BlackBerry Z30 now available in Canada

By Adam Zeis on 15 Oct 2013 09:28 am EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 is finally available in Canada today on Bell, TELUS and yes, even Rogers (kind of).

Bell looks to be the only carrier that's gone live for now where you can grab a Z30 for $179.95 on a two-year term or $699 off contract.

We expect TELUS to be about the same though rumor has it the Z30 will be a bit less off term. They currently list the Z30 as "coming soon". It looks like TELUS is live now as well.

As for Rogers customers - the Z30 is still set to be available online after an outpouring of love, though there is no sign of it just yet. You can however use the Rogers reservation system to stake your claim for a device. Rogers had this to say today:

In response to customers’ feedback, we announced last week that Rogers will be offering the new BlackBerry Z30. Today, new and existing customers can now reserve the BlackBerry Z30 smartphone on our Rogers Reservation System. Details on pricing and availability be shared soon. Visit to reserve a device.

Of course you'll be able to grab a Z30 at other retailers like Future Shop and Best Buy as well. If you do pick one up be sure to let us know in the comments below.

Happy Z30 day Canada!!

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BlackBerry Z30 now available in Canada


Everyone that was giving Rogers a hard time better be ordering one! Can't believe the amount of backlash there was about not carrying this device. I'll be very surprised if they break 10,000 units sold to customers. Which is why I assume it's online only reservations.

Well online is more difficult than getting one in the store. I will be getting one but may pick it up at future shop. That's what my Rogers rep said I could do. That would reduce the Rogers number if others did the same.

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

Sadly I've spent 10 minutes on their website and can't find it listed anywhere. If they don't make it easier to find and order one they may sell far less than 10,000 units


Will we get this on Fido reservation? I logged in this morning, no love.


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Oh stop it... they said as much in the actual press release stating they'd be making it available. That's not news nor was it unexpected. I'm sure if you stroll into a store they have ways of making it happen. As for Fido, they posted on Facebook that they would not be carrying it there.

I would think that if you went into a Rogers store as a new or existing customer they would be able to order one online for you. It would be stupid of them to turn away a new customer even if they aren't stocking the Z30 in their stores (or promoting it at all).

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Camels are super productive, and helped many civilization get things in areas where a horse couldn't dream of surviving. You're saying committees can be productive. *flies away*

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lol, i had to look twice at the URL on my browser to make sure i didnt ended on the wrong website.
that's hillarious

Camel is an outstanding animal..
.. With brain of course. Multipurpose too.. Just like a BlackBerry

Exactly.... come on Verizon!!

Posted via a Verizon Z10 running a leak and CB10. My channel: C0004F9BB

Can someone ask marketing if They. Are. Going. To. Market. This. Device. Is anyone from the marketing / pr department even ALIVE. They don't answer questions, tweets, or general inquiries. BRUTAL customer relations.

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Not a word of this device being available on their facebook page. No cover photo no saying which carriers have it. WTF....what the hell do they do in the marketing department at BlackBerry?

Hey- ist a hard job to manage the time between combing hair, refill the XXL Cocktails and floozies... and the offer for sale a pre-owned corporate jet needs all the rest of attention...

I think they blew their brain trust and budget on the SuperBowl commercial and 'Open Letter of Desperation'.

Sure hired the wrong team Thor and asshole BoD. Congrats.

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I want one as well. I wonder how rogers upgrade service /scam works. If anyone knows- please share.

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I may be wrong but I think a Bell Z30 would work, I understand they share all the same LTE network and such. Perhaps someone with more knowledge can correct me if I'm wrong.

Z10 with OS

Yes, congrats northerners!! You have my envy!! Now ATT, Blackberry, and other powers that be, Hurry up and bring it to the states!!! Enjoy you z30s!

I was planning on waiting about a month but it's tempting today. I didn't see anything on Future Shop's website though. I'm with Rogers and was going to shop around for the best deal this time. With the Z10 Rogers was $100 more than Kodoo.

