and BB adopts Windows 8. Unfortunately RIM has a responsibility to the shareholders, and if BB knows that they are going to run out of cash before being able to launch BB10 they will be forced to scrap it, and have the money they do have on hand, and the money they can make from a company coming in to effectively disband the business.

The longshot is if BB can manage to buy itself out and go private, that is a scary proposition and seems very unlikely, but at least then they could still roll out the phone, if its a hit they could consider coming back as possible just BlackBerry.

BB is backwards right now. And sad to say this isn't the begining of the end, it's the end of the end.

Stock down 18 PERCENT!!! thats gotta be some kind of record for rimm. Anybody care to calculate Mike and Jims current net worth at the current share price? 200 million each?

I am so sick and tired of these excuses "We want it to be perfect before we release it" Well, guess what, life has deadlines...I can't tell my boss my report isn't perfect so i cant turn it in...I couldn't tell my professors my exam isn't perfect so i cant turn it in...RIM, you just missed the biggest deadline!

Rim is dead. Anyone who can't see that is living in la-la-land. BB10 will never see the light of day, at least under Rim. Is it not obvious that anything they could have put out by 10/10 would have been outclassed by the competition? Even in the wishful thinking mode that it will be 'perfect' when/if it arrives, what is Rim's record for timely upgrades? Fact is, Rim is no longer in the game. You want a smartphone with current technology? Buy an Apple or Android and put to bed the hopes you once had for a super-duper BB10. It will never happen.

No. It's not obvious.

BB10 will be released and will be good. Great - I don't know, but it will be good.

RIM's problem is that they'll miss yet another product cycle with the consequent hit on their financials.

Well we all I know this might be the end ! At least I'm fed up with waiting!!!!!! ...time to start looking at other devices, I can't wait anymore !

The co-CEO's have left a nightmare for Heins to solve.

Not only did they fail to make necessary cuts when it was obvious their costs were too high, but they left him a PR nightmare to fix.

Rather than work behind the scenes on their new OS, they rushed to market with Playbook (which is actually pretty good and could have been great), and then over promised on BB10. In the process telling the world their current product line was useless - which it isn't. It's not state of the art, but it is ok.

RIM will release BB10 in the new year. They'll be leaner and meaner and hopefully more responsive.

But whether they can ever heal the damage to their brand caused by several years of utter incompetence at the top is another question.

The other problem RIM is going to have is *IF* they manage to be around when BB10 comes on board, they better be damn sure that phone is comparable to iphone and Android standards then and not standards for those phones NOW.

The other problem RIM is going to have if BB10 makes it, is they will really be relying on that new revanue to stream to keep funding the company and building the "next" phone.

I am so finished with RIM. I have waited, I have anticipated, I have dreamed, but for what? To hear that we have another delay. A company that is already having trouble is just asking for the inevitable. I think it is time for me to start weaning myself off of my Blackberry addiction. Time to learn a new system. Time to jump ship before it sinks! RIM, you are so disappointing. It is not Palm yet, but it is stinkin' close to it!

A simple comment and question - While BB10 and the phone are not ready yet, is the new OS ready for the Playbook? Is so, throw us a bone and let us upgrade to the new OS. Give us something to generate excitement.

i love my torch 9810 and will probably keep it for a while well till i upgrade. i thought would change their hole delaying shit i guess not. if the new phones arent out by the time i can upgrade im switching to the iphone. delay after delay with rim ive always said good things about them but this is ridiculous

I have a Torch 9850. Even though it's a little outdated, generally speaking it works fine and does what I need it to. Working for close to 20 years in IT for large corporations I've had the opportunity to use and own a lot of Blackberries some better than others.

I'll stick with RIM a little longer but I'll be honest this last bit of news makes me wonder what's really going on behind closed doors at the upper levels of the company. Sometimes all the talk of changing direction and re-dedication is nothing more than misdirection to buy more time while they execute a different that may not be as popular.

I'm not saying that is what's happening here but my experience tells me it's a possibility. But I hope RIM manages a turn around. I love my Playbook and look forward to a new phone.

Sad sad sad sad news! This is a slow painful crapout to watch. I hope Amazon buys RIM and at least retains the Blackberry name. Very sad!

