BlackBerry Z30 reportedly enters carrier testing

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2013 03:10 pm EDT


While we can't verify for sure, a new post has popped up in the forums that states the BlackBerry Z30 has started the carrier testing phase (though we're not sure just what carrier this device is on as there's no visible branding).

As you may or may not know, all devices hit the carriers way before launch to undergo extensive tests and according to the post the Z30 is the latest to do so. The testing can take weeks or even months but it's still a great sign that things are moving along on the Z30 front.

We're heard oodles of rumors around the Z30 but going all the way back to one of the first, it is supposedly scheduled for a release in the next few months. If that's the case, more carriers should be getting their device to test very soon (if they haven't already) and we hope to see more of this bad boy soon.

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BlackBerry Z30 reportedly enters carrier testing


LOL! But seriously, why do they need to test? Isn't this just a bigger screen? I wish they could keeps all the phone stuff the same and just update the non-phone stuff and tell carriers, hey you've already tested this just put it out!

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Apple can afford to sell you a phone with a crappy antenna on an untested, blindly trusted device and OS... BlackBerry not... just imagine the same problems like the iPhone4 had with a BlackBerry device... hell on earth media coverage...

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I hear ya on the antenna thing. My son had a Torch and moved to a nexus 4 and now when we're at the cottage, with weak cell coverage, he gets no signal while me and my wife can get 2-3 bars on our Z10's. This has always been the case, my wife used to have a iPhone 3gs and she got no signal either while I had no problem getting 2 bars on my 9550. I'm not sure why BB's antenna is so much better but it's workin' for me and is one of the main reasons my wife switched from iPhone to Z10. I do enjoy watching the boy go out in a canoe to the middle of the lake to get a signal while I sit on the couch, it's an unspoken "I told you so" every time. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It's rumored to have similar internals, but we don't know for sure. I've heard that it'll have a slightly faster CPU, a quad core GPU (rather than the dual core in Z10). It'll have a much bigger battery than the Z10... and an array of 4 mics for better call quality. And, it's only coming out what less than a year from the Z10's launch. But, I'd still like to see a quad core CPU and some kind of mobile computing PC dock thingy.

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"Truth be Told".... the Z30 should have been the FIRST BB10 Phone released by BlackBerry - they could have caught "Bigger Screens on Smartphones" right at the beginning....

Hard to make enough phones for the whole world on the first day of launch

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

You mean like Apple? Oh wait, the iPhone 5 was only available for sale in 9 countries at first.

You must mean like Samsung then? Oh wait, the Galaxy handsets are always available in Europe/Middle East months before North America.

QUOTE: Wish they could have it ready for the public just 10 days after announced....

Then they would have to slap a Spam-sung label on it.


I work as a BlackBerry tech for Telus and it's been in carrier testing for a couple weeks already. My colleague is in direct contact with BlackBerry. I have used the Z30 and can access it RIGHT NOW

Any thoughts/impressions you care to share with the dedicated crackberry community? I'm very interested in upgrading from my Z10.

Posted from my incredible Z10

It is nicer than the z10 and I am upgrading. Snappier device, display looks a lot more pleasing than expected. Aesthetically I like it more than the Z10 as well. Battery life is amazing.... um any specific questions?

I'll try to work on that when I have time. If you could post the link though for the forum it would be much obliged

Thanks... since you are a "blackberry tech at Telus"... question.. is it "safe" to install leaks of 10.2 from Crackberry site?

"Frank Boulben Must Go"!!!!

"Safe" is a subjective term, in terms of the software itself I haven't heard of or had any issues with malware or viruses. As far as is it a safe method to update your device that depends on how comfortable you or perhaps a colleague is at handling the task. Once again I have used leaks myself and had no issues so I would say it is relatively safe if you know what you are doing

You have to open it in the CB10 app. In the BlackBerry browser it says my Z10 is 343x571 but the Crackberry app shows it as 1280x768.

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On top of the other questions, what is different in the OS than a 10.2 from a Z10. For example, is the drop down menu different? As well as other things.

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The build was similar to the leaks actually. Currently software release. Not different than what's on the z10 so it's similar to iOs as far as transparency

Thx for the info. Sounds like I'll be upgrading based on your observations. Who wouldn't wan t a bigger, snappier, z10?

