The BlackBerry 9000 Has a Name - the BlackBerry BOLD?!

BlackBerry Bold 9000
By Kevin Michaluk on 9 May 2008 10:47 pm EDT

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Update: We were right about the BlackBerry Bold name! Read the web's FIRST FULL REVIEW of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 here! 

Hey BlackBerry Addicts, you heard it here First! As predicted, the BlackBerry 9000 will launch with a name to go along with the numbers, and that name is the BlackBerry BOLD. We've been speculating whether the 9000 would receive a branded name of the Curve and Pearl flavor, and it now appears with *reasonable* certainty that this is in fact the case.

A seemingly innocent blog post comment put us on the initial trail. From there, a search for BlackBerryBold domains revealed that all of them are already registered. Two more tipsters later, my confidence in the BlackBerry Bold name was starting to increase. Watchful eyes may have even noticed the words BlackBerry Bold jump out at you in Part IV of the BlackBerry Bold 9000 Review. Finally, after yet another confirmation from a reliable source, I am now convinced the smartphone RIM will be announcing next week at WES will be called the BlackBerry BOLD 9000.

Assuming I'm right about the 9000 being branded the BlackBerry BOLD, what I want to know is what do you think of the name?! Like it? Love it? Hate it?  Rather it just be called the 9000? Don't Care as long as the Device Rocks?! Let us know in the comments!!!

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The BlackBerry 9000 Has a Name - the BlackBerry BOLD?!


The name is fine!

What I want to know is why you are so convinced that it will be introduced next Monday... Its not a certainty, even though it may be possible.

Also, if it is Monday, what are the estimates when they are available for purchase?

Couple things here:

a) BoyGenius dropped the Monday date with certainty.

b) RIM's annual event WES starts next week in Orlando. That brings all the RIM & Partner peeps out, and these are the people currently stress testing out the latest devices. With everyone coming together in one place with lots of other people around, none of these people who are under NDA with the new device want to switch back to an older one. It basically forces RIM to announce the phone. Exact same thing happened last year with the Curve.

c) The solution showcase opens Monday night at WES (6pm), which means we get to go in and see all the exhibitors. The odds are RIM will have a booth there showing off their wares, and if the BlackBerry Bold is too be among them, they'll maybe want to announce it as the doors open. I think it's *possible* that it could also get announced Tuesday morning during the first General Session.

I guess we'll know soon enough! :-)

The BlackBerry Bold domain, is registered with DOTSTER, however all RIM domains are registered with CSC Corporate Domains(sm), even,,, you get the picture look them up for yourself, the base registrar, is out of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia (Head office New York refer to google, look up all previous RIM domains, they even show the RIM home address in waterloo...But then again maybe I'm full of hot air and know nothing lmao!! not the first time I been accused of it :P

Research In Motion Limited
Domain Administrator
295 Philip Street
Waterloo, ON N2L3L3
+1.5198887465 Fax: +1.5198887465

Domain Name: BLACKBERRY9130.COM
Registrar of Record: Corporate Domains, Inc.

Administrative Contact:
Research In Motion Limited
Domain Administrator
295 Philip Street
Waterloo, ON N2L3L3
+1.5198887465 Fax: +1.5198887465
Technical Contact:
CSC Corporate Domains
Technical Administrator
PO Box 597
Yarmouth, NS B5A 4B4
+1.9027492792 Fax: +1.4137238334

Domain servers in listed order:


Created on..............: 10-Oct-07
Expires on..............: 10-Oct-09
Record last updated on..: 10-Oct-07


I gotta say, I doubt RIM is gonna name this device the "Bold." As Craig stated in this week's CrackBerry podcast, that name sounds silly, and I agree.

But who knows? I'd be a bit disappointed if that is the name, though. The BlackBerry Bold just sounds lame to me...


The name is okay, but they could have done better.

Definitely will not deter me from purchasing/abusing it!

Not crazy about it although I suppose it could be worse. I think just calling it the BB 9000 is better. Adding the "BOLD" sounds like their trying to hard yet coming up short. Who knows? Maybe it'll grow on me.

Who cares about a name. If the device rocks then form follows function and the name can be anything. Hopefully they will announce it and get the ball rolling before jesus phone 2 the second coming of an even more locked down phone.

Kevin, I suggests the final name of the BlackBerry 9000 will turn out to be the BlackBerry URBAN. Then, You should've say " CALL ME URBAN.." * BLACKBERRY URBAN * instead of BLACKBERRY BOLD.

As long as the phone rocks, who cares what it's named...I just can't wait to get my hands on this phone....

I'd rather it be called the 9000 and by what Bla1ze said I think that may be the case.

Why so soooon?! I need one but I need the £££ for one! I don't wanna be the last person to get one. And can they PLEASE hurry up with 4.5 before they release a 4.6 device?! How long have we been waiting?

I don't know, I think RIM is going down the wrong road with this "Bold" name. You don't want to seem too arrogant. I think when you make your name and marketing points relative to others you become dependent on other devices not performing well for your own success, thus automatically alienating half the market share by making them feel stupid and defensive about their current choice.

Example: No one ever said "gee I need a phone that can play my iTunes like my iPod can, my current Motorola StarTac just can't do it!".

Apple just made the iPhone and said "here you go, no one asked for it but we like it." They never said in any of their marketing "this phone is better (or bolder)". Just "look at how good this is for doing everything (as long as you don't want 3G)."

A BlackBerry Bold just says "this is a bolder option than others". Instantly a group of people will say "no it isn't!" Why give them the chance to argue. Just give it a name like iBerry, or RIM Berry, or the Canuck and then sell it on IT'S own performance and not relative to others.

And it also helps to find an Indy Rock hit to play during the commercial.