A tech company that promises something for "Q1" typically means "end of March", not January, not February.
So this is 9 months from now, as stated already by so many others.
And, I am a keyboard guy, so I will have to wait another 2 months or so (being optimistic) to get my desired device. Almost one full year from now!
Heck, my 9900 will have fallen apart by then!

And all that waiting - what for? The promised "awesomness" is what exactly? A nice virtual keyboard to kick words to the screen top with a thumb? A peek function? Anything else of significance that is known already?

On top of everything, I BET that MANY developers who were ponding over whether or not they should proceed investing in the BB10 platform WILL now cancel their plans or at least delay further investments until something tangible can be purchased in the stores. It is no longer possible to believe anything that RIM tells about whether and when any new products will be available.

I hate to say it, but I think it's over.....RIM will be history soon.

Anything of significance?

Heins gave away one secret yesterday. He said BB10 would work with multiple cloud services.

That may not impress you, but it's going to be essential if you want people to switch devices in future.

You're right in part about developers, but it's not that big of a deal.

HTML5 developers don't care - they can port to BB10 in a few minutes if they use Appcelerator or Phonegap.

Native developers will take more persuading, but the toolset looks good so far and the gestation period for native apps is usually longer.

Flash developers also have multiple options - so they also don't lose anything much from investing in BB10.

And Java developers have only the Android option. Once again a very quick port and you're running on BB10.

RIM has built some pretty neat technology, and Heins clearly wants it right before he launches. A few months is not the end of the world market wise. More than that will be a problem for sure.

So what are these cloud services? Dropbox? Evernote? Anything else? That should be supported as a standard anyway. And, to my knowledge, all other platforms already support and/or offer cloud services TODAY and not by end of March '13 only.

The apps that the market seems to want so desperately are Skype, Netflix etc., so they are either not that easy to port or these developers never wanted to invest anything in bringing it to e.g. playbook, and yesterday's announcement didn't make the situation more compelling.

I agree, a few months is not the end. But, it is a few months PLUS another few months between now and the original release date "later this year", and all of this on top of the "older" delays that are already behind us.

Last but not least, what are all the others going to do between now and end of March '13, while RIM is "just" trying to make someting available that was originally due in early '12? Yes, they will further develop their platforms, so the gap to whatever BB10 will potentially be in the future will become bigger and bigger.

Like I said, I hope I am totally wrong. I don't want RIM to go away, but since yesterday, I am more than just sceptical.

I am a BlackBerry fan, and I tried to stick with it until bb10 will come out. A few months ago I was thinking to move to Android, but decided not to. Than I got os 7.1.267 or what ever on my torch 9810 and got the hot spot option on my at&t device with so called (unlimited) data plan. And it helped me to be more patient and wait for bb10.
However this is to much even for me. RIM betrayed us again like before.


You lost a good customer so stupid hah

It's funny. Look back at everyone's comments and those people who were 'off the band wagon ' a long time ago got pretty much trashed by those who potentially jumping off now.

I think those who left the train long ago deserve some respect.

I've used Berries, been to Android and hated it and rushed back to the Berry.

The news in the conference call was a huge shock.

I'm in contract whereby I couldn't upgrade until Dec 2013. Nevertheless I was really excited for the pending late-2012 release of the new platform. And now........nothing until Q1 2013. At the earliest.

There was no definitive "Come hell or high water BB10 will be out in Q1 2013" but instead just a "We anticipate a Q1 2013 release"

As much as I don't want to say it, I really, honestly do wonder if Blackberry 10 will ever be released.

The phoenix rising dying in flames and new one rising from the ashes is from mythology, it didn't originate in the Harry Potter books.

Please use analogies correctly.

Oh, and RIM is basically "Dead Man Walking".

They are doing the exact same thing Palm did. They are hanging on to a dead platform and delaying the new one because all their brilliant engineers got stolen by other companies; which is making it supremely difficult to get their new OS 'perfect'.

Unfortunately, the comparison with Palm rings pretty true. I know RIM's financial position is better than Palm's was before they went running to HP, but everything else seems eerily similar. My wife and kids all had Palm phones, so I used to read the webOS blogs, and it was just the same: customers were clamoring for a new generation of devices, and Palm/HP kept delaying, delaying, delaying, wanting to get it "perfect"... and when they finally came out with something (Veer and Pre3) it was outdated as soon as it hit the street. I will probably hold on to my 9700 until next year to see what RIM comes up with, but if I had to bet, I'd say everyone is in for more disappointment.

