BlackBerry Z30 heading to Verizon Wireless

By Adam Zeis on 18 Sep 2013 04:23 pm EDT

The BlackBerry Z30 was just announced today and will be heading first to the UK and Middle East, but customers in the USA are in luck as well.

While we're not sure just when we'll see the Z30 hit North American soil, Verizon Wireless has confirmed via Twitter that the device is "coming soon".

So far no other US carriers have said anything about the Z30, so Verizon may be a step ahead of the game and we could even see a Z30 launch sooner than expected. The only bad thing we get from this is that once again that crappy Verizon branding looks really bad on the front of the device.

Verizon customers - what say you? Will you be holding out for a Z30?

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BlackBerry Z30 heading to Verizon Wireless


The branding doesn't bother me. I don't love Verizon like a family member but I'm not going to howl about them putting their logo on a device they are selling.

I don't like how they do their logo. My T-Mobile z10 only has a logo on the battery cover

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The best thing about the Z30 is its 2 year old hardware and the amazing large chin... great work BlackBerry!!!

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Coming that means a long time. remember how long they said 10.1 is coming soon?? They were the last ones to roll it out.

- aBBuser on CB10 -.1725 awaiting the resurrection of the squircle!

"The phrase coming soon needs to be outlawed for anything related to BB."

just looked @ the weblink & thought the same thing,,, i don't think they realize that that is a running joke that doesn't help them...

this is the problem. Big Red's idea of what qualifies as "soon" is WAY different than most of the modern world. that being said, i will buy a used z10 (Ebay) for now (because my GS4 sucks that hard.) Then i will buy a z30 when it's available for VZW. i'm done with touchpizz and android and lord knows iOS continues to be trash.

The bad thing about Verizon is that they are expensive... 'fortunately' they are considerate enough to make you wait for new (BB) devices long enough to be able to save for them.

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Yes it is expensive, but for good reason. It is THE best LTE network on the planet. With ATT you don't get half of the quality you get from VZ.

That can be debatable. I left Sprint for Verizon to get the Z10. Biggest mistake of my life. Can't get no signal at any of my jobs. I have to whip out my Sprint EVO to listen to Internet radio.

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Just the opposite is true for me in NYC and on Long Island. Sprint is horrible. In my area it's roaming a lot ! When you do get 4G showing on the phone half of the time it's dead. I just picked up the Z10 on T-mo and I get 4GLTE 90% of the time.

We have similar experiences (nyc here too) and in Virginia Vzw is great. My girlfriend has a Sprint iPhone 5 and her service sucks... just as it was with her 4s and her old BB on Sprint. I have a T-Mobile Curve from work and I get off/on service so thank got for UMA but with Verizon I'm good almost everywhere with my Z10. I'm happy to pay more to ensure my phone works more places than everyone I know on other carriers.

My company is actually transitioning all of our work provided phones over to Verizon due to coverage issues nationwide.

Interesting. Verizon's signal is much better than Sprint's in most places. But admittedly not all.

Have you tried a Wilson booster to improve your reception? They are absolutely amazing... can turn a weak signal into a reasonably strong one and an almost nonexistent signal into a weak one. As long as there is some signal to amplify a Wilson booster can help. Works great with BB10 devices. Caveat: You'll want a headset for phone conversations and a couple accessories for the booster so you can mount your device in on a desk or in the car, because while the phone and the booster are paired, it's not really a handheld. Have a look at the Wilson Sleek 4G-V cradle.

Sprint LTE is the fastest and that is mainly because it's spread through only a few cities and there isnt as many subscribers as Verizon and AT&T. Verizon does have better signal nation wide. There is some spots that a certain carrier will grab signal over others.

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Which would you rather have: Really good 4G LTE in just a few places, or solid 4G in a ton of places? I'd choose the latter pretty much every time...

Have you ever looked at T-Mo coverage maps in detail? They focus entirely on large cities. Leave the cities and go into suburbs or into rural areas and you'll be on nothing more than 2G/EDGE in most areas. Go look at T-Mo Ohio coverage for example there's more 2G/No Service/Roaming than there is coverage. The areas that are currently only EDGE (quite a lot) have no plans to be upgraded to 4G or even 3G. If you never leave the city T-Mo is a great option. If you actually travel, or go in/live in more rural areas, they're useless. Even Sprint has a larger and more extensive rural network. They're also actually rolling out all Network Vision upgrades to the entire network. Unlike T-Mo's upgrade.

