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BlackBerrys and biker shorts! Google Maps get updated to version 4.2

By Ryan Blundell on 4 Jun 2010 11:19 am EDT
Google Maps 4.2

Recently, Google released an update to BlackBerry owners who use Google Maps. With this update, version 4.2 gives us new features, like biking directions. You will be able to retrieve bicycle specific lanes, trails and directions, rather than strictly roadways. You and your biker gang (rather, your bicycle gang) can now enjoy the power of Google Maps - your way. This is especially apparent with the newly added Bicycle Layer on the map. This layer will display where the bike-only trails, as well as roads with or without a dedicated lane.

Other updates include: being able to share locations with your friends and the ability to view detailed information on the location in question. As you search for a hot spot, you will see additional options that allow you to check out (or start) the latest ‘buzz’ on this location, with images and check out a street view. I like being able to send out a map location of where you are via SMS or email. It’s the perfect way to draw your friends to a new hangout. To download the latest version, point your mobile browser to

Source: Google Mobile Blog



When I get a BB, I immdiately delete BB Maps and load Google Maps. Just DL'ed to my Tour.


Is the message I keep getting when I clikc the link... How'd you dl it to your Tour?


You go to that URL on your Blackberry.


I thought one needed to have BBmaps(native maps app) installed in order for the Google maps to work properly? I thought I un-installed it once b/c I was too was trying to save memory on my Storm 1 and it said that I needed to re-DL BBmaps...


loading... NOW!

i love google maps - works beautifully!


Does it give proper GPS lock for Bell Storm phones yet???



I have a Storm on Bell and GPS works for me. It is touchy though. I have to go to get directions and click my location from there it seems. GPS doesn't fire up and show location correctly until I go to the Get Directions page first.


I tried this workaround and it still didn't seem to work.

Senri Shiki

Actually BB version doesn't have bike paths.

It'll probably come after a while like latitude.


Actually, you are not correct

"After adding biking directions and sharing for Android folks a few weeks ago, we're happy to announce that Google Maps 4.2 for BlackBerry can also let you get biking directions, quickly see helpful info when searching, and share places with friends."


Doesn't work for me either. I wonder if it depends what area you're in (perhaps it only works in certain areas) :-/


When will we get voice turn by turn directions?


Did they return the feature where you could change the name of starred item?


U can go to. www DOT MYBBOTA dot com and get garmin there I think its has turn by turn


I don't think that is there anymore and the full version is not free anyway.


Very sad how far 3rd party mapping has gone while BB maps (native application) has not been upgraded in 5+ years.

Word is, OS6 does not change this.


How come we still can't post our locations on Facebook?

We can now send our locations via e-mail and SMS - why can't we post to Facebook, like Foursquare can do?


Great to have all the options but this thing loads really slowly...constantly seeing the clock every time I use the app. Fix that first please!


Does anyone know if they are still updating bike directions? When the option first appeared on google maps it would send me into the busiest city traffic because it was the shortest path to a bike lane and once or twice tried to send me against traffic on a one way street. Google said it was still fine tuning, but I haven't used it in a while. Any idea

It seems you can only send search-result locations, not your actual location. BB maps and some other apps can send your actual location.


For turn by turn navigation, Wisepilot is by far the best for BBs. I have both a never went back. Btw after your 5 day trial u have the option of subscribing to 3 months for $20 or a year for $70. Its the best navigation app out there in my opinion!


Two questions:

is this app available for IPHON users? can i have my IPhone friends on Lattitude?

also, in the new version how do i mark a star for a location through my phone and not just on the computer?


got my biker shorts on now just to get this to work an im all set , lol :p


Searched bike directions to my sent me through the airport lol, that can't be right. I don't work at the airport and I'm just guessing...but I'm sure they don't have bike lanes thru the airport.


I don't know if I am missing something or not, but with this newer version I don't see the street view. Anything I can do to get that back?


I have a storm 1 on Bell and FINALLY this works with the gps! I used it all day yesterday with latitude. Awesome!


In New Brunswick, on Bell, and Google Maps shows the same as previous version 4.01.

I'm still only able to see within 2400 Meters, and it's nowhere close to my actual location.

This has never worked for me.


Does it function properly on a Storm2 yet?

Colorado Chief

I have not noticed any problems as of yet and I had huge lockup problems on the last version!

Cyril Pinto

I have a Curve 8900 running ver. 5.0

Can anyone help me in getting the COD and ALX files for this version. Whenever I direct the BB Browser to the Google Apps site, it simply redirects me back to the Google Home page.

Please help.


I want track up as that is the only reason I still use BB maps...

For me, it's much easier to navigate with that way.



Anybody has the same problem? I'm on Bold 9700 OS5.x and I have only got Buzz appeared or 1 day and after that (since 4.0.1) I have never seen this option on my google map on blackberry ever again....?????


The App downloads fine and then when I even try to search for a car service near my location it doesn't even bring results; battery pull doesn't even work.