BlackBerry's #KeyboardLove campaign kicks off with lots of prizes

By Simon Sage on 31 Jul 2013 12:43 pm EDT

A fresh marketing campaign from BlackBerry is offering prizes that include car service for a week, the chance to meet an expert in your field, VIP access to the Barclay's Center, and a few other goodies. The promo is already hitting the streets - one of our forum members has even won a Q10! 

So what do you have to do? Just add a PIN number to your BlackBerry Messenger based on your city, and they'll take it from there. It looks like the contest is limited to New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC for the time being. Each city has their own prizes, by the looks of things.

We have any readers in those areas? How many of you have already entered?

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BlackBerry's #KeyboardLove campaign kicks off with lots of prizes


Should also be in Canada but I understand they need to promote and get ppl aware of BB 10 and how awesome it is compared to it s previous OS and to the other platforms.

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Starting by focusing on the major cities/cultural centres of the US. You can't throw finite resources everywhere, so focus them in the major cities that most influence the entire country. Try to build a more dense set of users locally so it spreads from there. I like the strategy.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

I was wondering when a front page article would go up about this. A few of us have apparently already won Q10 devices! :)

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I think that the main blackberry core users already know about the Q10. At this point, it's pretty clear that the mainstream consumer wants a full touch device. BlackBerry should be focusing their resources on that.

I went to the site and clicked add to Bbm, but it does nothing but bring up a chat screen and won't send anything. Weird!

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Another bad idea by BlackBerry. Whoever does marketing should be canned immediately. This fools are wasting time and money. Fix the damn bugs on the phones first before you disappoint more people.

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Love how BlackBerry is marketing. . .to people who already have BlackBerys. . .oh well. . .hope I win something. . .

Make sure you read the Contest Rules - limited to residents of the respective states the cities are in.

I'm not really understanding how you enter? Add PIN to your BBM based on your city? Can someone please help me figure out what this means or how to do it? Are they saying to leave the PIN in the comments here, or is there something to do in BBM?? Lol, sorry...

Hey, rdouble down a few comments posted how to enter. :-)

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Why on earth would they market this contest towards only those already using a blackberry. That doesn't help brand awareness in the least bit...

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I also won a Q10. I already have a a Z and so does my wife but it was cool to win something, especially since I have never won anything. I certainly wasn't expecting something like this. I thought at most you could get some BlackBerry shwag or something but not a brand new Q. My wife added them but hasn't heard anything yet.

For those wondering you simply take the PIN associated with your area, and invite them to your BBM list. They will accept your invite and BBM you if you win.


2B04BDE9 – ATLANTA – All Other/Older BBs

2B0533C1 – ATLANTA – All Other/Older BBs


2B0240DD – CHICAGO – BB10

2B052D7C – CHICAGO – All Other/Older BBs

2B05338C – CHICAGO – All Other/Older BBs



2B05340F – WASHINGTON DC – All Other/Older BBs


2B0241E8 – HOUSTON – BB10

2B0243D4 – HOUSTON – All Other/Older BBs

2B024467 – HOUSTON – All Other/Older BBs



2B0240DA – LOS ANGELES – All Other/Older BBs

2B04C17D – LOS ANGELES – All Other/Older BBs


2B02421F – MIAMI – BB10

2B024265 – MIAMI – All Other/Older BBs

2B04C946 – MIAMI – All Other/Older BBs

I received a "winner" announcement, too. I am hesitant to divulge the information they are asking for. I was asked for my name, telephone number, email address and shipping address... What were you asked for?

They asked me for the same info. I'll admit I was hesitant too, but finally decided to throw caution into the wind. If it turns out to be a scam I'll just spam block any email, block any calls and "return to sender" any junk snail mail.

I received a message yesterday, stating that I won a Q10. I gave my info; so now I'm waiting to hear from a Rep. via email!!!

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That's the stupidest thing ever. Stop wasting money on keyboard adds very few people care about physical keyboards here in the USA!!

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I like my z10 but honestly I should very gotten. The q10 I miss the keyboard :(

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Stupid move further iron the impression small kb device into people's mind.

The CEO and CMO are out of mind.

I would only promote Z10. And Q10 sales will go up with Z10.

Or I will keep quiet before I make a nice kb with a big screen.



