BlackBerry Z30 now available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse

BlackBerry Z30 now available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse
By DJ Reyes on 19 Sep 2013 03:37 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 has been announced and we've been seeing retail outlets and some carriers slowly start to confirm their availability. Following the event in Malaysia, it was confirmed that it would go on sale in the U.K. and Middle East next week. Selfridges, in the U.K. has already started pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z30. Now, we see Carphone Warehouse follow suit. It's not a huge surprise as the store in Selfridges is Carphone Warehouse.

Carphone Warehouse has it available on contract as well as SIM free. For no upfront fee, you're looking at £32 ($51) a month on a 24 month contract. This will give you 600 mins, unlimited texts and 750MB of data. If you're looking for a 4G plan, prices start at £37 ($59) with no upfront fee, this would 1GB of data each month.

At the moment it seems like the plans are all with O2 and Talk Mobile (an MVNO). So, if you're looking to go with another network, you're out of luck, until the carrier itself confirms availability.

If you're looking to get it SIM free, it will cost you £529 ($848), which is a little cheaper than we saw with Selfridges at £600 ($962). However, looking at the Selfridges website now, the price is on par with Caprhone Warehouse. Bare in mind there is VAT (Value Added Tax) in the U.K. so the prices in brackets will probably not be how much it will retail elsewhere.

Carphone Warehouse will have the Z30 in black and white. Estimated delivery for the black Z30 is September 30th, while the white Z30 is October 15th.

Who will be picking one up next week? Sound off in the comments.

Pre-order the BlackBerry Z30 from Carphone Warehouse

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BlackBerry Z30 now available to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse


Okay, apologies for being a douche, but 'bear' in mind

Now for something more constructive - good that the 30 is priced at a more appropriate level at below the 5s and closer to other flagships.

Okay, now back to being a douche - first!

I'd rather wait a few month. Experience would be most the same as with my Z10 do no rush yet

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It will be interesting to see how TMO (USA) prices the Z30 when (if) they get it. They've done a good job at pricing the Z10 and Q10 competitively; far better than they did with the 9900.

I agree. I picked the Z10 on the day of its T-Mobile launch because I knew it wasn't going to get any better at $532 for what was then a flagship phone. T-Mobile seems to be the only US carrier as of now which is really making an effort to sell some BlackBerry phones.

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+ 5,000. I wish more carriers did as t mobile does. A lot of below Par sales are because of lack of support from carriers. Love t mobile.

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They've done a good job in general since they've moved to Simple Choice. I attribute it to the fact that they're getting all their money back on the phones, don't have any (publicly disclosed) sales contracts, and more importantly, are customer hungry right now.

Who the hell are you to say what will be......piss off squirrel!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

People who buy phones like this buy new phones every year anyway so I don't think that's gonna be a problem.

Trolling is not good for your health, in case you don't know. Did you check with your mommy before posting here on Crackberry?

I looked at trading in Z10 at carphone warehouse, £100! Have had it since March or so, paid over £400 sim free, unlocked. Quite a loss! Think I'll stay with the Z10 for a while longer. Wait till the price of the Z30 drops, and see what happens with BlackBerry. Got my fingers burnt with the PlayBook. Though paid £120 for it 8 months ago, still a good device. Just hope BlackBerry stays the distance.

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I would like to correct the VAT info. In the UK good and services are always* quoted with VAT included so £529 is the total price.

*unless the trade is being solicited to a company

What is the VAT for phones in the UK? That should help us get a little better idea of the retail price.

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Iphone 5 shit is £549 with more apps and headless apps... blackberry wake the f**ck up and smell the coffee with your ridiculous price!

Then get an iphone. Bb10 is so much better but if you can't figure out or see the difference, and the iphone has exactly what you need, why yell at BlackBerry. Go get your gay iphone and be happy!

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Have you seen the colours on the 5C? My day started gloomy, but once I saw the 5C, I felt gay again, and a smile came to my face! Feeling gay is so much better than feeling sad. Or is there a connotation to gay I'm unfamiliar with?

Why do the fanbois (of all OSes) resort to this?. Ok... he moves on. Congrats. One less user. Repeat and rinse.

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What??? I've seen iphone 5s's for like $1000/$1200
Z30 looks awesome, but i guess to each his own

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Oh my! iP5S and Z30 are not in the same category.It's like comparing apples and oranges. Just for more screen real estate I would willingly pay more. Btw what should be the price and please tell us how you have done your costing + margin. Why are you using iPhone price as your measurement standard? Most people who are going to buy iPhone will never buy BB10 phones even if priced at $1.00.

