BlackBerry's Alec Saunders: "We're definitely not going away"

Alec Saunders
By Simon Sage on 1 Oct 2013 04:06 pm EDT

We caught up with Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations, at BlackBerry Jam Asia to gauge the sentiment of local developers and figure out how BlackBerry's developer strategy is evolving.

If you watched the keynote, you'll certainly notice that the overall angle was new. OS 10.2 has been in the hands of developers for awhile, so Jam Asia wasn't so much about launching new tools, but rather demonstrating what was often called a "mobile computing vision." This was done by showing what devs could do right now in a number of ways - using Bluetooth Smart to monitor heart rate devices, or USB host to make an absolutely insane rocking chair/pong game, or secure data transfer to put BBM on a Windows screen. Here's what Saunders had to say about the slight change in direction.

"When we were crafting the keynote, we deliberately set out to create a vision piece. We want people to think of our devices as mobile computing devices. We want them to think of them as a window onto the world around them. We want them to think of them as devices that interact well with other things that are in the real world around you, and do interesting and powerful and useful things for you. We don't want them to just be a media consumption device or a game device."

Though BlackBerry took some time to show off the cool stuff they're making at the show, the point certainly wasn't to hog all the glory.

"The platform itself is a palette, it's a palette of capabilities. We're not the artists. We're the makers of the paint."

That said, the "artists" that were in attendance were certainly in good spirits despite everything happening over the last couple of weeks. Even on the financial front, Alec sounded extremely confident in BlackBerry's future.

"When I started with the company in August of 2011, we had just over a billion dollars in cash. Today, we're sitting at $2.7 billion in cash. Still debt-free. ... Management is prudently managing the company from a fiscal point of view and as we go through this transition I think that's what's required. We're definitely not going away." 

Were the Jam Asia attendees as confident? Though many had obvious questions to ask about BlackBerry's future, I hadn't bumped into one that wasn't eager and happy to be there, and that sounds a lot like Alec's experience. 

"The attendees that I run into are interested in how they can make money on the platform. They're excited to be here. I get a lot of questions about, 'What do you think of developers in this region or that region?' Clearly there's a lot of pride in the different countries, and maybe even a little bit of rivalry. ... I don't see a lot of reflection of the other things around us."

Beyond that, we touched on the ongoing $10k Developer Challenge, but it was hard to say much until the year-long offer wound to a close. SayIt was shown off in the keynote as a dev that met their goal in 90 days, however. Alec also highlighted how the development culture is very different in this part of the world - namely that here, devs can get started and reach a global audience on a shoestring budget, while many devs in North America and Europe are throwing a lot of capital around to get their apps moving.

It would be easy to say that Saunders is just doing his job by putting on a brave face and talking about how happy and excited devs are at the show, but it mirrored my experience at Jam Asia. After all, anybody that had lost faith in BlackBerry simply wouldn't show up. Even with that said, attendance hasn't been down dramatically. Over 1,000 showed up this year, and last year pulled in 1,200. Regardless of numbers, we're all rooting for BlackBerry, and if they can keep winning over big names like Sina Weibo and smaller independents alike, next year's Jam Asia may look even better. 

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BlackBerry's Alec Saunders: "We're definitely not going away"


Sometimes I think delusional. I don't like he used "definitely". BlackBerry can't afford to be overconfident at times like this and need to focus on doing everything right going forward. Anymore detrimental mistakes changes that "definitely" to "never ceasing to exist".

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I think the main problem is that it's just eyewateringly obvious that all modern platforms are essentially this - it's not something to aim for or aspire to or boast about, it's a basic requirement.

This is not quite true. Almost every "smart" phone right now is not really that smart. In fact, they are primarily media consumption devices still and that's it. The applications are broadening, no doubt, but we are still far away from anything that I would classify as "computing". At the end of the day, you still cannot do any concrete work on a smartphone. The capability and integration are just not there.

It's good that BlackBerry has this vision, but they should not fool themselves into thinking that others don't have the same vision in mind. This is not a new concept.

