BlackBerry's Painful Platform Pregnancy

My hair is gonna be LONG by the time BlackBerry 10 is released
By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Jun 2012 06:31 pm EDT

I'm writing this from a hotel room (with crappy internet) in San Francisco, just minutes after the conclusion of RIM's Q1 2013 Earnings Call. We knew the numbers would be depressing, so we were braced for that. What we didn't expect to hear was that the launch of BlackBerry 10 phones is going to be delayed until the first quarter of 2013. Shoot me now. Or at least knock me out and wake me up in 7, 8, 9 months when BlackBerry 10 is here. This news sucks on so many levels, I almost don't know where to begin.

No, RIM didn't give us an exact date for the launch of BlackBerry 10, but we were expecting "later this year". And in contrast to RIM's former CEOs, we've been so impressed with Thorsten Heins since he took the reigns that we were not expecting a broken promise on this. At least I wasn't. I took later this year to mean later this year... not next year.

I was really hoping for a 10 / 10 launch. BlackBerry 10 on October 10 just had a it's meant to be ring to it. If we see BlackBerry 10 hit in January, then the perceived delay isn't *too* bad. That's just a couple of months of extra waiting beyond what we were already prepared for. But Q1 2013 can mean March 31st, 2013, which is literally 9 months away from now if RIM uses up all of the extra time they just gave themselves. That's an *eternity* in the tech world and to a site like CrackBerry.

On the Earnings Call, Heins stated his reasoning for the delays. He refuses to launch BlackBerry 10 without it being perfect, and to get a phone to market this year would mean it would be less than that. Launching with something less than perfect would be game over. He's taking the harder path to making sure BlackBerry 10 platform is done right and what gets launched is compelling. I get that. I respect that. I do think it's the right choice. But of course, like many readers here, I just wish that still meant it would launch sooner rather than later.

This isn't a Palm story just yet. The big difference is that RIM still has money in the bank. $2.2 billion right now. And they're doing everything they can to save money so they have more time to execute on the launch of BlackBerry 10. It's clear that's still their primary goal and where they believe they can build the most value for shareholders, who have obviously taken a massive hit these past 18 months.

There are really two ways to look at the situation following today's earnings report and investor call. One way, which you're going to see reported on a lot, is that RIM is dead and what we're witnessing now is the slow and drawn out death of what was once a successful company.

The other way to look at it, is as a re-birth. For all the Harry Potter fans out there, think about Dumbledore's Phoenix Fawkes, who when he gets old burns up and is born again from the ashes. Between a new CEO, restructuring, reorganizing and giving birth to a new mobile computing platform in BlackBerry 10, until the bank account runs dry (or some other business event intervenes) RIM still has the chance to be reborn a much stronger company. This is the way I'm looking at it and hoping for things to play out. A year from now I would love to look back at this blog post and say yep, RIM gave birth to a beautiful baby.

But today it became apparent though that RIM is suffering from PPP - a painful platform pregnancy. BlackBerry 10 is still going to take a while to get here, and it's a difficult pregnancy to say the least. Apple worked three years on iOS behind the scenes secretly before unveiling the iPhone. Those are good conditions. RIM is trying to give birth to BlackBerry 10 when the media, Wall Street, shareholders and even consumers are scrutizinizing every move RIM makes and the company's balance sheet and cash flow is not nearly as healthy. Those are bad conditions. It's not going to be easy for RIM.

This isn't new news though. We've known for a long time now that everything hinges on RIM getting BlackBerry 10 to market successfully. What we learned today is that it'll be a few more months delayed. RIM is going to be out of the game for Black Friday and Christmas. Another opportunity lost. They're going to have to suffer another quarter with less than stellar earnings before there's hope of seeing some new growth. But as long as they keep the revenue engine firing on at least a few cylinders and spend their savings carefully, there's still time and hope, and I'll keep the faith. Hopefully many of you out there will too - more than ever, RIM needs our support. Let's give it to them.

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BlackBerry's Painful Platform Pregnancy



I think we all are. We waited for 6 months with hope and instead a massive broken promise. I feel like buying a Galaxy S III tonight... But I won't. I want to cool off first.

Let's think about this again shall we?
More than a year to make "a device"?
More than a year to optimise the PB OS for a phone?
Let's face it it will just be another smartphone when it eventually launches so what exactly is happening?
We excused the previous delays as we thought RIM were trying to execute and restructure at the same time but this tells us RIM are actually running into problems they do not know what to do with and it's anyone's guess if the solution will be found.
A late 2012 date was already deemed too late to the party by most, this will be deemed catastrophic BY ALL. They will not have a market share to sell it to as some have been saying.
I suppose they agonised long and hard about announcing this piece of crushing news but if there is a sliver of hope of overturning this decision then there should also do that again. The livelihood of RIM seriously depends on this one decision. Heins says there so much code to go through to release this year. I am assuming he was referring to the apps they want add onto the OS. I wonder how bad they thought outing a device with respectable specs and current PB functionality, BBM and radio was going to be? Then by Q1 2013 add these other stuff.
As it is my belief is badly shaken, and I have stood by RIM even through clearly hopeless moves. Now I find myself doubting this BB10 story. I certainly cannot wait till then for an all new device.

I couldn't have said it any better. The delay to the fall of 2012 was supposed to give RIM time to make it perfect. I've been disappointed too many times, which you mention above. I think I've given them more faith than they deserve. It's time for $2 Billion of Canadian capital to spend on more productive activities. I'm moving on.

agree, it's not really about bringing a perfect product onto the table anymore.

a product perfect in 2012 is not perfect in 2013.

selling perfect typewriters may garner some customers, but it certainly won't appeal to the mass.

Whether RIM does have problem or not with integrating its service into QNX really does not matter to the general public.

Even if everyone on Crackberry blindly supports RIM, RIM is still going to be dead. The general public sees a company who has been selling handsets with outdated specs and software for the past few years, launched nothing for an entire year, and then again sells something in 2013 intended to compete with phones in 2011.

What confidence has RIM given us? If it takes this long for RIM to develop a phone, how long will it take to update it? Will it take years for glitches to be fixed? There are bound to be glitches....

I genuinely think RIM should start selling its patents and other assets.

+1 Agree whole heartedly. I've also stood by RIM in the face of all that has been going on, and with this news, my faith is badly shaken. I question if RIM can bounce back, while I'd love to stand behind the words of the Big Kev-bowski, and take heart from his faith, I don't know that I can anymore, and I'm sure there are tons of people who feel the same way (and have been for a while). While the BB faithful have and will continue to stand behind RIM (kudos for having stronger faith than I do) I don't know if the hardcore, completely loyal Crackberry addicts, will be enough to keep RIM successful. In my eyes, the future isn't as bold as it was yesterday, its now starting to get grey and fuzzy...I'm not a fan of grey and fuzzy...not on my bread and definitely not on my hip. I hope they pull it off, but my mind is now open to exploring other platforms in earnest...Hopefully BB will be my next platform of choice, but I think by early next year, I may have moved on, and I think a lot of others will have too.

Ditto. We've given RIM plenty of the benefit of the doubt to trust them on execution, yet they've failed to deliver over and over. How much longer Kev-o? I'd say, give it up, Kevin. It's been fantastic up to this point, I've know you've given it 100% or more, but good things always come to pass. Sorry to sound so depressing, but I see no light at the end of RIM's tunnel. It's move on for me and I bet it's the same for most of the members on this forum. I still support Crackberry with all my heart though. Cheers to you Kev!

Dear Canadians,

We have to SUPPORT RIM UNTIL THE VERY END. RIM has become a symbol of pride to every Canadian. I am a Canadian and I don't care if other companys are better than us in technology. I just care that our jobs in Canada depend on this company. If RIM stays alive then we will prosper as a nation. It's not about being faithful to a brand anymore. It's about being loyal to the Canadian flag. Backberry has become our flag of pride. If Blackberry dies, a BIG part of Canada will die too. I will be ashamed to be a Canadian if Blackberry goes under. Everyone in the world will think Canada is a technological ill country. They will think that Canada is not prosperous and we will not benefit from trade with them. I will support Blackberry to the very end. Now is the time to show RIM our support. My current phone is a Blackberry, and my next phone is still going to be a Blackberry.

Loyal Canadian

No no canada is a great country with many great things, dont say that. Comon is only tech stuff is not life.... Tech fans are like smal children and so i am but life is different...lets see if rim finde the way...the only thing whos killing rim is a stupid app store ...... Ios or android....for me rim is like a good jazz band ...but the world like lady gaga or justin b.

Thats life today

There is supporting a Canadian company, and there is sticking your head in the sand. Canada, as a country, will be fine with or without RIM. Canada survived the bankruptcy of Nortel, which was many times bigger than RIM ever was, or will be (127,000 jobs worldwide, about 35,000 jobs in Canada). Like it or not, Canada's worldwide reputation does not depend on RIM. RIM going under will in no way impact Canada's overall position in the world; not in the slightest. RIM at this point is a detriment to Canada's reputation internationally, with a management group that can't be trusted, and a CEO who is either very mis-informed, or outright lying (he was quoted last week as saying that BB10 was on schedule).

Canada has a lot of tech outside of RIM (see Bombardier), just no longer in communications (with the loss of Nortel, and soon, RIM). Stop wtih the flag waving, and get some perspective. I am a loyal Canadian, but that doesn't mean that I need to support a company with bad managment, that has repeatedly failed to meet its own committments, even when those committments have been pushed back mutliple times, or delivered half assed (see Playbook with inital software release) products. There are definitely some Canadian companies that need to be supported because they are good companies that just need the financing to compete. RIM is not one of these companies. It doesn't deserve to be supported, either by Canadian customers or the government.

Please don't take this as a rant, but as a number of calmly made statements of my opinion of RIM, and as a response to your posting. I don't want to see RIM go under (some of my ex-Nortel colleagues work there), but I can't really see any way for RIM to recover, and I am opposed to supporting a failing business, just because it is Canadian. This us just sending good money after bad.

Your next phone will probably NOT be a Blackberry, as there is a good probability that RIM won't be around to provide one in a year or so.


