BlackBerry's Marty Mallick talks about Instagram and other big players on BB10

By Simon Sage on 30 Sep 2013 01:51 pm EDT

The most persistent question I've been getting about BlackBerry Jam Asia has been "How's the mood?" There's certainly a cloud of non-developer news looming over this developer conference, but surprisingly few people are getting wet from the rain, though they certainly aren't oblivious to the weather.

Marty Mallick heads up alliances with major developers to get them on BlackBerry 10, which at first blush seems like it might be a tough job when many developers have no idea if the platform is still going to be around after the next two or three years (nevermind months).

A big key to Mallick's approach to developers in light of recent events has been to proactively engage with existing customers and let them know exactly what the latest news has to do with their apps and what it means for the future of the partners. They have ultimately been very proactive when it comes to shareholders. This also acts as an opportunity for them to reaffirm their commitment to developers. On partner sentiment from the show, Mallick had this to say.

"Some are extremely supportive. It really is business as usual. The team continues to stay focused on managing these partners, supporting the partners, motivating the partners. ... This fall is full of amazing apps that are coming to the platform. There's literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days. ... Our communication with the partner is not trying to mislead them. It's very factual. 'This is where we are, this is our focus, this is  what that means.' "

BlackBerry's Alec Saunders sounded off candidly about the status of Instagram elsewhere at the show, saying that if users wanted to share photos on BlackBerry 10, they'd have to check out one of the many alternatives available. We needled Mallick about Instagram, and he had a pretty comprehensive answer to the situation. 

"Instagram is obviously a partnership that we're really anxious and really excited to work with. To date they have not announced support for BlackBerry 10, but discussions do continue with them. ... One of the things that Instagram has pointed out to me in the past is they didn't support Android until Android had been in the market for over 18 months and was in the hundreds of million users range. The message to us was 'Don't feel so bad, because we don't jump on new platforms on day one. We take our time. We've very diligent in the experience.' The fact that they're not here now, six months in, really doesn't mean they won't be here in the future. ... We don't like it, but we have to respect it."

Next up, we touched on Marty's experiences with the locals in particular. 

"The (Asian) goliaths, we have them supporting BlackBerry 10. We have a very strong presence of BlackBerry in the region. A lot of these application partners, they have millions of users already on BlackBerry OS,  so they're just naturally inclined to support their users. Sometimes, we'll look at it as 'are you supporting BlackBerry?', but a lot of these partners are even more pragmatic about it. 'If I have 13+ million users on BlackBerry, I'm going to support BlackBerry 10.'"

Hunting the big fish in a climate like this is a tough-sounding job for Marty, but his answers seem to set the stage well for the months ahead. 

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BlackBerry's Marty Mallick talks about Instagram and other big players on BB10


Simon, next time, please ask him when we can expect a fully featured Facebook app. I read through the reviews on BB World and it's all disappointing. People complaining they can't share posts, they can't sort the news feed, notifications are disappearing, etc. Why the hell is this app not fully featured yet? They've had since before launch and it's still not on par as other platforms.

Happens all the time. Sometimes it's an honest mistake, other times I suspect it's something else....

Posted via CB10

Are you saying that there's a Facebook for BlackBerry 10 beta app in the beta zone? I don't see it but I do see the one for legacy OS.

My profile is set to Z10 but I cant see the program so I can join. I see the FB for BBOS but not for BB10. Any ideas?

They will have a nice new app once it's out of Beta testing thanks to the users who _do_ access the beta zone.

I'm not a beta test kind of person (don't have the patience for it) but letss all take this opportunity to thakn the Leaks team and the beta testers for helping developers get their apps to market.

Agree the Facebook app needs updating. It's better than it used to be but still lacks features.

I have a problem with notifications, if the app is not active frame I don't get notified of events. Sometimes even if it is an active frame.

Wonder if well get headless apps anytime soon.

Posted via CB10

I have my own complaints on fb app, but sharing and sorting is not one of them, rather it is still not as good as the OS7 app.

That's all

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

Well what? Marty is a total fail.....this guy dropped the ball....WE ALL KNOW IT. This guy should have never been in charge of apps. Netflix not there, Vine not there, Instagram not there........Spotify, millions of vank apps, GTA, Simpsons.....Temple Run, Shazaam.....etc etc etc.

MARTY you have failed the BlackBerry faithful, and made us all look like asses for having faith.

Posted via CB10

I can't say for certain if it was Marty, or Blackberry's reluctance to throw cash at the big name players.

Cash didn't help. Extra developers didn't help.

It's not a lack of trying, it's trying to get developers to be less scared of taking risks - which isn't always an easy thing when time is money.

Posted via CB from my LE

Relax dude. The platform is still young. While we all want the apps to come, let's be realistic. BlackBerry 10 has not been on the market for 1 year yet and it has been gaining traction with quite a few big name developers. Let's be patient, Rome wasn't built in a day... and as was stated... with over 100million users, Android didn't get Instagram till after 18months. Chill out. Sideload the apps you need and be happy. At least we on BB10 have the option of sideloading... those on Windows phone are left in the cold and dark.

Posted via CB10

True but BlackBerry is not completely new to the smartphone scene. They had about 80 million users back then, lots of cash to throw at devs, plus two years to get these apps on the platform and have them ready for launch. While they do have some decent apps, there are a lot of heavily used apps missing from the platform and we're now at a time when apps matter to people.

