BlackBerry's Michael Clewley shows us his favorite OS 10.2 features

By Simon Sage on 5 Oct 2013 04:58 pm EDT

After getting a good look at the Z30 hardware, Michael Clewley, BlackBerry's director of handheld software product management,  walked us through some of his favorite features in OS 10.2. A lot of these are old hat for those that have been tinkering with the leaks, but let's take a look anyway.

First up, Michael highlighted the detailed lock screen notifications. By tapping on icons on the side for each type of incoming notification, you could get a brief preview of the incoming message. Work space notifications remain locked out as normal with Balance, which is key for those who want to keep their work information private.

Then we checked out the new priority section of BlackBerry Hub. This filters for messages you start, contacts and conversations you designate, messages from contacts with the same last name, and e-mails that are flagged as high priority. The priority hub extends beyond e-mail too, and can include notifications from other apps (though third parties can't get in on the fun until 10.2.1). After that, Michael walked us through the new adaptive sharing menu. Now instead of just listing the different apps that you can share to, BB10 will pay attention to where you're sharing most frequently and provide shortcuts to those sources. This can cut a tap or two from the overall process. After sharing to the same contact or app two or three times, they'll show up prominently at the top of the sharing list. This can also make it very easy to share to meeting participants from your calendar.

Prior to this, we had a pretty thorough dive into 10.2. Though Michael emphasized that as far as voice and video calls go "Z30-to-Z30 is the best-in-class, bar none" thanks to the array of microphones on the device, they did mention that the audio codecs used will be finding their way to other devices and improving call quality there too. This was a major part of the Z30 preview. The BlackBerry folks sounded convinced that the call quality over BBM is well above what you get with HD voice on cellular, and will still be leading the way once voice over LTE becomes commonplace.

In BlackBerry 10.2 you can now view attachments by sender or date in the Hub, though the system smartly filters out files related to signatures. There are new audio tones for the keyboard (for period and backspace, for example) in order to build confidence when typing. There are the much-beloved instant previews (or toast notifications) for any hub app. Instant replying only works for SMS and BBM for the time being. Calendar meetings now have a menu option to send a message that you're going to be late - just move the slider depending on how late you're going to be and hit "send."

Ignoring phone calls now lets you send canned replies, but this is a bit better than other platforms as the message is sent through the channel you most commonly talk with the contact through. This way you aren't, for example, trying to send a text message to a land line. Copy and paste have been refined so that they show in-line icons rather than hiding them away behind a double-tap. This is fantastic, and includes a share option to get text right into other apps.

BlackBerry 10.2 will be rolling out to in-market devices in late October, after the launch of the Z30. There are a lot of other small tweaks that I'll be sure to highlight in my Z30 review later this week. For those who want to stay up-to-date, be sure to follow Michael's BBM Channel. 

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BlackBerry's Michael Clewley shows us his favorite OS 10.2 features


If you are an AT&T customer then prepare to wait in 'literal' terms.

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Thats a serious possibility whether we like it or not. I hope I'm wrong cause I would love to see an iOS 7 level over haul update for BB10.

Not much to cheer about.
I agree. Who knows where BB will be 'late October'.
Even BB does not know :(

There is so much still unfinished and un-polished in the OS as compared to BB 7/7.1. Notifications and alerts through BT; push alerts for the weather app; landscape mode missing from active frame and panes as well as half the native apps. BB is 0-4. No one should be doing an end zone dance at this point.

It's missing. It's necessary. Phone's UI looks awfully silly in a charging cradle. Even the music app does't have a landscape mode.

You should stop your attacks. Your personal problems with BlackBerry management after being directly or indirectly involved in some of the internal decisions should not justify your doggedness to kick the company as much as you can. That's just a childish behavior, cool down and silently leave. Some people enjoy the great BB10 OS and if you think some other ones are better, switch and bye bye. What are you doing here exept for spreading mud?

You should go BBM with your IOS and Android buddies. ...........Oh, wait you can't. Nice roll out there. Well you can always kiss my hairy white bum. Of course you'll need to pull your head out out BB management's first. Don't worry, I can wait a few more weeks.

I love BBM voice. I called the UK from a pizzeria in Egypt and the conversation was superb...very impressed.

When can we expect 10.2 on Orange in the UK?

A UK Z10 Owner

Same here! Awesome call clarity. I called from my American Airlines flight 34,000' above the mid-Atlantic (on in-flight WiFi) to a person on a bus in the middle of England! That has to be some sort of record. No scratches, interruptions or dropping of the call. Great job, BlackBerry and the BBM team!