I have to agree with all above. I feel really stuck, as I haven't tried and iphone or android that i have like yet. I like a lot about my 9900, but it has it's issues too. I may wait, but like some of you said, the Crackberry nation faithful isn't enough to hold RIM together. If they're losing us, that's bad. Maybe the international market share might keep it going, that might be the only hope, but then even that likely will start to falter. Sad.

It is clear outside of crackberry addicts people just arent' buying berrys. The last group of people bringing some sort of "hope" will be going away. RIM needed to execute, not in q1 2013, but now and failed. Let's call it for what it is and stop sugar coating it.

Kevin: i am sorry, but having 2.2bn in the bank means nothing when 1)the company has net losses. Where is RIM going to get financing when your balance sheet and income statement show you will never be able to repay loans because guess what, you're not profitable?
2) the stock is so devalued, that even if the company came into the market to raise capital, earnings would be even more diluted. No one out there truly believes in the brand, no inverstor in his right mind would think RIM will be able to fulfil its debt obligations.
3) Your core advantage/niche has been broken. Companies no longer seek blackberries as their mobile devices. Apple and Google phones are being adopted every day more and more.

In my opinion, next time we hear from RIM C level officers will be on bankruptcy proceedigs.

Looking at the bright side, at least now they won't be launching in the shadow of iPhone. Plus, if they're serious about getting it perfect, then maybe it's worth it. Launch a perfect product without being overshadowed by the iPhone. And I also hope they don't use up all three months of the quarter. Gotta look at the bright side :-S

I appreciate that Thorsten Heins only wants to push out BB10 when it's absolutely perfect; I don't think he wants a repeat of the Playbook launch where we were given this excellent piece of hardware but with an OS that wasn't fully competent. And RIM got raked over the coals for that. It's sad that RIM is getting raked over the coals for trying to get it right this time. Hopefully RIM will drop the price for their OS7 handsets; I'm using a Torch 9800 and I was hoping to upgrade to a BB10 phone this fall. I wouldnt mind a cheaper OS7 phone and then use my upgrade whenever Q1 is

Very well but it's for the best! Microsoft grew enormous and along came tiny apple... RIM can nail a comeback with a perfect product, and it has to be... It can't be a playbook 1.0 situation again... We demanded that RIM not repeat a half baked idea on this site, and it appears Thor agrees, so we'll have to wait for it.

Dear Canadians,

We have to SUPPORT RIM UNTIL THE VERY END. RIM has become the symbol of pride to every Canadian. I am a Canadian and I don't care if other companys are better than us in technology. I just care that our jobs in Canada depend on this company. If RIM stays alive then we will prosper as a nation. It's not about being faithful to a brand anymore. It's about being loyal to the Canadian flag. Backberry has become our flag of pride. If Blackberry dies, a BIG part of Canada will die too. I will be ashamed to be a Canadian if Blackberry goes under. Everyone in the world will think Canada is a technological ill country. They will think that Canada is not prosperous and we will not benefit from trade with them. I will support Blackberry to the very end. Now is the time to show RIM our support. My current phone is a Blackberry, and my next phone is still going to be a Blackberry.

Loyal Canadian

I have always thought that was the game plan against RIM by Apple, Google, Netflix, Amazon, etc. It was like they got blacklisted. Even little popular OSes like WebOS and Win Mobile got those apps.

In reading many of the posts to this point, is there anyone here that actually uses a Blackberry is it was originally a business tool, a SECURE business tool?
There are just to many "kids" here worried about crap like Netflix and Skype. The Blackberry business model was never really ment to compete with these new touch screen do it all toys, and trying to compete against them has been their biggest mistake. As a pure business tool, the Blackberry Bold 9900 can not be touched. As a pure web browser or to be used for Netflix or Skype (which it can do neither of), well then get a different phone. Seriously, do people really watch Netflix on a Smartphone.........I prefer my 60" plasma. Obviously I am the minority as people are lining up to by these capabilities.

For Blackberry to remain successful, it may have to go back to it's roots , downsize drasticly and remain as a pure business tool.

Just my 2 cents

P.S. I sure hope Kevin decides to cut his hair before the launch of BB10 :)

Although I would love to agree with you I have to say your wrong. I work for a highly successful company here in CA and I work alongside "higher ups" and to be honest about 80-90% of them use iPhones. This shows that maybe BB does not have the competative edge it once had on the business side. To not evolve and be a "one trick pony" would be disaterous to say the least. Remember, BB10 was never meant to be an iphone killer it was meant to perfect out niche which is on the business side as well as understaning the need for a "do it all" phone. Downsize yes, RIM needs to stop the bleeding wherever it can but to not hear, and implement what the people are asking for is the wrong way to go.

The age of the typical BB user has to be lower then in previous years which means they've grown up with touch phones, a slew of apps, and variety and I'm sorry but BB was never a pro in any of these areas but now they get it and have to deliver to those pleading for the "next best thing". Lets be patient, take a step back and look at this from a sensable point of view becasue to be honest if you waited this long for BB10 you know you'll wait a little longer. ; )

Sure. I agree with the whole business tool arguement, but it is obvious that sticking to that line of thinking rigidly led RIM to its demise. Anyone still using that arguement is just blind to the facts. RIM stock traded at close to $150 about 4 years ago, at about $50 a year ago and is trading at $7.3x today. Try explaining that to the business owners (shareholders). Horrible move by RIM.

BTW The whole CORE initiative (downsizing aka operational efficiency), that is standard procedure to pretty up the books for a potential suitor. RIM is getting ready to be bought. I wish that was not the case, but it is reality, business tool and all. The launch date for BB10 does not matter anymore, it will never come to be. Not under the current day RIM at least.

I agree that many consumers who bought BlackBerry phones weren't really the intended target audience. So, it's no surprise that these users switched to platforms that were developed with their use cases in mind.

You could argue, though, that even as a pure-play business tool, the BlackBerry was not "killing it." While the keyboard experience was great and the security is unrivaled, there are plenty of business feature opportunities where RIM dropped the ball. For example, RIM should have pioneered or at least popularized the concept of a phone as a mobile hot-spot years ago. It should have had BlackBerry Bridge-type functionality with laptops/PCs long before the PlayBook. How cool would it have been to wirelessly "bridge" your laptop to your phone so that your laptop essentially is an external monitor and keyboard for your phone? And one major point of annoyance: all devices should have had Wi-Fi capability out of the box. Making that a differentiator between BlackBerry models reveals how influenced by carriers RIM really is/was.

Security-wise, RIM also should have pioneered the integration of biometric security into smartphones through facial recognition or, even better, through a fingerprint reader in the trackpad. Device\file encryption go without saying, though it would have been cool if they implemented the ability to password-protect or somehow "secure" email attachments on the fly.

Speaking of email, the BlackBerry was decent at opening some attachments, but it should have been the best. And opening HTML-formatted emails should have been a non-issue a long-time ago.

RIM also should have pioneered the implementation of NFC and mobile payments. It also could have worked with airlines, airports, TSA, etc. to identify ways the phones could increase travel-related efficiencies. You could extrapolate this into other commerce-related enhancements as well.

For those who prize battery life, RIM should have implemented "hot-swappable" batteries, where you could put the phone into a hibernate-like mode that allows you to change the battery without going through a slow, full power cycle. And lag and the "spinning wheel" when generally using the phone should have been unacceptable.

I could go on, but the point is, you can take a "business-first" approach--which I'm all for--and still innovate. RIM should have doubled-down on its strengths, capitalized on its competitor's weaknesses, and widened the gap in providing the best "business-first" tool bar none. Instead, RIM's competitors narrowed the gap as even business-oriented consumers increasingly did not want to compromise on everything else iPhone and Android offered for the sake of email, a physical keyboard and battery life.

I think the botched PlayBook launch and now the bad news around the BB10 delay show a serious engineering problem inside RIM. First, both of these products are largely based on acquired technologies, especially BB10, which combines SwiftKey, Cascades, QNX, Scalado, and others. What parts were built or pioneered by engineering talent RIM didn't acquire?

Second, why is it so hard or taking so long to integrate these pieces? I thought QNX can run on hard can it be to get this stuff working on real hardware? This suggests that RIM's engineering efforts were designed for iteration and not innovation. And their model line-up over the past several years demonstrates this.

Yes, I agree that RIM can't half-@ss BB10 and release an obviously unfinished or sub-standard product. But, the whole company is virtually at stake and RIM still can't execute quickly. And with all the layoffs, are they going to have enough engineering talent to pull it off? And while the high stakes can be a motivator, there is a point where the constant doom-and-gloom and uncertainty become an overwhelming distraction and and morale killer.

I really hope it works out for RIM: 1. for all the employees and people with high stakes in their success and 2. because there is a need for the market RIM was catering to.

RIM should hire you immediately! In a few paragraphs you have been able to lay out clearly what needs to be done. Hopefully somebody at RIM is reading some of the comments.

Lol, thanks! Sorry about the length! I, too, hope RIM pays attention to CrackBerry and the comments sections. There's really something to be said about visiting this site and regularly seeing hundreds of comments on almost every post. Sure, some are trolls, but that kind of engagement shows that there is still a passionate community around RIM's products and that there is a market--albeit dwindling--that is not being adequately addressed by the other guys.

This is beyond devestating. How long did it take Apple to rebound? because put me a time machine for a decade later, so I can actually get a blackberry 10 phone.

I'm a die hard blackberry user and I never thought i'd ever say this, but I think i'm gonna go to the Galaxy S III then come back to BB once BB10 is out... I'm sorry but I can't wait until next March that's just way way way too long for me. In the meantime, i'll still have my Playbook.

You should buy the S III. I bought the 4G Samsung Aviator 2 months ago and have zero regrets. Once I made the switch it was actually depressing to see how far behind RIM is compared to its rivals. I really feel like I did myself a disservice using BlackBerry for so long. Android is leaps and bounds beyond RIM.

This statement is very true. I hung on for a while, but just sold my nearly new Torch 9850 back to Sprint for $110.00 and used that credit towards an iPhone. And as much as it pains me to say it... the iPhone is much better. My wife, daugher and I are all back on the same platform.

