Monday rumor: BlackBerry Z50 and Q30 scheduled to release in 2014

By Adam Zeis on 18 Nov 2013 08:06 am EST

It's only Monday but some big rumors are already floating around about what's next in BlackBerry device-land. According to a report from Phone Arena, BlackBerry may already be hard at work on the next big devices with new CEO John Chen at the helm.

While the BlackBerry Z30 is still rolling out in various parts of the world, the next flagship device is rumored to be the even larger BlackBerry Z50. The next flagship device, the Z50 is rumored to be sporting a 5.2" screen at 1080 x 1920 and a quad-core processor.

Also said to be on the roadmap is the second BB10 QWERTY device, the BlackBerry Q30. Unlike the Z50, we've heard bits and pieces about the Q30 in the past though nothing very concrete. The Q30 looks to carry a 2.3GHz processor with a 4" touchscreen and 3GB of RAM. 

Both devices are rumored to be available later in 2014. 

So again, we have nothing solid to go on just yet for either of these devices, but we'll see what pans out now that things are a changin' inside BlackBerry. Oh, there's also that C-Series too.

Check out more the on the rumored Q30 in the CrackBerry forums

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Monday rumor: BlackBerry Z50 and Q30 scheduled to release in 2014



Yeah, sounds nice!

I like the sound of the even bigger screen too. At first I thought the Z10 was the perfect size, but more and more I'm starting to use my phone more than my tablet.

Looks like the Z50 is the phone for me when my contract ends in Feb '15.

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Z10 is a great size. As long as the screen maximized the footprint. Don't think I'll get another Blackberry untill they release a top spec version of the z10. Hopefully by that time the overall package is better too

Totally agree man! Z10 form factor and chassis is large enough to hold a 4.7" screen. I can give examples of other phones which have achieved this. Apple has shown just how much processing power can be had under the hood of an even smaller device as well. BlackBerry better release a super updated Z10s for the masses come Jan. 31st 2014. I have a feeling that a product like that would have great potential especially if they include marketable features and specs. and push the hell out of their products!

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I know so many people over 40 that cannot see their iphone very well when using it while browsing, or the keyboard is up. Just too small, so they up the text size and then they can read, but you don't have much of a view so to speak. My z10 is way better, and picking up my z30 today!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

That would be my wife and I...the over 40 crowd and the larger device is welcome by me.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

Maybe we should start a petition or poll to see how much interest there really is for an updated Z10 with same overall form factor, 4.7" screen first and foremost, better battery density, Z30 or better performing SOC and features like usb OTG and miracast, top class camera specs., future thinking 3GB RAM and a 24 or 32GB as an option limited production model (since they seem to be so scared of producing too many SKUs). Must have something to talk about. For example look at the Z30's battery life and sound system. People can't argue with that. That's what we need more of in every model they release. I for one will jump on that in a heartbeat if it was released early 2014.

Posted via CB10

Sign me up. Let's just hope they're not spending much money on developing and manufacturing on these niche market big phones. Not only are they a small market in general,they are a small market within a small Blackberry market. Nobody is switching to a Blackberry because they now can get a 5.2inch screen. How many HTC one maxes are selling right now?

Unfortunately I don't think we'll see such a thing till 2015. Blackberries hardware division just can't get ahead of or in line with the industry

I like this idea. I'm also liking the idea of a Z50 spec'd Z10. I love the look of the Black Z :)

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I would like to see this as well. I do not like the fact that in order to get the top specs and features, you have to get a bigger physical phone.

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Yes. The Z10 footprint is brilliant. They just need to maximize the screen size, etc.

I can't wait to see what is around the corner for bb10. So far, BlackBerry is making grounds faster than anyone else.

Consistency is the current mantra that BlackBerry needs to push.

I'm also waiting for an updated Z10, since I still think it's a great size. I hope these new phones don't start a trend of phones increasing in size for every update. The Z30 is already too big for what I want.

My Z10 is just right when wrapped in an Otter Box, as the enclosure adds a lot.

The Z30 is perfect if you don't need to enclose it, but just use it with a leather case. At least that Is what I plan to do.

Z10 for the daily workhorse, and the Z30 for weekend playing.

Agree. The form factor is perfect for many people. Keep updating the specs. The current phone is still great.

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My PlayBook has been rarely used since I got my Z10. Z50 sounds even better!

