Things get busy at the BlackBerry Z30 launch in Malaysia

By James Richardson on 5 Oct 2013 09:37 am EDT

Over in Malaysia the BlackBerry Z30 has been officially launched with Celcom at their flagship store in Sunway Pyramid and it certainly attracted a lot of attention. The local carrier not only put on street entertainment for queuing customers but there was a rather large incentive for the first 200 people to pick up the Z30 on Celcoms First Voice + Data mPro bundle plans. 

For the lucky 200 they got some free gifts which I would have been more than happy with. These included:

  • BlackBerry Z10!
  • An Urbanears Headset
  • A pair of tickets to see Alicia Keys
  • and a free download of Alicia Keys Girl on Fire album. 

On the upside, the guys and gals that managed to get the first 200 Z30's will be overjoyed and who can blame them. On the downside - what does this say about the sales of the BlackBerry Z10? We already know that things didn't go exactly to plan with Z10 sales in some parts of the world and this was made clear in the recent earnings announcement. However, at least Celcom and BlackBerry are making good use of Z10 stock and using it as an incentive to push the Z30. 

Maybe this idea should be offered in other markets too - Yes, U.S.A. - I'm looking at you.

Taking a look at the Celcom website it states that the Z10 deal is actually 50% off its price rather than free. Did you attend the event and pick up the Z30 with the deal? Maybe you can clarify for us?


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Things get busy at the BlackBerry Z30 launch in Malaysia


To be fair, the blog post was a little misleading and should be updated to reflect the "first 100 people" get/got a free Z10.

Edit: updated after reading the comments below.

My word, in Malaysia they know how to market a product for a failing/lagging company.

Rogers and BlackBerry need to take note.

Kudos for Malaysia.

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Until the Z30 came out and bumped the Z10 back. I don't see anything wrong with that, it's just a thank you for being a loyal BlackBerry customer :)

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Despite the fact the Z10 is a superior product, outclassing both the newest iPhones but also Samsung's best Android's.
The problem was not the Z10, though I blame BBRY's marketing strategy and initial high price, the issue was the fact USA Carriers made multi-year contracts with Apple that only benefit Apple and no one else. They pushed iPhones and messed up BB10 sales. Now they owe Apple $Billions due to crap iPhone sales.

Couldn't agree with you more on the marketing point. Just go into a retailer and they always push Apple and Android. BlackBerry hardly ever is pushed. You can rarely ever find true BlackBerry accessories, and when they have them in Stock they still always push an after market product as opposed to OEM.

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How long it took for iOS 4/5/6? Or Android 1 all the way to version 4? According to wikipedia it took 5 months from Android 1.0 to Android 1.1. It took 3 months from BB10 1.0 to BB10 10.1.
IMO is poor or none marketing the main reason for poor sales of BB10 devices.

Call me whatever the f you want of you a giving me two Z10's. I won't hear you anyway. Me walking away with two Z's not listening to you.

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

if anyone at Bell and/or BlackBerry are reading this, I'll go for the same deal, please.
Message me with details how to claim my Z10 when I pick up my Z30 in the next 6-8 weeks ...
Thank You; that is all.

My 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

I replied the same to M. Clewly's tweet about the event. I hope they do

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

The 200 people can possibly give those devices away and get the BB10 experience into the hands of other people. Smart ideas I say. If you can't make a profit of the Z10. Make sure it get into the hands of others

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why not giving reduction for owners of Z10 and Q10's and playbookowners?True blackberry lovers!!!!!!!!
Give BB10 and playbook owners 50% reduction on the Z30. Why giving away 25$apps for canadians?
Why giving away Z10's in Malaysia? Pffffff.

What is wrong with you? The fact that you buy their products doesn't make you very special to receive that kind of treatment. What are you?

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Sooo I have a Z10 and a PlayBook, can I get 50 and 50 percent off? If so, I'd love to give the phone to a friend and rant about its awesomeness!!

Great idea to get BB10 onto people's hands.