It is expensive so you can pay for the salaries of that awesomely arrogant management team.

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Verizon is good with coverage, but cdma is so limiting for multi-tasking. I got off Verizon years ago with my first BlackBerry.

AT&T is rocking my Z10 with LTE at the moment. I need a true GSM world phone.

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Hopefully Tmobile will have this too coz I want my Z10 to have a big brother!!! BE BOLD!!!

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Well...don't know for the states but here in Canada, if you make any purchase, you can change your mind and return it within 30 what ever the purchase is.

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Already invested in a Z10... would have like to have had the option a few months ago.

At this point, with the way things are going.... I'd buy an Note 3.

you sure .... ? Looks more like:
1) a sunRISE ... OR
2) a phoenix rising

YOU decide ...

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Screw the branding, I've been waiting for this post all day!!!! Call me a sucker, got my Z10 on release day, gonna trade it in for the Z30 on release day. No if's, and's or but's!!!

I was the 1st in the US to officially get the Z10, and I'm hoping to be the 1st to get the Z30 too. I wish it had better specs to compete with the other top phones but since I'm such a BlackBerry fanatic, I'm definitely getting this phone. I will promote BlackBerry to the end, but i wish they would give me the tools (specs & apps) that I need to get my friends and family to get this phone over the other choices.

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Just got off the phone seconds ago with T-Mobile, they have no information regarding the Z30......... waiting

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Managed to get unlimited data grandfathered on my data plan. I won't be picking up a 30 as I don't know if the company will survive but I do hope that this means the official 10.2 will be coming sooner than later.

MOOT POINT: as long as your CARRIER survives, the future of BlackBerry itself won't affect or determine whether (or how) your new device works.
(yes, I know where you're going with this, but really: when's the last time any legacy device stopped working after support was removed? My mom's 2002 Nokia feature phone still works well enough ... and MY own Torch 9800 on BBOS/6 still runs really well too).

In fact it's precisely THAT kind of action BBRY's competitors are hoping for, because THAT WILL sink the company faster than anything they could (legally) do: putting the fear of death into people so that they'll "hold off puchasing" or just simply "switch platforms."

If you remember "It's a Wonderful Life," Old Man Potter tried the same thing by creating a "Run on the Bank" which would sink his competitor quickly AND ensure they never came back. It was ONLY through people's "staying the course and SUPPORTING the cause" that the bank survived
and fought back from the brink.

SAME SCENARIO HERE! I won't tell you what to do, but the attitude HERE becomes a SELF-FULFILLING prophecy. Borrowing from a different movie ... "If YOU build it, IT WILL Happen!!"

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers & Keep Moving!

Lucky you. Unlimited data is non-existent in Canada. We pay $85+ for a max 6 GB, with 500 MB at $50 (on top of regular talking and texting service).

I have an uncle in the States that figured out a way to exploit the fact that there was a cheap no data limit on his old non-smart phone (supposedly because they use so little data anyway). Somehow, he hooked it up to a router and used that for his home Wi-Fi. Genius!

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on

Ok VZW, Black A N D White please. Need a matching set for me and the wifey just like our Z10's

BlackBerry, bring the apps also! Vine Instagram Netflix etc. keep this ball rolling!

The Verizon logo is very understated here as it is on the Z10. You can't seriously be saying that it bothers you, really? The only time I even notice it on my Z10 is when I read about how ugly and obtrusive it is in the forums or some reviewer's column. That is really a silly, nitpicky complaint.

Patiently waiting for T-Mobile to announce the phone. This Z10 rocks so at least the wait won't be so bad.

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HTC arrive is on its very last leg. I need sprint to get this asap before I have to get another phone that isn't the z30

I want one. Of course I also love my z10 and I'm doing everything I can to keep myself from getting the q10.

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You have to wonder how Verizon will treat/promote the Z30. You would think they wouldn't make the deai to be a carrier unless they thought there was money to be made, but that is sure not how they acted with the Z10 and Q10. Which I don't get. Although look at all the uninformed, emotionally and socially driven policy decisions that get made in the world.