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I've had the z10 since launch, and though I've enjoyed it, I think I'm ready for a full qwerty keyboard if they can mash up a large screen form factor with a qwerty keyboard, that's my next BlackBerry.

I ve also had my z10 since launch February 5th and I'm looking forward to already upgrading to the z30.

But, now I hear a z50 with 5.2 inch screen? Even better!!! I ll wait for that device

Same here!

This tidbit of info just made waiting out my contract a little bit better...

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Currently BB has taken a direction to produce phones which are needs of the business user. If BYOD means that these users want a larger screen, in competition with Galaxy, then they are on the right track.

When they produced the Z10, it was in competition with the iPhones. It never took off.

Recent sales figures show iPhone's percentage of the phone market is rapidly declining.
Perhaps BB is right to go in the direction of Galaxy which has growing market share. Where, a BB QWERTY model will command a niche share of the large screen market for the business users.

Well that's why Apple s iphone 6 next year will come with a 4.8 to 5' inch screen since there's demand for phones with bigger screens

Yup. Large screens are no longer "niche" by any stretch of the imagination.

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I agree with you about your theory on the competition strategy, then again, it's just how technology works. Apple invested in a design and format and it ran it's course. Just like BB, Apple is slowing, and in the future so will Samsung.

Somebody forgot about the Q5. Easily done, I still don't know who it was intended for.

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I would love me a Z50 and a Q30 right about now.

I have never actually tried blackberries, but I won't be surprised if they taste the best

Errrrr! Than whyd they bother making the Z30!!!

I originally thought the Z10 would be flagship, than the Z30, I thought they were going to stop making 10 000 000 different phones...

I like big BlackBerrys and I can't lie!

Hell, yes. A Q30 sounds amazing. Like three times as good as the Q10. So thats really pretty good.

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sounds way too big, also, if you check the url, it says resolution would be 1280x768, which is 16:10. 16:10 qwerty blackberry WUT?

Ehh maybe a Torch version! The best of both worlds! I kinda miss my old torch...

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

I still love my 9810. I use it as an alarm clock as well as for texting and emails. I find I use the keyboard more than the screen for typing but that's just my preference. For dialing phone numbers, I always use the screen. I've dropped it many times (without a case) and it's still solid as ever. Great phone, IMHO.

I don't see how a 4 inch qwerty phone can be without it being slider, whether vertically or horizontally. Qs for me. When I'm on the go its all about getting things done, not BS watching videos or what not. Plus, for the little to no ones I do watch videos, play games, etc. on the go, the Q10 screen size is good enough. When I'm at home or on long trips, that's when I pull out my playbook wih a 7 inch screen to BS around. Who really would prefer to watch video on a 4-5 inch screen?

EDIT: Maybe the q30 can be a 4 inch phone and not increasing much the size f the q10 by not having too muh bezels anywhere but the bottom.

which phone is your main device now that u have an iphone , samsung and a bbz30 , which one would your chose if you had to be only with one of them ...?

Geez, all these new phones, I guess they are going the samsung route and not apple :P

Posted via CB10

Aren't they basically just updating the Q and the Z series? And don't think these should necessarily be regarded as "new phones".

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Please, add a removable battery and I'm in. Still love my z10 and z30.

Z30. " I'm back in black. Yes I'm back in black!!! "

Well then. I was waiting for the Z30 but now Z50.

And by the way, I don't see any logic in the numbering system that is in place. Z10 OK, Z20 ummm..right? Z30 OK, Z40 uh huh, Z50 OK. Starting to see a pattern. Z70 is next?

"My toast is better than yours!"

This is no longer the case with BMW. A 328 no longer means a 3 Series with 2.8L engine. The 328 has a 3.0L engine I think. The model numbers have become meaningless. At least that's what the dealer told be in late August.

That was the case in the previous generation. This generation 328i is a 2.0L inline 4 turbo. Approx 240hp I believe.

Not a good idea to have turbos on such small engines. Just take a look at the turbos after taking the 2L out for a spin, they'll be glowing RED.

Well...Manufacturers have been making 2.0 L turbo road cars for over 15 years. This is the direction that all manufacturers are taking to have decent power and efficiency. Almost everyone of them have a 2.0 L turbo now.

