BlackBerry Z30 pricing revealed for Canada - $700 outright at launch

By Adam Zeis on 4 Oct 2013 10:09 am EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 is already available in some regions and set to land in Canada on October 15th (unless of course you're on Rogers). The pricing for North America has been a bit of a mystery until now, but according to a leaked document from Bell it looks like the Z30 will be $700 off-contract at launch.

While it's a bit high, it's not uncommon to see devices priced this much. Doing some math you can expect the Z30 to be around $149 or $199 on contract depending on your term.

The Z30 is set to hit Bell, TELUS, MTS, Sasktel, Future Shop and Best Buy in just about a week. 

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BlackBerry Z30 pricing revealed for Canada - $700 outright at launch



yeah ... does seem a bit high. We are going to have folks make so many comments on here about discounting it to get it into the hands of people.

I'll be picking up one as well... I also think everyone may be forgetting, this device will more than likely have a cheaper price tag unlocked via

Be careful, I was checking Bell prices vs Telus since I have to leave Rogers now and found Bell's price on off contract BlackBerry phones are higher than Telus and Rogers for sure.

Other manufacturers were at par.

Also Bell was one of the companies that sold the STL100-1, we're Telus and Rogers were Selling the 3. So that's another thing to remember if there are going to be variations of the Z30

Posted from CB10 via Zed10.

I called Rogers to see my options and how much I would owe to cancel. If you bought the phone outright you can still activate with Rogers if that option works best for you (unless your all for the boycott lol)

I want this phone, but when i do the math of my cancel fee plus the 150-200 to get on contract, plus my bill would go way up switching with these new rates they came out with in the past year, it almost doesnt seem like I could ever leave Rogers, $80 for 6GB data and my 10 canada wide seems like a steal when i compared to other guys and i would only get 1 gig for the same price

Have you checked with Telus? Try going direct to their Loyalty Dept and seeing if there's a way they can log whatever they offer you while you think about it.

I've heard Bell is aggressive with offers to make you switch too.

This is how you CB10, son!

When I switched over to Bell on my TV Fibe and Internet. They were trying to get me to switch my cell from Telus they offered $85 6 GB unlimited LD in North America and unlimited text etc. Telus beat it and offered me $75 a month same plan. I need unlimited LD for NA for my work. Telus was very aggressive they didn't want me to leave as I have been with them since they were Clear-NET but it was the business loyalty department that gave the offer. I went back to Bell and they said they couldn't match it. So I stayed with Telus. Also just FYI I never sign contract that's when you loose all your bargaining power. I always buy any new device out right and I then have the choice to move if need be. Puts you in the drivers seat with these carriers. Especially as plans are always changing.

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Although I've been waiting patiently for Z30, At this point (& price) seems more like paying the ferryman at the river styx...

Getting one also and yes a donation is included. Lol.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

I just got a new job, so I have to wait until December or January to get one, but since I just renewed my contract with Bell to get my Z10 I'm going to have to buy it out right.
My girlfriend just got introduced to BlackBerry at work, and turns out she loves it, so my Z10 will be going to her.

Yes, the donation is included, lol.

This is what loyalty looks like.

As it is Zed, so let it be written, so let it be done.

They're just doing this to make the subsequent sale price look like a great deal. Or to make it seem like your carrier is giving you a sweet deal by 'discounting it *so* much' in exchange for a two-year contract.

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They should. Have they not realised that their pricing strategy is failing them! It seems that this is the same BlackBerry of old. Too slow and dense to react in order to be relevant

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Yup. The company may have changed the name slightly but this is just more of RIM decision-makers being completely out of touch with their market.

Oh well.

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They clearly dont care about selling devices.. They would have priced it at 400$ in the hope of selling more than about 1,000 or so to the last 1000 fan boys left.

If they don't do it with the z30 it should definitely be done with the remaining z10 stock. I'm surprised and kind of disappointed that they haven't attempted a strategy like this.


So basically the same. Doesn't seen out of order but of course we would all love for it to be 500 lol

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I would love to agree with you. But, we are not in the same level as the Galaxy series and the iPhone when it comes to popularity. In order to gain (take away some of their customers) we really need to use pricing as one of the "catches". Pricing similarly will continue to hurt us. I don't work for Blackberry so I shouldn't be using "we", but as a dedicated Blackberry user I feel a connection with the brand. lol

BlackBerry can't be compared to other flagships that have proven to sell like hot cakes at any given price.