And yah ... my first thought was that both BlackBerry and Verizon have redefined the term "coming soon." I just love my Z10. It is never far from my hands, and I want BlackBerry to succeed. Maybe even if Verizon doesn't serve to promote, they can at least not be a barrier to good devices. You gotta wonder where Apple will be in 12 months if BlackBerry can just hang in there.

Love my Z10. Probably won't go to the Z30, but I'm excited that it's coming soon and that it's on Verizon first.

I think I'll wait for the Z10II or whatever they call it. The Z10 is the perfect size, and as long as the updates keep coming I'll be perfectly content.

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If Sprint asses around with the Z30 the way they did with the Z10 & Q10 I just may switch back to Verizon. My contract is over middle of next month, so i would have no issues leaving them for the phone i want. Afterall, it is the reason i left Verizon to head to Sprint in the first place (BlackBerry Bold 9930 Touch)

I'm definitely getting a Z30. But it won't be till late Jan. So the sooner this device comes out the better chance I have to pay less than the release price.

And I also read in another thread that Verizon will have exclusively on their model Z30 wireless charging. So really interested to see if that becomes reality.

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It wasn't an article. It was second hand info posted in another forum thread. And I was reading so many today I don't remember where I say it.

But if I come across it again, I'll definitely post which thread it is.

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For info on the possible wireless charging Verizon exclusive go to the Z30 forums and see thread "Z30 wireless charging?"

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I maybe picking up one or two. My wife is in the fence. I am waiting to hold it in my hands first. Need to confirm its wireless sharing/streaming capabilities also. Just got a new smart tv and I think it has wife direct or whatever it is called. It does look nice though.

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Really all depends on the pricing ( off contract ). But yea, if i can afford it -- definitely would upgrade from my Z10.

Verizon logo on there stuff is enough to make me never give them my business.

I love you rogers for zero branding on my device. Probably saves rogers tons of cash too.

Verizon was coming to canada but rogers made the ppl scared and didn't let it happen. Monopoly ftw

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I already have a Z10 but am definitely getting a Z30 and giving the Z10 to my grandma who has an iphone.

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Will be getting one, however this time I will not be pre-ordering. I'll let is release and then I'll snag it a few months down the road. I paid outright for the Z10 so I'm not paying full retail again so soon.

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I have the z10 on Verizon, will definitely be upgrading once it's released.

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They will release it with version number than half year later to than if it will be enough bugs they might update it to 10.2, "That The Power of Verizon Wireless"

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I'd like to see some sort of trade-in plan for all of us BlackBerry fans that bought the Z10. It would take the sting out of a new device coming out less than a year after we purchased a new device.

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Yay!!!!!!!!!!!........erm....thats bout it =)

Lilly's hand stitched Frankenstein Z10 powered by OS

sprint will say winter...then late winter......then contract is up, but with my employee discount they are cheaper than everyone hopefully they will get it soon.......this time

and you obviously have no grasp of the concept of "sarcasm". so from now on when ever i post a sarcastic rant in the sprint forum, i will put in big bold letters the words SARCASM, so you don't jump to a conclusion that is wrong.

Huh, didn't know you were capable of sarcasm Jon. Especially since that post looks like every other one you've made. Oh and get with the times sarcasm is designated by "/s"

Agreed. I have had enough touch screen phones. And I mean enough I am through with them. Soo much easier for ME to use a keyboard.

I just got my white Z10, but that Z30 is one I'd definitely consider in the future.

Sent from my sexy white hot Z10 in Sin City ;-)

Nope..... outside of the screen size nothing improves upon the any great degree. Since I won't go near an ios device I need at least one device at 4.2. The 5" DNA I have and the Nokia 1520 that I'm waiting on give me enough big screen.....

