BlackBerry Z30 pricing revealed for Canada - $700 outright at launch

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2013 10:09 am EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 is already available in some regions and set to land in Canada on October 15th (unless of course you're on Rogers). The pricing for North America has been a bit of a mystery until now, but according to a leaked document from Bell it looks like the Z30 will be $700 off-contract at launch.

While it's a bit high, it's not uncommon to see devices priced this much. Doing some math you can expect the Z30 to be around $149 or $199 on contract depending on your term.

The Z30 is set to hit Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy in just about a week. 

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BlackBerry Z30 pricing revealed for Canada - $700 outright at launch



I'm going to lol so hard if Telus pricing is like $600 and all this bitching ends up being for nothing because Bell had a higher price then other carriers.

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Telus will probably price it the same as bell. but it's kodoo that usually price the phones lower bigger brother telus.

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Their strategy on pricing and marketing is perfect as far as their management is concerned . If BB came right out and said to not buy BlackBerry phones and buy Iphones Samsung and WPs it would be to obvious they are trying to destroy their own company.

Posted via Z10 much again BlackBerry $700? With this price it'll be hard for existing Z10 users like me to purchase one out right even if I really want to support BlackBerry. I'm out.

Double this.... I might buy one in a couple of months for 300, but I certainly won't be getting the credit card out.

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Look at LG.. no one wanted to buy an LG phone about two years ago the Optimus line was failing. Then along comes Google with a contract for releasing a low cost nexus device in an online store. Sold out in minutes. The phones low availability at launch made it more desirable as well. Now LG has made a name for themselves and people are listening when they release a new phone like the g2. BlackBerry needs to do the same to get their foot back in the door of this market. Once we have the numbers back in the users of BlackBerry brand and around BlackBerry 10 then people will look forward to the next release. The next big thing.

My two cents... or 10 cents

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Yeah but no one constantly reading about LG not performing in the tech media. BlackBerry's name has been dragged around the dirt for the better part of 4 years now. Its a lot of abuse and bad press to take to be able to comeback strong. Not saying it hasn't been done before, but times are sugnificantly different these days.

Someone in that company is definitely smoking crack! $50 more than the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy S4???

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TOO HIGH... too high... Its needs to be priced to move or else any company to takes BlackBerry over wont have a shot at bringing it back from the brinks of death

well, selling for over $800 on eBay

But I agree need to go under the iPhoneS and GS4 to get it going. Better to prcice it to move than take another writedown

Me thinks they should have started to sell them like airline tickets. Go on sale so you can't say no to buying it then after so many are sold raise the price

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I would be HAPPY to pay 700 for one! The minute I find one that works on T-Mobile LTE, I buy it. The minute.

Was hoping for $600. Will wait as I can't buy on Contract and selling my Z10 Will only yield about $300.

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It's good that they learned their lesson from pricing the Z10 too high. Let's see 4th quarter 2014 we should be getting the announcement of another billion dollar write off

"While it's a bit high..."?

You're truly the master of understatement. It's almost impossible to believe that BBRY has learned exactly nothing over the past 6 months.

$650-600 is reasonable but $700 is too much for only 16gb and only a 720p screen other than that I really like the device. Just wish my z10s value didn't fall through the floor :(.

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Are you kidding me? Screw the BB faithful, again and again. This company deserves to go down. These prices are F@#%ing insulting. The Crackberry faithful should be pissed.

700 and no contract, mmm. Wouldn't pay 700 for an iPhone and no contact but I would for the Z30 and no contact.

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All the devices are too high considering they haven't marketed a valid reason to pay that much. People will pay more for a good device but they want to know why it's worth the money. Their marketing hasn't done a good enough job communicating this. If they don't, they won't compete at that price. Bring it down to $550-600, and it'll without marketing effort. But personally I feel they need a new public image.

Yes... if Bell or Telus can provide me a factory unlocked phone then it would be sweet.

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If that's $700 American BlackBerry can shove that thing so far up there nose I hope they sneeze. No way will I ever ever give BlackBerry $700 for a phone. Good luck BlackBerry

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The carriers set the pricing not BlackBerry. The only manufacturer that sets off contract price is Apple. All others full retail price is set by the carriers themselves.

They set the price high for a reason to induce customers into a contract.

We cannot be upset with BlackBerry on the pricing this solely falls on the carriers. BlackBerry sells the phones to the carriers they in turn put whatever mark up they wish. Thus coming up with the price.

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Doesn't deserve that price if blackberry wany customers they should make phones cheaper. They should make the z30 price 500

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BlackBerry doesn't set the price at the carriers, they have no control over it at all

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I plan on using my Z10 for the next 3 or 4 years. Almost all parts that experience daily wear can be replaced. Spare screens, digitalizers, and back covers can all be purchased from eBay. The only nonreplaceable component that would fail when used daily is the charge port. Alas, there is no wireless charging so I'm doing the only alternative: switching out the battery.

The Z30 has no user replaceable battery. How long do you think such a phone could last? Over time, the chemical composition of the battery will deteriorate and battery life drops. I don't believe in disposable phones. Unfortunately, BlackBerry has made one with the Z30. Like the iPhone, plan on buying a new one every year.

The only reason people think the iPhone has great battery life is because by the time their upgrade comes around, the current iPhone's nonreplaceable battery is shot.

