BlackBerry Z30 supports USB On-The-Go

By Bla1ze on 20 Sep 2013 06:16 am EDT

If you tuned into BlackBerry Product Manager, Michael Clewley's BBM Channel (PIN C00014277) or read up on the BlackBerry Z30 press release, you would have caught the mention that the BlackBerry Z30 supports USB on the go. USB on the go is something that has been in the works for BlackBerry 10 for a while now but it finally arrives in BlackBerry 10.2 on the BlackBerry Z30.

If you're not familiar with the option, it allows your mobile phone to act as host for USB peripherals. One such example would be a USB flash drive for instance wherein the device, can read its contents but then it also allows the device to act as a flash drive when plugged into a host computer and allow the computer to read data from the device. It's extremely handy for quickly adding additional storage to a device or saving large files for use on a computer as an example, without filling up your mobile storage.

Rather than just reposting the screenshot from Michael Clewley, you can also check out the video above starting at the 3:10 mark to get a really quick look at it all in action. The video comes from Heise Online who already has a nice look at the BlackBerry Z30 on their website. With all this in mind you're likely wondering, will USB on to go be supported by previous BlackBerry 10 devices? Don't shoot the messenger but according to Michael Clewley, it's a BlackBerry Z30 only feature. I'm sorry!

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BlackBerry Z30 supports USB On-The-Go


That's true. It would only be considered "sweet" if it somehow becomes available for the Z10, Q10, and Q5 by way of a future OS update which I hope will happen because USB OTG is a nice feature that I'd like to have on the Z10 for sure.

I believe a comment in Michaels BBM Channel says that this is supported in 10.2 and is not something specific to the Z30.

Can anyone verify this?

Leaked from my Z10's CB10 app, running off of 10.2.x.xxxx

Seeing as how the PlayBook was capable of it but not enabled I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

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not coming to my q10? why is blackberry so harsh to their customers/loyalist? after killing the pb, what else is next? no support for the past 3 models? come on blackberry! reward us with our loyalty to you! because we still buy your products despite having iphone on the other pocket just to compensate for the apps that you don't have!

Really? Do you all understand that technology moves fast and it's impossible for any phone to have every single up and coming technology? I'm pretty sure my wife 's S4 doesn’t have this (although I'll have to check).

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Not so fast; I seem to remember a proof-of-concept that a couple engineers were able to do this with a Playbook a year and a half ago - it really is just a matter of coding and implementation on BlackBerry's part. So no, this isn't really up-and-coming, it's been around awhile and just not accessible.


The forgivers really need to examine BB's policies with a more critical eye.

The pb even had the screwed up usb port to support it. All that port did was allow folks to mess up the usb port.

Both the S4 and even S3 support it. This isn't a case of technology moving too fast. The Z10 very well could have had this but BB didn't bother. It's truly a case of them sticking it to their loyal customers. Ugh.

half of the people who comment on this post will never buy bb again. that's for sure. the "s" added every other year on the new model of iphone is much better to hear than my device outdated after a few months of use.

Sorry, did you trip over my point? I was trying to generalize. Let me spell it out to you all. THERE IS NO PHONE THAT HAS IT ALL. Deal with it.

By the way, this holds for pretty much anything else you apply it to. You can rarely have it all. Lessons over children.

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Actually, since Galaxy S2, lots of Android able to use OTG feature, not just to read flash drive, but also mice and keyboards.
Even if it's not available on original OS, it can always be rooted or changed into custom ROM to open the OTG feature. As long the hardware support it.

Time to replace the desktop pc?
Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with HDMI screen.

Posted from my Z10 with CB10.

I hardly use my PC and laptop as it stands, this would be another nail in the coffin. I've always thought that would be a good feature, can't believe someone actually invented & and implemented it :)

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

It can't run heavy duty programs so for me no. For basic tasks it should be a decent PC replacement though.

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Z30 Only.
There is a physical requirement that other Z or Q phones don't have.

If you look at the Wikipedia article about USB, you will see that connectors are different.

Simply :
- Z10, Q10 and Q5 have a Micro-B receptacle. This means we can only connect a USB cable type Micro-B to send information FROM the phone to a laptop, or charge the phone.
- Z30 has a Micro-AB connector which can connect both Micro-A or Micro-B cables. The Micro-A is used to send information TO the phone.

On my side, I'm please with my Z10 as it is. I only would like wireless charging on it.

