BlackBerry Z30 Transform Shell Hard Case and Leather Pocket Pouch hit eBay

By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2013 08:08 am EDT

Just after we saw the BlackBerry Z30 leather holster appear on eBay, another accessory for the unannounced device has turned up. The BlackBerry Z30 Transform Hard Shell Case in white and the leather pocket pouch have also been listed up for sale. 

As with the other cases we can't verify that this is a legit OEM accessory for the upcoming Z30 though it looks to be so. What's cool here is that the transform case has a different style than the original Z10 transform case in that this one has a flap that acts as a kickstand (not unlike the Bold 9900 kickstand!) rather than folding in half like its Z10 counterpart. 

If you're feeling grabby and want to have a case for a device you don't own (or do you?!) then head to the link below to get in on the action.

Check out the BlackBerry Z30 transform shell case on eBay
Check out the BlackBerry Z30 leather pocket pouch on eBay



Hail to the king baby!

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Plazmic Flame

A Duke Nukem quote, how foreboding...


Which came first, duke nukem or evil dead?

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Evil Dead 1981
Duke Nukem 3D 1996

nick canada

It's coming! It will be my Christmas gift to me

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Won't be surprised if the z30 gets announced on the 19th now that these are popping up.

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With this the speculations that the New Aristo will not be named Z30 is out of thw window, i think it'w quite clear that this will be BB Z30 To keep with this topic i love the design of this transform shell, i had the red one on the Z10 but ditched it for a flip shell since i still got scratches on the site and bumps :S


I'll buy one!

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More reason for me to think that the Z30 will be announced in Malaysia.

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Does it still fold as a kickstand?


Will be buying one of these for my soon to be Mine Z30

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Can not wait for the release of this phone. I'm so excited :) Merry Christmas to me :)

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Has a slant seam. Cannot figure out how to use.

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Dock in portrait mode?

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Let's hope Z30 will be enough for BlackBerry to rise somehow up. I like BB10.2 on BB smartphones...

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Don't want to be a negative Nellie, but are these cases showing up on ebay because BlackBerry has scrapped the device and is trying to unload some already made cases??? I have to say this because I have never heard of accessories hitting before a device is even announced. Please someone tell me I am wrong.

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Accessories for the Z were out before the device. I know a few users of this site who had cases before they had phones

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+1 I always get the cases firts, that way the devices are protected since day 1

Plazmic Flame

If you haven't heard of this before, you must not read anything but BlackBerry news. This has happen tons of times with the iPhone and other flagship devices because the specs/measurements of the device get leaked and then the case makers get a hold of it and start making some cases.

For example, there were iPhone 5C dummy units at trade shows last week and they were spot on, because of the info leaks.


Z30 is coming yeahhhhhhhhhh :)

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BlackBerry does make high quality accessories as always. It's one of the reasons I like BlackBerry!


My birthday present! (6 Dec)


Can't be far away now....

CB10'n it.....via my Z


I like this design better than the Z10 transform shell.


This might be a nicer design than the Z10 shell; interesting.

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Funny that's it's in white.

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Looks like with this design you can stand up the device in either portrait or landscape view. I'll definitely be getting one of these. But ima hold off a bit to see what color options will be available.

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Looks like the corner opens up to a stand.

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Would've liked this style for the Z10


If the Z10 flipshell was like this, I think that would've been what I bought.

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Looks great!!! But will there be a dock (landscape mode for the Z30). They teased us with the one for the Z10 and it never happened!!

Definitely getting a Z30!!

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I kind of hope my S4 Active fits in that pouch. I've been looking for something like it for my phone ever since I switched from a 9900.