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You know even if it was say $625 we could say they were trying but nope full price. For last years hardware and a plastic painted bezel is that the definition or prosumer of fool?

I don't have a link but I believe I do have it saved on my home computer. It was part of a wallpaper package posted on CB somewhere. PM me and I'll email it to you.

Can you point towards it? Not z10 or other devices, specific z30 material - I can find evidence of two low-key launches, two press releases and nothing else.

Higher profile in Canada. There have been a few campaigns, one of which seemed to target urban hipster-wannabes. The biggest was its sponsorship in The Amazing Race Canada, which included tons of product placement in the show, lots of ads, and a BB-sponsored "behind the scenes" segment on the web every week.

I haven't seen any real Z30 marketing in Canada yet.
Last time I looked few days ago, on Telus website Z30 is shown as coming soon, along with Note 3 and few others.

This is how you CB10, son!

If it were cheaper I would've made the switch from my Z10 to the Z30, but that's way to high. Seems like my Z10 needs to stay another 3-6 months...

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I might need to reconsider my thoughts. I just saw that here in Germany the price is pending between 511€ and 999€, so it might be effortable in December or after Christmas.
But then it's PS4 vs Z30...seems to be a hard decision :D

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He seems correct in all the negative comments he makes actually.... -_-

Posted Via CB10 On The Brother Of Future Z30

There are, in fact, lots of apps. Some even useful. However the app store is such shit I have to wade through a number of lists of apps that are inappropriate for my region or language that the impression becomes 'no apps'.

There is no way I'm going to scroll through pages of GPS apps and fan apps and media apps for Liberia to find something relevant.

Got things to do BBRY without helping you beta test. Fucking hacks.

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Like that's a reasonable price. They need to drastically undercut the competition to get long term users. At this price the Z30 will fail.

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It's too late for the z10. Whoever is in charge of strategy is failing badly. They need a NEW product at an affordable price and they need to MARKET the hell out of it.
And I mean proper advertising not the crap they've been doing so far that are instantly forgettable!

Posted via CB10

Their strategy seems to be to get out of the hardware business. They have nothing to market really. Why waste money marketing another failing product. The BlackBerry brand has been tarnished and will take years to recover. People have already made up their minds not to buy blackberry before they even look at the phones in the store. The majority of the people that will buy the Z30 will be Z10 owners, and there's no need to market to them because their already sold.

Price is aligned with other new devices at launch in terms of competition, but given need to get this out in people's hands to see how awesome it is, it should be lower.

The difference being, of course, that "other new devices" (iCult, Galaxy etc.) are in hot demand from the very first day.

$700 is at least $300 too high for people to take the risk of buying from a company in serious trouble.

I'm going to take another route this time around and buy it for like $500 off craigslist a month after release.

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Can we get some clarification on FutureShop and BestBuy selling the Z30. Will they be selling the Z30 direct from BlackBerry like they did for the PlayBook, or just selling the carrier branded Z30 via a carrier contract?

In case you all have forgotten. BlackBerry is not a charity. They need to make a profit on these devices FFS.

Posted via the magnificent Zed 10!

I read that it cost around $30 million in engineering and the. BOM is around $200 for a high end device. The ratio between the BOM and the retail price is about 35-45%. You also have to consider marketing, licenses and royalties.

I think marketing is currently $0.15 per phone.. ;) not much to factor in.

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

And look how that profit strategy turned out for them.

BlackBerry needs to realize that they're no longer in a position to dish out premium prices, despite how well built the phone is. Until the common consumer, or even prosumer for that matter that reassociate such value with a BlackBerry, these prices are futile.

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Yea they're making a profit on the few people that would pay that much for an unproven platform with no apps. That strategy has been working very well for them.

Posted via CB10

Hard to make a profit if you price yourself out of the running.
Gain a user base then start milking profits.

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I realize the cost to build the thing is what it is, and they have to *try*, but first of all, as another poster pointed out, *trying* does not evidently include even a scintilla of marketing, and second of all, they just wrote off some ungodly number of Z10s, and this phone is frankly just not that different.

