BlackBerry's 2014 device roadmap gets laid out

By Bla1ze on 25 Aug 2014 02:06 pm EDT

If you're a regular CrackBerry reader, then BlackBerry's 2014 device roadmap shouldn't come as any surprise. It's entirely comprised of the devices that have either been confirmed or rumored for quite some time now such as the BlackBerry Passport, BlackBerry Classic, LTE BlackBerry Z3 (Manitoba) and finally, the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9983 (Khan).

That said though, the internal documents leaked by N4BB still offer up a valuable look at how BlackBerry views the devices and who exactly, they're aiming to sell them to as it's outlined by market segments such as Affordable, Classic, Innovative, and Prestige. You can probably guess which device goes in which section without even really looking at the documents.

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BlackBerry's 2014 device roadmap gets laid out



This actually looks like an older roadmap, why would they have included Q1 and Q2 in here? It's possible their strategy has changed since then, you never know.

The fact that they've identified their "target" users but are only targeting very small (tiny) segments of users would suggest they still don't know how to succeed from here on out. The end users aren't the decision makers in enterprise, it's the executives. And more and more, executives want toys, so you can't rely on the enterprise market for growth (or even for sustenance, to be honest). All of BlackBerry's recent gains have come from countries outside of Europe and North America. They're getting killed here and have no way out, if this document is indeed a reflection of internal thinking and strategy.

It's painful to watch.

Well, I must admit I couldn't really follow your logic. It seems to me that BlackBerry was actually targeting a rather large audience. But whatever.

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Couldn't agree more! As times passes by BBRY is getting irreverent and irrelevant as far as marketshare is considered I really wonder if BBRY five years down the line will exist as a devices player ..probably yes as a software services Co.Dwindling devices sale is really painful to watch especially so because they have got the best OS amongst mobile devices. They themselves have to take the blame because they were/are inconsistent and laggardly in marketing/promotional activities

The Classic looks very nice and clean.

They should just call it BlackBerry OS 11.0 It's quite the significant upgrade to be 10.3

Agree. That photo can't be the correct scale though since I doubt the Classic is taller than the Passport.

I'm running the latest 10.3 leak and no dark hub! Is that supposed to change for the official release? Hope so.

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those red accents showed up a while ago and BB confirmed they were not going to stick, at least that what I remember reading I think. So if thats the case could be very old pictures.

The whole thing looks so "02/2014".

Still, interesting how things are laid out in this presentation, and how things have worked out so far...

I'm def going for "Exec" with the Passport...

(Classic is for fleet renewal and can't therefore have too high and expensive specs, sorry specs lovers... get a Passport!)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Also notice the Passport has red accent as well! The lock screen has a red accent there. Not sure what it's for but something different!

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Unfortunately yes, for the all-touch fans.

I'd really love to see a roadmap for next 12 months instead of just the rest of the calendar year...

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I'm also looking for a new full touch replacement for the Z10. The Z3's specs don't cut it for me.

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I am suspicious. The Z10 is clearly being phased out, yet on the slide it's supposedly in line-up all the way into 2015...

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Good eye, perhaps these devices (Q5, Z3, & Z10) will all move over to Foxconn, seems like a good fit.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

Foxconn is a manufacturer. None of those devices other than perhaps the Z3 is in production, or will ever be in production again. The last Z10 was manufactured in May or June of 2013, and the last Q5 around July 2013. The Z30 was last manufactured in Sept-Oct 2013. All of these are now old designs that won't be produced anymore - any additional phones will be a new design with new hardware.

Ahh, yes, the exception that proves the rule. The 9900 was still able to be sold at near full price 4 years after its release because it was the final flagship phone on an old ecosystem that a small number of companies were not ready to move on from.

None of that applies to any of the phones listed above.

I was referring to their successors...I'm sure Foxconn is currently working on new products (very least concepts) for BlackBerry.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

I wouldn't be surprised if Foxconn wasn't doing all of BB's manufacturing at this point - it's not like they aren't great at it, and certainly *someone* has to make them. BB sold off its own manufacturing facilities, not that they represented anything but a very small percentage of overall output (mostly dev devices and similar limited runs), and they no longer have a contract with Jabil Circuit or Quanta Computer, so Foxconn makes sense. And of course, there are 4 devices in the known pipeline.

