BlackBerry Z30 launching on Verizon October 31st for $299?

By Adam Zeis on 24 Oct 2013 04:53 pm EDT

Just as Verizon put their Z30 landing page live, some new info has turned up in the CrackBerry forums with even more fun. According to an internal document, the Z30 will be landing on Verizon October 31st. It appears that it will be $299 on contract which pits it around $750 off contract -- quite a hefty price tag all things considered. The doc only shows a black version as well, so don't expect a Verizony white model anytime soon.

We still don't know if this is official and other parts of Verizon systems are saying a different price that is a bit more reasonable, along the the lines of $199 on contract and $549 without but alas, we'll have to wait and see but it looks to be pretty legit for the most part. Still no word from any other carriers in the US either, but we can hope to hear more on all fronts in the next week or so.

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BlackBerry Z30 launching on Verizon October 31st for $299?



Wow off contact it's expensive. They still haven't learned from pricing the z10s and q10s to high.

Make the z30 a bit cheaper to make it more appealing therefore more chances of the phone getting in the hands of ppl instead of collecting dust in the inventory

Yeah, that's expensive... my wife would kill me if I spent $750 on what she will undoubtedly see as 'a slightly bigger Z10'. Come on big red, you're not exactly cheap for service either!

Even at $299 it's too expensive. Its pretty gutsy that they priced it higher than the Note 3, Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5S which are the 3 most popular phones out right now and are hard to compete with. And we wonder why blackberry is struggling with sales, it's prices like these that are killing them.

Exactly!!! They aren't the most popular company that ppl want phones from unlike Apple and Samsung /Android. If they were at the top than ok but come on BlackBerry seriously smarten up!!! No wonder they had so many unsold z10s left and probably the same will happen with the z30s.

These guys never learn from the mistakes.

Looking at their Z30 launch price at India, they surely had learned. However, pricing is not just about how much BlackBerry is selling to Verizon, and also how much margin Verizon wants from it.

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I know its Verizon is that's setting these prices which is way too much asking price. I also noticed that they set all flagships near that sam price regardless of weathering the demand forcast and what people would pay for it. I like blackberry and all but they need to do something about this overpricing problem. Its gonna hurt their sales.

Try to keep in mind that the device is passing through Verizon hands as well.

Telus, in Canada, is selling it for 600 outright. Me thinks it's Verizon jacking up the price.

Just a thought.


You are correct. Seems to me the carriers continue not to support BlackBerry. The US dollar is stronger than the Canadian making this even more squewed

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I am probably going to go down to most of the comments.

In Canada and everywhere else the Z30 is 600-650$. American carrier pricing is nuts. It's like they wants BlackBerry to do bad.

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If the Z10 went for $249 here in the US and the Z30 is set as BlackBerry's top device it should be priced at a premium above the Z10's release price. Pricing it the same as the Z10's release price sort of takes the luster off the Z30.

"Prosumers" have money to burn, right??

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I no longer believe they are tryin to sell to US consumers any longer. I believe most of this was set in place many moons ago and no they are just going through the motions.

I can see this being wrapped under many X-Mas trees.

You mean the carriers!!!!they set the price,not bb and bb would be doing better if the us carriers would stop hanging on apples's nuts!!!!!

Hmmm... So the carriers decide what the phones should sell for? Did not know that. How does BB make a profit then?

Apple. Last I hear Samsung and Android devices were Kings of the hill. But you maybe you have an Apple fixation.

BB would be doing better if someone did and 'Intervention" for them and helped them realize that that the majority of consumers do more than bang out emails all day.

You're a freaking retard if you think that Bbry set that price. Telus sells for way cheaper. Hell so does every other carrier in the world so far. It's pretty obvious, if this is the real price, that the Carrier's just want BlackBerry out of the US market period. BlackBerry sells to Verizon at one price. Then Verizon marks it up and sells it for another. This is just freaking ridiculous that people think BlackBerry is setting the price here. And this is probably due to the fact that Verizon is an exclusive to this phone. Eff them man. If this is the real price it might be time to dump big red. They also want to sue the US government to allow them to charge for content from certain sites. I guess they couldn't wait anymore for net neutrality to die on its own. So tired of their shit.

Auto corrected by BB10

1.) Way to go bro. I'm by no stretch 'retarded'. That's a pretty ugly word, You must make your loved ones proud every single day.