I hope they only produced like 50 of them, because at this price and in their current state, that is all that they are likely to sell.

BlackBerry logic: You're phone doesn't need a 1080p screen, doesn't need a quad core cpu, 13 mp camera etc.... But we are still gonna price the phone like it had all those things. Great deal.

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Minus 1000.

The phone is priced just fine. From what I know about my Z10, and what I've seen in video's, it will be the best phone the market.

If you are so price sensitive, and don't have the money, get it on contract, or buy something else.

I paid that for my Z10, meh, there all just electronic tools in the end. Either it's worth it for what you need it to do or its not. It will be down to $500 by the holidays or shortly after.

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Exactly. If a customer can't pay the launch price, wait a month or two. No ones forcing anyone to pay those prices. ALL companies (except Google and maybe Amazon) have launch prices that are above one someone may be willing to pay. What's the point of being in business?

And the company does not have an infinite amount of cash to burn with the "hope" they'll get the critical mass just to break even. How'd that work out for Nokia or even HTC? Market share is not everything but it is what it is. It doesn't mean much and it's a small consolation prize but BlackBerry did outlast Nokia as a stand alone company with their chosen route in this competive market. It just proves how a crap shot it can be.

In the illustrious words of Frank Barone "Holy Crap!"

Seriously! That is a crazy price! Using Verizon's Edge program that is approx.$30 added to my current plan.


Posted via CB10

Thank you young guy. They are not cheap either, but they are the market leaders. I don't like either of them. BlackBerry Z30 all the way. Hoping BlackBerry rebounds and survives. There is so much potential in BlackBerry 10.

Posted from my SuperCool Z10

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I just can't seem to understand how a company expects to maintain customers this way. As it's been well documented, BlackBerry is a company that is in a downward spiral and I feel the prices of the phones should be reasonable for consumers to purchase. Just my opinion of course. I will be keeping my Z10 which is a great phone, even if it's not the "FLAGSHIP" anymore

Posted via CB10

Never was the flagship. That was stated when they released it. Why does no one remember this!?

Posted via CB10

Because you're making it up. They said that well before launch but then they shut the hell up and charged everyone flagship prices and said nothing on the situation. So for all purposes the z10 was the flagship.

Posted via CB10

So I'm making it up but they said it? WTF is wrong with you? It is one or the other. I am right. I never once said bit wasn't overpriced. Not being flagship it should have been more around 400 to 550 max. The Z30 should be 700 max. More likely 600. I agree that making them cheaper, and in so doing, more appealing is what they should be doing but they can't sell them for peanuts just "because". Devaluing the brand will be harder to turn around later than restructuring and refocusing on less handsets and more OS features. Offering the marked down inventory to all the companies currently on BES servers for cost would be a good investment. It accelerates BES10 adoption as well as gets the new OS out there. Most people that get business phones will be quite content having a BlackBerry as their daily driver. Not all, but most. Then they, BlackBerry, should go apeshit on the OS development and bring back all those things from BBOS7 that they can in numerous small updates. Bringing back all that functionality will be a killer asset. And while doing that, they need to get all the business apps they can get on board. Make it the best of both worlds, because honestly the consumer parts of phones like games and video apps or instagram require nothing fancy in terms of specs or OS capability to run. But making the phone fully business capable with a good OS and good specs is more important right now. The rest will come if it wants or even needs to. Keeping the 70mil. users is the key. 70 million new handsets every 2-3 years is easily profitable when done right. And please BlackBerry please unleash TAT! This is what you need right now! Let those guys run the development for more and more things and you will get the affect you desire on consumers. Don't let all that talent and creativity go to waste.

Posted via CB10

When I said you're making it up, it was a little harsh. What I meant was mixing it up. They never said anything when it was released. They did say it was not going to be the flagship well before release. But their actions and silence by release shows they wanted to give the impression that it was the flagship.
I also agree with the rest of your reply. BlackBerry has talent. They should stop keeping it on a leash

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Ugh, another bad move by blackberry.

I get it, they need to make money on the phone, but hello no one is buying them at this cost. Thats being penny wise and pound foolish.

Entice people on price, and build loyalty on your software, and experience. Everything is backwards in America Jr.