BBOS and bb10 are not the same platform. You can't just download things that were for old bb. And why would a company make an app for a platform that isn't even out yet? Just because they had 2 years doesn't mean anything, if they had been out for 2 years then that's a different story. Also they've already thrown plenty of money at them, that's clearly not helping. Just be patient and keep bothering the developers. They are the ones that make the app. Not BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

I do agree that Facebook should be fully featured by now. There's hardly been any updates and that's blackberrys app.

Posted via CB10

But of course you realize that the direction is to leave the consumer market- meaning that we will never see the big name apps. The Window of opportunity has been bricked over. Hello brick wall.

Posted via CB10

Ummm..correct me if i'm wrong but I am pretty sure Android was around longer than a year and a half (18 months) when Instagram made its debut on IOS. I remember having a G1 like 6-7 years ago.

That's a ridiculously harsh final statement. Whoever feels that they look like asses for owning a BlackBerry and not having those apps you mentioned, seriously need to rethink their life priorities. The statement is also ignorantly false/assuming. Exactly who are you talking about when you say, "made us "all" look like asses?" I don't look like an ass to anybody for owning a BlackBerry. I'm a BlackBerry faithful. I'm sure there are others that feel the same way. Get a grip. It's just a phone. If you don't want to "look like an ass," don't go around mouthing off about a platform that is just in its infancy. Just enjoy the fact that you have an awesome phone. If they had waited for entities like Instagram or whoever else to agree to come onto the platform, some of you would be whining about BB10 taking forever to be released. Never ending complaining. I don't know if you are or not, but you sound like a spoiled, entitled brat with your angry impatience and image issues (i.e.: "I look like an ass because I don't have Instagram on my phone and I told all of my friends it would be on it!"; image=whiny voice/pout face while residing in the movie "Clueless.") Whatever happened to adults owning BlackBerries? Ric Flair would have never whined about something so trivial. We may have to confiscate your icon and replace it with Teddy Ruxpin. Wooooo! (Represent Space Mountain properly.) ;-)

Posted via CB10

Oh that's right, anyone who complains about Blackberry's string of broken promises is just a spoiled brat. Never mind the hundreds of dollars we've poured into devices because we were foolish enough to believe those promises. I for one am sick of being brushed off for daring to criticize Blackberry. They blew it with the BB10 launch, blew it with the Playbook, blew it with the non-launch of cross-platform BBM. All I'm wanting is for this company and its leaders to own up to their failures.

If you are aware that you are wasting money by being foolish enough to believe something over and over, then you have no one to blame but yourself. There IS some merit to the old saying, "Fool me once..." I don't know if the first part of your post is a question, or statement in terms of agreement, but yes, "right."

Posted via CB10

I have been through OS's 5,6 and 7. I don't tweet, Face Book or Instagram and don't really give a rats ass about them. But how is a company that is trying to sale a device on the pretense of bing a leader in the social community and not having the big named apps is ridicules. There stuck with BlackBerries social community. Why would someone move to BlackBerry and not have the apps they use every day. Thats probably why there device sales suck. As for the mentality of what happened to adults and businesses using BlackBerry is killing the company. Do you think Apple and Android sold all of the devices to adults. McDonalds learned long ago market to the youth and they will have customers now and in the future. It sure isn't because they have good food that keeps them busy. I wish the Best for BlackBerry because I think they still have the best device on the market and with what they have to offer isn't going to cut it with most of the people out there. I have three other devices on my plan nd there not BlackBerries but the people using them will not switch because of the aforementioned Apps.

I'm with you on this one and what I can't understand ,if this is all about money why the HELL BlackBerry just pay them to make the DAMN apps

Posted via CB10

They have paid some devs, but $ isn't everything. Some have refused to be on the platform regardless. In some cases BlackBerry has offered to send their own developers so it wouldn't cost them a thing to make the app & they still said no.

Now why would a someone refuse to allow an app to be made that wouldn't cost anything & would make them $? I don't know. Why is there no "Plants vs Zombies 2" on Android? It turns out because Apple paid a crap load of $ to make sure they didn't develop it. If they did it once, it's not unreasonable to assume they have other times.

Posted via CB10

Think of who is behind Instagram? Facebook.
And who are the BBM channels going to harm most? The Facebook Pages.

So there is no reason whatsoever for Facebook to help in any way BlackBerry with the Facebook app or the Instagram app. Quite the opposite actually.

Remember that Facebook Inc. only develops the "Facebook app" for iOS and Android. The Microsoft and BlackBerry versions are developed by Microsoft and by BlackBerry.

Well agreed with you. If BlackBerry can't get its BBM gracefully launched first time around, how can we expect a support from others? I have to resort to sideloading just to feed my big app addictions. It's sad.

Posted via CB10

Yeah thats a good point. Marty has totally let me down. Im still blackberry4life.... but this guy really couldn't have disappointed me more.

Posted via CB10

Blah, blah, your posts you are obviously the next coming of Steve Jobs, you should change your pic.

"There's literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days." How should we take this since BBM was suppose to be released a couple days ago and now its being delayed. just saying

Well, he said 'hundreds' so S4BB would probably be in the hundreds as well.

Hellz, they probably posted a hundred while I wrote this...