Maybe I will come back... maybe.

Get the Galaxy Nexus straight from Google $349 for the unlocked version...I just switched from the iPhone 4 to the Gnex...really enjoying Ice Cream Sandwich...Google just announced Jelly Bean android 4.1 and it will rollout in July to the Nexus devices...

Your statement captures the same way I feel too! I was hoping that Thorsten would be true to his word, but I can't give him all the blame.

I blame the middle managers at RIM. I think it's time Thorsten punishes those responsible for these delays. If they can't manage the development process, they don't deserve to keep their jobs. There is no way they can announce that much of a delay only 3 months before the proposed launch. This reveals deeper problems at RIM: they need credible reporting, proper project management principles, and a quality software development life cycle process.

I also manage a great bunch of developers, and sometimes there are delays due to unforseen delays elsewhere -- hardware delays, platform device drivers, etc. I don't think we're talking about any such delays, unless RIM will be beefing up the hardware specs as well -- quad core instead of dual core, full LTE & HSPA/HSPA+, Super AMOLED displays with a Retina++ resolution.

Thorsten suggested he won't release till it's perfect, but I am now wondering what that really means. 97% might be good enough for launch because I love my PlayBook despite some deficiencies. In other words I don't think they can wait for absolute perfection. Really they need to control upgrades and now be at the mercy of carriers. Carriers don't have the ability to test all the devices on the market.

Kevin suggests another period of bleak sales and financial. I think he means at least two more extremely painful reporting periods (October & January)! Okay, now the BB7 devices are outclassed in the marketplace so RIM's financial will really stink over the next six months. I don't think they can survive if they launch in March next year.

Just think how the app development developers are thinking right now? These delays are destroying the BlackBerry name and ecosystem. Sad! Really sad. New PlayBooks will help bring in some income in the interim, but the smartphone market in North America & Europe will desert them.

i agree i feel liek going out and buying an iphone. but i love the torch and ill be switching out of anger. waiting is waiting but we do have to think about how thorstein is actually thinking about the customers this time look at the old ceo's they put out prodcuts that were just not ready and were plainly shitty devices such as the storm and the 0s 6 devices with shit processors. thorstein is actually making sure its all done right. but i better see a dam quad core processor in these new phones by 2013 phones wont even be using dual core anymore but i guess this gives blackberry a head start on all new technology to put in its devices so i say go rim.

Frustrated? Yes. I don't think anyone here can say they aren't a little bit disappointed right now.

All we can hope for is maybe with this extra delay they will release not only the full touch BB10 device but also a full QWERTY (bold 9900) style and a slider BB10 devices. Seeing all the talk and negativity about the initial release of BB10 to be full touch only maybe RIM has decided to postpone release so that all 3 models are ready simultaneously so they can satisfy all the BlackBerry fans and attract new users with a choice between 3 models. RIM does not need more than 3 models going forward. All 3 of them should be spec'd the same offering the same internal hardware and display quality (noting obvious screen size limitations) and be considered flagship models as the bold 9900 and Torch 9810 and Torch 9850. No more "low end" BlackBerry!!!

I'm not. I actually am breathing a sigh of relief. I was wondering how I was going to afford a bbx phone, but now I have more time, and opportunity to get things together to get one. I know I am. I fully intend to. Now its going to be easier for me financially. I don't have a lot of money to throw around, and hopefully by then, I should be well enough off to get one.

LOL! This is the most ridiculous attempt at positive spin ever. They'll prolly offer you a job here...

Sidenote: you being able to afford one in 9 months (if that even happens), unfortunately will not save RIM. However, best of luck w/your finances.

They reported the hardware is in manufacturing. You can't manufacture hardware 6-9 months before the OS is ready to ship!! The hardware was mid-level to begin with. In 9 months Tech will have jumped a generation - and RIM will be where they've been for the last 3 years, at least 2 full generations behind. In 9 months you will see the new super secured Android platform and BB10 will never see the light of day. Sell your BES before the NOC is shuttered folks. No one is giving RIM cash - stock is $7 today, what will it be with most BB7 EOL and no new products in 6 months? RIM is as of tomorrow morning a back of the napkin stock, maybe $5-6, and as they lose cash that value drops.

that's a nuanced statement ... sure we can rely on your opinion.

P.S: RIM NEVER reported any manufacturing of BB10 device.

Mid-level hardware? The display was above Apple's retina resolution. It was going to be full LTE. Please read and compare spec for spec.

you cant say they will still be behind because this actually gives them a little bit of a head start to get more new tech into their devices at least that's what i am hoping for, heins do us a favor and tell us more features of BB10 maybe that will keep more people waiting for BB10.

What does one expect from a compant that is three months late even in delivering a frigging bluetooth keyboard?

AllThingsD had it right: RIM will be acquired in a forced sale early next year. There will be no BB10.


wouldn't you rather have a phone that will BLOW your mind .... or one that is just ok?

Think about it.

I would rather wait.

Besides .... my plan isn't up till the end of December anyways.

Typo on Page 9 of their news release...states May 28, 2012...should be 2011. Completely amateur sloppy work. Thorsten wants BB10 to be perfect, but they can't get a news release right. Pathetic!!!!

I'm not surprised that this happened. We're not talking about a new OS,here- we're talking about totally, all new everything.
I don't mind waiting. I'd rather they do it right the first time rather than futz it up by allowing external pressure to move them into premature release of a less than perfect XOS.
They'd be skewered, we'd be disappointed.
Waiting is hard - dying is harder.
This is not a broken promise - this is refusing to leave your promise unfulfilled.
Not an easy decision, but one we all will benefit from.
More time to get apps.More time to see what they got and get ahead of them.
More time to add more ingredients and bake in lasting goodness.
I don't mind waiting.
Do I want one in my hand this very moment? Yes!!
But I want it to be all it can be.
The potential of QNX is limitless.
I want BB X without limits.
P.S.- never mind no stinking contracted - buy a phone outright, unlock and go month to month. Goodbye slavery - hello,I'll get my BB X when damn well please!

...I hear ya, I also want a product that is built to service the next decade (easily upgradeable etc of course). QNX is the core of this thing and that's all that needs to be said QNX is everywhere...people will bitch about either a late or incomplete product...
The biggest problem I think is the announcement on a date before they were 100% certain on delivery...most forget how long Apple was working on iOS before release (something like three years) and BB10 is essentially the same thing, a completely NEW thing. The difference is Apple kept quiet, RIM has been talking about it...but again if RIM didn't say anything people would walk away assuming they were I guess either way your screwed...
In any event, they are still in a better position then Apple was when they are hurting, and far better off than Palm was (the other comparison). I am more than OK with waiting till it's READY... I have my Torch 9860 to keep me going...speaking of the 9860, after using it since Sept '11...and using the competition...other than piles of apps (most of which are wastes of time) I really don't see how the other guys are deemed so superior (or that RIM is so far behind) the 9860 is a VERY capable device and does just about anything (that's important) as well and in some cases (call quality, signal, email, messaging) better than they (Apple, Android) do...not to mention it looks miles better (sexier) than anything I have used to date. It just feels good in the hand, and having that trackpad makes working on it so all my friends with the 'other devices' (and to those on here that claim the same thing) when they say when they say 'oh it's so much better than a BB' ...I always ask 'in what way exactly?' ..I'm still waiting on a decent answer...

BlackBerry Torch 9860
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

You can not be fed up to the only company which promised a true multi tasking OS with an uncompromised web experience with flash support. Wake up and remember that the amateur hour was over. BE BOLD.

there are just so many negative replies being posted and it seems as if everyone has ideas. Maybe someone needs to come up with a way to get the majority of blackberry users together to compile a list of ideas that they can all agree on and submit this to the CEO as a device that blackberry usere expect from their devices. Don't you all think its time to come together and make our voices heard. All of this nay saying also contributes to the negativity posted in the media.

I'm not. Despite tough times, I'm going to support them all the way and spread the word on how elegant their products are, how efficent data is and how shit can be gotten done much faster than on other platforms. That's what.

The really sad part is that we didn't even get a crumb! There was no "date", not even an "update" for the Playbook to take it one more step towards BB10Goodness. No flashy app for the PB or BB7 phones that showcases the progress towards BB10!! Nothing!! Just broken promises and more delays. Maybe the bankers need more time to figure out who and what to sell,....that was the negatives.
The positive here, if any, is that this is an ever growing technology space, and even if they actually do launch in 2013, they will have customers. After the post last night I thought hard about which other platform I would migrate to, and frankly, unless Microsoft comes up with a windows compatible, smartphone sized laptop/tablet, I was left with no answer. IF RIM does present a viable superphone in early 2013, there will be open hands ready to buy into it. From what I ahve seen, the industry is all smack and glamour, producing handheld game machines with a phone and mobile browser built in. I want more than that,..I need function! At this point though, RIM is truely done, this is now RISM - Research in Slow Motion - while others are pushing tech after tech out the door and everything from kiwi to moca flavours, RISM is struggling to get one phone out the door. Honestly, I can't wait for RISM, but the laughable point is there is nothing out there that I like anyways LOL. I'd rather stick with my crumbled old Storm because at least it tethers my Playbook and I am not forced into paying a monthly data fee for my tablet. If I do find the right tool, I will be gone, and if RIM has the tool I am looking for, I will buy it...sometime in the future when it might appear.

I agree. I was a serious blackberry user and administrator for several years, got blackberries for all of my employees, and ran my own blackberry server. Kevin even read one of my emails on the podcast (thank Kevin! Sorry it was so dumb.). But my last Blackberry devices were the 9700s. I switched everyone to iPhone 4's, realized the mistake, then switched everyone to Android. I bought a PlayBook, returned it (before the update), and check CrackBerry often and fondly.

I am still eager to see what RIM will produce and would gladly buy BB10 devices as long as I don't have to invest in a new server. I say the latter because I am not willing to invest much capital in RIM's platform anymore. I think that within the next year or so alot of businesses will reach the same conclusion, if they haven't already.

