BlackBerry Z30 now available at Vodafone UK

By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2013 01:56 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 is slowly making its way around the globe and now those on Vodafone in the UK can pick up the latest BlackBerry 10 device as well. 

The Z30 is available on the Red 4G-ready plan, which comes with 2GB of data, unlimited calls and texts and will run you £42 a month and £19 upfront. If you grab one on a new plan before the end of October you'll net an extra 4GB of data per month as well which is a pretty sweet deal. 

There are other plans available as well if you're looking for a bit more data and you can scope them all out through the order page here

We'll expect to see the Z30 land on many more carriers in the coming weeks including those in Canada (*cough* except Rogers) next week.

Check out the BlackBerry Z30 at Vodafone

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BlackBerry Z30 now available at Vodafone UK


Just pick it up at Best Buy and activate on your Rogers account. I already called our companies account rep at Rogers and he says no problem.

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

To large devices for a to small country? What will happen than in Germany? Are we forced to phone with a device sized like a micro-simcard? Rogers sucks!

Unless you have inside information, my guess is it will be here in the US by Thanksgiving so they can start marketing it over the holidays.

Otherwise, yet another epic fail by BBRY

I'd be surprised if they do any significant marketing for it.

If they do, it will be an ad with flying saucers, magic carpets, people swimming, and no mention of the phone except for a 2 second shot of it at the very end of the ad.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management!

SLOWLY is the operative word here and a huge part of their problem. They've got something great with the Z30 (which should've released months ago instead of the Z10), but they're taking way too long to make it available (especially in the US).

I'd be surprised if the Z30 can make it to the US in time for Thanksgiving. And even if it does, who is to say that BlackBerry will put out even a single ad for it.

Posted from my Z10 running on T-Mobile

Oh No!! Stampede to buy this POS!!!

I can see them lining up...Heins vision of Mobile end computing...has come to an end.

How many hundreds of millions in writedowns will Z30 cost!

Posted via CB10

Sucks with all the uncertainty. Not many will buy z30. Hell everyone keeps asking me what ima do when BlackBerry goes out of business. Annoying.

Posted via CB10 with Z10

I suppose it's hard for us not to love the brand - hell we probably love it more than you guys! I know I do!

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Another good phone the vodafone reps will need to learn how to steer people away from. The ones in my hometown would go as far as to offer me a Nokia 720 for free just to keep me away from a Z10 I wanted to pay for.

I'm excited for this month, the fifteenth to be exact. I'm going to try hard to acquire one on or shortly after that magical date. Keep my BlackBerry 10 collection going.

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I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. I thinks it's very cool it comes with an audio system specifically designed for quality. I mean who else does that!? And BB10 is by far better for everyday mobile work and play than anything else out there. I just wish the Carriers would stop talk bs about them. Went to Bell yesterday to see if they had any news on the Z30 and he rolled his eyes and laughed, said BlackBerry has never been able to build a touch screen only device and to avoid buying one. Told him Iv owned a Z10 from day one and its never ever let me down. It's a fantastic device. What an ass. Bell if your listening, train your employees to not be an Ass.

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I got the same attitude from a Rogers employee a couple months back about the Z10. I TD him he should try one for awhile and learn what he's talking about before he shoots down a potential customer. I showed him mine and said not a problem with it and I had it since launch day!

We are all connected.

I have been waiting for Z30, don't know when it will ever come to the US. Damn, that phone is gorgeous. Mobile computing, that's where the technology is heading to. I can see myself with Z30 and my Playbook.... I want all black, hopefully by Christmas. It will be better before Thanksgiving.

I'm surprised noone has asked the model number to update raino's thread. The disturbing part is the weblink shows
No available
Out of stock
Coming soon
Preorder and we will dispatch to you when it is available.

Like another poster said...get this in our hands already!!!!

No one here in the US will want it. If Z10 sales suck, what makes anybody think the enormous Z30 will fare any better?

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No. Buy it factory unlocked and stick it to all carriers. Just make sure it has the coverage of the slt100-3 (more than 850 900 1800 1900 etc)

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I don't know but if I were BlackBerry, my first option should be to open small shops as BlackBerry shops and remake thre way they are making business

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Just seen my first Z30 in the flesh (black, Wind dealer in Piacenza, Italy). Looks the absolute duck's n@ts :). Can't wait till mine arrives from Amazon (due Friday!!!)

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Can't believe it. I just made 3 phone calls to Vodafone about upgrading my misses phone to a Z30, and they have NO stock at HQ, or any of their stores.

One question Vodafone, "WHY?" What's the point of stating that you have an item for sale, when you can't buy it or pre-order it?

The misses is chomping at the bit for a Z30 after I bought myself one in Selfridges a couple of weeks ago, and I donated her my Z10 to get her away from that ridiculous iToy4S.

Posted on my beautiful Z30

Just got off the phone to Vodafone, no stock, no pre-order, no clue when stock will arrive and in what colour...basically, every answer was "we don't know". how exactly is this supporting BlackBerry? I want this phone so bad, but the lack of info on things like wireless charging, are really putting me off getting this straight away. Such a shame.

Posted using my sexy white Z10 on Z10STL100-2/

Why is the bar below the screen black I. Color? I mean it's supposed to be in Silver color right? But I love this and some one please tell me why is it like this?

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