Calling Canada America Jr idea disgrace in its own right. Never produce such an unintelligent statement again in the future, please.

Not to drag politics into this but I'm pretty sure America is a lot more backwards than Canada has ever been. Heck, at least we've got a government ffs.

Just my 5 cents (No more pennies!!)

Posted via CB10

Yet another epic failure coming up. The pricing is once again out to lunch. Wait for the write down won't take long with a stupid price tag like that from a pretty much dead market for bb10 devices.

Also 50 bucks cheaper through virgin mobile. And will work on bell or virgin without need to unlock

Posted via CB10

Yes the pricing should be lower, but not for a high end smartphone. You guys do know that blackberry has to make a profit for the phone right? They can't sell it for 500 if it's not a 500 dollar phone. And apps is not what determines the price of a phone, it's hardware people lol

Posted via CB10

Look... an iPhone is (according so internal component exept for RAM) a better phone and they sell it cheaper no contract... is there something that I don't understand here?

Posted via CB10

No NFC, No expandable memory, smaller screen, no HDMI ouput, no stereo speakers, less ram, smaller battery. Those all cost money to put into a phone. Need I go on?

Posted via CB10

Sounds like an argument for RIM getting out of the hardware business.... they seem unable to compete at the price points they can profitably operate at so.....?

Makes sense... the 4500 job losses should have SOME impact around how RIM operates.

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry senior mgmt needs some shrink counseling. They are in denial. With 1B inventory of unsold Z10 sitting in the warehouses who the think they will sell Z30 at this price?

Posted via CB10

If they lower the price of the Z30, then it will be too close to the price of the Z10. They need to sell the Z10s first since they have so many of those.

Nothing short of a fire sale will help. But it could provide BBRY with a little profit - I'm sure anything will help at this point.

And I'll be waiting to scoop a few up :)

Posted via CB10

Reading that article last week where Lazaridis said the company would blindly say "you don't want apps, you want keyboards!" and so on. Nothing has changed. "People don't want retina displays! They want mediocre ones!" ugh. And at a premium price. This should be $100 less than the iPhone AT LEAST. Charging a premium for a non-premium product is nothing short of ridiculous. See also: PlayBook.

Posted via CB10

In everybody's eyes except for CrackBerry and BlackBerry, yes.

It has nothing to do with the phone. It's just the value of the brand.

Posted via CB10

It's not a premium product. It's a new product still in need of refinement and an ecosystem. It will become a niche product at best.

Posted via CB10

How about a hi-res display, swappable battery and 64Gb of built-in memory (plus the SD slot) for starters?

A company in serious trouble has to offer something MUCH better, at any product level, to sell product.

Just an example, I signed for a 2 years contract with my Z10 at a price of 199$ and now 4 months later, the phone is now at 50$... one more month and I am pretty sure they gonna give it free with a 2 years contract...

Posted via CB10

$700 for the Z30 which has much lower specs than any 5" out there? Non-sense. It has a dual core CPU and 2gb of memory and 16gb storage and again 8mp cam... nothing worthing the $700 price tag.

Even having the best OS and keyboard won't compensate for it.

Posted via CB10

I suspect that the wholesale cost of the phones is low and the carriers are holding the msrp to make their taste. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that blackberry probably doesn't have much say in the process anymore. Now if they were to sell directly at a cost plus, then perhaps they would be more successful.

BlackBerry Z10.

Agreed. Although they starting to sell the devices themselves I feel like undercutting retailers will only lead to them abandoning the product altogether.

Sticky situation for them,

Posted via CB10

My thoughts exactly.

Don't think for 1 minute that the Carriers aren't making money on these phones.

For example the Q10 on Blackberries website sells for $549 unlocked. On the Bell website the phone is $699 locked to their network. Factor another $40 in for unlocking and the price from the Carrier is now at $739 before tax.

Everyone thinks that BlackBerry is making all the money on the phones, don't be fooled.


Not competitive at all. $99 on contract and about $550 off contract should have been the price. They need to grow the bb10 user base and this price won't help at all.

Posted via Z10

Oh BlackBerry, why do you do stuff like this. Yes, as a Z10 owner I know this phone will be a great phone. However, you just shouldn't price your phone along the same price lines as your competition. Currently our competition are offering more specs, flashiness, and things that are just cool. $700?!

