The BlackBerry Z30 launches on T-Mobile Germany

BlackBerry Z30 launches on T-Mobile Germany
By James Richardson on 5 Nov 2013 09:32 am EST

It's always great to see the latest BlackBerry hit another carrier, and this time around it's the Z30 landing on T-Mobile in Germany. T-Mobile have a range of price plans available - with up front costs starting from 9.95€, and ranging up to 539.96€ for the handset only. 

We are still to see a bunch of carriers around the world launch the Z30. However, after the recent news that BlackBerry is to get a $1 billion investment I'm hoping this will give more networks piece of mind on the handsets capabilities. Although it's been a rocky road for BlackBerry this year we must not forget that things with BlackBerry 10 are not all doom and gloom. We've seen various government agencies commit to BES 10, along with the main man, Barak Obama still using his BlackBerry - with no signs of parting with it.

If carriers worldwide are still introducing the Z30 they surely must believe that there are consumers out there prepared to part with their cash - good news all round if you ask me. 

Order the BlackBerry Z30 online from T-Mobile Germany

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The BlackBerry Z30 launches on T-Mobile Germany


Me too, I almost dropped my laptop when I saw. T-Mo. Then I saw Germany, but least it is in the system. That gives me hope.

"Blackberry is the iPhone of smartphones"

Don't worry bros. It'll will be in the US by early next year. That shouldn't be considered as too far.
Here in Nigeria, it's very much available but expensive. And I'm still rock my Z10. At 115,000 Naira, just too expensive in Nigeria.

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Shoot, you lost me at 'Germany'.

C'mon, T-Mobile USA - sell me my Z30 already!...

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I know! Right??? I ordered mine from Canada. Cost a pretty penny, but I'm looking forward to getting in tomorrow or Thursday. I'll use it on T-Mobile USA. I can't believe the crappy support our US carriers are providing BlackBerry.

BlackBerry is just not as popular in the U.S. As it is in other parts of the World. Just like there is a lack of Sony handsets on our soil. By the way, I was at a T-Mo store last BlackBerrys on display...

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I havent seen any BB devices in any stores for a while. In Germany nobody knows about the new devices. Realy sad..

Then you should walk into a Vodafone store from time to time ;)
They got both Z10 and Q10 - not sure about the Q5. I hope they'll have the Z30 as well.

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ok, i will do. But stores like MediaMarkt or Saturn with many visitors/customers havent any displayed.
I dont know anybody, who owns a new BlackBerry.

Unfortunately you are right. I even talked to one of the media Markt goons. They said they don't display them because there is no demand anyway...

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Media Markt in Wiesbaden had the Z10, but here in Limburg I couldn't even order one. They told me there was no demand and offered me a Samsung GS3 instead - I laughed and asked the guy if something was wrong with him or If he'd just smoked one... what an idiot.

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Best phone on the market the speed is insane one that phone. I was a nay sayer and a z10 advocate until I got my Z30 and boy there is a difference. The quad core gpu makes all transitions buttery smooth it's unreal. Also the colours are next level vibrant. Gorgeous and powerful device. I don't think BlackBerry 10 will ever need a quad core cpu to the run their phones yes a quad core GPU but seriously this device is so fast that I doubt that it can get any faster than this eve if it had a more powerful processor. All these andoirds on the market need that extra cpu power due to the os's inefficiencies and they still stutter and lag despite of their quad core power. Every BlackBerry enthusiast should go out there and get rid of their awesome z10s and Q10s and get this phone because it is phenomenonal in every way.

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Chuckle. I hope the company's strategy extends beyond the current 0.9% market share customer base trading in their 6 month old phones for 2 month old phones.

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Couldn't agree more, but how do convince mainstream of that. That is the problem. Iphone and Samsung are somehow the only choices. We need a head to head battle!

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

I don't know Tommy... because these iphones are... tip top!


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Yes its been tough for BlackBerry but I'm totally with you OP in the optimism department. Hopefully the new Chairman John Chen repeats his wonderworks with BlackBerry. Keeping the fingers crossed.

Actually T-Mobile Germany doesn't exist anymore, neither as a German brand nor as a German company. The company is called Telekom Deutschland, which is (like T-Mobile USA) a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom.

It's not important here but just to let you know ;-)

I was pleasantly surprised when at the TELUS store at the Hillside Mall in Victoria. The Associate was knowledgeable and offered a 30 minute class w/o charge. That said, I can't really believe there is anything but a niche market there in hardware sales. In any store there are 25-30 models of competing phones. I think margins in the face of such competition will be thin. Concentrating on the enterprise/governnent/corporate sector will play to BlackBerry's strengths. It is the operating system that we love, not the handsets, although the Z30 is the best ever. The enterprise sector now demands functionality. BlackBerry 10 delivers.

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Strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Lenovo make a lot of sense, as well as concentrating on limited quality apps.

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Is T-mobile Germany hardware compatible with the US? Which Z30 model is this? If the German model can handle WiFi calling in Germany, will it work in the US?

Hopefully this is a sign the Z30 will be coming to T-mobile US as well.

I'm wondering the same thing. Does this bode well for TMO US getting it or does it not really make any difference? I'm still holding out hope that TMO US gets it, even if only sold online. I know some people have said the -5 version works on TMO, so I'll go that route, if it looks like TMO US won't offer it.

Doesn't really make a difference, IMO. I doubt DT is that involved in TMO USA's phone carrying decisions (unless they pertain to the other fruit company.)