I disagree. I used my BlackBerrys primarily for work and when I grew more involved with social media, I switched to Android as Google had matured its Docs suite to a point where it could be my stand-alone word processor. With near-seamless integration with Android, I work primarily via my mobile computing device.

ANDROID sucks...I bought a Galaxy Tab 3 Fash support, Not only that, I can stream a purchased movie fron my BB Z10 to my Samsung Smart TV but I cant stream a Google Play movie. Go figure....I wish I could put BB10.2 on this tablet.

I'm in complete disagreement!!

IOS: huge strides (,pardon the pun) with Prosthesis to the point where pressure, impact, readings are done on the fly wirelessley, securely and now even the height of heels can be adjusted. Take a GOOD look on Apples site it's not bullshit either! Blind people have the biggest advancement of personal confidence about exploring the world around them, and I'm not talking about70/80% blind or "legally blind" I'm talking born blind as in neve had sight and now their incredibly more confident and free about their movement even on non level terrain!!

Controlling thermostats, lights, ovens, stoves, all manner of energy conservation and consumption that actually is translating to security - kids come home with a meal that has been slowly cooking and left on high 15mins before their home from school and set to go back to low upon entering their house, and turned off so the house isn't burned down if the kids forget about it!!

Feedback from REAL cars computers NOW!! Not on a show floor of a Jeep, Porsche, or Bentley which NONE of us using a BB10 device can use today!!

Wireless keyboards, mouse and track pass have worked in iOS and Android for almost a full year before BlackBerry started on qnx to BB10 migration!

That's the key!! Regardless of how great qnx is in our hands if we cannot access it, use it fully to its potential beyond time, schedule, email, shared drive and banking management then BlackBerry shouldn't be hyping it up!!!

All that glitters is NOT Gold!!

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Z30 has USB Host Mode (mouse, keyboard, USB storage) and HDMI/Miracast plus Docs to Go and a great browser.

What can't you do?

Agreed, it's getting tiring hearing for the last 2 years about how BlackBerry is going out of business. Its still in business and hitting a very rough patch, it's not like their doing nothing. They re-made the company, they sucked marketing it but there's no reason BlackBerry can't come back.
I guess we live in a time where people thrive on other people/businesses failing. Makes for a good news story

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I really wouldn't describe anybody I've talked to at BlackBerry as delusional. They know there are challenges, and BlackBerry will be a different company when the dust settles, but even though I might shy from ever using the word "definitely", I don't think it's out to lunch to think that they'll still be around for the foreseeable future.

Simon if you wouldn't say they're delusional would you say they know exactly what's wrong and are they doing all the things needed to be done to fix them? Or would you say they're out of touch with the reality?

CB10 - Z10 -

I like Alec though I think he actually listens and I know he tries hard. It's Marty Malik I would say is the more delusional one after he released several of those statements.

CB10 - Z10 -

Exactly!!! THIS!!!

He listened only in the beginning G to get a big fat pay cut and new position up the totem pole. He's done a horrible job, better than his predecessor no doubt but he's just as lazy!

I'm upset because all in all he has great stage presence and ay the big events he does a fantastic job, nobody can argue that! But being VP means you should also be in the trenches with the little guys, using the social tools to.communicate with them, work with them with as much Corp resources at the cheapest price point as possible !! Dedicate tens in various regions to assist fully, and reach him and other BlackBerry coding experts as a course of escalation and reach out to these developers.
Banking and finance businesses should've been first on their plate. Have them focus on more important things like growing the moneris banking arm of BBM money to.increase it's reach, use the security platform of BES10 long in advance so their prepared to go days one for new lucrative banking partnerships - just in case you need to call in a favor where you may need to secure a la e of corporate debt!

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c'mon, how many times even higher level executives than Alec, have told us a lot of "stuff" and then the exactly opposite happens, and I'm not even talking about stuff they don't control, but promises and trends such as making BBM available on other platforms and PlayBook holocaust.

Exactly they ran for the hills and haven't said much since.
Bbm can't be tweeked to work on an iPhone or Android, but somehow BlackBerry is going to work on blue tooth and heart technology. Righhtttttttt

Posted via CB10 on my Z10 Oreo

Exactly. More 'great stuff coming soon' bullshit from people who will NEVER work in the smartphone industry again.