They're all QWERTY (except Z3/Manitoba), so he's probably going Exec with the Passport!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

That's the issue. For those of us who have come to love the flexibility and general purpose efficiency of an all touch BlackBerry, there is nothing to see here. We need something to tell us there will be updated versions of at least one "innovative" all touch BlackBerry in the near to intermediate future.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

Lets be honest, this 4 month time line isn't much of a leak. It is all pretty much as discussed on the forums. The one exception being the phase in of the Z3 as a replacement for the Z10 (actually a good move). Someone at BB could have leaked a longer time line but they didn't. Chen has clamped down, to keep the buying public focused on one high end device at a time. Everyone should applaud this strategy. There was nothing more annoying that hearing BB CEOs talk about their next product before the release of current flagship phone. I suspect that come November/December, we will start to hear about the high end all touch BB. One step at a time folks.

The timeline looks pretty dated and is still using the Windermere name...

Anyone care to extract the EXIF data from the original images (if not removed), that might reveal a few things... ?


When BB10 first launched, they probably made the mistake of launching the Z10 all-touch first, instead of the Q10 or both together.

See the positive:

Now they're doing it the other way around, satisfy the original qwerty users first, get the OS up to scratch and then relaunch a new touch era!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Looks like I was right that Khan is a dressed up Q10 as per original rumours, not based on Classic as per more recent rumours.
(The image has no "belt.")

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The 9720 is aimed on the lower end of emerging markets. You have to take into account that large part of our World will not have bandwith capabilities which make more modern phone's interesting to buy. And if they are available most People can't affort more than los speed connections!

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I'm in London and my team of 16 have been given 9720s as business phones. It is the worst phone I have ever had! I'm a lover of blackberry,been using several models for years, and have a fantastic Z10. I am forever having to defend Blackberry as the 9720 freezes regularly and requires several battery pulls a day. I know how good BB10 is, but users of the 9720 may never give it a chance.

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London hasn't been an emerging market since the Romans left.

Why couldn't your team be given BB10 devices? Seems odd that they would opt for BBOS

You can blame Blackberry for the quality of a product, you should blame your company for the pour choice!

Assuming the Z3 LTE is on tap for NA as well, I'm kinda okay with this roadmap. Not sure though if it's quite a full upgrade over the Z10.

Have to wait and see if the LTE Radio is the only change... if it is, the Z3 will not really be better.... just bigger.

And if it keeps the 1.5GB of RAM along with the less PPI, it's a downgrade in my book.

Agreed. Upgrade--a full one or otherwise--was not the right word to use. Maybe 'successor' is better. As far as I can tell, there are MANY downgrades going from the Z10 to the Z3.

I agree. I won't switch from a Z10 to the Z3 either. I'm looking for an UPgrade.

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Me four,
but I just might try to get a deal on an unlocked Z30 if I don't see any prospects in the near future.

I was commenting on the arrow-driven lineages. From the arrows, it appears BB thinks that the Z3 is the successor to the Q5 and Z10. Maybe they meant in terms of specs, maybe pricing (if so, forgetting that the Z10 was NOT priced as an entry-level lol)

I would like to see a newer version for the Z10 come out. The screen size to me is perfect, just somehow remove these top and bottom edges. I blackberry does not care much for specs but make it future proof and update the OS to maximize upon a non-amoled screen is that will be the direction for the next iteration of the Z10, I'd we ever see one. Seems like the big brick phone phase is in.
I feel in a couple of years we (no me), people will be walking around with a Blackberry PlayBook size phone, calling that a phablet!
Stop following trends, innovate which BB10OS is doing, just taking a while to get there.
OS 10.3.1 please improve battery life on the Z10! Not ready to give mine up yet, still just as fast (if not faster) and functional as the first day I got it!

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So no upgrades to the Zeds? As a coworker said today, "Bigger is the new smaller". Let's hope the Passport is the spark that jump starts BlackBerry.

Have we seen this sort of gmae plan before?

This speaks to BlackBerry covering many bases instead of focusing on "enterprise" exclusively.

My ONLY disappointment (as you say, known in advance) is waiting another quarter for the OS 10.3.1 upgrade.