Firstly, I definitely want to say that I'm very disappointed to hear of the BB10 device delays VERY... partially because I just want a device soon, partially because it allows for much more time for the blogosphere and the 24hour news cylcle to rip RIM apart (which sends the stockmarket going crazy).
Secondly, while I wont make any excuses for RIM's mistakes in the past (they got lazy, and decided not to listen to the market, and not to actively bolster blackberry coolness), I must say that since the introduction of OS7, I've seen great strides from them (and some painfully slow execution)... I dont live in North America... and I must say that my eyes see Blackberry Love alive and well. It's also the only device that you can get an affordable internet package for (How few people notice their great data efficiency)... their devices are durable and battery life for the real world isnt something to "poo-poo". I saw peoples reaction when they released the playbook before it was ready... the blogosphere lambasted them... and owning the actual device was really much different for me... (didnt they just lose the manufacturer for the 9900?) it still is great. I just hope that when they're through, BB10 is AHEAD of the competition and not 8 months behind the competition... I STILL WANT BLACKBERRY TO SUCCEED.

For me, all of this is a mixed bag. I've been trumpeting the 'just wait for BB10, you'll see!' song gleefully. All five members of my family are using BB's on Sprint. My three sons are all using Curves, yet drooling over their friends' toys. I had planned on putting BB10's under the tree at the end of the year for all of them. Luckily, I never told them this. (Maybe I'll be able to find Bolds for them.)
I just read that Sprint has begun rolling out their new service, moving away from CDMA. Now I'm curious if they'll have expanded this by time the 10's arrive. My contract on my 9930 runs through 11/13. Unless something drastic happens, I'm hoping that this storm will be over and I'll be be giddy come Christmas '13.

BB10 will have a hard time and I am a Blackberry Supporter. Here is the problem as I see it.;

Microsoft, Apple and Android all have links to Desktop Software.

Microsoft to Windows 8, Apple to iOS and Android to Google

This is what The Industry and The Customer wants. Seamless integration bewtween Work and Home.

Blackberry 10 is Standalone Software.

After hearing today's announcement, I am making the switch to Microsoft. Not out of anger, not out of frustration, but because it seems to make sense.

Yes there will be Security concerns, but nothing I am doing at work requires that kind of paranoia and my personal life is pretty much on display through the various Social Sites.

I can use Office, Outlook, Skyoe, Netflix, Flash, Adobe, and countless others as well as run the countless number of Apps and Programs developed to run on Windows without bitching about compatabillity issues.

I will continue to use my 9860 and 64Gb Playbook because I love they way they work together, but when Windows 8 Phones and Tablets are available I am gonna jump ship.

Today's news is bad news and unfortunate for the faithful that hoped theings would be different.

Rocktauber endorses this comment.

I give up. I've been waiting on bb10 far too long(3 year bb faithfull). Android it is. I'm wondering now if I should keep my torch or sell it while I can.

yeah my torch 9850 with the OS 7.1 system sucks.

the speaker phone volume is trash and they dont seem to want to update our sytems to fix it, yet there delaying everything else. im still going to wait because i love blackberry but this is a horrible rebound and look for the company.

I do think its NOT JUST PRODUCT DELAY. There is probably something going to happen before Q1 2013.

I still have faith and confidence with Rim. This is an extremely huge upgrade for them. Whoes to say the consumer of today will be same as tomorrow or the near future. Events and trends throughout the years has always been circular. The now is android and ios6, but the future is qnx. Just so long as they remain cash flow positive Rim will ride out this storm. The growing pain for rim is now, whereas, I believe ios and android is reaching their. My question is, when consumer becomes more mobile and demand more from their devices qnx will bring them to the next level. I can see the other oses will become stqngant with its current dna coding. Just look @ the desktop oses, as it's the mirror of the mobile oses.

