BlackBerry Z30 now available from Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 14 Nov 2013 08:50 am EST
If you're a Verizon customer and have been waiting on the BlackBerry Z30, today is your day! The Z30 is now available online from Verizon for $199 on a two-year contract or $549 month-to-month. The Z30 is exclusive to Verizon so if you're in the US you may not see it hit other carriers anytime soon, if at all. 

The Z30 is sporting a 5" Super AMOLED display, BlackBerry Natural Sound, a 2880mAh battery, BlackBerry OS 10.2 and much more. 

It doesn't look like Verizon will be offering this up in stores either, so you'll have to order online if you're wanting to pick one up. We have heard that they will be on display in some stores however so you can give it a test run before jumping in.

Plan on picking up a Z30 from Verizon? Drop a comment and let us know!

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BlackBerry Z30 now available from Verizon Wireless


Thank you for not saying it in the first post always that chance that you are not the first one...

Left Sprint for AT&T to get the Z10, now the Z30 is only on Verizon... its getting hard to live in the US and be addicted to BB10...

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Congratulations, you're going to love it!

Posted via CB10 using my new Zed30 check out my channel @ C00121C1B

I think I might once I get back to NYC. I wanna use one first though!

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a hybrid and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB with zero followers

Personally, I wouldn't list OS update availability as a reason for selecting a cell carrier, since I have no great objection to the inconvenience of having to load leaked updates (like the currently available and official gold version in order to work around the carrier and stay current. There are many other criteria for carrier selection that I consider, but not that.

At least they aren't hiding the BlackBerry and not showing them on the Smartphone page anymore.

But no there isn't going to be any marketing for the Z30, by BlackBerry or Verizon.

Yet that's actually BlackBerry for not offering Sprint a better deal on the device. If they had you might actually see a carrier showing it off in the store. Or did you forget Verizon will sell it but won't offer it in store where as Sprint is the only carrier still showing BlackBerry off.

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actually the Z30 will be in Verizon stores, that has been confirmed a few times already. Anyway if Sprint doesn't offer a full touch BB, they aren't serving me or other BBRY customers who what a touchscreen BB from Sprint. Oh and having it in store in the very back corner, is not "showing it off"

Haven't been in a Sprint store in a long time.The closest one to me is about 30 miles away. I actually purchased my 9930 at Best Buy in May 2012. I can upgrade in Jan. So frustrated by this whole situation. Torn between going with a Q10 or going android..Ugh!

Very tempting.. But I just might wait until 10.2.1 is officially released before making the switch. I'd be too scared to run leaks on it. So, I'll just load 10.2.1 on my Z10 until then!

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Get it and you will be very glad you did. Then do want I do, use the Z10 for leaks and only download only official OS updates on the Z30. Its truly the best of both worlds. :)

i ordered mine at midnight last night.. vzdub charged me a $30 upgrade fee.. even though I renewed to a new 2 year contract.. if it wasn't for the exclusivity.. i would've went to at&t

anyways.. i'll have my new z30 by tomorrow..

AT&T hit me with an upgrade fee when I got my Z10 and I went ballistic on them as I hadn't upgraded for like 5 years (don't ask). Customer service took the charge off and even gave me a credit against my overall bill.

So... it can't hurt to call them and raise heck about the upgrade fee and tell them you are thinking of returning it. There is a chance they will credit you the money.

Verizon's upgrade fee -- which, being only a few dollars less than the initial Line Activation fee, is essentially the same thing -- cannot be voided, even by a 3rd-level supervisor. One can, however, receive other good will/retention discounts to cover it, as I have had to do in the recent past when I felt the upgrade fee should have been refunded.

Already ordered it this morning went ahead & did the Edge program to get it. Overnight shipping too!

Another person defected toward the Z30? Tmobile, are listening? Bring us the Z30 or else...

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Um, or else customers will switch carriers to get the phone they want.

Oh, you meant to somehow be funny? Sorry, carry on. (And try again.)

Something about women and their seventh sense. They just know. Don't bother to hide. Get her a dozen roses, some chocolate, and confess.

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Just online sucks. Better than nothing I guess. Good luck guys and enjoy the phone!