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What in the above information speaks to anyone outside of enterprise...

Manitoba - Enterprise Fleet Renewal
Classic/Q20 - Enterprise Fleet Renewal
Passport/Windermere (shows how old this is) - Business Execs
Khan - Playboys of the world

I remember n4bb posting roadmaps in the past that didn't really turn out to be very accurate so I wouldn't read to much into this besides what we already know.

In the diagram it looks like the Z30 will get 10.3 before moving to 10.3.1. Am I reading this correctly or is that arrow meant to be a "pass-through" whereby Z30 will skip to 10.3.1 like the others?

Who or what you talkin' 'bout?

Successful people or successful (mass market) phones?


 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

So, clearly, you view that segment as being important, but I think most people would agree that it is not necessarily how BlackBerry sees their target market sliced up. That being said, the Z30 carried forward and I would put that device up against the others quite handily. I think in the end, it's key to remember that what we feel is important is not necessarily what BlackBerry feels is important in their overall marketing strategy. Lastly, I think you've "defined" a very large and nebulous "market segment", whereas BlackBerry has defined a very specific segment. I would suggest that your definition is a "me-too" segment, which is clearly not where BlackBerry is going these days.

I look around our beautiful tropical city, and it seems every mom and housewife got sold an S4/S5 on an overpriced contract, and even hippie bums and dole slackers carry iPhones now (often 4/4s hand-me-downs)...

No reason for me to associate with them on a phone / tech level.


(Sure, I can show them some love and tell them about the Gospel,...)

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Which "Market"? if you mean consumers, that has already been hashed out over and over. consumers take a back seat to Enterprise users for the near future. BBRY is targeting the market that can give them the most sales in the shortest amount of time, and that is business.

BBRY needs to get the patient off of life support before they can transition to "physical therapy". yes this sucks for consumers, and sucks even worse for those of us in the US(because the US carriers hate BBRY), but I for one would rather have to wait a bit longer for BBRY to ramp up its consumer base, than have the company go under and be stuck with only Android, and Iphone as my choices.

So you think the majority of business/enterprise users haven't acclimated to touch screens by now? BBRY is going the wrong direction and going to end up driving away the customers they are focused on and being completely forgotten about by the general public. I don't care how fancy of a physical keyboard they can come up with, the vast majority of the general public and business users aren't going to even give it a second look when given the option of a touchscreen vs qwerty.... The passport NEEDS an all touch launched alongside, I think if BBRY did this they would see exactly what most people are looking for in their next phone in 2015..

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Personally I can't wait for the release of the Classic. I love my Z30 but miss a real keyboard. The big story regarding the release of the new phones will be the execution on the marketing side by BlackBerry.

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The Z30 is a great replacement for the Z10... but..... its already a year old. It was released at a very strange time IMO. People who like all touch and need to upgrade their Z10 or want to ditch their iphone need a BBRY option that is up to spec with the latest and greatest. I know personally I have withheld going to the Z30 with the hopes that the next greatest all touch for BBRY is right around the corner. I hate the idea of dumping a lot of money on 1+ old technology. Even though I agree the Z30 looks like a great phone

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The only thing you could blame blackberry for is not using a FULL hd scree in the Z30. If they had made the choice for a high definition screen the Z30 could easily have been a good choice, even into 2015.

I really want a new updated playbook. If blackberry are too slow I may have to resort to an iPad mini. But I really don't want to...

So do I. I have two PlayBook and love them. With the exception of the apps I like it better even though it's 3 years older than my ipads

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I just want to be able to replace my z30 with a phone no bigger and just as awesome when the time comes and I want it to be a BlackBerry. I'm not above trying a physical keyboard but I'm used to touch. The z30 really is the best phone I've ever owned.

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The Passport and Z30 are in the Innovative category, this is exciting, perhaps the Z30 will get an update.

Z30 on 10.2.1 in Kitchener (Canada)

My take on BB road map.
"High Design Yet Functional" = Baller BB10
"Powerful Yet Uncomplicated" = Dafuq'! I forgot how to smartphone.
"Unique Yet Purposeful" = Working Class Hipster
"Contemporary Yet Affordable" = Screw you Android.

