BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale in the UK today

BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale in the UK today
By DJ Reyes on 27 Sep 2013 08:20 am EDT

I had the privilege of being invited to a BlackBerry Z30 UK Press Event yesterday. We got some hands-on time with the Z30 and there were lots of demos going on. As soon as you I got my hands on one, my first reaction was "Whoa, this thing is huge!" The Z30 is, as you know, the biggest BlackBerry device to date. There is some weight to it too. That said, browsing on the Z30 is a dream and with the OLED screen it's even sexier.

It was a small event with less than 30 people there but there was lots of hustle and bustle. There were people from BlackBerry making their way around the room answering questions everyone there. There were even some that wanted to pull away a guy who was giving a demo at out table to ask more questions. Needless to say there was some interest in the device.

The BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale today at Selfridges. They will have exclusivity from today until Sunday. Similar to what happened when the Q10 launched, where we saw the Q10 become Selfridges' fastest selling device.

From Monday 30th September, it will be available nationally at all Carphone Warehouse stores and Vodafone outlets. Other U.K. carriers are due to follow but we have no ETA yet.

If you're interested in picking up a BlackBerry Z30 in the U.K. pop down to Selfridges or order online. Otherwise, wait until Monday. Selfridges only has the blackberry Z30 in stock. Upon visiting the Carphone Warehouse website you can pre-order a white one. Though the shipping date is for October 15th.

Selfridges has the BlackBerry Z30 SIM free for £529.

More information / Purchase a BlackBerry Z30 from Selfridges

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BlackBerry Z30 goes on sale in the UK today


I think this is a mistake by BlackBerry, they need to take a bit of a hit and sell the Z30 at a huge discount. BB10 devices need to get in the hands of the masses. Taking a bit of a hit now to get the phones out there is like an investment as apposed to trying make a profit right off the bat by selling at a premium. Unfortunately BlackBerry is seen as an uncertainty so anyway to entice new members is a must.

Z10 OS

I agree. Sell them at a steep discount to get them in peoples' hands. The "low end" BB10 phones are far from it.

I'm sure this will be like $7-750 USD off contract

Posted via a Verizon Z10 on (pure) thru CB10. My channel: c0004f9bb

That should have been done since the launch of BB10. It would have been better for BlackBerry to break even rather than write down the Z10. Also would be easier to get big name apps with more users of course.

This is not hindsight everyone on this site said we needed lower pricing and BlackBerry didn't. For that reason alone Thorstein and the executive committee should have been let go.

They've been commiting a slow suicide for years. At this point you'd almost think they were all masochists at BBRY.

Why this management is still running Blackberry is beyond me? Heins should resign if he has any self respect.


1080P - No.
Quad Core - No.
Gorilla Glass - No.
Water proof - No.
Carl Zeiss Glass on camera - No.
Amazing number of top apps? - No.
What makes this phone stand out so much that it deserves this premium price? Why it's a Blackberry of course, so you have the strong backing of a solid company...uh, no.

This is Blackberry at its core. Everything that has been wrong the last few years. Release a mid-level device at best, 6-9 months following a prior mid-level release, offer a few new hardware features (wifi-direct,USB TG, Miracast) that should have been present on a prior release and demand an insane price to try and recapture falling revenues.

Either price for volume or build for high end. BB never heard what Mr. Miagi said, about walking in the middle of the road.

Specs are irrelevant. The issue is that people are too stupid to know. A computer with more memory doesn't automatically run smoother. The OS determines that. OS's manage the resources. If managed good and the OS has a small footprint, it will run smoothly, if not, it won't. Would you rather a higher speced computer running Vista or a little lower speced one running Windows 7? The fact is, there are quad-core devices out there that lag, and BB10 on dual-core DOES NOT LAG. Not even on the Q5. So why spend money on increasing specs when the OS doesn't need it?

quadcore graphics processor and the only reason an (an)y android phone needs OP specs is because of how clunky the OS is, *twitch* I'm not explaining this anymore, please research before commentary / on that note, I do think they should have made the damn thing waterproof, it's a canadian company and snow melts (as for the camera, mine (z10) does consistently better than my friend's samsaung s4 and another friend's iPhone when we SnapChat / i am interested in the new antenna tech (on the z30), which should prove useful on my cottage getaways and such, but hey if you can't afford those things maybe you shouldn't spend money on other nice things ;-)

// ya the price is dumb, should've been like 550 at launch... sigh // umn doesn't need gorilla glass, i've smashed so many BlackBerrys and my corners have taken nicks, no more, screens have always been a-okay =D

Better pictures from Z10 than sgs4 or an iPhone?