Why does RIM even have developer relations? Can't a call centre leave messages for Mr Hastings as well as Saunders? I could do it once a day as continued charity to RIM:

"Hey Mr Hastings ready to develop a Netflix app for BB10 or Bb07... or anything? we'll pay you? We'll do the work? We'll fund support for RIM devices etc etc etc... "
"No? Awwwwww. "

Plan B:

"Hey Mr S4BB can you develop a Cartagena GPS app for the Colombian Police Force? You already have? Oh... I can't find it in the piece of shit app store that RIM feels is competitive with the first, second and third place players in our market segment."

"Yeah... I know... but most of RIM can't execute for shit either!!! "

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Do you really think it's in BlackBerry's best interest to roll out BBM before the sale?

BlackBerry as in mgmt? Couldn't care less. As a company or its shareholders? Yes I do believe it's in their best interest. How could it would only raise the share price investors would potentially release.

If mgmt is tying the release of bbm to any potential sale why can't they just say that? All it would take is one tweet: bbm release delayed to the new year pending consideration of Fairfax offer.

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This is the stuff corporate libel, deceit, insider trading, and the SCC is going to spawn!

Where is the hot buttered carmalized popcorn at!! Before November 30th there is going to be a HUGE lawsuit against BlackBerry, Fairfax and company and partners trust it!

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Another article containing official statements about nothing.
Forget about mobile computing and the world around us.
How about BlackBerry figure out the basics.. like pushing out 10.2 to those that can't or don't know how to use leaks. Or figuring out landscape mode so we can use our devices on charging docks. Smh

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Good to hear the positives, I know a fellow that went Radewa and he was happy as could be to go and be apart of the Jam, go Blackberry!

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What else is BB going to say? "Stick a fork in us. We're done."

I've given up on BB, yet I come to this site at least once a week because, well, I can't stop rooting for the underdog. Let's hope they can re-secure the enterprise segment.

Agree that no one at BB really knows what is going to happen... so anyone that says "We're definitely not going away" is just in PR damage control mode.

Believe what you want, the numbers are what will tell the truth.

"We're definitely not going away."
My hope is that BlackBerry remains a public company rather than let Prem Watsa's group take it private.

Forget that it's BBRY for a minute, any senior employee of *any* organisation is going to give out this message? What's the alternative?

"Saunders sobbed uncontrollably for ten minutes and screamed 'we all doomed! Doomed I say!' over and over until Blackberry security dragged him away"

No, but he could have said something along the lines of "I don't know what the future holds, but we are approaching it as if we are not going away". That would have been a completely reasonable comment if he said that, but he is obviously more confident than that.

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Doen't matter what this guy says. With what has happened recently, Blackberry management just can't be trusted. I believe with so much manipulation and lies, there will be many lawsuits coming there way as well. This thing is going to end badly, even if Blackberry goes private.

You beat me 5hrs to this. Only correction I'd make to your statement is its not going to#end well ESPECIALLY after going private!!

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Famous last words from BlackBerry, look at what happened to the PlayBook it's been deserted. I hope I'm completely wrong and that they are in fact staying around.

I love my Z10!

Z10 OS

You would think that Alec Saunders the App Guy could tell whoever is in charge of specs for their (BlackBerry) phone's to increase the internal storage from 16 gb to 32 gb minimum (how hard could that be) so that people could keep buying apps without worrying about how much room they have left... (yes I have a 64 gb card also) and so they would make more money from sales of apps. I mean they do want to make money don't they.

(still love my Z10 by the way, great phone)

If a compromise needed to be made, would you want expandable memory or 32 GB built-in? Or no compromise and you're willing to pay more for the phone?

"We're definitely not going away" reminds me of the former President if the GDR: "nobody intends to build a wall"....everybody knows what happened....but don't get me wrong...I hope they make it...

Posted from a Z30 :-) running

Sounds a lot like "I never had sexual relations with that woman".

Alec's honesty has been put under the microscope before, let's face it.