Yeah. I'm really looking forward to see some "Classic" info. Especially spec wise. If it has a slightly bigger screen than the Q10 I will be all over it. - Vintage Patent Art

I think they have the right amount of devices targeted at the right audiences, and they all have relatively the same capabilities but in a different style. Seems like BlackBerry is really getting on their game now.

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I love the all-touch implementation of BB10 on my Z10 and my co-worker's Z30. I was really hoping to see a "Z15" to upgrade to once my Z10 is off contract next year.

Looking at Road map, is the z30 going forward into 4th quarter ? With it not available on line with Verizon and now with Amazon. Does that mean no more being manufactured? Should have got mine awhile ago. Have been waiting to lessen the penalty fee to get out of Sprint contract.

This comment is for Bla1ze who asked "why would people be buying the 9720 in 2015"

I know this sounds weird to you. And you can justifiably feel that way. But as a user from Africa. Many friends of mine are currently using the 9720 or have just upgrade to one. So basically means they will have one for at least till the end of 2015 on a 2 year contract.

Main reason for this... BIS with unlimited data for their E-mail and browsing which everyone wants. they don't mind having inferior specs. As long as they have their bbm, a touch screen phone and unlimited data. They hare happy.

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I am disappointed. No successor for Z30 and Z10. BlackBerry is pinning too much hope on Passport!!!! Z10 and Z30 is a flagship product and any delay is launching its successor will have repercussions.
BlackBerry cannot make a turnaround with Passport I am afraid!!!
Mr. Chen must get his forecast right about all touch devices.
Being a BlackBerry fan since many years I will buy Passport immediately upon its launching although I am extremely comfortable using my all touch Z30.

From my Z30 Device using

"BlackBerry cannot make a turnaround" because you said so? Lmao!! I guess you should take over John Chen's job.

Mr.Chen has no idea about smartphones and what Blackberry customers want, 80 % want a Z10 /Z 30 successor FLAGSHIP and are willing to pay for it. That big and ugly Passport is getting BlackBerry nowhere.

Stick a fork in BlackBerry, I keep my Z10 LE and buying the Motorola Nexus 6 as a Toy with full blown Specs. Snapdragon 805 @ 2.65 GHz

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

I want the Z3 LTE :) I first wanted the passport then I changed my mind for the Z30 but I really like the way the Z3 looks and the fact that it should be affordable I love it even more especially since I'll be getting it as an extra phone because I'm still in contract with my Q10 and plus I'll probably grad 2 more to give as a Christmas gift to my brother and nephew get them on the BlackBerry OS :)

I guess I got to hold on to the Z10 for a while longer. I really want to upgrade, but the Z30 is going on a year old soon and I want some quad core goodness like the Passport is going to bring. Chen, we really need a flagship all touch device for 2015.

There should be a Z30 upgrade - maybe the Z3 LTE, therefore, two lower and higher-end touch screen devices. BlackBerry shouldn't make too many devices. Five devices total is enough to cover all price points.

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I'm sensing a deja vu here. They are catering to one audience while completely ignoring the other side.

Am I the only full touch user that feels a little insulted that the z30 line ends with the Passport, and that there's no successor to the Z10? Touch and QWERTY are two different phones / product lines / audience targets. Conversions from one to the other are rarely bidrectional.

Case in point: Blu-ray is everywhere now. Anyone going out of their way to buy a VCR or regular DVD player?

I wanted a full touch from BB. I haven't had a physical keyboard device in nearly 2 years and don't want to go back to it. I had a feeling this would be true so grabbed a z30 last week. Turned out to be a good decision.

Exactly, I'm sorry but a Qwerty phone just isn't a 'Phablet'.

The passport might work for some but for people who like touch screens it just won't.

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Eventually they will, but they chose to sacrifice our need for this high end full touch for now in favour for their turn around / strategy with enterprise phones.

The thing that really pisses me off here is enterprise moved on to touch as well! It's not much physical keyboard as before

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Grateful that all the previous BlackBerry 10s get upgraded to 10.3, namely the Z10, Z30, Q10 and Q5...brings increased longevity to the portfolio as well as benefit from many of the features from 10.3 update, thank you!

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i'm not sure the BlackBerry non lte z3 will get the 10.3... I bought it wild I was in indonesia and I hope i'll also get the update after they release it

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1 high end Touch
1 low end Touch
1 high end Keyboard
1 low end Keyboard

This should be enough.