Joe Schmoe is going to walk into the store (if there is even a BlackBerry on display) and say to himself... hmmm...

Yes, this phone has a big screen and a nice display.. but
1) where is the fingerprint scanner
2) can i dl instagram with the push of a button
3) is it Waterproof
4) Oh, will everyone make fun of me and hate me for owning this phone?
5) Is the company going to be around much longer?

BlackBerry just doesn't get it, and it hurts my soul. I know people are going to call me a negative person, but at some point you have to get tired of being punched in the face.

Look at Hyundai for example. They have cars that are right on par with the highest of luxury brands. They aren't stupid enough to price the same as the competition though. (and they at least can match 90% of what the comp has to offer).

BB stop being stupid. Stop trying to sell based on UI. Build a Z10/Z30 add some cool stuff to it, and market the mess out of it. $700, I'm not even slightly interested anymore.

Why would you care what people think about your phone. If that is the case go get an IPhone. I will pay for the uniqueness and quality.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

I don't care too much (if i did i wouldn't have a z10), but obviously ppl do. Hence why I said in my example Joe Schmoe (most ppl that have phones are Joe Schmoe when it comes to knowledge about how to pick and use a phone).
"More people take pics on iphone than on any other cameraphone" is a quote from an iphone commercial. It obviously matters to some, as it's part of their marketing scheme. To deny that it didn't matter to some would be foolish.

My thoughts exactly. Best OS, and what I've seen it will be excellent hardware. It's priced fine. People like to whine.

Yea you are right they are already in trouble.... they shouldn't price their phone according other great phones... all the specs in the Z30 is kind of Outdated.. they should lower the price for at least a 100$ minimum. Ppl is not gonna pay that price if they can get better for same or who knows cheaper price. Its logical.

Posted via CB10

I'm not Joe Schmoe, but I'm using it as an example. Joe Schmoe although not always as informed as ppl on boards like these does practice the same habits when they shop. An advantage/disadvantage checklist. Now what makes the list is up for debate. But I can tell you I was in the VZW store maybe 3 weeks ago, and no less than 3 ppl came in asking for the waterproof galaxy, and were upset when it wasn't offered.

That's a descent price for an awesome phone that is just released.

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Agree with most. I bought the Z10 on contract day one and if I wanted to upgrade to the Z30 (which I hope to do) then the most I would be willing to pay is around $400. I just can't see mass appeal at a price point with 'perceived' superior phones. Oh well...guess it is a waiting game for price reductions. :)

Utterly hilarious. At least with other platforms, there's an app ecosystem to go with the high prices of their phones. But with BB, not so. And given the uncertainty that this company will even exist a year from now let alone two weeks from now, this pricing is result in one thing - a DOA product. And people are mad that Rogers isn't selling it. Lol, I say, no wonder Rogers isn't selling it.

How much off contract on Rogers? Oh wait, my carrier has left me out of the action. They have graciously predetermined on my behalf that I have all the BlackBerry I would ever need. Thank you Rogers for removing all my confusion and making the call. You're a swell bunch.

I would boycott Bell if this is the case, it's an obvious money grab since I'm hearing the device is selling for 600USD in Malaysia and other Asian territories.

Posted via CB10

I am sure that BB is not making a lot of Z30s and they don't expect to sell very many. This is how niche products are priced.

I agree. I remember when my friend bought a cd burner when they first came out. He paid $900 dollars!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.

Should I add you, BBDevLover to the dislike list?

I like my BlackBerry , and I know many others that do.

Don't generalize or assume, we all know what that leads to.

Posted via CB10

I luv my device! Thats not the point they still think they are big players and put high price on their device.... they are sinking.... and putting a price like this is not gonna encourage people to get this phone at all.

Posted via CB10

I wouldn't say that. There are tons of people who love them, myself included. They've just made themselves too easy to hate by refusing to offer more. I live in Baltimore, ppl like BlackBerry but they Love to hate on them more.

Although I'll probably pick one up as they'll likely not be sold where I live, the pricing is unfortunate.

I think they should be blowing all their product out at cost plus 10%, in an effort to get enough BB10 devices out in the field that will cause developers to take a second look.