I'm curious to know if the Nike Fitness thingy would be able to work with the Z10 (either now or with an app that's yet to be built); could anyone answer this?

Well another (little) biased PR Article for BlackBerry. But not as bad/biased as many other.

We all know CB is tied to BlackBerry - If BlackBerry dies, CB will loose many Customers=Money.

But please: At least try to be a little neutral on future Articles too. Thank You. (i am not rude. Just want the truth)

Good night :)

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I vote this guy for CEO. Knows his PR, says the right thing (even though not everyone will believe it), knows the technical side (since he's in charge of app development) and is obviously BlackBerry's go to guy because he's handling jam Asia, the media and developers after the hurricane that hit blackberry. Seems capable.


At least he has the cojones to face his audience... amd under that circumstances he did pretty well, it's not easy bit that's why 'C's are very very... very well paid...

the CEO instead, after the Q2 ER, 'wrote' to his audience (analysts/shareholders) "thank you, exit through the gift shop..."

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Good news or bad news, the CEO should be able to address the shareholders and give justifications for his thinking, whether the shareholders would necessarily agree or not.

They are heading in the right direction. It just shows how influential the media is. If they say something is crap people will listen and believe it. Most consumers only by what they think is hot they really could care less what the product can do. I mean seriously why the hell would you wait in a line for a phone to be released its not as if they won't make more of them lol. It's best for BlackBerry to go back to its roots and build confidence back in the brand the more enterprises that get these phones into the hands of workers word of mouth will spread this coupled with proper targeted advertising and a trimmer company should see BlackBerry survive.

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I think you miss the point. All he was saying is that consumers follow blindly whatever they read in the press and as the press constantly slate Blackberry (like you) they think BlackBerry have useless phones. Whereas because the press are so biased towards iPhone they all follow blindly (isheep)

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Once again it's the evil media's fault the BlackBerry can't sell phones to stupid consumers. I have an iphone 5 for what it can do which is everything. My secondary back up phone is my q 10 because it can't do what the iphone can. When BlackBerry makes phones people want to line up for, people will line up. These attitudes are why BlackBerry failed.

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They need to start a partnership with instagram, as it has some weird control over people's decisions.

Posted via CB10

What else is a VP of developer relations is going to say? "No we are doomed.. Devs don't even bother?" LOL

I know, it's ridiculous, it's business as usual until notified. If it is truly over, than why is the douchebag interviewer even asking the question?!


I believe that going private is the right move. BlackBerry need to get out of the public eye, wall Street (who have been on a mission to bury this company for years and so has the media) , rebuild and come back stronger. I've been addicted to BlackBerry for 6 years, and i still believe they make the best 'phones'. 25 million mega pixel cameras and 19 million fart apps don't get me excited. My new Z30 is fantastic! Just gutted it wasn't released even just 6 months ago, as I believe it would have sold much better than the Z10. The Z10 is great, but that should have been released over a year ago to keep up with the Droids......but is much better than the 'i'nferior-phone 5....

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The BlackBerry staff and speakers have my respect because it's not easy to be out in the frontline (Jams Asia) and give speeches after the whirl wind of early earning release and failed delivery of XBBM.

Have you ever used any S4BB apps? They make some very good & very useful apps.....not saying that they are all great, but they are not deserving of some of the hate that has been going on here

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Too bad there aren't too many people left to trust you...they just simply don't give a shit and have moved on!

Also,too bad that this vague and never really well defined idea of "mobile computing" seems to be so exciting to the big wigs, but meantime they can't even manage the OS currently in use and the devices that come with it!

Not only that, but your unfortunate tradition of broken promises continues, the latest example of which was the once again delayed of BBM cross platform launch...

Yeah I hope BlackBerry doesn't go away, but you most definitely should! It is people as hapless as this guy, people suffering from self-impossed blindness and delusions of grandeur, something that hardly still applies to BlackBerry (since there is no grandeur anywhere to be seen), who are the cause of the mess this company finds itself currently in!

Posted via CB10

Ahem... excuse me sir... you seem to have a bit of a bunch in your panties. might want to get that before it gets infected...