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That's what happens when a nation gets over in by one product or ideology (read apple and android) . You begin to lose choices and eventually have to accept what's given to you. That's why it is important for an Os like blackberry and windows phone to survive so you don't lose the ability to choose and have carriers decide which phone they sell to you rather than you decide which phone you want to buy.
I am in the UK. Bought my Z30 in a shop. Its a small town called Poole but they still had some in stock it unlocked. It does this funny thing where it assumes the identity of the carrier you are using at the time. The splash screen e.t.c all change if you change the dim. Sweet.

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Still in a contract with my (awesome incredible can't wait for 10.2!!!!) stormtrooper Z10. In 2015 I'll get one I guess-when my contract is up.

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Just wait a month or two. It will be available at Best Buy for a penny. Just like the Z10.

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Since you abandoned your Blackberry device long ago, I'm still curious how much longer you plan to keep coming here just to bash the product and company.

Would that that had been true. I waited many, many moons, suffering along with my old Storm2 with its cracked screen that wouldn't work when it rained (humidity got in through the crack), until I could get the Z10 on Amazon for $50 (when VZW still wanted $150). But, based on previous replies to your comment, I guess you meant it as an insult to BB's marketability, and not a serious comment.

I don't understand the exclusive to Verizon bit. I want the Z30 but I can't change carriers over it. Has anyone heard the real reason why BlackBerry made this decision? Is it because they made too many Z10's and now made too few Z30's?

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An exclusive device yet Verizon isn't carrying any in store and some stores may not even have working demo models. What a great "exclusive" deal.. why even bother selling it?

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I don't think it was a BlackBerry issue. Personally I don't think the other carriers wanted to carry it. Just a thought though.

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Yep, that's what a previous article stated, not really exclusive, just the only carrier that wants to offer it right now, and online only.

You're exclusive when you're the only one willing to sell it. Talked to a guy from TMO last December he said to go away from BlackBerry it wouldn't get any support. I waited for Q and waited and waited and waited some more theb finally the Z came to USA and got it. One week before Iphone5 came to TMO. Lets hope the app gap gets closed and  lives on.

Thanks for letting me know the meaning of the "undisplayable character character" I see on my screen.

1. Is this phone JUST going to be offered on Verizon in the US or is it a temporary "exclusive" and the other carriers will end up getting it later?

2. This whole deal with the carriers not carrying any BBRY handsets in stores certainly isn't doing BBRY any favors as only devout BBRY users will buy this device without touching it. And assuming stores are at least throwing BBRY a bone and at least having a WORKING display model, I'm curious how many people will actually buy it knowing they can't walk out of the store with it?

3. With carriers jacking over BBRY (see #2), I think BBRY should reciprocate and immediately sell unlocked devices on its website (*cough* Z30 *cough*) and bypass carriers for OS updates. My guess is most of the angst with current BB10 users isn't the hardware itself but the fact that they are still on 10.0 or at least 10.1. I sachesi'd 10.2 onto my Q10 from AT&T and it is awesome...but I'm sure AT&T users won't see an official release until 10.3 starts leaking. SMDH

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My Z10 is already running a few weeks now. I am on contract with Orange in Europe

Posted by my Z10

I wish I really do, may have to gather some scratch and buy it outright! Damn contracts...

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Every American BlackBerry enthousiast should dump their Q10 and/or Z10 and pick a Z30 because it's just something else, a beautifully powerful and capable device that doesn't know the words lag, short battery life, small screen or whatever else the others lack. This is a beast of a device and if some argues that it's not on paper it sure is without a doubt in its seamless and collosal performance.. go buy it now.....

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I have not noticed any substantial heat from my Z30. I've had it now for almost a week. I've been doing a lot with it too, much more than I did with my Z10. This is one awesome device. LOVE IT!

Sorry. Some of us like our physical keyboards that the Q10 offers. Now if they were to come out with a torch type model on BB10 that would be a beast & the best of both worlds.


Not in stock within 50 miles of ft benning GA, and I don't see the white... at least they are ordering them.

