Hardcore BlackBerry By Choice T-Shirts Now Available! [ PG Thumbs Up Versions Coming Soon ]

BlackBerry By Choice! We're #1! If you don't like... well... read the hand :)
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Aug 2012 01:33 am EDT

* Update / Contest Soon : Interesting... as I say below, such a mix in reactions on this one. Not unexpected. I just hit up the RevBerry guys who says the shirts have been flying off the shelf like hotcakes. Maybe actions do speak louder than words. But reading through the comments, too many of you for my liking are not impressed with this one in the comments, so tell ya what... we'll uncheck this one from the homepage for now. The hardcore will still know how to find it. We have some "thumbs up" versions on the way -- those should go over better with a bunch of you. And tell ya what, to win back some love... one the thumbs up version is ready we'll run an updated post on the blogs (using that image of course) and give people a chance to win their version of choice! Stay tuned for that. And remember people... it's CrackBerry... sometimes we just have to push the limits. That's what we do. If you never do that, you never know the boundaries. :) *

I know, I know... it's vulgar, immature, inappropriate, unprofessional, unclassy... and TOTALLY AWESOME!! When we ran our initial design idea for the BlackBerry by Choice t-shirt here on CrackBerry, it received a massive and mixed review. Half of you hated it and half of you loved it. To me that's the perfect ratio for what is meant to be a controversial shirt. And those who loved it have been the most vocal about it... we've been receiving emails and tweets literally daily asking us when we'd be putting this shirt up for sale.

This one's not hitting the ShopCrackBerry store as of yet, but our friends at RevBerry, who love to preach young and fun, picked up on this one and have now put up a range of BlackBerry by Choice t-shirts, hoodies and tanks up for sale in their store. I've tested the merchandise, it's solid, and I've given them the CrackBerry Kevin blessing and stamp of approval. Free shipping is available in the US and International shipping is avallable too. 

So if you're a hardcore BlackBerry fan and want to show your Android and iOS using friends that BlackBerry is still your #1 choice in the most offensive way possible, then hit up RevBerry at the links below and wear your hardcore love of BlackBerry with pride. And for those looking for a cleaner BBbyChoice look, more are coming your way so stay tuned. 

Browse and Shop for BlackBerry By Choice Gear at RevBerry.com




Lol awesome pic, Kevin! I think I like the hoodies the best, but the t-shirts look nice too


They've said they'll add Golf Shirts, sorry not a T kinda #BlackBerrybychoice guy :-)


Wow, ban this guy please. Thought this was a family friendly site!


Fire him along with the 3000 unfortunate RIM employees who are leaving in less than 2 weeks. Only difference is this vulgar jerk deserves it. A much better design would have been to give a thumbs up with that slogan, not a middle finger!!
Playbook, the one and only


I don't think it's possible to fire the boss, lol.


You do realize that the person in the picture is CrackBerry Kevin himself, right? He owns the site.

As for the finger, I think the shirt could do without, but some people like making Bold statements.


Im done here. Its not that I find this particularly offense. But it appears that this site has morphed into a personal fan site for the editor in chief.

Jake Storm

Hahahaha "it appears that this site has morphed into a fan site."

Ohs nos!

CrackBerry is a fan site? I'm done here. LOL

Take a pill bro. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.


Oh be quiet and close your sphincter.


What after all of that in-depth review and endorsement there is no Crackberry Kevin contest? Maybe someone needs to cutback on the caffeine. It is obviously affecting Kevin's cognitive thinking.


Kevin, I believe you are having a NB.


Indeed TOTALLY AWESOME! Love it. Sign me up! I'll Always be Blackberry By Choice _itches!


The hand with the finger ruined it for me. Next will be a urinator.
Maybe you should switch to an IPhone.


Completely classless.


pretty nice ! could you make one :

I'll BBack !!



Getting the workout sweatshirt!


I'm going to order a hoody...love it!

Edit: $45 is a little steep for a hoody that I can't try on first to make sure it fits.


Make some without the finger. Tools not toys, for the people who would like to make the statement without looking like a loser.


I can't imagine why so many people seem to want RIM to fail. Just the act of wearing the shirt will make new RIM haters. It is designed to not only show support for RIM, but, quite literally, give non-RIM users the middle finger. Brilliant! Way to court potential customers.


RIM is a minority compared to android and ios. Many hater majoritys love it when minoritys fail.
Playbook, the one and only



Zach Gilbert

They'll also be adding V neck shirts next week, score!