I'm not with Verizon, I'm with Sprint. Sprint is said to be getting the phone as well. If it's anywhere near this price, even with the new 'one-up' I'll be passing this one by and checking out the new Nexus.

I'm retarded and ugly! Sprint is selling OS7 devices for $199.00 with 2 year contract. What would lead you to believe that they will sell the Z30 for less that $299.00 on contract if they even sell the damn thing. And Sprint is sucking Apple's .....

It's quite simple...If the US carriers wanted BB to fail, they would simply REFUSE to carry the Z30 period...The way the market is trending, they will probably not sell too may anyway. Now, does that make sense to you?

I don't think Verizon has an exclusive on the Z30. There have already been pics of AT&T- branded Z30s and I believe Sprint will have them also, and maybe others.

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Why not BlackBerry sell unlocked phones directly to us just like they are doing the Z10?

On another note isn't the Verizon Z30 supposed to have wireless charging? That might be worth the extra price.

STL3 1791 hybrid w/10.2.1 bars

Lumias are much cheaper and have wireless charging as well...there's no justifying this ridiculous pricing

I also wonder if they are trying to push us US blackberry fans away. I love my Z10 but other devices are so easy to purchase soon as released.

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I've slowly come to accept that the powers that be honestly don't understand the non-enterprise consumer. Doesn't make them dumb or anything. Just not were their expertise lies.

Definitely not under my Xmas tree.
I'm waiting to see the pricing on T-mobile if they decide to carry it.

Same here. The only reason I bought my Lumia 1020 for that price was because it's doubling as my main camera. I can't see myself reading my Z10 in for this :/

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Just to let you know, the Galaxy Note 3 is about 759.00 without a contract on Verizon. It's not just BlackBerry phones they're doing that with.

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It is about perception, Note 3 as a hot item has the luxury to be priced that way; bb phones currently do not have that clout.

people, don't be stupid, verizon it's the one setting the prices here, just look at the carriers outside US

BlackBerry has nothing to do with how much the carriers are selling the phones for, each carrier pretty much sets their price tags and terms of contract, which in turn does affect Blackberry as well. Also, their numbers are affected by carriers automatically pushing android or iPhone and sometimes not even displaying the new BlackBerry units.

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Seriously? 300 on contract?? That is crazy to me.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management. Fire Frank Boulben NOW!

Maybe it's because the carriers are not willing to subsidize much on this without really knowing if it will sell well.... Anyways, I'd buy it as soon as AT&T gets it! Come on AT&T!!!!!!!!!!!

Not bad?!

How can BBRY attract users from other users or try keep those considering alternatives?

I mean, the new Note 3 can be bought on contract for $300 or less... The S4 is going for $150-$200 on contract.

Verizon must not really care about moving BBRY units and BBRY can't/won't do anything about it.

You are absolutely right sona,they pricing bb out because they owe apple billions so they push apple on novice consumers.

They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone.

I'm sorry sir. This is DOA. What is the compelling reason to spend more on contract for this device than any other I have ever seen Verizon offer? HTC One is under $200. Samsung and Nokia all $200 or under.

Definitely! The Z10 is amazing and didn't sell well at all, why would they think a higher price tag will be anything but a disaster?!?!

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I just bought a Z10 on eBay today in practically new condition for $230 outright.. nothing like getting a steal of a deal.

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that's not a secret, let me quote somebody:

"They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone"

That's most likely it. They must have some agreement with BlackBerry to carry their devices but we all know that Verizon Wireless is in bed with Android.

Ouch! That's going to sit on the shelves at $299.

Posted via CB10 on a Verizon Z10 running

I couldn't agree with you more on Verizon wanting to make blackberry to do poorly
. Here in Canada you can get the Z30 for $150 with 2 year term with Telus. Or outright for $650.

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Does the Verizon z30 come with an IHOP to make users pancakes on Sundays? I can see that being the reason for that pricing.

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So, in India, the price of the Z30 is "less than" what the Z10 was priced at launch and in the U.S.A. it is $100 more than the Z10....

Is it any wonder why this company needs new "LEADERSHIP".... Immediately...

This pricing smells of "The Great Frank Boulben, CMO BlackBerry".... he has not done one friggin thing right with the carriers in the U.S.A. NOT ONE!