I call bullshit!!

I phone what 3GS, then I'd half agree, but iPhone 4/4S/5/5C/5S I'm calling bullshit!! There are far too many reviews, photo examples spanning the last two years to prove you wrong!!

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And btw, goriila glass does break, once u scratch the coating, it loses all its strength properties, and it doesn't need quad core, cuz its not doing unnecessary things, the graphics is quad core tho, sooo gaming should be cray! Just saying

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BB10.2 . a smooth OS experience that so far equates to running most if not all the latest apps available and if they coud, probably all the others on different platforms.

sure its missing some pretty decent hardware configurations like waterproofing but you're not going to have a horrible experience without any of those features you mentioned unless you love to dunk your phone in water when multi-tasking?

The best part of the Z30 is its 2 year old hardware and that amazing silver chin... Hahaha riiight

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In fact the highest spec phone of 2011 was the sg2 with a 1ghz dual core processor, an oled screen, hspa, 1gb ram, a small 1600mah battery and the screen was only 400p.

2011 hardware lol

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Sorry... one year old hardware lol, if I'm going to get a big phone in September of 2013 let's compare it with the note3
Note 3 has a 0.7 inch bigger screen, it is 0.9 mm thinner than the Z30, it is 2 grams lighter than the Z30, it has 32 or 64 GB internal storage with micro SD compared to 16 that the Z30 will have, it has 3GB of RAM compared to 2 from the Z30, it has micro USB 3.0 compared to 2.0 from the Z30, it has a full 1080 screen compared to 720 from the Z30, camera records video at 2160p@30fps compared to 1080p@30fps from the Z30, processor is a Quad-core 2.3 GHz Krait 400 compared to a Dual-core 1.7 GHz Krait from the Z30, it has a 3200 mAh battery compared to a 2880 from the Z30, if I'm going to spend over $700, it better have 2013 specs, but what would I know given that I'm from Hamilton.

P.S. they'll sell less Z30s then Z10s, which was considered a failure.

Posted via Z10

I did so on purpose, I'm comparing it to a phone with the same release date in my second statement, I could break down the S4 too, and explain how that hardware beats the Z30 not to mention that the Z30 is 40 grams heavier than the S4 . I'm only talking hardware which BlackBerry has not exceeded the competition what so ever, the only people that will buy it are in these forums. As far as the software goes, I think BB10 is the best, which is why I got an inferior Z10 instead of the S4 (hardware related), but apparently the rest of the world disagrees with me on the topic of OSs.

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Yeah cuz a heavy bulky 5" screen (40 grams heavier than the S4) with a giant silver chin or should I call it machined metal chin is a stellar design lol

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It's a high spec phone, the best phone on the market!!

I agree with the above comments that all the first bb10 devices should have been priced lower.

Yeah because only positive posts should matter on a crackberry wall regarding a new product being released... I'll go in my hole when you do!

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Recent write downs were in part due to not having a lower tier device available at key consumer buying periods -- Christmas, Back-to-School, Graduation. For example, without a Z5, the Z10 was heavily discounted to compensate.
Because of BlackBerry's desire to follow Apple with a similar pricing model (d'oh!), having no upgradable PlayBook devices, when they dropped the price of the 16 GB version, they had to accept heavy write downs on the 32 GB and 64 GB models as well. A simple design with SD card would have helped to protect against that. Worse, they had to specifically manufacture the 32 GB and 64 GB models and keep enough stock on hand. When the 16 GB was selling but the others weren't, they had to drop all the prices. This was so poorly managed. The PlayBook was a great tablet but few appreciated it because of how it was managed from a marketing and business analysis perspective -- superb engineering, except for the decision to use Adobe AIR for key user interface functions such as the keyboard, email, calendar, contacts, and App World (now BBW).

"There were people from BlackBerry making their way around the room answering questions everyone there."

Did you ask any questions? Were there any useful answers given at the event?

Yep. Only one layer of glass as opposed to the regular two.

--Q10 and Canadian all the way! Posted via CB10 on #IChooseBlackBerry10

With all the doom and gloom in the media, even if this phone could cure cancer would it have a chance?

I hope I'm wrong, but, as this stands, the take rate will be limited on this device. People have began to distance themselves from the brand.

Fvck I hate the media

CB10'n it.....via my Z

I have to agree. As much as I love BlackBerry, it's gone from hard to defend/promote to impossible. My friends look at me with sad eyes every time the subject comes up like my Z10 has an incurable disease... :-(

I still love it and I'll use it until it's no longer supported but my chances of convincing anyone else are slim to nil.

