This is BlackBerry's four-pillar device strategy

By Simon Sage on 6 Mar 2014 02:42 pm EST

The last of our interviews with the BlackBerry folks at Mobile World Congress was Francois Mahieu, VP of Global Product Management. He walked us through BlackBerry's device strategy, which is timely given the announcement of the Z3 and the Classic Q20.

Mahieu outlined in broad strokes four major categories of phones from here on in. Starting at the lower end are devices like the Q5 and the new Z3. These are built for markets that thrive on off-contract pricing. The new Foxconn manufacturing deal, which Mahieu characterizes as long-term and beyond the five-year tagline, will eventually allow BlackBerry to turn around devices like this in under five months. Being able to use some components from other devices certainly helps BlackBerry accelerate this process from the pace we're used to. Though it may seem a little backwards to return to an old design, Mahieu pointed to the Volkswagon Golf and iPhone as designs that haven't changed much over time, but continue to sell.

The newly-announced Classic series is a different story, since there are quite a few things they need to implement to make it work with BlackBerry 10 software. This is why we won't see the classic series until later in 2014, though Mahieu was quick to remind us that we'll be seeing many more devices in this series in the future.

"Across the affordable phones, the classic designs, the new high end phones that are coming, and the prestige market, by and large, we consider these categories to stay."

Then there are the high-performing devices we all know and love, like the Q10 and Z30. Mahieu hinted that there's some good stuff in the wings. Though he couldn't go into specifics, our talk with John Sims hinted that we may see a device built for secure business situations. Finally, there are the luxury devices from the Porsche Design lineup. Mahieu confirms that BlackBerry will keep making them.

Despite this foundation for future devices, there's still a public sense of BlackBerry falling behind on specs. Mahieu feels that issues like the megapixel war have mostly reached a plateau, but there's still a challenge for BlackBerry when it comes to marketing its less flashy features.

"One of the challenges for BlackBerry is how you commercialize productivity features that are core to the usage of these BlackBerry users around the world, but very difficult messages to shout across. How easy is it to tell customers that you have a great battery?"

Mahieu went on to admit that it will take many more months to commercialize the productivity-driven features properly.

We also talked a bit about the app side of the equation. When we needled him about Google services support, Mahieu said Android app performance was about 85% - 90% of where they want to be. As for what this means for BlackBerry's tight marriage between hardware and software, Mahieu remained steadfast with their current direction.

"There's one thing we're absolutely clear as a company. There is an experience, a BlackBerry experience that makes it very, very different. That's why there are so many loyalists. In fact, I would think that there are only two brands in the world that have this loyal base. It's Apple and BlackBerry that have it. Therefore, we will never break that."

So don't worry about BlackBerry switching wholesale to Android any time soon.

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This is BlackBerry's four-pillar device strategy


Yes make the next Q20 and Z20 models with the quality feel and look of the Z30 and just improve on them by specs and designs.

If they can make a z30 version with its look and feel for the next version of the z10/20 and q versions they would be very appealing phones.

Posted via CB10 with my  Z30

I would like a z10 to simply be packed with all the features of the z30 but necessarily the look and definitely not that amoled display. But rather the surround sound speakers, usb otg, fm radio, miracast, and a flip case that shows off the blinking red led!

I agree. For a 4.2" phone, I much much much prefer the Z10 look to the Z30 look. Perhaps they could tweak its design a little bit, but I really do like the sleakness of it. The Z30 is a great looking device, but I would not characterize it as a "sleak" phone.

I like carrying the z10 better than the z30. The size of the 1o is just better. That said they both look nice and the speakers and battery of the 30 are just miles ahead of the z10. There are different things I like about both phones. If I could make my perfect phone, it would be like the two had a baby. The size of the 10 with the added features of the 30.

Posted via CB10

IMO, Francois Mahieu's interview is a bunch of hot air.

So far, in the past two years, BB marketing has been a dud. The BB product line can be heaven on earth but they can't build any stimulus.