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I'll get the Z30 from AT&T not Verizon because it will start messing up 6months after purchase. That's how Verizon works. They always have issues so they send you a cheap refurbished phone and you won't get a new one ever although you paid for a new cell. This happen to me with my BlackBerry Torch 9850. Never did they give me a new cell just refurbished one which added to more issues. I been with them for 13yrs. I know what I'm talking about. They also wanted to charge me $600 for a Z10 to continue with my unlimited data plan when my contract expired when the ZI0 released 5 months ago. I went to AT&T and got it for $40 new contract. No brainer. As fast as cell phones depreciate that was an insult for Verizon to do such. $600 for a 5month old phone. Gtfoh Verizon

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The VZ hardware insurance agreement clearly states you will receive a refurbished replacement. Having been with them for 13 years, you should not have been suprised by that. And, regardless of how much money you pay up front for the z10, you will pay $600 by the end of the term. It was selling for twice that amount on ebay at that point in time. Youre delusional if you think you paid $40 bucks for the z10 and I doubt you were offered an unlimited data plan with att either because shared tiers had been implementd by then....sir.

I know what you mean. Surely. But who pays $600 up front? Ever think of that? I didnt think so. Now all of a sudden they want to keep me. My point was there only charging me $600 for the Z10 in order to keep my unlimited plan I grandfathered years ago. I think there refurbished policy is ludicrous. I didnt pay $600 for a cell to break and give me a cheap refurb with the same issues. You want that service? I didnt. So I demanded a new cell. They granted me that, but I had to speak my mouth off and talk to upper management. "They said were not suppose to do this but" yeah that old stupid saying but they did it ANYWAY. Im pulling out of Verizon clearly from my first point that you didnt understand. $600 UP FRONT FOR A CELL! YEAH f***** right! No need to call me sir. My point was gladly agreed upon with a Verizon rep himself. He even said he would of done the same thing. Trust me. I know what IM doing. If everyone pays for a phone for $600 then why do they offer $200 contracts. That doesnt add up to %600. Because your paying for service after not the phone. Dushh

Oh and your right...I am sharing. Its also unlimited! With and Ipad mini.! So 2 BRAND NEW devices for $70 and your telling me $600 is worth one Z10....yeah right! bro! Thats a 1 yr contract too. Foo

I love the Z10 and it's size and will have to play with the Z30 before making that decision. I'm still on the fence.

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No worries Z and Q's...10.2 be coming our way soon...BlackBerry Rock on!!! woot woot...

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As in April 1st. Same day we will get 10.2 lol

Seriously though good news. I do not see my self buying one but the more the merrier.

I just hope big red supports Z30 better than they have Z10: slow to market, extremely slow with updates (I believe the last carrier to release 10.1) and general lack support of BB products.

Who cares blackberry is dead! They carried Palm until the day they went out of business.

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I don't want to rain on anybody's parade but I see little to celebrate here. BlackBerry is not at this point in time in a position to operate under the moniker "save the best for last"! Other companies like Samsung or Apple or even Nokia can afford to withhold their best products. BlackBerry, a company that looks more and more on its death bed should have done the reverse instead.

THIS should have been the product which they should have launched first back in January when there was a lot of buzz and positivity about the new BB10 platform. The Z10 and the Z30 should have been the IT devices right from the start, with the Q10 and Q5 being at the back end of this whole product rollout. As for the 10.2 upgrade that should have been up and running in the summer and not to be still waiting in late fall for yet another uncertain release date.

The conversation should have been "oh look how the IPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4 have similar specs to the Z30!" Instead all every one is blabering about is how how this is too little to late and how this phone is already past its prime!

I'm a BlackBerry user, and I like the BlackBerry devices I own, including the Z10 I'm now typing on. But in all honesty, though I'm sure the Z30 is a great quality piece of machinery, I simply do not have the money to upgrade only 7 months after I purchased my Z10 at full price. If they had given me the choice back in January, I might be holding in my hands a Z30 instead. I live in the real world, and my daily reality does not permit me to "keep up with the Johnses"!.

Besides this will be another case of a wonderful product killed by a terrible lack of advertising and brand awareness! On top of that, who the hell knows if BlackBerry will even be around in a few months...

What a shame...

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I prefer T-Mobile look because their logo is on the back of z10 right now I would just be happy to get a z30

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Vodafone f$$ked up my order in my favour. I got my Z10 on 1st of February on 24 month contract now I am apparently on a sim free 12 month rolling contract so I essentially could sell my Z10 and buy a Z30 :D

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I would of got this phone as soon as it came out but I think I'll wait to see if BlackBerry is still going to be around first....hope so best operating system found on a phone

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See my earlier comment further up this page; "waiting" or even "giving up" is EXACTLY what the competition is counting on with all the negative press; it becomes a Self-Fulfilling prophecy.