The trend in engine design is for smaller engines and higher turbo boost to get the maximum possible efficiency with the lowest weight. If the housings for the exhaust turbine glow red, they will be designed to take it. Do you know how hot the blades get in an aircraft engine? A lot hotter than that.

Yesss because now the z30 (albeit if ever in att) will drop in price like the z10 did so I can get it for cheap

Posted via CB10

And what will be different about these devices, that would allow them to be commerical success? When so far every BB10 BlackBerry has cost the company money.....

Don't think that new Devices by themselves is what we need....

I think the point of the thread is to have posters respond with some version of 'If only they would release a slider model with removable battery and 6" screen' so that everyone can custom requests their hardware.

The post about short experimental production runs is especially hilarious.

Posted via CB10

Just picked up 3 for work. Will let everyone know how they compare to the z10 after 1 week. They are definitely bigger

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Z50 sounds like the phone i've been waiting for, the Z30 almost did it for me, just needed a bit more of a change from my Z10, which I still love.

Posted using my beloved Z10

Don't like phablets. Sticking with my 4.2" Z10 and 7" PlayBook. Perfect combination, until such time as Mk II versions (hopefully) emerge.

Z10 STL100-1 /

Nice if they will realse these devices in early 2014 . I was plannig to have Z30 next month but thats mean I will wait for Z50 :) .

I'd love to see that 4" screen Q30 with those rumored specs...I couldn't imagine 10.3 on that...crazy!

Posted via CB10

A super spec Q30 with that large battery + a 4 inch screen size which is max size for a QWERTY I would say + the new BB10 OS and lets not forget we need the Google services ASAP. The Q30 will be a phone you can actually takeout all night and never worry about the battery and use it as a productive phone once again like the old Blackberry QWERTY phones. Watching all those iPhone users running around to plug in their phones is a sight to see at least the Z10 has a battery bundle that gets me thru the day. Go Super Spec Q30 ...hey lets add a Dummy tablet to link to the Q30 and start the mobile computing craze !

While I'm more than happy with the portability of my Z10, the extra screen real estate is a nice option. However, I secretly hope that BlackBerry will put that quad core to full use (unlike Samsung) and push the mobile computing.

Posted via CB10

It's too bad that they won't sell. The market is not interested in anything BlackBerry. BlackBerry needs a product to blow ppl away and their current lineup isn't it. The Q10 is sschedule for a writedown in the coming weeks.

My S4 is so much better than your Flopberry 10.

Ok you convinced me. I'm getting rid of my z10 right now. And getting am android device.

Posted with my BlackBerry Z10 running 10.2 via CB10

He is some butthurt idiot troll that trolls BBRY articles on BGR... the part that is even more sad is that the clown shows up on CrackBerry to spout his nonsense. Paid shill or pathetic loser? You pick... SMDH

Posted via CB10

Where is the z10 successor? Plenty of prefer the smaller size. Don't concede this market to apple

Posted via CB10

4 inch qwerty sounds interesting. That would make it the same size as the current iPhone but still have a keyboard.

Posted via CB10


That would be the ultimate BlackBerry.

The perfect OS and the perfect keyboard.

No confusion.

Great combination.

Posted via the ultimate mobile I even need to mention???

If I hear more evidence of the Z50, I will probably forgo the Z30 I had planned in a few months. I'd like to see better specs than the Z30 to justify swapping from the Z10.

This sounds only hope is that BBRY is planning these phones for future tech. As an example, doesn't the GNOTE 3 already have similar specs to this "Z50"? Granted, I know specs aren't everything as it all depends on how good the OS and apps run on the hardware...but consumers will likely not absolutely jump on the Z50 is it has the same specs as this year's GNOTE and will be behind in specs when the next iteration of the GNOTE drops next year. Just sayin'

Posted via CB10

Just read about this on the MobileSyrup website and in particular about a Q3 2014 release for the Z50. This is way too late. This phone needs to come out NOW or in the next 3 months. If MS can bring out a current spec phone such as the Lumia 1520 from their last major phone, the Lumia 1020, I don't see why BB can't step up spec-wise. Yes it means optimizing BB10/QNX to run on new hardware but MS did it for Windows Phone 8 for the 1520. Also, I want the Z50 to be bigger - 5.5" or even 6". I hope the new CEO, Mr. Chen, can execute rapid hardware/software execution, I like what I see in BBOS 10.2.1.xxxx, especially with the Android 4.2.2 run-time. Finally, I hope Mr. Chen will bring back a tablet. I totally disagree Heins' comment that a tablet has no place in the BB world. However, I agree on getting out the best phones and software for BB first. Again, I left BB over a year ago and switched to Android but I like what I see in 10.2.1.xxxx. I hope Mr. Chen can help BB come back.