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Why wouldn't it be? The device is on par with the GS4 and Moto X (of which I don't believe were released). Quite frankly, BBRY hasn't been known to have spec'd out devices..but this is putting them more at the top of the food chain. Just sayin'

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Another BBRY FAIL! Smh what was the purpose of making a brand new device and not only do you make it exclusive to one (USA) carrier but you can ONLY buy it online? No in store purchase? How are customers supposed to even know there is a new device on the market? It almost seems as if BlackBerry had no faith in this device and is giving up on the USA market. And word on 10.2

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How is it BBRY's fault that the carriers have basically abandoned them? They went into BB10 expecting support from carriers and that did not materialize. There are countless posts on this site alone about walking in to get a BB and having sales people try and talk them out of it.

At this point I want BBRY to discount the cost of the hardware and sell unlocked devices online. Get devices in the hands of everyone for a good price so they can experience BB10 and see what a cool user experience it is. They should also start to push the updates direct and bypass the carriers. I feel sorry for all of the people still waiting for 10.2 and the staggering of the updates for people in different regions.

1. Exclusivity or limited availability marketing has long been considered an excellent way to build both buzz and demand around a product. Case in point: Your comment, which is creating buzz by promoting discussion (vis a vis my response) , and which clearly shows your desire/demand for the product.
2. It has been confirmed multiple times that the Z30 will NOT be online-only; it WILL be in stores.

Not even a display at a local Verizon. Verizon is a pos company for doing this. I have the. Yeah their service is most expensive and best in USA. Buy god dam why can't they get a freaking clue that BlackBerry is the best phone ever made. Can you hear me Verizon. Can you freaking hear me now, you hunch of idiots.

Champion Z10 is still on display at my local Verizon....and as I recall, I remember only Verizon doing a commercial for the Z 10.....

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Bought mine online just after midnight this morning. They are saying that it might take up to 3 business days to process the order, which kind of sucks!

I had z10 and switched to z30. I also have the DROID Motorola for my US phone. The Z30 is by far the most amazing phone. It's almost criminal that most people won't even know about it. The battery last 2 full days with moderate use and it has to be the longest lasting battery on the market. Everything else just rocks. The OS is smooth and fast. The camera is cool. The typing is by far the best most accurate and fastest. Nothing comes close. There is definitely a conspiracy to keep blackberry from selling their phones. I just hope they survive. I love blackberry. Android is a complicated convoluted OS. I hate it. Terrible for business. That's all I can say

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It is not BlackBerry's fault. It is the US carriers. They want to promote Apple, and Samsung for the NSA. The NSA is paying these carriers millions of dollars to spy on customers in the
US and the world.
People wakeup!

Posted via my BlackBerry Z30.

Not as far fetched as it may seem. Edward Snowden says he's going to release the NSA documents about Canada's surveillance agency (CSEC) in the next week or so.

This could be very good for BlackBerry or very bad, depending on what's released. But you can imagine there will be quite an uproar in Canada about it. Maybe he's waiting for this Rob Ford nonsense to die down before he releases haha


It's a little ironic to say that Verizon supports BB the least, when it seems that they are the only US carrier willing to offer the Z30 at all. From what I read, there was not much interest elsewhere.

I got the Z10 even changed carriers for it... that was July. would like this Form Factor, but still under contract and w/Z10

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Here's the question I have: I'm on TMo and don't want to switch either. If I go into the Verizon store and pay them $549 (or whatever the non contract price ends up being), what obligation do I have to Verizon? Can I unlock the phone and just use it on TMo? (Is it even the right model for TMo?). What is this "month to month" thing Verizon is offering, and could I take it for zero months? I parted unhappily from Verizon 10 years ago and am not interested in giving them one more dime than necessary, except that I'd really looooove a Z30.

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I left Sprint for T-Mobile to get my Z10. Now I don't have 10.2 and can't get a Z30, great!

Z10 on T-Mobile, 32 GB PlayBook - Posted via CrackBerry 10

Same here I left Sprint for the Z10 and even though I love my Z10 I am missing the physical keyboard and want the Q10 should have listen to Sprint. Now comes the Z30 top of the line and I want it. Come on Blackberry please don't make me join another carrier to get this phone. I have a Sprint tablet, ATT Z10 and close to a Verizon Z30.

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I agree with the OP that suggested blackberry should bypass carriers channel and sell devices directly... or sell them trough appliances stores... be aggressive and products will get the sales top notch..

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What no backlash on the carriers public pages to get it? Canada puts up a bigger fight than the U.S.?
Pretty sad.

