BlackBerry Z30 unboxing crops up on the web

By James Richardson on 18 Sep 2013 07:18 am EDT

If you fancy having a look at the new BlackBerry Z30 in action, the above video arrived on YouTube earlier today, courtesy of They were lucky enough to get some early hands on time with the device in Malaysia and as you'll see it's quite a beauty. 

What's just as impressive though is the new features in BlackBerry 10.2, which you'll see demonstrated. Things such as priority messaging in the hub, viewing attachments only and setting multiple alarms may not be ground breaking but they are certainly a great addition to the OS. 

It's a bit odd seeing a BlackBerry without a removable battery but with the monster 2880 mAh being inside the Z30 it should be powerful enough to get us through the day. 

We will of course have our own selection of Z30 videos coming up over the next few days so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, this one will keep your juices flowing - if that's the right term to use? 

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BlackBerry Z30 unboxing crops up on the web


I think he was going off the Selfridges (pardon my spelling) price. £600 is roughly $1000. That's a lot when you can get a phone on contract and a tablet for the same price.

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I heard from a friend who heard from a guy that on other platforms people download from something called an app store. We side load laggy apps.

I don't want a phablet. I'm happy with my Z. I'll be happier with BlackBerry 10 tablet.

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Trust me, once you use a 5" screen you'll never want to use a small screen again. The newer phones with 5 inch screens are surprisingly small and lightweight making them easy to use in one hand-regardless of all the rhetoric about not fitting in your pocket-that's bullsh!t. The Z30 sounds big but will be smaller than you think. If I were a BB10 user I would definetly try the Z30.

Cool to see it in action. Going to be getting one in march.

For anyone whose going to be making an unboxing video take 30 seconds and a microfiber cloth to your device. It helps the viewers believe your really unboxing for the first time.

How do I make sure I don't get the stl-001 version of the comparatively. They never get any leaks

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The phone looks good, but the pricing.... 600 GBP for pretty mediocre specs?! Really?!! BlackBerry, please, tell me you're joking...

Ok, you can choose....

A phone with monster specs and shitty ugly Android


A good phone with pretty solid specs with a holy moly OS, BlackBerry 10.2

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Goddamn though; they couldn't squeak in a 1080p screen?!?!!!!

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Mediocre specs. Smh. It has a quad core GPU...2880 MAH battery. 2 GB ram. 1.7 dial core processor, and an OS that takes full advantage of all of that efficiently. What alternative universe do you live in where that's mediocre? You don't truly believe that any phone can actually take advantage of what 8 cores can do, do you? Or even 1080p. On a screen that small you're eye can't even differentiate like that. That's true on TVs 40" and lower too! I've worked in electronics for years believe me I'm not just being a fan boy, this whole specs stuff is getting ridiculous.

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I wished the next BlackBerry would be a business phone so that 10.3 could be business oriented. Looks like they've focused on multimedia features with this one, apart from filling some gaps in the OS.

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Wow, all I can say is that Crackberry does MUCH better unboxings! Rocking phone too though. I'm going to have to get a feel for one before I decide to buy or not. Might be a little too big for my hands lol

Wow he was thrashing the z10 but I haven't seen any phone that I would switch to yet. Z30 looks like a winner

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Most large display niche phones are 5.5" and the Samsung Galaxy Mega is 6.3"

I think Blackberry found the sweet spot at an even 5"

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But let's compare z10 pics vs iPhone 5 pics. You know their is no comparison.

BlackBerry should have bumped up the camera.

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iPhone 5s has larger image sensor (physically) for the camera.
at the same resolution of 8MP, that translates to larger photosites.

I don't know why you talk about 1000usd?
Come down it will cost just 650+- usd
And after 3months you will probably get one for 500-600usd and it's totally worth 500usd..