But....... you pull this bad boy out of your pocket and you definitely will impress anyone who sees it,
I think it's going to do better than the z10 just for that fact it's going to catch more eyes

There in this mess, cuz the media dont like them, the media has tons of influence over pple, pple dont make informed decisions about products anyway. Thats why they have marketers, to do the thinking to them.

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"It was a small event with less than 30 people there" - the amount of push that a carrier gives to a phone is directly related to the push that the producers gives it, with that sort of 'support', we can conclude that this phone has been pushed out to die in the cold.

I agree....its likely a very good device, also like the Z/Q10 but with ALL the bad news and reputation and lack of apps and NO marketing, how will it stand a fair chance ?

DJ . . "Whoa this thing is huge"
Simon . . "Perfectly comfortable"
I'm guessing most of us are somewhere in between? ;-)

If you ever saw any of the CB Live videos when we were are BlackBerry Live you would see the height difference between us. So, yes most people would probably be in between, lol

Posted via CB10

Dj Reyes no offense but as a part of the cb team, why is it that your write ups tend to have so many typing errors?

Posted by z10 boss

Yes, DJ, Simon is a giant! I kinda knew that but just couldn't resist the irony of the two perspectives. Hope you didn't take that as criticism, I just found it humorous because I knew Simon was so big, hence the ;-)

Less than 30 people??? Really??? How could BlackBerry do something like this... it looks like the only function of marketing guys is cash their paycheck!!!

I really think BlackBerry should have stayed in the qwerty phone game only. Ever since the Storm BB has been going down hill. Then they could have used a lot more money for developement and marketing.

And guess what? I won't have bought the Z10 and I will also buy the Z30. BlackBerry must move with the trend or die.

I fear that "business as usual " while waiting for the company sale includes marketing as usual, too. And that is very frustrating, depressing, and failing us shareholders. As for the Z30, I find everything about it very appealing, except for the screen. I don't get the huge fascination with super smiled. Yes, , they're beautifully bright while power-saving, the colour is completely unnatural. I'll take the Z10 screen over a super ambled any day. It reproduces colour accurately and beautifully and the resolution is excellent.

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Its over priced with no apps im in the uk and there is not one tv commercial about ythe release no one knows nothing about this phone ridiculous. Iphone 5c everyone knew bcoz there was a advert

BlackBerry Z10 CB10

Exactly. I live in the UK and the first I heard was reading this post
Same with the Z10 release - no ads in papers, no tv ads, nothing. IPhone was all over the press last week.

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Such a fine phone - and rocking 10.2 - great! LOVE the new style copy / cut & paste, so much easier. Just back from Selfridges London where I bought the official leather flip case... OMG! With it on the Z30 it makes the phone look so damn class and sexy! Wooowa! I got the official screen protector too, just in case. This handset is the big dawg! I'm doing so much more work and working faster and smarter on this. Watching videos / listening to audio is so much of a joy on the Z30

Just purchased the Z30 online from Selfridges. My second BB device ever (first one Bold 9000) and I'm really excited!! Talk about sticking out among all the iPhones and Androids here in Stockholm.

You might be right, but I still think walking around Stockholm streets with the Z30 would turn a few more heads. Remember, this is Sweden and we're so liberated. :-)

Yeah, get down to Selfridges in oxford st, they have them on display on high vis stands, you can play around with them as well.

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Are they going to Market this thing??? Or just push it out of a moving car and let it crash and burn??? If they aren't going to market it, why even release it?

Posted via CB10

With the horrible job that Thorsten did, no one will buy this product now. Sadly to say their is no confidence in the average consumer to invest $500+ in a company the may or may not have a future. Thorston did a good job to set himself up for a multi million dollar payout.

BB at this point cant even roll out their own BBM. How are they going to launch a physical product successfully?

Totally agree this is without a doubt a consumer phone they need to bring the price way down to get it into consumers hands and spread the goodness!

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Sell them at cost!!!!!!! Then blitz market BBM and value-added BlackBerry services

Posted via my BlackBerry Z10

"Fewer", NOT "less" than ....... But at this point, none of it really matters ... Looking @ Note3

Sweet, wish I had the money to spare right now. But I agree with others, price it lower and take the hit in profit now to gain market share. And get MORE of the 'top 100' apps on BB!