Love that they've focused on their niche for this device as well.

Doers that are moving on from qwerty.

Big screen, quad mics and stereo speakers to make the best of the quality video chat/speakerphone and loooong battery life.

They know their (albeit smaller) demographic and are focusing on it.

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Lol at the price.. I'm a big fan of BlackBerry and I own a z10.. but the prices they have are ridiculous considering they wanna compete with apple and Samsung..

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Apple products are not cheap, but right now they have a huge advantage in the app ecosystem, camera, entertainment, pretty much everything. People are willing to pay that price for the product.
Blackberry, right now, has to become the third player in the mobile ecosystem, only that way they can survive. Without a solid user base they will not have all the apps that Apple and android have. And we all know what means.

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Nothing wrong in owning multiple platforms. Make your next purchase an Apple or Samsung or MSFT or etc. Keep moving.
I own Apple products but I can't wait to lay my hands on the beautiful beast Z30. :)

Come on Rogers and hurry up...

BlackBerry will survive in the Corporate and Government Sectors! My Z10 is so much better than an iphone!

Would have been nice to have a poll to go along with the "Who will be picking one up next week?"

Only 28 Comments, but I haven't seen on yes yet.

This will be the first Blackberry in over 8 years I will *not* buy. Crappy specs, no ecosystem, highly priced and now the headless apps 10.2 debarcle. No, no, no.

It's a Z10 with larger screen. yaaawnn...

I can't take you seriously anymore. I can only understand two of your points to some degree. The price is high but only because it has a small ecosystem (not no ecosystem) other than that is on par with current device pricing. Low specs? In the 10 years you've bought BlackBerry this will be the most powerful BlackBerry you would ever own and I'm sure it will perform well against the competition. Although I don't know what you were expecting. Lastly, and I really hate this one now, you are taking the headless app thing too seriously as others did. It isn't what you expected but they never explained exactly what that was. At the moment it is a matter of security, ease of use, and performance. Having a whole bunch of apps run headless (think of a chicken here) is not necessary. Yes I also think they should implement a way of hiding apps you don't want to see in active frames but is it being there really hurting you? The most I can see people using for headless operation is 4 max. Data usage, LED changer, wallpaper changer, and maybe one other random personal choice. Some apps have some of these in one. So max 4 active frames running leaving you with 4 empty slots to multitask and all your social communication already run headless and only need the hub to operate. How much more you need? Go get something that suits your needs. I don't want to see you degrade yourself to another misinformed complainer on CB.

Oh brother. Lame. You overreacted to that article and are now using it as a lame excuse. What do I care, go. The grass isn't always greener, but maybe you will find happiness with headless apps in Android. I currently have 2 active frames open all the time and yeah it's a bit strange, but I understand why they did it that way and listened to both sides before jumping to conclusions. I want changes too but they can't please everyone and definitely not in such short time. The OS is young. Damned if you do, damned if you don't I guess, huh? You need it so badly then go get it. No point in complaining here about it.

Already done. iPhone 5s picked up this afternoon. And a Samsung S4 Active sitting on my desk to play with. Everything a Z30 could have been.

If they release Z30 LTE version in middle east unlike my Z10 which is 3G I will grab it next week! Can't wait...

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All Z30 versions are likely LTE (like the Q10.) The one you would want to get is probably the STA100-2.

I'll be waiting for a while. My Z10 is only 8 months old, and is still a lovely device. On release I think it was around £500 and now you can pick up a sim-free device for a little over £250 on Amazon.

One issue the still really bugs me with BB10 is the calendar not displaying past events for longer than 3 months for my Gmail account.

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Why so many haters of bbry... stop whining and get lost... buy an iPhone 5/5c/5s with crappy os 7... at the moment apple having a bad time with there new software updates... join them and then say how good bbry software is... share your bad experiences and let us know when u back on the dying os bbry... lol

Sent by Bbry Zed10

BlackBerry ....................... "Keep Moving."

Then they release a $850 + Z30 ? Uh, they are not going to Keep Moving at that Price. That's for sure.

Calm down guys! They say third time is the charm and it's only the 2nd time, the next device will surely be more highly priced and take over the market by storm!

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It's seems to me the Z30 is priced in line with other premium smart phones on the market today, as a manufacturer why should BlackBerry expect anything less?