Case in point, last week TM offered an incentive for people to trade in their old BB and get a cash credit toward a new phone, including BB's at an additional cash back. But, TM does not even stock or show BB's in their retail stores. And 'Expedited' delivery failed since they had NO back stock. SO, 98% of the old BB users bought something else.

This is BB's fault for letting a major network disappear from view. NO advertising. NO retail training. NO in store stock. NOTHING.

So what can we expect from BB in the future for US sales. Not much.
BB is heading to Indonesia next without rebuilding the US market (which is 'growing' downward to close to 1% the US market. After losing 4% per year it is easy for them to soon capture 0% of the market.).

Am I to complain?
> As a BB share holder.
> As a BB user with three BB family phones.
> As an early adopter of Playbook, with two sitting on the shelf.
I say, I have a right to complain.

BB has a bull that they can use to stimulate sales.
Android is rapidly taking over the phone market. It is driving the Apple iPhone share of the phone market down at a rapid pace, at about a 4% market share downward each half year.
Newer BB10 phones can now side-load 'Snap', and, go directly to the Google Android app store. SNAP must, REPEAT MUST, be native to BB's. AND, BB MUST advertise that users can not only load Blackberry apps AND ALSO Android apps.
So, what this does is say to the users, they CAN have the best of both worlds. And, BB is a worthy competitor to Samsung Android phones

BUT, why would BB NOT want to do that?
If users go to the Google Android app store they don't BUY stuff from the BLACKBERRY app store!
This is foolish for BB. Anyone who side-loads Snap would do so anyway and go to the Google Android app store.

BB must bite the bullet. BB must ADVERTISE that there is a native app for the Google Android app store. Snap ALREADY destroyed BB's exclusivity to app downloading.

I agree with most of what you said, however BlackBerry has no control over what phones an independent carrier stocks in its own stores. Even if BlackBerry provides them with promotional material for inside the store, the carrier must actually agree to put these up. BlackBerry cannot force them to do so.

I definitely agree that BlackBerry needs to advertise its Android capability. Even today people still say that BlackBerry is missing Instagram and Netflix.

What we need is an Android version of SNAP. This way it can be installed without sideloading (just like the Amazon store). If I had the time I would honestly code it myself!

We also need support for notifications on all Android apps (not just Android apps from BBW). Coverting APKs to run headless is not sustainable in the long run due the difficulty and also due to the resources it would consume on a device.

Finally, the Android runtime is still not quite fast enough. I compared tumblr on my Dad's Galaxy Nexus to tumblr on my Z10, and it runs MUCH faster on the Nexus(everything loads about 3-4 times faster) -- even though the specs of the Galaxy Nexus are lower than the specs of the Z10.

Some Android apps run faster on my Z10 (like Netflix), but there are enough that don't to cast a shadow on the BlackBerry/Android experience.

Sorry to say you are not correct about 'control'.
TM has contacts with Apple to put up in-store iPhone adverting and displays, TV ads, billboards, etc. Apple pays for the co-op advertising, usually as a guaranteed percent of sales.

Simply, TM decided to go 100% Apple vs. 0% Blackberry.

Apple is literally the only company that has that kind of control, because they have the immense leverage of having a top-selling phone.

As soon as people start lining up around the block for BlackBerry's, then then they could start to strong-arm carriers with such conditions. BlackBerry had zero leverage at the launch of BB10 and they have even less leverage now.

I mean, if BB said "if you don't put up our ads we won't sell our phones to you anymore", most (if not all) American carriers would likely just say: "OK. It was nice doing business with you these last few years. Bye".

'Control' in terms of money to spend. 'Feel good' advertising.
Why should anyone wait in line over night to buy a new iPhone that only offers a color option? Feel good.

Apple also has billions of dollars in their bank account that came from, guess what, app sales.
Apps are 'stuff' they did not make but rather resold.

I would love to see BlackBerry come out with pen support! I think it would help in the business department because then people could sign papers right on the device. Nothing really beats pen and paper, but this could help further it along if the security of BlackBerry was behind it and they developed a secure solution for signing documents

4.5 inch business phone with full keyboard , 3.5 inch Q20, 5.25 Z50!!... and a 4.5 inch Z20 with a 2500+mAh battery!!

