BlackBerry Z30 now available online from Rogers

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2013 01:53 pm EDT

If you're a Rogers customer and have been waiting ever so patiently for the BlackBerry Z30 to become available, have at it. Rogers is now offering up the Z30 online for just $179 on a 2-year term or $599 month-to-month. The devices are already shipping, but nothing else fancy to see here - the model is standard and will ship free.

Rogers got a bit of a late start after first opting not to carry the Z30 at all, but they have seen the error of their ways and have made the device available to the masses. If you're looking to pick one up you'll have to buy one online as they still won't be offering the Z30 in stores for the time being. 

Purchase the BlackBerry Z30 from Rogers

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BlackBerry Z30 now available online from Rogers


Just ordered 3 for the guys at work. We have half the employees on z10, some on them Q10 and the others are still legacy. Now we will test the z30 and see which device we will roll out across the board. We do have some Samsung devices and iphones. BBM cross platform only allowed half the Samsung users to join as S2 devices are too old. One of the iphone users suffered the same fate, so some are still left out. Now to all the doubting people out there, the BB10 devices are a hit amongst the users here at work, and they really show the weakness of the Android and Apple devices in this environment. I am quite confident the z30 devices are going to take BB10 to a whole new level.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Did anyone notice that the full price of the Z30 is CHEAPER than the Z10? It's only 599 for the Z30 but the Z10 still costs 649 outright.


About time

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looks like it's the STA100-5 model?

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Look at the table first! This bit is just about partial compatibility. And yes, it is the STA100-5. They copied their bands from BB's website. That 2100 under LTE should be 1700.

Yay, I wonder if it will include Fido. The device pictured looks like it is black on top frame and white on bottom. Is that to satisfy the white or black dilemma?

The bottom is silver painted aluminum for the frame just like all the other Zed 30's except white

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Problem with Rogers is when you call them for a BlackBerry they try to sell you another phone. I know a few people this has happened to.

No white? Please don't tell me that Bell has the exclusive on white! Especially at their $700 price point! Smart pricing by Rogers bringing that first digit down to a 5.

Ya the link would be good I can't find it either in Canada

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Sweet! Hopefully the will still be doing actual BlackBerry devices in two years. LoL :) I love the Q5, so I will stick with it for now!

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I was told the other day by Rogers that rogers is dead and buy an android. Instead I bought a second Z10, this time in black with white back.

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Awesome. I suppose I would have gotten it if it was in front of my face. 159 not bad.

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Just wondering if I can order the z30 from the US I am willing to pay full price but not sure if it will work on att, lte and all?

OK, if what I'm reading here is true about Rogers reps telling people that bb is dead, I think we need to hit their Facebook page again. I'm going to call for a Z30. I want one anyways and I'm currently on Rogers.

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The Rogers salesman in Pacific Mall located in Markham told me now is not a time to be looking at BlackBerry phones.. I seriously was pissed at that fool

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What is everyone so happy about?
You know what who is going to buy a Z30 without doing the following, see if this is the one you want, how does it feel in your hands.
Would you buy a car with out sitting in it, just because you had the previous small car, doesn't mean the bigger one is for you.
That's why people think that Blackberry will be gone.
Blackberry should have open up retail stores all over the world,

Nope, I would not buy a phone without feeling it in my hands. That is why I went to a Telus store and had a nice long look at it before I ordered it through Rogers. I am certainly not happy with Rogers for not carrying it in their stores, but my business bill is pretty high so they offer me a great deal to stick around! Waiting is getting harder and harder.....I skipped the other Blackberry phones waiting for this one.......10 months of watching my wife use her Z10 and she loves it. While I still use my 9900.....This will be my first non-physical keypad phone.

Telus is offering the phone for 129 went on the plan and copped a BlackBerry leather holster including tax 200. On 2 year!

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Not good news if you're trying to get a phone outright. Apparently Rogers Z30s are exclusive for 2 year term customers..

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SCREW Rogers. Lousiest cell coverage of any carrier in Canada. PITA to deal with. Canceled my plan for my PB (rip), they billed me for 2 more months.

Phuque Rogers forever. Telus is the way..

Now, let me tell you how I REALLy

I def want a Z30, but for now my cue-ten will do till the #'s come down a bit.

Cheers from N. Alberta cleaning up natures oil spill!

Written with the superlative Q10..Z30 a coming!

Now everybody who was pissing and moaning about Rogers not carrying the Z30 better go out and get one ASAP!

I'm not joking either...I WILL HUNT U DOWN!

Seriously though, get a Z30, you won't regret it.

I'm ready,I'm number 8 in line,just waiting for the email,could be as late as November 15th I guess . Hope not. Hope I can buy it outright ,I have 2/12 years left on my current contract

Actually it's gone from number 8 to, In progress and the shipping process has begun. I'm so excited ,my daughters boyfriend has his eyes on my z10, like my previous 9900, which he inherited and according to my wife ,you better dam we'll give it to him and don't even think of charging him ,but I'm to excited anyway to worry about a couple hundred bucks that I would get for it

$599 outright is a great price. Unlock for $20-$25. Bought my Telus Z30 from Future Shock, unlocked it and use it on Bell. Still ahead $100 because I would have got the Bell one unlocked anyway. :-)

The thing that pisses me off is the sales people that say don't buy a BB...when

1) It has the best multitasking
2) It has the best browser including flash support
3) It has the best messaging
4) It is solidly built hardware, not plastic crap

If they are worried about not getting updates, well hello! Buy any Android phone (except Nexus) and you are not guaranteed ANY updates. I bought a Galaxy Note 2 last year and received one single update, but it was still stuck on Android 4.1.2. I saw my wife on her nexus get 4.2 and then 4.3.

So unless you are buying a Nexus there is absolutely *NO* guarantee you will ever get an OS update on an Android device. Also Sony and HTC are also losing money big time and you don't see people saying "Don't buy an LG".

Just goes to show that people have been brainwashed. If they were to wake up and think objectively and rationally they understand that BlackBerry is offering very good phones with arguably the best mobile OS available. Period.

Hello Everyone. I got Rogers business account and ordered mine yesterday. Hopefully arriving in 7 days. Customer Service was very supportive of the Blackberry Z30, so thats why i was really surprised to hear negative comments about their sales rep. When i finally get it, can compare with my q10 up close and personal. Just my 2 pennies.

Picked up a new z30...awesome machine...sasktel rocks!!!...btw, my partner she sure likes her Q10...

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Just ordered a Z30 from Rogers and got it for 179.99 with a $50 rebate thanks to their price matching policy. I just had to quote the price from Telus.

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Just ordered my Z30 today! My wife gets my Z10 to replace her 9810. She originally wanted a Q10 but not at 699.

The ones on ebay are from Asia and are different frequencies from the Canadian model. I think theirs are the -3 where ours are the -5.

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What is model of Z30 from Roger? Does anyone know what carrier will take model STA 100-5 for Z30 or what model can take LTE from T-mobile USA?

I just got my Rogers Z30 and it's the model STA100-5 running OS, hoping for an update to. 1791 soon.

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