TMobile better have better pricing than this....

I thought the carriers set the prices. BlackBerry would be selling them to all carriers for roughly the same price, and then it's up to the carriers to decide how to price it to turn a profit and increase its subscriber base. I think Verizon agreed to sell these without fronting much money and doesn't care if they sell or not

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I agree.... VZ could "care less" about BlackBerry... I walked into one, a week ago, and the little metrosexual Fanboy representative, at the VZ store, told me that the Z30 was not going to be sold in the United States....

That's the level of support we can expect from VZ - while "The Great Frank Boulben" is still CMO at BlackBerry...

Confused. Are you saying BlackBerry sets the price or Verizon?

I don't see what this has to do with BlackBerry?

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He's saying Verizon sets the price and they're going to keep up the shenanigans until BlackBerry mans up and gets forceful with the US carriers. At least that was my interpretation of it.

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I'm shocked Verizon is releasing it with this time frame. Shows BlackBerry must have worked a little harder after the Z10 launch was so late. However this price has me waiting for things to drop... my Z10 works great anyhow.

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Or they could be making up for their mistake I remember Verizon launching way later then other carriers and with a buggy os.

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It's a real shame. It's just being priced out of contention. BlackBerry can't afford this. Sales of an otherwise great phone will tank. Fortunately (for me) I'm more than happy with my unlocked Q10 straight from BlackBerry. It's great taking carriers out of the equation.

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no, this is real reason:

"They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone"

Either that is a mistake or the box is coming full of stuff! Extra battery, flip cover, case, screen protector.........holy smokes I don't know!

a free Z10.....

This must be the new "Prosumer Pricing" I have been hearing about... you know - people who "Want to Get Stuff Done - and Don't mind getting Raped in the process"....

don't be stupid, everybody knows the price it's tagged by verizon, BB didn't price the phone, just look at the prices outside US

FFS why is it priced so differently form Canadian carriers? Please tell me that isn't their final decision.

you wanna know why?

"They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone"

My co-worker is getting the Z30 for $150 on a 2 year plan with Rogers.

$299 seems overpriced.

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It'll be funny to see how many will BlackBerry for this pricing. They should look at how it's being priced around the world and hopefully come to the conclusion that it is the carrier who decides the price.

I can't upgrade until January so I'm guessing it'll be much more reasonable by the time I can get it.

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That is ridiculous! $800 seriously? What a joke! $299 considering the market is a stupid move. So sad.

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Canadian cell plans aren't any worse. I get unlimited texting, data, and evening and weekend calling for 65 plus tax.

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Priced higher than gs4 and as much as the note 3???

Yeah thatll work great unless its exclusive to Verizon.

Hey mobile nations wheres my imore, android central, and windows phone central app??? doimg a podcast together isnt good enough...

Well it all depends on how much the monthly bill will be. And how much data and so on. Still not bad at all, I rather pay $299 but have a lower bill per month. The Z30 should fly off store shelves easy IMO.

I waaaaaaas going to buy a Z30 cash but not at $750 if this is a true price. I'm not due for an upgrade till next year. Glad I already have a Z and a Q.

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Come one Sprint! Time to pull your heads out of your asses and do what Verizon is doing here! Otherwise it is HELLOOOOO Big Red! ;)

Why be on sprint anyways. Phone or no phone go where the call service is good

Zed 10 - In your face VZW

Wow...launching ANY phone at more than $199 on contract is exactly what you do when you want to bury that phone/manufacturer. $299 is pissing on the grave.

They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone

VZW user here. Guess Im keeping the z10 till this doesn't sell and the price drops...good lord this is crazy!

Why do they keep pricing these phones so damm high!? The saying goes "you learn from your mistakes" but apparently that's not the case for BlackBerry. Smh.

damn the people don't learn, verizon it's the one who setup the price, just look at the prices outside US

"They may use the Z30 pricing as a tactic to show potential customers what a good deal they'll get by getting an Android phone"

Some of you are bashing BBRY for the $299 price but, if I'm not mistake, doesn't carrier set the subsidized price of the phone? Case in point, didn't Tmob or Sprint start off selling the 9900/9930 for $299 or $249 and people were up in arms because it was $50-$100 more than AT&T? Eventually, the priced it will with the just sucks because Verizon has priced the device to high and will effectively kill any possible interest in it.