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Absolutely! A 4.5" Z20 with top of the line specs is perfect imho. I would buy one today!

While specs don't matter all that much to me, it is extremely important for BlackBerry. Like it or not specs are needed to lure the customers BlackBerry needs.

Posted via CB10

The CPU is modern. Uses the same Krait 300 cores as a Snapdragon 600, only it has two instead of four hence the S4 branding :)

The snapdragon 600 is just a rebranding for the old S4 cores, the krait 300 core is not a new or modern design, at least not for a flagship device (Z30 costs as much as a galaxy S4), when devices with snapdragon 800 with krait 400 running above 2.2 GHz are already old news and 801 and 810 are on the horizon. Like the galaxy S5, which was already announced. Z30 is a fine phone, just not at the price they are asking for it. And no, the "productivity" doesn't warrant this price level, if it did, the device would actually be selling much better.

Had never thought about the loyalist thing, but he's right. There's not exactly a Samsung Galaxy or HTC whatever fanclub out there. Kind of funny how much the stock market has missed that fact. Any individual Android market could just disappear with fashion changes, while I think we're pretty close to the "people who will always want a BlackBerry no matter what" baseline with nowhere much to go but up.

Posted via CB10

I'm not sure I totally agree, especially concerning Samsung. Like it or not, they have indeed built a fan club.

Oh, there are definitely Samsung fanboys...

Posted without the aid of AutoCorrect with my physical keyboard via CB10

Cheap, tacky hardware that breaks after a year, maybe? How about a shotgun approach to products. Those could be the cornerstones of the Samsung Experience.

Posted via CB10

there is sadly. all there touchwiz and bloatware unless you ROM it. S5 looks like it won't have so much touchwiz/bloatware which is better on their part.

Yes, there is a Samsung experience. I think it depends on which device you have. I have a note 3 and a note 2 prior to that. There is nothing out right now, from any company, that does what the note 3 does. The note is more than just the size, it's all the features that make it what it is. I don't like the look of TouchWiz, which is why I put nova launcher on my devices, but can still keep the features I like with TouchWiz. I like what BlackBerry has done with the Z30 and hope they continue along them lines with their high end devices.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

I agree, to a point. Samsung does have its fans, but they don't have that deep seated loyalty that is encountered in many Apple and BlackBerry fans.

Posted via CB10

Where is the Z30 phone in the size of a Z10?

Am I the only one who thinks this still has to be offered? Looking at all the phones from all makers sold in the past 5 years.

The small full screen has got to be the number 1 seller.

Posted via CB10

That's what I'm waiting for also. I want to replace my Z10 with a newer, pimped out Z10 of the same or similar size. Z30 is nice but after handling one I prefer the size of the Z10. We can't be the only ones.

Posted via CB10

Drive a Z30 for a week. In particular, put it in a skin case or even better, in an Otter Box. Take it out of the case after a week. You'll never think it's too big again, and in fact can't imagine looking at smaller screens, or ever typing on such tiny keyboards as Z10s and iPhones.

Agreed. Each new generation makes the previous generation seem small. I went from a SE K700 to an iPhone 3G. I was actually worried the iPhone wouldn't fit on my pocket. Then the Z10, which seemed huge. After having played with a Z30 for a while, the Z10 feels compact, and the iPhone is laughably small. It's amazing just how large of a phone you can use, before it's truly too big for comfort.

Posted via CB10

You would be surprised how little difference in size there is between the z10 and the z30 there is a lot less boarder and the rounded glass on the front and fiber on the back make it feel smaller then it is.

Proudly posted with a Z30 via CB10

Right on. 4.5" is the perfect form factor for the market. While the Z30 is needed in the line up, a non "phablet" type phone is essential. A high quality Z10 should be the flagship. I for one would buy one today if it was available.