Apple had difficulty going from powerpc to osx, windows to metro, desktop Linux with its many distros. It's an inevitable trends all oses have to go through. This is why I still feel strongly confident that Rim will get it right in the end and come out with a solid product.


ill still stick with rim to the last day, it sucks they gotta push it back but people getting upset seems silly to me, rim is trying and not everything happens over night, for rim they gotta make sure its perfect if they say No phone next year well at least they tryed. I wont give up they are on the ropes and we cant stop cheering them on now, the final bell has not rung untill rim says bye and the doors are locked and the lights off untill then ill keep cheering them on

Love my blackberry and my physical keyboard. I will keep using it until there's a product out there that's better or until there's something I want to do with my phone that Blackberry can't. Sadly, I can only believe that this setback is a brutal failure to the brand and it's ability to be relevant. Which brings forward the idea that there will be a better product soon. Blackberry 10 looks to be the best future platform out there, but Apple and Android will ALMOST CERTAINLY be able to do all the nifty new things BB10 can do, long before BB10 is available.

I dont think this affects the typical smartphone user as much as it does someone who's job depends on having something to write about the NEW OS. BB 10 will be old news by June of next year and alot of these same people will be complaining about the OS and what improvements there will be in BB11. I find it funny to watch people always waiting for the next best thing because the next best thing is already out dated. Sorry for all of those that live and die by when the NEXT big thing is released.

CEO delayed due to not wanting to bring out an incomplete phone... Um...isn't that what most companies do? bring out not-so-complete-so perfect product so they can improve on it and maintain market share?

By trying to develop the 'perfect phone' and delaying it, you've made your consumers lose interest and go to the competitor.

I look at it this way... Im using android, im not 100% happy with it

IF and/or when RIM puts out a product that is worth the money, and i feel that the company is stable enough to be able to keep updates coming for the device i am locked into a contract with i will be more than happy to get a blackberry phone....

RIM started off as one of the only games in town for "smart" phones.... they are no longer even close- people can go on about how rim is a buisness phone it doesnt need to do what the other phones do to compete... the truth is they do, the market dictates what a phone should do to stay current. though even these days being current with phone tech is not enough... if BB10 is released, they better have a plan to release the next big phone, have the bugs worked out and drop on time, they have to be able to stay ahead of the game... the game is a fight to the death

either they adapt to the market or they will die

A couple comments:
#1 It's seems too coincidental that they are announcing this delay only weeks after bringing in 3rd parties to help them understand their options as a company. Everyone knew announcing a delay on top of a poor earnings announcement would significantly drop the value of the company more. Are they trying to accelerate this decline so that it is more appealing to take private. The second they go private it will take a lot of the public scrutiny off their back while they regroup. This would be temporary....I don't know why they wanted to pile on to negative quarterly news, other than to take the hit once.
#2 I think it would be tremendously valuable if they would follow up the Alpha devices to developers with a Beta device in the September timeframe, assuming stable enough to get closer to full functionality into the developer's hands. This could help 'freeze' some of the holiday market until Q1. SOMETHING should be done to freeze some of the holiday market to maintain some enthusiasm in BB10...

"RIM is trying to give birth to BlackBerry 10 when the media, Wall Street, shareholders and even consumers are scrutizinizing every move RIM makes and the company's balance sheet and cash flow is not nearly as healthy."

Sorry, but i doubt very many consumers really care what RIM is doing....

Wow! I'm so glad i belong to this forum. see how passionate the teamblackberry is.
Please I think we should as a matter of necessity support rim. I'm so sure the CEO Thor is reading this forum's comments. No one will, as a CEO, would not want to make success of his establishment. What I hope for now is that BB 10 will not be an out dated platform when it is made available.
I draw consolation from the fact that my 9860 still serve me well.
Sorry guys, I short of words right now.
Forgive me.

I love Blackberry! However we all now live in the supurb age of technology when life can be summed up by one word, "simplified". I actually sold my Playbook last week and my Bold 9900. I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note for business purposes and for a tad bit of enjoyment while away from the office. I really am impressed that I am able to communicate with my wife and kids while using this phone through voice-chat. I am also impressed to be able to handwrite note on a whim. I rarely use netflix but it is a nice feature while on the white cadillac. We all trusted RIM and to no avail we all believed the hype of BB10. You just can't land your fans disappointments over and over and expect them to continue to wear your team jersey. I can't say that Samsung is a better Company, their phones truly are. But what I can say is that they found a way to evolve and keep attracting market share. All Samsung phones don't play apps, watch movies, or even play games. But, there's just about one type of phone per user's taste. I switched and have no RIM nightmares. I will always login to Crackberry and have a 5 minute reunion and wish RIM well.