I shied away from the Z10 having had Blackberry phones for a number of years because the price vs features just didn't stack up. The Z30 suffers the same problem and will bomb as badly as the Z10, probably worse, seeing as how there has been even less advertising.

I feel this may be blackberry's swan song with regards consumer devices.

The off contract price doesn't mean much if you can also just do an early upgrade using the flex tab or what ever it is called. I got the Q10 when it came out. My Flex tab is about $300. If I pay that off I get the phone at the new contract price, which would be something like $200. Add the two together and you have the $500 people are looking to pay, plus I could sell the Q10 and get my $300 flex tab amount back, so new phone is costing $200.

Its a moot point since I am on Rogers :)

At this price point, only prosumers will be crazy enough to grab it, LOL...this is also probably one of the reasons why Rogers is not stocking it. Well, they could have priced it higher to really make the owner special, a niche product indeed!

Prosumers are the fools who will buy this device at any price. Frank and Thor are laughing their asses off. Prosumers what a sham.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

If they come with the high spec bigger screen Q30 and bigger battery that is a dream as well

Posted via CB10

Do people generally desire a contract because it actually reduces the purchase price. Most people (consumers) may just not have nearly $800.00 including tax. This is too freaking bad! I don't get all of this. This is a remarkable product and there is so much negative press from the media circus. This company has paved the way for people to have the right to have smart phones. This is ludicrous and lunacy. How madning is this? People are actually so blind to it all. This is ten times the phone that any apple company could make. It's just not a child toy and that's the problem. I guess the world is just looking for a gimic and not something solid and advanced as a BlackBerry product.

Posted via CB10

Honestly, your comment is out to lunch. The OS is great. The phone itself, not worth more than $500, and even that is on the high end.

Posted via CB10

Can't even get one since Rogers, fellow Canadian company, isn't carrying it. I'm pretty pissed about that.

9700 > 9900 > Z10 STL100-3/

They should reward the early adopters with a low price, sell all the first batch of Z30 production at not more than 350 dls off contract, second batch (if the first batch got sold in a reasonable period of time) 700 dls seems ok off contract... this way it wont sell and they'll have to drop prices again... I'll wait to get it in Amazon or Ebay at 600-650 range, so maybe the wait will be less than with the Z10, it started at 1200 dls, had to wait almost 3 months, hope I get my Z30 before christmas.

Well, no one that is selling well, but in Blackberry's case, they have to cash their inventories, reconcile with their loyal customers and reach a critical number of BB10 devices out there to keep developers in the ecosystem, with a slow (or none) flow of sales they will keep having more people out of the platform every day, they should try at least to keep some of the ones they have now.

$688 here in middle east, off contract.. I might wait for a month for a price drop...

Crackin' on my Q10 (10.2)

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Price manipulation is a marketing tool as well. Poor marketing is still there. $700.00 is too much for this device.

Posted via CB10

No such thing as prosumers. They already made that mistake years ago and are making it again. New leader, same disillusioned BlackBerry. I actually think that they would be better off with the old ceos. Thorsten's bought nothing to the table.

Posted via CB10

I just saw in ebay, the cheaper goes down to 789.99 vs. samsung galaxy S4 is around 590, so no way this phone will sell unless you are a blackberry fan, at this price it will be another inventory write down for the next quarter.

Insane. They should chop $200 right off the top if they wish to sell any of these. I was going to likely get the Z30, now there is no chance I will.

Posted via CB10

This is a ridiculous price point for a phone, which has to much uncertainty with it...will there even be support for the operating system, how many apps will be available upon launch and going forward ...

Posted via CB10

Ya then listen to the whining about how come we didn't sell 5 million devices again!! ... my Z10 works fine until the price drop in a week.

Here to the end!

Same old blackberry... screw the really blackberry supporter and then have a fire sale after 3 - 6 month of no sales. Will they ever learn? Z10, Q10, etc.