Worse yet, consumers are not going to return to RIM. As Kevin has noted on Mobile Nations, there is a consumer investment in platforms as well. People buy iTunes songs and apps, and generally immerse themselves in their platform's culture. There is resistance to changing from one major platform to another. The 2 year standard contract length in the US is also a factor because, let's face it, most people don't buy phones at full price. And once they are locked in to a contract, they generally are not willing to pay for early termination of the contract. So Android is putting out phones that rival tablet PC's, Apple is about to blow us away with something new, and poor RIM is, again, behind the eight ball with little to show for its money and efforts. Further, if you can believe the reports, the hardware is in the pipeline WELL in advance of a release, meaning that the specs will be inferior to the competition (it is already middling) when it is finally released. I think the Palm analogy is apt.

When developers leave in disgust, it will be time to take your losses on RIM stock and move on to some other losing proposition.

Still, I admire RIM for taking this difficult stepa and hope it survives. RIM would not have survived another PlayBook debacle.

I think RIM's only hope is to ape Apple and ignore the specs. Don't publish them. Keep them secret and make people ruin phones and run scientific tests on components to divine their capbilities. I am NOT a luddite, but my 2 year old deual core Android phone (yep, Atrix), still keeps up just fine. I miss my Blackberry keyboard and its GTD philosophy. Surely I am not alone in that. RIM needs to quit caring about specs, quit caring about consumers (except for the enlightened ones who are just as concerned about security and GTD as business users) and become a boutique operation... one that makes billions each year and delights its fans by NOT competing with Apple, Samsung, Htc, Nokia, etc. RIM makes great physical hardware and has GTD geniuses (assuming they haven't been laid off or fired), so it shuold stick with that. If so, I'll order 10 devices right off the bat and tell my employees to learn to love them. If not, I'll stay with the herd in Android and iOs pergatory.

But no matter what, I will always check back on CrackBerry occasionally, unless and until RIM demises and drags the CrackBerry crew down with it.

Good point about the capital investment for MDM. I think the BES "tax" also has to go--at least for devices purchased by consumers. While my company does provide phones for some employees, they don't pay for mine. So, depending on your carrier, if you're a BYOD user who uses BlackBerry, you not only have to pay for you own phone and plan, but potentially also a $20 BES fee--something that iPhone and Android users have never had.

Just because I fit the market for a "business first" phone does not mean I am a business or that my company pays for my phone. I want RIM to continue taking a Getting-Things-Done approach with their devices, but move away from a carrier-influenced, enterprise-oriented business model that comes at the expense of the "little guy" individual consumer.

Frustrated? Yes. I don't think anyone here can say they aren't a little bit disappointed right now.

All we can hope for is maybe with this extra delay they will release not only the full touch BB10 device but also a full QWERTY (bold 9900) style and a slider BB10 devices. Seeing all the talk and negativity about the initial release of BB10 to be full touch only maybe RIM has decided to postpone release so that all 3 models are ready simultaneously so they can satisfy all the BlackBerry fans and attract new users with a choice between 3 models. RIM does not need more than 3 models going forward. All 3 of them should be spec'd the same offering the same internal hardware and display quality (noting obvious screen size limitations) and be considered flagship models as the bold 9900 and Torch 9810 and Torch 9850. No more "low end" BlackBerry!!!

I agree. This recalls the Playbook debacle. I was first in line to buy a Playbook on the first day. At the time RIM promised email and Android ability within a few weeks of release. Version 2.0 wasn't released FOR A YEAR! Then, you had to be a programmer to use an Android app on the Playbook.

I grew tired of RIM's promises a few months ago. I have a brand new Titan II running the WINDOWS OS. I LOVE IT! MS says WinPhone 8 will be released in October--and it will be (take a lesson from MS, RIM!).

At this point, RIM could produce the second coming of Christ and I wouldn't trust it or change from my excellent Windows phone.

Kevin, well said buddy.

I'll see you at BlackBerry Jam Americas in San Jose this September, along with a bunch of other developers.

Founder of Pulsecode Engineering and taab

Desktop Bridge for the BlackBerry Playbook
twitter: #DesktopBridge

Great article Kevin!

I'll just go with these three words even though I'm full of feelings and words right now. I just agree with you in 100%, those news totally ruined my mood, but I will still wait for the phoenix to reborn.

I have been a long time Blackberry user....but my 9900 has been acting Playbook backlight has been flashing on and we have to wait for new devices and new OS. I think this may be the final nail in the coffin. If I after all these years is thinking about leaving...what are the newer users thinking??? Not a good move on RIM's part.

I am a newer user. I bought a Playbook 6 months ago and then bought a BB smartphone soon after. It was my first smartphone and my first tablet. The Playbook is outstanding from my point of view and the phone - well for me at least, it is still pretty much a phone. And while I read with interest all of the gnashing of teeth and enthusiasm for all the various brands and systems out there, I must say for me a phone is still a phone. I still plan on buying the new BB10 when it comes out because I like the brand so I want it to be the best that it can be. What that means for me is something different than other folks. So make it be the best it can be for the most people. Perhaps BB10 will then be cool for the teens and twenty somethings as well as for people like me who still see smartphones more as communication devices than the centers of their lives. I can wait for that.

Yeah, Tired of being dissapointed by RIM.... I will be getting a new Phone this fall, but it will be Windows Phone 8... NOT the BB10 I was so looking forward too :/

Tired of a crappy platform... Tired of the excuses... Tired of the delays. Time to move on.

Farewll RIM, best of luck !

"Tired of a crappy platform... Tired of the excuses... Tired of the delays."
Because Windows Phone 8 is totally not that, lol!

Not sure what you are saying.... WP8 hasn't been released, and the windows platform is far from crappy :S

What excuses has Microsoft made for WP8 ?? What delays ?? They promised fall, and Im sure it will be out on time. MS actually sticks to their deadlines.

So again.... Can you explain your comment ?

I guess I will explain it to you

1. "Tired of a crappy platform..."

This one is fairly simply, it is mostly a personal preference on the tile interface; a lack of apps (because they are in a situation much like RIM) and the fact that users will only be updated to 7.8, not 8, which could possible happen in the future with Windows Phone 9 (or whatever they call it)

2. "Tired of the excuses..."

As I already said which is very much apparent in the Windows Phone forums right now, some users are infuriated by the fact that they won't get Windows Phone 8 on their new bought Lumias all do to the excuses Microsoft made in not taking the time and the hassle to create a way for 7.x users (with adequate hardware) to upgrade.

3. "Tired of the delays"

I do not know exactly what was meant here but it would be most likely due to the long waiting required for apps, decent hardware, and most importantly, hardware manufacturer support. Although these aren't exactly delays per se, but they are needed and I do not think that they will be resolved in the near future (because all handset manufacturer except Nokia are focusing on android which dictates the other categories I mentioned)

Pretty lame explanation, to be honest

He's talking about WP8, not WP7.5 so what's the whole talk about not being updated to Wp8?
If you followed actual tech news instead of listening to rabid anti-MS fanboys on Crackberry, you'd know that WP8 is built on the Win RT kernel and that kernel will be the platform of choice for WP going forward. Why do you expect them to change it again? Microsoft has promised at least 18 months of updates for any WP8 device...which should probably cover the handsets for updates up to WP9 or so.

As for apps, WP already has lots more apps than Blackberry OS, and it has one of the fastest growth surges. WP8 brings even more robust development tools and more coding languages, plus easy ports from Windows 8 apps. WP8 apps will easily outstrip BB10, hands down.

After hearing Thorsten's reply on the delay, I actually respect him as a CEO a little bit more. Under the old team, they would've gotten it out earlier and it would be the Playbook (or heaven-forbid, the Storm) all over again, their stocks would really tank, and the company really would go down in flames. But this is a nearly-completely different RiM than the one that was around then and they want to get everything right this time with NO mistakes. Yeah, it's going to hurt waiting but, hopefully, it'll be well worth it.

"NO mistakes". What do you call missing the back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping seasons?

What do you call demanding rushing a half-finished product out of the gate just to play the "me-too" game to the competition? It's better to wait a little bit now and get a better product than shoot your own face off later because you were in a rush.

Thor didn't pick the release date -he got saddled with it.
The original iphone met it's release date because they didn't have to have one.
Thor got left with a crumbling house which he is rebuilding while still living in it.
I don't care when they release - I care what they release.
If you build it well, they will come.
I'm not leaving. Where would I go? I'm not satisfied with anything else out there...

Don't get me wrong here, I am not happy hearing the news. If RIM believes BB10 won't be the successful product they want it to be by releasing on time, I'll gladly wait. Of course, my situation is not the same as others. I'm okay with owning a phone that isn't the newest gadget out with all the bells and whistles that is the envy of the other misguided consumers who buy for status and don't even use the features that the device offer. When is the last time you witnessed someone talking to their Siri? My son uses it jokingly, and it is pretty funny. What I own now does what I need and will until BB10's release. I really don't get all the whining. I assume most of it derives from the envy of other devices that have that one app that BB7 or PlayBook does not. Maybe it is the constant ridicule from others using inferior platforms who believe that their device is just the coolest. Whatever the reason, the decision is yours and yours alone. 99.9% of Crackberry members don't really care if you jump ship. No need to start a committee to oversee the migration of impatient consumers who need to tell the world they are done, finished, gone...goodbye.

I can and will wait. I feel that RIM will deliver a quality product in BB10 and will purchase when released. My 9850 keeps me on time, up to date, delivers my email quickly, and has all the apps I need to get the job done every time. So if having to wait a few more months to get this device insures completion of a bug free revolutionary os, count me in. I'm not going anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere, I'm patient enough to wait and I'm happy with what I have, I appreciate what it offers and I'm satisfied. I also don't care about any of the other platforms or other smart/phones that have more features (or the same, but under different names), I don't care about the latest greatest either.

Heck, as long as RIM remains in business, which they will, I'll support them all the way. If anyone bashes rim within ear shot, I'll ask them, have you ever even owned a product of theirs? Why don't you for a few years and then tell others after.