Yeah what I have in my parties is the dump I took while reading another pointless discourse from an individual I wouldn't trust under the best of circumstances.

Another article meant to appease the rabid fanboys, who as I've said before can't see past their buttcheecks because their heads are so far up their arses, that BlackBerry is in deep, deep trouble. Just today the news came out that it will cost BlackBerry a lot more than the $400 million dollars they originally estimated to redesign their network...

Yeah, so take your head out of your own arse before you tell others what to think and how to express their opinion...just saying...get that checked can get more ignorant...

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New operating system can't satisfied every one, just like other it will come but in slowly ways. BlackBerry not dead but reborn and it needs to learn how to walk slowly. Other apps are coming but in hard and long journey.

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More media consumption bullshit for the prosumer / enterprise / government market... RIMs latest 'stated' target market.

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Alec should be the one to give BlackBerry key note speeches from now on. After watching video coverage of Jam Asia, it is clear he has a gift on stage. He would have made the Z10 launch much less awkward. (except for the U.S. two month delay announcement of cousre. Even Jesus would have made that seem awkward)
As for people aqusing him of being delusional, I believe you may be? This is his job. He must inspire even if the ship is going down. Salesmanship 101. Great job I'd say.

Posted via CB10

Alec: fire your ad agency and find one that's capable of marketing the Z30 as "thee" phone to have.

If you can succeed in getting the message out on O/S 10 there's lots of Z10's in stock (at no extra cost to the company) ready and waiting to ship out.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

"It would be easy to say that Saunders is just doing his job by putting on a brave face and talking about how happy and excited devs are at the show, but it mirrored my experience at Jam Asia. "

Simon, I get what you are saying here, but the truth is that there isn't much else he could say. OTOH, if BlackBerry would stop saying and start doing, it would help so much. People are just tired of hearing about visions and possibilities. Make it happen. Really meet a deadline for a rollout. Wow our socks off. That is what it will take to turn this company around.

Great product, delivered in a timely fashion is the best fix for sluggish sales.

But these empty platitudes ... just ring hollow.

Forget about the whole "keep moving" thing. Take a page from another ad campaign and "Just Do It."

nice comment,people just hate being tricked by Blackberry.lots of possibilities,lots of hopes,in the end, lots of we need a clear deadline to have confidence in BB.they did make us have doubt in this's a liar.

Posted via CB10

la la la la la la ... we will release Playbook BB10, we will release BBM cross platform this summer ... and so on and so on ... Anyone believe BB on this days?

If I don't believe in BlackBerry then I will end up stuck with a DROID or a iOS device.

I want neither.


I can continue your list

Flash is coming to bb7 Lazaridis said.

Skype app icon showing in RIM website advertising PlayBook with open app world.

during the BB10 global launch event they said we have banking apps we have travel apps Realy??? after 8 months from the launch where are they.

Where is the expedia Cheapoair apps where are my baking apps why i have to side load them? And how many of us can do it. (Chase, American Express, Capital One, Best Buy, Bank of America, Discover) list can go forever. And don't tell me about 15000 fart apps in other app stores. I rather have my banking apps available along with 15000 fart apps than not have both.

Posted via CB10

Agreed. I just spent the morning on my iphone taking care of all my personal banking and investment needs. I answered email and engaged in some entertainment with my great apps. I picked up my q 10 to read crackberry. We shouldn't have to sideload for what we paid for this phone. And guess what- most of the apps I sideloaded require the back button! Nothing like opening and closing apps 10 times to navigate the app. My iphone is my tool; my q10 is my toy.

Posted via CB10

Of course someone high up at Blackberry isn't going to say what is really going on. We've heard plenty of things come out of exec's mouths later learned to be flat out lies or just completely inaccurate. "The Z10 is selling great!" "10's of millions of Q10's sold!" "Developers are drooling over BB!"


Wow he looks old in that picture. Has he always been that old? Or has the stress of the past few months aged him?

Posted via CB10

NO ONE at Blackberry can be trusted at this point. These guys have no conscience and are running at the company at their whim. What happened to the BBM launch? Are these guys that incompetent? These guys have made a mockery of once a great company. Heins needs to go, without the golden parachute.