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All mini and micro USB have five pins; it's just the arrangement and housing that differ. A simple adapter would negate all of that if that were really the issue; much like going from HDMI to DisplayPort.

that's what i was thinking... i have yet to watch video but i was wondering through what adapter is this all possible

Sorry but I don't buy that. I can send data TO my Z10 via usb using Link.
So with that in mind it IS possible for the Z10 to receive data from usb

OK, then how does then phone communicate and receive files from BlackBerry Link software? There has to be a two way transfer going on.

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I am pretty sure the two way transfer is regarding power. For a device to be a host device it has to output power to whatever of attached via USB.

My Z10 already acts as a Flash Drive when I plug it into my PC via USB. I can browse the Z10 file system with windows explorer.

Yes, but you cannot attach a flash drive TO your device and read the contents from it using your device. Which, is the whole point.

Z30 only feature...
If true, leaving us early adopters out again.

Not something I care about anyway, just something worth mentioning

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This happens to early adapters of all items not just phones or technology. I'm speaking from experience.

I'd rather get the newer device, if I want the features that come out in subsequent releases I will just upgrade.

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Exactly. I have no regrets with having bought my Z10 on day one.

There has to be differentiating features on the Z30 and this is one of them.

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Not to change to topic, but to relate THIS poing to that "another" platform-device being released today with the SAME TOPIC:

After at least 5 generations spanning - now - over 6 years, "their phone" STILL has no
1) SDHC slot
2) HDMI connector
3) notification LED
4) swappable battery (yes, the Z30 is also not 'easily swappable' but you KNOW
it'll still be easier to replace than the fruit-company's device),

... and you don't hear a peep out of ANYONE about it. Period. In fact, they're standing in huge line-ups again to get a slightly modified & mildly upgraded, overpriced yet under-featured re-hash of the last model.

And THAT's just the "shooting fish in a barrel" stuff ... while I DO agree that it's never a good thing to leave out easily integrated features and functions, I fail to see how THIS point represents a "screw-over" by BBRY. Maybe an oversight, even a poor decision, but a malicious screw-over ... I really doubt that.

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Calm ... Keep Moving!

The only way this feature can't come to Z10 or Q10 is if there is hardware limitation which there isn't.

If it doesn't come to Z10 and Q10 that is extremely anti consumer and a big f you to consumers.

Don't do crap Apple does which will only make less people interested in BlackBerry.

If the Z10 and Q10 can have this feature and BBRY makes it Z30 only then I'm done with BlackBerry..

So you think an 8 month phone should have the same hardware as a brand new phone. You're logic makes perfect sense.

Canadian cities BBM Channel C001234A4

First time I see someone using "you're" for "your" instead of the other way round which usually summons the grammar nazis lol.

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Nah, they only come out when I make mistakes. Most other people are fine.

Here, watch...

Here grammer trolls. I am summoning you're presents.

Ah I'll bite since no one else did...

It's "grammar" not "grammer"

70th Precinct Grammar Police

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Sarge, you missed the third mistake. It's "presence", not presents, unless Bla1ze is gummoning gifts! (not a bad idea actually)

Lol Bla1ze, you really screwed with my mind with that last phrase -_- I refuse to bite at the incorrect spelling of those three words, sigh.

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Difficult language, English is; refuse bait to take I will.

VERY funny, you guys, .... but it could'a used a little more cowbell!

"Too, To, Two" - "Your, You're" - "There, Their, They're" ... warrants a boot to the head for each transgression.

this sentence "" is gramatically correct.
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Bla1ze is right. lol even if he (Bla1ze) puts an extra space in between two words, he'll generally get called out. lol

Haha I trusted the auto correct on my phone. I thought it was smarter than me.

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What? it doesn't matter if two devices are one second apart or 500,000,000 years apart release wise, if a device can handle a feature or anything, then it should be implemented. If not, it's anti consumer BS, among other things.

If the Z10 or Q10 don't have any limitations that won't allow for this feature then the Z10 and Q10 should have it, no excuses. Why would you defend anti consumer, anti YOU, practices? THAT doesn'tmake any sense. IF the Z10/Q10 have legit limitations that don't allow for this feature to be implemented then it's okay if those phones don't get this feature, obviously.

EDIT: Also, you act like an eight month old device is ancient. It's only EIGHT months, it's still a new device.

No, but I do think technology this old should have been included in the new flagship device sporting the latest and greatest OS.