While I agree with most on feeling let down about the release of the new "everything" nevermind just BB 10. This will be the longest time I will have to stay on one particular model of bb.
That said, I'm still going to wait for what will be a revamp in every sense of the word.
My 9900 still does everything I need it to do, the end. Honestly, the only thing I personally have been wanting is bb traffic with maps gps running. My family and I are more than happy with everything we get out of all the tools and communication needed.

Pining for Q1 is the tough part. I'm looking at it like this, putting it out of my head until Christmas.
Fuck it, I'll wait because we don't NEED anything else for now anyway.
I'm still stoked with my 9900.

Thank you for the information. Since my contract expired a few months ago, I was prepared to wait until this fall for a new BB. Now I don't have to. I am extremely disappointed in this new timeline. It is quite apparent that the other options out there are the way to go and that RIM will not survive this latest transgression. Almost daily, I defend my BB ownership and right or wrong, this is a significant letdown. How long before 1st quarter 2013 becomes 2nd quarter 2013 becomes never?


Very sad news no matter how you try to twist it and turn it. Those who are not due for new phones until after the launch might end up staying with RIM, but people who have older phones will be stuck without any real options anywhere near what the standard of smartphones are today. I just don't see people sticking around. It may have nothing to do with loyalty, but rather just a matter of a persons needs and finding a device that meets those needs best.

Launching BB10 in 2013 without updating its specs again for 2013 standards will be a nightmare. Everyone knows what BB10 is supposed to be all about due to the shows. Releasing it 9 months later just gives someone else the opportunity to perfect alot of those bells and whistles and steal that thunder before them.

Thankfully my phone is not due for upgrading until 2013. HOPEFULLY there will be a blackberry to upgrade to or my current one will still be working well enough for me to wait.

I guess this was the lesser of the 2 evils (release buggy, or wait til perfect).

Here is what Heins said during conference call: One of the analysts from Goldman asked a question that immediately came to mind when RIM announced that BlackBerry 10 was launching in calendar (not fiscal!) Q1 2013. She said that chipset roadmaps, displays, hardware, and more are on a constant upgrade cycle. What was relevant for BlackBerry 10 launching in the 2nd half of 2012 will no longer be competitive in Q1 2013. In short she asked if RIM was going to ship BlackBerry 10 with 6 month old hardware. Great question right?

Thorsten Heins said he was actually glad they asked this question. He said that when RIM designed BlackBerry 10 it was designed as a platform not a phone with hard specifications. He said he could not go into specifics on the call but he was “very confident” that “BlackBerry 10 devices would deliver both performance and an exciting experience.” He also said that the draw of BlackBerry 10 is not the hardware specifications but the experience targeted at BlackBerry users who value productivity along with exciting features on the software layer. He promised that BlackBerry 10 device hardware will be “more than competitive” but stressed that hardware was not BlackBerry 10’s competitive advantage.

That would be excellent news and is certainly the right direction to take! I guess time will tell. However as the saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and unfortunately for RIM, their actions have left very few listening to their words.

I just listened to a recorded confidential call in Australia. I will not tip-off who was on the call. Rim will be sold Q1 2013. I bet Kev already knows this. Just saying. Holding out for Rim is a waste. I'm sad to hear this.

You'll need to do better than that.

One of RIM's key investors bought in recently at $50 a share.

I hardly think he's likely to write off the bulk of that investment after less than two years.

If RIM sells now they'll get $10 a share max. I'd be willing to bet he'd take them private before losing hundreds of millions.

So if you want us to believe you'd better provide something more concrete than a "confidential call". If it was that confidential how come someone who posts on a Crackberry board knows about it.

RIM CEO makes the right decision to release BB10 when it is almost perfect. Can you imagine if RIM releases something that is 90 to 95 percents ready, the critics will rip RIM in pieces. Because they hate RIM so bad and they find a little fault to destroy RIM. Apple, Google and Microsoft can release something 90 to 95 percent done, the critics wont care because they love them, but for RIM it must be at least 99 to 100 percent perfect or they will kill the company. You can see how bad they trash RIM right now.