Hate to say it, but first thing I thought of was the New York Giants player who was quoted as saying he thought they could still run the table (i.e., win 12 straight games) and make the playoffs. While that's always *possible*, it's not highly likely. The most obvious reason that the Giants haven't won a game is that they just aren't very good.

Per BlackBerry, passion and innovation are great, but in the end, it's about keeping customers -- individual and corporate -- happy, which is measured by sales of phones and servers. That alone -- sales and only sales -- will determine whether BlackBerry sticks around or goes away.

What an awesome article. If only BlackBerry actually did what this says! Thanks for sharing.

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That was amazing. totally do-able as well. I think this is absolutely the way to go. Hopefully BlackBerry reads this, as does Prem and considers it.


I like the new tone. I'm still curious to know what the folks at BlackBerry mean by mobile computing.

Glad to see some good news these last few days.

Keep moving!

You ARE indeed going away ! you just dont know it !
worst thing is you got us addicted before going away... very nasty

I believe it must be very difficult to put on a brave face these days. I still have friends at BlackBerry and the morale is at an all time low. I am a strong supporter and truly love BlackBerry 10 and its potential. However I am not sure how going back to the enterprise roots is going to work. At least in North America CIO's are having less and less say in what devices are used ( BYOD). I realize they have a strong MDM offering including security. However how does this allow Fairfax Financial and the rest of the potential consortium to make their money? I guess I see it as a necessary move to the consumer space as they are the ones deciding on what devices are being used.

Posted via CB10

I think that blackberry will be departing the handset business and become simply a services company. If you look at the consumer confidence in the company when it comes to new BlackBerry owners it is very low. Most consumers would prefer to get an android or iPhone simply because they know it is not going to discontinue products or potentially not exist. If blackberry took the bes system and used the BlackBerry 10 os and decided to layer it on android for business users and "prosumers" they could potentially have a decent size market share for that sector. I currently use a blackberry and have had several but it may be time to switch to another platform.

Why don't you haters and negative people go somewhere else. I hope BlackBerry learns from their mistakes and becomes the great company I know they can be.

Posted via CB10

Dude many of us so called haters where rooting and fighting for BlackBerry tooth and nail, carrying the torch for them, just like the editors here on this site : I've personally tweeted (@hardened and @supa_fly) did huge amounts of research (blog and have contributed and helped others when I could on the boards here; for months and years!

We're not foolish we've tasted other platforms, a good thing to know your competition 'keep your friends close, and your enemies closer' or 'be ever joyous in your enemies success'! We've just grown tired and realized these major mistakes, sorry blunders are so.obvious and done by those that have the ivy league education and the pay cheques and bank rolls to go along with the education yet its asinine to believe these are simply that, blunders! We've realized that it's BlackBerry that should be using the social to market the business, products, services, corporate awareness of worth and reach NOT the consumer or fan! We love the products see and know just how HUGE the potential is for it and their services - dare I say More than Prem does! We're dam. Pissed at the managementfor.makjng us feel foolish, loom foolish, and make fools of stock.holders!!

About my Prem statement above,would it NOT be in his.i teresa I. Securi.g a partner to state just how I credible BlackBerry potential is, what's under the tip of the iceberg and drive the stock price up?! Fairfax would gain a profit on their 10% stock investment, still be Able to proceed in a buyout with partners while attracting more positive attention and gain consumer and corporate confidence even much more powerful partners!

Posted via CB10

And yet most of the new features of 10.2 will not be available to Z10, Q10 and Q5.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

I think people are really panicking when it comes to bb10 moving slowly. People forget this is a whole new operating system. The only thing that is the same is the name. I think they should have just have pushed the BlackBerry name to the side and ran with the device names as the product (as just The new Z10, Q10, Q5, etc ) so they wouldn't come into the game with the baggage from their reputation at that point. As a new platform, bb10 is a lot further along than the competition was but people don't see that. What if the public had just wrote The iPhone and Android off when they first started (and we all know they were less than ideal in their 1st year) and not gave them a chance. Look at all the good product we would've missed out on? I think just like them bb10 should be given a chance to develop like everyone else did and it should be regarded as a new product in its first year and not be judged on mistakes BlackBerry has made in the past prior to bb10.