Whiners piss me off, they cannot appreciate things. They'll always whine, bitch, moan and complain. Status users? Sheesh, they shouldn't even HAVE a smartphone.

wow nice post really i really hope people will hold out or if people cant i hope they can return to bbm when it launches next year, i know i might not be holding out 3g and 4g just launched in ym country with data plans(backwards i know) and i was hoping to have bb10 to use on that network speed, but i just cant wait gonna trade in my torch 2 for a SG s3

It really makes me mad that they were still saying second half 2012 until the bitter end when they clearly knew that was a miss a least a month ago. It makes me even madder that Mike L said that the initial delay was due to the lack of an integrated LTE chip almost a year ago....clearly bullshit

RIM also announced 5,000 job cuts, as well as another delay for its long awaited BlackBerry 10 technology.

"Our top priority going forward is the successful launch of our first BlackBerry 10 device, which we now anticipate will occur in the first quarter of calendar 2013," he said.

RIM shares plunged 15.01% to $7.76 in extended trading as investors digested the results.

Let's be honest, for those who don't understand the game. This whole CORE initiative is all about making the company more attractive on paper for a potential suitor. That is standard procedure.

RIM is dead, long live RIM!


They aren't gone yet, hopefully we're just seeing the painful end before the new beginning. 

I respect Thorsten's honesty and goals, but I'm pretty much done. For the last two years I have followed RIM like a heroin starved junkie, yet have not gotten anything out of it.

My 9810 is locking up frequently again, to the point where it's unusable. Guess it's time to jump ship to Android and maybe revisit RIM whenever they release something again.

With a heavy Heart I am almost to that point. I didn't think I would ever say that. I have been one of RIM's biggest cheerleaders since my first Bold 9000. I have swayed people from Apple to BB and that is a hard task these days. I feel like I've been punched in the gut. I am so disappointed.

^^ This. That's how I feel too. Ever since I've gotten into BB I've been telling people about the device and now even my whole family has a BB, as well as 2 PBs in the house. This is just a big let down.

I understand your frustration here. And not to make this a "how to" thing but why don't you just try a wipe and start fresh?

Sorry man. I am just as sad as you, but the time has come to move on. You have known this for a while, but now BB has exhausted its excuses. You knew this when the site was re-branded mobile nations and most certainly know it now carrying that Android phone. At least for now, RIM is a zombie. It is a walking dead company. Dang! How could they have lost sight of what was coming so blatantly...? For years! But I won't hate, I did too... Until today. Maybe in 9 months RIM. Best of luck.

Written from my PlayBook

One can be optimistic for only so long. I need a HUGE leak or something to keep me going now. If you are a RIM engineer and are in possession of some serious REAL stuff... leak it.

What? Are you nuts? We don't want anything to be stolen by another platform. Let them develop it. We want to be surprised and shocked, not get excited and then get bored when that feature is released less or the same. Don't you know what secret means?

They are going to miss the busy back to school rush and Christmas rush....I know they dont want to deliver a "half ass" device. So they should be pulling out all the stops...paying overtime and delivering their product on time. There is really no excuse for this....I was really rooting for RIM but this is going to HURT them BIG TIME!

Agree. They just laid off 5,000 employees. Hire 100 of the best software techs out there to make sure you meet or beat your original deadline. I know I'm in the minority here but impressed with Heins I am not.

DItto +10000. I have said from the start he was a poor choice and I feel totally exonerated. He was in charge of the Tour, the Storm and the Playbook launch. You don't put him in charge of the whole company. If my firm ever missed a diligence deadline we would lose a client, if we did it as often as RIM we would be sued for malpractice and out of business. You have a deadline- hire the people- follow up weekly or daily if need be and get it done. There is no excuse. Getting it Right vs. getting it on time IS A FALSE CHOICE. You run a company - its you job to deliver both - everytime.

This time next year he can be Leo Apotheker's assistant at wherever Leo ends up after having done what he did to WebOS and Palm.


I'm afraid that the same thing will happen to RIM. Leo a compatriot of Thurston Heins, got a golden parachute, after just a few months at HP, and after destroying webOS and likely HP. A company needs to set a realistic time-line, execute on time and deliver on time, especially with the compensations some of these types get.BB 10 needed to be out by August, 2012 not August 2013. RIM is dead and Thurston is going to pull a Leo Apotheker on RIM.

When the best argument to be made in defense of a company is that perhaps it can adopt the business model of a mythical bird from a children's fantasy story, that company is indeed dead and all that remains is scrapping the carcass.


I was so waiting for bb10 this year. What do I do now, buy a bold 9900 and wait? I'm still hanging on to my bold 9000. Come on RIM let's knock it out of the park.

Nope, just move on..... Being loyal to this company seems to only hurt its users.

I'm also struggling with my 9000, just waiting for BB10, when I first read this news, immediately I thought OK time to get a 9900, but then I was like WTF ??? WHY ? it's a dead OS... Why continue to buy into this shit ?

WP8 for me come fall. Hell, I might even buy a used Lumina 800 with WP7.5 for now :) they are pretty cheap.

i upgraded to a lumia 900 a month ago, love it! Thought people complain about app selection, compared to BB, it has a huge diverse app catalog with AAA titles.

I miss my BB 9900 form factor and occasionally use my PB, and still would like to see RIM succeed, but i just can't put anymore money into a company that i'm not sure will be around in 6 months....

Support RIM and upgrade to the 9900, your perception will change once you notice the speed difference and how better it is. Same great keyboard.

Don't dump on RIM because BB10 is delayed. Have some appreciation.

Seriously, support RIM and get the 9900. It's much much faster, better than the 9000. The screen is crisp and clear too.

Feeling the same as Kevin, and I'm on my torch 9810 from only September 2012 so I can stand the wait, just really hope RIM delivers he whole package, if they do, then they still may have a chance.

By then you might end up looking like me, yeikes!
Or more interesting yet, Jerry Hildebrand lol
Of course, we're both pretty cool fellows :)
(might want to hold that wedding off till after BB10 for the sake of the camera )

It sure does make it hard to hang. My upgrade is ready Aug 10 and I was going to bite the bullet and wait to get a bb10 device in my hands. The real problem is I'm afraid by the time they get 10 out, the droids, winphones, apples will be capable of full blown AI or able to perform open heart surgery or some other freakish jump ahead. Don't know what to do. :(

My torch 9800 is getting long in the tooth, and I was really looking forward to the advancements that BB10 was promising. I hope that Rim is still here in 3 years when my new phone contract comes due. I will be getting a new phone in November I could have held out for a month, but can't for much more then that .

Why not get the new torch? It's faster and plus, you can use the same battery from your 9800 in it. Essentually, you'll have TWO batteries. :)

Think about it, support RIM and take advantage of that upgrade!

The Fact is SIMPLE RIMM has no Money to construct the BB10 ,develop ecosystem, make real publicity and is not solvable to borrow any money from any banks. So they will have the same faith of COMMODORE. Not real bankruptcy but fading slowly and buyed by at a low cost and ending in the penny stock if they stay public company OR it will be Bankruptcy.

you do know RIMM has $2.2 BILLION dollars in cash or cash equivalents right...? I don't think that classifies as "no money"

Kevin looks so sad in that picture! Cheer up buddy! Good things come to those who wait. I feel lucky to have a smartphone at all (even if it's over two years old). Waiting sucks, but I'm excited to get a phone that I won't have security issues with, and isn't designed for children and elderly folks. Until then, I'll be grateful for my Storm II and Playbook and watch for more leaks here on CrackBerry :)

Missing the Christmas season is a really bad move by RIM. With iPhone 5 and Windows 8 slated for release during the holiday season, RIM is out of the game, I am afraid, for good.

As for me, I am seriously considering the Windows phone for Christmas.

RIM isn't out of the game. People aren't just going to throw out their blackberry phones in droves and get something else.

So what if you won't get a new OS7 blackberry if yours is OS 5 or 6, that isn't going to affect anybody elses decisions. It would be better if you supported RIM by upgrading to an OS 7 blackberry.

Rootbrian, he is really a cheerleader for Blackberry 7 phones. Sorry,but nobody will buy outdated BB phones, unless you are a complete fool, when you can get a new Samsung or (later) the new iPhone 5.

Does anybody else thing getting something out with bugs sooner may be a better strategy than no device. I don't mean without native email, but I believe BB is competing against WP8 at this point. If they give WP8 at minimum a 3 month head start that might end the race for number 3 before it starts.

Maybe it's because I'm a software person and I sympathize with making good time estimates, and the complexity of birthing a whole new platform, but I'm just not surprised at the Q1 2013 announcement today.

On June 12, I wrote on my blog:

"And I tend to be pessimistic/conservative about tech time estimates. What I mean by that is that although the public seems to be all caught up with "October" being the magical month, I would actually be surprised to see BB10 that early. I think it's much more likely that it will be released in November or December or January or February. Heck, if it were launched in March it wouldn't be a big surprise. You can't snap your fingers and pull a whole new generation of product out of a hat, and RIM can't afford to release it half baked. So things will take time."

So hearing the announcement today for me was basically what I expected to hear.

The trouble is, if they had said 8 months ago "BB10 may launch as late as May 2013", they would have been dead meat. The only way they can keep people's interest is to be as optimistic as possible. I don't think they're being dishonest, they're just forced to be very optimistic. And when you're very optimistic in the software world, you have a high probability of missing your dates, sometimes by a very wide margin.

Frankly it is sounding more and more like it will be Feb/March/April/May. Yes, there's absolutely no reason it couldn't be May. And before you shoot me, hear me out.... they're probably aiming now for say late February, and with something this complex, being 6 months away from your estimate and missing by slightly over 2 months is not unheard of by any stretch of the imagination.

So that's my opinion: We'll probably see BB10 launch in the Feb-April window, but it is a very real possibility that it could even be May. Probably not, but it's very possible.

All of the super optimism in the world doesn't make the process of developing a new platform and then building on top of them the world's best communications software any easier.

Sorry folks. Patience , and lots of it, will be required.