Is T-mobile Germany hardware compatible with the US? Depends how much compatibility you're looking for. This phone does not have American LTE bands, nor T-Mobile USA's main HSPA+ band. It does have AT&T's HSPA+ bands, one of which is also TMO USA's secondary band in a lot of places.

Which Z30 model is this? Most likely the STA100-2

If the German model can handle WiFi calling in Germany, will it work in the US? WiFi calling is carrier dependent. For WiFi calling, you need the carrier(s) supporting it to push out an OS update. TMO Germany (aka Deutsche Telekom) does not support WiFi calling.

The Z30 is a masterpiece...on the road to mobile computing. Will be using miricast in a meeting this afternoon. wrote up my notes with a full size key board and monitor powered by Z30 through usb hub.

Making my life easy....and so nice in the hand.

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I got my hopes up at first when I saw this, then I saw T-Mobile Germany, and then I was sad. Congrats on getting this phone. Still hoping for a T-Mobile US release though.

So does TMOBILE in Germany have different testing standards they must fulfill versus other countries? If they got the Z30 through, then why will the US version lag so far behind?

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Because they ditched the american branch, but even before that most times they didn't have anything in common when it came to policies, or devices offered.

Since this is a Germany based article. Let's look at what is in the best interest of the US government. Kill BlackBerry so they can swoop it up and guess what? No one is safe from their corruption. No other explanations required. Don't want to get into a political debate.

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It's already available on Yoigo Spain, but I'll wait for it unlocked!

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Love Mt Z10, got it the first day it was available on T-MOBILE. The more I hear about the Z30 the more I want it now.

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Just got the Z30 and I love it. Never thought I'd get such a large phone but BlackBerry designed this one well.

Yes, managed to convince myself to have 2 phones (both Z). :)

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I does Vodafone Germany have z30, cause I have a sim from them from a trip and could update mine here in the middle east in case they come out with an update earlier. :)
10.2 here is only for z30

Z30, and yes, it's a bit on the heavy side...

Oh wow I saw T-Mobile and I thought it was in the US of A. Sorry American fellows >_<

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The prices of blackberry Q5 is out of controll in europe because the beter specs of the Z10 and a 50 euro cheaper priced model people don't sell the Q5 and the Q10 is still 500 euro and not a old bold priced model people wanted. The New Blackberry Z30 with a price of 550 is crazy but 450 will be right at the moment comparing to competitors. Again the phone's are overpriced.

Blackberry must made only between 5M of 10M of each phone and move to another one to keep the phone;s going like there is no end of phone. move on and on.

touchscreen price tags must be 250 - 350 and 450 everytime :)
like to see 4 ,4,5 and 5"screen every time with 5 Mp, 8Mp and 13Mp and stereo sound but not the 250 priced models. about models you can choose X,Y and Z

Qwerty price tags must be 250 and 400 everytime always 3,1 screen and 5 Mp and 8Mp
Models U and Q

So the first phone must be a X10 touchscreen 4,0" screen, 1,2 Ghz processor, 2Gb Ram and 8 Gb RAM around 250.

I am a long time T-Mobile customer in the US. Still waiting on 10.2 official update and fingers crossed they will at least offer the z30 online to the loyal customers here in the US.

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T-Mobile Germany and T-Mobile USA are baseically two independant companies serving two markets. The European Z30 will barely work in North America.

This move indicates NOTHING about T-Mobile USA getting the Z30. Seriously,isn't this obvious?

Great news to hear. It's not all doom and gloom these days. Good things happening in the BB realm.

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At first, all I saw was, "BlackBerry Z30 launches on T-Mobile." Got super excited. And then I saw "Germany." Feelings crashed back down to earth lol

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With all the BlackBerry bashing in the press it's nice to see that the rest of the world can think otherwise. The Z30 has a solid chance for the business minded customer.

Last weekend I pulled out my Z10... people were looking as dumbs: waaaw I didn't know that BlackBerry was making full touchscreen phones? Everyone is still thinking on the Curve's. There is no marketing, this is the main issue!

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We also have to be honest : I have the z10, q10 and the z30, the iPhone 5s, design wise is way ahead. We are taking pure design and built quality here. The z10 isn't feeling premium. The q10 is compact and looks heavy duty...but the screen is so small. the z30 is nice...but slimmer and lighter with the same specs would have been nice ! I personally think that a metal case aluminium or magnesium alloy like DSLR is missing in the a decent price.

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Bought mine @gsmnation and to be honest it was an amazing experience ! Shipped overseas unlocked and working like a charm here in Luxembourg. The only sad point is that downloadable media, music is totally absent from BlackBerry world here, so... better working a I do.

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Ja, eine tolle Sache. :-) Habe den Info-Newsletter davon von der Telekom gerade gestern erhalten. Kompliment für den schnellen Start nach Bonn! Ursprünglich war bei T-Mobile ja erst 12/2013 vorgesehen.
Wäre klasse, wenn es ein paar Geräte auch in den "großen" Läden wie Media Markt und Co. gäbe. Ich persönlich hasse diese Läden eigentlich, aber einen großen Teil der möglichen Interessenten könnte man dort vermutlich doch eher erreichen.

Yesterday I asked the bell mobility store at pacific centre mall in vancouver how many Z30s they had sold. She said she hadn't sold any! Why isn't there a specific if advertising for this device that I personally love!?

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BlackBerry must offer the unlocked version from their sites in all countries. Price to sell. I mean 500+ euro is too much. Take the S4 price and offer 100 euro below. Right now revenue is not the target, it's market penetration for bb10.

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