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Awesome, one step closer to availability in the states. I hope they do direct sales online or something similar. I don't want to depend on US Carriers for anything BlackBerry at this point.

Looking at purchasing one now/reserving this product from rogers. Just need to see how much they are going to charge me as I am currently in a contract of 3yrs and roughly 2yrs in. Hope its not a huge outlay! But I really do want this device. Wish me luck!

I was in the same scenario. Call them and just "inquire" into how much it is to purchase the remainder of your phone outright. They sent me straight to customer retentions, got my bill down to 52 clams, AND got an upgrade option!

Didn't even have to pull any teeth!


If you pay a decent amount of money monthly, and you're 2 years since your last HW upgrade, then you should have a free upgrade ready to use. Check your MyRogers site under account overview.

Just went to the rogers website and reserved one. Haven't even held one in my hands yet,will have to go out today and check them out. To reserve it,go to your account and click on device reservation.

Lucky for me my meeting didn't happen until afterwards, but glad to see the number going up :) Glad you got yours :D

Called the 2 Telus dealers at 8:00am Vector and Expert in Grande Prairie, Vector told me they are ordering Z30s today, Expect girl didn't even say that much, what idiots, as much as I hate Futureshop I will call when they open, if they have it they will get my money. Sent from my awesome Z10!

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with the dismal marketing I doubt there are 9000 people that have even heard it's for sale, much less that want to buy it. That said, I'm buying one for sure...

You lucky Canadians! You had your Thanksgiving turkey yesterday and your Z30's the next day!

Now, if only VZW would release the Z30 for us Americans!

All of you (like me) who screamed bloody murder when Rogers first announced they would not carry the Z30 - NOW is the time to reserve the device and let them know that we're keeping our side of the bargain. - sign in with your account or to get a new device on a new line.

Sadly I am only #11 - I was hoping for a little more love for Rogers but it's early yet I suppose.

I called 3 places, 2 of which deal with most carriers and nobody has them. One person even asked what a Z30 is..... I guess if you don't advertise a phone nobody knows it exists.... no Z30 for me today.....

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I just returned from the TELUS store nothing! She said she has no idea when they will arrive. I then proceeded to call Telus they have no clue when it's going to drop only that it's coming soon. Talk about half assed!

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Yeah...the Z30 went live...kind of...not on Rogers where even reserving it s a pain in the ass, Telus still lists it as coming soon, Bell has it already on sale but their plans are just soo freaking expensive, as are most contracts in Canada, where Canadian consumers are held hostage by these few parasitical telecom companies with little or no choice, with whatever choice there is, nothing more than an illusion.

As for Fido...owned by Rogers, and pretty much a joke of a carrier (it supposedly operates as an independent division), not only won't they carry the Z30, they have removed both the Z10 and Q10 from their sales row. Those phones no longer even appear on Fido's website. As per the company anyone wanting to purchase a Z10 or Q10 can only do so from available in-store inventory, once that's gone...good luck suckers!

We can already see how well BlackBerry's "plea" has gone over...Instead of this worthless mea culpa, how about delivering products on time, stop stumbling, mopping around and generally sitting with a thumb up your ass...bad enough that Fido pretty much told me to go screw myself and the Z10 I own, by basically making the device worthless with their lack of support and and backing of the BlackBerry brand...

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"Bell has it already on sale but their plans are just soo freaking expensive, as are most contracts in Canada, where Canadian consumers are held hostage by these few parasitical telecom companies with little or no choice, with whatever choice there is, nothing more than an illusion."
Sounds just like American telecoms to me

Sometimes I wonder if some of these posters talk in real life to real people the way they do in their blog and forum posts? If they do they must be pretty miserable to be around; and if they don't why can't they be civil here? Just saying . . .

Pfft, $700, no thanks BlackBerry. Try me once the price is in the sub-$500 range where it actually should be. Dying company with no ecosystem and limited potential does not deserve to charge this high for a phone.

