BlackBerry Z30 receives GCF certification

By Adam Zeis on 9 Aug 2013 01:42 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 news has been hush hush the last few days, but today some info popped up as the Z30 has been certified by the Global Certification Forum.

Under the model number STA100-3, the Z30 (aka A-series) has been approved for GSM/EDGE; 3G/HSPA (2100, 1900, 850, 800, 900) and LTE AWS, 700 bands.

So what does it mean? Mostly that things are moving along behind the scenes for the Z30. The GCF is just one of the certifications a device needs to run through before release and If everything stays on par for the rumored launch in the fall, we should be hearing plenty more on this guy in the near future. 

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BlackBerry Z30 receives GCF certification


The great thing with the Z30 is that BlackBerry can use it as another opportunity to get BlackBerry 10 to the masses, promote it, get it in reviewers' hands, etc.

That's the story of BlackBerry - missed opportunities.... :(

If BlackBerry had launched in Jan with the Z30 and with BB10.2.... might have been a much more encouraging "come back".

Actually I expect BlackBerry to be able to really get some good marketing and word of mouth on this new model. As long as it gets the full 10.2 OS. I think getting this out for back to school or the holiday season with the refinements in 10.2 might actually make some of the media jump on the bandwagon.

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The problem is that BlackBerry doesn't allow Apps and games to be stored on SD card, having only few massive games and apps will eat up most of the 16 gigs

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Witch phone allow you to do that anyway ? Problem is that they need to offer the 32g variant for those who want it. that, I agree

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Are you sure? I saw the option on the app world. Swipe from the top to see this and goto options.

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For large games etc they should allow a base install on system memory, but allow for the bulk of the data to be stored in SD, like how Mireo allows you to store the maps on the SD card.

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The market for bb10 devices is not yet big enough for them to split sales between various models that only vary the size of their internal storage, so of course they have to stick with the one wanted by the majority, especially since they do include an sd card slot unlike some others.

I for one will not be getting one if it only has 16GB internal storage, (and I would like to get one) I hope someone at BlackBerry is reading this and makes sure it has a minimum of 32GB inside.
Their only shooting themselves in the foot if they don't put 32GB inside, the more storage the more we can buy and the more they make from sales in BB world...

By the way I am going through withdrawal my Z10 died on me, can't turn it on or off red led keeps flashing.
I am waiting for my replacement to arrive sometime next week. I miss my Z10...

Oh well something good came out of this, I dusted off my playbook and am using it to type this... :o)

Take care.

As long as the Marketing/Hype starts by late September and phones hit carriers/stores "by" end of October (also known as "April" in the USA ... you know, "for testing & certification reasons" <wink, wink>), it should be OK.

Of course, that doesn't bode well for my pined-after (still only rumoured) Z15 ... <sigh>

What's to say the US carriers won't do the same as with the z10? The lack of marketing was a total fail for BlackBerry.

They might as well say "the new BlackBerry's half past Z hour.

Lol. Get it?

SILENCE!!! For I have spoken...

+1. Cause I can't wait any longer than that. Have the Z10,Q10/5 and want the Z30 too.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Contract?? Most carriers alow upgrades anytime if you pay for them.

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

I certainly hope you are wrong. I am overdue for an upgrade, and I really want this phone. I'm on my third Torch and enough is enough!

So it's for real then.... not liking this it's liked a souped up, slimmed down playbook, - just my opinion but I wonder if this is a good idea at this point in BlackBerry's journey.

I'm sorry. Like the rest of you, I was a HUGE Crackberry. Blackberry better give me one of these for free, after misleading me on my $699 Playbook. I'm giving it to November, checking out the number of "quality apps" and WHAT THEY INTEND TO DO FOR ORIGINAL Playbook owners!

I bought a 3000 dollar Macbook, ones that 4 years old and can't update to maverick. I want compensation apple!

Just live with it. Get the z30 and accept that the 3 Year old play books hardware can't run bb10


No, the difference here is that BB did not deliver what they promised for the Playbook. I wish I had the original ad. It's not just the BB10. I feel like I (Playbook owners) was used as a Guniea Pig for BB10.

"they over promised and under delivered"

The story of BlackBerry management. Normal companies under promise and over deliver. But not BlackBerry, the maverick of the "mobile computing" industry. Ha!