Posted from my incredible Z10

Can you confirm if it has a Quad Core or Dual Core CPU? 2GB or 4GB physical memory? Storage is still 16GB? And finally the camera is 12mp? Or still 8mp? Thank you!!

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Looks like 2GB ram and 16GB storage. I can't confirm the rest because there isn't a menu showing the other info as far as I can see

Right. The Bell inventory leak says it's about that same specs as Z10 save the 1.7ghz snapdragon.

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what about them...its a blurry photo on purpose. so of course the icon are blurry. if you notice, his hand is what is in focus...on purpose. can not wait for sprint to get this phone.

Love it, hope to the Blackberry get some good Recognition with this superphone!!

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at BlackBerry:
-industrial designers and 6 engineers are working their asses off,
-marketing team and UI designers are scratching their balls.

Why can apple show a phone and 10 days later you can buy it. I've been hearing about the z30 for months and still no idea when it will launch

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I've been hearing bout the iPhone 5S for over a year now and just recently announced, why are u comparing such stupid things? The Z30 hasn't even been announced

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Really? I can tell you right now that in September 2018 you will be able to buy the same looking iPhone 7S

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$140B vs $3B + a Gun to your head by the media. It needs to be perfect. Plus i want the 10.2OS tweaked perfect so my Z10/Q10 with 10.1MR OS is just fine

Bang on! Apple and Samsung finance the media....

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Im actually thinking this device will sell well. A big screen phone thats not an android. I think average joe doesnt know what specs are what. Just got to make sure carriers arent swaying people away, and that the price is right.

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JB - "correct'... that's why Fanboys are so "miffed" today... there is no "larger screened iPhone" on the horizon... BBRY will beat AAPL to the market with one...

This post is dead on ...the carrier support have no excuse, the initial 10.0 OS was a dud but the 10.2 OS will be the best communicating OS on the market period

It should be out end of this month or next month according to sources for the Berry leaks team.

CB10- BlackBerry Z10 -

Hope it will be not a 'DOA' BlackBerry smartphone. Z10 has been only six months on the market and you can buy it for about £200 as a sim-free in the UK. It shouldn't happen to a new entry devices... RIM ought to think through the sales strategy once again before they release Z30. It seems to be late at least 6 months - even if it is FHD. Mobile market doesn't consist only of us, who love only BlackBerry :(

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Financial markets are counting, unfortunately. Prices lower than 50% of the starting one appeared not today... And it doesn't really do a good publicity relating to the value of BB10 devices, unfortunately again :(

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Indn is right. This device may be DOA. I'm rooting for blackberry but the writing is on the wall. And before I get bashed for my opinion like I did yesterday (sheesh it's just my opinion lol..relax) I am all for sticking with the things i believe in but the guys up in Waterloo have other things on their minds at the moment. What makes us think that the Z30 deployment will be better executed than the Z10? Think about it.

Man. Everything is always DOA, yet BlackBerry keeps chugging along. This device will turn heads.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Good point. However, this rapidly diminishing value isn't exclusive to BlackBerry. A rapid release cycle may be the only answer for companies other than Apple.

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Ya they better get it going soon...always running late...where's BBM? seriously taking weeks's mid sept now

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Does it matter? If they don't advertise who will know a new phone exists besides blackberrians?

Posted from my 6230

I really hope the USA carriers are already testing this (especially Sprint, I hope they are getting this) so it can be released before the end of 2013!

I think I may trade in my Z10 when Z30 comes. Hope to see it before Christmas BlackBerry!

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I hope it sales more than the Z10 and Q10.. BlackBerry needs that.. keep up the good work BlackBerry #teamblackberry


I am getting this phone as soon as it hits and passing on my z10.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Hmmm. Very late to make it before Black Friday. Why is it I'm thinking the US is going to be the late release market and miss the holidays?

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I got to use a Z30 for a few minutes last month, it's faster, smoother and a bit heavier than the Z10 with a classy design and solid construction. It looks much better in reality than in photos and video clips. I don't know what the specs were nor which OS version it was running but I was told that its official name won't be the Z30, A10 or Aristo. I don't think I should reveal it at this time though.

Maybe the US Carriers are just looking for a reason to delay the release to kill off BlackBerry once and for all.

If this the case I seriously want a Federal investigation into the relationships between the Platform providers and Carriers and the Press in general.

