BlackBerry Z30 pricing further reduced in India through Flipkart

By Bla1ze on 30 Jun 2014 03:21 pm EDT

If you live in India and still haven't picked up a BlackBerry Z30, your patience may have been rewarded. Back in March, the pricing was reduced to Rs. 34,990 but now if you order through Flipkart using a Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Net Banking options you can pick up a BlackBerry Z30 of your very own for only Rs. 24,990 after a Rs. 5000 credit from Flipkart.

That's a pretty slick deal all things considered. Also keep in mind, if the Z30 isn't your flavor of BlackBerry, you can also pick up a Z3 through Flipkart with a Rs.1000 reduction in pricing. The deals are noted to be for a limited time only, so best to get in while you can.

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BlackBerry Z30 pricing further reduced in India through Flipkart


$582-ish to $416-ish according to XE but really, the conversion doesn't matter unless you're looking to import a bevy of them lol. What matters is that it's the arguably the right pricing for India.

But not aggressively pricing their products from the start is hurting BlackBerry, even Z3 is not in USD 200 category.

CAUTION : MAJ On Z30 Now!!!!

Problem is, the damage is already done. BlackBerry has to get pricing right the first time, on time, every time if it hopes to improve sales or market share.

Yup, you said it right Bla1ze! Hopefully this will move units fast and clear some shelf space for stocking BlackBerry Passports soon. :]

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Do we have any speakers of Indian who can handle the Indian "Club Z30" memberships?

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Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  ) new  BlackBerry Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureeverthatishortenedabit have to add "Sell Like Hell" to your whatever the hell they call the thing at the bottom of your messages....


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That sounds like better pricing

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Good deals can be found on BlackBerry phones all over the place plus coupon codes working sometimes at the Shopblackberry site. Not bad at all.

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Is this price drop due to promotional activities in India to drive up share or do they have too many Z30's they are trying to dump? As far as I know, there is decent demand for the 30's and inventory is in check.

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The MD was about to get canned for not pulling his weight. He supposed to be helping getting the Z30 in the hands of the Indian public. They sold very few down there do to the stupidity of the MD. If the MD told BlackBerry we can't sell this phone at xxx price, then they would slack the price.

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I hope BlackBerry listens to your sane advice. They have bungled in the past and are likely to bungle again. They should understand that India is a highly price sensitive market. The pricing of Passport has to be spot on to take the market by a storm.

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I wish they would sell it for that price in Germany, it's a little over 400 euros on amazon so about $550 US. I can't justify replacing a perfectly good Z10 at that price.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

Nor can I justify buying the Passport with perfectly good Z10 and Z30, but I'm going to do it. :)

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Trying to get my wife on the Passport, she types like crazy. but I will wait for the next full screen touch phone and maybe get a Z30 in between if the price drops here.

"Classic" better be called "Bold Q20" or "Bold 10" 

I would like to see them stick to lower price points in every market. They don't have to go way below their competition. Just enough to make a difference when it comes to moving units and expanding their user base.

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I will be picking one of these up next month to complete the Z-Collection but I can't possibly pay full price with the Passport just after the corner.

By my Z10 on 10 DOT 3

Wat the heck! Here in South Africa we being sold the Z30 's for around R8500 ( south African Rand) and in India it's sold for a mere R4000!!!! This aint fair! :'( the price of the Z30 in India is the price of the Q5 in South Africa!!! I need to find a friend who will be travelling to India soon! LoL

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So WHY ON EARTH isn't BB aggressively selling the Z30 here in the US where it's ignored by all of the providers and has some of the best reviews? Why is this phone still being treated like a state secret here? Other than seeing dummy models in Fry's, I have not seen one active Z30 to play with anywhere in the Atlanta area.

Granted I now want a Passport, but up to it's announcement I had been hoping AT&T would release a Z30 after seeing reports of a compatible model receiving FCC approval late last year but nothing ever came of it.