What do you guys think about wearing at work..I am serious..we have bunch of iFreaks out there..


the finger is NOT necessary... make it without the finger and I will get one
(right on musical1806)


Promoting trash to make a buck huh? A much better design with this slogan would be to give a thumbs up, NOT a vulgar middle finger. Fire this vulgar jerk Crackberry!
Playbook, the one and only


Great Kevin! You know, people who talk about "class" and what is or what is not "ignorant" are people I tend to despise, because they are the first to judge and dictate exactly what is right or wrong to others or with others on a global scale. They believe they know everything that is wrong with society, them with their so enlightned mind. Likely so sense of humor to boot. I'm cool with this gear design because I'm the type that can disregard things I don't like as stuff for me to ignore in my own life and can likewise accept and go for whatever I decide I DO like without welcoming the direct or indirect unsolicited opinion of just another "people." I'll likely pick one of these up just because I'm also the type that would dare someone to look me in my eye and tell me what is wrong with me or what I'm wearing. F*ck em if they can't take a joke, or joke 'em if they can't take a f*ck says I! (That big smile you're wearing in the picture makes it all the more awesome lol.)


+1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And they are usually very unhappy people to that don't know they are unhappy.


Yeah great. I should wear that when out with the 10yr old, Or better yet get him one when i get him his own BB next year.

Whether you like it or not it is still crass and vulgar and i want to live in a world where it is classed as being crass and vulgar. That being said i want to live in a world where you can choose what you wear..... Even if it is crass and vulgar.

Why does having different standards from you make me an unhappy person?


Got an idea for you: give your ten y/o a toy gun so he/she can pretend to shoot people. Maybe when he/she is old enough get him some first person shooter games. It's all a part of growing up, right? Nothing wrong with that. Holier than though. Get your head out of your rear end.


Who mentioned guns? Though i have taught him that guns dont kill people, people doand that guns can be used for more than killing people.

As for the rest, unfortunately he will learn such things from other peoples children, like your own. That doesnt mean i have to actively teach my child to the wrongs of the world and if you believe teaching my child right from wrong is a holier that thou attitude then i am proud to be holier than though. He will, unfortunately, learn the crass and vulgar nature of the world from people like yourself.

Enjoy your neighborhood.


I'm not gonna bother pretending like I read all that because judging from the first couple of lines, it's probably stupid, but yes, a t-shirt with a middle finger inprined on it is just classless and pathetic. Looks like something that came out of the Jersey Shore costume department.


Love it. Like my nickname.


SOFTER than The fur of a Himalayan Alpaca!


I'm ordering one Friday! Unless it comes to shopcrackberry by then.



No one shall be as handsome as me!

Lol, I love the middle finger inclusion.

F*ck the haters. Let's rock this!


Also not a fan of the finger, but firing Kevin? What the heck people.


I'm a little conservative.........I'll take a black t-shirt. :)


see, this is a part of RIMs problem.

A community leading blog author abuses his influence to spread a message with the humor of a 13 years old. can you guess how this looks like for fan of other plattforms? do you really think you'll get someone to use a BlackBerry if you behave like a pubescent boy?

This is neither cool or humoreous nor suitable to a $2bn company. If you really want help RIM stay focused, give yourself a shave, cut your hair (jesus, this haircut is from the 80s) and behave like the evangelist you want to be.

this shirt reminds me of this:
it's the same humor but it's not appropriate.
Designer needed? View my portfolio at http://www.lrrm.de


Totally agree ! But, this must be a joke or ....??

Halifax Guy

I agree with you, too. Now we have had our image lowered to the levels of others. Pity. :^(


And users from this site wanted this child to be the next CEO of RIM lol !

Had Thorsten Heins seen these images, I very much doubt he would of given him the time of day to ring him up for a short interview.


Be quiet tightwad. Know humour when you see it. Oops. I'm sorry for my vulgarity. Grey Poupon? Caviar?


Since when "bold" and "vulgar" are synonyms?

Please make one without the finger, or with a thumb up.


TO bad they dont have the intellect to come up with a t shirt thats not vulgar. Heres an idea little vulgar man. Have the same slogan, but instead of giving the middle finger, give a thumbs up. Or do you prefer to promote t shirts that make you look like a loser by supporting Blackberry?
Playbook, the one and only


Good humor comes intelligent, sophisticated and (as I love it) cynic...but never savage and primitive... The finger is surely the most used gesture for communications by americans, but the rest of the world doesnt need this "sign" in this inflationary way...
(Refined by choice!)