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As I understand it, the Canadian backlash was different (and more least to me.) It was centered around Rogers using the touchy, nationalism argument, and then not supporting another Canadian company that's somewhat been a national symbol. There are no such allegiances to BlackBerry in the US.

I wish T-Mobile would wise up and bring the Z30 to the lineup. And now with Android being added into the OS of BlackBerry the phone has now become the best of both worlds in one amazing devixe

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Lucky to obtain my Z30 this week. I am enjoying it every moment. However the battery does not last as claimed, but about 8-10 hours on average use. Can there be any factors making it less powered?

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I get a full day plus out of my battery. The first two days I had the Z30 it didn't last but about 12 hours. From that point though it has lasted from 4:30am till 11:00pm and still has about 35% battery life when I plug it back in. I have been using it far heavier than my Z10 too.

Yep pretty much the same experience here. I've had mine a couple of weeks now.

Posted via CB10 and Z30STA100-5/

Same. First few days of owning mine I was like hmm not as long as I expected.. but after a few days I can last whole day no problem, sometimes push it two days depending how much games etc I do

From my z30

Getting mine through work. They can't get that I refused iPhone and I have been waiting for this phone. For me it was easy.
Thanks god I left Sprint for Z10...

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Just spoke with Verizon and was told that the Z30 will launch through all channels. It WILL be available in stores. Under inventory it's is marked as "shipping" for stores which could mean store arrival in a week but was told typically a month.

Posted with my Z10 or my Q10 on Verizon from Philly

It is a shame that the Z30 is a Verizon exclusive. The carrier hate and junk talking about BlackBerry's bad decisions aren't warranted though. All of these companies are in business to make money. The decisions they make are strictly for the bottom line. Verizon is the best of the US companies since they are at least willing to offer the Z30. The others aren't even going to give it a shot. Either way it is the risk vs. reward that keeps Z30s out of stores. You can't be mad at smart business practices.

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Can someone explain the $549 month-to-month option? Is that the same as buying it outright? I'm currently in a contract on VZW with my Z10

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Pretty much. Month-to-month specifically means buying the phone (outright) and paying for service month-to-month without signing a contract.

Will have to wait for a T-Mobile launch or a direct selling from BlackBerry's website. But glad someone in the US is selling it finally.

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From Verizon? No way; they are horrible. I had Verizon before and moved to AT&T after about a year. Terrible service over all.

I guess I will keep my Z10 until it dies or AT&T decided to carry another BlackBerry model. I checked GSM Nation's site and saw that their model is not compatible with AT&T's LTE. Thus, what's the point in getting one?

Oh well. So no T-Mo??? I'm not switching carriers just to get this phone. I really wanted it too. My only knock was the low res. I even turned down my Z10 res so I'd be used to the Z30 res when I got it. Looks like I'll be sticking with my Z10 and installing 10.2.1 os and be happy with that for now.

BlackBerry 4Life

At Telus in Waterloo they have the Z30 right at the front of the store when you walk in (working model) they also had 2 BlackBerry employees pushing the devices :)


Atlanta GA..just called local store. Rep said they just got the shipment in and waiting to be checked into inventory!


$539.00 they told me. I think I might just wait a while. I really wanted the phone but anything over $500 is too much for me. And then you got to add crazy us sales tax. Good grief
If it drops to $450 I'm on it like gravy in turkey.

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You can get $50 off using the code mentioned in this forum comment string. I tried it on my account and it is valid. $489 is closer to $450....

Now is the best time for new blackberry z30 owners to advertise their new phone to friends and family.
Word of mouth advertising and let them play with your device.

Maybe we can bring back BBRY back as a household item by doing our own advertising.
Let's help support the new ceo.

White Rogers Z10 10.2 Dark Theme

This is CB at its best. I'm sorry but paying for a device with my hard earned cash is the only support a company gets or deserves from me. Anything beyond that will enable a company to fall into mediocrity as is the case with bbry. They need to get their act together, and quick.

Got my Z30 from Sasktel...Regina SK regrets whatsoever...happy happy... :-)

Posted via CB10

Please explain, specifically, how this phone "blows HTC and S4 away" because it seems everyone else outside the CB community might need enlightenment.

I saw one at VZ store in northern burb of Chicago yesterday. "Natural Sound" is absolutely AMAZING - played Pia Toscano "Stand By You" from AI a few years ago on youtube... Incredible sound...