First price is a dinner with two experts. Marketing guru - Mr. Boulben and best CEO ever – Mr. Heins. Guess I'm definitely out of this contest ;-)

But seriously.

For a shareholder this marketing campaign looks like another rip-off. BBRY is using our money to pursue QWERTY customers when the majority of customers uses FULL TOUCH device. May be they are pursuing its own customers! I'm speechless..

I think it's time for Mr. Boulben and Mr. Heins to pursue other interests. Apple and Samsung will definitely hire them and will give them a BIG salary. They simply must. After ALL Mr. Heins and his team have done for them.

Update: Have noticed that this campaign also applies to Z10. I stand for my last paragraph anyway.

I've started seeing adds on this last night on TV in Florida. A bit disappointed that they aren't offering these contests everywhere rather than just the few cities listed.

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I just won and turned down a Q10 from them because I love my Z10 and can't go back to a smaller screen just to get a physical keyboard (which I am no longer smitten with). Before I get flamed for being dumb, I turned it down because it would have sat on my shelf collecting dust when someone else could acutally use it, and I didn't want to have my name excluded from future drawings where I would hopefully win something I could actively use (like maybe an A10 in the future).
Either way I didn't need to be greedy and take something I wouldn't use, so whoever wins the Q10 I was going to get congratulations and please get good use out of it.

Why couldn't you guys post all the info on how to enter this? Or at least the link to the Web page with the instructions. I had to go to way too many links just to find the original posting. And for the life of me I don't understand why BlackBerry themselves didn't post this on their channels.

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am I the only one who immediately thought "Radar Love" by Golden Earring would be perfect to remake as "Keyboard Love?"

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I am in Phoenix AZ. No love. I am going to get a DROID!!! Lol more non inclusive marketing

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Marketing to people who already own BB...lmfao...oh Frank...will you EVER stop your shenanigans o' incompetence? Silly boy

Holy cap I won an IOU for an A10.............

Yea right......

i added them yesterday and they accepted me but haven't even sent 1 msg thru.... not even a welcome msg........ sighs I never ein anything

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Just checked out the participating cities & states? BlackBerry decided their market share was good enough to exclude most of country? Really?

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ran into these guys on the street in nyc last week. saw a bunch of blackberry wearing tshirts huddling at the corner in union sq. i screamed i love BlackBerry and talked to them for a bit. one of the street teamers told me abt the BlackBerry rewards thing and i was like ok cool. then she scanned my bbm and the guy gave me a metro card for free trips, while saying the "keep moving" mantra.

anyway, 2 days later they bbm'd me i won a Q. other prizes... driver for a week in Manhattan, flights and miles or something etc.?

gifting the Q to my dad. i have them both!

thk u BlackBerry!

Entered in Albany new york, however; not expecting any prizes in this area at all. So far I have personally convinced 2 people to move to the z10 and one to upgrade to the Q10. Still hunting people and showing them the light.

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Thanks for the link dfeliciana. I didn't see my city, so I clicked National. The response does not populate the response box. Typical RIM, providing an option that goes nowhere... similar to RIM's support for my PlayBook.

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Hi, I entered and "won" a Q10 (which I had been dreaming of to replace my 9930); however, I failed to read all the fine print... When I gave my address (which is north of Atlanta in SC), I was told I had to be a GA resident to be eligible for the Atlanta promotion. Talk about going from amazingly (and very unexpectedly!) happy, to being kind of bummed out! Oh well, it was my fault for not reading all the rules... The promotion is a great idea, but I do wish they defined each region a bit more liberally.

Looks like I might have just one your Atlanta Q10.. sorry.. NOT... whoop whoop.. I got the BBM today and gave my info out.. waiting to see how this pans out.. this will make 4 blackberry devices in the house hold now.. can't wait..

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Oh yah just found out I won today! Just added the PIN: 2B0240DA and in a day they said I won a Q! Pretty sweet!

Yes. I was "picked" about three weeks ago - shortly after the contest began. I just received my Q10 in the mail on Friday. It's carrier unbranded (unlocked?) without a SIM and I'm using it to test OS leaks. One thing to note, I told them that I was on AT&T which is the SQN100-1 variant according to the documentation I was able to find. However, they sent me the SQN100-5 model which is for T-Mobile. I've heard it has more bands and is compatible. If anyone knows for certain, I'll stand corrected.