What did BB promise you when you bought the PlayBook for $699??

Let's see the timeline:
- PlayBook released April 2011
- PlayBook discounted Dec 2011
- BB10 (aka BBX) announced in May 2012
- BB10 promised for PlayBook Jan 2013

If you bought a PlayBook for $699 in Jan 2013 then sorry to say but you were definitely ripped off.

I think he was getting at, that its 2 years old at the point they said the PB would get bb10.... so maybe it didn't factor into your purchase....

I do agree that they promised it would be updated every 2 weeks... but that was the old management.

While the BlackBderry PlayBook may be 2 years old chronologically the hardware remains as capable as 99.9% of current tablets from other vendors. I cannot believe they were unable to bring the BlackBerry OS 10 run-time libraries to work with BlackBerry Tablet OS 2. Hades they devoted an inordinate effort to the BlackBerry Android Player. That's what we BlackBerry PlayBook users (original release) are saying.

raino, "we were told that the Playbook could access all websites. As a matter of fact, ESPN was one of their recommended sites. ESPN than blocked all of the videos if you try to go to the "Full Site." When I called BB they said it's the Web page, not them. maybe.....but on the Surface Pro.........the websites don't pick up that it's a mobile.......but they pick up that the Playbook is. Another example is how it handles Java. I can't view items on many websites." so yes, it never delivered as promised. You can argue with me all you want. I'm one of the few Blackberry customers left at my bank......I was the cheerleader. We can debate how misled and let down I feel............BB can't afford to lose any more customers. Old management......unhappy customer....and that is the bottom line.

SERIOUSLY?!?!? I think your answer lies in the fact that pretty much everyone connected to Playbook has either left or been laid-off (or given notice of such) already.

I get that you (and hundreds of other Playbook buyers) are upset - and who wouldn't be? - but the ONLY 2 EFF-ups BBRY made were to:
1) misjudge how bloated BB10 would become from its slender QNX origins (hence the hardware under-spec), and
2) go on-record with a statement (not a promise) of bringing BB10 to the Playbook when they hadn't tested it thoroughly enough (yet) for upgrade-compatability.

And "YES" I own a PB too, so I'm not unaffected myself!

Everyone knows that devices - ANY & ALL of them - are essentially obsolete by the time they hit store shelves; the only unknown is exactly how long it'll take before the next newer version replaces it there. Still, Moore's Law gives us a good predictor.

Other than THAT, what manufacturer of any product (from cars to TVs, vacuum cleaners, gaming consoles and even home appliances) has E-V-E-R given its customers ANY benefit for having bought its product that are made obsolete by a newer version?

Like the case a friend knows of someone who bought a $3000 Korean-made fridge that broke just after the warranty expired and was told by the repair guys: "sorry, we can't get the part/s, and since you have no warranty, have a nice day."

Do APPL, MSFT or any 'Droid vendor give its lemmings A N Y T H I N G - even at a reduced price (OK fine: "maybe" MSFT users get a lower-priced "newer Software Version Upgrade")? ...

The fact is, your Playbook probably works "just fine" and will likely continue to do that - it's a great Music, Photo & Video player, and quite passable "other uses" device, even without ANY new/future upgrades.

So (not just "you," Flyerssignguy, but ALL the gripers out there!), give your heads a shake and quit flogging this dead-and-already-buried horse.

Another example, we were told that the Playbook could access all websites. As a matter of fact, ESPN was one of their recommended sites. ESPN than blocked all of the videos if you try to go to the "Full Site." When I called BB they said it's the Web page, not them. maybe.....but on the Surface Pro.........the websites don't pick up that it's a mobile.......but they pick up that the Playbook is. Another example is how it handles Java. I can't view items on many websites.