Heh. I finally managed to get that three months skype promo this week so I eagerly called my friends (landlines) using Skype on my Z10.

And then I wished they had WiFi so I could have use BBM Voice instead... Talk about muffed sound on Skype...

You need WiFi if your on BBOS
...could be the people he was talking to didn't have BB10....

Posted via CB10

You should try the BBM Video call it's smooth, no lag unlike Skype & I just used the 3G on my phone. Sometimes Skype even lag on broadband wifi at home.

Posted via CB10

I agree. Skype isn't all that great even on PC's! I use it to video chat with my wife & kids when I travel internationally & there are typically issues with video and voice quality & lag. I know that hotel wifi isn't always the greatest, but using BBM video in the same place always works better for us.

Keith H. Posted using CB10.

They should brand it as that instead of just BBM Voice. Sounds so much better: ...aaand... BBM Clear Voice!!!

Posted via CB10

I totally forgot that I'm not supposed to have that :o

Anw, toast notification is my favorite 10.2 feature

Posted via CB10

ive been running the leak for awhile and its been amazing i cant see myself ever going back down to 10.1 or below altho once the official version is out will be very nice.

Regret. Marketing has been lacking in success.
The new BB OS10 products are great. But, they have not captured popular imagination.

Perhaps, the smart phone has already reached the status of being a commodity: all pretty much look alike.

Or, folks are aware of BB going thru 'some kind of reorganization' and are afraid to get on-board for fear of the company going under.

Even with the 10.1>10.2 tweek's, only the BB fans will notice.

Old news. Snooze. Nothing new to tell so rehash what most already know.


Posted via CB10 on my Verizon Z10.

Most don't know. Only people who pay attention to leaks know what features 10.2 has....which is granted most people on CB, but not most BB10 users

Posted via CB10

Geez! You can't bash a post of an official release that has not happened yet! They're literally people out there who have never seen BB OS 10.2 (let alone BB10!) and these sneak peaks may be what gets them to check out the platform. My goodness you are a tough nut!

The features look really great. I'm very excited to see if the release of 10.2 will lead to the release of other major apps as well. I love my Q10 but that Z30 looks sexier and sexier every time I see it.

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

It is insane how people actually hate BB10. The most user friendly, intuitive OS I have ever used (and i'm a big fan of android). I love my Z30 :)

I agree. Or they use it for five minutes, discover it's different than iOS or Android and write it off immediately.

But, hey, Frank Boulben and the BlackBerry marketing never told people about how great V
BB10 is. Tough to do when your only commercial is of a guy sliding through mud.

Posted via CB10

+1... BB10 is built to be efficient and relatively easy to use... if you spend the time to understand the OS. I find a lot of people don't like to think for themselves and just spit out the BS that they get from the media. Apparently, critical thinking takes too much effort and it's just easier to take someone elses opinion and use it as your own.

It's good but not great. It lacks polish and consistency. Some animations are pointlessly complex. Getting out of certain situations in apps and such is difficult. Were there money, and there isn't, bb10 could be every bit as slick and intuitive as android and ios7.

Posted via CB10

Agreed, it could be more polished. But refinement is getting there. The functionality and ease of use I think is almost there too. It certainly isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Posted via CB10

Terrific... but how about making it available to everyone not just the geek and leak army

Posted via CB10

At this point in BB history, does anyone even care are if BBM or OS10.x updates come?
BB has a long history of 'delays' that apparently brought them down.

Everyone's excited about features that should've been released from the start? And we have to wait till the end of October? What the actual f! Sdk gold was release beginning of September and their finally releasing it almost two months later? Good ol BlackBerry, Slow AF

Posted via CB10

Wishing it wasn't so....and hating that this OS will never reach its potential.

Posted via CB10

Shoulda, coulda, woulda. Many features aren't even on any other platform so how can you say it should've released like this? I haven't seen Instant Reply on Android, iOS, or WP.

Instant reply is the thing that appears on the top of the device where you can reply back to someone without going to the hub right? If so I had that on my Evo 3D a year and a half ago and on my Galaxy nexus a year ago. It may not come stock with Android phones but you can definitely get it.

Posted via CB10

Yes there is already speculation of 10.3 but 10.2 is now. Gary Klassen has moved to Sweden to help with the TAT team there to develop stuff for 10.3 is what I'm hearing. Only speculation at this point now until the roadmaps are updated.

10.3......that would be the dream. I hope you're right. Would love to see TAT further flex their muscles in 10.3, especially now that iOS7 is out. I have to admit I'm already ready for a fresh look from BB10. Hope we get to see it sooner than later.