Your link is a broken link. RIM has been working on BB 10 since the playbook was designed. They have not focused on the task at hand, set milestones, and measured up to these. It would appear that for whatever reasons (see the reply below) RIM cannot execute on its plans. I have no doubt that the former CEOs did not help. One cannot take at face value what is said (eg the processor they needed was not available until October 2012). My guess is that there was some serious in-fighting going on before Heins (and maybe still..) took over and the bloated management lacked focus on the task at hand to deliver the new Blackberry 10 products on time.

The other reaction I have to this announcement is actually a sigh of relief. Sounds weird, but one of my greatest fears about BB10 is that it will be rushed out the door before it's ready.

Think about it, the company is under *tremendous* pressure to get it into the hands of customers. And because it is still many months of work until it will be done, they're therefore under tremendous pressure to let their ideals slip and ship it before it's ready.

Because of that, any time I hear about a delay, even though it does hurt, it's a reminder that the people making the decisions aren't willing to make short term compromises that will damage the long term success of the platform.

Thank goodness.

I'm actually glad it got delayed, we don't want bad reviews of premature products. We want rock solid, bug-free products that work. Well said!

Nice post - Just a few small points. This OS isn't being born from scratch. QNX had the basic framework when RIM bought them 3+ years ago. RIM spent almost 2+ years developing the tablet - even though they admited JAVA was dead and had to go (didn't stop them from BB6 and BB7 though). The PB OS is a decent framework and comprises most of what BB10 will be and has been out for a year. This was not release BB7 and then start from point A drafting a new OS and UI. There has been plenty of time to get this done and done right. The checklist was not complete, the timeline not followed, no one was checking interim deadlines and no one has been or ever was held responsible for failure. There is no need for patience. The best thing people can do is move on and put ths wounded animal out of its misery.

I think you're off by 1 year; RIM bought QNX in 2010, and the Playbook was released roughly a year later (April 2011). It is now June 2012, so definitely not 3+ years.

I agree though, QNX was well-established when RIM bought the OS, and I think one of their first mistakes was underestimating the time needed to adapt it to the mobile platform.

If you think people should shutdown the company, then you obviously don't know how many will be on the street or unemployed. Have some considerations for those who want to keep their jobs and support their families.

This is why I am glad I went to the iphone last fall. I mean the iphone isnt perfect but I am very satisfied with it. So when news like this happens I am not crushed like I was when I was using my bb's that already felt old. So now I have the attitude that I am rooting for RIM to kick ass with bb10 but if it never happens.....oh well I am perfectly fine with ios!!!

Kevin, as the #1 blackberry fanboy and the EiC of one of the best blackberry websites, you are obligated to tow the company "line". I appreciate that.

But honestly c'mon. by the time they get the "perfect" device out, it will be mediocre and irrelevent.
This is just as bad, if not worse than getting an unfinished product out. By the time BB10 is out, the competition will be finalizing their next line. If blackberry 10 gets a couple of months of sales, i'd be surprized.
At least with a less than perfect release, there's updates and money in the pocket.

RIM has basically screwed up bad, and there's really no honest way to spin this in a positive way. Yea the money might last until March 2013. but there wont be anything left, the developers will be gone, the consumers will be gone. (except maybe a few die-hards)

Who wants to spend big money on a new device or a 3yr contract for a company that *might* make it.

Sorry Thor. Love my RIM products... but you lost me :(

This is one of my main concerns as well. The hardware is already behind and it isn't even anywhere near launch... By the time it actually sees the light of day who knows what the competition will look like. It has to be very disheartening to know that you are working on a product that has specs of devices released months ago...

This gives Apple all kinds of time to sell their iPhone 5 to everyone who may have been a possible customer for BB10 phones. There will be lines around the block at the Apple stores and the media will have a celebration of all things Apple.

The folks on all the iPhone sites are going to have a field day with this. I don't mind the wait so much, but that's just me, a BlackBerry addict. But we are not the majority here. This is truly a sad day indeed.

Have you been on the Apple fan sites lately? Excitement for the next iPhone is luke-warm at best, and after the lack of wow-factor in the iOS 6 announcement, some have even taken to calling Apple the next RIM. This is what truly makes this such a bad delay for RIM.

Apple is poised to have their second consecutive mediocre product launch (3rd if you count the iPad3). Sure, they sold millions upon millions of the 4S, and will most likely sell just as many of the 4GS (I'm not expecting a 5, but it's possible), but the incremental updates in software and hardware will tarnish their public image as innovators (don't argue whether or not they actually innovate, their public image says they do whether it's accurate or not). Yeah, they're gonna spin it as refinement, but RIM tried the same tactic and look where it got them.

Remember, the only place to go from the top is DOWN. Who here remember when Atari was king? SEGA? Nintendo? Playstation? At some point, they all looked dominant... Unfortunately for RIM, how many of those returned to dominance? I'm crossing my fingers here and hoping for a miracle. We'll need one

No I don't go to the Apple sites, but I do see the people and friends around me who have upgraded to the Apple 4s and love them. Now they are buying iPads, Apple TV, etc. so now they are locked into the Apple infrastructure and no matter how great BB10 might be, they will never turn back. I work near and Apple store and every time I walk by it they are filled to capacity and people are outside taking their pictures in front of it (with their iPhones of course).

Even though you and I both know that their incremental improvements to their phones are lame, but they don't. They think they are FANTASTIC! Siri is "the best thing since the invention of the light bulb..." blah blah blah.

I do not want an iPhone, and I hope that RIM survives, but this isn't a good thing. RIM needed to have two shifts of people working on BB10 working round the clock (like Apple does in their manufacturing). He needed to announce that the new phones will be introduced before the originally expected date, not later. I see this as a huge problem.

I am a big BB fan and this does hurt....a lot. If it means a extremely bad A$$ product the beginning of next year I guess I can wait ( dont realy have a choice anyway) I hope it isnt to late by then. 6,7,8 months is long enough in technology land. :(

Well I am far from a troll, but I am tired of looking like a a-hole telling everyone wait wait I promise bb10 will be great. Thor promised us it was "on track later this year" so just another broken promise. So f u RIM if my bb's die before then I will leave and my 20 employees will have a different platform. I am sick of the bullcrap and if you are not then your sick and need help.

You don't think about the people who work at rim and have jobs/support their families. If rim does go down, they'll be devastated. They won't be killed or go out of business. "On track later this year" was likely Q1 of 2013. I guess it was a mishap. Shit happens.

I am a loyal Blackberry user. I think there is good and bad to this. The bad is that consumers and investors were anticipating a BB10 phone out this fall. This will hurt, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. With this extra time, RIM has to deliver at the beginning of next year. Iphone 5 and Windows 8, and Google's new software will be out. This will give them time to evaluate the competition and make appropriate tweaks. Also, licensing out their services is a must for 2012. BB10 must have it all, the premium selection of apps, the screen resolution, Querty and touch screen models launched instantaneously, and features that no other software has. Plain and simple, it must be innovative and something you'd wait for early in the morning. It must be the best phone on the market. Now this is truly their last chance...

how about a 5 yr wait then? lot of time to evaluate competition!!

RIM DOES NOT need to be Apple, Google or Microsoft, just be the RIM we all loved over years and deliver what they are best at, and on time!!

I am not even a little bit surprised rim delayed the release i actually expected it. In fact rim should change thier name from research in motion to delayed motion. I simply dont understand how a company at the top of the industry let it slip away and continues to just sit by and let its competitors put out phones, operating systems, updates and utilizing modern innovative technologies all the while it struggles to launch anything with 2+ year old technology.

It's not 2 year old technology.
You have to consider how long it takes to develop and improve software. It doesn't happen in a day, week or month. Remember, it has to be bug-free, rock solid and stable, not to mention speedy.

If you want a very buggy OS, you won't like it.

I agree with you eh, but I read the post from n4bb and he made from valid points. Which give me high hope for rim!!

Kevin has to say that, otherwise he won't get beta devices or review units......... Kevin has no balls. He sucks RIM's dick every chance he gets. They suck his in return.

support?? who are we? members of BOD? or some relative of the CEO??

WE are CONSUMERS, yes we became BB FANS bcoz at one point RIM delivered to us and kept us consumers satisfied, but now over past few months, its just fail!! sad but true.

Consumers support those who deliver!! Im NOT MOVING AWAY from BB but atleast be and talk realistic.

Totally agree as much as love rim products as a consummer I don't have an obligation to rim or its employes. They have an olbigation to me to spend my hard earned money with them. As much as I hate All those people being layed off and rim possibly going under its not the consumers fualt. Its theirs for constantly giving there loyal customers the finger by being complete morons when it comes to running a business. I can now truly say I am done with their crap and spending my money with someone else and if they are around in 3 years and start giving a dam about the hand that feeds them I will be back.

Okay, after recovering from the shock of the first impact, I will try to hold on until BB10. Fortunately, my contract won't end until April 2013 but if BB10 gets delayed again when I'm due for another contract, I will probably have to bid BB farewell...even though it will be a very difficult, reluctant, tearjerking adieu. Let's hope it won't come to such a tragic end.

...and I look forward to your 80's Rockstar look next year, Kevin. :D

Edit: But this delay does make me worry how it will affect Developer morality and support for BB.

BB10 FTW.. slightly disappointed about the delay but will buy BB10 phones whenever they come out, that's a given

Very disappointing news especially since BB10 was promised later 2012! I understand the reasons, fair...just hope when the time comes to launch everything is in plc wid good specs and UI apps and a solid battery.

Maybe this will give them time to release both BB10 L and N Series at the SAME TIME! Still a believer!

One can only be optimistic for so long; at some point, optimism turns into delusional thinking. As Kevin indicated, Q1 2013 can mean March 31st but what was missing from that statement is that there is no guarantee that Q1 is an accurate estimate of when BB10 will be launched.

We've already seen 2012's supposed deadlines come and go; late 2012's deadlines come and go; and now we're suppose to believe that Q1 2013 really does mean Q1 2013? And now that Thorsten Heins, through no fault of his own, has acted in the exact same manner as his predecessors - by issuing a broken promise, there's even less assurance that Q1 is accurate.

And given the amount, quality, and diversity of new telephones and tablets that are on the verge of being released - THIS YEAR - what is the incentive to wait, yet again, in the hopes that, this time, Q1 2013 really does in fact mean Q1 2013?