I've said this before in the forums that most people tend to think of when they hear BlackBerry is "boring", but in my experience each time someone sees my Z10, they say:

"Wow! That's a BlackBerry?"

And I say to myself "boo ya it is!"

Unfortunately, the name does carry a ton of baggage... coupled with lack of marketing the reinvented platform and collection of devices, does not help matters...

Posted via CB10 on my kick ass Z10!!!

Look, I went through the fiasco with Palm after it was bought and dismantled by HP. This is not the same, BlackBerry is here to stay and I personally believe with the right promotion it will gain or maybe exceed it's market share.

Posted via CB10

You're completely forgetting Palm's history!

Palm, 3Com, Handspring by the creators of Palm, Palm is bought by Handspring or vs versa I cannot recall - I moved to S60 by then, then they piss off their major developer of hardware and software, Sony -(something Google with their purchase of Motorola Mobility was VERY KEEN to heed warning signs of this against Samsung) basically forcing every new development to be there's under the ownership of the OS, market share and sales Higley begin to dwindle as they slowly developed that "new OS" that takes time to.mature (they too had about 1yr) and their founders jumped ship pretty quick before the demise (even their OS design guru split and he's at Google and headed ICS). THEN HP bought Palm!!

I'm still.keeping a watchful eye on BlackBerry's design guru, forgot his name but if he jumps before the final and official announcement of Fairfax and a partner(s) deal is done or BlackBerry failing that or they back out (a ruse to get back the fill worth of their 10% stock investment), then you can be sure something is up! Remember at the official launch about the joke he put in for a vacation request - actually showing it on his BlackBerry Calendar invite to Thor and ztjor said no no not yet I don't know anything about that "lol" with a snide laugh?! !! If not check out the full official BB10 launch presentation you'll see it too!

Posted via CB10

Last week's BlackBerry Jam Asia was indeed very positive. I was there, too and I could only see energetic developers around. I am looking forward to next year BlackBerry JAM Asia.

You know what they say: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. I'm done being lied to, so many time.

Posted via CB10

Maybe someone pointed it out, but the buck must stop with TH, not Saunders.

TH should be front and center, not his leutenants to explain the unexplainable.

Sounds great, and anyone with a problem with BlackBerry can well buy one anyway! Ha. I'm for you BlackBerry and I will continue to buy your product as long as it's a quality product. And I've seen nothing but progress. Keep up the great work. (:

Posted via CB10

A calculator is 'Mobile computing too!!!'

Gosh I just think it's the worst spin phrase computing..

Enough with this mobile computing "stuff" already. Nobody cares about mobile computing. They have continuously failed at every launch so far. They need to restore credibility, loyalty and trust with their customer base. But I believe they are too late for that also.

Many say it's too late for BlackBerry but I don't think it is. Look around in the forums. There are many people all over the world that would have no other phone in their hands. That's just a fraction. We are the fuel to BlackBerry's train.

IMO, if BlackBerry can find a way to make their current and loyal customers extremely happy with quality apps (whether native or not), great OS enhancements, and upgraded devices, I think they'll eventual gain some traction in the market share.

Apple and Android (Samsung) got popular because of marketing and their users were so proud of their phones that it influenced their peers. I'm proud of my Z10 but I'm not extra hyped about it. Maybe, due to the fact that I know what's appealing to active mobile users - apps and "look my phone can do this" feature(s). I feel that BlackBerry doesn't offer that experience...yet. The tide has to change and the focus needs to shift to an experience with that in mind.

BlackBerry needs that energy they once had. It wasn't too long ago that when having a BlackBerry meant that you were someone important. Important enough that people relied on you so much that you had to be contacted anytime and anyplace. BlackBerry was that optimal communications device. That "on-the-go, need to crank out a mass amount of emails daily" consumer base was great but it lead to a complacent and stagnant innovating mentality. That mentality would create problems for any company. You must eventually keep up.

BlackBerry can make a turn around. Maybe not back to mobile dominance, but a device that's worthy of a second look and will make another mark on this mobile generation.