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When "you're right, you're right".... in India, where Z30 launched today, it is priced less than Z10 was at launch and is, currently, less expensive than iPhone and Galaxy S4....

I think I may have pissed Frank Boulben off after bashing his ineptitude the past few months...

"Sorry Everybody"... Oh, well..

Then this must be a way for Verizon to justify never selling a BlackBerry phone again.

They'll simply cite that it didn't sell.

I support BB10, NOT BB Management. Fire Frank Boulben NOW!

It is BlackBerry who sets the price. They set the price the carriers pay for the phone and then set a MSRP. Ever heard of that? It stands for manufactures suggested retail price. BlackBerry has always had too high of a MSRP. Did everyone just forget about the BlackBerry Q10 and what BlackBerry tried to do with it? I guess so. Here is a refresher.

BlackBerry determined that the Q10 was a premium device for some reason or another and set the MSRP for it at $250 on contract. Verizon Wireless and AT&T outright refused to charge that much for it. Don't you remeber? It was all over the interwebs.

Now, if the carriers refused a high price on the Q10, what in the world makes you believe that Verizon set the Z30's price at a ridiculous $299 on contract? It seems way more believable that BlackBerry set a stupidly high MSRP on the Z30 and Verizon just didn't fight them on it this time.

People are bashing BlackBerry for this because it is their fault.

so how in that hell everywhere outside US the z30 it's selling 100-150 less?
explain me how you MSRP theory work in that cases,

I'm surprised that you weren't able to understand it the first time I explained it. But that's OK, I'll go slower this time.

BlackBerry sets the price carriers pay for the phones and BlackBerry sets their suggested retail price for them.

The carriers then decide if they want to follow BlackBerry's suggested retail price or not. Do you know anything about retail at all? Have you ever set foot in say a Walmart? At Walmart, you'll see tons of things priced below their MSRP. Pricing below the MSRP is actually pretty common, but pricing above it isn't. Actually, depending on the supplier, pricing above the MSRP is grounds to have your business relationship with them terminated.

Look at the PS4 and Xbox One. They have a suggested retail price of around $500, but on launch day, their value will be double or triple their retail price. So why don't stores sell them at $1,000 each? Because they are retail and they can't price items above their suggested retail price.

With the Q10, Verizon and AT&T refused to follow BlackBerry's MSRP and made a big stink about it. They didn't follow what BlackBerry wanted and priced the phone lower. So now, with the Z30, you think Verizon is just going to ignore what BlackBerry wants and over charge for the phones? Lol that's ridiculous to even consider.

This time, Verizon didn't fight them, and they are pricing the Z30 the way BlackBerry wants it to be priced. The carriers that may or may not be offering it cheaper have absolutely nothing to do with Verizon. Like I said, it is common to see retailers set a lower than suggested retail price. It happens all the time, it happened with the Q10, but it won't be happening with the Verizon Z30 and that is exactly what BlackBerry wanted.

A person would have to have a huge amount of denial skills to believe that poor little BlackBerry wanted the Z30 to be affordable, but big meany Verizon said no and priced the phone higher than BlackBerry wanted. Things like that just don't happen in retail.

Dear BlackBerry, remember when everyone lowered the price of the PlayBook and they became hard to find because people actually bought them?

Remember that you are in need of market share?

Why not discount the cost of your hardware to make BlackBerry devices attractive to the masses?

I get its a business but perhaps if you get devices to the masses for a great price, people will fall in love with your products again. Move devices, generate app sales, get people talking and then start raising prices for future hardware.

Just saying...I love you and don't want to live in a world where I have to choose between iOS and Android devices.

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I just want to know what is up with their claim on their website that it's an exclusive. Is BlackBerry really stupid enough to still be doing exclusives even if it's only for a months?

Posted via CB10

It's an "exclusive" because no other US carriers even want the damn phone. And with a price of $299, it sounds like Verizon didn't want it either. :-/

That's prosumer level pricing. At that price, I hope it comes with BES 10 cloud for the whole duration of the contract.

AWESOME!! Although, I think the $300 on contract price is too high.......the Z10 is free on contract and $300 outright.....but, I would love to have one....i'll wait until the price drops and keep using my Z10 until then!

Just go on Amazon Wireless website and I am sure it will be cheaper on contract with Verizon through Amazon. That's where I get my phones. But that price sounds about right since it's the flagship BlackBerry Device.