Posted via CB10

And? Doesn't Candy Crush makers churn out apps too? Kudos S4BB!! You just never know, one day S4BB might hit the motherload or pay dirt just like King did with Candy Crush or Zynga was doing too.
Its all a game of numbers.

Chuckle. I love your optimism... they just need to find out the sweet spot for GPS pricing and they'll be on fire!!

Posted via CB10

that's the same line of answer they told people when bb10 launched in feb. guess 80% of those upcoming apps will be junk. bunch of jokers.

I think they are doing their best, but that is not good enough for most people.
I myself am happy with my apps. There have been many that have arrived that are great, so I expect more good apps in the future. Good things come to those who wait.

CB10 - Z10

Can you tell this to shareholders who are also CB members who stuck with BB from $60++ to being taken private by $9/share??? Management led by TH royally screwed us all.

The last time I checked the App Store, there are tons of junk apps there too. Can you tell me how many great apps the App Store has in its over 900K apps/games library? What's the ratio?

Very little content. Proactive in talking? What about incenting. What about developing exceptional products for those in "partnerships". Not impressed st all.

Posted via CB10

"Talking" may mean leaving numerous messages on their voicemail. Or an exchange of emails.

Mallick: "Are you ready to take us seriously yet?"
Instagram: "A near billion dollar writedown on the Z10? Um, no."

they mean to say the BB10 user base ,as they do not see the older versions to be here in near future,to some extend it is true.

Naturally, but it's the same catch-22 as always. Big names don't develop for a small install base and users don't come to the platform without their apps...

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

Seems as tho the app developers have the power to make or break an OS. And they clearly know it.

Posted using my sexy white Z10 on Z10STL100-2/

Yeah. BBM should be here. So that BlackBerry sends all the developers a good message that they are on track.
And Instagram seems to be right in their approach of jumping to a platform when they have millions of users.

Posted via the awesome Z10 STL100-1/

Do you know how many times, over the years, that RIM/BlackBerry "Executives" have used terms like

"There's literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days"


"Q10 will sell in the 10s of millions"

Getting the "picture".?


"Cross Platform BBM for Android and iPhone by end of summer"


"New Playbook Software"

So boring...

Welcome to "The New and Old BlackBerry".....

They can't even get a bid over $9..... just to show you what all of these broken promises have gotten you...


Hopefully, Frank Boulben will be protected from the latest 4,500 person layoff at BlackBerry...

After knocking everything else "BlackBerry", you want Mr. Boulben protected from layoffs? Why?
Marketing has been their biggest weakness by far, and I blame the lack of marketing as the second biggest reason for the lack of penetration of BB10. In my opinion, the biggest reason for the lack of success in BB10 is... (wait for it!)... placing too much trust in the hands of the carriers to sell it! Again, that is in Mr. Boulben's hands! Not one BlackBerry ad shows how you actually use a BlackBerry 10 device!

He was being sarcastic... pretty sure. Everyone even remotely aware of the BBRY story knows that Frank butchered the launch.

Posted via CB10

Apparently, I need to "market myself better"..... I think I will hire Frank Boulben when he becomes available..... Oh, you say he is going to retire after he receives his "$7 million+ Golden Shower Parachute Severance Package" when BBRY is sold to Fairfax?


Not only did he completely "F Up" the marketing program for BlackBerry - he allowed the media to sell the fact that if you don't have Instagram and a few other "Metrosexual Must Have Apps" - then your phone sucks...

Do business people who "Need to Get Stuff Done" need Instagram?

@ bbfanboi - not only do I not hope Frank Boulben is "retained" at BlackBerry - I hope the find a way to "F" him out of the, aforementioned, $7 million plus....

Q10 ad shown many, many times for many weeks in July & August on CNBC and Bloomberg was 30 seconds of BB10 operation. Showed how quickly one could process multiple tasks...and showed off the predictive words function very well.

Guess what? There's a learning curve with this OS and you have to use it to understand it and appreciate it.

This is definitely a case where word of mouth marketing should start to increase sales.

Here's the Kim K going to be using a BB10 phone this season of KUWTK? That will say a lot to me about BB10(sad but true).

Peugeot 505 STI» Peugeot 405 Mi16» Honda s2000»...Chevrolet Corvette C7

Marty Mallick is a total fail! And he keeps giving us excuses for why these apps are not on the platform.

Netflix was on WP8 on day 1 and that is before WP8 had any users AND a very small WP7 user base to begin with. They even made an app for for the Vita which sold less than 3 million units.

By contrast Blackberry had 80 million users and this guy failed to convince Netflix that it was worthwhile to build an app for BB10. That is his only job. Reed Hastings was out saying that he thought Blackberry was more of a business device. It was Marty's job to change this guy's perception, but he failed!

Going to bet Netflix was on Windows Phone 7 because Netflix is built using Microsoft Silverlight. There is no version of Silverlight for QNX, hence the lack of Netflix.

Posted via CB10

Simon, so how was the turnout this year as compared to previous years? That would say more about developers' attitudes towards the platform.

Posted via CB10

That is a harder question to answer that you think - if you registered ($149 I think) - you got a developer device - so from looking at reports from other papers, seems a lot of kids who are not developers were simply registering for devices:

"Curiously, a large number of people queuing up for their free Blackberry Dev Alpha device at the conference entrance told me they were not developers. That didn't seem to stop them from enjoying their new gadgets however - which came with a conference attached.

And attending the conference was cheap: the regular rate was a mere US$149, or US$99 if you had registered before 30 August."