I could wait for the phone , my Z10 with my new Mugen large battery and 10.2 OS is fine for me.
What we need is the Google APP & Services ASAP

Hey, the same happened to me. I switched to android due the ecosystem limitations and the more expensive day plan Bb offered. Hut with all these news I have the feeling of coming back do bb. Maybe a Z10 or even Z30

Q30 for me Lord I been waiting for such rumors to come through. I love my Q10 so much I had to get 2 of them.
Qwerty keyboard for live. Die hard berry user since the bold 9000

Posted via CB10

5.2 is too big, only if borders will be the same as LG g2. Other way to big

Posted via CB10

If they can keep the overall size of the Z50 the same as the Z30, then I'm in.

Timing would be perfect to trade up from my Z10, so this news has me interested.

Fingers crossed this comes to happen

CB10'n it via da Z

The features of the BlackBerry 10 R099 should be:

Processor: Quad Core 2.3 Ghz Qualcomm MSM8960T Pro
Dimensions: 75x142 , 8x8 , 1 mm, weight 143 grams
Connectivity: LTE , HPSA / UMTS , GSM / GPRS / EDGE
Display: 4-inch SuperAMOLED OCTA Glass with 1280x768 resolution , 24-bit color
Navigation: QWERTY keyboard and touchscreen
16MP back camera with autofocus and flash
Front Camera 5MP
Video: 1080p video recording at 30fps
Memory: 16GB internal memory + 3GB (RAM)
MicroSD slot supporting up to 64GB
Wi- Fi: 802.11 a / b / g / n
Mobile Hotspot
Accelerometer, magnetometer , gyroscope , ambient light sensor , altimeter
Micro USB and Micro HDMI
Audio: Codex MP3, OGG , WMA , AAC, ACC + , eAAC + , AMR ( NB, WB ) , MIDI, WAV , AC-3 , Flac Music Player with true resolution of the sound. 4 stereo amplifiers. 3.5 mm headphone jack . 6 microphones for noise reduction noise.
Video: Codec MPEG4 , H.263 , H.264 , VC-1 , DivX, WMV7 , WMV8 , WMV9 , VP8 . 3GP format ( MP4) , WMV (ASF ), AVI , FLV , MKV, WebM . Full HD ( 1080p)
BlackBerry OS 10.3
3300 mAh non-removable battery integrated

Translated via google translate if nobody has done so.

When Blackberry uses quad core processor, the others already uses octa core in their premium product line. It does not matter the OS does not need octa core, it just bad for marketing. At the end, the product does not sell and Blackberry had to do write-off again.

Please, do not make the same mistake.

I completely agree. Perception NOT performance. BlackBerry has got to leapfrog the opposition. Z30 is a marketing mistake imo. Is it technically feasible to upgrade the current inventory of Z30s? Call it the Z30e or whatever

Agreed... but higher specs means more money and if it does not sell well then a bigger write off for BlackBerry than what it was the last time.... so make a great device with higher mid-level specs and market it. that should get them results...

BlackBerry till I die

Posted via CB10

Well ... some manufacturers can sell quad core in $400 range unlock. Z30 is in $700 range unlock. I could not imagine price for Z50.

The question is: Is Blackberry pricing strategy correct? Is the manufacturing cost is higher than competitor? Where is the mistakes?

I've written in the forums, 1280*768 resolution, 4-incher has a display size of approx. 87 mm by 52 mm, with the device width of 75 mm, screen bezel is about 11 mm on both sides. That does not sound true to me.

I wait because in my observation, Verizon's releases have had fewer defects - Based on comments from others. The latest supporting evidence is that I never had most of the issues (I think none) the MR update cured on 10.1 for so many. Also, I have a much higher tolerance for Verizon than I do for a phone I've screwed up, and I fear I may lose some functionality after slamming it to the floor. ;-)

I updated my Q10 from AT&T to OS10.2 using Sachesi..... it works great and seems to have less issues than the stock AT&T version. Granted, that is just my experience.