The screen is to big for me I'm happy whit my z10 b sides z10 q10 q5 z30 it's all the same no apps no matter what phone u get we r all in the same boat hahaha

Posted via CB10

Hopefully when it comes to the US it's advertised to some extent. Wow 10.2 though! Give me that on my q10 now! :D

Posted via Q10

The 10.2 is coming to z10 and q10 in October so what's the difference of getting the z30 wen I get that upgrade it b the same

Posted via CB10

BlackBerry shd make prices just like samsumg.. more people buy samsumg cos they get same features or even more at less price than apple.. plus apps.. BlackBerry shd create same aaps which r un samsung n apple.. n sell fones at cheaper rates.. thn creating an oligopolistic market n thn shd raise prices.. like from 30 k to 35k..

Posted via CB10

N one thing I dnt understand.. apple doesnt have bluetooth..n a memory slot.. tgese two features r still most important in a smartfone.. yet people r so mad tht they prefer waiting outsidw the apple showrooms to get hands over new apple launches..

Posted via CB10

I have the Z10, great phone but i think the Z30 should be a 1080p phone for it to compete with the androidsss

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Above and Beyond...please knock down the prices. it may be a brilliant smartphone..but what is the use if it does not reach the customer. I see another write off this quarter.

Posted from my superhuman Q10

$893.00 delivered to USA. How does this price compare to other phones this size.

Posted via CB10

I think Selfridges is a pretty high end store and also has exclusivity for a few days. Factor in launch date and taxes and shipping from UK and that's what you would spend. When it comes to Canada, hopefully real soon, it'll be $599.99 off contract just like z10 at launch.

Posted from my incredible Z10

Hey on the bright side they will probably sell a dozen or so. That's more than the Z10 sells in a week!

Posted via CB10

I can't wait to get a z30.
Off the topic a bit, about the pricing of the z10, hasn't BlackBerry dropped it right down in price to get it out there more? (re-tiered it to mid range)

This needs a price drop to get in the hands of the masses. BlackBerry made a mistake with the initial pricing of the Z and Q10.

Posted via Q10

I think blackberry was ill adviced, some bright spark must have suggested to pitch bb10 phones as premium products. Here in the UK BlackBerry has owned a whole cable channel for a few years and focuses all adverts on this channel. It was great when broad walk empire debuted but now it shows mainly re-runs. No one watches the channel therefore no one sees the adverts. I'm really pissed off about the media push. Also, the q5 is mega expensive in West Africa, where owning a blackberry is more important than owning a a decent pair of shoes is bloody expensive. The average BlackBerry owner is somewhere like lagos has 200 bbm contacts but only the very wealthy bother upgrading to bb10 devices. If BBM4ALL happens I suspect BlackBerry will be extinct in Lagos within a few years because the Android $50 phones are just fantastic. As I said I'm pissed off. Okay I'm calm now.

Posted via CB10

What annoys me most about that cable channel sponsorship is that they BlackBerry obviously placed no requirement on the people they were sponsoring (SKY) to provide any Apps for BB10 or BBOS in the original contract....... That was clever !!! No Sky Go, no Sky Bet etc etc yet people who have iPhones or Android have no issues as they have the Apps....... Also its still a good channel :)

When is this coming to Rogers!?!?!?

I have a couple of new employees and will soon need to buy them their BlackBerries... So my scheme is to buy Z30s, give one of them my Z10 and steal the Z30 for myself... Mwa ha haaa...

But for my evil scheme to work I need the Z30 to launch in Canada very soon...

*drums fingers*

What? Don't you normally do this?

We/I do.. We order the new phones for ourselves and then upgrade other users with Our phones... Mind you this requires you keep you phone in great shape..

Just tried the Z30 here in London. It's actually brilliant, and slightly cheaper than the Samsung. It really is a good looking phone...hopefully BlackBerry can get the launch right...

Posted via CB10

Why do they always price their sim free phones circa £500 ? As a lot of people have mentioned its too expensive especially when you have a name that is not what most consumers consider buying. The company is being destroyed by constant bad press, written off millions of dollars worth of unsold Z10's now BlackBerry release to all intents and purposes a bigger z10 but still want people to pay top money. I think that is just a tad mad and the powers that be at BlackBerry should reduce the mark up and make buying it attractive immediately before they have a z30 inventory write off on their hands. Hell if it was £300 I'd consider trading my z10 in for one instead of me figuring out how I can trade up to a Q10, which by coincidence is £499 in CPW off contract. How can they both be around the same price ?

$852 ??? Nice phone. But at this price, there probably isn't going to be many people getting this device other than the Blackberry loyal. But if Blackberry is content with just having us as consumers...then I guess that's fine. Otherwise, they better start that marketing geared towards the Prosumer they were talking about sooner rather then later. And I don't mean the kind of Marketing they did for the Z10.