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shouldn't you be on the ifan sites? People on this site generally know the true value of BlackBerry phones because we use them for more than taking pictures, listening to music and checking facebook. No company could afford to sell the Z30 for under $500. Hell, Apple is charging more than that for the iphone 5 with a plastic body on it (5c in case you didn't know)

Just reserved mine with Rogers. Unfortunately only the black one is listed. No white :( hopefully Rogers ships soon. Tempted to get it from Bell today.

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I'm going to take a look at it. Once 10.2 is on my Z10 I'll decide. I'm not sure of the screen quality, should have put the best screen in it. Battery saving options would take care of the whiners

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I have a Z30 and trying out an S4. To be honest high density screen is over-rated when it comes to a mere 5" screen, you would likely not see much differences when you put both side-by-side.

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did you see the picture Telus has on their website - the silver bezel is in landscape mode. Looks like they took a picture of a Z30 and just stretched it wide. pretty pathetic!

Curious to know if the Canada version is compatible with TMobile USA LTE bands? If so, will seek one out!

Thanks- Only see black available- what's with that- are they not carrying the white? Why can't BB give them some style- ie colour for a change!

The price is steep but i did my part and put the word out to family and friends. I used the line " you're all going to be using BBM in the next few months anyways,Might as well make it official.

Oil sands Fueled

Would someone be able to let me know which 10.2 OS build is shipped with the Z30?


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650 too expensive for me. Will have to wait unfortunately. I'm still on the hook $300 for my Z10. Another 650 and tax just makes it impossible............

My thinking too. Z10 cost me 750 with taxes so im playing the common sense game now. We all want to see Blackberry succeed but I have to succeed too lol

Just went to Bell to check out the Z30. Nice but not a significant jump from my Z10, as far as screen gonna stick with the 10

Dwane, it's not only screen size my friend. Four speaker natural sound is amazing, new Paratek antenna, etc. Furthermore, screen is completely different compared to Z10 in terms of technology.

I know all the specs, if it had have been 3G ram, 10 -15 mega pixel camera 2.2 ghtz processor might be worth the upgrade from Z10. The Z10 didn't sell well at all, and the Z30 is DOA

Well Moncton Future Shop has some but wouldn't get one out for me?? I told them that they were for sale today, yup we know. Buuuuuut he still wouldn't get one out for me ffs

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Just played with the Z30 and got to compare with my Z10. Amazing how the screen size is so much bigger but the phone isn't. Wish I could have more time to type and use gestures to get a better feel for it so I can be sure if I want to switch. Very happy with my Z10. I'll have to convince a friend to make the move first so I can use it. Btw, Best Buy, Bell, Telus did not have it in store. A smaller chain store did. This is in the Montreal area.

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Well, said I wasn't going to buy it but changed my mind. They did go a lot cheaper on packaging. Bell rep was excited about it which helps. Boot up time is much faster. Go BB!

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Hey if I bought one off contract does anyone Know if Bell will let me swap my Z10 with the Z30 on the existing 2 Year contract??

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They will. They asked me if I wanted to trade in my z10. Told them nope. Just walked out with phone.

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reserved mine with Rogers, as i told them i would. position 41. hope it's coming soon (or I may have to cancel and buy at FS or BB - don't make me do that Rogers!...)!

Another botched BlackBerry 10 launch at SaskTel. No dealership in the city has received one yet. So f-ing lame. Seriously makes me angry.

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It was so hard to order one. Two Telus stores said they could not sell me a Z30 outright to use on my account. and 2 different sales people would not sell me one without changing my number and putting me on a contract.
Now i tried ordering direct from their website and see if i get one in my hot little hands.