"A Blackberry spokesperson reckoned around a thousand had registered, but didn't have a figure of how many actually showed up. Certainly, Blackberry Jam Asia 2013 seemed thin on developer presence. The showcase comprised two official Blackberry stands for gaming and enterprise apps, an app advertising sales vendor and official merchandise.

That was it though. No large third-party app developers had stalls, and the breakout technical sessions were sparsely attended."

Got attendance numbers just before I boarded my plane back home. Over a thousand this year, 1200 last year. Not what I'd call an appreciable difference, anyway. 

Great to see Marty Mallick smiling - he should be cut in the new "4,500 Layoff Round".... BB7 has "millions of users".... where is Instagram on that operating system?

All bogus nonsense... these guys are not respected in the "Greater App Provider World" no matter how many "Journey Cover Songs" Alec destroys....

These are all business decisions. When the business case for being there exists we will see the app. The userbase is too small currently to justify the investment for most of these companies.

Why would you develop an App for a system that is being phased out (OS7)? Also just because you have 10 million on an certain OS does not mean 10 million are going to download a particular app. I don't care what Marty Mallick says if the folks at IG don't want to support an OS how is it BB's fault?

@ travaz - it's "BB's fault" because they have become so insignificant... and if you were, always, more of a "Prosumer Conscious Company" - then why did you market on the SuperBowl with a guy on fire and have guys "sliding through mud" on your lame commercials????

FB is "the man"....

Bring on IGrann! :D he's acting quicker than instagram

Posted Via CB10 On The Brother Of Future Z30

An example of what is involved in making an app. A guy makes an instagram app. Why not spend a few dollars and hire a dedicated team of developers to fill the void? Would a Silverlight browser not take care of Netflix? These app shortcomings seem so easy to overcome. Why does the future of mobile computing rest in a bunch of low budget app developers? I would like to see built by BlackBerry, not just built for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

So the point from any new phone players perspective is that some apps will make it or break it, today iG is one such app. It has grown immensely since jumping on Android, I would think then the decision model used then could have some new inputs to it, not that it needs to from iG perspective. They should be pressed on whether they can provide some kind of option for new OS and platforms, allowing them to build their own third party client until they hit a large enough user base might be good, no risk for iG and new guy in pays the development costs?

Simply put IG is not interested in BB10. Find alternatives, I'm sure Netflix and Spotify feel the same. I say F 'em all, I will sideload :p

Posted via CB10

I've been trying to determine where those 4,500 cuts would come from. I love everything BlackBerry has today except for the BlackBerry 7 platform - loved it then but it has to go away... only slowly! After all, they do have existing customers to support. What that means is no new BB7 devices!

As a result, I have a hard time trying to figure out where all those cuts would come from. I hate to speculate on this because I worry about the impact on jobs - these are people's lives! Good and talented people.

Data centers? Hardware? I surely hope not hardware! BlackBerry ranks as either the best or second best handset designer. Apple's devices are on par with BlackBerry, but BlackBerry's device reliability is as good as or better than Apple.

Remember that Apple had huge issues with their antennas two years ago with the iPhone 4. They've since had Wifi connectivity problems (even when next to the router), overheating problems, excessive battery drain problems (remember you can't simply pop-in a new charged battery), glaring in photos, flickering screens, power button problems, etc, etc. My point is, it will happen to everyone, so I want to point out that Apple is not immune to problems, despite what some may suggest.

Even today, in general, the iPhone doesn't have as good an antenna as BlackBerry. In fact, the Z30 is increasing that lead BlackBerry has in acquiring and keeping your network connection by introducing a new, proprietary super fast antenna tuning technology. This comes from BlackBerry's Paratek division. I just wish BlackBerry would sell this feature as well as the many other advances they bring to the industry.

BlackBerry World is fantastic and I find it on par with the competition, with its weakness being the smaller app store. However, media wise (music and video), it rocks with a ton of content!

The comment from Instagram is BS. If they want users on their platform, why wait 18 months to consider the platform? It's just plain stupid. Isn't the BlackBerry 10 platform solid enough and enabling? Sounds like they must be smoking the same bad weed as Netflix.

Actually its the opposite. They don't care about adding BB users, they have more than enough of a user base in that 95% of the smartphone market that is on iOS/Android.

Mallick is one of the worst "executives" at BlackBerry and his incompetence has definitely contributed to BB's downfall. He should be the first one cut in the next HUGE round of layoffs.

Mallick's comment, "This fall is full of amazing apps that are coming to the platform. There's literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days." is very telling.

Hundreds of apps in the next 90 days? Let's say that's 900 - it's sill less than 4,000 Apps / year on average. If he is referring to premium apps, that's "okay" then, but I'm personally sick and tired of flipping through BlackBerry World over all the GPS apps.

They need quality and there is no indication they are going to get them.

Isn't the platform less than a year old? I'm confused with your calculation of 4000 apps per year. Doesn't BlackBerry World have over 100K apps/games in its library right now?

I believe they just announced over 130,000 BB10 apps. What I was getting at is Mallick is the primary guy when it comes to working with companies to ensure their apps come to BB10 - and his comment is making reference to "literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days".

It's so irrelevant, so minute in the grand scheme of things when considering the sheer volume of apps on other platforms. If he had said, "10's of thousands in the next 90 days and 2,000 more premium apps", that would be something of substance, something that matters.