Adam! I may have news tipped too early! Haha. The OP is saying he doesn't believe this is right; it's more likely $199 on and $549 off contract.

Ask OP if the Z30 is "exclusive to VZ" as it says on the other article above... this just gets more stupid by the minute...

I doubt it. Sprint is getting it too, and there is a model that can be carried by TMO (although AFAIK it hasn't been picked up yet.) The exclusive probably refers to wireless charging.

raino, not sure what your source is, but I'm currently w/ Verizon but thinking of switching over to TMobile. What's your best guess on a TMO Z30 launch date/price?

Ooh TMO's been really good at not giving away their device availability, never mind pricing. We have a thread in forums where a guy has a very accurate TMO business rep, and I asked him today if he would check with her again. Let's see if she has anything to say. Here is the thread if you're interested in checking periodically:

My guess for the price, based on Z10 and Q10 pricing trends, would be that on TMO this phone would not be more than Verizon's $549. So I'll say it'll be...$532. $100 down and $18 for 24 months. TMO's phones have been approximately the same price±10-15 dollars as Verizon and AT&T, most often lower.

Hi raino. Thx for the reply and your best guess on the pricing. I see that you're a CB Genius. Sorry, don't venture into the forums much at all. Appreciate you asking the CB poster about the TMO Z30 update.

Heh. That "Genius" is just something you get labeled with when you hit a certain number of posts. It doesn't mean anything. BTW...I don't know if you know this or not, but the Canadian Z30 (STA100-5) is fully compatible with TMO. That's LTE and HSPA+. It might even be the model TMO ends up carrying.

Stupid Verizon always trying to make an excess of money -.-'

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Seems way expensive. I can get a Z30 here in Canada for $600 outright. What is going on with BlackBerry? Someone with half a brain, please buy this company!

Posted via CB10

False alarm, people. The same source is saying it's most likely $199/$549. There might be a rebate on the contract price too, bringing it down to $149.

raino, thx for your comments. I asked you a question on your other comment in this thread. But what are you saying here? This internal Vzw document posted by Adam here is incorrect or already out-of-date? If you have a some solid info. on that, if you could feed it to Adam so he can place an EDIT to this post cuz it's causing an uproar amongst the very diehard crackheads who'd be the first ones to buy this phone. This post (not Adam's fault in any way, and he did add a question mark to this thread's title) is creating negative sentiment before this important launch.

EDIT: my bad, not a regular forum reader. Just followed Adam's forum link and read peter0328 posts on his own sources re: the pricing.

Well i guess i won't be getting two like i thought. I wanted black and white but at $750 and now no white. Who the hell is getting the white version?

Posted via Harry

Here's a bit of information for you, Canucks: this (Verizon) Z30 will be unlocked from the get go, has your Big Three's HSPA+ bands AND the 1700 LTE band that they use. So if you want to get wireless charging...

Shoooooot What the heck of a price. Sprint should come on board with a decent price. This will drive traffic to Sprint storefront. Verizon you are freaky expensive Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hopefully that leaked price is a mistake because it's absurd. On the other hand, correct me if I'm wrong but the physical device that works with Verizon is different than the GSM version we've seen with normal prices.

I'm pretty sure that they're pricing it high so that they can make the most money off the business's that need a phone like this.

Also they probably want the z10 to continue selling without it being eaten up by this guy, we all know about the canibals that live in the states...

Posted via CB10

The one that ultimately get hurt from this high and out of touch pricing is BlackBerry. They need to come up with a way to control the price fast or they will end up stuck with the inventory. The sad part is that BlackBerry is not in any position to have the last word on putting a ceiling the final price.

$300 on contract is insane and so is $750 off, especially with the price released in India today!

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It's not right. The OP of the thread where Adam got this from says it's more likely $199/$549, and then there are otherS saying there's a possible $50 rebate involved too, bringing the contract price down to $149.

This only hurts us Crackberry members cause regardless of the price we were the only ones who were ever going to buy this phone.

There's a reason why the Note 3 cost more than the S4. There's added physical functionality to justify the price gap. That's not the case for BlackBerry. Now we all know the Z10 did not sell when it launched at 199, what makes Verizon think the Z30 will see success over the Z10 at this flagship price point?