Posted via CB10

This is where folks don't understand and trivialize BlackBerry's leadership in security. It's not just the software or hardware, but the tight integration between the two that allows BlackBerry to be king. Licensing the software won't work, and neither would getting out of the hardware business. You need both.

Many folks, especially those on Wall Street, seem to believe that security is trivial - that BB10 on Android or ditching the hardware business will still allow BlackBerry to maintain that bullet proof security. No. Androids and iPhones are jailbroken regularly.

BlackBerry is unlike any other company in the mobile space. They have captive customers who prioritize security first - the important thing is to establish the trust in those organizations. When I hear the BlackBerry CEOs creating more and more uncertainty, it is disappointing and unhealthy for the company and their captive clients. Those clients will have to start planning for the demise of BlackBerry, because that is what BlackBerry is telling them - 50/50 chance of success??

Fortunately, I believe that BlackBerry won't be going anywhere in the short term as they are leaders in many aspects of handsets and mobility. They have to come out and establish that in the minds of their customers that they are here to stay. No one can predict the future anyway.

To play devil's advocate: Who exactly are you referring to when you claim they have "captive customers?" When government institutions that have been strong BlackBerry customers for years are pointedly transitioning away, I don't think any customer can be considered "captive."

Posted via CB10

Regret, among average folk security is a thing of the past. 'Security' is wishful thinking perhaps.

People give out everything in Facebook postings. And, soon enough it will come back to haunt them (perhaps when they apply for a school or job).

There are archives what will live on the web FOREVER.

Or worse, when their credit cards are compromised at stores like Target.

Really hoping for a Z10- sized powerhouse - maybe something with a slide-out keyboard and bigger battery, without changing the length and width of the phone (thicker is ok!)

Posted from my Z10 via CB10

Me too. Anything bigger than a Z10 is getting too big. I want to upgrade my Z10 so I'm hoping blackberry fills that void.

Posted via CB10

I thought so until I tried the Z30. I knew how much research BlackBerry puts into the shape and contours of their devices so I put some faith in them in that they would pull off a comfortable 5incher and they didn't let me down. The Z30 actually feels better than the Z10 in hand.

Response crafted in seconds on a Z30

I would really live to see BlackBerry stabilize it's balance sheets and just be able to focus on forward progress. I think we could see some very cool things from them down the road if this happens.

Posted via CB10

You don't have to buy it !

Why do you think the Bold 9900 is still outselling EVERYTHING BB today ?

We need a successor to the Z30 keep the building quality and stereo sound and make it a power house. Quad core...16mp camera.....3gb ram minimum. 5.2 inches....1080p.. that's all I ask for lol

Posted via CB10

Oh I know trust me I've been eyeing that rumor for a while now first they said summer 2015 and now the rumor says this fall....i really hope it's true :)

Posted via CB10

"There's one thing we're absolutely clear as a company. There is an experience, a BlackBerry experience that makes it very, very different. That's why there are so many loyalists.” So true!

Posted via CB10

Forget pillars if they can't fix their damn foundation.

Fix the damn Q10 double typing!!!!!!!!

Posted via CB10

I thought I'm alone on that. That's really annoying bug, especially, when it comes to typing a password.

I love my z10 and had it since day one in Canada. I guess it is not a huge hit, I personally don't like big touchscreens and even think this screen is on the large size. :-S

Posted via CB10

I've shown my Z30 to a few people. So far, one has switched, another will in July. Another person is going from iPhone to the Z30 any day. And another person made s switch from her Samsung to a Z10 (my old one) and may go to the Z30.....she saw how long the battery life is. 2 days for me without charging.

I just got a Chinese 4500mah battery for my Z10 and it lasts forever

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10

BlackBerry has said what it's going to be offering. It sounds like a plan, now get out there and stick to it!

Cheers. :)

Oddly enough it's good to feel appreciated by BlackBerry. Who knew the loyal customer base was a part of the driving force in their decisions.

This was seen with Tmobile incident as well

Posted via CB10

Loyal BB TM customers, yah sure!