I would buy a Z30 in the U S in a heartbeat if I could buy it at a reasonable price. Reasonable to me is $199 or less on contract. But, unfortunately it is damn near impossible to buy a BB at AT&T these days. At least one that I want. Maybe BlackBerry should work out floorplanning arrangements with carriers such as AT&T so the carrier doesn't have to shoulder the burden of unsold inventory. I usually get a new device every year, but I'm now almost 18 months in with my Z10 which I still love by the way.

As usal BlackBerry's negative pricing in the Indian Market, its been observed that while launching the BlackBerry phone in India they always launch it at a very high Pricing, and later with in few months they reduce the price soo much that even a MicroMax has more value than BB, I think Sunil and John have to rethink about the pricing while launching in India and now in India ppl know where well that the BB will reduce the price of their phone very soon then why to purchase it at the launch...

Every Revolution Needs Its Martyrs... In the case of BlackBerry it is the early adopters ( it for nothing else we call ourselves "die hard" fans). The incentive of early birds are the worms!

Anyway, I don't regret being an early adopter when I brought the Q10 in the first week. Then the price remained same for four months!. Having learned lesson, I held out from Z30 for almost 6 months before falling to the temptation island eventually.

No regrets whatsoever for me.

Yeah...I agree...they have to price them right at the initial launch itself...early adopters who stand by the brand feel ripped off when someone who just brought BlackBerry for the bargain it was offering and has no brand loyalty flash their BlackBerry for 30% of the launch price (yes, for z10 that figure is very true atleast for india) . in essence I pay a ridiculous sum for standing by the Company. Although I understand their problems of inventory not moving quickly, they should probably start a loyalty program for those who purchased their pieces in the first 12 months by giving them mega discounts on future upgrades or something like that...

I still madly love my black Z10. Superb build (one of my friends using an lg g3 just couldn't help complimenting the feel and the quality).

I also think that the apps shortage issues are overblown...because what an app cannot do the browser (better than anything any phone has seen, ever) can handle easily.

And I plan to stick to the native apps. they are just class apart
Android apps are shitty and kiddish in design at best. Amazon deal is good for those who want to use substandard apps...but I request team CB and B1aze to promote native apps and developers.

Sorry for the long essay but I love my BlackBerry and want it to stay relevant for a long long time.

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That's a tempting price.

I bought my Z10 when it was dropped to 29990/- from the original killer launch price, 43490/-. Now it's at 17990/-

But still, after all these drops, I can't see many Z's around which is sad.

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I've also bought my Z10 at 29k. Z10 is selling pretty well after the price drop to 18k. One ebay seller has been selling on average about 90units/day for the last couple of months.

BlackBerry had recently (less than 2 weeks ago) dropped to 29.99k in an old smartphone exchange deal.

Black Z30 STA100-2 (early bird), Android convert

Crackberry don't share the buying links, just after salary days. Highly tempting.
Will they further reduce 5000 if I exchange my Bold. :D

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The Flipkart sale is now over - they don't display the page anymore. Guess it's all pre-boooked. Time for BlackBerry India to now price it at 24,999/- from tonight

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Flipkart says there is no such offer and phone will still cost 30k... can someone share links please.

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There was no such offer at flipkart, it was and is still the same price without any price cuts.

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Note my profile picture. Taken in New Delhi last winter. I walked into this BlackBerry store only to find that it no longer carried BlackBerry phones - none. I was so disappointed. Getting back into the India market now will be very difficult. It will take more than price competition unless it is very attractive. Custom naming the phone, as with jakarta might be a good move.

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Yes, You can exchange any of your blackberry devices, be it legacy or BB10, and get a new BB10 device with a reduction of minimum Rs. 5K.

Thanks for the reply.. Could u please provide me with the links as I was unable to find this offer?

What an interesting move. Z30 is on back order here in US but they mark the prices down in India. What is wrong with BlackBerry?

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