Kevin concludes by saying "...more than ever, RIM needs our support. Let's give it to them..." With respect, that is completely wrong. RIM doesn't need our support, RIM needs to EARN our support. And by what occurred today; they lost whatever little support they had amongst a great deal of consumers.

If you read the entire last sentence, "Hopefully many of you out there will too - more than ever, RIM needs our support. Let's give it to them" - that sentence clearly refers to RIM and not Crackberry.

+100. I'm learning that you shouldn't be loyal to a product or a company that continues to disappoint. When a company keeps missing deadlines, using different excuses as to why the product isn't coming out (first it was the chip, now its not perfect, what will be next), you have to question your loyalty. I've learned that when my contract is up, I will get the best phone out there. If it is a blackberry, great. If it isn't, great.

Totally agree. As a side note as much as I respect u Kevin a lot of us on this forums don't drive range rovers and have the expendable income to buy a new phone every few weeks or spend 500 doLlers on a single app. So why would I support a brand that constantly says fuck you to its loyal followers and customers by blaintantly laying to our face with my limited expendable income. Care to respond. I will support rim when it gives me a dam good reason too. As of now I am saying fuck off rim.

What if you worked there and then the company went bankrupt or out and YOU lost your job because of people saying that about YOUR job? You wouldn't enjoy hearing that at all.

Really are u fing serious your trying to guilt me by pulling on my heart strings. Since when is the employment of rim employees and how they feel at work my responsibility. The way I see it they are adults. Here is my argument to your assinine statment.

1). If any of the 5000 being let go are the mindless lazy morons that are contributing to rims constant delays good ridence you deserve to be unemployed.

2). For those not responsbile for this constant debacle that is rim you have to choices. Be complacent with no job security and get buggered by going down with the ship. Or be proactivily looking for other secure emplyoment and once acheved jump the rims sinking ship.

Give your head a shake. Its the morons that run this ass poor company that are responsible for there employees. But her is a simple constant in life. The upper lazy managment make millions while the working stiffs get shafted day in day out. So no I don't feel sorry for them they are grown ups and can take care of themeselves

Well this is it for me. My 9800 is so far behind the competition its funny. I been eligible for a upgrade since april and my wife will be in november. Guess what 2 will be jumping ship to whatever is the first phone by the door at the store. I don't care what brand , what OS anything is better than this.

UPGRADE to the 9810 or 9900!!!

It's MUCH BETTER than OS6. You'll love it. What the hell are you waiting for? If you don't or cannot appreciate what you have no, you'll NEVER be able to appreciate anything.

There may be an iPhone 5s or 6.0 by end of 1st qtr the way they keep cranking out upgrades for their flock. I am tired of defending BlackBerry and am not sure how long I can hold out before I become a sheep also. Grrrrrrrrrr

Why does it feel like I'm in a bad marriage with RIM as of late, I love my BBerries. I try to stay the course but these disappointments and let downs can only be dealt with for so long.

I plan to stick it out for BB10 but I won't become as emotionally attached this time around.

RIM currently is in its bad financial conditions and try to fight against Google, Apple, and Microsoft who already had its own fame and sufficient funds. The battle is so harsh. By all means, I support this move and I shall wait (though it hurts to be attempted to use the Samsung Galaxy sIII or the releasing Iphone 5).
No phones can really beat up blackberry in terms of productivity, typing capabilities, and efficient data usage.
Cross my fingers for its survival!

Bad news and a bad move by RIM. Delaying 10 will be the end of them. Ive been hanging on, and a BB user since the days of the side track wheel, but with everything going on lately, lack of features that ARE on other units and now this delay, I can't see RIM surviving. I am in a tech meeting W/O July 9 with my company. How can I in good conscience say we should stick with RIM?

Do stick with them. Even if the media is bullying them, at least your company can show their support, compassion and love for the people who work there and need to support their families. I wouldn't want to see them on the street for anything.

Bad news but there's nothing we can do but watch at this point. My contact isn't up for another year so I have to wait to see what happens.

I heard Kevin wasn't cutting his hair until BB10 is released. Should be interesting to see what that will look like.

Its always darkest before the dawn. It will feel like death for the next 6 months and only then will we get an idea if RIMM can comeback with BB10.


I'm also a loyal BlackBerry customer since 2007, only Blackberries for me (I'm 31 years old), but right now my Torch 9800 is failing, it has bricked 4 times in the past 2 months... and I can't wait till 2013 to buy a new phone. I think I'll have to give the Galaxy SIII a chance, and wait for the BB10 release. Tough call....

Wipe and reload the 9800, only restore what you use and skip everything else. Then transfer that to the 9810 when you upgrade. The speed difference will be noticeable.

This felt like a punch in the gut! I don't give up on my sports teams when they let me down, so I won't give up on RIM either. The devices I own still get the job done, and just because they don't have access to 1000s of apps that I'll never use or functionality I could care less about won't faze me. But I admit it's getting harder to find something to cheer about.

I am with you. I have also come to realize my Android phone isn't used for anything the playbook cannot do. I think I have the luxury of sitting and waiting. I am however hoping that when I look for a new phone fall next year, RIM will have a solid offering.

This is a major kick in the nuts to BB Loyalists. We've (I've) been going around telling my friends to hold out till the fall because BB10 is going to be amazing. Even with it being amazing I figure it's one last trip round the block with an old friend as I was pretty convinced that no matter how good it was the masses would still ignore it and BB would go under eventually. My upgrade is Oct 19TH and I can't see myself waiting till possibly spring. I was impressed with WP a year ago and liked a friends Nexus too. Chances are pretty good I'll be texting instead of BBMing come this fall :'(

Turns out my contact at Sprint knew what he was talking about when he said we would not see the BB10 this year.....
....Still, I believe RIM is better served to release a WOW product that needs no excuses.
....Unlike the Playbook which, even now, STILL isn't completed.

RIM evidently needs more time to make sure their device is for real loaded for bear...
...They have to do this or just admit they can't compete in this market any longer.
...I'll say a Hail Mary for RIM as I have had a relationship with their BlackBerry phones since I got my first one.

Thanks for being frank about this Kevin!

For all those who are impressed with Heins' honesty with regard to delaying BB10, please remember as of a few days ago he (and other executives) were talking about releasing BB10 "later this year" when they clearly knew that they wouldn't. He and they are all LIARS. i don't respect any of them. They have constantly misled users and investors.

I want to remind everyone that there is no such thing as "perfect". No software will ever be perfect.

At this point it would have been much better to release something that is 80% complete just to get it out to the market. Even with a half-ass product, the app developers would have some hope of making money this year on BB10. Now they have none. ZERO. What will continue to to incentivize them to continue developing apps? I can't imagine what their motivation is now.

Frankly, I've never seen such incompetence. I suspect whatever little credibility they had is forever lost. At least I've lost it. Too bad for the soldiers who were and continue to be led by this bunch of yahoos.

Bad news. But, not the end of the world.. So much negativity from the users here. Its nice to see that some people ( kevin and a few others ) still have something positive to add. I'm not gonna bash rim for taking their time to perfect my next device. Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Count me in on the positive news. I HATE the bullies (news, media, press, anti-RIM bloggers), I don't read their shit, only what comes directly from RIM themselves. If I do read their shit, I tell them off. :)

FUCK the press.
FUCK the news.
FUCK the media.

They've lied to us and were negative more than we can imagine. Ever notice there isn't anything positive in the news?

Kevin, just go and get your hair cut. The way RIM is going you might wind up looking like Rapunzel one day.

I am sorry to say that I am a loyal BlackBerry power user. I am asked everyday at work "soooo how's your RIM stock?" I always reply "well, its a good thing I don't own stock in them isn't it?"

I get the same old "you're living in the caveman era, get rid of that (9930) phone and get the iPhone."

I am unhappy to admit that my business has been offering me a phone, and due to my lack of interest in carrying two phones, I have opted to drop my BB for the iPhone. I will be unhappy, I know it, because I know I like qwerty keyboards.

I know there are many people out there like me. Many people that have an opportunity. Many people like me will now be forced to get an iPhone, because new BlackBerries will not be available. I could not think of anything worse for RIM to have to go through, but not releasing a phone before the holiday season (november-january haha) is going to kill them. Think about the people that set the trends. In today's world, its the kids. The kids take the pics, the kids go to the concerts (underage albeit), and the kids get the cars. Now, with pressure from other kids going to the iPhone, all kids want is the iPhone. They think the blackberry is a joke and an outdated device. When the new iPhone drops and the kids don't have a choice, well... You answered that yourself.

I can understand Thorsten wants to perfect the new OS, but having been outsold by droid and iPhones all these years, how does he think a january or march release will be beneficial?

I feel bad I'm dropping my BB and we'll see how long I last with the iPhone, but I have 10 bbm contacts left and I can't imagine those regaining.

Now I can't wait to go into work tomorrow and first hear "so how is your RIM stock doing" followed by "when did you say those new phones were coming out?"

I have no conclusion to this story except that we'll have to wait and see, but like many here, loyal berry users are left upset and in the dust. Not to mention, I'm still waiting for the Verizon update to be rolled out.

I agree with you dude. I had the 9850 BB and traded it for the iPhone. Yeah the iPhone has apps, lots of apps. useful ones to but I miss my BB. RIMM needs to get apps. Lots of apps for BB7

RIMM needs to fix BB7 and get as much done on 7 as possible since BB10 is delayed. Get those apps on BB7 now. Get active sync to work on BB7 now not through BES. promote this but for BB7. Get the customers talking again about BB7. BB7 is an amazing OS and with some love, it can compete with the competition. It just needs some TLC from RIMM. Since BB10 talks, its as though RIMM is doing the bare minimum on BB7. Get Netflix, Skype, Angry Birds, and all those other apps on BB7. Fix the Boot up issues with BB7. Then you'll have people going back to BB. This will be enough to keep them afloat until BB10 whenever that will be

Skype is microsoft, 3UK and verizon's bitch. They won't let up until something drastic happens.

Until then, and others support skype IM and you can send/receive voicenotes.