98% of the BB's turned in were replaced by something else.
TM does NOT even show BB's in their retail stores ... so, when a BB was turned in they replaced it with something available: iP or Android.

"1.Across the affordable phones, 2. the classic designs, 3. the new high end phones that are coming, and 4. the prestige market, by and large, we consider these categories to stay.”

I think he meant these.

That's the phone selection. 4 lines.

The larger picture is

Enterprise/MDM (BES),
Messaging (BBM),
QNX (embedded devices, Automotive),
Handset devices.

Hope I got it right.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Sounds good by me. If they nail the BES and any one of the other three, they'll be doing well.

Posted via CB10

HA! Well played...

The fact that I'm a leaf fan and a BlackBerry user I'm trying to get too depressed right now

Go Leafs Go!
Go BlackBerry!

Posted via CB10

Glad they realized they screwed up when they removed the track pad. Don't know about that classic name. The belt should be on a high end keyboard phone. So many things were missing when bb10 first came out, now finally most are back or coming soon. Gestures are for chimps and iPhone users.

Posted via CB10

It's their (BB's) own "Windows 8" start button drama.

Once you have a "modus operandi" (not quite the right word) DEEPLY ingrained into your user base's habit, you cannot take it away.

Swiping is great, but on a keyboard phone, the hardcore BOLD users want to keep that. They will not give it up for an all-swipe Q10.

That said, I like my Q10 and my Torch 9810 (as well as my Z10).

Great thing to bring out a Classic range to make these users happy.

(Just a side note, could Apple ever get rid of the home button? Answer is likely no, millions of users would be lost with a touch only phone. Outcry! All the mom and dad and granny iPhone users that just made friends with the device, just imagine. )

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Disagree with you there. If BlackBerry makes you a phone that you like all well and good but frankly too many people are wanting to stick to the old ways simply because they are used to it. A lot of us are used to touch screens. That said, BlackBerry makes the best experience I've ever had. I never owned a BlackBerry before mid January. I now own 2. Gestures and touch screen CAN Gain customers if people only are given the chance. BlackBerry needs to advertise the heck out of these phones. Loved my z10, my teenage daughters are now enjoying it. I bought a z30 but was happy with the 10.

Posted via CB10

I know sales of the Z10 did not meet expectations and now focus is on the Q10 and Z30 and their future replacements in Developed nations.

Does anyone not se the concern that there is not any all touch phone to compete against the IPhone in terms of size to prevent people from jumping ship?

For my use, the Z30 is too big. And I am a blackberry user that has never had a physical keyboard (...we are out there) and furthermore don't want one.

What about us? When my contract come up in two years I will be very sad if there is no option out there that falls into the iPhone form factor category.

Even Samsung came out with a S4 mini to try and capture the crowd that is not interested in a larger phone.

I love BlackBerry and I am proud to support our Canadian companies. But when I comes to phones I am concerned about future options...hoping BlackBerry is still around or all off this will be moot I guess.

Posted via CB10

Z30 mini sounds perfect. I'd buy one. All the comfort of using my z10 with the features of the z30.

Posted via CB10

Regarding Android apps... There needs to be some BB "Stamp of approval" rather than just try and see approack.

It would be easy to say you have a great battery...if you actually had a great battery...geez what a lame comment. My Q10 when using Skype or BBM eats my battery life and gets quite hot. Had it in once for repair but nothing has changed.

I don't think the design of each model should be so different! Such as the Q5 to the Q10. Why not have a good, better and better situation like the automotive industry has done forever! Why not have 3 phones that looks the same except have different specs, such as a 5 mp camera or a low end device, 8 mp camera for the midrange device and maybe a 12 mp camera for the high end device. Or course different screen resolution, memory, ram, battery size and the actual material from the device is made of? Kinda like a how all 2014 Ford Taurus look the same, but some have hubcaps, rims, cloth, wood grain,leather , etc

Posted via CB10

I went back to BBM 6 on my 9900. That is the BlackBerry experience I want - simple, efficient, effective. I sincerely hope they offer a "BBM Lite" for BBOS10 when the Q20 is released. I genuinely have no use for or desire to be inconvenienced by the "great new features" that are cluttering up and slowing down what once was a terrific, fast, and secure messaging program.