I don't know - I've supported BB forever and a day and I'd love to see them survive and thrive. But they aren't going to make any real headway without the premium apps people are looking for.

Thanks for the clarification. I totally agree with you. This whole BlackBerry saga is indeed very annoying.

Yeah, and it's annoying because we all care. We all want to see this company survive at this point.

Someone asked a good question. Where is Instagram for BB7 if the numbers are the requirement. They should have been on BB7 before the PlayBook even came out, if that's truly the whole story behind why they haven't produced an app yet. Supposedly BlackBerry has said they would send developers of their own I'd that's what it took to get the app on the platform so, there has to be something else wrong that we're not being told. Maybe even BlackBerry isn't being told the whole truth.

Posted via CB10

Well seeing how the 9720 is the last BBOS7 device and Instagram being an American app I don't see why they'll add it to BB7. BlackBerry needs to focus on getting the remaining BB7 users to jump ship over to BB10 before they jump ship to a different platform.

Posted via CB10

The whole " don't worry were currently engaged with them"

Wtf does that mean. Congratulations you sent an email and asked are we there yet...

Posted via CB10

Promisings.... and we'll keep waiting, but wait a minute! Is it still going to be too much waiting? Please!!!!!

Posted via CB10

Today I tried my level best to get a z30 sim free I m willing to pay 529 pounds o2 don't know if they will get it car phone warehouse direct didn't even know they were having deliveries today and were more interested in pushing other makes what is going on typed on my great z10

Posted via CB10

And you didn't even use ONE punctuation mark. Congratulations!

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

The Instagram comment is bogus. Android was already on the market for more than 18 months when Instagram became available for iPhone. The key word was "hundreds of millions of users". Until there's a number that high we won't see the app. It's politics. And I bet it goes even deeper than that. To make it abundantly clear, they have no interest in us unless we cross a threshold over 100 mill, even though they know that we would have a better chance of that if they did bring the app. Nothing but hurts the users. Smh

Posted via CB10

I'm beginning to wonder if there isn't something more sinister at play here....these seem to be lame and flimsy excuses for not bringing an app to a platform, especially when you consider that BlackBerry has offered to put up the money and resources to bring these apps to BB10. I'm thinking competitors smell blood and are (have been, actually) spending money and resources to ensure the destruction of a potential rival. There are just too many negative things about BB10 and BlackBerry being spewed (especially on these forums) that are blatantly false, false with a ring of truth, or highly exaggerated. Then this crap get propagated here and all over the Internet and media...."If it says it on the Internet, it must be true!"....however, BlackBerry does nothing to dispel the lies and inaccuracies and even seems to make it worse...maybe as a Canadian company they are just too "nice". I guess in order to make it with the big boys you have to be the ruthless bloodsuckers that your competitors are...quit laying down and taking it in the ribs, BlackBerry! geez...

We'll here goes a viscous circle. BB can't sell coz they don't have apps and developers won't develop coz they don't have numbers.

More Canadians turn to Netflix, TV not affected
Published: 27 Sep 2013 12:00
Source: AFP

Consumers are multitasking and using other electronic devices such as phones and tablets while they watch television. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)
Ottawa - More and more Canadians are tuning into online movie streaming websites such as Netflix, but it has not impacted traditional television viewing as feared, according to a report published on Thursday.

The percentage of Canadians that subscribed to Netflix grew from 10% in 2011 to 17% in 2012, while the number of Canadian basic television subscribers increased by 1% to 12 million, according to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)'s annual report.

Canada's population is 35 million.

"More Canadians than ever are watching and listening to content on their computers, smartphones and tablets, yet the vast majority of programming is still accessed through traditional television and radio services," CRTC chair Jean-Pierre Blais said in a statement.

The amount of time spent watching television was down only slightly from 2011, averaging 28.2 hours per week, according to the report.


Collectively, Canadians watched 931.3 million hours of television per week, nearly half of which were Canadian programmes.

Meanwhile 33% of Canadians also, or instead, watched internet television, typically about three hours per week, up slightly from the previous year.

Over the coming months, the CRTC will hold public consultations that could lead to an overall in the way Canadians watch television and the prices they pay for cable or satellite television services, with new regulations to follow.

No changes are expected that would impact online movie and television streaming services, after the CRTC twice rejected calls requiring Netflix to buy a broadcasting licence, which helps fund Canadian productions.

In an interview with CBC Radio last week Blais commented that broadcasting is changing and will never be the same.

He noted that almost every Canadian household once had a television set in their living room, but now the trend is moving fast toward on-demand video content that is available on various devices, including tablets.

Other facts from the CRTC annual report:

- More than two out of four Canadians owned a smartphone and more than one out of four owned a tablet in 2012;

- Canadian families spent an average of C$185 each month on communications services;

- Canadians downloaded an average of 28.4GB and uploaded 5.4GB per month; and,

- There were 27.9 million Canadian wireless subscribers versus 11.9 million traditional telephones at home.

Found this on news 24.

You will have to be patient. The world needs BlackBerry 10. And the future of BlackBerry of which you can't discount. Regardless of the time it took to get a mainstream touchscreen phone.