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I do agree with his comment regarding that this Z30 should be the Z10 released half a year ago. Imagine BlackBerry released this phablet with OS 10.2 during the Super Bowl, showing the hub and interactive toast... it probably would bring BlackBerry back to her glory days. Then, release Z10 as a budget friendly touch screen phone now. I think this would be a good marketing strategy.

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Actually, putting a hard home button on the device would be catering... and it's something they really really need to.

BlackBerry: make a device with a hard home button for those who just aren't getting the "gestures" thing... their money is as good as ours ("ours" being "people who love BB10 as it is".) and better it be in BlackBerry's bank account rather than Apples or Samsungs. Don't be up on that high horse about "UX principles being violated". VIOLATE THEM IF THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE PRODUCTS THAT WILL APPEAL TO THE BROADEST CROSS-SECTION OF CONSUMERS but still be BB10 devices.

I have to disagree. Adding a Home button wouldn't help too much since new users would still have to learn to use gestures to navigate through the OS. It's not that complicated to learn. I was one of those people who really relied on my 9810's touchpad for clicking and scrolling and I thought it would take a while for me to learn and adjust to OS10, but I picked it up right away once I had the Z10 in my hands. To those people who may be hesitant I bet it's just that the thought of making the change may be worse than the reality. Just get one in their hands ;-)

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Soooo removable back but no removable battery that was smart.

I don't mind the non removable battery but that could have been designed better.

Also BlackBerry finally listen about these horrible z10 speaker but wtf a 8 mega pixel camera for that big ole phone. Come on now why are they always have stepping.

No reason a 2013 flag ship phone should have 8 mxp camera.

Who approves stuff like this smh.

BlackBerry can't ever get it right.

I understand not getting into spec wars but somethings are needed. The z10 camera is trash compared to an iPhone, HTC one and s4.

I don't care what anyone says it's the truth.

BlackBerry should have at least bumped that camera up to 10 mxp at the least.

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I have a forums post with a comparison between the iPhone and the Z10 cameras. I challenge you to look and see if you can actually tell the difference.

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You got called out in your own thread why would you link that lol.

I'm not saying the iPhone has light years ahead of BlackBerry camera.

It's still better and now has even better improvements.

I be the z30 camera is the same as z10.

It's like BlackBerry sometimes don't think ahead .

Z30 should have been the ultimate phone going head to head with all the big dogs.

I'll reserve judgement if we get all the apps.

I know the phone will perform will because my z10 is amazing.

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Shot himself in the fuckin foot! BB's need better light intake on all BB10 devices as far as camera clarity goes. We definitely need the big time apps. I'm mean Damn it already!! We're almost a year in without a decent FB app and still no instagram!! WTF!!!!!!????

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You can make good snapshots with any available built in camera in the latest phones. It only depends on your skills and good lighting.

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I think that's some of his point, though. "Others" can take half decent photos in poor light as well. BB can not, and never has.
But the Z10 camera can take really good photos in well-lit day light.

I'm struck by the gray trim along the bottom of the device but not having matching trim on the top of the device.

Looks kind-of odd... or is that just a trick of the light / the camera adds 10 pounds of trim that doesn't match?

Why dont I get some credit for being the first one posting the video on the crackberry forum ??!?!?! :D just wanna get famous ...

Does anyone have any information on how the battery could be changed when such a time comes in the life of the phone?

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Seems like NFC is built in & not on the battery door no more. I'm getting tempted to upgrade from my Z10. We'll see what my career

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At least they brought back the headphones, but where's our beloved holster? :( Non-replaceable battery- no thank you!

That battery Size!!! *drool* the guy had NFC on all day and it's still that high?

I never had NFC on since day 1 when I bought mine phone.

If I were in market it would be very hard for me to choose z30 or q10.

Before it was an ez call.

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UGH!! I had to stop watching because the reviewer was so annoying and more interested in his own voice and hand gesturing!! I'll find another review...but the Z30 is SWEET! :)


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i think z30 unboxing will go like a wild fire,have to see what the experts on other websites have to say about the experience