Porsche Design is another product totally.

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All touch devices can only be replaced by all touch and not by qwerty.
No plans to introduce replacement of ageing all touch devices doesn’t digest at all. BlackBerry seems to deliberately delay official launch of 10.3. OS on all touch devices like z10 and z30 only to extend the lifespan of these devices!! 10.3 can be introduced on Z10 & Z30 immediately upon launch of Passport. This will Atleast give some consolation to all touch device users who have been very patient.

From my Z30 Device using

Its also to help with selling the passport. Ie if you want yhe 10.3 yummyness right now instead of 3 months later you should up grade. Hence why they put a cork in leaking the new OS's

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

Exactly that's their strategy forcing people who want the official 10.3 little bit more early spending big money on the Passport with outdated specs. They really think we are stupid. I am happy with 10.2.2 and my Z10 and I'm spending not a single Euro for BlackBerry anymore until there is a Z10 upgrade

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

It's a good strategy narrowing it down to four; now a lot of emphasis needs to go into the OS, the sales force and it's partnerships. I've felt strongly for a long time BlackBerry needs a partner like DELL (and to keep fostering it's partnership with Amazon) to move forward. I can't see the world tolerating Google's spy tactics indefinitely.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

BB 10 OS is so good that devices are going to receive two main upgrades of OS, and everytime looks better and runs better.

you update an iphone twice and get a block, and aside from Nexus and some other devices, android phones as much received only one update.

I think there most be a new device to replace Z10 and Z30, another high end touch device, to cover all market share.

long life for blackberry

Well said Jon t. The coming quarter is all about the Enterprise / power user with Passport and Classic models...

No doubt after that a top end all touch will emerge....

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The 9720 is probably purchased by companys as a replacement when an older model curve happens to die

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

My z30 has only been with me since March. I'm not looking to buy a new phone any time soon as long as this one works. I just want to know that I'll be able to replace it with something like it when the time comes. I keep posting this stuff hoping BlackBerry people are paying attention. I'm a consumer that needs a good phone. I'm not corporate I'm a tech educated paramedic and I like my BlackBerry z30 a lot. I don't want an android anymore , I don't want an iPhone , and I prefer not to have to carry a phablet of any kind. I'm used to touch screens but MIGHT try a keyboard some day. Keep the all touch coming. I prefer to use native apps but I will and do use some androids when I need to. With that said, could some developers please try if nothing else to get a 3rd party medscape client built. BlackBerry sorely lacks in good medical apps. I would pay for that. I don't use it a lot but when I need it I need it.

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Completely agree its frustrating to be in utter love with the OS and not see any viable all touch replacements on the horizion...

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The base color for all BlackBerry devices should be dark purple. Everyone would know you're sporting a Blackberry just by the color. Wouldn't that be cool.

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For me a new high end Z10 or Z30 replacement is a deal breaker - BlackBerry must provide them, if not then my 10 years with BlackBerry will come to an end.

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Bla1ze, please stop posting pictures of the sexy and exotic Passport I beg you. Young children and women read your site too. It's very distracting.

Using Z10, wanting Z30, eyeing Windermere

Although I'm slowly warming-up to the Passport, I'm still leaning towards the Q20. When I end a call on the Q10, I have to first swipe the screen as by this point it's gone completely dark, or wiggle it about in my hand to get it to display the End Call option. The tool belt will eliminate this. I'm also a bit of a klutz when I type, and will invariably invoke the additional options menu as my thumbs are thrashing about, sometimes more than once (and by the time I discover this, I've already banged-out half a James Michener novel that's now gone forever). The tool belt will serve as a much needed physical separator between the keyboard and screen.

Don't forget to get the word out there Blackberry, eg in Aussie it's hard to get a berry phone. Poor sales and in low demand

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Disappointed to not see a high end full touch device in the plans. Would like to upgrade from my Z10. The Z30 is not much of a jump now based on the competition out there. An upgrade Z30 would be sweet. Hopefully we'll see one eventually. C'mon BlackBerry.

Four devices are enough in my books. People need variety.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

I think this is a good focus right now. We always talked about them not making too many devices anyway.