I sincerely hope BlackBerry will be around for a long time to come. Because of all the negativity concerning the company lately, I thought about buying the new iPhone. I'm writing this from my BlackBerry Z10, and when I seen the picture of the Z30, it makes me drool. I love the size of it! Somebody please give me some reasons why I should be staying with BlackBerry....huge phone, great OS!

Posted via CB10

Somebody said that selridges is more expensive. So more than likely it will be way cheaper in a week or two. Calm your sox.

I'll pick one up when they hit rock bottom on price like the z10 is now lol.

But i totally agree with mist on here saying that £500+ for a phone that isn't really amazing is near on stupid for BlackBerry. No wonder they are in the position they are in now. Should be selling this minimum £350 sim free that way people will be more inclined to buy it.

Also come on BlackBerry FFS 16gb of internal memory?? Are u kidding me?? It's been shown on the z10 that having that low internal storage is not good especially with some apps and gamed taking up huge chunks of storage. At least offer a 32gb model as well.

Ridiculous that to this day blackberry still doesn't get it through their thick skulls that low spec phones with high prices is a sure fire way of losing more money.

Posted via Z10

Although no cleaning cloth, or pouch or any other extras included in my Z30 package just the basic usb lead/wall charger/earphones, thought for the screen size they'd of provided a cloth and pouch.

Posted via CB10

Wow what an awesome post, would read again and again and again till i fell asleep out of boredom or i went into a catatonic state.

Well done lad keep it up.

I just got a Q10. I'm good. I do agree that they should undercut the competition to get their devices in peoples hands. I bet if US market share increased, these developers would have no choice but to bring more and more popular apps to the bb10 platform.

Too Expensive, but never mind, will wait till it drop to the lowest maybe 2-3 months later like Z10, if not then i am stick with z10 and get iphone 5 for my second target.

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In the UK what ever price a business pays for a phone be it a large or a small company they can claim the 20% VAT (Value added Tax) back on there end of year tax returns.

@botut0712... how can you in one breath complain about the high price of the Z30, yet in the next say that you may buy one of the most overpriced phones on the market aka an iPhone 5 ???????

Posted via CB10

Based on the popularity of a 5inch screen within the Android world - both BB and apple have been missing the boat. A five inch screen is good for consuming media but it is also good for productivity (email, quickly glancing at power point, etc...). 5 inches is the way to go!

Haha they expect people to pay £500 plus just when the new iPhone is up for sale. Breathtaking arrogance and stupidity,

Posted via CB10

I have had my Q10 for 3 weeks now and love it. My wife will be upgrading in November and will probably be getting a Z10 (her choice), but I'm sure she will take a look at the Z30.

I'd rather have the Z30 than anything Crapple puts out. iPhone 5S with all the iSheep or the awesome Z30?. Hmmm. Hands down the Z30

Posted via CB10

Just bought my Z30 from Selfridges. Fantastic quality excellent, BB10.2 is great, sound fantastic....very impressed. I highly recommend this phone. BlackBerry Rules!

Posted via CB10

I'll stick whit my z10 it's the same as the z30 as soon as I get the update to 10.2 in October and all new blackberry phones that came out r all the same we r all in the same boat hahahah so z30 z10 q10 q5 a5 all do the same thing and no apps only thing they can't fix like add kik and voxer words whit friends gtuns Cus the z10 amazing won't trade it for a sorry iPhone or Android

Posted via CB10

It's just them apps to communicate whit the other platforms I don't think that's hard to do blackberry developer's -_-

Posted via CB10

Does anyone know whether they have the:
BlackBerry Z30 smartphone STA100-2:
Quad band FD-LTE (1, 3, 7, 8, 20) + MIMO
Quad band UMTS/HSPA+ (1, 2, 5/6, 8)
subtype of the Z30 at Selfridges, since i live in hungary and this is the one which will be compatible with my carrier and dont really want to waste such amount of money for something that doesnt work :'(

I wouldn't say the Z10 and the Z30 are the same. Its a very different phone. Putting the size to one side, the Z10 is more fluid, faster, the screen is far superior, and the build quality is much better and definitely up there with the best of Android and the 'i'nferior-phone. It is what the Z10 should have been, and would have sold a lot lot better.

Posted via CB10

Waiting for ability to directly purchase from BlackBerry for the US. Count me in for at least two Z30s. A bit puzzled though about colors since the white has such a pronounced bezel; probably one white, one black.

Posted via CB10

Aside from the price being set too high (again) , why can't blackberry release their phones worldwide on the same date like Apple does? The staggered release is just another thing that doesn't allow the new phone to get the traction it needs with the new OS.

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