You sir, come bearing the best of speculation! I applaud this honourable act! * maybe they will finally add Canadian spelling too =P

Oh yeah a family of mine says, "The latest BlackBerry may have a chance of iOS 7." Is this true, cause I'm going with false but I'm not sure. So I'm just wondering, in my little head :)

Posted via CB10

Great news, I can't wait.
I would like to know if with the 10.2 we'll be able to send real size MMS photos.

Send from my -oeuvre d'art- Z10

Ahhhh, I don't like it at all. I'll call them to see what they can do. Probably nothing. The point is that 20 days ago with the same carrier and with my 9860 I could send the photos in real size. We'll see.

Why can I not just click on this video and watch it from my Z10? It says I need the latest version of Adobe flash, and when I click on it, it says it's not available for my device...

Posted via CB10

Yea my Q10 says "an error occurred during validation"

Strange, must be a video specific thing as I have never had any problems with YouTube on my Q10 on PC

Interesting video Brosiaaa
As an Instagram addict you may not want to look into iGrann (will let you instagram on BB10)
Your right about the apps. We are missing some important US-Centric Apps.....Though we did get #Polarbear B4 iOS ;)

Posted via CB10

I sideloaded an Instagram on my Z10 just for curiosity. :) You should look up paypal, banking etc on your browser and then add them to "Add to Home Screen"; it is just as good IMO.
We all have to exercise patience cause BB10 platform is still young. Hopefully the more apps will keep coming.

You may be just about correct....we'll see soon enough, I guess. I already looked at a 5S, and am hanging tight with that decision....will see if they're going to still be around next year.

Posted via CB10

Oh yea has 10.2 come out, cause I want it for BlackBerry Q5. Cause I got 10.1, and if their is. Tell me how to update

Posted via CB10

"Cumming" was accidental I believe. Right?

"If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock!"

When 10.1 came out people said that is what BB10 should have been at launch. Now with 10.2 people are saying that it is what BB10 should have been at launch.....Why do I get the feeling that when 10.3 comes out people will say THAT is what BB10 should have been at launch?

Posted via CB10

Maybe because 10.0, 10.1 are still not fully complete yet and BlackBerry is trying hard to impress the market?

Posted via CB10

Does Kevin work here anymore. Lol. Nice! I'm starting to think he doesn't either.
He's got the inside scoop on what's going on with BlackBerry and is probably shaking his head in the background trying to stay positive.

Why he actually reads feedback. Unlike those who have their head in the sand. Marty Malik/Vivik/Thor etc..

Simon aren't you Canadian? You spelled favorite wrong. :p Michael Clewley is one of the only few people at BlackBerry who really "get it" and the company needs more people like him. Give him all of Frank Boulben's paycheck and hand Boulben a pink slip. Excited when everyone who owns a BB10 phone will get 10.2 officially.

Hah, the spelling thing is tricky. Used to writing for Americans, but I guess we've got just as many if not more Canadians here than the other sites.

It's not about who but writing for, it's about spelling correctly. The Brits invented the language, hence Canadian english follows suit.

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

I was hoping he'd show of the quick setting drop down from the top. I wanted to see if it included the screen dimming options as seen in a few pictures floating around.

BBM Voice is in HD or somin. It's better than regular phone calls. You can hear everything clear and magnified.

Posted via CB10

Being new to BBM and the vid-call options. Is BBM to BBM calling similar to Skype (ie. No charge over Internet) ?

Posted via CB10

Assuming your connected to wifi or have unlimited data then yes, completely free. Bbm however is not like Skype in that it does not cut in and out, or otherwise generally suck

Posted via my Zed (not Zee) 10

Thanks. I assume that calling on BBM is more secure than Skype also since I haven't heard of BlackBerry collaborating with the NSA.

Posted via CB10

This guy is "BlackBerry's director of handheld software product management". He sounds like an 18 year old sales droid at Best Buy as evidenced by his liberal use of the term "actually". "Like, actually, I mean, really?" He babbles in such an unorganized manner and wildly swipes back-and-forth in his demo, it's darn near impossible to follow what he is getting at. Mike, organize your thoughts, be prepared, and drop the crutch terms.

Customizable notifications for each contact and app. How hard is it to implement? Are we waiting for 10.9 for this? This is a basic feature of every BlackBerry and yet, it is nowhere to be found in BB10 devices.

BlackBerry's director of handheld software product management only highlighting eye candy features but fail to deliver basic smart phone functionality such as call blocking and contacts management issue.

