BlackBerry Z30 leather holster turns up on eBay

By Adam Zeis on 11 Sep 2013 09:54 am EDT

While the much anticipated BlackBerry Z30 has yet to be announced, it appears that some retailers are getting ahead of the game. As discovered by CrackBerry member Andrew4life, a few "OEM" BlackBerry Leather Holsters for the Z30 have turned up on eBay.

The Z30 is nowhere to be seen though we've caught many photos and videos down the rumor pipeline already. We can't say for sure if these cases are totally legit but at first glance they do look pretty good. There aren't very many details given for either of the two cases but the holster does stick true to the other OEM designs we've seen from BlackBerry for recent devices, right down to the signature red stitch.

So take this for what you will, but it could be another sign that the BlackBerry Z30 release is getting even closer. The original rumor of a fall launch from Sprint would be right around the corner, so we'll see what pans out in the coming weeks.

Check out the cases on eBay here and here.

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Nice oh and....

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Tracy Daken

Oh yeah! I think I will be looking at getting that phone. I have had the Lumia 925 for a while. Windows OS is damn good, and Nokia. This is BlackBerry we are talking about. With 4.2.2 coming to 10.2 on this thing, it will be an amazing device that I will be happy using. And the fact I will have Xbox music on BB will make me happy. If this phone comes out, I will be on that train.


Where did i miss the announcement of Xbox music on BB10?

Tracy Daken

It will be on android. Which means with sideloading and developer keys, we can get it to work. Also, you can use the web player on the browser.
Pre coffee comment. I wasn't trying to confuse anyone. PROMISE lol.


Until you have it working... don't count on it.


Never been a holster fan, but I do want this phone.

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Huey Newton

It only means the phone is on the way yes finally

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wonder when we will see the slider holster on ebay? ;)


Personally I dont think a slider bb10 phone is a good idea at this point in time.

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RP Singh

It's a GREAT idea!

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It is. Sliders are cool. But I feel BlackBerry needs to focus on devices they think will sell really well right now. My hopes is that the Z10 successor will be a slider given the size of the device.


I do not think they should release this phone. It is only going to make BlackBerry less attractive for a partnership or sale.

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RP Singh

Not releasing new phones is what caused so many people to down grade to imitation devices!

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Yeah! My post was featured on the blog!

Can't wait for the Z30!!

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Less devices, sharper ecosystem.

BlackBerry doesn't have the cash flow to keep producing substandard hardware.

Just look at HTC, they are having problems too, but produced the HTC One, a top Android phone.

Time to learn from your competition.

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HTC one is junk lol

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It does not have the silver BlackBerry logo on the front that acts as the power saving feature. Not sure if it's legit.

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My OEM Z10 holster doesn't either and it's legit; I think it's just the microfibre sleeves have the silver logo.

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I have a leather Z10 pocket and it has it.

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blackberry artichoke

The pocket holder does have the symbol but not the leather holster for z10 and still has the power saving magneyd

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Neither does the one for my Z10. It looks just like the one for my Z10, just wider.

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As long there is a Magnet inside the powersaving Feature is there...


I wonder how it will be with release of Z30 . . . our local store ( ) informed me that Z30 will be available during 10/2013.


BlackBerry day must be coming soon!

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I want a z30 put I love my z30. What I'm so stressed out. (1st world problem )

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I'm gonna throw my vote in and say that I think it is reasoning is if you look at the picture with the "device" in it, you can see the weaving on the back cover just like what the Z30 is supposed to be offering.


Not sure this phone will ever come out. It certainly won't come out before they sell the company. We won't even get 10.2 before the company is sold.

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I don't buy that at all. Production is already underway on Z30 and 10.2 is almost ready. Corporate decisions on product do not stop on a dime based on a on possible JV or buyout.


10.2 has been sent to Carriers for testing. It can drop anytime now (in canada)

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25th! But seriously this is looking promising.

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The case is square?

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I do like the red stitch touch on these holsters.

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If I am in charge of BlackBerry, I will not release Z30 yet until I have absolute major apps, marketing ready to pump and hardware spec above competitions or otherwise, it will be another failure device.


I hope BlackBerry will release the phone immediately possibly before the Note3. I am thinking to order Note3. I am afraid once moved to android my long love affair with BlackBerry will be finished


I may have gotten my Z10 on release day, but boy oh boy, am I getting a Z30.


The embedded images in articles are still compressed in the CB10 app. Anyone else seeing that?

Now for the article content. I have used the OEM leather holster for years so glad to see it continue to be produced.

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Still waiting for a Q10-like Z30-sized device to take the market by surprise.

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Looks like Z30 is definitely the official name!


Where is the phone?



good one,hoping z30 creates some good noise


Os it just me, or does that look really wide? It makes the Z30 form factor look more square than tall rectangle. Thoughts?

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I can't wait buying this phone!

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Plus-size 'phones' are something that most manufacturers thought nobody would want. Then came the Note. I was surprised myself to see all the kids with them on the train.....

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does that say Z10 on the side of the box???


Before I buy this I need to know where Blackberry is headed...I have the Z10 and will wait till the dust settles before I purchase anything new from Blackberry.


Nice,understated yet classy. I want one.