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That's just capitalism and corporate America. Always has been and will continue to be. Corporations will continue to market this way because they know consumers want the latest technology. Just a thought.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

BS, anti consumer companies, like Google, Apple and Microsoft, do all the BS they do because consumers allow them to and continue to support them. If enough consumers were smart enough they wouldn't support the BS, anti consumer practices and the BS companies would have to change to pro consumer practices or close down. It's a win win for us and what is right is done.

Sadly, the US and Americans are the dumbest of the bunch and biggest sheep. And a few countries think the US is the best so they copy them.

There IS a hardware limitation. Z10 has type B US port - which is incapable of RECEIVING information over USB

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I'm not sure why the z or q wouldn't be able to do this..

The hardware differences are in my opinion negligible.

CB10 on ZED10

The hardware specs are very close, but the USB ports are different. I'm sure if Z10 can do it as well they will include it.

BlackBerry Z10 | Verizon | @addm | 333ACECA | C00056F02

Does anyone know if apps to sd, will be supported, since z30 only has 16 gb, and some of these nice games that keep coming out are to large?

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USB ON-THE-GO requires a USB-ab plug. The z10 has a USB-a plug.

Posted via my sexy-ass Z10 running ON A BOAT!!!

According to the forum posts (on this topic) the usb connector is different - between the Z/Q and the Z30... so no otg for the Q10?

That is a shame.

I know early adopters get bitten, such is life, and sure, the Z10 is eight months old, but other older devices, from other manufacturers, already do this!

Someone above mentioned the end of desktops - otg a hd and kb... well; we field gs3's, gs4's, the Note II - all with a linux mint build! the gs3 is old. We're getting the note 3 asap.

It's a shame the older BlackBerry devices lack otg. I'm personally going to buy the Z30 - I have the Z10 and Q10. I don't buy on contract. People do and those that have may feel pinched.

I don't know. Most people are probably not even aware of this AWESOME feature - people won't really care.

But for those that do - what a shame. Miracast, fair enough, not had mass adoption yet. Usb otg - the amount of times I've used an sd card reader or usb stick... a real shame only tthe Z30 does this. it's a great business feature for people on the move.

Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

Yes it is a great business feature! I'm buying it. The market indicates that consumers will buy a new phone at least twice a year. Just by way of carriers that starting to make plan options so you can JUMP to a new phone within a year with minimal cost. Corporations are just giving the consumer what they want and making a profit in the process. :)

Posted via BlackBerry Z10 Channel C00106B82

A new phone twice a year? Come on,.... maybe nerds like us in these forums, but not normal peeps, ...


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I hope they can advertise this like really big though so that the competition can see BBRY is Moving Forward with innovation!!

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Miracast - not on the Z10
USB OTG - not on the Z10

seems they didn't mention that little nugget while introducing them at BB Live in orlando

well as one is the wifi chip and one is the usb connector, I don't see how youd be able to draw a correlation between the two, they aren't linked at all.

Well, just guessing at whether or not they added it to the Q10, because it was developed much later than the Z10 and included the other chipset.

But, saw on the forums that the Q10 does not have the correct USB port.

I put it under the front driver side bro.

PS: I owe you one case of bullets. I got you.... payday.

USB To Go could easily be brought to older devices... as far as I know that would heavily rely on Software, not hardware.

Seriously though, freaking cool feature... I was wondering when this would start showing up.

I would welcome being able to plug a USB stick into my Z10 because its not as easy to remove the back on the Z10. Older models such as the 9860 had easy-remove backs and I could take the SD card out and plug it into a USB adaptor. Bit of a missed opportunity if USB does not come to the Z10. Can you plug memory storage into the HDMI port :-D

I hope it's available on my z10! Z10 can only act as usb flash drive. Plugging in your regular flash drive to your device and read contents, transfer files etc is a great idea! You don't even have to use your tablet or laptop while on the go. I hope bb will have a pretty good advertisement this time on the z30.

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I agree with the other people that if this feature is NOT available for the Z10 then Blackberry should be a little worried about the impact it will have on their loyal users.

What loyal Blackberry users need right now is some serious love, otherwise even the loyal users will start to drift away.

I'm buying the new Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition when it comes out. I would have preferred to stay all Blackberry, but with the demise of the PB I don't really have a choice. I'd hate to think my next phone will not be a BB, but without some serious love it is becoming harder and harder to stay loyal.

So just to be clear would I be able to plug my 3tb hard drive into my phone and watch the videos?

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Good luck finding a BB10 video player!! I tried with a couple of mp4/Divx, the device lists the file but can't play it.. :(

Things are really moving!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

The truth is that USB storage is getting to be old fashioned.