I'm like most here, I've been waiting and waiting, and I don't know what to do. I just received a Samsung Skyrocket for work, and it's the best phone I've ever used. The only thing missing is BBM. My contract is up in a month and I think I'm moving my family to the Galaxy S III. I mean next year, come on already!

Why are you so negative? If you have an OS 5 or 6 device, upgrade to an OS7 device and transfer only what you need to the new one, excluding everything else and it WILL be faster.

If you already moved on, why did you post here then? Goodbye.

The delay is not that bad for me knowing for a while I had to wait for the physical keyboard bb10 phone for early next year. My disappointment is for RIM failing again to keep their promises. I'm afraid they might not even get to launch it at all. Bad press will get worse, more and more people will drop BB for whatever other platform and RIM's market will shrink beyond any possible recovery. Tech world road is paved with dead giants.
I tried Android and Apple and don't like either, Not having an alternative (maybe W8?) I'll wait for BB10 but seems more like waiting for a second coming...

Kevin, I have a fistful of respect for you, but I don't see any way this can be viewed by just about anyone as a good thing.

To me, the spiral accelerated. Trying to make this sound like a good thing in any way just sounds...sad.

All these years a BB fan, I hate to say it but I don't see them making it back. By next spring, everyone else will have continued to move forward. BB10 will be catching up to where the competition is right now, not where the competition is next year.

I think it IS a Palm story, it's just going to be a longer story because RIM still has cash.

Devastation is the word that comes to mind. I know it sounds weird and almost pathetic saying that but electronics are a hobby of mine and i'm just so disappointed by RIM. I was really looking forward to the fall and seeing the new blackberry. Just hope this isn't the end.

Not surprising, not upsetting, long past that, can't believe so many really thought RIM had changed. Do not know yet what my next phone or tablet will be but they will be proven and on the market when I need them. Hard to believe RIM will fit the bill based on last few years performance. The Wall Street Journal 3 days ago listed them in the companies expected to be gone in 2013, that is easy to believe.

It looks like I will be upgrading to a Windows 8 device instead of BB10 in Q3 2012. I've been trying to stay optimistic but today's news is not encouraging. We can try and play spin doctor all day but this is not good news anyway you look at it. This is typical RIM. Promises, promises and a constant failure to deliver. I've wanted nothing more than a successful launch of BB10 and to be able to prove all the nay sayers wrong. However the market doesn't have patience and I am running out of mine. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if BB10 doesn't even make it to market.

Terrible terrible terrible! I'm all for perfecting the device... but then work harder. Period. A next year release is simply unacceptable. Apple working for 3 years on the iphone is great an all... but it was their first phone... RIM has been at this a long time. It really should not be taking this long. I don't want an all touch screen device so I'll be waiting EVEN LONGER. I expected like March at the latest for the qwerty BB10. Now it looks like I may have to wait a full year before I can get a BB10 device.

I have brand loyalty so I will wait... but man... I DON'T LIKE IT ONE BIT!
Definite fail Thorsten. -___-

"He refuses to launch BlackBerry 10 without it being perfect, and to get a phone to market this year would mean it would be less than that"

This right here, is more BS. RIM is struggling to even get the basics working. *If* BB10 ever does launch, even then it will be a rushed mess like everything RIM has ever done. Count on it.

The sad thing is I don't like any other platform, so that means I'm stuck with this mediocre Bold 9900. BB needs to do something in the interm to keep people interested

THAT IS IT. FINISHED! I have been one of the loyalist Blackberry users since 2000 (that is right: 12 years). I am just sick and tired, I mean really sick and tired, of spending year after year waiting for Blackberry to "catch up" since iPhone 1 was released. I will not accept one more broken promise. I will not be "strung along" another year for what Blackberry says they may produce. Good bye RIM. I am switching to my wife's old iPhone as soon as the AT & T store swaps my SIM Card. Good bye Bold 9900. Good bye Blackberry.

I love my Bold 9900 but it was purchased as a "stepping stone" to take me from my BB Torch to the BB 10. As a matter of protest, I am now cancelling my BB Data Plan and switching to an iPhone Data Plan. This is intended to send a signal of protest and discontent to RIM. I will use my wife's old iPhone 4 (which I also love) for now. I will reconsider buying another BB only "after" RIM releases a successful and up-to-date product. If they can't deliver success with the BB 10, then I will not likely ever switch back to RIM. I suggest that more loyal BB users send a similar sign of protest to RIM. From this Blog, it seems that many intend to do so.

I think it's perfectly valid to make your discontent known to companies you're unhappy with.

That said, I still am curious what it is about your 9900 that feels out of date, or conversely, what it is about the iPhone that makes you discontent with your 9900.

For me personally, it's Siri that I would love to have, and there's nothing comparable on the BB platform. But now that the novelty factor has worn down a little, I'm not quite as beside myself not having Siri.

My wife and 4 children all have iPhones so I am frequently exposed to these devices. I like the iPhone's larger screen, Apps, Browser and GPS functionality. I remained loyal to the BB phone all these years because I love their keyboard, the BB contact list and the BB e-mail functions. Switching to the iPhone 4 is a "trade-off" that I refused to make before today. But my desire to protest against RIM is now very, very great. I have been more loyal to RIM than RIM has been to me. I won't take it any longer. I will miss the Bold 9900, but that pain is less severe than the pain I feel when RIM "strings me along" for a ride!

As a long time blackberry user, I have finally decided to leave RIM. I will be moving to Windows phone or an iphone 5 when released. I'm tired of the delays and won't wait any longer.


Your job should be RIP'd since you don't consider how many people would be ON THE FUCKING STREET if they lose their jobs. THEY HAVE A FAMILY TO SUPPORT!!

Fuck you.

Hey stop worrying about the RIM employees.They should perform or perish.Its not a govt job and we are certainly not giving a hand out to them by buying are in a competitive business.
You can give your salary to the families and yes FUCK YOU!

I'm sorry but I honestly don't think this is ever going to be released. With BB10 out of the holiday season, that pretty much confirms that nobody is going to wait for a Blackberry 10, and that nobody is going to be buying a Blackberry 7 since they are so out of date and Blackberry 10 is supposedly around the corner. I'm still using my 9630( another product RIMM screwed up) and I honestly like it, I've grown accustomed to working within it's constraints, but I've held on to it with the notion that I'd be waiting for BB10, I've had an upgrade since October. The stock market is fed up with their BS, the market already hated RIMM and this is probably the final nail in the coffin. It's already down 15% in aftermarket trading, with no legitimate product this year, the market will short it to 0 unless they split up or are bought out. Anyone following RIMM has to be downright disgusted at how often they screw things up. I'm getting a new phone soon, and if RIMM ever releases BB10, I'll probably get it, but this seems like a deadly cycle. Everytime something gets pushed back, they remain behind, waiting for "the perfect product" will never happen, ever.

I'm about to buy a 7 device. I'm sick of the iPhone. It does email horribly and I'm stuck with an awful enterprise solution (good for enterprise). I want my home screen with useful data, I want my 3 days of battery life, and want my security. Facebook, twitter, and spotify are there. Is MLB or a good Tom Tom gps app available for bb7?

2 yrs later I use 10 apps tops. I use safari on my iPhone more than any app. Heck I go to the websites before I use the apps. :)

Good luck getting three days of battery life. In normal use with a 9930 I can survive about 36 hours. If I make a significant amount of calls, it needs to be charged each and every night.

I am curious what about the iPhone's email client you find wanting. I've used just about every mobile platform over the years and I find the iPhone's email capabilities to be just fine. I hate the lack of a physical keyboard and the way notifications work (no snooze? Come on!) but overall it's quite a solid device.

If you truly don't use your apps, you're in a very small minority. From the sound of it, iOS isn't a good fit for you, but bashing it while trying to prop RIM up in the face of this mess seems...weak, to be honest.

I get a day out of mine and plus, I have two batteries, one is an extended. Swapping is a no-brainer when I'm not near a charger or plug. I don't always bring my charger everywhere.

I don't understand when people say "nobody is going to be buying a Blackberry 7 since they are so out of date".

As I've said, I have a 9900 and I'm extremely fond of it. It's an incredible device and seems perfectly competitive with the iPhone in almost all important areas.

What is it about the 9900 that people feel is "out of date"?

He or she probably can never appreciate what he or she has. That's why. Always have to climb up and grab the latest. That can rack up large amounts of debt too.

VERY VERY Disappointed!! I will keep hope alive & will wait it out.. But RIM is starting to act like politicians, tell you what you want to hear but then they don't deliver. I really thought Thorsten would keep his word & "execute" on time. Of course I'd rather wait for the BB10 phones to be complete & perfect, but I'd rather have it in Q4 like they said. C'mon BlackBerry let's bring it. Next thing we know iphone6 will be coming out before BB10.. I'm a Loyal BlackBerry User & Abuser & still love my 99xx but they really do need to deliver & stop hurtin themselves

Well now that bb10 is delayed I'm not going to wait another 6 months with this iPhone 4. I've had it. Which blackberry should I go with? I'm on at@t but may switch to Verizon. 9900?

A good read Crackberry Kevin, great article!

I'm definitely thinking it's a rebirth and I can wait.

I think RIM's CMO needs to show consumers here in NA that RIM is not dead - it's a transition duh. They need creative marketing for OS7 phones now...they're excellent communicators with a great browser and actually a lot of good apps...

Maybe if RIM put an actual bb10 os on the dev alpha instead of the modified playbook os they would be further along or maybe release a bb10 beta for playbook owners. I'm sure that would help too.

We all knew this was gonna happen. Look at 2.1 beta. It's not gonna be official until July or august and then a couple months later the playbook would get blackberry10? ??? Does not make much sense does it?

Why go through the trouble of 2.1 if blackberry10 was right around the corner. RIM has known blackberry10 wasn't gonna be ready "later this year " for awhile now. believe that.

I'm not so sure playbook will ever get blackberry10 to be honest. You want me to wait 10 more months minimum on an already year old tablet?? Hmmmmmmmm 2.1 better have some nice surprises. I'm really fed up with Rim.