I hear what you're saying bpmg4u but I think what Flyersingnguy and most Playbook owners are complaining about is not the fact that Playbook wasn't upgraded to BB10, that was just the last straw. People who bought Playbook did so believing in BlackBerry. The Playbook was a great tablet when it came out but because of lack of apps among other things it was never up to par with any of the tablets of its time. In it's tenure had only one significant upgrade and that's it. It was abandoned from birth. Now, Playbook owners were ok with that and patient, why because the new QNX was the beginning of something greater and with the announcement of BBX no BB10 they expected finally to have the upgrade. That was only re-enforced later by promises of BB10 to Playbook only to let us down. Had I purchased an iPad or an Android tablet instead of a Playbook I would be ok with it. I wouldn't be complaining. The tablet gave worked at its full potential. Playbook was always a "work in progress". Only they never did any work on it and the progress never came. So you can't compare an iPad user or a Android tablet user to a "whiny" Playbook owner, those guys' tablets were up to speed right out of the box and maintained and upgraded over the years. Playbook was sub par and abandoned.

Let's not forget when the Storm 2 was promised to have an upgrade to BB6 OS and then it was abandoned because just like the specs of the PlayBook, the Storm 2 was under spec'ed. They always have issues with over promising and under delivering.

The under spec'ing of the Z30 or their short sightedness is what worries me the most. Well, that and their inability to market their products here in the US (or maybe even everywhere else in the world).

Yea and I get it. The PlayBook may have not had the specs to run BB10, and that's ok. That's not the problem, the problem is why haven't they given us updates over the years. Like a better browser and keyboard? You don't need to run BB10 to do that. Why do we not have BBM? Android and iPhone are about to get BBM and the Playbook, a BlackBerry device, still does not have it. And their app selection sucks! There was more app selection in legacy phones. The Facebook app is horrible! Why haven't they fixed it with updates. FB on my Bold 9900 was better and it ran off of a Java platform. No excuse for that the FB app for BlackBerry is developed by guess who? BlackBerry! And so is Twitter and guess what? We don't have that on PlayBook either! Nor do we have the basics like LinkedIn, Foursquare and Yelp. Instead they've tried to push us third party apps over the years. It's a damn shame cause I think the PlayBook is a very capable tablet. BlackBerry just abandoned it years ago. They can still do right by us and give us NOT BB10 but a good solid upgrade, but they won't.

Anyway enough about the PlayBook, this is about the Z30 and I think it gonna be a great phone. For now all though let down with my PlayBook, I am very happy with my Z10 and hope BlackBerry stops with the BS and starts delivering.

I feel your pain. I have a 64gb Playbook that I am about to retire. Once RIM/BB announced that there would be nothing new for Playbook owners, I knew it was time to give it up.

Don't you think you should get over it? Lol!!! Just curious, how were you misled by BlackBerry? Nothing is guaranteed in life.

I don't get why they should give you one for free?????

Swiped from the Ever So Awesome White Berry Z10 10.2 on CB10

Because several years after he bought a Playbook at full price, at a time where I got one new for $150, they made a promise they couldnt follow through on and it retroactively ruined the device all the way back to the day he was tricked into buying it.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Not fully compatible. This is more suited for AT&T, although you could use it on TMO for HSPA+ in refarmed markets, and for LTE everywhere.

Telus had a CDMA network here in Canada up until the second gen iPhone was released and they had to have it. I think they still support legacy devices, but went GSM otherwise because it's a world-wide standard.

I honestly didn't realize there were CDMA networks still hanging on.

"In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas."

Both Bell and Telus were CDMA networks until they won the bid to be the wireless providers for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and then they made the transition to GSM. At this point I think Public Mobile is the only "national" CDMA network.

Yes 10.2 has jelly bean 4.2.2 android runtime. Essentially with 4.2.2 being the most current android version out there officially it is able to run any android app but on bb10 it's kinda hit or miss with Android apps. Some work great as if they were native apps, some run but are buggy and some just won't run. Atleast with jellybean it helps bb10 users with the availability of more apps then just those offered in BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

My PBook us just a tool and a basic tablet for me and my kids.
My Z30 will be my new PBOOK and loving it

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If Z30 comes out the same spec it has been leaked, I don't think it will be excited too many people. It will end up the same Z10. BlackBerry, I hope you study your competitors seriously. It must be better with spec and software than competitors or no way it cans sale as many it hopes to achieve.

Whatever it is currently will be in the final product. I don't think there will be any major changes in design.