The issue is NOT that they want to make it perfect for the release, but that they didn't succeed in making it perfect for a 2012 release.

What if in March '13 it is still not perfect? Is it going to be June '13 then? And so on and so forth.

Its this delaying and delaying over and over again, in a market that sees product refresh cycles of 6 months or less. Just unacceptable.

I haven't really looked at Android and iPhone for a while.

Can someone please explain to me why I should give up my 9900 for an iPhone or Android?

I'm not that into games, and don't care about video on my phone. Otherwise I use the net and social media a fair amount, and use voice and text messages constantly to keep in touch with friends and family.

What device should I go for?

Kevin- i have lots of hair ties and rubberbands that you could have.
I will still hold out for BB10. It is disappointing- but my Torch9850 works fine till then.

I believed people will not leave RIM because of the delay. People who bought RIM phone will not leave RIM otherwise why would they buy RIM phone in the first place anyway. They buy RIM phone because of its physical keyboard. The only consumers that RIM will lose are the ones that own IOS, Android and Win8 because they cannot wait any longer.

Love hate relationship. But BlackBerry will deliver on the BlackBerry 10 Super Phone. TAKE MY MONEY.

NEXT YEAR?! By then a 5s will be on it's way out! im sick of waiting this 9930 will probably be my last BB, going to an iPhone i think

Stock down 16%, late arrival of BB10 (the only thing that's keeping me holding on)... Coming from a faithful BB addict its painful having band wagon i-phoners making fun of me for being the only one left with a Blackberry, please come through soon so I can have something to through in there stupid faces... But I have been looking at Android...argh... I'm going to stick it out till my Bday in February then its bye bye..

I called my wireless vendor to reserve two BB10 for me and two for my brother just last week....

We will gladly wait for 2013 and BB10


Willing to wait for bb10. I still believe that bb10 operating system is one of the best now. one of the reason is because i think ios6 is boring . I don't hate apple, i have iPad and iPhone. But still in term of operating system I still believe bb10 is ahead from ios. RIM still got a lot of money and they still gonna survive at least 12-18 month, so i don't think they gonna die that easy .

I sold my 9900 months ago but I'm a tech guy and I wouldnt mind seeing what RIM does with QNX on a phone. What really kills me is that Android up until "Jelly Bean" ran like crap on the Tablet and Cellphone that would have really been a good time for QNX to shine..... if RIM would have had the support it kinda has now for the Playbook and BB10 2 years ago..... it would have been a different story. dang! IOS runs GREAT but in my opinion its as boring as a funeral. as much as a love my Gnex I would RUN back to a BB10 device with a keyboard! Come on RIM!

Perfection is to be pursued, it is never achieved, and holding a product back for perfection means it will never release. People want what a Blackberry can do now with high quality app support. The fact that RIM can't even get their own features working like BBM shows just how incompetent they are in development IMHO.

I have been a blackberry user since 2003 - I am done. I hate my bold.

I will not wait for BB10 to upgrade from this crap BB7 disappointment.

I am Canadian and I still say good riddance to RIM - this is not how you reward loyal customers.

I have been patient - its been years since I have had a BB that met my expectations. The BB7 device I have is the worst. What a disappointment. Thank god I can update every 12 months.

Whatever really, this will not keep me awake at night. If RIM decides to launch BB10 in 10 years for 10 other reasons I couldn't care less. What I care is the service and the durability the equipment has, and a BB has given me that. So I will not remove my support or switch phones immediately after they say that BB10 is delayed. If RIM goes down I will then look at an alternative, until then I will worry about more urgent matters other than having the latest techno-toy.

and then come Q1 2013... sorry, but we have to push it again to Q3, BB10 is not finished yet... and then it never will because RIM will be Rest In Motion...

Shut it Thorsten. Nothing you say is credible anymore. You and your company are a laughing stalk right now. And that comes from a Canadian, no need to wave the flag here, a bad company that lies is a bad company that lies, no matter the nationality . Time for the boys in the board room to take their faces out of the donut box!