I just bought an 8310 a few months ago and after seeing the video for the Bold makes me want to upgrade. The Bold is a thing of beauty.

I think the name is lame. But then again who calls the 8800 the Indigo these days it is just the 8800. If the name is good (pearl, curve) it will stick if it is lame (indigo, bold) it will be called by the numbers.

Now - when will it be in the stores?

Will 4.5 get released to the masses with it?

I don't really care about the name, but I guess they probably could've done better. As long as the device works well and lives up to the hype, that's all that matters! OH, and I'm hoping it's affordable. My next upgrade isn't until June 09 and with this sweet device coming in August (?), I don't know if I can wait that long to purchase one!

Makes sense.
The names sounds about as bad as the device looks.
Strong Work RIM on putting a nice feature set into a ridiculous looking package.

They have cool codenames, why not keep using them? I think Meteor is such a cool name for it. Bold is just...retarded.

I think the name sucks! For such a huge launch I think they should have spent a bit more in marketing for a better name. ;)

Any ideas which carrier this bad, BOLD, boy is gonna be on and any guesses on release dates? Please let me know.

I don't like the name at all.

"What phone is that??"
"Oh, this is my new Blackberry BOLD."
It just doesn't sound right.

Who's gonna say "Look at my Bold" or "I love my Bold"? It just sounds silly.

I'm going to keep calling it the 9000.

I think the name is rather meh, it doesn't really strike me as that great, not horrible but not the best. I liked the idea of the Blackberry Blade personally. But then again I didn't like the name "MacBook Pro" and that worked out pretty good, so what do I know?


hi- anyone know if the 9000 will be the same size as the Curve? i dont like the feel of the 8800 but love my Curve.

Bold isn't the code name used by RIM in all presentations and talks but maybe they've changed the official launch name to it ;)

RIM used two code names for the 9000 one was the "meteor" and the other had four letters like "bold" but it wasn't "bold" ;) - as far as i know tomorrow (12.05) the official name and specs will be reveled (for the “javelin” too I think)

I love the specs but my question would be carrier announcement. How long before this would take to get to verizon, alltel, sprint ?

I have the same question as lots of comments here. When will ATT have the bold 9000. So glad I havnt purchased a iphone. The wait was worth it

Beats me why anyone would prefer one of these to an iPhone.

RIM doesn't have a real operating system so they aren't going to be able to provide a web browsing experience comparable to the iPhone.

They're wasting a ton of space with that little keyboard. They don't have a touch screen because they're not technically able to duplicate what Apple has.

Typing on a tiny keyboard is problematical whether a touch screen or one of these Blackberrys. I tried typing on a Blackberry at the local AT&T store and found it no faster and just as many (or more) mistakes as with my iPhone.

Blackberry users have a great opportunity to upgrade (hint: It's not buying a Bold).

1) I like typing on a real keyboard not a piece of glass, thank you very much. The iPhone is useless for typing anything that's longer than a few words - it frustrates the hell out of anyone, including those w/iPhones. I find it faster than typing on an iPhone I tried out at an AT&T wireless store.

2) Blackberry provides a multithreaded OS for the blackberry. It's just proprietary. But proprietary doesn't make it unreal. It's there, I assure you.

3) Blackberry actually supports the ubiquitous J2ME in its full shape/form. If you value your time/money, you will develop in Java rather than Objective C - again, this is just my opinion as a developer, but I'll take Java over Objective C development for mobile ,any time...

The iPhone may be sleek and innovative as far as the UI goes, but in reality it provides no more functionality than a BlackBerry Curve does... (whcih is what I bought about a week ago, in spite of the iPhone being available).

I've just talked to the reps at AT&T and th words that came out of their mouths is that the Bold will not be released until mid or late August. If they are wrong let me know because i am waiting to get this one even if I have to pay full price.

*Phew!* Finally! Research In Motion (RIM) finally got it right. GPS, Wi-Fi, Camera with Video. Add some voice recorder software and you've got the ultimate Push Email/Multimedia PDA phone in the business. Almost! ;-) *snicker* Too bad it's not a touch-screen though. RIM still needs to work on this type of interface.

Touch screens take the guesswork out of everything, make editing a breeze, and can be made outdoors-tough, as well. I present the Magellan Triton 2000 GPS Receiver as an example:

Combine this type of touch-interface on a BlackBerry-thin body, you'd have one heck of a system. Touch screens just make things easier.

That aside, as soon as I get my old Cingular bill paid, I'm scooping up one of these as soon as they become available!

Warm Regards,

I think the name is great! "Bold" is a perfect way to describe ANY blackberry like the 8800. But the 9000 fits in perfectly. Good choice. Good phone. Can't wait to get it!

aside from all this stupid name dislike, which does not take away from how the phone will perform work or its features .. my three questions are:

1> is this phone going to be worth it and be completely awesome and better then previous blackberrys ??

2> should i get this over the iphone ??

3> what service is the javelin going to come out on and approx when ??

Kevin, I first would like to say thank you I knew I wasn't alone you dedicated a whole site to blackberry!! Anyway, I am such an addict for the blackberry it lasted me a year strong before it gave up on me the ball popped out from me dropping it so much now I'm stuck with this darn Motorkr E8 anyway, I'm so loving the new Blackberry Storm but I'm more of a keys type of girl, call me old school if you want but I'm not all that facinated with the touch screen that's why I didn't jump on the band waggon with the IPHONE even though this stupid phone I have is somthing along the lines. Well, I'm writing because I have a ? do you think Tmobile will have a phone on the way because I've noticed the carriers mentioned are Verizon or AT&T and I'm more interested in the Blackberry Bold 9000. I mean the whole Tmobile G1 is fine but it's not my style.
Thanks much bbf(blackberry forever)

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