Posted via CB10

Does anyone have that "Shut Up and Take My Money!!" pic? I need it for this article.

Posted by CB10 on a Z10

With the Z10 I own my first full-touch device and as much as I love it, I really miss the "real" keyboard I was used to have years before.

If the Q30 will come, I go physical again! :)

Posted via CB10

Would definitely want a Z50 if it had high specs, I wish the screen would be 5.7" though. I am not on contract with my Z10, the moment this monster is released I'm buying it.

Posted via ZCB10

Pretty soon we are going to have a tablet phone to talk.
That reminds me( showing my age and NOT to offend anyone) ghetto blaster.
Is this what the phones are going to be in the future?

I hear, you, but now is not the same as then. The utility of the phone on a phablet is best accessed (and in practice usually *is* accessed) by means of a hands-free system: bluetooth, in-ear headphones etc. This way, the handset can be relatively large and remain practical.

I love z10. But it needs improvement in camera especially low light, better spec and better battery life. This is the most important part about BlackBerry smartphone. Please BlackBerry put better cpu and gpu up to date.

Posted via CB10

They should ideally first get the big name apps...rejig the whole app world. Get talking about it with some marketing and play the long game. This all can be done with the existing devices. Once there is excitement amongst buyers..go all out with two new hot devices say by the end of 2014 or early 2015.

So better to wait and see if this rumours have some substance to them. Bye bye Z30...if the potentially new Z50 is slated for release next year or later, I might be inclined to change my Z10 for it. I like the Z30, but it's spotty availability plus the fact that my Z10 is still freaking new and I paid full price for it, doesn't inspire me to upgrade soo soon.

Cartman says: Screw you guys, I'm going home!

I'm with some of the other posters. Would love to see an up specced Z10 as it's the effect size. Phablets just too big for me.

Posted from my Z10

Posted via CB10

The three factors of this device that could mean the difference between failure and success:

Time to release - this device looks good on paper now, but how will it look if it ends up releasing in 8 months from now? Of some of us at BlackBerry's most loyal have doubts, what will the general public believe?

Availability - this device should be in as many carriers as possible, and sold from BlackBerry directly as an option. Perhaps even a limited edition version that you can purchase only from BB. Carrier exclusivity is just about the worst thing to do.

Knowledge - a device can look great on paper, be available everywhere, but if the company bringing it to market isn't blowing it's own horn, who is going to know about it? When Bb10 launched, Heins said sell like hell. It should have been market like hell.

I want this phone to be a success, but I'm not going to wait 8 months for it, I'm not going to leave my carrier for it, and I need to be sold on it, when it lauches, not months before.

Posted via CB10

Still don't get this move, I still can get Z30 any easy way here. As time goes by it becomes more and more relevant to simply wait for the Z50 and stick with my Z10. Personaly I hope to see a refresh of Z10 better/slimmer design, better sound quality like the Z30 has etc. Now you don't have an ordinarily sized phone that's worth being as time progresses.

Despite the dissapointing sales for Z10 there's nothing wrong with the idea behind the 4.2" so leaving that segment entirely seems crazy to me

Speed the C series with beefed up specs for a low price. Sub 200 and watch the adoption rate skyrocket. Would steal nokias thunder.

Posted via CB10

Nokia and now Motorola. The price-sensitive end of the market has changed radically in recent weeks. The Z10 is now fantastic value, but for platform-neutral consumers I don't think it's quite cheap enough to blow away the Lumia 520 or Moto G.

Z10 STL100-1 /

@BBQ8 the Lumina 520 is a garbage phone comapred to the Z10 so what's wrong with paying a bit more for a better phone!

Mate, there are two qwerty devices out there already, so the Q30 would be the third device ;)

Posted via CB10

Regardless of what BlackBerry does hence forth, do not abandon early adopters to the prior BlackBerry 10 phones.

I will get the Z50 if it comes with at least 32 GB of internal storage, the screen and performance is perfectly fine with the Z30 this would be the only flaw, storage.

But for me the camera is important....i hope it will be 13mp or higher with good low light experience.....thats all about it.....and then it will be the best phone for me....

Posted via CB10

Man oh man I got my Z30 one month ago!
Now i will have to get the Z50!

