BlackBerry Z30 help and how-to demo site now live

By Bla1ze on 18 Sep 2013 04:57 am EDT

If you simply can't get enough of the BlackBerry Z30 and want to check out how it will all work and get a closer, though, virtual look at the hardware, you can now head on over to the BlackBerry Z30 help and how-to demo site. The site will guide you through all the basics of using your device and for those of you who have yet got a look at BlackBerry 10.2, you'll get a good look at some of the visual changes and improvements it offers.

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BlackBerry Z30 help and how-to demo site now live


Why would you want a Z30 over an S4 and 5S or even a Z10.

What BlackBerry selling point besides the ecosystem with this new device.

Anything new in the hardware which blackberry could market to end users

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Better processor, better battery life, smoother experience more screen space, and above all its BlackBerry :-)

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Compared to Z10: bigger battery, bigger screen (if you like that), 4 speakers (2 bottom 2 top), 4 microphones, faster hardware. And better looking.
Easy to connect to a tv/projector (same for all BB10 except q5) so you can show presentation from it.

Hardware wise it isn't really much better then S4, but OS is. I haven't seen iPhone 5s, so I can't talk on it there. Except I don't like the new iOS.

Just a little thing but watching the demos on BBM ,one has to wonder why at one point the top right corner of the screen is referred to as the top left corner,not very good to have let this pass.this occurs at the 4minute mark referring to the Switch Icon in the top right corner,Oh well.

I'm surprised I'm saying this but I may be interested in upgrading to this phone to replace my Z10. As long as the typing experience is still good on it. Not a fan of screens over 4.5" but we shall see.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.

Love it! My next upgrade from the already awesome Z10! Hope people will get to know about this amazing device.

This demo support site is a great example of how hard BlackBerry and it dedicated employees have been working. Congratulations on what you do for all of us. Z30 will rule because of all of you!

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BlackBerry has built a great family of BB10 devices and the folks behind them should all be very proud.

The store, the hardware, the experience, all getting better beating expectations.

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Wow! Didn't think I was going to be interested, but these videos are really great! Can't wait, c'mon Verizon push it out (wishful thinking)

I hear that's the battery cannot be removed by the average user. If so it's going to suck. I had a battery problem with my z10 and a replacement battery took care of it. I would hate for some thing like that to happen to a z30 after plunking down a bunch of cash on it. I hear that the price per unit will be around 1000 USD. If so this device better be problem free. Don't care about apps and all that. Just that the phone should work just fine without any issues.

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