Kevin, you did your best. Get out now while you can still sell the blog and line up another job. These kind of things just reek desperation and bitterness and its sad to see this coming from you.


I agree with the desperation. However, he will just shut crackberrt down and migrate to android central or imore.

Stick Legs

The finger ruins it IMO and is unecessary. The BLackberry logo would have been better.

Just a guy.


I agree with some that say we should have a choice of one with a thumbs up also. I have seen plenty of stickers and what not with the Android alien taking a piss on the Apple logo so we didn't hit some new low point here. This is simply a Bold shirt that says we love our BlackBerry's. I would prefer a thumbs up because I have kids around the house.


might be that android nerds aren't much better but do really want to meassure yourself with the lower end of the scale? and the android alien is cute. that makes a difference.

Designer needed? View my portfolio at http://www.lrrm.de


A bold shirt that simply indicated your love for BBs would have been appropriate. This shirt also adds the message that you view everyone else with contempt. There's your problem right there. Crackberry is practically the official PR arm of RIM. What the founder of this site promotes has an effect on RIM's image. It puts RIM in the position of having to support it or distance itself. Can you imagine the fallout of Macworld produced this type of shirt and promoted it on their site and at their events. Bad idea.


Hahahaha kevin have u gone mad??? Uve made a fool for urself, just go get urself an iphone5 in october! Chill man hahahah


If I ran a site like Crackberry and made my living off of it then yeah I'd maybe wear it.


RIM just can't seem to avoid staff shakeups. Hampus Jakobsson, The Astonishing Tribe founder and a key factor in BlackBerry 10's interface design, has signaled that he's leaving the smartphone maker. He cites an itch to launch another startup as the impetus behind the move, although he hasn't said what he'll be doing. We can certainly tell that Jakobsson is aware of the climate in which he's leaving -- the veteran has been quick to note that others at RIM are taking his role and that he doesn't expect an upheaval as he heads through the door. There's at least a grain of truth to the reassurances, we'd say. With BlackBerry 10 devices appearing in January on RIM's current schedule, most of the hard work on the software will likely have already been done. Nonetheless, we're sure some fans will be disappointed that a guiding light won't be around to influence any followups.



Another one leaving the sinking........ ! ?


Oh wow Kevin you're such a bad ass I got scared. Pff, pathetic, really. Your hair styling options, on the other hand, are actually frightening.


Loving the haters on this. OMG. The world is coming to an end. Be mature. Pull your socks up. Get a hair cut. My kid will be traumatized if he sees this. So unprofessional. CBK should be fired. Back to the drawing board. Oh, the horror. The humanity of it all! When will it end? Should I stock up on canned goods? There can be nothing worse. Women and children first. Hide in the bunker. Don't come out until the radiation is gone. For Christ sake it's the middle finger! It's the harbinger of death and everything wrong with today's society! Lassie! What is it, boy?! Little Timmy is stuck down a well?


LMAO @BruvvaPete. Yeah-seems Kevin must have pee-ed in someone's Cheerios the way everyone is going nuts over this shirt. It's just a shirt- don't like it?? Then don't buy it! GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!


Who are you trying to appeal to here? Psuedo "rebels"?


Ordered my shirts, sucks that Canada is International shipping, but what ever right,!


Ordered mine 5 minutes after reading the post this morning. Love it! I think it's hilarious and a playful jab at all the people I meet who tell me that BlackBerry is dead while showing off their iPhone (Wow, never seen one of those before....). There is something about BlackBerry (not quite sure what) that I've always loved. I've never even considered another platform and can't wait to get my hands on a brand new BB10!

"If I'm going to drink the Koolaid, I prefer BlackBerry flavor."


To all those extremists defending kevin and those vulgar losers's t-shirts you dont have to be offensive to show loyalty. I am sure we all have family members who have chosen other devices and other different platforms to use. these t-shirts should be an option to those who may want to get them but for them to be showcased like that from the leader of crackberry is i wouldn't say a Bold move but rather an immature one.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.


To all those extremists defending kevin and those vulgar losers's t-shirts you dont have to be offensive to show loyalty. I am sure we all have family members who have chosen other devices and other different platforms to use. these t-shirts should be an option to those who may want to get them but for them to be showcased like that from the leader of crackberry is i wouldn't say a Bold move but rather an immature one.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.


