BlackBerry Z30 rolls through the FCC

By Bla1ze on 28 Sep 2013 03:17 am EDT

Although it certainly won't come as huge surprise to many folks, it looks as though the BlackBerry Z30 has now passed on through the FCC under two different variations. L6ARFY110LW and L6ARFW120LW can now be viewed through the web site, although, a lot of the information is still subject to confidentiality until around mid-November such as the external photos and user guides.

No real secrets to be found within the available information, the usual North American carrier support (GSM/EDGE 850/1900, WCDMA/HSDPA Bands (FDD II, V), LTE Bands (FDD 4, 5) is listed along with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and NFC. Even with this listing, we're still a bit in the dark as to which version each carrier will be offering but with the device becoming increasingly available we should be able to get that sorted out soon enough.

Until then, if you fancy looking through the documents to see what else may be in them, you can hit the link to head on into the FCC database and holler out in the comments if you happen to spot anything we may have missed on our run through of the information.

View more at the FCC

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BlackBerry Z30 rolls through the FCC


Indeed, I am not the guy who'd get a white phone anyways, but it looks much better than the Z10 with its black bezel.

Posted via the awesome Blackberry Q10

Would've been nice to have this in a few colors.

On The Underrated Never Duplicated Z10

Well, I would imagine that things are perhaps getting a bit glum at CB these days. Nothing but bad news. The write ups about this or that app are going to be fewer going forward as developer support slowly but surely disappears from what, sadly, looks to be a failing platform from a failing company. Such a shame. Sigh...

I hope you do well. I'm sure if Z30 gets good marketing support, it will rock. But a tad dissapointed with their marketing support here in Dubai for this beast. No one knows even if it exists, even those who own Z10 and when I say it is out to grab, I get a strange look with this question, so what exactly is Z30?
This from those who are using Z10 or Q10, come on BlackBerry please help us win this fight.

Posted via CB10

I wish Etisalat would make a trade-in or a better offer than 1GB free for 3 months. I got my wife's S4 Active for free with a contract. Why can't they do the same with BlackBerry?

Posted via ZCB10

The RFY111LW (FCC ID L6ARFY110LW) has TMO's 3G/HSPA+ band, but not LTE.
The RFW121LW (FCC ID L6ARFW120LW) has only the refarmed 3G/HSPA+ band (1900). This is the European/Middle Eastern/Indian? model.

tl;dr: don't buy either for use on TMO.

I hope AT&T gets that white one. I was disappointed the Z10 white version was exclusive to Verizon. The white is more feminine imo

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10

HDMI most likely, wireless charging no. There is only one version rumored to be getting wireless charging, and its neither one of these two.

Here's the unfortunate reality - 0 marketing, minimal carrier support and a ridiculous, unrealistic high price, along with the fact that BlackBerry will probably be even worse off in November/December if/when this releases... It'll be a bigger flop than the Z10, which is a shameful waste of a potentially great phone.

Agree with most of the above other than the unrealistic price. Yes Selfridges are selling for 529 GBP but I've seen it advertised in 2 other places for 485 GBP. I think tis is not an unreasonable price for such a feature packed phone. This will probably drop quite sharply within the next 6 months if it does not get the marketing it deserves.

6 months will be way too late. It needs to be aggressively priced immediately or it has no chance with their current circumstances.

Feature packed.. ? This phone has absolutely no selling point or distinction from more popular devices other than the BB10 OS and we all know that hasn't been enough to sway the consumer market.

clear you cache, restart your phone or you can go to flight mode and turn it off...that way it shall clear up is to restart and check. if it starts properly then okay, if it doesnt maybe you need to format. but if it starts but then has an issue sometime later, most probably its the issue with OS that shall be fixed in later release. i to experience in release. also check on your RAM. it might get low and wont allow browser to open

Photos I've seen of Z30 look fabulous. Hope the quality is as good as my Q10. 5" screen size means it will be great for games,videos and reading large bodies of text.

I am extremely excited about the Z30. Problem is I am do for an upgrade within a month and dont know whether it will be available in South Africa. I am currently using Z10 so I am still good

Posted via CB10

Still rocking the bold 9900 - will upgrade to this after Christmas if it looks like the company will survive...

Some people say they already have the Z30.. don't know how, but the Z30 should be here soon for the rest of us...

Nice phone!
BTW, Bla1ze, could you please explain why there's a BB Hub icon with the Z30? is it because of the 10.2 OS?

That's true blackberry has the worst marketing department. They already have the best phones in the market but most people don't know about it.

Posted via CB10

Here in Saudi Arabia
Z10 STL100-1 dropped from 2600sr at launch, to less than 1600sr nowadays for new.
Z30 is 2500sr through Axiom telecom.
One thing certain if a device can't hold its price well people tend to stay away from it and maybe get it second hand for even much lower price.
I got my STL100-1brand new Before launch for 2800sr and now it's no longer top of the line in 7 or 8 months.
go figure :/

STL100-1( on STC

People be like, "hey, how did you get that phone? ". I simply reply, " it's exclusive, you have to order it online ".

Posted via CB10

Mid November. I wonder if we can expect to see it around that time. I was hoping for October :(

Posted via CB10

Exactly guys and gals! Getting the z30 and will also be a part of a very exclusive club.....cant wait!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

T-Mobile needs this in white. I don't think they have carried a white phone since the 9700 lol

Posted via CB10

They don't need to pass it through the FCC to sell it in the UK :)
Besides, neither of these models are for North America anyways.

Man that white Z30 is so sexy, I don't normally like white devices but that's just pops it's the silver bar @ the bottom that brings it out and the all white bezel

Posted via CB10 with my Z10

I can't change my cover foto on my fb..dunno why? The icon cover foto,just dissappear...somebodu help me?pls..

Posted via CB10