Or maybe Verizon knows good and well this won't sell at all and they just want to get the most they can from the 4 people that will buy it. Who knows anymore.

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OMG!!! i know the phone is awesome, I'm actually having a second thought on getting the Z30 over the Q10. But for the price wise. Man that's ridiculous. I hope they go on sale for the holiday. It will be a great Xmas gift for me. Sprint better start to carry it, or I'll switch..

I'm done. I said bit before I say it again. BlackBerry can keep the z30. Long time BlackBerry user have 2 10's. No way will I give BlackBerry anymore if my money. $750 lol what a joke.

Posted via CB10

do you read?

"It's not right. The OP of the thread where Adam got this from says it's more likely $199/$549, and then there are otherS saying there's a possible $50 rebate involved too, bringing the contract price down to $149."

Way too much. And i'm in the "the price isn't the problem per se" camp, too. I doubt that will really hold true. $200 is more likely. How could the Canadian carriers have it for that much less otherwise?

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Read the freaking comments the comments it says, 199...contract. 549 outright..

If Verizon wants to overprice the Z30 to push people towards the overpriced 5s, time for Blackberry to sell this direct to the US (as they already are on their website for Z10/Q10).

Sell this at $550 unlocked direct. The carriers are so far up Apple's a** to meet their billion dollar quotas they are a lost cause.

If things were going good for BlackBerry I'd say Ok not a bad price for a premium device like the Z-30.....but now is not the time for this release to be priced so high.

Keep Moving with my Z-10

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Hope our neighbors to the south are able to get this phone directly from BlackBerry cheaper. I don't find the price that bad but that's just me it seems.

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Wow $129 for two years with Telus, or $600 no contract; Verizon's pricing borders on clinical insanity.

Posted via my Z10

Remember CrackBerry wrote an article about the Q10 being $250.00 on contract but went for $200.00 when all said and done. Unless I'm confused I wouldn't read too much into these type of articles.

Posted via CB10

You're mistaken.

The Q10 was never priced at $249 from Verizon or AT&T. BlackBerry wanted them to charge that much for it, but both carriers refused and set the price at $199. Google it, a lot of websites covered the story, including this one I'm pretty sure.

At the end of the day, BlackBerry was fighting with the carriers to make their phones MORE expensive. That is how clueless this company is.

Another example of wireless providers being from planet crazy and hoping that you are too. Did the Verizon CEO make some brash declaration to increase the divvy 10% for 3 years like Darren Entwistle and now needs a way to carve it out of customers' hump. $600 CAD is more than fair for a Z30.

I got my Z30 for $129 on Sasktel 2 year contract LTE unlimited data for $70 a month.

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I anticipate that it will not release at that price. I think it will be 199. I am expecting Tmobile to announce a release date very soon, with hopefully a 99-199$ price tag, especially since it more than likely will be a direct ship. At 299, 5 people on crack will buy it.

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That needs to be a $199.99 phone on contract, $600 off contract tops. Maybe $500.

They aren't in a position to charge Apple style prices at this point.

Posted via CB10

The price will come down in a couple months. I purchased my wife's z10 off Amazon for one penny on contract. When the z10 first arrived on Verizon I purchased for $199. I should have waited. I will just wait for the price to drop. I am not falling for the... I want to be the first person to have it anymore.

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Same here. I got the Z10 for $150 at Costco a few weeks after launch. On the bright side, we gave BlackBerry some much needed cash.

Posted via CB10

Just wait till they do a write down on all the Z30 before buying one. At those prices they'll be sitting on them. Guess they never learned a thing with pricing with the z10.

Verizon is following BlackBerry's suggested retail price. Ever heard of MSRP?

But hey, you keep on keeping on. Lead everyone to believe that Verizon is just mean and charging more for the phone than BlackBerry wanted them too. Poor BlackBerry! They wanted to make the Z30 affordable for everyone, but Verizon won't let them. Those meanies.

Who cares about the fact that Verizon actually priced the Q10 cheaper than BlackBerry wanted them too. This time, Verizon is just being greedy and the roles reversed perfectly. Lol give me a break people.

Read the thread Adam quoted. The OP in there says he thinks it's likely to be $549, not $750. And looking at how they're pricing the Z30 globally (under the magic barrier of Rs. 40k in India, 600 CAD, etc.) they seem to have figured things out.