Carphone Warehouse in the UK drop the price of the BlackBerry Z30

By James Richardson on 13 Nov 2013 07:06 am EST

It was only very recently that we told you that the Z10 price had been cut at UK retailer Carphone Warehouse. It seems that they are now following suit with the monster Z30, although the prices are not quite as attractive as with the Z10 - but that makes perfect sense. 

You can now pick up the BlackBerry 10 flagship for just £419.95, SIM Free, which is a pretty decent step in the right direction when you look at the alternative retailers who are selling for about £500.00. 

Things have improved on the contract side too - with prices starting from just £25 per month on a two year deal, with no up-front cost for the handset. If you have a look at the likes of the Vodafone website you'll see that prices are a wee bit more expensive, plus they are currently charging a price for the device too. 

Once again, it's super for us UK BlackBerry fans to get better deals. Let's hope that the other networks/retailers follow in Carphone Warehouse's footsteps. Plus a price reduction on the Q10 would be nice - for the die hard hardware keyboard lovers out there. 

Check out the various BlackBerry Z30 deals from Carphone Warehouse

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Carphone Warehouse in the UK drop the price of the BlackBerry Z30


Still waiting for the z30 to be released in my country. Good news for UK BlackBerry fans tough.

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This phone is worth every penny, and that's just for the Battery life!

Kinda wish I had waited two weeks though :( Vodafone and CPW seem to be the only places you can pick up the Z30 on any kind of contract anyway :(

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Wow nice one! I was only just considering the Z10 price drop ten minutes ago. With Orange and 13 months away from an upgrade. Do I wait or go buy a handset now? Anyone know if I can stay on my existing tariff and keep my number with Orange if I bought a Z30? Only asking because its sim card is smaller than the one in my 9900.

Yes! You will get a new sim from your carrier (same number, just a smaller one; a smaller clone of your big one..)

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I'm always wondering about the UK plans...

I pay 20 pounds for:
4096 MB

(24month T-Mobile Austria Z10 contract)

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I pay £23 for a one month rolling contract which includes:
2000 minutes anytime any network.
Unlimited sms.
Unlimited data.
If I signed a one year contract I would get unlimited calls for the same money.
No handset included though.

I went into 4 carphone warehouse shops at the weekend none had the Z30 demo unit, one had a blackberry display stand with Z10, Q5 and Q10, with a display above showing off the Z30 but no unit. Was quite frustrated.

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I did the same a couple of weeks back although they opened up a box and let me hold one, when I asked for a demo they said it's just the same as my Z10 only bigger???........ think it's about time they knew what they were selling, I'm not sure if this is the fault of BlackBerry Rep's or just poor staff training. I bet if were looking to buy a "Crapple" iPhone the saleswoman would have no doubt sprung to life...............

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Pretty bad. I wonder what she would have said if you asked for an iPhone 5S...

"It's the same as the iPhone 5 only...... it's the same as the iPhone 5"

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So tempted to go get one today although my SIM contract doesn't expire till March............ my head says wait but heart says "go on get it you know you want to" :s

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These are good news for the consumer but pretty bad ones for the company... seems like the Z30 doesn't sell very well... also here in Switzerland, the Z30 price is dropping every second week in small steps, 20 to 50 bucks each, starting at 699 and now 579 CHF... The Z10 is already at 379, the Q10 at 499 and the Q5 at ridiculous 349 (compared to the Z10 a real rip off...)

Sad for us shareholders, let's prepare for further wrote downs...

All prices from

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Now I'm wondering what the Z30 will be priced at when it hopefully eventually gets put on direct sale from BlackBerry in the US.

That was quick!

Now we await the inevitable 'write down' fest, courtesy of Heins' gluttonous ego centric " mobile end computing" vision.

Oh lucky shareholders!!

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I don't see much in the way of price cuts for the Q10 anywhere. I wonder if that device is selling pretty well.

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I have been thinking the same thing, not a budge. Might have steady sales since the launch , most coming from bushiness clients perhaps.

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The price drop is inevitable, why are you people making it sound like it's because the Z30 is not selling? For example look how fast Samdung products drop in price yet they still sell ton's of garbage.

Exactly. This is pretty normal in the smartphone industry for a newly launched phone to be reduced in price as the non advertising / non awareness campaign takes hold with a consumer base uninterested in a product. Also... pretty standard to reduce pricing for a newly launched phantom headset to see price reductions in order to start ramping up awareness / desire for an about-to-launch model. Maybe the 2$k Porsche phone?