Let's hope other markets follow the lead.

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Glad to say I got a free z10 for signing up for z30. This is only for the first 100 people. The other 100 got to purchase z10 at half price. Can't complain :)

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Speaking of which, that's what they should have called this line of phones, the "BlackBerry Boss".

Swiped with one thumb from the virtual keyboard of my awesome Z10!

Pretty sweet deal. I wish I was rocking a z30. I've still got to wait a bit longer till it comes to Canada. PS Rogers you suk ballz!

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Is that a BlackBerry offer or a carrier offer? If it's a BlackBerry marketing idea it's a very good one which they could have been doing all along.

Whether specs matter or not will continue to be debated among people.

But in general with the z10 writedown being so massive, doesn't blackberry see a problem here. The z30 IS the z10 that has a bigger screen. What gives blackberry any impression that sales of these devices will take off.

Specs may not matter but if the phone you have isn't selling at the scs you have shouldn't the company be waiting to do more market research and see what people didn't like etcetc and see how to improve a new device?

Obviously the problem for blackberry is they need money coming in and clearly money wasn't coming in from the z10 I just fear the z30 is just a clone and doesn't differentiate itself enough from the z10 nevermind the other so called phablets out there.

The spec isn't different. Lol you need to check your spec again. I'm using z10 side by side with my friends iPhone 5 the z10 comes our on top in every comparison we do.

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Hey Ron. That's all good and well that the z10 smoked the iPhone. However that isn't worth the time it took you to type that.

That only matters when people care. Beating the iPhone doesnt sell devices. The success or failure of any product is dependent on sales.

Unfortunately you may be right let's face it people are fickle and rarely look good beyond the bright colors to look under the hood to see what is what.

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I don't give a shit about success of a product, I give a shit about what the product in my hand can do and being on the bleeding edge. IPhone can such my balls for all I care, it still ain't good enough for my hands

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Well that's fine. Whats really pissing me off right now is. Go to crackberry shop under z10 and ever thing there is for iPhone 5s like. Come on ever one talking about the the management at blackberry. Looks like Kevin and his management can't stop the on slot of apple ether. KEVIN WHY IS BLACKBERRYS MUSIC GATEWAY IN THE CRACKBERRY STORE UNDER Z10. When you read the description it says it's for iPhone 5s. Like all most everything in the store. Come on Kevin and you want to be ceo!

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My goodness!! All you guys do is complain. If BlackBerry is that awful maybe you all ought to be wise enough to "keep moving". Go buy another phone and let's have peace to our BB10s.

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Lol! Actually it's better to die peacefully than die miserable. Why can't all these miserable people allow us to enjoy our BlackBerry experience, even with all its shortcomings. :)

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"Unsolicited advice is criticism ". Those people think that their truth it's better if not the only truth. So, let them be.
Posted with the most Amazing phone in the world : Z10STL100-1/

Z30 has better antenna technology to keep you on LTE instead of downgrading to 3G/2G in weak signal areas, stereo speakers with better noise cancelling to give you natural sound, much bigger battery to last longer, bigger screen with Gorilla glass and AMOLED display, faster processor and graphic chip, and USB host to access external hard drive. It's enough differentiation for me.

See, this is great marketing. In North America the releases to date have been treated as though the company had lost faith in itself. I'd like to see the company creating a little more "buzz" after the November privatization is complete.

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Wonderful idea (in context with the gifts)... but I dont want to be blackmailed to have a look to an Alicia Keys gig... And there is another drop of bitterness- I´m here in Hamburg, Germany- and as far as I know Malaysia doesnt belong to the rural district of Germany.... Damn... Z30 come to daddy...

Thanx- I´m often cynic but life is TO hard to take it serious! :-) And Heins is also a German- I never trust german leaders- neither without toothbrush moustache... :-)

This is a great idea. Hopefully Blackberry is behind it and we in the US will see a similar deal. Trade in for Z10 would work too, but I suspect the last thing they want is more Z10s

BlackBerry gave up on the USA a long time ago. They thought they had it locked up and focused everywhere else. Now they are desperately trying to save the emerging markets who are rejecting them for cheap Android.