I use Remote File Access or put my stuff in the cloud. Who needs wires?

I guess it is nice to have but I am not to crazed about it not being on the "older" BB10 devices.

YOU need wires. Unless you've figured out a way to transfer electricity through thin air?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

MIDI keyboards, so I can control things like Caustic 2 and AniMoog better. Oh, but then they'd have to add MIDI -- never mind.

Don't forget, USB host requires power to what you're hosting, so I don't know if that can be done through software. Maybe if you can put in an inline power injector, it would work. Pair this up with a dock, and you're closer to a desktop replacement.

I'm sure the option will be ported to older devices by the hacking community. Its just a matter of time

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so does this mean it can read my FAT or NTSF external hard drive or can it only access flash memory, curious if this will allow access to a few GB or a few TB?

I guess there must be some functionality to this, .....i don't really see it, but i guess better to have more features than less

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This is why the Z30 and Q10 with 10.2 OS and cross platform BBM is the real BlackBerry platform

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Note 2 has this feature and I'm sure s4 would too. It's hardly new and all BlackBerry 's with 10.2 should have it. Kind I'd disappointed in this myself. Although I will be picking up Z30

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Darn, I just ordered a cable last night to try this on the Z10 after seeing it in a z30 video. Oh well..... anybody want to buy a micro USB to female USB cable? haha

Posted via CB10

Use it as an extension cord. Surely you haven't noticed that the included cord is WAY too short?

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

This is just awesome. I am definitely getting one. Z30 is exactly what I need to reduce the usage of tablet/laptop. Tablet is more for home, laptop at work. I have a new Ipad. I like the retina display. But I was totally pissed off as Ipad does not support flash driver or anything outside of Itune. Like it is built for those guys who prefer to download Pacific Rim and watch it on crap phone, instead of Imax.

USB on the go worked on rooted playbooks, so obviously the hardware was there, it was just a software issue. Why did they downgrade the USB connector on the first BB10 devices?

I'll replace my playbook with the Z30! Wishing for landscape mode for OS, then perfection, until next year and a new device.

New device new features. I'm very happy. People stop whining.

ChannelX C000D3759 We feature top channels

Don't tell me BlackBerry will do like Apple who put just a couple new featurings to their phones in order to force their customers to buy them, being in the bottom the same phone (e.i. IPHONE 4 and 4s, 5 and 5s) that's not fair!

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Same thing happened with miracast. No Z10 support due to hardware limitations. BlackBerry sent me a survey 2 days ago specifically about blackberry 10 satisfaction and asking what they could do to improve things for customers. One of my responses was to make cutting edge hardware. While specs may not be every thing and it isn't. Blackberry has been infamous for lack of backwards compatible support for years now. It happened from os 5 to would then hear you can't get the os 7 update. Apple is the best at supporting devices long after the launch. for example, the iPhone 4 came out 3 years ago. It's still getting the latest software upgrade ios7. Android is the runner up in support. Galaxy nexus from 2011 still got the latest official 4.3 update. My Z10 wasn't barely 6 months old from launch when I found out last month that we can't get miracast due to hardware limitations. What sort of bs is that. The GS3 and N4 both phones launched in 2012 both support these features. Seems like a common statement from bbry these days. Telling us we can't get stuff due to hardware limitations. They have been saying this for years now. lack of foresight on Blackberry's part. That's why apples' following is so loyal. Forcing people to buy new hardware every year doesn't do good for a company. You stand to gain more loyalty by providing the best support you can and for as you can for the user base you have out there. That will most likely aid in stopping your customers from jumping ship. And this my something bbry just doesn't get. they've been doing it from since bbos. And that's why I want to sell my Z10 and get a N5 when it comes out. I know for sure 2-3 years down the road I'll still get updates and support. As a loyal fan...i feel as if buying my Z10 was like buying a ticket to the titanic.

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i agree...and blackberry, i think my love for you is starting to turn to hatred.... after investing in playbook and q10, you are making this sh*t! maybe that's why there's so much hate on this company. you don't care about your customer. i can't even download google talk on my q10 here in south korea. i'm supporting you even if i think i'm the only one in this place using bb. but i think you're really failing us.. i'm just hoping that nokia will build phones with physical keyboard again. after all that's the only reason for choosing you.