Posted via CB10

Now please can the crackberry crew update their app so us z30-ers can see it properly! Love the z30 by the way

Posted via CB10

For all those saying BlackBerry should have included these features in 10.1... do a search on iOS7 and see how many Apple fan boys are disappointed with iOS7. The bugs are endless, the devices freeze and security... What security?

Posted via CB10

I agree with this and have always been happy with the stability of BlackBerry oses. There is a balance to be struck though with some features where I feel BlackBerry didn't quite get it at first.

The maps are still horrible while nav is actually really good. I also mentioned in another comment below basic phone number and address shortcuts. These are kind of core features to devices nowadays that people expect and depend on. Still love BB 10 though and hope for more despite all the bad news.

Posted via CB10

I've been loving all the new features, but I am wondering when clicking / highlighting a phone number or address is going to get easier. It is a real pain to get an address from a website into maps for example.

Posted via CB10

I have been waiting for BB 10.2 and BBM4ALL for a few months. Hopefully we won't have to wait til the last day of OCTOBER 2013.
I wish they improve BB Link to let us backup/restore and sync faster! The most painful bit is backup and restore coz it would take more than 1hr in total so you have gotta be really patient to do leaks. I hope they develop a new way for backup/restore/sync to make BB10's life easier.

I'm looking forward to the priority HUB features.

Kinda iffy on the toast notifications. I think it's interesting but would have to try it and see.

Hopefully the 10.2 OS will release sooner than later.

Posted via Pilot's Q10

Toast notification is awesome, I love it and quick reply while still in the app I'm in is even better, I think you'll like it.

Z10 with OS

10.2 is the shit, and anybody that hasn't loaded the leak is missing out! I love BlackBerry, and despite all the bad news, I'm hoping for the best! I will support them until the end... come on Z30!

Posted via CB10

This device looks so much classier than anything Samsung or anyone else makes. So does the Z10.

Why can't they market these devices the same way Lenovo markets its grown-up computers?

too bad my carrier here disabled both BBM voice and video. They are discussing adding it with a different fee than the BIS. So I'm using Z10, I have to subscribe to BIS and no BBM voice and video

Posted via ZCB10

BlackBerry 10 devices no longer require BIS. If your provider is charging you a premium for this they are ripping you off. You should be on same plan as android and iOS phones now.

Posted via CB10

Just Upgraded to the Z30 from a bold 9900, Man, this phone is hella cool. I'm loving the Keyboard and the voice commands puts Siri to shame, I love the fact that I can push a button and send a BBM, Text or email without actually having to type. Most of my friends and partner have an iPhone, which is dwarfed by this beast, the screen is huge and clear. The only thing I'm missing is instagram, I wish it would just happen already!

I heard about an option on 10.2 to choose what song is going to play next. Anybody know about this?

Posted from my bangin Q10

I hope 10.2 and z30 and why not to advertised more iam bored to see everywhere about ios 7 and iphone5s articles

Posted via CB10

10.2 is the Best OS around! The jelly been Android runtime is very smooth, enabling more features, i side loaded Jet audio to my leaked OS, whaou!! Great sound, can't wait for the official release !

Posted via CB10

It's just occurred to me how unappealing the Q10/Q5 are to me now, after purchasing the 9720.

Excellent job BlackBerry.

I can now focus on purchasing a Z10, heck I might even eat my words and pick up a Z30 when the price is right.

10.2 is looking very useful, lets just hope BB lets TAT splash a nine new coat of paint on the UI, especially the parts relating to gaming and media consumption.

Regardless the downfall of BlackBerry, I still think that this device is truly great.

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

Do not lost the momentum lot of user buy BlackBerry 10! We are potential buyers and free promotion for you. Release for all device ASAP. You going to fall, do not fall because of silly decision.

Posted via CB10

I want to see how android port jealybean works on bb10.2... n also i'd like tu knw wether I still have to convert apk to bar n thn sideload..?


Just a suggestion for those not wanting to wait the release of 10.2 through your carrier: once it out - take out sim - connect to the link via usb and hit reload device software. Enjoy

Posted via CB10

Yes you still need .*bar for side loading. And yes android app interface still sucks big time

Posted via CB10

Where is the level 1 notifications from the old BBOS? We are waiting to roll to IT until we get this.