And it might change in the future.

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Based on those images, the Classic is about the same height as the Passport (and also the Z10).

I've always wanted a bigger screen Q10, it looks like the Classic just wastes space, so I'm still looking at the Passport as my next device.

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Meh. I'm going to resist excitement until BlackBerry addresses a strategy for North American carriers. Hell, AT&T didn't even have the Z30.

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OMG this gave me a chuckle. I work in Marketing and I call this the "rubber ducky" approach. It a rubber squeeze toy intended for fun and laughter, to be used in a faculty of water.

The marketing strategies can be improved as all BlackBerry devices can be used for all the people and subtypes they are trying to focus upon. It gave me a laugh. One upon a time BlackBerry devices were only really seen on executives and people in the medical field. But as all of us moved into a totalarian type existence where organizational tools like the BlackBerry are seen on grandma's to execs of fortune 500 companies. What I would do is unify the brand sub marketing to ALL segments of mobile users wanting a better typing experience with accuracy, awesome email management, and long life battery's. I feel all segments of the wireless market would want these!?

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A good opportunity to repeat that in my opinion BlackBerry is planning/programming too many devices. Raises huge cost effectiveness and sustainability questions. Less and better targeted devices might help BlackBerry turn around towards increased competitiveness. Also, please do that implementing a planned obsolescence and environment friendly program for the group.

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No BB10 Torch™ - no more BlackBerry for me. Been patient long enough with all these half baked phones.

Give me slider or give me death.

Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

The Passport is more "prestige" than that creaking old Q10 with a Porsche face lift can ever be. If only there were a full touch equivalent instead of that pointless Porsche phone.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

The guy in the Classic picture is exactly who I see walking around my city with Bold 9900's. There's a lot. The Classic is perfect for these people (David Cameron too... LOL). These are the people who don't necessarily care about having the latest device and also people who most likely fulfill their entire 3 year contracts before upgrading, or even go beyond as month to month because they dislike change and are totally used to BlackBerry 7. Now that BlackBerry 10 finally has the Classic coming out, these guys will be in BlackBerry heaven!! Also, in Canada there are still lots of government employees who either didn't want to, or haven't had the chance to upgrade their devices to BlackBerry 10, due to their IT departments thriftiness on hardware cycles. The Classic seems to be exactly designed for these folks.

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Too many PKB devices, not enough full touch.

Nobody needs the mutton dressed as lamb Porsche Design phones. So swap that 18 month old tarted up Q10 for a high spec full touch phone at a non-Porsche Design price and the line up would be right.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

I was originally against any return of a 'toolbelt / trackpad', but sort of knowing how people are and having had so many of these people look at my Q10 and ask "where is the trackpad?" it only makes sense that the BlackBerry Classic is now a device. I'm happy that it's coming out because I know the type of people who are waiting for it will be very happy with it. It will also make it considerably easier to convince some people to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 from their Bolds.

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It's called the Z20 and no it isn't gonna be small, it's gonna be 5". The future is bigger, the market has spoken.

Posted from my BlackBerry Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2.3

Love the look of the Z3. In regard to the North American market, would be nice to see it with specs that exceed the Z10 and priced below the Z30. If that was the case, it would be a good replacement for the Z10, IMHO.

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What is the point of launching these Porsche designed phones so late? Launch them in tandem with the "stock" device" or don't bother at all.

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OMG really? Please give us a premium full touch screen phone! We need a new generation Z10 and Z30!

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Still waiting on high end touch screen device to replace z10 and z30. Doesn't look like it's in the pipeline. So disappointed. Not sure what to do now. Time to consider a device that integrates with a computer perhaps? Frustrating waiting on something blackberry doesn't seem interested in supplying.

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They seem to have covered every angle with the mentioned devices. I actually can't decide between the Classic and the Passport. I commute by bike and I like the smaller size of the Classic, but the Passport is great for consuming and producing information

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You know, all this is great news for BlackBerry and their QWERTY users. The recently posted roadmap I can only hope, is an outdated one and one that has yet to show what is next for BlackBerry's full touch users who are looking to replace their Z10 and Z30's. Although I admit that I'll try a Passport Demo model, but I for one am holding out for the Z50 or similar high end full touch devise. I love my Z10 but am willing to wait. Both QWERTY and Full Touch users have one thing in common, we love BlackBerry's. So, BlackBerry, sure hope you're listening....