Whenever apple announce a new product that most of the time almost are identical to the previous model but has a new cool features. Apple fans will get excited and still support apple by purchasing the new model. You almost never here a apple fan say "I want that features on my model". If you like the USB on the go, why not just support BlackBerry by getting a Z10.

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I'm not specifically referring to this feature alone. I'm pointing out that for years bow bbry has been saying "unfortunately this update or this feature will not come to such and such because of hardware limitations " most of the time the specific hardware they're referring too is always less than 2 years old. Good example was people that both the torch 9800. Launched with os 6 and then a year later they were told they can't get the os 7 update. NO other phone company does this....well windows phone is fairly new so we have to watch to see what their support is like. however if you look at the 2 largest market share guys (ios and android)...they have the best and longest support. This is year blackberry falls down and another reason people are hesitant to purchase their products beside the obvious app gap. I've had a lot of friends that have migrated to android and ios..most of them android. When I ask them if they'll come back even though I demo my Z10 it isn't even ti convince them. They like the apps and they fact that their phones can get the latest software update 2 years after they bought it. Something they didn't have when they were blackberry loyalists. All of us on here know what I'm saying is the truth and nothing far from it.

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Also, how often do you hear Samsung and apple telling their customers " can't get this feature because of hardware limitations "? if they do...the device is usually 2-3 years or older. that I understand. The average smartphone user these days do not keep their phones for longer than 2-3 years anyways. Not bbry telling us this a year or less into buying their new product.

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Strange, looks to me like a lot of Apple devices aren't getting all the new ios features either. I believe Apple said iPhone 4 couldn't get Siri because of technical limitations. Perhaps I'm wrong and they just didn't want to give it to the previous year's model.

At the press event announcing the new models, Apple CEO Tim Cook said there were 600 million devices running iOS. Just because you have a year-old iPhone 5 doesn't mean you can't freshen it up with the latest operating system. Look for your device below to see whether it is eligible.
• iPhone (original): No
• iPhone 3G: No
• iPhone 3GS: No
• iPhone 4: Yes. Does not include AirDrop, Siri or camera filters (you can add filters later in the photos app).
• iPhone 4S: Yes. No AirDrop.
• iPhone 5: Yes. Includes all new iOS 7 features.
• iPod Touch: Only the 5th-generation iPod Touch can upgrade but will include all new iOS 7 features.
• iPad (original): No
• iPad 2: Yes. No AirDrop, Siri, camera filters or square format, or Photos app filters.
• iPad 3rd generation: Yes. No AirDrop or camera filters.
• iPad 4th generation: Yes
• iPad Mini: Yes
Some of the cooler new features you may have heard about, like the Touch ID fingerprint sensor and the new camera tools -- slow-motion, burst mode and image-stabilization -- are available only on the new Phone 5S.

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WHAT!?! What a surprise :D ;)

And check out the developer preview webcast on 10.2 to see how it works with a game controller plugged-in.

:) For all those who claim to be true loyal BlackBerry users, please I urge you to emulate loyal Apple users. Go out and queue up to buy Z30; loyal Apple users "do whatever they got to do" to get any new iPhone. They trade-up, sell or pass on their phones, so do the same. KEEP MOVING. :)

I'M SOLD ON Z30!!!!

Not knowing a word of German... I see something beautiful, and I know it's talking to me, but I'm too entranced with her beauty.

Mark my words. The last update the Z10 will receive will be 10.2 MR or 10.3 and it will be just around the year mark. Then we will told that it's not going to get anymore due to hardware limitations. I would bet a pay cheque on this because this is the way it's been for the past 4 years plus.

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Lemme correct my statement. If we get 10.3 on the Z10 we will be lucky. Whatever it turns out to be...either 10.2 MR or 10.3. it will be around the year mark and that's when it will stop getting support. Sad but true.

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BlackBerry should pump out a new phone every year with minor/major upgrades like Apple. Next year will be Z10S. :)

Posted via CB10

FINALLY! I've been waiting for this since it was first demoed on a rooted PlayBook. Hope this comes to the Z10 in 10.2 otherwise I will 100% be getting the Z30.

Posted via CB10

So yet another feature that the Z10 won't get even though we know the chip set supports it. Why do they continue to dump on the early adopters? No BB10 for PlayBook or USB OTG Even though both were supposed to come. No Miracast or USB OTG on the Z10. The Z10 hasn't even been on the market for a 8 months. Samsung had Miracast support as soon as Android had support, but BlackBerry cheapened out as usual on the hardware and chipset. I'd like a good reason for USB OTG not coming because even the PlayBook chip set supported that. You want to know why your name is garbage is the smartphone industry BlackBerry/RIM? It the accumulation of things like this that you have been doing for years and people get tired of it. You have been promising USB OTG since the PlayBook unveiling at BB JAM in October 2010 and you finally get it out three years later and only if you buy the latest device. You are working really hard to make the Z10 my last BlackBerry.