I started with RIM on their first interactive pagers, when the only competition was Motorola and the devices were only used for business. Since then I've owned a lot of different Blackberry models. My current phone is the Bold 9930, and it's the best phone RIM has ever produced. (Although the official Verizon sw release is a horrible build, so I upgraded to a newer release.)
I'm a power smartphone user -- I have at least 40 apps on my phone and I use them all quite heavily. I manage two businesses and several community operations. I have 6 email accounts active on my phone. almost 2000 contacts. I do almost all my email from the phone these days. Also much of my web browsing, although with RSS feeds, Podcasts, and specialized apps I find less need to browse the web! I still love the physical keyboard, but I'm also happy with the trackpad, and now the touch screen. All three in combination is dynamite! Most of my phone use is business and education. However I also shop with it (Amazon, Ebay, Craigslist, Starbucks). I track shipments using the FedEx app, keep in sync using Dropbox, Bank using Chase app (including depositing checks), Navigate using Blackberry Traffic and TeleNav, Work on Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs using Documents to Go, I actually read books using the Kindle app for the Blackberry (cause it's always with me, so I can read a bit between other activities). Blackberry Travel manages my trips; I get directions from Blackberry maps or sometime Google maps; I find stores, movies, people using Poynt; I keep up with family and friends using Facebook and UberSocial for Twitter; Because I work with a number of teenagers, I have become a heavy user of text messaging (at least 2000/month) using CrunchSMS; Google Voice manages my voice mail and delivers it visually and also in transcription; I keep up in various fields using RSS feeds that are managed beautifully by XPRSS; I keep synchronized shopping lists and project notes using Upvise; Store a huge variety of confidential info using DataVault; Manage multiple alarms and calendars; Protect my device with online automatic backups and phone locator provided by Blackberry Protect; Scan QR codes, Interact with iPhone friend groups using WhatsApp, Browse trending news with Sideswipe, Manage two business Paypal accounts with their app, and more... For pure utility tasks or fun, I often use the flashlight app from e-Office, a compass app, a level app (ProLevel) to help hang pictures, ScoreMobile to follow sports. Blackberry Music player along with Slacker radio, Pandora, Nobex radio, Player for YouTube, Blackberry Podcasts, and even a Police Scanner Radio keep me plenty entertained. BerryWeather tracks and beautifully displays the weather in the 6 cities my kids live in. I regularly take meeting notes with memoPad or EverNote. Using an online fax service I receive, display, send, and forward fax messages. Although I'm also a photographer and make fun of phone cameras, there are plenty of times when I use the camera or video camera to capture information. I use the GPS system to save specific locations for future reference and share them with friends. I could keep going... my point? I'm so tired of hearing about people who claim that there are so few apps on Blackberry compared to iPhone! I can get everything I need to done just wonderfully on my Blackberry! All my kids have iPhones and the only thing they have that I would like is a front facing camera. They, on the other hand, lack a lot of features that I have! (Ever try to schedule a repeating appointment for Mondays and Wednesdays on an iPhone without using your computer??) Are there some annoyances, slowdowns, needs to reboot? Sure. My kids who are casual iPhone users (read phone, camera, texting) have no problems. But I also have a power-user iPhone son, and his phone freezes and requires a restarts about as much as mine does. My Blackberry is rugged (my kids' iPhones have suffered broken screens many times). good-looking, good feeling in my hand -- and does everything I need!!

Can RIM survive? Time will tell. Certainly they made a lot of mistakes. I hope they make it and we see a wonderful new line of RIM phones. In the meantime, I have a GREAT phone that I've had for less than a year. It is easily good for another year before I may want to replace it. Just because there is a newer, sexier model doesn't mean I need to upgrade. I am accomplishing a TON with my phone, and really appreciate the removable memory card, swappable battery, and easy to use charging docks. What more could I ask for? Games?

The delay of BB10 makes sense to me based on the belief that had it was released as a BB designed product it would have little impact in the marketplace -- similar to HP's experience of releasing a superior OS in a hostile environment. Let's face it BB is on a one-way death spiral, and BB10 would be instantly be perceived as a failed OS, with little inherent value. But repackaged and sold to a company yearning to get into the tablet game (Motor-OS, Dell-OS) it has great value as a cutting edge OS in a new tablet for a real player that can compete globally. We will one day see BB10, just not in a Blackberry.