Call me old fashioned, but I BBM 6 is all I need and want from a messenger. It's also a large part of what keeps me loyal to BlackBerry.

Wifi calling - don't need.

Video messaging - don't need.q

Channels - don't need, don't care.

Linked apps and whatnot - don't need, don't care.

Chat bubbles - stripes please!

Advertising - go to hell. :)

New cluttered, slow, and convoluted UI on OS7 and OS10 - dear lord, please give us a "lite" BBM version that has the same simple layout as version 6 (or 5).

BBM is great, but yeah, feature bloat... not an asset.

Come on dude its time for a change. Support the company you love and go get a Q10.

BBM is pretty standard and fluid all the same. Not to mention the new features are pretty awesome.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

I went and got a Z10 in December. After 3 months, hate the touch screen thing.

Waiting Q20. Track pad or go home.

Thank god. At least this seems to confirm that they will keep making BlackBerry devices.

I will be the first in line.

Let's see a Q10 like device with a gorgeous screen, killer physical keyboard and a amazing battery life. Make it sexy while your at it too.

Everyone get out there and upgrade when there available and support BlackBerry 10!!

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy white Q10.

Like a (probably friendly female) CG avatar, that talks and walks you through swipes, hub and stuff, and make it interactive.

Microsoft is experimenting with Cortana (the Xbox / Halo character) as voice assistant to compete with Siri and Google Now.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Love the last two sentences he mentioned ^^
And it's true, there's not exactly loyalty with android devices since it could be any brand device, so people are loyal to their favorite brand not android os directly

From my White Z30

And this story will still NOT convince the people who have been filling these forums for the last year that they are selling and going android!!!!!! Lol

Glad to hear though, BlackBerry is an experience all its own.

Hate solves nothing, Respect gains everything!

I want to see BlackBerry with these:
- 5'2 or higher size 1080p / 3D or 4k Display
- 4GB RAM 64Bit Octacore processor
- 20 Megapixel or higher
- Dual-Sim
- Waterproof/Dust/Shock
- Make other device with Stylus like Galaxy Note
- Long life Battery / with solar charging
- Like Z30's amzing natural sound

What else? :)

Got a whopping list there. Not too much you could add. Laser pointer or mini-projector?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Why make so many new blackberry devices when you have the Z10/Q10 already on the market. Make these ones the best they can be before putting more in the market.
It feels like you are forgetting people like me who have the Z10 and are not doing enough to make this device great.

Posted via CB10

You got 10.2.1 already?

There is more to come. Hang in there and wait.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

“One of the challenges for BlackBerry is how you commercialize productivity features"


Better start concentrating on finally catching up in the specs department. BlackBerry tries to "commercialize productivity features" (on premium priced phones with last years hardware) for like 5 years now and it's time to f*king realize that it didn't work out and never will already. Deliver top-notch hardware with top-notch specs already and [b]then[/b] commercialize productivity features. Sigh.

Hasn't worked for comapnies like HTC. In fact, Samsung is the only Android vendor that consistently makes money on Android phones. Phones like the Sony Xperia's, LG G series, and HTC One series all have bleeding-edge specs. But none of these companies is doing well in phone sales with the majority losing money or just breaking even. And they HAVE all the apps and Google Play.

Don't get me wrong--I WANT to see a bleeding edge BlackBerry :) I just don't think that specs alone are gonna make any real difference in sales.

More good news! What this management is doing right is communicating things to its investors and users. I liked Thor but Chen has even very vocal and open to us about the things to come, his vision and he is also very open to change :)

Mabuhay ang BlackBerry! (Long live, BlackBerry!)

Posted via CB10

I want a z10 with better hardware. No z30 style. It's way too big for my needs. Z10 size is perfectly alright.