We have fcc and ic registration numbers as well, but they don't show up yet in the databases

Sent from my PlayBook v10.2.0.1155 Lite

Hmmm if STL is Z then STA might be something different, I have high hopes that's not a Z

Marketing is everything

I was one of those who was upset about the PlayBook not getting bb10. I'm never going to buy a tablet from BlackBerry again. People need to separate from the two. My old BlackBerrys still get updates. It isn't the phones that had the issue. It is the tablets. I hope they do something at least to make up for the broken promise but for now as far as my phone goes it continues to be BlackBerry.

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did someone say Playbook, those are tablets? thought that they are just good for alarm clocks right. I have 2 of them....who cares.

IPad still can't render flash. The bridge, although not nearly as robust as it once was on the legacy devices, is still useful. Multitasking is excellent. The speakers are excellent. I use my Z as my alarm clock generally.

If you really want one of these hold your fire for a few months, they'll be selling for half release price.

Damn STA100-3 does this mean BlackBerry gona do th same STA100-4-1 series aka LTE gets better specs n th 3G models get lower spec such disappointment

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The leaked specs only mention Qualcomm processors, and the SQN100-x series (Q10) as well as SQR100-x series (Q5) are all based on Qualcomm processors. And they are all LTE capable. Only the Z10 had a 3G-only variant built on OMAP4, and since TI has gotten out of the AP business I doubt we'll see any new BB devices released on OMAP4 or OMAP5. I am surprised though that given their work with Marvell on past programs that they haven't shown up in anything for BB10. Maybe in a new lower-cost solution? Marvell's PXA986 processor is in the latest Samsung Tab, so it's "good enough" for Android JB, I would expect "good enough" for BB10 as well?

Uuuggghhh, another thread that's highjacked by angry PlayBook owners. Your passed off, I get it but it's over and old news. Those that got a PB after they said it would get a bb10 upgrade, I can see why your pissed but still, nothing is for sure. Those that bought the PB prior to that, get over it!!! It's not like it doesn't do anything now. It's still a good tablet.

Now can we get back to the actual topic of this thread? Wait, what's this thread about again???

Oh ya the Z30. I like it, and I will be getting one. The whole specs debate isn't a concern for me. If it even runs like my Z10 does I will be very happy. I really love the Z10 and I never thought I would like a virtual keyboard as much as I do. In curious to see how the typing experience will be on a larger screen. Anyways, glad to see the Z30 moving along and is going through the required steps to get released.

*** Btw I have 2 Playbooks for those wondering***

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

It needs a snapdragon 800 or at least 600 to even compete in the market..come on blackberry stop falling behind!

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Based on the leaked info, it's the same chipset as the Moto X, but even Google (/Moto) stated that was a 'mid range' chipset, and they were aiming for a 'sweet spot' with that solution along with 720p screen. They also use a few other cores (what they call their X8 system) for low-power audio and sensor processing, so maybe BB have some similar tricks planned for this design?

I have to agree though that for 'Flagship' class product in H2'13 or even H1'14, they need S800 based designs (there are some significant modem improvements along with GPU and CPU and Mem BW and hey, 4k video!) Even Exynos 5420 will be hard to meet the specs of S800, and other players like NVIDIA won't have their Logan solution out until next year. There really aren't very many players anymore in this space (for ARM-based): QC, Sammy, NV, Marvell (who focus on single-chip), Broadcom (who also focus on single-chip), Apple (who don't sell their gear to others), and then a host of lower-cost and lower-spec'd Chinese folks like Mediatek / Allwinner / Rockchip. I don't know if Spreadtrum does anyhting but modems. Intel has their Atom and from the looks of their recruitment AMD may get into this space, but in the last 18 months alone we've seen TI, Freescale, ST-E, and Renesas Mobile all call it quits. QC is the best game in town, and as with all Windows Phone devices, it seems like BB10 is getting sole-sources onto QC as well. But also like Windows, they seem to be lagging the Android development on the new chips but ~6 months or so. :( I guess we can expect an S800 design then in H1'14?

This phone will have the same problem as the Z10, in terms of sales, if BlackBerry doesn't change their horrible marketing strategy. BlackBerry is missing A LOT of what the top Phones have; namely, apps. So their NEEDS to be a reason why I, as a consumer, would choose their phone over something like the iPhone or Galaxy S4, that are seemingly complete.