Wait for the fire sale if u really want this phone. No point in being an early adopter. I learnt that the hard way. Brought a "premium" phone to find out later that it was really just a "entry level" phone.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I'm all in agreement with stupid BlackBerry moves and decisions and all, but to be fair just because some Joe-marketing guy says a given device is "entry level" that does not make it true. Go pick up a device, any device in the supposed "entry level" where the Z10 sits (around $250-$300 off-contract) and see how they compare. A Z10 is far from being entry level. Objectively, to me as a user my experience with the device is important. Not what somebody in the marketplace decides to tier their product. After all, if the Z10 was not re-branded as entry level how bad would it look when BlackBerry starts selling them for $300 or less off-contract. Everyone would be at their necks screaming "look, it's another PlayBook".

Posted via CB10

Price should be $500 they would still made some profit but more importantly people what actually get a chance to see how good bb10 is. People would show their friends and for a price of 500 they are likely to get one. But the same price as the iPhone 5S? Are you kidding? Every kid in every store will go for iPhone they NEED to lower this price, their survival depends on it

Posted via CB10

I think BlackBerry is trying to capture the early adopters before reducing, holidays are coming soon I'm sure they'll cut prices when it comes around.

Posted via CB10

Looking at the specs., I would say its worth $700 based on what the competitors charge. However, I will not be rushing like I did with Z10. I am sure by the time the holidays rill around I will be able to pick one up for $400 to $500 from either Craigslist or Kijiji. Love the phone but common sense will prevail. 55 million reasons to wait!!

I think BlackBerry is trying to capture the early adopters before reducing, holidays are coming soon I'm sure they'll cut prices when it comes around.

Posted via CB10

They should have categorized their devices like this...

***Z10 and q5 low priced
(forget about the z5, now one will buy it unless fooled or hypnotized)... "limited stock"

***Q10 & z30 mid priced {mid tier}" limited stock"

***and flagships should have good hardware
-4gb ram
-dual or quad as long as its 1.7 and up with superb gpu chip
-32 gb + expandable storage
-high end display
-removable battery
-stereo speakers
-hi resolution
-elegant and very nice hardware design
And other great features that smartphones has these days

-price: $700 up to $900 and limited stocks

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BlackBerry is not in the iPhone's league right now. Once BlackBerry gains the following apple managed to get then BlackBerry can fleece their customers. But to try and fleece their customers now just smacks of arrogance and shows they are not living in this world

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It has nothing to do with fleecing your customers. I was only disproving his requirements of a phone. IOS runs just as good as android with "poorer specs". It's the OS management that optimizes the use of what you have that is more important than redonk specs needed to make a laggy OS "good". BlackBerry is well on their way. I rarely if ever experience lag on my Z10. Not fanboism, just truth. My wife loves my phone, but she's blinded by the "need" to have apps she never uses. Odd because she can't stand how a lot of how iOS does certain things but stays with it now for fear of losing those never used apps. Loves the Z10 otherwise though. Can't win 'em all. At least she's not brainwashed into thinking BlackBerry is "vapor ware" or "bankrupt".

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$500 or less I would not be hesitating to buy. Oh well, guess I stay on my Q10.

To bad they should have come out with a price so low that people would need an excuse not to buy it- just to get the OS in people's hands.

Posted on my Q10.......while on the can

Premium price for a premium phone. I'll take 2! (seriously though, I need to get my parents a couple phones so I am buying two on Verizon as soon as I can)

Posted while peeking and flowing on my incredible BBQ10!

Hasn't BB learnt a thing or two from let's say MS? MS lost on Xbox and on Surface in it's first iterations in order to get the bloody product out there. BB's arrogance is going to ultimately be their undoing. My 2 cents.

There must be some reasoning BB keeps releasing these devices with these crazy price points! I'd love to know what they are thinking!

Is that $699.95 CD? If so then it's $677.20 USD which is not bad for a high end phone. The Note 3 is going for $724.99 USD and the iPhone 5s 16/32/64 are going for $649.99/$749.99/$849.99USD. I am sure that price will come down. Z10's off contract are now marked at $339.99. That's $200 cheaper then when I bought off contract at release.

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If you can't buy a brand new, unlocked, off contract Z30 in January 2014 for less than $400 I'll eat my shoe.

If its over $500 I'll eat both

I'll make sure to remind you if that happens only because if it happens I want to see you eat your shoe hahahaha

I do agree though, the price is out to lunch and it will drop like a brick.

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Why doesn't blackberry just put up all their z30s unlocked on Ebay for a starting price of 450 then let the market decide what the price should be this way they provide people a flexible pricing option.