You're also a prude, candy ass, pansy who care too much what others think.


To all those extremists defending kevin and those vulgar losers's t-shirts you dont have to be offensive to show loyalty. I am sure we all have family members who have chosen other devices and other different platforms to use. these t-shirts should be an option to those who may want to get them but for them to be showcased like that from the leader of crackberry is i wouldn't say a Bold move but rather an immature one.

RIM is the best and I am a crackberry addict.


Would you mind not triple posting? As for being vulgar, get over yourself.


My god these shirts are lame. I really like RIM products but to make a shirt with that statement and the middle finger is about as childish and pathetic as it gets.


Having the middle finger on the shirt is just like (in this day and age this may be hard to understand) some of the stuff we put in writing, but really shouldn't have, IMO. It is also interesting how many folks must not have read the article; it clearly says that shirts with a thumbs-up will be out soon. Then again, the thumbs-up is corny to me. So I will choose neither option. The idea (already noted in this thread) of the BB emblem is a good one, and an option I would choose. If I wish to offend I would rather it come out of my mouth!


Wow! I thought I came here gain info about smartphones,...in particular about 'Blackberry' devices. As for the 'T-Shirt',...it's nice, but isn't to die for, and the 'middle finger' gesture immediately put me in a frame of mind to not even think about supporting such. Not Cool!

Kevin, I thought you were way above such jack-ass gestues. I guess not...



Seems like the fabric of society is unravelling right before your very eyes. You night as well give up right now. Just quit.


TBH all i asked for is a less crass T and have ended being told that I am holier than thou and to get my head out of my rear end...... Nice people on here team CB, personal insults and attacks on individual opinion is ok in blog comments as theyre are not moderated.

Still like they say talk with your feet.


I wouldn't personally wear it (I probably would the thumbs-up version) but it still makes me happy to see it.

RIMpire Strikes Back is still the best, though - wish that was commercially available.


...thank you berry mucho.


I don't know.... I still like my idea of on the front " iDon't " and then on the back " Blackberry by Choice " with no middle finger.


People saying things like "classless"? LMAO, like they're the pinnacle of "classy" looking down upon us all? Gimme a break and gimme a middle finger shirt, I'd wear that proudly!!

Good show Kev! Love it. I want all the shirts and hoodie. I'd wear em' all the time.


in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


In fact, I'd also wear another shirt - from time to time - that simply reads "pubes". Okay, I'm outta here like vladomir.

in the time of your life, live so that in that good time, there should be no ugliness or death for yourself or for any life that your life touches, seek goodness everywhere


There are far worse things your children/family/friends/acquintances/enemies/lovers/haters and spiritual gods have seen and heard in this society.

The people who are slamming a T-Shirt that features all but one amputated finger are clearly in the wrong for being so judgemental to those that are different than them.

But seriously, it is just a T-Shirt, your 10 year old son probably curses like a sailor when you're not around. The news features far worse imagery and every prime time show has more vulgar content, hell even kids movies throw in some for the parents watching.

It is time you folks took off your monacles and top hats, leave the cigar room and realize that the society we live in is far more desensitized to "vulgarities" than what it was when you were kids.

That shirt is purely novel, and will appeal to those who see the novelty in it. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Plain and simple.

Cheers :)


Fuck the haters, fuck the naysayers and FUCK those who cannot take humor!!

That is a wonderful design, one day I'll be wearing one!! Also, there needs to be a #linux by choice one too!


wow i think any one of those would look good on me !


Why are all these people saying they wish there was a shirt that isn't vulgar, when there is...


The more the time passes, the least I like Kevin.


I feel the exactly the same, only opposite.


This would just be great to were in Australia goes with the culture


i sure wouldn't mind wearing one that's for sure....a large one would do fine


Sure I type with my thumbs, but there's only one finger that stands out above all others. Large blue one-fingered T, please!! :D


Love the FU shirt but don't think I can pull it off at 46 with two young children lol!


So many candy ass pansies in this thread...


anyone know where these ship from?
oredered mine friday
shipped monday
cant wait to wear the hardcore version
at the right time at the right place
Cellcom Employee


They come from Florida
Got mine yesterday
Love it
Cellcom Employee


i would have worn and bought one if it for the finger. C'mon guys. We are adults who use this phone.