Nice seeing Bell and Telus doing what's right. Nice to see some Canadian spirit still around with regards to BlackBerry. Too bad Rogers/Fido have their own agenda. Their attitude will never be forgotten. Life time ban coming up!!

i think this phone looks amazing for a blackberry well i always liked the z10 to... and my sister is currently using the q10 which i find to be a beautiful phone... even tho i have switched to an iphone 2 years back... i still like blackberry but one reason why i switched was cause it was time for change and blackberry is lacking on apps and that was one main reason why i switched.. but i can see they are improving and if they have apps that iphone or whatever have... i would love to switch back to a blackberry... after all blackberry was the first smartphone i have ever used

Was in Telus (Carlton Place) in Ottawa this morning. I was told I will have to wait a couple of weeks before they will sell me the Z30 off contract. I'm waiting with the awesome Z10 already in my hand. So I can wait, although I would have bought the Z30 today had things gone my way. I'm starting to think now that I have been held back, I might wait for the Seidio active Case with Metal Kickstand to come out first before buying the 30. Or just before Christmas, whichever comes first. Oddly I'm willing to pass on the online version. I can/will wait it seems (for now).

I am in awe of the amount of money people piss away on smartphones, one after the other.

Went to a Telus store this afternoon here in Toronto, Z30 M.I.A so disappointed nowhere to be least Bell have one on display.

Wierd canada is home of blackberry and today they release it, in saudi arabia the z30 was released about 10 days ago

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Dam, BELL has horrible and expensive data plans. $80per month for 500MB of data? R U kidding lol, and it goes up from there.
I may just buy the Z30 out right cash.

What?!? They must be mistaken or something. Bell is expensive but no where near that price.

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Bad typing. Should have been why doesn't blackberry sell unlocked to Canadians direct like they do in states

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Just stopped in at Telus to check it out, didn't have it YET. Bell did next door though. It's beautiful *tear*

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Checked Rogers website today and Z30 is nowhere to be found. Anyway I'm waiting and hoping for an unlocked version direct from BlackBerry whenever that's available

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II guess it is $600 with a contract from Telus (Starting Device Balance = $471 + no activation fee + your choice of service contract for 2 years).

I bought my Z30 yesterday for $650 outright from Telus without a SIM card. I think it is unlocked (?). I need to find the info on the phone yet. The model number is STA100-5 and its frequency bands are supported by all Canadian carries. I will choose a proper monthly plan after my evaluation of available plans and providers for an unlocked phone. No hurry, I still have my other BB phone.

The Z30 looks and feels awesome. I intend to use it also as a replacement for my PC because having Direct WiFi to share files and drive printers, Miracast transmitting videos and photos wirelessly to a big screen, Bluetooth for my keyboard and mouse, and USB -OTG for my memory sticks and USB hard drive should fit the bill.

I will play a bit with this device and try out its mobile abilities and see if I can eliminate my PC (?). For example, I tested and linked my PB's mini-keyboard to the Z30 via Bluetooth and can now write documents using the keyboard and mouse via landscape mode on my Z30 's display or on my Dell monitor. Neat :)

The Z30 is much faster on the WiFi Internet than my PC on Ethernet, wow! One thing I noticed, one could not get to the home screen unless one had first connected the Z30 to the Internet. My Linksys WiFi did not connect to my Z30 and I was stuck because I needed the Z30's MAC address which cannot be found on the label anymore.

I then installed another router. Unfortunately, I connected to this router before I had the Internet enabled from my service provider which resulted to put the Z30 into a non-connecting loop. I was able to undelete the saved WiFi setting via the ‘Hotspot escape’. I then enabled the Internet in my provider’s modem and from then on all went well and I reached the Z30 home screen.

I liked my Torch 9800 till today but comparing it to the Z30 is a no contest experience. BlackBerry is again the pioneer of acceptable, secure mobile computing!

Keep moving! Buy a Z30 unlocked, you will not be disappointed..

Bell, MTS, Eastlink, Rogers, Telus, Sasktel are the only LTE (high speed band) network carriers listed for Canada on wiki.
The Z30 supports also the lower speed bands which would work on Wind mobile I guess but your download speeds will be lower. Ask them if they would connect you forfeiting the higher speeds, i.e. you acknowledge the lower speed service ability and will not complain.

You could try a microSIM card on an unlocked Z30 phone before you commit.