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$629.99 + HST or lesser would have been ideal. But lets wait and an see how the market reacts. Hopefully the box will come with the extra battery pack and some other goodies. :)

The market will not react kindly. Blackberry has an image problem and mainstream consumers are unlikely to support a brand that has a questionable future. Given the other smartphones that have been / will be released this quarter $700 is way above equilibrium price for the Z30

At this point in time I think BB needs to reduce the price of all the hardware they sell just to get devices into peoples hands. They don't need to take a loss, but they don't need to make huge sums of cash on each device either.

The more people that have the devices, the more developers will want to develop for BB10 and the "app gap" will disappear so that this can no longer be used as an excuse by everyone to hate on BB. At the very least give the people that have already purchased BB10 devices a sweet deal to get a Z30 if they want it.

Although for me, since I am on Rogers, it doesn't really matter since they won't carry the device anyways.

Holy Smoke!! that's crazy... but crazy good. however I'm all about physical keys. I might pass this one. I still feel this should had came FIRST and not the z10...

I'm guessing this is why Rogers is not carrying the Z30 bc its way over priced and they know it wont sell .SMDH!!! Blackberry management SUCK.

I think this price is reasonable... just as long as BlackBerry do a good job of marketing their product.

Here are the benefits some of the benefits that BlackBerry should be promoting :

1. Users no longer need to own a laptop computer. (they can now use their Z30 as a mobile device and also as their main computer when connected via HDMI to a monitor and a blue tooth keyboard)
2. External devices (USBOTG) can now be used to connect to your Z30.
3. Z30 pairs securely and wirelessly to your Z10/Q10 for easy data share
4. Z30 runs Android Jelly Bean runtime so that you can port over your favourite apps.
5. Security - NSA can't read your data, BlackBerry is secure and always will be.
6. Z30 is designed for one handed use.
7. Say something about Gaming
8. Say something about Flash
9. Say something about home wireless network integration. Easy as 1,2,3.
10. Say something about playing downloaded music, movies, etc (i.e. Not limited to iTunes only)
11. Tell the buyer that this phone was designed with them in mind. (run two adverts, one for private consumers and one for enterprise)
12. Tell the consumer about the Web browser and how fast and secure it is. Show them how to use it with easy to access gestures.
13. Tell them about cross platform BBM and video conferencing.
14. Tell them about docs to go... a fully featured native word/excel/powerpoint.
15. Tell the user about the ability to expand their on board memory to 80GB.. . Even offer to to throw in a free 64GB memory card and promote the phone as 80GB expandable memory.
16. Show the user that they can use this phone proficiently after 5 minutes of training. (offer free training for the first couple of months after launch or simply educate those who are selling the phones)
17. Tell the user that BlackBerry has contracts with the UN, US Government, German Government, Canadian Government, Australian Government, British Government, etc ( build user confidence)
18. Provide a list of common apps showing availability on OS10.
19. Provide some user experiences - grandma, professional, youth, etc - all saying BlackBerry Z30 is do easy to use and it has done X Y Z for me.
20. Pay a consultancy to do a comparison between Z30, Apple5s, Samsung Galaxy etc and make sure the article favors the Z30 in every category.

Come on BlackBerry, you are being perceived a weak. Man up and tell the world you have the best phone in history. The Z30 is not only as good as an Apple or Samsung... it is better. Entice the user for heavens sake, after all, you are asking these individuals to part with $700 hard earned dollars.

BlackBerry OS10 is the future. Now go and make sure that everyone across this small earth understands.

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"Blackberry OS10 is the future"

The future model for B-school case studies in how to run a multi-billion dollar firm into the ground, maybe.

Seriously. How anyone could think this is effective pricing, given all that we now know, is totally beyond me.

I have become a bit cynical as of late - too many miscalculations one wonders if it is indeed deliberate. Maybe the want poor sales to keep the share prices down. To bad as it looks like a decent product.

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I wonder if we make a big enough stink about it we can convince them to drop the price to $600. Still premium, competitive price, but far more attractive

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Hmmm... overpriced the PlayBook... overpriced Z10... overpriced the Q10...i'd say the Z30 is priced appropriately for BlackBerry.

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