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Z50!! Is BlackBerry taking advice bookings on this one? It already has the UHD display and quad core processor hope it also has a stylus option as well. This is what innovation is all about and I think BlackBerry is heading in the right direction now with new products and new OS releases at a FAST pace.

Posted via CB10

I think I'll get the Z50 and my girl the Z30 lol. By that time the Z30 will have dropped in price and I'll be due for early upgrade. I will be ready to shizzy on my friends and sister with there chappy iphones.

Posted via CB10

I guess the ones buying smartphones in a color must not put a protective case on it? Smart, very smart.

seriously when is screen size enough before we start walking around with playbook sizes phones held up to our faces,

as long as they release an upgrade for the z10 size handsets i'm a happy camper, to each their own but there are a lot of us who are not comfortable with 5" phones let alone 5.2"

+1 I agree update the z10 and q10 models with better OS and have them rushed to the consumer so we could show off our phones that's what going to get ppl to come back!

Posted via CB10

OMG! Ok I see a q30 but a z50? We don't need bigger screens smh we need to focus on apps and OS and a refreshed z10 and q10 maybe call it z10squared? With better specs something to catch the attention away from android and apple. And us the users will continue to show off our OS that will get customers to be like wow I got to take a look at that! People appreciate simplicity if they how easy it is to navigate on bb10 they would want to come back to blackberry.

Posted via CB10

What apps issue are you still talking about? Download the leak 10.2.1XXX and be dazzled with the relative easy to get tons of apps. Try it :)

I know about that lol I'm running 10.2 right now but for ppl who don't know or who don't know how to use the computer... ppl just want to be able to easily just download... how many ppl was like wow blackberry has instagram? now? Then when I tell them Yea you have to do this and that they like Ooo noooo it turns them off lol

Posted via CB10

sunsetberry is correct, those of us who are tech savy with sideloading or in androids case "rooting" a phone are a minority we are not the majority. This is why apple products are so popular they are plug and play solutions out of the box, no need for computers or 3rd party solutions.

Apple products might not be our cup of tea but there is definitely lessons to be learnt, they are where they are because the product simply works for the majority who just want something working the way it does out of the box without having to spend time optimizing

Amen to dragon77!

Also, one can argue that the vast majority of BlackBerry users do not side-load Android port apps since they are not that tech savvy (you know, those users who are *not* reading CrackBerry!).

:) I agree with all of you. I am hoping that when 10.2.1XXX becomes official that BlackBerry would have addressed your concerns by simplifying the .APK files downloading process for the consumers.

I'm guessing the Q30 would be a slider type. I mean 4" inch screen and a qwerty keyboard? That’s big!

Posted via Harry

Z50 is the ideal phone. As long as the footprint doesn't get too much more bigger. Not a fan of the note 3 size.

BlackBerry 4Life

These devices are still so, so, soooooooo far away, that we'll have many months to discover more about them :)

I hope the carriers support them though! If they don't then I would be worried. But they can get around it by selling online directly but at an amazing price. I think they can let people know about it through bbm since it's cross platform now. Send all users a msg about the new phones.

Posted via CB10

Having just picked up a Z10 I'm pretty happy with the form factor. The main improvements required are better materials (a grippy battery door would be nice for us white Z10 owners) and battery life imo.

I've mentioned it before but a cleaner branding would be nicer, e.g., 4 inch touch only = Z4, 5 inch touch only = Z5, etc. If they want to do budget and high end versions then simply add a suffix to one of the versions, e.g., Z4B to denote Z4 budget models.

If they come out with an upto date phone as described and it's at the right price point and they have Google play then they will be able to turn themselves around.

Posted via CB10

I hesitated so long either to get Q10 or Z30. finally, i decided to have my first full touch screen experience.
I think Q30 will be my next phone unless a BB10 slider shows off (still keeping my beloved Torch 9800 with my new Z30)

It's encouraging to see, if the app gap is truly closed by 2014 and the right marketing campaign is in place BlackBerry will be in a position to regain consumer confidence. There may not be an overwhelming number of us using BB10 right now, but for those of us who are, have been right in saying the worst critics likely have never used the new OS. BB10 will come as a pleasant surprise to the consumer/ prosumer market when it gains wider recognition. This is my second BB10 device and it's potential to grow is limitless, and it's a device I rarely put down. I am determined to get 2 years from my Z30 and the end of this cycle I fully expect a reinvigorated BlackBerry to be waiting there for me.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

If this rumour pans out to be true, then BlackBerry will successfully turn me into a phone collector or junkie. Lol!! All I can say is "Bring it on BlackBerry"!!!