If there is bad practice involved. Some heads must roll. Ultimately the consumer is the loser, if they are not given the opportunity to choose their phone instead of being conned any other phone but a BlackBerry.

If I want a BlackBerry, give me a BlackBerry. Are you going to deny me my consumer rights?

Not everyone wants apps but it nice to have the choice.

Industrial espionage is big business, we can't afford for the right information falling into the wrong hands.

Business people need security that's why they choose BlackBerry.

BlackBerry.....Get it done!

Watch out people, I've just given Frank Boulben a leg up. What are you going to do with it Frank? At you going to mess it up?

Or are you going to....GET IT DONE!

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Expecting half assed marketing and promo like the rest of the bb10 lineup. You wanna know why blackberry failing, that's where you pin it imo

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@ dj - Frank Boulben CMO BBRY - has given not one indication that he knows how to launch a successful marketing campaign to grow BlackBerry phone sales...

My new tag line is - "Frank Boulben Must Go"!!!!!!

Totally agree, he thought that changing the brand name would already be fine...

Disastrous marketing and even worse PR dept...

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You could not find a Z10 or Q10 sign to "save your life" in an ATT, VZ or TMob store in the states... I have no idea what he was thinking, but I could have done a better job and would have only taken $4 million on the sale of BlackBerry after I, and my colleagues, continued to wreck the company.

As a previous owner of numerous BlackBerry phones, I can understand the desire for the removable battery (freezing up may have occurred with older phones.....sarcasm!!!) but since getting the Q10 in June, haven't had the need to do the newer OS updates like 10.1 reducing the need for the pull? What are other people's experiences? Is this part of the reasoning for non-removeable on the Z30

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There is such a thing as hard reset by holding the power button for longer than 10 seconds on the Nokias. It is the same as a battery pull. We have firmware that is stable enough to ensure this happens now. That is honestly a moot point in the modern day.

Q10 and Z10 also reset if you hold the power button for more than 10s. It's a hard reset.

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Blackberry needs to get out of this limbo. Nobody is going to buy this phone when the rumour is blackberry might not be around.

I think blackberry will be around but will likely have a new owner or partner...but that's not how the idiot masses look at things.

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How long did it take for verizon to test the q10? I think we are looking for a 2014 release 1 st quarter. Or wait second quarter or wait summer release(late summer)...

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I really want this. Frustrated though I am with the lack of certain apps, I do love BlackBerry 10 and can't imagine migrating to the other platforms.

My Z10 has practically become an extension of my body since the start of the year. I was initially worried about the extra size but I reckon I'm man enough to handle the Z30.

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I agree... It looks like a beast, but with that size they should crank up the screen (maintaining device proportion) and figure out how to utilise smaller bezels... I would love to see the Z receive such an upgrade somewhere next year.. 0.2/0.3 inch extra screen would fit the Z perfectly..

From the Z...

The screen on an iphone is so small and yet it's over all dimensions are only marginally smaller than my z10. I never here iphone users complain.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Why are they coming out with this before the blackberry sale is finalized. Nobody wants to invest in a phone that may not have blackberry service in a few months. Sales is gonna be worst then the other bb10 phones guaranteed

Posted via CB10

After I saw this device side-by-side with a Z10 in the leaks it really is not much bigger at all, so I may actually consider picking this up once it's out.

Why do they need to test it? Isn't it like the Z10 but bigger?

Carriers drive me nuts!

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

In the words of the girl in the blue dress on willy wonka. I. WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!

Zed 10 - In your face VZW


I've been waiting for an aftermaket version to come out. I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. The Z10 cover just doesnt do it for me.

That damn name.... CHANGE IT!!!... Z30 just sounds HORRIBLE!!. I wish BlackBerry never got rid of actually naming devices; Like the Bold, Torch, Curve... Z10 ok... Q10, fine... Z30?!... Where's 20?... Where's 15?... Just name it the A10, like we were all prepared for. You are losing money by the day... A shitty name isn't gonna help people forget that.