Posted via CB10

"One of the things that Instagram has pointed out to me in the past is they didn't support Android until Android had been in the market for over 18 months and was in the hundreds of million users range. "

Blackberry needs to have numbers for BB10 to succeed. Blackberry just did a write off of almost 1 billion dollars for Z10. If Blackberry sold its phones at breakeven, say Z10 at $200, I am sure they will get the numbers. Look at how Nokia is getting numbers with Lumia 520 and that phone is nothing compared to Z10. They need to do that ASAP with Q5 before its too late and their loyal base starts moving to other platforms becasue of the price. Blackberry can succeed but for that it needs to think like Google and not like Apple. i.e. get phones in the hands of consumers and think of monetizing it later when you have the base.

He got a point about android getting the ig. Took 18 months compare to BlackBerry 9 months platform.

Posted via CB10

So basically instagram want BlackBerry 10 to have around a hundred million users before they can take their heads out of their asses and make a damn app that doesn't earn a single penny... f*ck them. I really want to have the app but if that is how they are going to treat us then to hell with them

Thorsten Out!!!

Lol, blackberry just keeps lagging behind in apps. By the time we get instagram it'll be something else the other big players have that BlackBerry doesn't have *le sigh*

Posted via CB10

Well as long as we have iGrann we should be able to have people jump ship to the platform. BBM could also have more users move over to the BB10 platform. BlackBerry must prevail.

Posted via CB10

With 2011 specs devices priced at 2015 premium you will never reach 13 million BB10 Users

No bud you got to think like BB. We in deep sh1t and just keep on demanding premium prices. Duh!!!
Common sense tells you to grow the user base and then become demanding.

Now all the talking heads at BlackBerry come out with announcements and other media fodder? Too late for most I'm afraid.

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I would think Marty's comment means hundreds of new apps from major developers/partners in the next 90 days. The chances of these apps being quality ones should be higher than if they are from small/independent developers.

Simon, could you find out what happened to Starbucks? Alec Saunders says they were working with them and us CB'ers found out they weren't supporting the platform.

BlackBerry said they would send developers to the top app companies and make the apps for them. All the company have to do is test it and aprove it . So are companies turning down a free app custom made for them? Or is BlackBerry us? Are companies simply refusing to be on BB10 even if they could make some money. Or is the compatition so fierce at the top for first and second place in phones that BlackBerrys 2% in market share is 2% to much for them ?

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I'm not a BlackBerry user, I use Windows Phone. What I will say is that something fishy is going on. Microsoft and Nokia were offering the same sweet deal. They would send their own development team to develop the app and all the company had to do is sign off on it. Companies still refused. It makes me consider the idea some big brands are paid to stay off smaller platforms.

For the BB10 launch, BlackBerry should have at the very least secured Android ports of all the major apps.

Once the launch was completed then Marty's team would be able to go back to a company like Instagram and convince them to write a native app.

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This probably wasn't feasible since the Android Jelly Bean runtime is just coming out now... It might have been feasible to have old versions of the apps, but maybe these companies don't want to deal with the headache of angry BB10 users...

Can someone explain why I can side load a perfect working Netflix, Instagram, Vine, etc. in about 10 minutes on my Z10 and these companies are just out right refusing to release into Blackberry word?

Marty really needs to go, he is holding BB back. They need to hire a fresh PR firm to get them headed in the proper direction.

What I would love to know, and if anyone knows, an answer would be amazing is... Has BlackBerry offered to the big guys like Instagram, the cash resources to develop, and or the personnel to maintain the app once finished?

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Tens of millions of phone buyers do. You're comment is irrelevant to this companies survival.

Anyone saying we need tools, not toys, is cementing the situation. You don't need to download it, but it does need to be available to those who do. Or they won't buy a BlackBerry.

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No we need tool AND toys. How's you bb10 banking experience? Being able manage my money takes priority of sharing my pics.

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"Hunting the big fish in a climate like this is a tough-sounding job for Marty, but his answers seem to set the stage well for the months ahead."

This sums up my past experience and present feelings towards bbry. I was always waiting for everything and it appears nothing has changed. Delays, missed deadlines, and altogether flat out lies. This company is either completely out of touch with the market or they are just totally inept at running a business. I think it's a bit of both.

More of the same: Coming soon, check out alternatives and workarounds. We don't have Netflix, but have you seen Crackle? Seriously should have known from the app scam that they pulled with the PlayBook that the BB10 launch app partners was a load of bunk.

If I felt BlackBerry was really trying to sell bb10 and that it actually had a future, I could then, maybe, possibly, have the patience to wait for apps...fact is BlackBerry isnt doing what they need to to push their phones. Why on earth would anyone think they'll be around in the future and why would anyone like Instagram build an app for them?? I've been waiting and waiting for a TD Bank app like I had on bb7 and I can't even get that! And they're Canadian!! I'm completely disgusted.

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himm i use instagram with full features side loaded to my z10 i did that in what like 5 min. you guess...

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there should be more than 50 million users. only blackberry z10 sold 6 million as far ad i know. i may be wrong. thede numbers are not regional more like globally

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18 months in?! Really? I'm not an Instagram user, but why is getting the "Big Name" apps on BB10 worse than getting teeth pulled, while all Apple has to do is sneeze and the developers come running legs wide open?!

Ummm..correct me if i'm wrong but I am pretty sure Android was around longer than a year and a half (18 months) when Instagram made its debut on IOS. I remember having a G1 like 6-7 years ago.

18 mos with no phone sales STILL = NO APPS!!! BlackBerry management has some serious rocks for brains.