Actually... this is not normal. Seems like BBRY and it's CSuite / BoD shit the bed again. The upside is tremendous though!!

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The fact that there are not that many means that Blackberry learned their lesson and now want to match production with demand. there will be no massive write downs of Z30.

Drop the price of all the phones and we will see faster growth than Windows phones. Drop the Z10 to 120$ or lower and take out the Nokia 500 series phones. Direct Strike!

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Oh the price drop must be because sales are through the roof! Isn't that what we were told when the z10 price kept being dropped?

BBRY is still all out of whack.

Still no advertising for the z30. I wonder how many people STILL don't know what BBRY 10 is, a full calander year (just about) since it's release.

Good, Blackberry should be more realistic about pricing.

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I have just checked on carphone warehouse page and it says £499.95 for the Z30 still?? Is that right? Or was it just a price drop for a few hours...

I had my Z30 in Italy with Vodafone on the 16th of october and it cost me 384.00 euro that in pound sterling is 324 and in US dollar is 500 - considering that my Z10 cost me 699 euro i can assume that my Z30 was a bargain.

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May I ask where in Italy did you get it from for that price because I'll get one myself? I'll be going home to Italy soon... Grazie ciao :)

Certainly. I am a Vodafone customer with 2 year contract the type of contract is called "super relax". I do not know if this price is only for this type of subscription or addressed at all. Ciao a te

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Oh ok that explains it then, when the article mentioned £419 SIM FREE it means there is no contract, you simply buy the phone and then use whatever sim card you had before. Usually in UK when you do sign for a 2 years contract the phone comes for free most of the times. Therefore prices in UK for a phone without contract tend to be cheaper then Italy, I saw the same thing with the Z10. Anyway I checked again and as far as I can see it's still £499 on carphone warehouse site so not sure what happened there.
Expansys Italia for instance is selling it for 584.99 Euros without contract.

Z30 is the best blackberry to date...

Let's spread the love around with some word of mouth advertising.

Try bb10 once and you will be hook

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

Having just gone out and got the Z10 (which I am pretty happy with) I just about spat my coffee out when I read this headline. However, if the discount is only ~£100 on the current price of £499 then I honestly don't mind. It still means that the Z10 I bought is ridiculously good value for money.

Would have been better if blackberry had put the phones out on day one reasonably priced instead of aiming high and finishing low. Dropping the price indeed shows signs it's not selling and I think it's being a tad optimistic suggesting that there's not many about due to supply and demand. More because shops will have been waiting to see what was happening with the company before buying in stock which has only been confirmed lately.

Annoying for myself and others I guess who bought z10 when it was the "flagship" model in support of the company at a bad time to find its now demoted to entry level. To show how much BlackBerry prices their phone too high on release take a look at the q5 which is supposedly entry level. Now twice the price of the z10.

I would wait until the price of the z30 settles. Not that it's an issue to me, I'm stuck with another 12 month left of my 2 year 35pm contract for a phone I could have got sim free for 150 quid. Not complaining, I still like my phone but this is twice now I have been bitten....playbook...Z10...I'll wait and see what happens next.

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If the £ was a $ that price would be closer to fair. The BlackBerry folks don't have a to be out of touch with reality much longer before they are out of business.

Went into my T-MOBILE store and asked if Z30 was coming to their stores. They had no idea. Plus, the salesman pointed out that BlackBerry was no longer being displayed in the store. WTF??

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Confirmed this morning at The Carphone Warehouse Z30 is selling now for £419.95 and Z10 at £179.95 both SIM FREE no contract.

Off topic. I'm waiting for a BB10 phone of Playbook quality and with wifi AC. I love the back of the Playbook too much!

Where is my «Seven flying D's» Logo???

The Z30 is exclusive to Vodafone and CPW in the UK..for now.

In terms of no live demo units in store. That us down to BlackBerry. This product has had no marketing whatsoever. The reps have done the store training and given the 'prosumer' message. The staff don't retain the knowledge because they aren't engaged with the brand anymore.

Let's hope marketing is a huge focus going forward, because people still don't get BB10 in the uk...even in business.

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I saw today that the Carphone warehouse has quit carrying the Z30 on their website, yet it was there a few days ago. Anyone heard why, sold out maybe?