You'd think the bezel would be smaller than the Z10 giving the time and technology... but noooope!... Once again, leading from behind. I LOVE my Z10... Its the perfect size and truly, I cant see many running to this device. I would love to see BlackBerry get the chance to really get it right with a few more devices. The Q10, i looove it. the power of my Q10 is just what i've always wanted on a device. However, when i hold my Z10, my Q10 is just drawfed by it. I wish BlackBerry had extended the screen to as big as 3.7". Surely, as you look at it, there is more than enough room. I also would love the Z10 to keep its look but minimize the bezels. That would bring it to respectable 4.5" display. Just a few disappointments that could have turned things around for the. Furthermore, APPS!!!... Just release TAT and the 10.2 update already.


It's a nice device, fits perfectly in your hands, I thought it would be too big but it's just perfect. Typing with both hands is more comfortable than the z10. 10.2 and z30 is a match made in heaven. Just need the bloody marketing team to wake up.

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I'm not changing my BlackBerry Z10 for it! I'm good with this one! Don't need any bigger screen! Darn some if these phones are like carrying around tablets already!

Posted via CB10

It's like introducing the z10 again lol its the same as the z10 what's the point u r still in the same situation no apps lol

Posted via CB10

There is enough apps to more than satisfy. The speed of communication is the key. BB10 is second to none.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I want one! I am going to buy one.
I absolutely love BB10.
I can't imagine typing with anything else!!!
Plus, except for a few minor glitches this phone (Z10) has been rock solid.

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This thing will only appeal to blackberry fans at the price ($700-$800) BlackBerry will be asking for it Europe in November... it should already be out at $600.

Sent from my Z30/3

It will create a halo effect to Z10 and Q10. People will want to see the 5" phone from BlackBerry

Posted via Harry

ok. let's get our numbers straight:


that's a total of 5 phones. one is still missing, i guessing it's the z5.

with the iphone 5s and c not being that much wow, BlackBerry should bring out the (a) z5 and beat them over at china.

maybe we wanted to hear 6 BlackBerry 10 devices. :p

i was having a fun chat with a BlackBerry sales person, here in honduras, and she told me that the 9720 was part of the 6.

I hope Blackberry plans on advertising in the US. I have seen very little in the states about BB10. Still using a 9930 which I prefer over the iphone offered in the workplace.

I have yet to see a BB10 device in the wild in Columbus Ohio. ::(

@ Md - BBRY "advertised".... don't you remember the lame ass commercial with they guy sliding through the mud????

Frank Boulben Must Go...

Cheap office chairs. Must be Rogers.

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I can see this coming out sometime in late November, and weeks before the Christmas Season. Hopefully it comes out sooner. Can't wait to get one.

BB is like a rudderless ship. Where is the leadership since this company had the strategic review news release? There is only 1 solution. Heins and Stymiest have to go. Give them their pink slips. This is one big cluster f*** up!

So finally Z30 goes for carrier testing. This means in USA it shall surely be launched in January 2014. Also rest of the places in December on Christmas probably. The entire world makes a 5 inch phone except Apple. We all how how ahead Apple is VS blackberry. Great speed of Moving Ahead Blackberry. Pun Intended!

Saw this phone in person. Its beautiful as is the large screen. You guys/gals are in for a treat!

From the 9700 Bold2 to a Q10 via CB10

According to a post on TechSuplex, it's also arrived Nigeria for carrier testing. :)

Z10, (P/CB 10)

@Adam: I read somewhere in the ClackBerry forum that BlackBerry is rumored to be developing a 5" quad core FHD phone called the "O" Series to be released in 2014. Do you have any info on that rumor?

If there are no specs announced soonest I'll switch back to the iPhone.
How can BlackBerry survive with this crap marketing...?

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry 10 brought a whole new dimension to the user experience my 9780 and PlayBook were not able to do, though each did what they were programmed to do very well. I believe the Z30 will continue enriching the BlackBerry 10 experience and I look forward to the upgrade.

Sent from my Android slaying Z10

With Z10 and Q10 sales as they are, who seriously believes any carrier or retail outlet in the US will take the Z30 seriously? If they do pick it up, it's because of prior contractual agreements with BlackBerry that they will be unable to break. You'll see it relegated to a dark corner of the floor space, with very little fanfare or planogram displays.

"Hi, we're BlackBerry and we need someone to buy us if we're going to survive, because so few people are buying our phones. Oh, by the way, here's a new product."

Sure, sign me up for that.

A real shame, too, because the Z30 looks gorgeous.