Q10 is already a great device! With a larger screen and upgrades my next choice will be the Q30 for sure! No doubt about it.

Why in god's name would anyone buy a Blackberry now? I own a z10 and I love it, but wake up and smell the coffee. This company has no future.

Posted via CB10

I think I'd like to add: For the critics out there who keep spewing that tired old line "too little, too late". Why deal in absolutes? A little flexibility and you would realize how you've been denying yourself (and others) access to one of the most overall positive mobile computing experience available today. BlackBerry exists for a reason: it belongs along side the world's biggest contenders.

Sent from my BlackBerry Z30

Are you listening blackberry. Unless these have the LATEST hardware, superb camera, screen the same or better then the competition they will be doa.

Just look at the z30 flop with a cheap screen compared to the z10. I doubt you will learn by your mistakes and release another mediocre series of underperforming phones.

Whether or not the Z30 performs well, it is irrelevant. It is perceived by too many as short on specs.

Nah specs dont mean anything...Just now the iPhone 5s is the best selling smartphones surpassing the s4 and note 3 combined and it only has a dual core 1.3 and 1GB of RAM its not the hardware but customer perception of the company that will sell phones and of course marketing so your statement wont matter......they need to focus on OS Innovations not hardware.......The Z30 isnt a flop its has amazing reviews I own one and 2 of my friends who have the S4 switched the Z3 because of the build quality and amazing battery life....

I'd like to see a Z10 upgrade. As much as I like the idea of the Z30 I prefer phones that fit better in my pockets.

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LOVE IT! Was hesitating to switch from Z10 to Z30, but i just got the Z10 in Feb. Stupid contract. I guess I can wait for the Z50.

Honestly, after switching from HTC One X I miss large screen phone. Hopefully the Z50 has removable battery.

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For me it's not about the phone, it's about the software and the ecosystem. If, in a year, which is realistic as to when these products see the light of day, the ecosystem isn't there, then I won't be buying it. It's as simple as that. I can't use any of the apps I require for my job on a BlackBerry device; i have to use my ipad. If that doesn't change, I see no point in staying with a product that doesn't fit my needs.

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These phones will be launched alongside the palm pre 4 - if bbry was still serious about phones why would the z30 be pushed out to die in the cold?

This 5.2" should be available come February at the latest...This is the norm now, and the specs would be perfect for that time..

I sincerely hope they change the names to something other than Z50 and Q30. They need to disassociate from all the negativity that has surrounded the BB10 and current handset releases.

I'd like improved OS 10 mail. I want all of my devices synced so that when I delete mail on my main phone it is deleted on the server and all other phones or tablets.

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Now I think I will wait to upgrade from my 9930
Next month. I hope some new photos and specs
Come out soon.

Typing this on my work IP4S.

Question regarding "second QWERTY device" quote: do you not consider the Q5 a QWERTY device?

For help and advice @brandonlegere06

Will BlackBerry ever release the Cangjie input method for bb10?
For Chinese, there is no use of having QWERTY if there is no Cangjie.
I believe they need the market.

I hope they will set the price that's competitive to the other platforms. At least give consumers a reason to buy.

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I love my Z10 and the 50 will be perfect for my large hands. Looking forward to some positive momentum!

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I was holding out past the Z30 because I don't want a phablet.. wtf BlackBerry, the Z10 didn't sell well because of the damn price point and beta software, not because of the screen size! 4.5-4.8" is the perfect size, why the heck do they keep running bigger and bigger now, atleast give us a damn choice!

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I absolutely love the size and screen real estate of my Z10. It's a keeper for a while. Plus holding this device comfortably in one hand is key for me. Anything bigger than the Z30 is of no interest to me. :) But I do understand others opinion regarding being able to see better on a bigger screen.

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I do hope this to be true, the Q30 is exactly what I am wanting. I'm a QWERTY guy, but there are times I do have a bit of screen envy.

I remember reading CB and BlackBerry was being cursed for not extending PlayBook to bb10. So now it looks like BlackBerry knows what they're doing after all

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