Windows has done this brilliantly with the Lumia series. The showcase the phone as the best camera phone on the market. Now is that true? Probably not. But that doesn't matter. So long as people belief that it is. HTC One's commercial showcases BlinkFeed. Showing people that they no longer have to search through multiple buried components to get to what they need. And they do it amazingly. The main problem with BlackBerry's marketing is there's nothing, and i mean NOTHING memorable about them.

Take the Q10 commercial for example. "Its time".... They missed an opportunity to bring some life to keyboard experience. People, outside of the BB fan base, remember the BlackBerry experience as a BAD one. So simply saying: "here's a new BlackBerry, buy it" just wont do. Many of the old users are unaware that this is a completely new and different OS from the legacy devices. BB10 has a TON of new and fun features that many current or non BB users would love. Timeshift, for example, is something that should have its own commercial. Its nothing new, but people dont know that. So if you force them to see that the phone takes human error away from taking pics, they would be inclined to at least LOOK at the phone and its features in stores. The Hub, you see glimpses of it in commercials but maybe you bring it back to the professionals and showcase just how helpful it can be. And there it is... A company that is synonymous being all business can now be fun too. The era of a "business phone" is dead. Every new phone now is equipped with docs and Email. Yes, BlackBerry does it better still than anyone. However, FUN has taken over practicality. So, as should BlackBerry. They had a great first step to that with the Z10 commercial but made the mistake of stopping there. You have a catchy commercial that gets people wondering. Now follow it up with something that shows off everything about the phone.

In closing, BlackBerry's marketing team is and has always been their MAIN problem. The Z10, though an AMAZING mobile experience, was overpriced from the gate. A phone having a MASSING apps problem with a new and unfamiliar OS, shouldn't have been priced the same as an iPhone. The Z30 will unfortunately suffer the same fate. BlackBerry needs to understand that losing market shares is a problem that will ultimately spell death. The need to rebuild user base. The only way to do that is to make their phones "affordable". The Q5 should be free at contract or priced well under 99.99 to compete and bring people BACK to BB. If they dont fix this, they will not stand past the end of 2015. This, from a HUGE BlackBerry fan and longtime user. Address the problem.... That's the first and only step in fixing it.

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^ well said.

Funny though the Q5 launches on Bell & Telus Mobility at $49/2yr contract - which COMPLETELY shocked me into positivity. Although $459 outright is expensive EVEN if it offers LTE competing devices of different classes also do as well.

Anyone notice the non-removable battery in this Z30?

Get a Leonardo Dicaprio, Spike Lee or sports athletes to promote the phone. Get a wall street broker to promote the phone !

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The Z10 was not over priced. The marketing was also many times better than it had ever been for BlackBerry. Can marketing improve? Always. Can most people's ability to adapt to something more advanced and superior to iOS, Android, and Windows? Clearly not. That's why BlackBerry is not for the "masses" in their current state of unawareness. No amount of marketing can convince a bunch of mindless zombie consumers that there is something better than what they're limited capability of understanding can recognise. That is not a marketing problem, that's a stupidity problem.

You can take a thousand confused consumers and blatantly show them exactly how BlackBerry 10 is superior in every way to everything else currently available, but they still won't get it because they can't put a filter on it, post a selfie about it, and upload it to instagram, unless they side load the application, but they're too lazy to do that and can't deal with the steps required as a result of having the intelligence of a bag of potatoes. They are mad because they can't comment on somebody's lunch meal photograph with a mean statement while they're c r a p p i n g, so they're blinded with rage and can't cope with not having the most popular crapps to do useless stuff as described.

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Sorry mate but BB10 is not an advanced ansd superior OS. It lacks basic functionality I've been used to on Symbian for the last two years and that has been declared redundant and obsolete by people who would have us believe they know what they're talking about. BB10 is currently only marginally less dumbed down than iOS.

Oh, by the way, you can put a filter onto any image you want with BlackBerry 10, right out of the box. Except, that won't garner you the same attention achieved by having the ability to upload your masterpieces to instagram for the likes and comments. Again, unless you're ability to read can be utilised long enough to follow the simple steps required to side load the attention grabbing crapplications.

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Hope BBM Channel has an option to upload pictures to comment on but controlled by the user for thé Instagram Sheep.

