BlackBerry's $.99 Cent Winter Sale brings discounted titles all December

By Adam Zeis on 3 Dec 2013 02:53 pm EST

In what is basically carrying on their Black Friday promotion, BlackBerry will be bringing a set of discounted titles to BlackBerry World for the entire month of December. Various apps, games and movies will be available for just $0.99 everyday throughout the month. The titles will be available on the Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30 from names like Zeptolab, EA and Gameloft. 

We're not sure just what titles will be offered in total, but you can check daily from the $0.99 Winter Sale banner in BlackBerry World. Currently listed are some great games and movies like Anchorman, Skyfall, Dead Space and Super Hexagon. Plenty more to follow so be sure to check back everyday to see what's new!

The irony of the first title in the list being $4.99 isn't lost on me either. 


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BlackBerry's $.99 Cent Winter Sale brings discounted titles all December


"The irony of the first title in the list being $4.99 isn't lost on me either."

I was going to make that exact point! 

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Should be mentioned in the post, especially since CrackBerry has staff in UK and Canada to double check. Stop being so USA-centered :P.

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No such banner?? I do have a 25 days of Xmas with a free app, game etc each day.

Where are the 99 cent items?

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Got it. Thanks. Just bought "This is the End" for a whole $.99 ;)

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Go under media or video selection of BlackBerry world, not all selection

You will see it there

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

TV shows and a lot of other media isn't available in Saudi Arabia. And yes I do need a discount. It's not fair that you get it and I don't.

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I seriously tried to watch it on three different occasions. But my wife and I ended up giving up on it. We both prefer dramas; I can sit behind a three hour movie if I'm really into it. If I recall, I think Lincoln was a bit heavy on the history, diaglogue and the cinematography. Better editing may have saved it.

Great, since last BlackBerry World update I can't open it. I guess I'll be missing out on some pretty awesome deals. To bad... :(

Funny...the main 99 cent sale banner is showing up for my wife and son, on Z10s running 10.1.
For me, Z30/10.2, only the video 99 cent banner is showing.

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I hope that they add some content soon. 6 old games and some movies does not exactly look like the "Biggest sale ever" featuring "top premium apps".

So, how much are they? $.99 = 99 cents, so why add the 'cents' after it? Are they 99 cents cents? Is that less than a penny?

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I didn't have the banner earlier, but I do now. I not only see the $4.99 Galaxy on Fire 2 for $4.99, but several other things for $2.99, $4.99, and $3.99 (in addition to most that are $0.99). I'd like to pick up Galaxy on Fire 2 for $0.99 if it does drop to that. I have it on the PlayBook (bought at $9.99), and would like the extra content that's on the BB10 version, but I don't want to pay too much because I already have.

GOF got removed... sucks. I have it on the PB as well - but from what i can tell, they didn't introduce any new content yet.

You can buy the add-ons as IAPs in the BB10 version. That's not possible on PlayBook. These add-ons have become already main income stream on the Android and iOS versions it seems as the core game is given away for free on these platform for months.

Yep banner there like Adam shows. Most are movies but some are not. You open it up and you see the 0.99 to Buy. :) There are a few good ones there imao. Now question, is there a way to back up these DRM movies without having to redownload? They don't work if you copy to PC then back to your SD I learned the hard way. :/

Copying them off the phone and putting them back later doesn't work?? Well isn't that the point if using link??

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I've got a question. If I were to purchase a movie thru BlackBerry World, would I also be able to have it on my PlayBook? Just wondering if the video store would recognize that my BlackBerry ID has purchased the movie.

Or would I have to transfer the movie to my pc and then transfer it to my PlayBook?

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Copying the files to PlayBook (or any other device) seems not to work.

However, PlayBook has its own video store app (North America only? -- download from BlackBerry World, if available) and many of the same movies are on sale, at least.

I've filled up my SD card on Z10!

I'd like to know too if we are able to watch the videos we purchased on our BlackBerry 10 phones on the Playbook.

There's no movies/videos download section in BlackBerry World on the Playbook.

If in North America, maybe elsewhere, there's a video store app available through BlackBerry World for the PlayBook, but you'll have to purchase the movies again. For an extra buck, I don't mind having a backup of the good ones.

On PlayBook you have to open "video store" where the same special prices apply to selected movies. My PlayBook is 64 GB so is better place to download movies.

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Keep bringing the discounts. BBRY should continue to push incentives to buy BB10 hardware and software, especially with Christmas coming soon. Good Stuff,

Here in Montreal on Fido I see the. 99$ sales and it's not just movies, it's games and apps. Also theres the 25 days to Christmas! I love BLACKBERRY!

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It's not just those listed @ 99 cents. I found Star Trek Into the Darkness for 99 cents as well. Might need to browse the videos some more...

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Anything at all being offered for the Playbook? It would be nice to show some love since we won't get BB10!

You could try to download Alpha Zero. It's todays gift to BB10 users but it's a universal app (buy one version, get the other one for free).

Another lump of coal for us BBOS users waiting for our contracts to complete. I guess we no longer matter.

There are tons of movies on the PlayBook for sale as well. Since both video stores, for the PlayBook and the z10, are powered by Rovio.

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I've had some success with PlayBook movies too, but haven't seen a list or anything...still pretty random.

I just want to thank BlackBerry for including Saudi Arabia in this winter sale. And big thanks to Crackberry also.

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