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I don't think it's the fault of this guy. It began years ago, when a co-CEO was flying around the USA blowing millions on chasing Hockey Team purchases, and pissing off many people while doing so. If he did not take his eye off RIM for all this time, maybe things would be different. If the energy was used for chasing Netflix, Instagram and all the others, maybe BB10 would be a hit today. The arrogance over the years displayed by executives at RIM fatally damaged the product, in my opinion. I find it interesting how people at CB have such a short memory. Now, everyone thinks theses guys should return to BB, bring back the old days.

This. And on top of it all they had their chance to regain some marketshare when they launched bb10 (even though it was hideously behind schedule, the average user had no idea when it was due) but they failed to market it effectively. They essentially put all their eggs in the bb10 basket and expected it to sell itself.

BlackBerry needs a few big names to develop apps and the rest will come. It is getting the first big developer to dive in is the problem. If Instagram jumps more will follow.

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So what are these few big names waiting for? You think they didn't know bb10 was in development forever or had access to pre-launch devices? Or... . do you think they have assessed bbry and determined it to be a dying platform that they don't want their fingerprints on?

BlackBerry has gotten really good at saying "it's not coming" in a variety of fancy ways. Gotta admit that!

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I might be pessimistic when I say this but even if every big name app showed up tomorrow on BB10 I still don't think that would change a thing. BB would still be where it is today.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Kevin in a recent podcast said that Netflix would've built an app for the Playbook if they paid 15 million to support it.......why the hell would BB not take that offer??? Especially when there were literally no other big name apps in the PB OS market or coming soon. I think BB10 would be in a much better place right now if they would have just paid up a few of the app developers to build apps for the OSs back then.

Whew, im sure glad I could care less about Netflix And Instagram. Feel bad for the people who need it. My buddy always makes fun of people who "need" Netflix on their phone, because we all know there are no other forms of entertainment out there. Hahahaha.

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I suppose choice is a foreign concept to you? These apps are available on other platforms, why not bbry? And it's time to distinguish a "want" from a "need" Noone needs these apps but the market bbry should be targeting wants them so it's up to them to position themselves to get them. Not all of us smartphone owners are the mobile business tech giant ceos all of crackberry seems to be.

BlackBerry is a device for productivity and the new OS was made those X pro-comsumers but it's all a contradiction when you can't even get those apps that help to assist with it all...

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"Amazing apps coming in the fall - literally hundreds of them!" Did BlackBerry have a "fart app- port -a- thon? I look forward to bring amazed! You just can't have enough amazing fart apps!

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First, BlackBerry needs to get SayIt developers on board to improve the stock voice functionality. What happen to Vikki? Next is DocToGo. They bought out this team so use them to improve that productivity suite. At the least, we should be able to insert pictures to documents. Emails are still not formatted right on my Z10. This implementation should be on 10.2. I know due time for Remember is coming so that good. I don't know if Calendar integration is much requested feature. These are a couple of selling features that make a BlackBerry a productive device. Most smartphones are for content consumption. BlackBerry should focus on features that allow users to produce/create contents.

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Now I don't understand something, I understand that this is about apps for BlackBerry but what I don't understand is why ever make another os7 device when you have the q5 and possibly now the z10 to sell in lower income areas, why wouldn't blackberry just have thought of pushing os7 out of the way and open the market to bb10 and gear the q5 and z10 towards these markets so that they would have the bb10 experience rather than still with the old os7 experience

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I totally agree.
It's the whole internet strategy. Get users and monetize after when you have a base to make cash with.

Can we please quit it with the 80 million user b.s. Please
No one is going to use netflix on a friggin entry level curve running BlackBerry os 5,6,7 especially with data compression on ALL OF THOSE MODELS. They needed a device like the z10 years ago and thats a fact.

We bitch and moan about these companies not supporting the platform but say nothing when our own mobile nations cant even make apps for bb10. Im looking at you imore, android central and wpc.

Hey kevin instead of payimg $1500 dollars for an iphone maybe they could put some of that money towards oh i dont know developing an app or two.

As far as waiting for a few hundred million users what people fail to realize is that apple and andriod have active ecosystems that consist of tablets, phones and in the case of Samsung and apple mp3 players. This significantly increases the number of users.
When BlackBerry released the playbook although unfinished they had the opportunity to make something that would last but just like the z and q they overpriced them and only now are trying to move them.
Now instead of an ecosystem theyve got four phones 5 with the z30 and a few million sold. Far short of what they needed.

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Instagram is just bullshitting or the people responsible for getting devs on board just suck... but whatever I just need this android 4.2 jelly bean in my life. 10.2 please hurry

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if they can't get the major apps on BlackBerry 10, then BlackBerry should work on making the apps that are on the BlackBerry 10 platform the best out of all of the ones available. the Facebook app is pitiful, and the recent Twitter update made it better but they still pale in comparison to the iOS apps.

Curious why is even Instagram in the headline, when there is no further progress other than talks with them. Instagram is not coming to BB10, and with so much doom and gloom which ensures them that although its business as usual - the REAL message they're hearing is BUSINESS may not be focused on consumers in 6mths from now and only the BES developers will get supported, courted, and their wares deployed. You can forget 18mths with hundreds of million users range, let alone 13 million!!