Posted via CB10

I agree with this sentiment. The Z10 is a good size for a pocket tablet / phone. I have small hands and pockets. :)

"So don’t worry about BlackBerry switching wholesale to Android any time soon."
Can't read a better news.
Thanks for these precious informations; great job !

The BlackBerry Q5 is NOT a low-end device. And if it is low-end as the BlackBerry Vice-President of Global Products contends, then the pricing at launch was way off base.

Posted via the BlackBerry Q5 using CB10.

I want a phone same size than Q10 but with bigger screen size, better specs and better battery. With that I will be completely happy.

Posted via CB10

IMO the article is correct about the experience. I enjoy using BB10 and it is one of the main reasons why I stay with BlackBerry. I didn't like the previous BlackBerry OS so it's definitely BB10 that I like. There are still some minor things I don't like about BB10, but overall BB10 is an enjoyable OS.

That BlackBerry Experience is slow to move with the times.... Those two popular OS from 2007 were pretty bare-bone at launch time, but they've come a long way. Filling the gaps in terms of security and policies and overtaking BlackBerry in terms of features, specs and flexibility. Per example, BlackBerry is still king in terms of overall OS security and IT policies, but the email client is sub-par, even if lots of progress has been made in that area in 2013. The PIM suite feels integrated, but the notes app is too limited, etc.

Not a huge Malheur, don't you think?
I am sure he will forgive.

How many time do I get my surname misspelled and mutilated? Still not a drama.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

0ver a year ago I bought the first Z10. Hated the virtual key board. Each software release makes phone much better. Today you would have a war to get me back to a real keyboard. I would like a slightly bigger phone (maybe it is the Z30) but need to spend some serious time checking it out. Keep up the good work. BlackBerry will survive. Some of the old curves and Bolds were junk. It will take time to rebuild. I am here for BlackBerry and intend to stay with BlackBerry into the future.

Posted via CB10

Come on BlackBerry! I love the navigation of BB10. I can't stand having to look all around an Android just to change a notification sound.

Posted via CB10

I see the mention about high end devices and it did not include z10. So dies it mean it will be gone on future?

Posted via CB10

I like this article much better than the "we've got a 50/50 chance of crashing & burning " one.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Well thankfully it appears that there will be an option or two available to me if I choose to make a change at the end of my contract in a couple of years. I wonder what the evolved Z10 will be like? This news is hopeful and good.

Posted via CB10

Rather than making new models to complement with the new O.S., why not making new O.S. available for download and install to old models that can be date back to last 3yrs? Or even 5?
Certainly and undeniably, the hunger and thirst for new devices with new specs are present in the demand from the brand followers. However, not all are the same. The legacy devices have it's cool side as a jumping board for those who can't afford on the premium price tags of new device, yet want to experience on BB. 9900 and 9860/50 are such good examples.

They need a 5th pillar. BlackBerry really needs to get every carrier to offer BlackBerry devices. I'm on the Jump program by T mobile. I like the idea of getting a new BlackBerry every 6 months

Posted via CB10

Curious, you pay TM $500 or so every six months for a new phone?

TM does not even have a contract requirement if you pay for the phone outright.
And, TM does not even have a new BB model every six months. They don't even have the BB's in their retail stores.

The Jump program. You can upgrade your cell phone every 6 months no payments on the phone. You trade in your phone for a new one

Posted via CB10

Clue ya. If you paid for the phone outright you would be paying far less per year than the way you are doing it. TM ain't giv'n the phone away. You are paying for it whether you think so or not. Calculate your annual cost and compare options.

The Jump program is only 10 bucks a month and that includes insurance on the phone. So 60 bucks in 6 months to trade in my BlackBerry for a new phone. It's good for me. May not be for everyone. Insurance is 8 bucks a month so for 2 dollars more I can trade in my cell every 6 months it's a good deal. :)

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How to promote productivity?

Commercial : boss tells employee what to do, he looks down at phone and gets all 8 things done and/or moved within the 30 second time frame commercial is held in. Boom. Show hub, pic sending, easy sharing tabs and we know the rest. Yes?