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Guess what? BBM will be better than instagram. LMAO. Hahaha hahaha! In fact BBM Channels will be better than many, many currently available crapplications.

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I'm a jaggoff. Don't even read my BS. I just possess the thousand yard stare of a good man who's lost it all seeking redemption as a forums fiend. So far, it's not working to help me get a leg up in life. Carry on...

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I don't know. I rather enjoyed the rant. I think many of us fanboys with half a brain recognize the superior construct. I have been in New York for an entire week with one Q10 billboard on a bus stop saying essentially nothing about the phone. On Broadway there is a massive televised add promoting the Windows phone camera. Uggh

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Don't know if this has been said already. This device needs to hit the US market BEFORE and I mean at least a week or two BEFORE any other region. Why? To pique people's interest when fans from other regions want them weeks before their friends and they are snatched up quickly. If this goes down in the US it will pique the American publics interest, show them the world wants BlackBerry, and maybe bring back some mind share where it is needed the most. If people want one first in other regions they will order from the US and priority ship it home. People in the US had been doing the same for BB10 launch. Everyone who wants it will wait and to make sure everyone else wants it the Z30 needs to be on shelves everywhere by December the latest. Not guaranteed but the sales boost could potentially keep the media at bay and maybe change their tune. A tall order but I hope they can pull this off. It will boost BB10 in the US where it is currently crumbling. So far they have been late to the party every single time.

There is zero chance of the states getting the device first because the carriers over there are so bloody slow at approving devices for launch and BB simply are not in a position to hold back on sales that they will get everywhere else to try and boost sales somewhere that does not really seem interested in them. Your idea that people would import american versions in order to get the device sooner is also flawed as for much of the world that would just result in the LTE bands being utterly useless on your device.

This GCF certification is actually a large proportion of what is required by a lot of european carriers for them to approve a device for launch so there is a huge gap between carrier expectations.

Did anyone realize this thing has worse specs and app selection than a galaxy S4? And it's being released AFTER the S4?

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Specs are specs. Just look at the iPhone 5 specs, they are meaningless. Android devices required a lot more horsepower because the OS is inefficient. BB10 is a very efficient OS, you will quickly notice how well the Z10 runs, and outperforms heavier specs Android devices.

What I want is MATERIAL Quality. I am fine with 2GB, Quad-Graphics and a faster Dual-Core CPU. All this Quad/Octa-Core CPU's are a gimmick and Android will never benefit from it. It's not a multi-threading OS.

10.2 has impressed me. Lets hope blackberry releases a hugely updated Z10 by Christmas. Quik take my money before android 5.0 drops. Cause this Z30 ain't doing it for me

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BLACKBERRY! Listen up!

Canucks have been spoiled on the BlackBerry launches for obvious reasons, but I really hope that the US is the first bunch to get this.

How is it all really going to matter...
Getting someone on the blackberry platform is not going to be easy.
Blackberry can do the email like no other phone, this is the biggest differentiating factor.
My old Bold 9900 can do better email than any other phone out there.
Marketing "gurus" deployed by blackberry are freaking as*holes with their heads up do deep into their own buts they can see their own tonsils.
Working professionals are still your people so cater to them and make sure the rock solid bottom line function better than anyone else, this is your only edge RIM!!!
No one is going to write the apps for you like they do for the other platforms, get real. Get your own super solid base like no one else.

I was too excited myself about the release of the new 'flagship' device. Even though I payed a fortune here for 'pre-ordering' the Z10 and the price is now 200 USD less, I was inclined to replace my Z10 for the Z30, but I was in such a disappointment after I read the leaked specs. I love BlackBerry and I've been a loyal customer for the past 5 years, but please, S4 is a monster and BlackBerry is always behind. How did I end up with a 706 USD phone with no 4G LTE and my colleague at work comes one day and dares to brag about his 200 USD HTC phone having 4G? Why was this STL100-1 released but at all? Why I didn't get the better versions in my country? I am so happy with the new OS, but man oh man it lags a lot 'gesturing' while this is supposed to be their new 'thing', my wife's S3 mini doesn't lag!

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I like the phone. I just hope its ready for launch with a proper Update built in or ready to update once given after purchase for the cell.