True, everyone wants to wait for reassurance whether the company will or won't make it, but "waiting" is EXACTLY what WILL sink the ship, both, faster and completely.

Do you think that, if EVERYONE "waits" to pick up a new phone, BBRY will make their numbers next quarter or for the year ... and that it'll convince ANY app developers to get on board "at all" with porting their, or writing new, apps??
Sure, it's "JUST lowly, individual YOU" going to hold out, but there's 70 million "yous" out there - myself included - and WE ARE ALL PART OF THE SOLUTION.
Unless you're going to wait and wait and wait until BBRY close up the shop, in which case you were part of the problem. But at least you'll have been right in predicting the demise.

Do you 'catch' my drift here ... ?

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

I will be driving to Verizon to drop of the money for this phone. Can someone tell me how much? Actually doesn't matter. I'd buy this phone for a grand

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Sweet. Maybe I'll get a Blackberry now with this. this is everything I want in a Blackberry. Hopefully this won't disappoint!!!

I will need to see the devicein person first and depending on the price, but yes I will most likely be getting one to go along with my Z10 and Q10.

Gosh! I was just getting ready to buy a Q, and now this. I love the physical keyboard, I expect to buy the Q.

Via Z10 & CB10

You will not regret it; at least a dozen friends have the Q and they ALL love it!
To quote a famous bald starship Captain: "Make it SO!"

Just my 2 cents from a penny-less country.
Cheers and Keep Moving!

Beautiful! I just tryed ios7 and it's so bad so... BlackBerry 10.2 is way better than ios 7! And imagine 10.2 on BlackBerry z30 it will be wonderful !

We needs more apps ! I hope that all of Android apps will be portable on bb10.2 !

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Hmm. I have the Z10, PB and want a Q10 now seeing the Z30 I also want it. Would be nice if BlackBerry would give us loyal customers a discount.

Posted With My Z10 or PB

As I have said before, I will be adding a line to my Verizon account to get this baby! Got a cheap old phone to toss on the line for babysitters and such. Can't wait!

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Although I covered up the Verizon logo with a skin on my Q, I really don't care about it this time. I just want that Z30 in my hands.

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Great! So it'll make it out of VZW QA sometime in Q2 of 2014? Can't wait! (Literally. I couldn't wait that long. Knuckles under and signed my 2-year contract to get the Z10 about 2 months ago.)

And Adam, really? You're gonna jump on the vendor branding whinge wagon? Despite some folks' plaintive wailing, the Verizon branding is actually small, subdued, and subtle.

5 inch screen is just too big personally. Where is the line between phone and tablet? That is why I dislike the 'Note'.

I'm happy with my Q10 but can't wait to give the Z30 a test drive. I'm still favoring the form factor of the Q. I don't need a massive phone; I just want a nice high speed one that fits comfortably in my pocket...

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Why yes I can't wait for it. Having a blast with my z10. Never thought I would stop using my galaxy but I am having fun now

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If it's on plastic like the z10, you should be able to rub it off (gently) with a sugar cube.

posted by me

I use VZW and I'm just waiting for a solid OS build and getting a Q10. However if I was a touch screen fan I'd be all over the Z30.

The logo doesn't really stand out. I never notice it on the z10. I got the z10 ASAP do don't know if I'll be able to pony up the money or not

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Looks good if you like touchscreen only. I'll be holding out for the Q30 or whatever the next iteration of the Q10 is

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I remember when they vzw said the z10 was "coming soon " it took like 3 months on the email list with no info period on when or if it was coming. Only I went in to the store weekly and found it it was released when one of the employees had the phone. Just goes to show that big time stores really only advertise and try to sell what they want to sell. Not what's on the market.

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Talked to a rep at the Cypress,Ca. Verizon store yesterday(10-18-13). He said they had heard nothing about another BB phone. Showed him the Twitter post(9-18-13), he just shrugged his shoulders and said, sorry.