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The balls on these people. Wouldn't it be smart to finally price a device to compete instead of hoping people buy it at your ridiculous price, ONLY to have it slashed to where you SHOULD'VE priced it anyway?... PlayBook, 9900, Z10... He'll, even some of the previous legacy devices were priced too high. Marketing has neeeeeeeever been BlackBerry's strong suit. Hate to even talk about the PlayBook but if they took Kindle's approach and priced the devices HALF what the iPads were, they would've sold TONS of them. Half ass launches with unreachable price points and HORRIBLE marketing. Please, someone.... PLEASE tell me when was the last time you saw a Z10 OR EVEN a Q10 commercial?.... I was up late not to long ago watching tv. In a 2hr time span, I saw the iPhone 5c commercial 10+ TIMES... ON ONE CHANNEL!!!... Its insane to me. If you were never on CrackBerry and never knew about BB10, would you know what the main features of the OS were?... TimeShift... Its all about cameras these days right?... WHY wouldn't you show that awesome feature in a separate commercial all its own?... Flick tipping... Did you really see it highlighted in an interactive commercial or was it place on the screen for 2 seconds with on flick and some robot saying flick typing... BlackBerry SUCKS at marketing. I truuuuuly believe I have the BEST phones on the market right now with my Z10 and Q10. But I couldn't even began to give reasons why I would push anyone towards a 2-3years commitment. "Sale like hell"?.... DO YOUR F***ING JOB!!!. Spend what lil you still have and go balls to the wall for your base. 7+ years of loyalty... 7+ years of watching them do the saaaaame shit again and again. You tend to get very tired of this as a fan. Those of you who can't speak your minds about this are worst than the iSheep and Fanboys we make fun of.

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Drift you said so many of the things I say about BlackBerry. There are so many great features and only way anyone know own in if you show them
Even them just like politics everyone knows everything. Can't tell them anything. BlackBerry marketing is so bad. The non replaceable battery has gotten me thinking. Might just stick with my Z10. I won't pay over $500 period.

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good price, stop yelling at the prices, atleast blackberry is offering something new not like i-toys and driods introducing the same crap devices. :)

When you look at the home computer market pc's with lower specs often carry a lower price the a higher end model. A full hd screen will command a higher price than a non hd variant. My 51" plasma is 1080p and the similar tv with 720p resolution is almost half the formers cost.

You cannot release a z30 at the same cost as a note three or gs4. The fact is that the average consumer which is the deciding factor look at these specs and will 9 times out of 10 will with the better value for their dollars.

Regardless of the app situation, or sideloads.

They may not be able to get the big name apps at the moment but the one area they did have control over was their hardware. This was the one area they could have excelled in amd they missed it and overpriced it.

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i guess theyre marketing it only to prosumers or consumers that value productivity which can attribute to the price tag, i think $600 to 650 USD would be a fairer price, the 9900 was around 550 when it came out i think, the s4 is 600, the note 3 is 700, the 5S is just below 800 i assume, i hope BB gives out discounts of 50 or even a hundred to current BB users in the USA, but thats just a long shot

Just wait 4 months after the release and you can have a z30 for half the price. It will just as with the z10. Management is really messed up. They need to a higher market share and should not offer the phone at such a high price.

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The S4 sells for $699 In Canada without contract. Anybody think BBRY wants to get into a price war with Samsung?

Maybe the guys aren't that stupid. Me, I'll hang onto my Z10 for a while. For something that is overflowing a warehouse you can't seem to find one. I had 3 orders cancelled because the distributor couldn't get stock.

May the Z30 rock the market. Same price as the S4... So be it... I know what I want

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I want the Z30. Improved antenna for great phone reception, and loud clear speakers for calls, and music. I was thinking it would cost $650. I can deal with $700. Lower price would have been nice though eh?! Still, someone might have a better deal when it finally comes. Looking forward to the Z30. Best phone out there for me.

Maybe. :) Who can wait?! lol It is going to be a great fun phone to have. Sooner rather than later, hm. Whatever. We'll see.

I recently got my Z10 (about a month) and was looking forward to the Z30 ever since there were leaks about it. But will there be any difference between Z10 and Z30? or is the Z30 just bigger.

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Can't believe they're still this delusional. It's literally another phone like any android device. This reminds me of the days of Apple in the 1990's: expensive, losing market share, inferior to many, even carriers, overrated.

It takes another Steve Jobs to set this ship back aligned, but first, drop the frigging price. Geez BlackBerry....

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That's the same as the Q10 is selling for now at Rogers while the Q5 is for 350. I wonder if the price of the Z10 will stay at 600 or go down closer to the Q5.

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BlackBerry is very audacious to put the Z30 on the same price as the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy S4. Of course the Z30 is a very good phone but I just don't think it's THAT good to justify the price. Unfortunately, I would not recommend anyone to buy it for this price.
I hope I'm proven wrong and it sells millions of units in a couple of quarters. Good luck!

$700 ...No way....I mean I'm in the States and have AT&T...I always pay full price but if it did land on AT&T I doubt it will be that high...probably around 549$....but still I'll wait and let the price drop...the z10 price on AT&T keeps dropping started at 549$ then around 449$ and now it's all the way done to 339ish$$$$....which isn't bad...for off contract....which goes to show blackberry isn't doing well on at&t...the phone is free now on a two cotract.....its a shame cause it's a great phone...(not the price

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