Sent from my BlackBerry Z10

Blackberry, can you start selling unlocked BlackBerry devices from your website instead of releasing it to carriers in the U.S.? The poor sprint customers are were able to purchase the Q10 earlier this month( too long to have to wait for a device). I have AT&T and T-Mobile, they usually get BlackBerry devices as promised. My fear is that my husband and other family members will dump their z10 devices for the Note 3 that is expected to release at the same time as the Z30. I am starting to have little faith in BlackBerry release dates in the U.S. Blackberry should sell unlock phones on their website this would make it easier for buyers BlackBerry. I hope the Z30 does well in sales. I only use BlackBerry Nokia and iPhone if the z30 does not deliver it might end BlackBerry. BlackBerry listen to the loyal supporters pleasssssse.

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I've always thought this would be a great idea. Sell the devices online, go around the carriers. Don't know how much the carriers would like it though.

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If you're not in Europe, the Middle East, or Australia, I wouldn't recommend it. There are likely multiple models of this phone.

show me the love
I have no doubt the Z30 is going to be a great phone. Improved sound, improved antenna?!

If you will wait for a month or a couple of months, BlackBerry might release the same model with a better CPU/GPU - which will be well supported on a priority basis... or, the price has been reduced dramatically... either one of will happen... for sure...

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Christ! I leave BlackBerry for 7 days come back on old faithful Z10 and CB10 app and by God there is no less than 10+ posts on the main guy of this app of the Z30! Many are needless or could be consolidated.

I'm glad it's getting the promotion from CB on this site and app, but honestly it should be coming directly from BlackBerry and Providers both in Canada and the USA especially. They should be coming out GUNS blazing like the King of New York!

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I'm still undecided... could replace the Z10 as the second device, but Android with CM10 could be a more secure and more fully featured option.

Somebody said that the VAT for cell phones in the UK is 20% so if u take 529 minus 20% it comes to approximately 424 pounds which converted to USD is about 660$ . I think it's a fair price for the SIM FREE Z30! Everyone thinks that just because BlackBerry isn't doing very well that they should be giving the phones away for free. Please stop and think before you post stupid comments about pricing

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Somebody said that your VAT for Cell phones is wrong.

somebody. ya.
Even @ $660 , IT'S WAY Over Priced.

I agree Spiro.... Z10 looks awesome And running os 10.2 with awesome battery life will be silky smooth!!

Flagship product it is. I want one to complement my Q10!!

Any news on Rogers availability??

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Somehow the car phone warehouse site is not able to load the z10 pages... I wonder if it is a good sign that they increased the price after pushing it down or was that part of a promotion?

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Atrocious pricing in my opinion, i could just get a damn nice TV for that price. Way too high.

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So the price is 660? If that's the case, then that's pretty much on par with other new phone pricing :p

BBM channels: c00121c99 for some knowledge and c00123fca for some real hip hop


Couldn't resist, with the usual lines from the haters who still take time from their lives to post the other hackneyed phrase.
And yes, I want one. Even if BB is in trouble, I only ever got 1 update from my Galaxy S, Samsung could have fell off a cliff 3 mos. after I got it, wouldn't have mattered.

Well I know for a fact that 9 out of 10 people I know who have Iphone5 can't get much past a year because either home button fails or cpu burns out or other hardware issues. But no one mentions it!

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Bottom line: those that can AFFORD to purchase the Z30 will do so as soon as it's made available.

I will NEVER ever-everrrr purchase a carrier subsidized phone again so I'm saving my pennies.

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My brother got the z10 as a gift for me and the camera never worked for one day. Unfortunately, we live in different countries and the phone could not be replaced.
I won't rush to buy the Z30.

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Hey guys, please add my BBM Channel: "Men's Fashion & Lifestyle" C001214D9

Proud support of BlackBerry (Q10/Z10/PlayBook 16 & 64GB)

Ordered mine last night from Selfridges (ships on 25th) Those of you not in the UK they do international shipping :-)

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@PK070205 piss off you worm hole...go suck an android, better yet...go play with your plastic iphone...mudda mudda

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I wish Z30 sales policy were not only real these days but outstanding, as well! They ought to start with £199.00 for SIM-FREE and let it be available from only one on-line retailer in the UK. Google sells old stock of N4 similar way. BB should do two steps ahead: 1. Such price and availability would generate relatively huge demand for Z30. 2. Such price and availability would generate relatively huge publicity for BB10.  It isn't impossible in the UK. Other markets are highly possible to go on chain reaction after such teaser-start in the UK :|

[...] BBs always for young professionals - new BYOD hero:

Does BB seriously believe anyone will pay $800 to a larger Z10?
$399 sounds like a reasonable price, unlocked. in USA.