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Not true. BlackBerry had always relied too much on carrier support in the USA. Now that support is gone, so goes their market.

Hey Uber Scout, why don't you put your PIN on the forum. Hopefully someone with a q10 or 5 can connect and do a bbm chat with you to get you familiar with your new phone. Congrats on the BlackBerry purchase.

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Interesting how people are starting to distance themselves from the z10.
Not influenced by the media are you by any chance? ( sits back, grabs popcorn)

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BlackBerry just need to release the devices and OS updates in a very short space of time. I mean how hard can it be issuing devices all over the world at the same time? And OS updates also should be launched at the same time, not 4-5 months apart!!!!!!!!!!

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In saudi Arabia the blackberry z10 when first came In was about 700 dollars now its only about 350 dollars, but the q10 has pretty good sales.

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As a z10 first adopters that pay premium cash, i felt betrayed. And left behind.
Never again BB.

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I have this piece of advice for you: " no matter the price, you only should pay the price wich You think it's worth!! " Till then, enjoy your Z10. It's a good piece of technology !
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My recommendation: purchase NOW a Samsung Galaxy S1 plus for only 200,-€... Or a new Galaxy S4... but than you have to invest still 490,- €.... or an iPhone 5s....700,-€ (16GB)... Never again BB?

The problem with BlackBerry is that they leave the marketing up to the carriers, and the carriers in the US except for Verizon do not market product as planned. BlackBerry need to do some of there own marketing with all that cash on hand they have.

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I think they would have fared far better by releasing the Z30 with the 10.2 OS from the get go rather than the Z10 and the bug-filled OS.

But like i read in a post a couple days ago: so many missed opportunities they could have capitalized on.

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Well I can't disagree with the comment it would have been very difficult for any fans to wait another 9 months for BB10

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@ Lord Drago like all new electronics the price will be higher at first, then drop. I got the PlayBook and Z10 on launch day, I have no regrets on my purchase. Just wish the didn't drop support or believing in the PlayBook.

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Yes pardon my fiery comments. I just cannot hide my disappointment, reading this article They give z10 for free.

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Really? Not much hype from the state of Penang, Malaysia here. Was strolling around the IT section of a mall. Didn't see any promotion/ sign of Z30. Thought I could go check it out. Sigh, a free Z10 to go with a Z30? Sounds like a good bargain, but will end up paying more(cost of ownage) if you count in the contract price. Wonder when the promotion for buy a Z30 and get free Z10 (contract free)would appear? ;p. Then again, I'd love to see more people rocking a BlackBerry device in Malaysia.

Happily on my Q10

I got my Z30 from celcom this morning, and yes we got free Z10, 2 pair Alicia Keys tickets, urbanear headphones, I'm 68/100 this morning.

BlackBerry Wireless Device

Hi I am from Malaysia, I was the 34th person on the queue, got my Z30 and free Z10, headset and the concert tickets. I fall in love with my Z30, it is simply superb. Now my wife can't stop playing with her new Z10.

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BlackBerry should be pushing the Z10 out the door cheap to flood the market or give them away. This will help BlackBerry get more people on our side sorry platform

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Free at last, free at last, the BlackBerry Z10 is free at last.

Will it save bbry, let's see.

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This whole idea of not being able to sell Z10s is rotten smelling. I will sell every single Z10 they have in stock within 10 months here in Lebanon and the GCC if they send them to me on consignment. The lawsuit filed against BlackBerry has legitimate arguments and not being able to sell Z10 horsecrap has something to do with it IMHO.

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Just curious, how much would the Z10s sell for in Lebanon? your suggested price.

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Lmao so because your two previous cars were fords does that mean they must give you a discount if you buy a 2014 model??

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Well...this looks like marketing to me.
And product promotion.
Well done Malaysia!!!!

...forever BlackBerry...