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Daaaaaamn!!!! I was so looking forward to the day I would be able to plug an external harddrive to my Z10, but now ot's all doomed :( Certainly not gonna buy a Z30 just because of it, I love my Z10 and 5" is just too much for me.

shame on you BlackBerry...again.

this is an old feature, even old Symbian devices know it. I was waiting eagerly for official 10.2 on my Z10, now it turns out it's a Z30-only feature... omg,amateurs... :(

Posted via CB10

This site is so annoying lately, all everyone does is complain. You can't miss features that you've never had.

Posted via CB10

Now while I have no use for this. All these features that keep going amiss on their older devices is a huge slap to loyal customers. They knew users wanted OTG support since the PB was released so to release the Z10/Q10 with out that hardware capability from the get go is a huge under sight on their end and a total shame.

I've been BlackBerry All the way, but my next phone will not be a bb10 unless I see some huge improvement. Especially after reading the headless app post the other day. Disgusting.


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Nice feature. Looking forward to trying this out on the Z30. I think we're still a ways from replacing the Desktop/Laptop with our phones, but that appears to be more of a software/OS/app issue. I believe the hardware, from a CPU/RAM/storage standpoint, is already there.

Here is a stupid question but doesn't the removable microsd card work similarly? I have a usb adapter for my SD. I know it's a couple more steps but same functionality? I see it being a little more convenient but that is about all the benefit I see. What am I missing?

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WOW, impressive! I definitely want a Z30 even more. I just wonder when will AT&T have it available since they have not said anything about it. =0/

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so no headless apps and no usb OTG on Z10/Q10 with 10.2. than WHAT is the big improvement? notifications on the lock screen? wtf? we are waiting for this since 6 months...and what we get? ehhh... I'm REALLY disappointed... :(

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When did anyone ever say that they were no headless apps coming to 10.2 and as of right now the feature has only been announced for the z30 a new phone they are trying to market. That doesn't mean it can't come to the z and the q. Chill man

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Didn't they write an article earlier saying headless apps were too difficult for app makers to write, thus there will likely be very few of them?

Posted via my Q10.

One dev, supposedly with some other debs in agreement, wrote that while some other debs basically called him a noon and that BlackBerry was doing it the industry standard way. In other words, if you write your code as you should from the beginning then making headless apps shouldn't be a problem. They all seemed to agree that the APIs are still lacking triggers.

this is crap cos even the Nokia N8 had this when it came out in 2009. BBry just keeps pushing loyal customers away

Well, I am not so sure about running iOS7 on S4 hardware is good for one's battery life. Read some comments at the iOS7 community blog at My full link was rejected as spam?

I think Apple has some work cut out and will tell people it is best to upgrade to new hardware or don't update.
Does the new i-phone 5 series support OTG? If not maybe a Z30 is a good alternative.

My Torch will meet the Z30 comes holiday-season playing movies OTG not OTA (cloud). Awesome!
Written with my playbook in Origami browser.

WTF... this should be a 10.2 feature across the board if there are no technical difficulties... WTF. This is blackberry shooting themselves in the foot once again.

Posted via my Q10.

Well, well, well. Another feature that was supposed to be supported on Playbook, then all other BB10 devices, yet the users were again ignored. This company is really chaffing my a$$ with this crap.

It should have been available on all the blackberry 10 devices. Sad, really sad

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USB on the go not available for other devices? I'm sure that the Berry leaks crew will have something to do with the remedy for that(!?)

USB on the go [[[LEAK]]] anyone???

Also, if this doesn't happen, my USB Mass media feature on my Z10 works pretty good, so I am not sweating it.

After all, what is a 16Gb thumb drive going for nowadays!

With so much bad news today on BB here in Canada and my BB stocks tanking, we need some more good news for all BB10 devices ( as per 10.2 update )

I don't really mind that is not coming to the z10/q10. It sure is a nice feature, but nowadays everything I need is accessible on my cloud or on my computer through link (since I've got wifi or speedy internet everywhere). I rarely use my usb stick anymore, so there's no more danger for me forgetting/losing the damn thing :)

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