I'm rooting for you BlackBerry!

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Yup! "We're definitely not going away" not for now. :) I use my BlackBerry for everything, business, social media, BBM alot with friends and family. I love my Playbook. I get sick when it won't boot up.:)

If your not going away then you have no reason to go private. Prem better back out of this deal or alot of investors are going to turn their backs to this brand. Blackberry is now starting to pull things together and investors deserve to share in the success. I believe that next quarter results will be much better now that Blackberry is focusing on improving US sales, and offering unlocked BB10 devices on their official website.

More confidence is required from blackberry to show we will be here for the long haul and change of command doesn't change the overall scenario.

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But doesn't the competition already do this? A heart rate monitor is presented as part of the vision the vision to mobile computing when iOS and Android both have had these things available for longer? Really disappointing that they can't come out with something no one else can do. Must be something in the water at Waterloo that makes the employees at BlackBerry oblivious to what the competition is and can do.

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I love how everyone thinks they know what position BlackBerry is in. If they say they're not going away, they're not. They don't just say shit they don't know. Just because they're not great in the consumer market doesn't mean they're "dead" according to most people.

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The market tells you clearly what position they are in. PR types are not paid to tell you the truth. They are in serious damage control, and they will never publicly admit truth. They have tons of inventory they are trying to unload to cut their losses. Of course they are saying they aren't going anywhere. They will go wherever the the new buyer takes them, and the new buyer is under no obligation to report his plans.

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Whatever. It's all drib-drab at this point. Thanks Alec. Wake us when you have something really exciting to show us or when BlackBerry is dismantled.

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Who is this guy kidding? I mean I understand putting on a brave face and all that. But at the same time, he sounds like he's full of ****. That's has been Blackberry's problem every time they make public comments. They sound out of touch, totally clueless. It's impossible to get behind them when you don't believe a word they say.

Anyone watching the stock today? Us shareholders are getting a royal fucking. Lucky if we get 5 bucks by November. This is all being done purposely to lower the company's value for prem watsa. TH should be let loose in the streets of kitchener.

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Blackberry did a very smart thing recently, and that is offering their line of BB10 smartphones for sale on their official site. They are cutting off the monopoly American carriers are creating who prioritize the iPhone5, and who price gouging the Z10, and Q10 (If you want to buy it outright without contract). I bought my Z10 as a first thought, and my carrier will be an after thought. I wanted the BB10 technology, the Hub, and BBM more so than a $85/mos bill from AT&T, or Higher from Verizon. I hope Blackberry's next move is to work with smaller carriers that will welcome them with open arms. In a tough economy it is pretty hard to beat the value vs. technology curve of BB10 smartphones. Why pay $400 more for a 64gb iPhone 5s when you can get an 80gb max storage Z10 with double the ram (2gb vs. 1gb), a better CPU and GPU, 2mp front facing camera, and a stronger and removable battery! If you want to waste your money on a toy-phone that's your prerogative, but my Z10 has organized, and simplified my life...and I look professional using it! Get you Z10 today for only $449 at:

Because once you try out these new devices you will see they are far from inferior. Better specs than the IPhone, better price, and more apps than any other device on the market, thanks to the 260,000 apps in the Blackberry world apps store, and the ability to easily side load both ios and android apps. The question is why would you pay $400 more for a fashion statement? I'm buying technology for the benefit of organization, and communication. Sure a few cool apps to pass the time is a plus, but the new BB10 smartphones are right in the center of the action, and with time they will prove to the consumer that they have what the consumer needs.

What BBRY needs to do is get your software updates via BlackBerry World so that you won't be at the mercy of telcos who may try to play punk, now that BBRY is selling direct!

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I don't believe one single word that this P.O.S guy says period. Nothing he has said has been remotely true at all.

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Alec Saunders is one of the responsible of the bad health of BlackBerry...! It was his job to bring the major apps that miss on bb world...! He definitly made a very bad job!!! And he looks so arrogant on stage, so he need to learn the world of today because he is stupid... BlackBerry, please, separation from him NOW!!!!