That alone should be conducive to not have a title that seems misleading. Simon I always hold you as CrackBerry's MAIN EDITOR - a real EDITOR, someone whom fully researches his subject(s) and his craft (which continually improves)!! I always look forward to your posts … just this title bothers me a bit, that's all.

PS: I'm still on BB10 on my Z10 but so much uncertainty and NOTHING publicly in full dedicated writing on their site - and the recent delay of layoffs which I feel is a direct root cause to the delay in BBM going full out on iOS and Android has me thinking "business as usual" = sale, breakup and profits for the underwriters!

What Marty should be offering the big app developers is this:

We'll send 10 of our developers to your head office to sit there and develop these apps. No risk to you, we're trying to make it happen.

Marty, take that corporate jet, stick some devs on it and send it to Instagram, Netflix, etc... give them some hotel passes and tell them not to come back until the apps are written.

They should have done this the last 5 years instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to executives, board ,members, consultants, celebrities who only destroyed value. They got it all wrong. If this were toi happen in "Game of Thrones" heads of all the kep people at Blackberry will be cut-off.

Wow... smattering thinking :( let's spend huge amounts of dollars for corporate private jet, pilots that cost huge $$ along with the fuel (no international airport in waterloo btw) and fly them to California and also pay hotel and expenses for developers that will party it up during compiling times (many times over) to develop a product. Keys guess that there are at least another 10 apps from bug name services or companies the avg user wants.

Are you even in the slightest aware what private jets and pilots cost?! In the day and age where EVERY major Gold Mining company (all top 5) no longer does this for their executives and you want in house developers to live like a Columbia drug lord?!

Damn glad you're not running the company, if BlackBerry did that 5yrs ago they wouldn't have any $$ to make it this far the past 2yrs!!

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How is choice a foreign concept to me?. I choose BlackBerry as my phone, I chose to eat chicken over steak, we can go on all night. You make a good point that BBY should try harder to get Netflix on board so people can choose it. But, we all know Netflix are a bunch of bias assholes and are not giving you that choice to you on the BlackBerry. Regardless, i'm just wishing BlackBerry all the best. From a first time BlackBerry user.

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Alec and Marty sound like they're doing their job correctly!

Let's not blame them though, I would also be reluctant to come to BlackBerry 10 because time equals money. And I can get more money for my time on the iPhone.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.

Really?! Check Alecs twitter account to see just how un productive this beer drinking alcoholic lazy funktard is waiting corporate funds. Working hard for 6mths and making two retarded geeky videos for 8 while touring and drinking and eating posting on foursquare is NOT productive or anything I can expect.

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Proactive with shareholdfers? Are you kidding me? Selling the company at the height of pessimism to a well connected insider who has claimed that blackberry is unfairly beaten down is proactive. Its like you selling your house for a few pennies when others falsely cry "Fire".
Gosh, you people just dont get it.
Fairfax will reap in tens of billion of dollars from Blackberry now that they have screwed the 90% of the public shareholders.

Encore, another lie..... I am truly disappointed with BlackBerry application strategy. This takes you no where if you are not open to real competition.
Verily, they shouldn't think that they can end up as IBM in the computer industry. They might finished as the dumbest marketing, business strategy and business analysis story in corporate world.
This is my feelings if corrective measures are not taken....

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"There's literally hundreds more coming in the next 90 days"... so, they do marketing afterall...

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My comment about choice was in response to yours regarding the many other entertainment options available to users. If bbry wants to increase its stake in the market it better realize, real quick, that people want these apps; or better yet, want the option to download them. I see that you're a new bbry user, I hope you enjoy your bbry experience more than I did.

It seems to me that everyone is disappointed about the wrong bloody apps.

Forget instawhojamaflip and netflickmabean where are the BANKING apps. Here in the UK there is a major push on mobile banking. For example NatWest have a great app on os7 still nothing on BB10 now you have a MAJOR banking group tell there entire customer NOT to bother with BlackBerry as they have no access to mobile banking. Let me clarify


This guy needs to get off of his arse and stop chasing the wrong train 'cause even if you move to enterprise I will still want to do my banking.

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Bravo!! The MOST intelligent and common sense post all damn month!!

Moreover, since these banks are not creating apps for BB10 you can solidly bet that their not looking at keeping their BES implementation as well!! BlackBerry should be seeing the plain common sense about your statement above as a GUN pointed to their heads meaning they'll have less cash to do anything else in the future.

I cannot believe I myself didn't voice this before, sure I knew it's importance and knew this should've been done but quite frankly ALL international banks and investment firms, etc should've been approached first by BlackBerry about BB10 and BES10 before even hinting to the public or developers about it over the social web. They should've made the applications FOR these financial institutions, bent over backwards for them, polished the app and hosted it and all talks at NO CHARGE! Heck give them Bes10 for FREE for 5 yrs with all the timings and support (major international banks like TD Waterhouse, Goodman Saks, etc etc yet it seems that only Reuters and Bloomberg got this)!!

I'm convinced that BlackBerry management are dumb as F*KC! This is basic marketing 101 and survival keep that hand that feeds you happy and pampered, gratefulness is always remembered and rewarded!

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It's just me or his nose getting bigger? I heard that before bought my phone, in January and today is ......

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Agree on banking apps. Isn't BlackBerry supposed to be all about productivity??? Well how is NOT having banking apps making me more productive?? I'm getting so tired of trying to support this company.

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Oh, and almost are tons of stupid gaming apps making me more productive??

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