Can someone please talk to Blaze and get him to make a Torch™ slider? I know if be wanted one Chen would listen.


Z30STA100-5/ /T-Mobile USA

I would like to rock a passport just to see my friend's face when they'll look at it, but unfortunately I'm not so sold to Passport because the 1:1 display ratio doesnt convince me. I am not going to leave my Z30 and spend 699 euro just to have the latest model or for a square (but not bigger) display.

In the meanwhile, thank to Z30, I am no more a fan of physical keyboard, so I guess I'll wait for Z50...

699 Euro for the Passport? With last years specs? NO WAY! Would not even spend 399 for it.

Z10 LE (red) #00167 OS10.2.2.1531

If I was your friend, the only look on my face would be whatever it looks like when someone thinks "why would that douche buy that phone"

"All good things come later." I am also curious to the BlackBerry Passport. And although BlackBerry aimed their arrows to the business it seems to me that the Passport is also suitable for persons with a 'hearing impairment' in the world.

When the Passport will be a big succes Blackbery probably will execute a new flagship all touch with a 1:1 screen. In case of a big succes application builders are likely to build applications that will maximise the adavantage of the 1:1 screen.

Would be much more interested in the 2015 map, and what kind of "innovative" phone they have in mind for next year.

With a Heavy heart and almost 10 years and 6 BlackBerry devices: Curve 8300-Bold 9000 x2- Bold 9700-Torch 9800-Z10

It looks like I will be leaving the BlackBerry fold and jumping to an inferior / superior device most likely Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it comes out later next month.

I was hoping for a Z50 or something along the lines of a BlackBerry Phablet but looks like nothing in the near or distant future are in the plans.

I will very much miss the Hub and amazing predictive keyboard.

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Interesting where the arrows start but then end. For 2015, it seems to be only the Porsche, the Passport and the 9720.

Posted via Z10, UK based (Good luck Bla1ze as EiC!)

All the devices in the world don't mean sh#!, if you don't market them properly. How do you have one of the best, durable, fastest, stylish, well - designed phone ever- the Z10, running one of the best OS on the market, but tremendously fail to market it! slider slated in the near future , bigger bummer!

Opined with my Z10!

They should throw the z30 in the line up and market it this time around. Sell,sell, sell. People don't even know that the z30 exists. No one would even know it's a older phone.

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Where is the Z10 +1, or the Z30 hdx? Every other maker updates their older models with better specs, to keep sales fresh and excitement going. BB seems to be coming out only with new devices (which is great), but what about refreshing the phones that are good, but aging?

Bla1ze, I find it most interesting that there's no actual mention of the Classic in the roadmap, only a mention connected with 10.3.1 and vague at that! I also note that the Classic is also mentioned as a upgrade for QWERTY users yet also as a enterprise fleet option, meaning what? Midrange or flagship? You'd think a business's phone would be a flagship...

Imagine the Passport size but a complete touch screen? That's what I want to see blackberry, that's what I want to see and buy.

what a joke, that is like a status symbol chart not a roadmap, such bad looking phones too, just making it obvious that it is bye bye blackberry.

As a long-time BB supporter, I find these marketing sub classifications a bit narrow minded. In the sense that I think all markets can basically suit all of the devices projected to launch in later 2014/2015. It just depends on the availability of the apps that they want to pair for their unique uses on an particular device and suited for whatever market they are trying to target. Blackberry needs to really expand their marketing strategies and to make Blackberry's more visible. I think Blackberry's visibility is seriously lacking as most people don't even know that their is a Z30. More advertising please. More features and benefits please. Lastly, don't mess it up.

Dear Bla1ze (and participating Crackberrians),
Before jumping into conclusions: is there any confirmation, hint or whatever from BB or from insiders on the authencity of this roadmap? And if it is a BB document, might it not be an obsolete version, indeed since it starts at Q 1 2014 and that is way behind us? I mean, BB in the meantime/in real time should now navigate from a roadmap which goes way into 2015?
Really, I'm just very curious about this. Or am I lagging behind here and is my question no longer relevant?
Thnx fr your input/Bart 65