J_Caloy has demonstrated it. BlackBerry vs iPhone

You can guess which one won.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

The reason people buy IPhone is because is that u can modify the phone and it's os is simple!! You can put in themes and the app store is huge!! They have os updates to back up too!!

The only reason people don't buy blackberry is that the app store is a ghost town and updates do come once a blue moon!!

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The more I think about it, I think the Classic lineup needs it own letter. The trackpad makes it different than the Q series, so maybe it should be the C20 instead. That way, you don't have to wonder which Q has a trackpad and which ones don't.

Hm, regardless of what others are saying i see the message from this guy Francois confusing. I am looking as a potential customer. For example the high end design phones, to me a typical business user looks like a waste of resources. The company is dying but they still think of themselves with grandeur and make Porsche designs... Hope they will sell enough of those to pay for this guy salary. Then his category classification basically is a price split thing. Classic is a form based classification of product, again leaving me wondering: is this form classic for expensive phones, cheap ones or both?
Regarding how you market their emphasis on productivity... Makes me laugh..they already had the winning formula but they dropped it. They should be the lenovo thinkpad of phone world. Didn't they sell like millions of phones before? The answers is really simple: concentrate on one clear useful thing and do it perfect.
He mention the battery life as differentiator factor.. Really? I never used a z30 but z10 and q10 do not excel at battery life by any means. Q10 is "ok" but does not stands out from the crowd. Same for late bold 9900. The last great battery phone was 9780... So do it right and people will start taking note, no super advertisement required. (Not that they couldn't use some help with marketing in good old USA, were their actions were lame to say the least..)

To be even more clear - if they claim that they are the "we can do people" who cater to individuals with busy professional and family life's and with "Tools not Toys " then that customer is very different then glitzy rich people that will buy the 2000 Porsche model. Understanding what their core market and core customer is is key. They still think of themselves that they can cover all the bases and that's were they are going off track. John Chen is right sticking with the business/ enterprise side of things, but judging by his vp there is much confusion.
To me the winning blackberry will look more like the fan concept of Q30 with a non square 4"to 5", making rounds on crack berry, has solid specs, a keyboard, trackpad, call and convenience buttons, comes with all the functions and features that bbos7 were known for (including the classic ringtones for god's sake), it should be build robust, shockproof, like the old blackberries used to be should have a replaceable large battery, and should offer a large suite of free software integrated in the os that are productivity , text and communication focused. And surprise, it should be not cheap, but moderately priced to be a better value for money then let's say iphone. It should have accessories, good connectivity with other devices, computers, tv etc. There is no such phone on the market, to be perceived as a mobile workhorse.

Maybe a brand new Q10? Have the Z10 but physical keyboard will always be the best choice for me.

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To commercialize the productivity-driven features properly of BB10 devices...

They should start this ASAP and make it intense i.e. they are needed and that no devices can do that...

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MKVI Golf TDI! Evolution in every generation. Always like when I read car references in tech blog articles.

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Good read. Thanks for sharing that, Simon.

Personally, I want a HUGE screen at home. I've already committed to getting my hands on a Z3 for work. The Classic series is not at all interesting. The Prestige stuff is a little decadent for us working class folks.
I will humbly settle for a 6" screen with an octacore processor running at least 2.4GHz. And a 5600mAh battery.

I have good forearm strength. :)

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Really like the BB10 experience and there's just something about it that makes me want to stay and support the company more.

I think the public should be more aware of the improvements made on 10.2.1 and base their evaluation of the os on that. The Z3 is a good start to seed in more devices at a low cost.

Will root for BlackBerry just as long as the experience is still there.

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Seems like Chen is seriously making steady progress! One step at a time brotha. One step at a time. Cant wait for the next flagship phone

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"That's why there are so many loyalists."

Going off sales, they are loyalists for bb7 and have limited or no interest in bb10 - or look at it this way, if loyalists have great interest in bb10, then because sales have been so poor, then nobody else is interested...

Fully agree on that loyalist paragraph - when I firstly saw the video of BlackBerry 10 I knew it is the phone for me :)

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