Posted via CB10

Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome and by the way did I mention that this is awesome awesome

Posted via CB10

Like most of you if not all I am truly pissed off what is happening to Blackberry, but I love my Z10
now for the Apple Jack lovers, yes I have tried the new Apple 5c and all I have to say is are you serious, is this the phone to compete against a Z10 , I almost died laughing, the phone is absolutely terrible,
the funny part the Sales rep seen my phone and said wow that is a nice phone, go figure,
the reason Apple is were there are is apps and marketing not quality , not security,
So back to my point of anger, this is a great product and it should not be in this position, I feel Blackberry Management the Upper part, should be completely and utterly ashamed of themselves for what they have done and continue to do with this great product ,
On that note cannot wait for the update,

What I don't see is the option to block a phone number/ add to blacklist/ ignore caller/ call it whatever you want it's not there. I've been installing the latest leak every time it showed up on this forum hopping that BB is listening and is doing something about it .... still waiting. After the official release of 10.2 if the option is not there I will say bye bye blackberry. It might seem stupid to say bye bye over one option, but I really need it as many of BB users and if another platform offers all that I need and more why should I stick around?

I heard of some user's sticking with their legacy phones for this very option, I can see it's usefulness if you are getting harassed by calls or a particular caller, but still I would not give my z10 from my previous post I did give the new Apple in the shop and I was not impressed, but as many of said it's not about the quality of the phones, it's about the apps,

Why is there no docking station for the Z30, same way as the Z10 or Q10... Why Blackberry, WHY?!?!
Maybe Blackberry doesn't like Blackberry...

Wondering if 10.2 allows more than 2 lines to be written on the lock screen. Anyone know?

Posted via CB10

One addition I would like to see is a faster way to delete emails, instead of three clicks to delete one, there should be a check box making it possible to delete multiple emails....Or how about a swipe horizontally across the email and it goes to the trash! That would be awesome!

BlackBerry 10.2 OS is a communications power user platform the rest are toy email platforms !

Posted via CB10

I'm looking forward to it
Will wait for the actual download from Rogers, just to be safe for warranty.

Posted via CB10

In no way do I feel like I'm missing out not being an iOS or Android user.

I literally spend hours on BB10 and to date have found 9 pages (and counting) of apps and games that are top notch.

The old argument BlackBerry World doesn't have as much to offer becomes less relevant each day.

Starting to get excited with the Z30 release just around the corner.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

All the phones provide proper updates on time, and enough app's to entertain peoples.
And we bought blackberry 10 thinking there will be enough apps, and pretty looks good.
But now we feels like we have got into a trap.
And still blackberry never provides a better app. And if it is to sideload apps from android, why did we buy bb?. We could buy andorid instead. C'mon guys. U may won't like the way I talk, but you should understand us, when pay's money, there should be some worth.
And also, no photo sharing in yahoo. No video chat in yahoo messenger, which is available in all the mobile's even including all local mobiles.
ofcourse there is a good quality for blackberry, it's best for typing and security, but look at the app's guy's.
I was a BlackBerry lover, I request all the official members to do something to keep up the standard of blackberry.provide more social networking options and all( that is where your victory is). Your bbm made you in the first position. Now it's available for most of them.
So. Better yahoo messnger., Gmail, Skype, which should look like a pc options. Like iphone's .
Trust me, you people's will be the best.
I keep praying for your victory.
Hope you people's won't be fraustated or angry.
Good luck bb.

Posted via CB10

Well, maybe Im the only one, but...

I have tried the Iphone 5 after 6 long years with the blackberry in my pocket. Iphone is a really nice phone, and has all the connections to the social networks / professional s. networks etc... really do, but I never enjoyed it as it was simply to much for me. I dont need to see each 5 minutes a notification on my phone screen.. each time when my far far relative or friend want to post whatever he believe its very important...
so I sold it, and I got back to the track with a Z10. And its feels like when u stop with a very addictive game on your computer. I got all the information from the Z10 WHAT I REALLY need, and its leaves me alone with the bulls**ts what i dont want to see during the day...

But, as I said, its maybe only me. I want to keep my privacy, and also I want to get connected, but most importantly: I want the control on the information what can reach me, and the time when its can reach me. And THATS where the Blackberry was always unique, and still unique...

I guess I'm not the only one with this...

When it will be on Asia? Hope to get the app soon. It will help a lot and turn those BlackBerry lovers back. Hehhe

Posted via CB10

Correct and notice the value of being out of spotlight. We can enjoy the look of it without having every other blog say it's shit.

Need instruction on installing 10.2 (since I'm on AT&T and don't ever expect to get it). If more than three steps, that's too hard. Should be
download OS [here]
plug Z10 into computer running link
Hit a button

-no warnings about what if it doesn't work and being not official (did Blackberry write the OS or not??)
-should just work

My major worry is not being able to connect to my work email after the update.