Even the Baby wants some Z30. Kids will love Z30 with its big screen, big pictures, full touch screen , drag and drop features. BlackBerry needs cheap 5 inches Z35 with bright colorful skins. It will sell among the youth, women and older folks who have problems with sight. That is cute, the lady in the picture with a stroller. :)

Love to z30 next in Malaysia. I heard it has double graphics , is that true? Hehehehhe. Using z10 now. Flood the BlackBerry device in the world. If price like now more and more people will buy. Regret buy when it first come out with full price . Hahahahha who knows what will happen in future. Hope BlackBerry focus more on Asian region and Asia ad a hole.

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Lucky me I saw this coming, traded the Z10 much earlier for Q10.. no those Z10 early adopters who paid premium price must feel really F.Up!

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Y r there so much stick on Z10??? I absolutely love mine... Best phone I ever got my hands on!

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I still love my Z10..but I would love to see the same sort of deal in Canada and the USA. Buy Z30, get a z10.
Nice way to get rid of stock and maybe have a few more BBM accounts in the worrld.

This should be happening in the GTA when the z30 comes to Canada. How many crackberry members are from the gta that are planning to pick up the z30? We should get together.

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It is very suspicious that so called shareholders and lawyers launch a law suit against Blackberry and the rest of the shareholder just when the Z30 is being launched.

Perhaps they should put a free Z10 in every packet of Kelloggs All Bran. That would really keep people moving....

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Would love to see promos like this in the US although it's probably going to be given the wrong headline like "Desperate phone vendor bribes 200 people to try the Z30 at launch." Wish they focused on brand repair instead of invisible marketing.

Waiting to get my Z30s direct from BlackBerry..

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What I don't get is the Z10 sales have been slow.... ummmmm did anyone think that contracts still exist? when windows phone came out the 1st and 2nd quarter was slow. Not every one is up for an upgrade. And buying it out right is a lot.. BlackBerry needs at least 1 year to get real numbers but people want the phone but they are unable to get it. I would like to see the numbers fail if carriers didn't have contracts. I don't get this at all. I have heard 5-6 friends saying that they would like it once their upgrade comes around why is this that hard to understand

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Yeah exactly, I've thought this. I have had many, many people ask about my Z10 because they are starting to get sick of (or even frustrated with) their Iphones or Androids.

Many less since these drastic decisions though... Strategic alt, write downs..

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I like the idea but let's not forget the loyal people who have kept you alive BlackBerry. Just because the Z10 did ok here shouldn't mean we don't get a sweet deal when we buy a Z30.

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Even the 50% off Z10 is still a good offer. If it was done here, Z10's price will be at par with a brand-new Curve 9320.


Yes was there to cover the event, the first 200 get the Z10 for free and next 200 will get it at 50% off. Cheers

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Lucky Malaysians, I wonder if there would be a similar launch by our telcos in Singapore

I bought Z10 the day it landed. Full price no regrets. My gf just left here ios for BlackBerry Z10 after she hated the new up date she's been on it for about 6 days and shes really liking it so far.

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As I stated B4, Z10 inventory will be used for incentives. I'm even wondering if it wasn't what Thor announced when advising massive promotion until the end of FY 2014 as the $1B figure is so close to the one he announced. (of course I believe it's more than expected, say $300M).

Whatever. Using them to promote and create incentives, I applause.

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I'm one of the lucky Z30 owners. I came with 1 Z10, and I brought home Z30 and another Z10! I'm loving it!

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We came, we lined up and we go home with Z30, free Z10 and other freebies. Can't really complain about that :)

Z10 is still my choice. I believe that it would have sold large if they did not have such issues as heating, crashing, crippled OS. THAT is what did it in. Nobody I know bought it for apps. It is a pure bread 'get it done' device.
As an FYI, the Z10 has the best color temperature screen going @ ~5300K in full white. That equates to less eye fatigue and headache. Health experts believe that to be better for the circadian rhythm than say, an apple of Samsung device that appears much more blue.