I buckled down and finally installed a 10.2 leak last night. I'm good for now. Going to ride this bandwagon for a while longer while my money gets right. Maybe wait and see what direction Mr Chen is going to take the company. I really like the hardware compared to the Z10 though, so, I don't see myself waiting too long. I bought the Z10 outright just in case so, I can upgrade any time now. We'll see what happens.

I do hope Verizon puts it in stored and/or some advertising for it comes out soon (not holding my breath). It would be ashame for this to be setup for failure in sales like the BB10 devices before it.

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And shockingly no one will buy it because no one outside of this site knows its been released due to zero marketing.

I got the email this morning, I like it when Big Red sends me relevant emails.
I've still got a year and a half on my Z10, but I will be picking this up for my wife this month :D
She can finally shed my defunct old 9650 she's been using.

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Definitely getting it at some point...$549 is a good starting price off contract. 6 months from now that price should be really affordable.

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Perhaps I would just like to dream, but how sure are we that Sprint is not going to get this soon?

There is an OtterBox case for the Verizon AND Sprint Versions of the phone, which I am sure all you much more informed BB users than I already knew. Is there just cause to lose hope so quickly? I am getting mad at Sprint myself, but you never know. I will hold out until the end of the year to see what announcements come about.

Got mine coming,.. out of upgrades. Buddy sold me his upgrade for $400.00. It's on its way. Sell my Z10 to cover some costs. Can't wait.

Our local VZW store just said the Z30 should be on display in the store tomorrow as they got the shipment today. So they will be available in stores as well as online.

And if BB is allegedly sitting on tons of cash, why no noticeable marketing campaign for the Z30 and only one US carrier so far, restricted to online ordering. Pfizer announced today phasing out BB enterprise phones today, pretty big company albeit lots of others left. Just not a good headline to see.

Spent a week with a Z30 @ work and except for battery life I still love my Z10.
Hooked up the Z30 via usb to go and micro.hdmi to 65" NEC Touch Screen....It was SWEET!! Size matters...Try that IPhone

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Oh..and I don't care about my PlayBook anymore.
If I can just figure out how to get this 150# beast off the wall and hook it to a car battery

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Just finished ordering my Blackberry Z30!!! Had to do it online which I hate but its the Z30 we're talking about. I went to the store and no one knew what the hell I was talking about smh. That Verizon phone reminder page sucks, I never does. Good thing Crackberry is always on top of everything :-D

I mentioned before that I won't get a phone larger than the Z10...well, I lied. I got the Z30 as a spare and I absolutely love it! I still won't use it as my main communication phone because of its size (I have my Z10 for that) but the Z30 is awesome to surf the net or play games; things that a larger screen will serve better. Plus, it's lovely to look at. :)

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Verizon does offer a device payment plan for phones off contract. Must be paid off in 12 months. Z30 is $46 a month. Waiting for mine for Monday delivery.

Posted via CB10

I purchased a Z30 from Verizon today for the full price. Prior to buying it, I spoke to Verizon technical service and l learned that the phone ships unlocked. I will use the phone on T-Mobile's system. The bands on the Verizon version match up completely. Lastly, when I purchased the phone in the Verizon store, unlike the online order site, I was able to purchase the phone outright without a plan. I phoned T-Mobile's technical department. They said that as they won't sell the phone, all software updates will be pushed out thru Blackberry link from Verizon. The feature I'll lose not having a T-Mobile phone is their free tethering to computers.

They don't match up completely. The Verizon Z30 has TMO's LTE band, and the secondary "4G" HSPA+ band (1900 MHz.) If you're in an area where TMO doesn't have LTE yet, and no 1900 MHz HSPA+, you will drop straight down to 2G.

That's a mistake I'll never make again. At least it was my friends I talked into a bbry and not my wife. They have both gone back to Android and ios after their contracts were up as I did (android)

Probably a good thing for bbry. I'm sure they made more money from Verizon in the exclusivity deal than they would have actually selling this device in the US across all the carriers.

Reading further through the comments leads me to believe this wasn't a deal between bbry and Verizon but rather lack of interest from other carriers. If this is true I retract my previous post. Bbry, at least in the USA, is walking dead.